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tlie Cornell University Library. 

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Recoras of RocDester. 



Exhibitioner of Tonbridge School, and Lincoln College, Oxford. 

Author of " Memories of Mailing" "A Handbook of Higham," 
" Symbolisms," &c. 




To THE Right Reverend ;rHE Lord Bishop of 

My Lord, 

In dedicating this book to you I have much pleasure 
in doing so, not onlyv from your being Bishop of the 
Diocese, but because you are the first Bishop wlio, for' 
sixty years, has ruled over most of the ancient See. 

I have long held that some substantial record of this 
ancient See should be placed ' in the hands of the 
public, and thus have included in my researches the 
parishes vi^hich formerly were connected with this See, 
namely, those now belonging to the new Diocese of 
Southwark, with their daughter parishes (i) ; those 
belonging to the Canterbury Diocese (2) ; those 
belonging to the Ely Diocese, with their Chantries 
(3) ; those belonging to the Oxford Diocese (4) ; one 
belonging to the Norwich Diocese, with its Chantry 
(5) ; one belonging to Chichester Diocese, with its 
daughter parishes (6) ; one belonging to Peterborough 
Diocese (7) ; and one belonging to St. Alban's Diocese 

I. — Those belonging to the new Diocese of South- 
wark which were all wholly in the old 


Diocese of Rochester consisted of: — 

Charlton. Lee. 

Deptford. Lewisham. 

Eltham. Plumstead. 

Greenwich. East Wickham. 

KiDBROOK. Woolwich. 

2. — Of those belonging to Canterbury Diocese, two : 
Norton, Stourmouth, 

were only parishes to which the Bishop pre- 
sented till 1846 ; the third, 

West Wickham, 
was in the Deanery of Dartford and Diocese 
and Archdeaconry of Rochester. 

3. — Two in the Ely Diocese were peculiars of the 
Bishop, and had each of them a Chantry, 
Freckenham, Isleham. 

4. — The two in the Oxford Diocese were in the 
gift of the Bishop of Rochester, 

Henley-on-Thames, Mixbury. 

5. — The one belonging to the Norwich Diocese was 
in the gift of the Bishop of Rochester, 

Tannington cum Brundish 
(there was a Chantry at Brundish). 

6. — The only one belonging to the Chichester 
Diocese was in the gift of the Bishop of 
Rochester, and perhaps was a peculiar. It 
was Rotherfield, of which the daughter 
Churches are : 

Eridge, All Saints, Crowborough, 
Mark Cross, Jarvis Brook. 

7. — Ibstock, in Leicestershire, in the Peterborough 
Diocese, was in the gift of the Bishop of 


8. — St. John, North Woolwich, being in the ancient 
parish of Woolwich, and in the County of 
Kent, was formerly in Rochester Diocese. 

I have included in my researches the heads of 
Convents before the Reformation, and Chantry Priests 
and Prebendaries, as well as Incumbents, of Churches 
now no more, and the Military, Dockyard and Union 
Chaplains when obtainable. My sources of inform- 
ation have been almost solely the registers of the 
Archbishops of Canterbury and those of Rochester, 
Lincoln, Norwich, Chichester and Oxford, Calamy's 
" Life of Baxter," the Public Records and Parish 
Registers, with additions from the Archaeologia 
Cantiana, etc., and for Mixbury the history of the 
Bicester Deanery, and Mr. Shindler's Cathedral 
Registers, which he has kindly allowed me to copy, 
and Burns' " History of Henley." I have to thank the 
different clergy for giving me access to their registers, 
and also the Registrars of the different Dioceses for 
allowing research. The lists of incumbents are 
generally complete from the fourteenth century, and 
while one cannot be surprised that there are some 
deprivations, we find there were few for immorality 
(only two or three during the whole period). Those 
deprived at the Reformation were far more at the 
accession of Queen Mary than in the times of her 
father, brother, and sister put together. At the time 
of the Commonwealth we find numerous Puritan 
usurpations. We find Richard Wyche burnt as a 
Lollard on Tower Hill, who had been Vicar of 


Deptford ; Lawrence Snelling, St. Paul's Cray, 
suspended for not reading the Book of Sports, and 
we have quoted the various objections used against 
Kentish Incumbents in Parliament from 'Proceedings 
in Kent,' to which we are largely indebted for the 
" Commonwealth Times.'' Hasted, whose lists of 
clergy are very poor (upon whom I have not much 
depended), tells us Revd. Robert Orme, Vicar of 
Woldham, 1689, was a nonjuror. I may add that my 
labours will be rewarded if I teach the antiquity of 
our established Church as others have done, and help 
to secure the solidity of your Lordship's ancient 

I am, my Lord, 

Yours obediently, 









604, Justus, sent by Augustine at the wish of Ethelred, King 
of Kent, to be Bishop over the Church he founded in Rochester, 
transferred to Canterbury, 624, where he remained till 627. 

624, Romanus, sent by the Archbishop to Rome as his legate, 
and was drowned. 

633, Paulinus, Archbishop of York, 625, the apostle of North- 
umbria ; when driven out by the Northumbrians, he accepted 
Rochester. He was buried in the Cathedral. He was canonized 
1074. St. Paul's Cray, really Pauline's Cray, was renamed after 
him (it was previously called Radulph's Cray). 

644, Ythamar, a man of Kentish origin, buried in the Cathedral. 

655, Damian. 

669, Putta ; Bede says he was a man instructed in ecclesiastical 
discipline, and content with simplicity rather than wise in worldly 
matters. The Mercians devastated his church, whereupon he 
accepted a certain church from their Bishop, and there ended his 

676, Quichelm deserted the See because of its poverty, and was 
deposed by the Archbishop. 

578, Gebmund, present at a Council, claimed variously for 
Berkhamstead and Brasted (probably the latter), whereat the 
observance of the Lord's day was enforced', with severe penalties 
amongst other things. 

593, Tobias, a man of great learning in Latin, Greek and Saxon ; 
buried in the Cathedral. 

727, Aldwulf obtained Stoke for the Bishopric. 

741, Dunno. 

747, Earldulf obtained Frindsbury and Wicham. 

755, Badenoth signed a paper at this date which gives lands in 
the castle to the Bishop. 

774, Dioran ; Egbert, King of Kent, bestowed Hailing, and he 
and Offa, King of Mercia, Bromley, upon the Bishops of Rochester. 

784, Wermund ; Offa gave Trottescliffe to this Bishop, 788. 

Before 811, Bermod ; Ceonwulf, King of Mercia, gave Borstal 
to this Bishop, and in 838, Snodland. Ethelwulf gave him 
Holborough in 841. 

844, Tadnoth. 

858, Cuthwulf. 

880, Swithwulf or Suthwulf given Cuxton by King Ethelwulf. 

895, Burrhic, King Alfred gave him Freckenham and Isleham 
and King Edmund gave him Mailing between 940 — 945. 

897, Cheolmund. 

926, Kynefurd. 


955, Elfstan or Ethelstan, Edgar bestowed Bromley again on 
this Bishop ; it must have been seized by the Crown since the 
days of Dioran. 

995, Godwyn I, this is the date in the Diocesan Calendar. 
Thorpe puts him at 925 but since he says he succeeded Ethelstan 
and also tells us Ethelred gave him Woldham as Ethelred did not 
come to the throne till 979, he must have meant 995. Ethelred 
confirmed to him Bromley, in 998. 

1046, Godwyn II, succeeded Godwyn I, the date is from the 
Diocesan Calendar. 

1058, Syward, Abbot of Chertsey. 

1075, Ernest, a Monk of Bee. 

1077, Gundulf, also a Monk of Bee, recovered the possessions of 
the See of Rochester : but gave too lavishly to the Monks ; 
founded the Abbey of West Mailing ; is reputed to have been the 
architect of Rochester Castle Keep, the White Tower of London 
and St. Leonards Tower, West Mailing, as well as the earlier 
portions of Mailing Abbey. He may be said to have rebuilt the 
Cathedral where he is buried, died, March 7th or 8th, 1107. 

1108, Ralph de Turbine, Abbot of Seez, made Archbishop 1114, 
consecrated Adela as Queen of England, at Windsor. 

1115, Ernulf, Abbot of Peterborough. The Compiler of Textus 

1125, John, Archdeacon of Canterbury. 

1137, John de Seez. 

1142, Ascelin, Prior of Dover. 

1148, Walter de Canterbury ; thirty-five years Bishop. 

1182, Gualeran, Archdeacon of Baieux ; buried in the Cathedral, 
died, August 29th, 1184. 

1185, Gilbert de Glanville, Archdeacon of Lisieux ; about thirty- 
two years Bishop ; buried in the Cathedral, died, July 12th, 1214. 
The above are from the Temp Ep Roff, except some dates taken 
from the Rochester Calendar and the information is from Textus 

1215, Benedict de Sansetun ; buried in the Cathedral, died, 
December 21st, 1226. 

1227, Henry de Santord, Archdeacon of Canterbury, buried in 
the Cathedral, died, February, 1237. 

1238, Richard de Wendover, Rector of Bromley. 

1251, Lawrence de St. Martin, buried in the Cathedral, died, 
June 2nd, 1274. 

1274, Walter de Merton ; founder of Merton College, Oxford ; 
Lord High Chancellor of England (1264-1274) ; consecrated at 
Gillyngham ; drowned in the Medway, October 27th, 1277, buried 
in the Cathedral. 

1278, John de Bradefield ; consecrated at Lambeth ; buried in 
the Cathedral, died, April 23rd, 1283. 

1283, Thomas de Ingoldsthorpe ; Dean of St. Pauls ; buried in 


the Cathedral ; consecrated at Canterbury, died, May Hth or 
12th, 1291. 

1292, Thomas de Wouldham. His will dated 1316, contains 
many bequests to the poor of the different parts of his diocese. In 
it he desires to be buried ' ' in ecclesia cathedrali Roffensi vel alibi 
pro disposicione executorum meorum " ; he was, however, not 
buried in the Cathedral, died, February 28th, 1216-7. 

1319, Hamo de Hethe or Hythe, Prior of Rochester (1314-1319). 
His election was deferred two years and a half as the Pope wished 
to make a French priest, bishop, who was confessor to the Queen. 
In his Bishopric the registers of the Bishops of Rochester were 
first commenced. He may have started them when first made 
prior as there are entries as early as 1314. References before 
that date are merely excerpta principally from missing documents. 
He was 34 years Bishop and was the faithful friend and adviser of 
the unfortunate Edward II. He told him had he preached before 
him at Tonbridge he should have taken ' Haman ' for his text 
referring to the King's too great fondness for Le Despencer. He 
so much favoured the Monks that he gave them several of the 
Bishops' livings, died. May 4th, 1352, buried in the Cathedral. 

1353, John de Sheppey, Lord Chancellor of England, Prior 
(1333-1352) ; buried in the Cathedral, died, October 19th, 1360. 

1362, William de Whittlesey, Archdeacon of Huntingdon ; 
Bishop of Worcester (1364-1358), Archbishop of Canterbury (1368- 
1375), while he was Archbishop, exchange of livings was increased 
and Papal bulls were prohibited. 

1364, Thomas Trilleck, Canon of Wells ; Dean of St. Paul's ; 
buried in the Cathedral. 

1373, Thomas de Brinton, buried in the Cathedral. 

1389, William de Bottlesham, Bishop of Llandaff (1386-1389. 

1400, John de Bottlesham, buried in the Cathedral, died, April 
17th, 1404. 

1404, Richard Yonge, Bishop of Bangor (1400-1404) ; gave 
orders for all things to be removed from the altar of Saint 
Nicholas and to be transferred to the Church about to be built in 
the North part of the cemetery of St. Nicholas in 1418, 

1419, John Kempe, Archdeacon of Durham, Bishop of London 
(1422-1426), Archbishop of York (1426-1452), Archbishop of 
Canterbury (1452-1454). 

1422, John Langdon, carefully looked after' the diocese as may 
be seen by his Registers. 

1435, Thomas Brown, Dean of Sarum. 

1437, WilUam Wellys. There is a beautiful picture, at the 
beginning of this Bishop's Register, of the Bishop with the St. 
Andrew's Cross and him kneeling before it. This illumination 
was formed out of the W commencing his name. 

1443, John Lowe, Bishop of Asaph (1433-1443) looked well 
after his diocese, severe to the followers of Wicliffe, buried in the 
Cathedral, died, September, 1467. 


1468, Thomas Scott de Rotherham, Bishop of Lincoln (1472-1480). 
Archbishop of York (1480-1501). The Registers of him and his 
next three successors are wanting. 

1472, John Alcock, Dean of Westminster, Bishop of Worcester 
(1476-1486), Bishop of Ely (1486-1501). 

1476, John Russell, Archdeacon of Berks, Bishop of Lincoln 

1480, Edmund Audley, Canon of Wells and York, Bishop of 
Hereford (1492-1502), Bishop of Salisbury (1502-1505). 

1493, Thomas Savage, Canon of York, Dean of Westminster, 
Bishop of London (1496-1502), Archbishop of York (1502-1508) ; 
in his day the Annals of the See commence again. 

1497, Richard Fitzjames, Canon of Wells, Warden of Merton 
College, Oxford, Bishop of Chester (1504-1508). 

1504, John Fisher suppressed Higham Nunnery ; obtained from 
George Lord Bergevenny, for the See of Rochester the living of 
Ibstock in Leicestershire ; supported Elizabeth Barton, called the 
Holy Maid of Kent, who had uttered pretended revelations 
condemning the king. He was made a cardinal by the Pope, but 
Henry VIII is said to have remarked '.' the Pope might send him 
like he had Wolsey a cardinal's hat, but he would take care he had 
not a head to wear it." He was executed on Tower Hill June 
22nd, 1535, for denying the King to be the visible head of the 
Church of England. 

1535, John Hilsey. 

1540, Nicholas Heath, Bishop of Worcester 1544 ; deprived 1551 ; 
restored (1553-1555), made Archbishop of York ; deprived and sent 
to the Tower 1560, but released by Queen Elizabeth, who criticised 
jocularly his harshness to her and let him live at his manor of 
Chobham in Surrey, in the Church of which place he was buried. 
Vicar of Hever (1531-1533), Rector of Clyffe (1535-1549), which he 
held with Rochester and Worcester. 

1544, Henry Holbeach, Suffragan Bishop of Bristol 1538. 

1547, Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London (1550-1553), deprived, 
burnt at Oxford 1555. 

1550, John Poynet, Bishop of Winchester (1551-1553), deprived. 

1551, John Scory, Bishop of Chichester (1552-1554), kept his See 
of Chichester by renouncing his wife, but was afterwards deprived. 
Bishop of Hereford (1560-1586). 

1554, Maurice Griffith, Chancellor to Bishop Hilsey, Vicar of 
Sutton-at-Hone April, 1536, Freckenham October, 1536, Arch- 
deacon of Rochester 1537, Rector of St. Magnus, London Bridge, 
1537. Prebend of Rochester 1546, Rector of Southfleet (1537-1558) ; 
held this last with his other appointments, including the Bishopric, 
appears from his register to have been very active in depriving the 
reforming clergy and appointing others. 

1560, Edmund Gheast, Bishop of Salisbury (1571-1577). 

1572, Edmund Freake, Bishop of Norwich (1575-1583), Bishop 
of Worcester 1584-1593). 


1576, John Piers, Bishop of SaHsbury (1577-1589), Archbishop 
of York (1589-1595). 

1577, John Yonge, buried at Bromley 1605. 

1605, William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln (1608-1614). 

1608, Richard Neale, Bishop of Lichfield (1610-1614), Lincoln 
(1614-1617), Durham (1617-1628), Winchester (1628-1632), Arch- 
bishop of York (1632-1642), Rector of Southfleet (1608-1610), Dean 
of Westminster (1605-1610). 

1611, John Buckeridge, Bishop of Ely (1628-1631), Rector of 
Southfleet (1610-1611). 

1628, Walter Curie, Bishop of Winchester (1632-1642), Bath and 
Wells (1629-1632). 

1630, John Bowie. 

1638, John Warner ; appears to have been allowed to exercise his 
episcopal functions till quite late in the Civil War times ; founded 
Bromley College for twenty widows of loyal and orthodox 
clergymen, with a chaplain to minister to them ; buried in 
Cathedral, died October 21st, 1666. 

1666, John Dolben, Archbishop of York (1683-1688). 

1683, Francis Turner, one of the seven bishops sent to the Tower, 
Bishop of Ely (1684-1689). 

1684, Thomas Sprat was Dean of Westminster (1684-1713), which 
he held while Bishop. 

1713, Francis Atterbury suspected of treasonable correspondence 
with the Chevalier de St. George, deprived, fled the country, and 
died in exile. 

1723, Samuel Bradford, Bishop of Carlisle (1718-1723). 

1731, Joseph Wilcocks. 

1756, Zacharias Pearse, Bishop of Bangor (1746-1756), buried 
at Bromley, 1774. 

1774, John Thomas. 

1793, Samuel Horsley. Bishop of St. David's (1788-1793), St. 
Asaph's (1802-1806), an eminent theologian. 

1802, Thomas Dampier, Dean of Rochester (1782-1802), Bishop 
of Ely (1808-1812). 

1809, Walker King. 

1827, Hugh Percy, Bishop of Carlisle (1827-1856). 

1827, George Murray. The Diocese was changed, and the 
Deaneries of Mailing and Dartford were given to Canterbury, 
except certain parishes given to London, and Fordham Deanery 
to Ely ; all peculiars were done away with, and the counties of 
Hertford and Essex (except Barking, East and West Ham, Little 
Ilford, Low Leyton, Walthamstow, Wanstead, Woodford and 
Chingford) were added to the Diocese. 

1860, Joseph CottonWigram. In 1863 Charlton, Lee, Lewisham, 
Greenwich, Woolwich, Eltham and Deptford and the above 
parishes of Essex were added to the Diocese. 

1867, Thomas Legh Claughton, Bishop of St. Alban's (1877- 


1877, Anthony Wilson Thorold, Bishop of Winchester (1891- 
1895), when lie succeeded the counties of Hertford and Essex were 
taken away with the Parish of North Woolwich from the Diocese 
and the Parliamentary Divisions of East and Mid Surrey, except 
Newdegate and Thames Ditton were added. 

1891, Randall Thomas Davidson, Dean of Windsor and 
Domestic Chaplain to Queen Victoria (1883-1891), Bishop of 
Winchester (1895-1902), Archbishop of Canterbury (1903). 

1895, Edward Stuart Talbot, Warden of Keeble College, Oxford 
(1870-1888), Vicar and Rural Dean of Leeds (1889-1895), Bishop 
of Southwark (1905). 

1905, John Reginald Harmer, Bishop of Adelaide (1895-1905). 
He succeeded to the Diocese which had taken from it to form the 
new Diocese of Southwark, not only the Surrey portion of the 
Diocese, but also the parishes of Deptford, Greenwich, Lee, 
Lewisham, Charlton, Eltham, Plumstead and Woolwich, and the 
parish of West Wickham, which remained with Canterbury, but the 
Deaneries of East and West Dartford, North and South Mailing, 
Shoreham and Tonbridge were added to the Diocese, together 
with the parish of Penge. The new Diocese thus once more, 
with the exception of the parishes mentioned, became that of West 
Kent, and was much the same as that described by Bishop Ernulf 
in the Textus Roffensis. 

St. Margaret's, Addington. Addintuna. 

The Church was in the Deanery and See and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester till 1846 ; it was then transferred to the See of Canter- 
bury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Deanery of North Mailing ; 
it became in 1905 again part of the See of Rochester and Deanery of 
North Mailing and is one of the parishes of the Archdeaconry of 
Tonbridge. There was a Church here in Domesday times and in 
Textus Roffensis we learn it was at that time a parish Church. 
The barge boards over the Church Porch are noticeable. Much 
of the Norman Church remains ; and its extension to the Westward 
and Tower built later is plainly to be traced. There are four 
seventeenth century bells. The Flagon and Paten date from the 
eighteenth century; the Cup from the seventeenth. The Registers 
commence 1552. The ancient tombstones dating from the time of 
Edward III and the brasses and Watton monument deserve notice. 
The Patrons are the Lords of the Manor. The present patron is 
J. S. Whitburn, Esq. 

John de Wynchecoumbe. 

1356, John de Lexeden (Sheppey 285). 
Thomas Drapier. 

1358, Simon de Tonebregge (Sheppey 293), 

1351, John atte Ffelde (Sheppey 304). 

1396, John Graunger (W. Bottlesham 92) (J. Bottlesham 165). 
John Marshall. 

1411, Thomas Clerk (M.S. Soc. Antiq. 171). 


1416, Edmund Webley (Chichele 84). 

1417, Simon Stokk (Young 3). 
1435, Robert Bradley (Brown 115). 
1433, Thomas Chaworth (Wellys 135). 
1446, Thomas Skelton (Lowe 210). 
1451, Thomas Dyne (Lowe 220). 
1453, Robert Watton (Lowe 224). 

1455, Robert Stoke (Lowe 226). 

1456, Alexander Brown (Lowe 227). 

1494, Richard Smith (Act Cur Consist Roff (1471-1503) 260). 

1495, Thomas Goodale (Act Cur Consist Roff (1471-1503) 291). 
1502, William Layfielde (Fitzjames 32) . 

1505, John Houghton (Fisher 42). 

1513, Robert Houghton (Fisher 70). 

1533, James Goldewelle (Fisher 178). 

1549, Richard Taylor, ex Test Harris. 

1551, Robert Goodaye, e Libr. Comp. 

1559, Robert Salsberry or Salisbury. (Griffith 55). 

1583, Henry Syliard (Young 201). 

1615, Edward Drayner (Lambeth Lib. M.S.S. 952, 39). 

1635, John Smith (Bowie 219). 

1660, Peter Davies (Warner 102). 

1673, William Polhill (Par. Reg.). 

1675, Robert Topp (Libr. Subscrip.). 

1687, Andrew Frederick Forneret (Sprat 10). 

1689, Abraham Lord (Sprat 15), 

1698, Samuel Atwood (Sprat 52). 

1701, Robert Worledge (Sprat 78). 

1702, John Boraston (Sprat 78). 

1741, Thomas Buttanshaw (Wilcocks 127). 

1768, Daniel Hill (Pearse 212). 

1805, Peter Elers (Dampier 282). 

1821, Thomas Bowdler (King 336). 

1834, George Robert Paulson (Murray 58). 

1869, James Newton Heale. 

1883, Julian Guise. 

Aesclingham St. Peter. 

The ruin of the old Church may be still traced in the lower 
part of the walls of an oast and cottage on a farm still going by the 
name in Frendsbury parish. It paid 6 denarii as chapel fee to 
the See of Rochester. In the Valor Ecclesiasticus the living is 
given as worth iijs uijd. Thorpe says it was thirty feet long and 
twenty feet in breadth, and was used as an oast-house. Becoming 
ruinous it was pulled down 1772. It is mentioned as Esclingham 
in Textus Roffensis. 

1330, Alfred (Hamo 139). 

1350, Peter de St. John (Leeds Abbey Records). 
Robert, Dean and Chapt. Autographs, 


1462, John Brayn, Lib. Test II, 214. 

1522, William Carleton, Lib. Tax 41. 

1523, John Newport, Lib. Tax 101. 
1542, John Pyamont, Heath 8. 

All Hallows, Hoo. Halgetes. 

This Church paid 6 den to the See of Rochester as a Chapelry, 
according to Textus Roffensis. There are traces of the Norman 
Church. It was held as a chapel of St. Werburghs, Hoo, in early 
times. There is an ancient bell. The Old Communion Plate was 
done away with in 1835 for more modern by John Wotherston, the 
Vicar, who gave three silver plates to the parish. The registers, 
dreadfully mutilated, commence 1629, but the interesting old 
Church books date back to 1551. The Parish has always been in 
the See, Archdeaconry, and Diocese of Rochester. The patrons 
were the Monks of St. Andrew, Rochester, till the Reformation ; 
when it became one of the presentations of the Dean and Chapter 
of Rochester. There are an ancient screen and two brasses which 
should be noticed. 

1276, William de Litchfield, Reg. Roff. 

1327, WilUam de Oxonia (Hamo 73). 

1349, Richard Cishampton (Hamo 244). 

1361, John Draycote (Hamo 306). 

1371, John Aleyn (Trilleck 350). 
Roger Puttenham. 

1394, John Petting (W. de Bottlesham SO). 

1394, Henry Bolegg.- 

1427, Reginald Bretyn (Archid. Visit (1427-1430) 20). 

1442, William Hert (Langdon 20(. 

1453, John Chancellor (Lowe 226). 

1459, John Franckum (Archid. Visit (1449-1468) 34-37). 

1460, John Hopton (Act Cur Consist (1449-1468) 17). 
Roger Alberton. 

1464, John Macrelan (Lowe 245). 
1473, Robert Horscecroft (Lowe 247). 
1479, John Serte, ex Test John Bootle. 
1485, Richard Walsh (Act Cur Consist 1468). 

Robert Nun ton. 
1495, John Wright (Savage 15). 
1503, Thomas Allen (Wareham 328). 

1511, James Barne (Fisher 55). 

1512, John Sale (Fisher 60). 

1517, Stephen Cheriton (Fisher 75). 

1518, John Bailey (Fisher 77). 

1525, Robert Frankysh or Franks (Fisher 108). 
1541, John Grover (Fisher 120). 
1543, John Man (Fisher 181). 
1562, John Mylton (Guest 2). 


1564, Richard Blackhead (Guest 2). 
1571, Edward Adams (Guest 29), 
1577, George Gladwell (Piers 44). 
1588, Henry Ellis (Yonge 173). 
1592, Frank Lomelyn (Yonge 187). 

1607, Nicholas Wood (Barlow 213). 

1608, Richard Robinson (Barlow 217). 
1622, John Roberts (Buckeridge 211). 
1624, Matthew Morrice (Buckeridge 212). 

1638, James Whiting (Denne MSS. 4, Pari. Surveys). 
1660, Francis Kirke (Warner 112). 

1662, John Howgrave (Arch. Archid. Roch.). 

1663, Edmund Burgess (Cath. Reg.). 
1666, John Crompe (Reg. Dolben). 
1672, Robert Topp (Libr. Subscrip.). 
1676, Thomas Fidge (Libr, Subscrip.). 
1700 * 

1715, Samuel Wood (Atterbury 28). 

1719, Affabellus Batell (Atterbury 48). 

1724, Robert Hodges (Bradford 52). 

1751, Thomas Austen (Wilcocks 162). 

17.90, Richard Bathurst (Thomas 250). 

1796, William Douthwaite (Horsley 259). 

1828, John Wotherston (Murray 26). 

1836, Jan., Samuel Dewe (Murray 63). 

1836, June, George Edward Nash (Murray 66). 

1874, Edward Barnett Wensley. 

1893, Robert Marley. 

1900, Frederick John Hammond. 

* From the Chapter records it would appear no Presentation was made from 
Mr. Fidge's death iu 1700 till Mr. Wood's appointment in 1715. 

Allington St. Lawrence, ^ilintuna. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 9d. as 
a Parish Church to the See of Rochester. It was in the See of 
Rochester and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and Deanery of Mailing 
till 1846 ; it was then transferred to the See of Canterbury, 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of North Mailing ; in 
1895 it became part of the Deanery of Sutton ; in 1905 it was 
restored to the See of Rochester, and became part of the Deanery 
of North Mailing and Archdeaconry of Tonbridge ; in 1909 it was 
transferred to the Deanery of Cobham and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester. In 1854 the Church was almost pulled down and 
shamefully handled ; many ancient tombstones having disappeared, 
notably one to Drayton, the Kentish botanist ; the present Rector 
has made a little cruciform church of it, and tastefully decorated 
it inside. It has an ancient bell, and perhaps is the Church with 
one bell spoken of by Dickens in " Pickwick." The Cup and Paten 
Cover are Elizabethan. The Register commences 1630, The 



Patron has always been the Lord of the Manor, who has been 
some time past the Earl of Romney. 





Robert de Donam (Thorpe's Registrum Roffense). 

Odo (Thorpe's Registrum Roffense). 

Jordan de Bexle (Hamo 41). 

Thomas de Clare (Hamo 60). 

Simon de Redeswell (Hamo 74). 

Richard de Empingham (Hamo 127). 

William Heyton de Wykham (Hamo 152). 

John Cope (Hamo 242). 

Richard Bunde (Hamo 243). 

Richard Tricton or Tricot (Sheppey 295) . 

Henry atte Chambre (Whittlesey 315). 

Richard Grygge. 

John Mellere (Trilleck 323). 

Robert Kilwardely (Trilleck 323). 

Nicholas de Wasseborn (Trilleck 327). 

William Morte (Trilleck 348). 

William Levinge (W. Bottlesham 40). 

John Essex (Denne MSS). 

Robert Morehay (J. Bottlesham 118). 

John Reve. 

John May (Bottlesham 168). 

John Crispe (Arundel 300). 

William Sprote (Langdon 8). 

John Disse (Langdon 94). 

Simon Drake (Lowe 223). 

John Wyllys (Lowe 227). 

Richard Acherley (Lowe 237). 

John Benet (Denne MSS). 

Walter de Medeburne (Newcourt). 

Thomas de Wardley (Alcock 327). 

Thomas Mott (Arch. Vis. 5, 4). 

Robert Saunders (Fisher 71). 

Robert Hedcorn (Archid. Vis. 7). 

Richard Taylor (Fisher 158), 

John Day (Griffith 55). 

John Hugh (MSS. Ecclesiae Cant. B. 2). 

Robert Cair or Carr (Yonge 201). 

William Cair or Carr (Yonge 208). 

Robert Barrell (Buckeridge 210). 

Edmund Jackson (Bowles). 

Richard 'Thomas (Bowles 219). 

John Collins (Lee 251). 

Edward Darby (Libr. Subscrip). 

John Richards (Muniments 41). 

Richard Spencer (Atterbury 14). 

John Oare (Wilcocks 148) . 

Edward Weljer (Pearse 178), 


1790, Jacob Marsham (Thomas 248). 

1834, George Frederick Marsham (Murray 40). 

1852, Edward Brown Heawood. 

1895, Octavius Edward Charles Legge- Wilkinson. 

St. Peter and St. Paue, Ash. Aeisce. 

There is a church mentioned here in Domesday, and it paid 
9 denarii as a Parish Church to the See of Rochester. It has 
always been in the See of Rochester and its Archdeaconry ; in 1846 
the Rural Deanery of Rochester was broken up, and it became 
part of the Deanery of Cobham. It has now become part of the 
new Deanery of Shoreham. The Knights of St. John had the 
patronage till the Reformation, when it escheated to the Crown, 
and was granted to Sir Martin Bowes, whose heirs disposed of it in 
the next century to Sir Edmund Fowler, whose heirs sold it to 
Lady Lambarde, whose family still hold it. There are several 
monuments worthy of notice, notably a brass to Reginald de Ashe 
and those to the HodsoUs, on which are three wells. Hogs holes 
or Hodges holes, the origin of the name of the family which traces 
from here. There is a Norman Font, but the Church is generally 
of the Decorated period. There is a Holy Water Stoup at the 
North Door. There are six Bells. The Registers commence 1560. 
The Cup is Elizabethan. The Paten was given by the Rector, 
Revd. S. Atwood, who also gave an altar piece now removed, in 
1713. The present Patron is W. G. Lambarde, Esq. 

1242, Gregory (Hamo 27). 

1297, Henry Beaufitz (Prynne 709). 

1332, John de Palsgrave (Hamo 139). 

1333, William Launcelyn (Hamo 140). 

1343, William dictus le Calcys (Hamo 208). 

1344, Thomas de Stanston (Hamo 211). 

1345, Robert de Westbury (Hamo 215). 
1359, William Dighton (Hamo 295). 
1361, Adam de Akuna (Hamo 302). 
1386, John Tanner (Denne MSS.). 

William Chester. 
1395, May, John Launce (W. Bottlesham 65). 
1395-6, Jan., John James (W. Bottlesham 79). 

WiUiam Hardyn (W. Bottlesham 104). 
1397, John Malefors (W. Bottlesham 112). 

William Buller. 
1426, John Aston (Chichele 166). 

1441, Laurence Horewood (Act Cur Consist (1436-1447) 238). 
1445, Richard Galom (Lowe 195). 

1465, Thomas Denys (Lowe 246). 

1466, Robert Claybroke (Lowe 247). 

1474, Thomas Wele (Act Cur Consist (1471-1503) 33), 
1504, William Blackwall (Act Vis, Arcbid. 9). 


1506, John Prestall (Fisher 45). 

1532, Thomas Slaughter (Fisher 164). 

1534, William Wyles (Fisher 177) or Wiles. 

1556, Thomas Maxfield, senr. (Griffith 140). 

1575, Thomas Maxfield, junr. (Freake 140). 

1605, William Baker. 

1642, Thomas Morris (Warner 96). 

William Noakes, Calamy's Life of Baxter, c. ix. 
1674, Everard Clement (Dolben) . 

1700, Samuel Attwood, senr. (Muniments 13). 

1701, Samuel Attwood, junr. (Muniments Bk. II). 
1735, John Pery, senr. (Wilcox 106). 

1767, John Pery, junr. (Par. Reg.) (Pearse 210). 
1777, William James (Thomas 223). 
1779, Charles Whitehead (Thomas 231). 
1782, Thomas Lambarde (Thomas 235). 
1811, Thomas Bowdler (King 299). 
1822, Thomas Lambarde (King 381). 
1840, Richard Salwey (Murray 178). 
1894, Charles James Lambarde. 
1909, Harold Barclay Hennell. 

St. Martin, Ashurst. Aeischerste. 

The Church is not mentioned in Domesday, but we find it paid 
9 den as a Parish Church, from Textus Roffensis. It was in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Mailing 
till 1846, when it was' transferred to the Diocese of Canterbury, 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Rural Deanery of South Mailing. 
In 1905 it was placed once more in the See of Rochester and 
Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and Deanery of Tunbridge Wells. A 
crucifix over the door was famous. There was a large Bell done 
away with in 1879. There was also a Church Bell sold in 1701, by 
the permission of the Bishop of Rochester (Sprat f. 261). There 
are now three bells, one ancient and two recast. The Church was 
restored in 1861. There is a modern support screen inside to help 
bear the weight of the square shingled tower and its curious dove- 
cote-like steeple : there is a curious recess or side chapel at the north 
of the Altar. A dial over the door has on it 143 and 1624, and the 
Rivers' coat of arms. There is a Jacobasan Cup. The Paten is 
eighteenth century ; there are also a modern Flagon and Paten. 
The Registers date from 1692, and are fairly kept ; in them there 
is an account of the Glebe and the Restoration of the Church 
internally, which last was done in 1701. There are no ancient 
monuments. The present Patron is Lord Sackville. 

1254, Thomas (Reg. Roff. 611). 

Henry Gerunde. 

1341, Thomas Wenga (Hamo 197). 

1354, Thomas, son of Nicholas de Icombe (Sheppey 282) 

1361, John Trillehurst (Vac. Sed. Roff. 305), 


1370, Robert Cooke (Trilleck 347). 

John Petting. 
1394, Roger Puttenham (Wde Bottleshaw 50). 

1422, John (Langdon 15). 

1433, Richard Ruyton (Langdon 97). 
1439, Gerarde Spayne (Wellys 142). 
1444, Richard Knotte (Lowe 209), 

1446, Richard Snowe (Act Cur Consist 1444-1468, 109). 

1447, Thomas Beke (Act Cur Consist 1444-1468, 109). 
John Borrow. 

1453, Thomas Smyth (Lowe 227), 

1456, John Burgh (Act Cur Consist, 1444-1468, 292). 

1466, Thomas Smyth (Ex. Test. Thomas Smyth). 

1494, Robert Copehoke (Savage 8). 

1507, Thomas Orell (Fisher 46). 

1513, John Fareham (Fisher 70). 

1518, Martin Christofer 77). 

1526, Robert Mynott or Moynott (Fisher 131). 

1551, Thomas Meche (Cranmer 121). 

1557, William Crofte (Ex. Test. Rich. Barrett). 

1572, Robert Alen (Freake 127). 

1587, Tobias Terrall (Yonge 178). 

1591, John Welby (Yonge 180). 

1593, Robert Inkepen (Arch. Archid), 

1619, George Clare (Vis. Archid). 

1635, Walter Collins (Bowie 219). 

1643, Robert Newman (Warner 96). 

1671, John Pceton (Dolben 122), 

1692, Thomas Winterbottom (Muniments 8). 

1717, Nicholas Pennington (Atterbury 30). 

1723, Thomas Reeves (Wake 291). 

1740, Thomas James (Wilcocks 129). 

1746, Edmund Latter (Wilcocks 150). 

1757, Edward Boyce (Pearse 185). 

1772, Richard Onely (Pearse 219), 

1787, Chamberlayne Davies (Thomas 243), 

1802, James Capper (Dampier 271), 

1835, William Ramsden (Murray 60), 

1861, Henry Weston Onslow Polhill. 

1900, Augustine James Pulling, 

St. Peter (and St. Paul), Aylesford. Ailesford, 

This Church has always been in the Diocese and Archdeaconry 
of Rochester, it was in the Deanery of Rochester till 1846, when it 
became part of the new Rural Deanery of Cobham. The church 
paid 9 den to the See of Rochester according to Textus Roffensis. 
The body of the Church is fourteenth century ; it has been 
thoroughly renovated. The Church was in- the gift of the brethren 
of Strood Hospital till the Reformation, when the patronage was 


bestowed on the Dean and Chapter of Rochester. The position of 
the Church Tower indicates it was built to defend the ford. The 
Paten and Cup are dated 1628 ; there is also a Paten presented by 
the Vicar in 1724-5, also a Flagon 1711, and an Alms Dish by Lady 
Taylor, and two small Alms Plates presented in 1859 by Thomas 
Franklyn. There are also eight Bells. There are some handsome 
monuments. The registers date from 1654. 

1145, Jordan (Reg. Roff. 9 and 10). 

1285, Gregory de Elmeham (Hamo 32). 

1322, WilUam Stubbercroft (Reg. Roff. 156 and 157). 

1324, Thomas de Borestall (Hamo 35). 

1325, Galfridus de Cowling (Reynolds 258, Hamo 70). 
1327, John Orsett (Hamo 78). 

1329, John Acholt (Hamo 131). 

1336, Robert de Waldene (Hamo 169). 

1337, Robert de Berham (Hamo 171). 

1340, John de Norvyco (Hamo 194). 

1341, Hugh de Hylum (Hamo 196). 

1342, Robert Wrotyn de Freckenham (Hamo 197). 

1343, John Stowe (Hamo 209). 

1348, Walter de Aylesbury (Hamo 218). 
1361, John Miller (Ex. Test" Robert de Burne). 
1366, William Graye (Trilleck 323). 
1368, Henry de Bucklond (Trilleck 335). 

Richard Baker. 
1394, John de Battiscombe (W. Bottlesham 63). 
1397, Strynger de Grahamston (W. Bottlesham 86). 
1397, Philip Montgomery (W. Bottlesham 114). 
1404, John Long (W. Bottlesham 186). 
1417, John Stubbercroft (Yonge 1). 

1424, William Handton, alias Stringer (Langdon 36). 

1425, William Battisford (Langdon 36). 
1425, June, Philip Arngorm (Langdon 36). 
1427, Richard Bride (Langdon 84). 

1432, John Hill (Langdon 96). 

1435, William Redysdale (Brown 112). 

1451, Thomas Charlton (Lowe 214). 

1475, John Roche (Act Cur Consist (1459-1475) 119) 

1521, Henry Fletcher (Fisher 107). 

1524, Robert Blacus, i.e., Blake (Fisher 114) 

1539, Richard Wildbore (Holbeach 29). 

1546, Lawrence Thompson (Streatfield MSS). 

1560, Thomas Shaftesbrooke (Gheast 83). 

1575, George Glysson (Freake 8). 

1576, William Giles (Freake 13). 
1593, Henry Barnewell (Yonge 99). 
1606, Thomas Morton (Denne MSS). 
1608-9, George Smith (Neile 227). 
1645, Henry Selby (Pari Surveys) 


1649, Henry Grymston (Pari Surveys). 

1654, Joseph Jackson (Par. Reg). 

1662, Daniel Alderne (Lee Warner 253). 

1666-7, Jan., Thomas Tilson, Senr. (Sancroft 77). 

1702, Thomas Tilson, Junr. (Tennison 38) (Muniments 15). 

1750, John Upton (Wilcocks 164). 

1754, John Lawry (Wilcocks 176). 

1773, Charles Coldcall (Pearse 220). 

1792, John Eveleigh (Thomas 234). 

1793, William Eveleigh (Thomas 238). 

1831, John Griffith (Murray 37). 

1832, William Tolbutt Staines (Murray 47). 
1840, Edward Gerard Marsh (Murray 78). 
1862, Anthony Grant. 

1878, Cyril Fletcher Grant. 

1895, George Bowyer Vaux, 

1902, Arthur John Webster Thorndike. 

1909, Thomas Karl Sopwith. 

St. Blaise. 

This was an ancient Church in the woods nearly opposite Mailing 
Union, in a detached portion of Aylesford Parish. There is no 
mention of it in the Textus Roffensis, Valor Ecclesiasticus or other 
records, but it is mentioned in 1475 in the will of Richard Crowcher, 
and also in that of William Sotheron in 1557. There are still part 
of the ruins above ground, from which it would appear to have 
been a small Church with nave and apse. It was in the gift of the 
brethren of Strood Hospital, but they do not appear to have had 
any clergyman inducted to it. 


A chapel was founded on this estate by Stephen de Cosington, 
temp Edward I. There is a ruin at the farm so called, but Thorpe 
and Philipott could only trace a ruin. No priest appears to have 
been inducted to it. There is a chapel mentioned here previously 
in Textus Roffensis. 


This was another chapel of Aylesford, which says : Thorpe he 
measured and found to be 39 ft. in length and 22 in breadth. Like 
Cossington and St. Blaise we find no records of those who 
ministered here ; it has quite disappeared. 

The Carmelite Friars. 

Considerable remains of the old Priory may still be seen in the 
grounds of a modern house near Aylesford. The names of the 
Priors that can be still found are given below. The Chapel was 


dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was founded about 1240 
by Lord Grey of Codnor, and was dissolved in 1538. 

1240, Simon de Stokk. 

1396, Richard de Maydenstane. 

1500, William Arnold. 

Bearmlingas. St. Margaret's, 
East Barming or Great Barming. 
There was a church here in Domesday, and it paid 9 den to the See 
of Rochester as a Parish Church we learn from Textus Roffensis. 
It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery 
of Mailing till 1846, when it was transferred to the Diocese of 
Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of North 
Mailing. In 1905 it was restored to the Diocese of Rochester, and 
placed in the Deanery of Mailing and Archdeaconry of Tonbridge. 
There is an Aumbry and Piscina, and the way to the Rood Screen 
half closed ; there are traces of the Norman Church, but the 
principal part belongs to a later period. The church has been well 
restored. The Registers begin 1541, but some leaves have been 
torn off. The Cup is of the date 1639. There are a Paten 
inscribed 1812 and Flagon 1839, and a more modern Chalice and 
Paten : there are also a brass Alms Plate and pewter Flagon. The 
Patronage was in the hands of Leeds Abbey till the Reformation, 
since when the Crown has had it. 

1329, Richard de St. Quentin (Reg. Roff.). 

1347, Bartholomew de Crowethorne (Reg. Roff. 512) (Hamo 265). 

1359, "William Page (Hamo 297). 

1422, John Gore (Langdon 53). 

1434-66, Thomas Brigge (Chichele Pt. I 204). 

1493, John Punker (Savage 4). 

1499, John Fletcher (Fitzjames 23). 

1501, William Ashurst (Fitzjames 29). 

1504, William Massey (Art Archid.). 

1506, Nicholas Harrison (Fisher 54). 

1510, Robert Colenson or Colynson (Fisher 54). 

1523, William H:owe (Fisher 113). 

1524, John Symson (Fisher 113). 
1554, Milo Garrett (Guest 18). 

1574, Thomas Robinson (E Pari Reg. Qu Canon Roffen.) 
1574, John Maplesden (Freake 140). 
1581, William Nicholson (Yonge 154). 
1603, Henry Barnewell (Barlow 200). 
1605, William CoUomb (Barlow 193). 


1607, John Spileman (Barlow 198). 

1608, William Collins (Barlow 212). 
1615, Edward Maplesden (Abbot I. 262). 

1623, John Grant (Buckeridge 211). 

1624, Richard Webb (Buckeridge 218). 

1642, Nicholls (Calamy's Life of Baxter, c. ix). 

1667, Benjamin Denham (Dolben 119). 

1670, John Stileman (Dolben 121). 

1685, Thomas Harris (Bishop's Instit. 3). 

1706, Theophilus Beck (Bishop's Instit. 109). 

1715, John Harris (Noble M.S.S.). 

1717, James Mashborne (Atterbury 30). 

1739, Thomas Pickering (Wilcocks 119). 

1758, Thomas Marshall Jordan (Pearse 190). 

1786, Mark Noble (Thomas 240). 

1827, Richard Cockburn (Sutton II. 497). 

1832, Gilbert Elliott (Murray 45). 

1834, Charles Henry Barham (Murray 53). 

1848, John Browne. 

1849, William Home. 
1865, Thomas William Carr. 

West Barming, Barmling^tas or Barnjet. 

There was a Church here in the time of Textus Roffensis, but it 
was described as in a ruined state in 1586, and though traces of the 
lower courses of the wall may still be found in an Oast House 
there is nothing else left of the ancient Church. The Rectors can 
be traced to 1623, and then it was quite united to Nettlestead, and 
no one is named as Rector till 1789, even to it as a dual parish. 

Walter de Pembroke. 
1346, Robert de Frische or Friseby (Hamo 222). 
1355, Thomas PoUoner (Reg. Warner vii. 90). 
1355, Thomas Wylleson (Hamo 235). 
1392, John Wynchecombe (W. Bottlesham 11). 
1396, Thomas Pellycan (W. Bottlesham 64). 

1401, Simon Hoke (J. Bottlesham 165). 

1402, Thomas Wylleson (J. Bottlesham 172). 

1404, John Curteler (Arundel, pt. I, 301, Langdon 53). 
1412, John Ferningham (Warner's Register). 

1427, Robert Ryperose (Langdon 84). 

1428, John Botle (Langdon 84). 
1441, Hugh Halstoft (Wellys 170). 
1449, William Kene (Lowe 220). 
1451, Thomas Changeley (Lowe 221). 
1463, Thomas Flate (Lowe 240). 
1463, Richard Lewes (Lowe 241). 

1486, Hugh, Abbot of Stratford (Audley 4). 
1486, Thomas Hundbache (Audley 4) . 


1503, Simon Gosforth (Savage 39). 

1521, William Denbly (Fisher 109). 

1523, John Pomell (Fisher 111). 

1548, Edward Ridley (Ridley 50). 

1548, Christopher Hawke (Ridley 62). 

1554, William Smythe (Griffith 57). 

1550, John Bridgewater (Parker I. 313). 

1561, Nicholas Fluce (Warner's Register). 

1580, Oliver Hunter (Yonge 158). 

1586, Edward Webb (Yonge 171). 

1588, Henry Pattenden (Warner's Register). 

1605, William Collomb (Barlow 198). 

1623, John Grane (Buckeridge 211). 

1789, John Kennedy. 

1820, Honble. and Revd. Francis James Noel. 

1854, William Francis Cobb, senr. 

1862, William Francis Cobb, junr. 

Bayham Abbey. 

This Monastery was founded for Premonstratensian Canons in 
1200, and stood on the borders of Kent and Sussex, and in the 
Parishes of Frant and Lamberhurst. The Churches of Pembury 
and St. Nicholas, Deptford were in its gift. There are considerable 
ruins of this Abbey on the Marquis of Camden's estate near Tun- 
bridge Wells. 

We insert it here because its livings and most of its lands were 
in the Bishop of Rochester's Diocese, but the Bishop of Chichester 
was Visitor. 

1200, Jordan. > 

1221-1252, Reginald. 1 

1257, John. 

1255, Thomas. Sussex 

1272, John. } , , , . 

1283-1296, Richard. Archajologia. 

1307-1315, Laurence. 

1315, Lucas de Colone. 

1358, Solomon. 

1361, William of Maydenstane became Abbot of Faversham. 

1405, Robert of Frindsbury (Willis, Mitred Abbots). 

1409, John de Chetham (Reg. Chichester Dio. 132). 

1429, Thomas de Shoreham (Reg. Chichester Dio. 64). 

1442, Thomas (Wellys 174). 

1473, Thomas Cottingham, Vicar of West Peckham. 

1478, Robert Hartley (Willis, Mitred Abbots) . 

1488, Robert Naysh (Willis, Mitred Abbots). 

1498-1520, Richard Bexley (WilUs, Mitred Abbots). 

1520, William Galys (Reg. Chichester 40). 

1525, William Lamedon surrendered the Abbey (Sussex 
ArchjEologia) this year. 


St. George's, Beckenham. Becceham. 

The first mention of a Church here is when we find it paying 
9 denarii to the See of Rocliester. It was in the Bishopric and 
Arclideaconry of Rocliester and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, 
when it was transferred to the See of Canterbury, the Archdeaconry 
of Maidstone, and Deanery of West Dartford. In 1909 it became 
part of the new Deanery of Beckenham. The Church was almost 
re-built in 1887, and the only relic of the old Church left is a 
Piscina ; the new Church was completed in 1903. There are six 
Bells. The oldest Paten dates from 1633, and seems to have been 
a Cover to an old Cup no longer extant. The Flagon of the same 
date was presented by Humphrey Style. The first Plate was given 
by John Elwill, 1717 ; the second by Peter Burrell, 1734. The 
first and second Communion Chalices are dated 1812-13, the second 
and third Patens are of the date 1835-37, so also are two others. 
There is a Tankard with no hall mark. The living has been always 
in Private Patronage. The Registers, which are well kept, date 
from 1539. There are some interesting monuments. The 
Patronage was always in private hands. It has been for 140 years 
in the Cator family. John Cater is the present Patron. 

John Mathan Temp, Henry I. (Pat Rolls 22, Edward I). 
1294, William de Knapeton (Pat Rolls 4, Edward II). 
1310, William Busshe (Pat Rolls 8, Edward II). 
1314, John Busshe (Hamo 128). 
1333, Robert de Sancto Laudo (Hamo 157). 
1361, Richard de Saxlyngham (Vac. Sede. Roff. 304). 
1358, John Warner (Whittlesea 331). 

John de Elme. 
1378, John Marsham (W. de Bottlesham 34). 

Thomas Kent. 
1418, John Cowesby (Yonge 4). 
1437, Peter Mede (Wellys 124). 
1443, Walter Adam (Wellys 188). 
1445, John Belchamp (Lowe 205). 
1445, John Thurston (Lowe 209). 
1447, William Danyell (Lowe 209). 
1458, Richard Trefisburgh (Lowe 230). 
1455, William Horneby (Lowe 246). 

Roger Tocket (Fisher 119). 

1532, Elizeus Botley (Fisher 177). 

1533, Robert Truelove (Act Cur Consist 1529-35). 
1556, Robert Cosyn (Griffith 4). 

1561, Dominus Gravesend (Gheast 93). 
1561, John Calverley (Gheast 93). 
1576, Thomas Lloyd (Act Vis. Archid). 
1613, Thomas Anyan (Buckeridge 214). 
1626, Richard Lever (Parish Register). 
1642, Wilham Skinner (Twisden MSS). 


1650, John Storer (Parliamentary Surveys). 

1661, Roger Clissold (Parish Registers). 

1677, WilUam Assheton (Parish Registers). 

1711, Thomas Gierke or Clarlse (iMuniments 41). 

1765, William Fraigneau (Pearse 204). 

1778, William Rose (Pearse 229). 

1829, Charles Cator (Murray 29). 

1835, George Leveson Vernon Harcourt (Murray 61). 

1838, Andrew Brandram (Murray 71). 

1851, Frederick Skene Courtenay Chalmers. 

1873, William Gator. 

1885, Henry Arnott. 

St. Agatha's, Beckenham. 

First opened in 1867. The Cup and Paten of silver gilt were 
made in Birmingham in 1867-68. There is a modern bell. The 
Register dated from 1867. It was only a licensed chapelry to 
a home. The congregation removed to St. Barnabas. The 
only clergyman appointed to it was George Octavius Fletcher 

St. Barnabas, Beckenham. 

First opened as an iron Church in 1877. The permanent Chiirch 
was founded in 1878, and the Chancel built 1885. There is one 
modern bell. The two Cups and Patens are of silver gilt. The 
Baptismal Register dates from 1877 ; the Marriage Register from 
1878. Keble College are the Patrons. 

1877, Edward Pete Williams. 

1881, George Octavius Fletcher Griffith. 

Christchurch, Beckenham. 

The Church was consecrated in 1876. There are a Flagon, two 
Gups, and two Patens of base metal gilded, and an Alms Dish of 
brass. There is a modern bell. Five Trustees are the Patrons. 
The Registers date from 1876. 

1876, William Wellington Welsh. 
1883, John Harding. 
1897, John Rooker. 

1907, Harrington Clare Lees. 

St. Michael and All Angels, Beckenham. 

This Church was separated from the Parish Church last "year. 
There is a silver gilt Chalice and Paten. The Registers date from 
1908. There is a modern bell. The Bishop is Patron. 

1908. Alexander Nenon Armstrong. 

the ebcoeds of eoghbstbb. 29 

St. James, Elmer's End. 

This Church, a building of red brick, was opened in 1884. The 
registrations are made in the Parish Church. There is one bell. 
There is a silver gilt Chalice set with a diamond, and a similar 
Paten ; there are also a smaller Chalice and Paten. 

St. Mary's, Shortlands. 

The Church was built in 1868, and consecrated in 1870, when the 
parish was formed. The Register' dates from 1870. There are 
three modern bells. The living is in the gift of Miss E. M. 
Wilkinson. There are a Flagon, Chalice, and Paten, given by the 
children of a Mr. and Mrs. Alston, and another Chalice and Paten, 
and a brass Alms Dish. There is a Tablet to Mrs. Craske, who 
wrote " John Halifax, Gentleman." 

1870, Henry Francklyn WoUey. 

Holy Trinity, Penge Lane, Beckenham. 

This Church was erected in 1877, and a tower added 1883. The 
Church was built by Francis Peake, Esq. There are two Chalices 
and two Patens of silver, with an Alms Dish of brass. A silver 
Flagon and a spoon have been presented by Mr. and Mrs. Hennell. 
The date on the Register is 1869, but it begins in 1877. There are 
two modern bells. The Patrons are Trustees. 

1877, Samuel Whitfield Daukes. 
1894, Walter Joseph Latham. 

St. Paul's, New Beckenham. 

The Church was erected in 1854, and the district separated in 
1872, from which time the Registers date. There are two silver 
Chalices, three Patens, and a silver Flagon, all given by Mrs. Cator 
in 1864. There is also a fourth Paten dated 1876-1877. There is 
d. modern bell. John Cator Esq. is Patron. 

1872, William Garmonsway Wrightson. 

1875, Charles Green, 

1902, Joseph Hammond. 

St. Mary's, Bexley. Bixle. 

There was a Church here in Domesday, and it paid 9 den chrism 
to the See of Rochester according to Textus Roffensis. It was in 
the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and Deanery of 
Shoreham, being a peculiar of the Archbishop till 1846. It was 
then transferred to the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of 
Maidstone, and Deanery of East Dartford ; in 1905 it was 
retransferred to the Diocese of Rochester and placed in the 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of East Dartford. It now 
forms part of the new Deanery of Partford, There are the remains 


of a Norman doorway under the South Porch. The Arcade of 
three Bays between the North and South Aisles, and the Tower, 
North door and Sedilia are Early English. The ancient Lich Gate 
should be noticed. There are six Bells, five of them of the 
eighteenth century. The first Chalice is dated 1752. The second 
was gained in 1843 by exchanging an older one for it, and a plated 
Flagon was also thus obtained. A third Cup with six carbuncles 
was the gift of Mrs. Fuller. One Alms Plate of silver was given 
by Mr. George Cooke, and Sir John Sedley gave towards another 
in 1538, while a third vi'as given by Mrs. Hugh Johnston and 
family in 1834. There also are a silver gilt Flagon and two silver 
Patens given by Mrs. Fuller, and besides there are a plated Flagon 
and Paten. There are some ancient monuments, notably one to 
Sir John Champneis and another to Sir R. Austen. The Patrons 
were the Prior and Convent of Trinity, London, to the Reformation, 
since which after being a short time with the Crown the presentation 
passed into private hands. The Honble. R. Marsham Townshend 
is the present Patron. 

1286, Alfred de Soham (Peckham 30). 

Thomas de Eyton. 
1352, John de Shardelowe (Islip 262). 
1376, Thomas de Preston (Sudbury 114). 
1385, John Atte Pond. 
1390, Nicholas Lod (Courtenay 356). 

Richard Harradon. 
1415, Thomas Plympton (Chichele — ). 

Thomas Hall. 
1456, John Richmond or Morland (Bourgchier 65) . 
1467, John Kirkeby (Bourgchier — ). 

Thomas Hardyng (Ex. Testo Su. 1494). 
1495, Thomas Percy (Morton Chantry Priests. 

158). Chantry founded 1510. 

1510, Milom Thomlynson 1518, Richard Wynne 

Warham 341). (Warham 365). 

1539, Henry Ribton (Cranmer 1545, William Dychebre 

375). (Cranmer 391). 

1542, John Peysaunt (Cranmer 387). 

John Shalcross (Par. Reg. Obut. 1565). 
1565, John Bunton (Parker I. 375). 
1591, William Luffe (Whitgift 494). 
1609, Nicholas Frank well (Bancroft 45). 
1659, Thomas Smoult (Newcourt — ). 
1666, Benjamin Huntington (Sheldon 328). 
1707, Robert Huntington (Tennison 186). 
1732, Richard Knipe (Wake 1. 320). 
1737, William Smith (Potter 260). 
1737, Henry Piers (Potter 264). 
1770, William Green (Cornwallis 408). 

1808, Edward Barnard (Sutton H, 19), 


1825, Charles Goddard (Sutton II. 67). 
1833, Thomas Harding. 
1874, John Mee Fuller. 
1893, John Henry Wicksteed. 

Holy Trinity, Lamorbey, Bexley. 

In 1840 Mr. Malcolm built a Chapel of Ease and endowed it at 
Half-way Street. This was replaced by another in 1879, which 
was consecrated 1880. There is a Call Bell and a Knell Bell of 
the same date as the Church. The Cup, Flagon, Two Patens and 
Alms Dish were given by the first Incumbent. A second Cup was 
given 1880. The Registers are of the same date as the Church. 
The Patronage is in the gift of the Malcolm family. 

1840, William Bilton. 

1867, Newton Streatfield. 

1867, Edward Henry Carr. 

1878, Samuel Henry Beamish. 

1900, John Foster Lepine. 

Christ Church, Bexley Heath. 

The Church was built in 1841, and a district formed in 1866. 
The Bell is of the date 1873. There are a Flagon, two Chalices, 
and two Patens, all presented by Mrs. Pringle. The Registers 
date from 1844 for Baptisms, and 1847 for Marriages. The living 
is in the gift of the Marsham-Townshend family. 

1866, WilHam Henry Pincott. 

1878, George Graham. 

1888, Henry Lawrence Fry. 

The original Church was pulled down and a new one built in 
1879 on the other side of the road ; the Tower of the old Church 
still remains. 

St. John the Evangelist. 

This Church was consecrated in 1882. A Reredos and an Apse 
were added at the expense of the Revd. C. E. L. Wright. There 
is a Silver Chalice, Paten and Flagon. The Church has one Bell. 
It is still held as a Curacy-in-Charge from the Parish Church. 

St. Lawrence, Bidborough. Bitteberga. 

The Church paid only 6 den. Chrism as a Chapel Fee to the See 
of Rochester according to Textus Roffensis. It was separated 
from Leigh in 1218 and made into a separate Parish and Church, 
owing to the difficulty of going to and returning from Leigh. 
There are two Bells, one dated 1684. The old Cup and Paten 
Cover are engraved; "The guift of William Gomeldon, Esqre., 
1663 " ; another old Paten is inscribed 1663. Another Cup, Paten 
Cover and Paten were obtained in 1876. Two Alms Plates of 
Brass were also then procured, There are no angient monuments. 


The Church has been much repaired, but traces of the old Norman 
Church are visible. There is a Credence and Piscina. The Square 
Tower has a low tiled roof. The Patronage has always been in 
private hands. Patron, J. F. W. Deacon, Esq. 

1218, Alfred de Despinasse or Gaspemasse (Langdon 39). 
1319, William de Dunmowe (Reynolds 25). 
1334, Peter de Comitaygne (Hamo 161). 

1349, Henry de Cheltenham (Hamo 244), 

1350, John Pistor de Hadley (Hamo 248). 
John atte Sole. 

1356, Richard de Tresthorpe (Sheppey 256). 
1361, Richard Rauft (Sed. Vac. 305). 
1367, James Chaynew (Denne M.S.S.). 

William Burgh. 
1390, John Percy (W. de Bottlesham 5). 
1399, John Lege (W. de Bottlesham 135). 

John Fynchamstede. . 
1405, John Aleyn (J. Bottlesham 189). 

John Lyly. 
1426, Walter Ladde (Langdon 76). 
1434, John Stonewyle (Langdon 99). 
1438, John Cottyl (Wellys 139). 
1444, Thomas Walwer (Lowe 202). 
1447, Thomas Edwards (Act. Cur. Consist 44-68). 
1449, Thomas Washer (Lowe 220). 
1458, Thomas Tylor (Lowe 231). 
1465, James Chaynew (Lowe 242). 

Thomas Orell (Ex. Test. John Salmon). 
1510, Jacobus Ryman (Fisher 26). 
1516, Thomas Baker (Fisher 74). 
1516 Richard WoUoys (Fisher 74). 
1519, John Morley (Fisher 95). 
1525, Phillip Mekflet (Fisher 132). 
1554, John Turner (Griffiths 57). 
1562, Nicholas Umfery (Act. Vis. Archid). 
1570, Robert Rogers (Gheast 121). 
1578, William Hudson (Piers 162). 
1593, Rowland Stubbersfield (Yonge 193). 
1621, Hugh Wilcox (Buckeridge 212). 
1650, James Peate (Par. Reg.). 
1689, Nathaniel Bound (Muniments 12). 
1716, Richard Davies (Atterbury 26). 
1731, Edmund Latter (Wilcocks 87). 
1789, John Brook (Thomas 248). 
1830, William Gay (Murray 34). 
1847, Charles Bigsby. 
1878, Edward Plenry Carr. 
1880, Henry Christopher Ellis. 
J902, Matthew Sweetna,ni, 

the records of rochester. 33 

All Saints', Birling. Berlingas, 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 9 den. 
chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The Church was in the 
Bishopric and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and Deanery of 
Mailing, till 1846, when it was transferred to the Archbishopric of 
Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Rural Deanery of 
North Mailing. In 1905 it was again transferred to the See of 
Rochester, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and Deanery of Mailing. 
The Bells are six in number, two of the eighteenth and four of 
the seventeenth century. There are two Cups of the Stuart period. 
There is a Paten of early nineteenth century date, and a Tankard 
presented by Mrs. Phelps, 1854, to the Church. There is a silver 
Alms Dish without any hall mark, and another plated one. There 
are a few traces of the old Norman Church, but the present build- 
ing mostly belongs to decorated times. The Tower belongs to the 
perpendicular period. There is a. Piscina in the south aisle. 
There are Tombs to the Nevill family, and a Brass to William 
Millys. The Patronage was with the Abbey of Bermondsey till 
the Reformation ; since then it has been held by the Nevills. The 
Marquis of Abergavenny is now Patron. 

1327, William de Olney (Hamo 76). 

1328, John Lucas (Hamo 78). 

1330, Paul de Kerbroke (Hamo 130). 

1331, Alfred Browneman (Hamo 132). 

1336, John de Meleton Mowbray (Hamo 158). 
1338, John Combe (Hamo 174). 

1349, Walter Welling (Hamo 244). 

1350, John Odford or Selford (Hamo 249). 
1361, Aug. 13, Henry Scott (Vacante Sede 304). 
1361, Aug. 30, John Talben (Vacante Sede 305). 
1365, John Kyrtal (Trilleck 322). 

Henry Stother (Newcourt). 
1371, Richard Royden (Trilleck 351). 

1390, John Jakes (W. Bottlesham 19). 

1391, Richard Stanford (W. Bottlesham 69). 
Richard atte Brigge. 

1396, William Chappell (W. Bottlesham 86). 

1397, William Tany or Dany (W. Bottlesham 98). 
1422, John Kinrott (Langdon 121). 

1437, John Rumbray (Wellys 132). 

1439, Richard Man (Wellys 143). 

1452, Henry Spencer (Lowe 229). 

1458, John Brompton (Lowe 231). 

1496, William Rednys (Savage 15). 

1499, William Watson (Fitzjames 34). 

1507, George Brymley (Fisher 45). 

1545, John Baxter (Act. Vis. Archid. 5). 

1567, John Ellis (Gheast 104). 

1570, John Moore (Thorpe's MSB. Soc Antiq.). 


1574, John Sewell (Freake 137). 

1584, Robert Salisbury or Salsberry (Act. Cur. Consist 1583-87 69). 

1585, Matthew Heton (Yonge 117). 
1587, Thomas Lloyd (Arch. Vis. Archid.). 
1642, Philip Satterthwaite (Warner 96). 
1652, Thomas Gunn (Calamy's Baxter's Life). 
1661, Michael Rabbit (Warner 111). 

1692, Theophilus Beck (Sprat 15). 

1715, Thomas Winterbottom (Atterbury 17). 

1717, Hugh Pugh (Atterbury 32). 

1744, Gregory Sharpe (Wilcocks 137). 

1756, Edward Holme (Pearse 187). 

1782, WiUiam Humphry (Pearse 234). 

1817, Honble. William Nevill (King 322). 

1844, WilUam Corfield (Murray 86). » 

1850, Henry Dampier Phelps. 

1865, Honble. Edward Vesey BHgh. 

1876, Wyndham Madden. 

1890, Stuart Churchill. 

1892, Charles Forbes Septimus Money. 

1893, Joshua Hughes Games. 

1896, Theodore Augustus Eden Williamson. 
1904, Philip Armitage. 
1908, Leonard Staniforth. 

Christ Chukch, Birling. 

This ChuTch was consecrated for Divine Service in 1893 ; there 
is one bell of the same date, and also Communion Plate. It has 
not been separated from Birling Church. 


This Church stood in Yalding Parish, not far from Collier street 
it was Thorpe tells us in 1292 reckoned to Brenchley Parish. 
It became one of the possessions of the Priory of Leeds. It 
became attached to the chapelry of Newstead in Staplehurst, and 
this being placed first it was reckoned to the Sutton Deanery and 
the See of Canterbury, and as such is mentioned in the Valor 
Ecclesiasticus. The Rector of Staplehurst tells me there are no 
signs left of Newstead Chapel. The two places, if Newstead Farm 
is anywhere near where it stood, must have been five miles apart 
as the crow flies. The Presentation was held by the Abbey of 
Leeds till the Reformation, after which both Churches were 
disendowed and allowed to fall to ruin ; no traces of Buckingfold 
are left. St. Margaret's, Collier street, has been erected not far 
frorn where it stood, 


1293. John de Copegrave (Rot. 33, 21 Edw. 1). 
1327, Bricius de Sharstede (Reynolds 266). 

John Burbache. 
1354, Richard Burbache (Islep 267). 
1356, Simon de Burgh (Islep 274). 
1359, WilHam de Bradley (Islep 285). 

David Canon of Londewybrig Menev dioc. 
1364, William Worth (Islep 306). 

Henry Hubard. 
1367, William atte Welde (Langham 102). 

Robert de Faversham. 
1378, John Brockman (Sudbury 125). 
1386, William Lauderdale (Courteneye 263). 
1394, Thomas Scodyer (Courteneye 279). 
1435, Richard Selby (Chichele 210). 

Thomas Halsthorp. 
1464, Jacobus Goldewell (Bourgchier 90). 
1473, William Sutton, alias Scoland (Bourgchier 108). 
1481, WilUam Corbrand (Bourgchier 128). 
1492, Richard Chatham (Morton 192). 
1514, Thomas Bodyll (Wareham 357). 

John Roydon. 
1533, George Seintleger (Cranmer 343). 
1541, Thomas Day (Cranmer 381). 

St. Martin's, Brastead. Braedsteda. 

This Church was in the See and Archdeaconry of Rochester, but 
as a pecular of the Archbishop was in the Deanery of Shoreham 
till 1846, after that date it remained in the Deanery of Shoreham, 
but was reckoned to be in the Archdeaconry of Maidstone and in 
the Diocese of Canterbury, and in 1905 it still remained in the 
Deanery of Shoreham, but was placed in the Archdeaconry of 
Tonbridge and See of Rochester ; it has now become part of the 
new Deanery of Sevenoaks. There was a Church here in 
Domesday times, and it paid 9 den chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester. The Church has little or no traces of the original 
building, but inside there are the ancient pillars of the south side 
and side aisle. There is a floreated piscina, and this with a 
handsome tower testify to the additions and alteratons made in the 
decorated period on the building. The original S.W. Buttress still 
remains, but the north west one was removed owing to the 
settlement in this direction, and two others run up at right angles 
to give extra support. There is an altar tomb and a handsome 
monument also to Robert Heath amongst other memorials, and 
one also to Dr. Turton, physician to George III. There is an 
ancient Elizabethan Chalice 1565-6, and an old Paten Cover of 
James I. The Flagon is dated 1793. There are also a modern 
Cup and Paten. There is a peal here of six bells. The Brastead 
Register commences 1557, The Archbishop is Patron, 


1340-50, Edmund de Mepham (Ex. Mon° Su°). 

1356, John Aleyn (Islep 273). 

1365, Richard de Hankedon (Islep 307). 

1369, Thomas de Cheynham (Whittlesey 75). 

1370, Aug., Richard Mariot (Whittlesey 81). 
1370-1, Mar., John de Northlecche (Whittlesey 84). 
1373, John Biswyle (Whittlesey 95). 

John Marsham. 
1378, John de Elme (Sudbury 126). 

1388, Dec. 15th, Philip Roggers (Courteneye 270). 

1389, Nov., John Mawdit (Courteneye 284). 
1414, John Chaundler (Chichele I 107). 
1431, Wilham Spencer (Chichele I 193). 

Thomas Writington. 
1449, John Chamberlanye (Stafford 101). 

1474, William Shirewood (Bourgchier 110). 

1475, John Cralle, alias de Sudbury (Bourgchier 110). 
1475, Robert Pemberton (Bourgchier 113). 

1488, William Pett (Morton 135), 
1491, Robert Stalys (Morton 155). 
1522, Richard Benger (Warham 379). 
1529, Thomas Hedges (Warham 400). 
1537, Thomas Selyard (Cranmer 361). 

Thomas Rise. 
1556, Wilham Northfolke (Pole 67). 
1559, John Longland (Parker 340). 
1561, Andrew Pearson (Parker 353). 
1580, Alfred Downes (Grindall 537). 

1592, Lawrence Dewste or Dyos (Whitgift 494). 
1618, Richard Smith (Abbot I. 435). 

1623, Morgan Wynne, Winne, or Win (Abbot II. 437). 
1640, Thomas Bayley (Walker's Sufferings Clergy 202). 
1642, John Sahmarsh (Woods' Athen. Oxon. III. 577). 

1650, John Watte (Parliamentary Surveys). 

1651, William Pinder (Juxon 22). 

1593, Ralph Barker (Tillotson 162). 
1708, Michael Bull (Tennison 192). 
1753, George Seeker (Seeker 309). 
1768, James Parker (Seeker 334). 
1773, William Vyse (Cornwallis 422). 
1777, Thomas Franklin (Cornwallis 437). 
1784, William Skinner (Moore 504). 
1795, George Moore (Moore 544). 

1800, George Heath (Moore 551). 
1808, John Gibbons (Sutton II. 5). 
1843, William Hodge Mill. 
1854, William Buckton Holland. 
1865, Charles Tamberlane Astley. 
1876, James William Rynd, 


All Saints', Brenchley, Br^ncesle. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and though it is 
mentioned in Textus Roffensis as paying 9 denarii to the See of 
Rochester, as a Parish Church, yet we learn that it was, in 1207, 
looked upon as a Chapelry of Yalding by the Bishop's Registers, 
The Church was held to be in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it was transferred 
to the See of Canterbury, the Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and 
Rural Deanery of South Mailing, it has, in 1905, been placed in 
the Deanery of Tunbridge Wells, and Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, 
and again in the See of Rochester. The Church which has been 
restored dates with the Tower chiefly from the decorated period, 
and has an ancient porch approached by an avenue of well dipt 
yew trees. The north and south aisles are separated from the 
nave by a row of round pillars on each side. The Church has 
clerestory windows and a decorated Piscina, and a Norman 
octagonal Font. The presentation belonged to Tonbridge Priory 
till the Reformation, when it came to the Crown, which granted 
the advowson to Paul Sydnor, Esq., whose son disposed of it to 
the Wallers, of Groombridge, who parted with it to the Courthopes, 
with whom it still continues. The Communion Plate consists of 
two Chalices, and a Flagon and Paten. There are six Bells, three 
of the seventeenth century. The Chalices were obtained by 
change by a previous Vicar. The Registers commence 1539. The 
present Patron is G. C. Courthope, Esq. 

1286, William de Speldhurst (Peckham 44). 

1328, John de Milsted (Hamo 127). 

William Grovhurst, deprived 1348 (Hamo 246). 

1342, John de Pifford (Hamo 254). 

1351, Adam Patrick (Dugdale's Monasticon, 393). 

1365, Elias (Trilleck 323). 

John Baker. 

1385, Thomas Cole (Courteneye 260). 

1388, John Caps (Courteneye 269). 
Robert Cleve. 

1431, Jacobus Hall (Langf ord 93) . 

1435, Richard Whitehead (Wellys 135). 

1438, John Martin (Wellys 146). 

1440, Nicholas Styward (Wellys 156) . 

1444, Thomas Hornby. 
Nicholas Rymer. 

1455, Thomas Westhill (Lowe 222). 

1457, William CoUett (Lowe 228). 

1459, John Jeffrey (Newcourt). 

1477, Robert Whapsode (Lowe 237). 

1477, Richard Wodehill (Ex. Testis Varjis). 

1505, Thomas Mason (Fisher 43). 

1507, George Southworthe (Fisher 76) . 

1520, Marmaduke Waldeby (Fisher 103). 


1532, William Edwards (Fisher 226). 

1542, William Tyseherste (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1541, Alfred Geefinge (Heath 8). 

1546, John Wells (Holbeach 43). 

1554, John Harris (Griffiths 58). 

1561, John Ferrall (Ex. Testis Variis). 

1593, Edward Henshaw (Yonge 182). 

1633, Edmund Henshaw (Bowie 212). 

1642, William Thomas (Warner). 

1646, Joannes Tipping (Parliament Surveys). 

1651, John Monckton (Par. Reg.). 

1709, Joshua Strouther (Monuments 38). 

1744, William Courthope (Wilcocks 138). 

1773, Henry Courthope (Pearse 219). 

1802, William Courthope (Dampier 273). 

1845, Richard Davies. 

1854, Francis Storr. 

1888, William May. 

1901, Frederick la Trobe Foster. 

1909, Percy Scott Wheelan. 

St. Andrew's, Paddock Wood. 

A Church was erected here in 1862, and a Parish was formed 
from Brenchley, Yalding, Nettlestead and East Peckham. It has a 
small modern Bell. The Flagon, Chalice and Paten were given 
in 1862. The Registers date from 1862. The Patrons are the 
Courthopes. The Patron is G. J. Courthope, Esq. 

1862, Edwin Pope. 

1895, Alfred Harvegal Shaw. 

1904, George Benjamin Charles. 

St. Luke's, Matfield Green. 

This Parish was formed from Brenchley, and a Church built 
1875. There are a silver Flagon, Chalice, and Paten of the same 
date as the Church. It has a modern Bell. The Register dates 
from 1877. The Patron is the Vicar of Brenchley. 

1876, Charles Storr. 

1906, Frederick James Gillaur Harcourt Disbrowe. 

St. Peter and St. Paul, Bromley. Bromlega. 

Bromley was given by Offa, King of Mercia and Egbert, to the 
Bishops of Rochester, and with them it continued till 1846, when 
the Patronage of the Church was given to the Bishops of Worcester. 
At the same date the Church was transferred from the See of and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and the Deanery of Dartford to the 
Diocese of Canterbury, the Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and the 
Rural Deanery of West Dartford. In 1905 the Patronage was 


restored to the Bishop of Rochester, and it was placed in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and the Rural Deanery of 
West Dartford. It has now been placed in the new Deanery of 
Bromley. The font is all that remains from Norman times. The 
present Church has been much altered, but is mostly fourteenth 
century work. Bromley paid 9 den chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester, according to Textus Roflfensis. The Church was 
robbed of its plate in 1791, but a silver Cup with Paten cover were 
given to the Church at that date by George Norman. There are 
a silver Chalice dated 1807, with a Paten cover ; two silver gilt 
Patens, one dated 1801-2, the other dated 1803, given by Robert 
Makepeace ; a silver Flagon given by James Edward Newell 1854 ; 
a silver gilt Spoon, a brass Alms Dish, given by the' Hellicar 
family 1873. The Bells, which are eight, are dated 1773. Amongst 
other monuments, of which there are many, are three Brasses ; a 
curious one in ancient French to Henche, a former Vicar, and one 
to Bishop Yonge, of Rochester. The Registers of Baptisms date 
from 1558, Marriages from 1575, Burials from 1578. The latter 
Records include the Burials of Bishops Yonge (May, 1605) and 
Pearse (July 1774). 

1235, Richard de Wendover (Hamo 32). 
John Sudbury (Coke's Entries 40). 
1293, Abel de St. Martin (Hamo 57). 
1316, John of Frindsbury (Reg. Roff. 113). 
1320, William de Bligbury (Hamo 93). 
1323, John of Frindsbury (Hamo 93). 
1329, Hugh de Penebregge (Hamo 120). 
1349, Walter de Henche (Hamo 243). 

1361, Robert Cary (Islip 225). 

1361-2, Mar. 20, John Verier (Whittlesey 315). 

1362, Apr. 16, Thomas Bay (Whittlesey 316). 
1362, May 21st, John Salthorn (Whittlesey 316). 
1366, Adam Pykeman (Trilleck 324). 

1389, John Scharynton (Act. Cur. Consist). 
1391, Richard de Sudbury (W. Bottlesham 16). 
1402, Roger atte Church (J. Bottlesham 179). 

1405, Henry Hamonde (Arundel I. 34). 

1406, Richard Braunch (Arundel I. 312), 
Thomas Pellycan. 

1421, Thomas Gyles (Chichele I. 130). 
1424, John Pye (Langdon 44). 
1431, John Wyrkworth (Langdon 93). 
1439, Thomas Lewisham (Wellys 117). 

1439, John Euachdunen or Sachdunen (Wellys 142). 

1440, William Midleton (Wellys 153). 
1440, William Freston (Wellys 220). 

1456, Richard Freston ((35 Henry VI.). 

1457, John Chamberleyne (Lowe 228). 
1465, Wynando (Hasted). 


1470, Robert Somerby (Papal Bull, May 23rd date). 

1471, William Shelton (Act. Cur. Consist. 1471, 35). 
1502, William Horsley (Fitzjames 39). 

1524, Richard Sharps (Fisher 114). 
1530, John Adeson (Fisher 160). 
1534, Emerus Tuckfold (Fisher 180). 
1537, Ralph Tylney (Fisher 194). 
1555, David Curson (Ex. Test" Su"). 

1564, Thomas Hathersole (Ex Testus Variiis). 

1577, John Lord, Bishop of Rochester after his time till Henry 
Smith (1778-1818), The Clergy of Bromley were 
only Curates to the Bishop. 

1594, Edward Henshawe (Yonge 182). 
1604, James Dyer (Barlow 199). 
1607, Stephen Constantine (Hasted). 
1607, John Preston (Par. Reg.). 
1611, Joseph Greene (Buckeridge 74). 
1620, Jasper Carrow (Par. Reg.). 
1624, William Wallis (Hasted). 

1627, John Hodges (Hasted). 

1628, Noah Webb (Hasted). 
1630, Robert Rainsford (Hasted). 
1634, Richard Rathborne (Par. Reg.). 

1639, Thomas Smith (Hasted). 

1640, William Thomas, styled Vicar (Warner 98). 
1647, Joseph Jackson (Hasted). 

1653, Henry Arnold (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1653, Richard Marsh (e lib Subscrip.). 

1565, Thomas Pyke (Hasted). 
1667, David Burton (Hasted). 
1670, Edmund Lees (Hasted). 

1678, Stephen Grasscombe (Par. Reg.). 

1583, George Wilson (Par. Reg.). 

1584, Thomas Johnson (Hasted). 

1585, Edward Roman (Par. Reg.). 
1690, Henry Maundrell (Alumni Oxon). 

1595, Samuel Bowles (Par. Reg.). 

1598, Thomas Harrington Bagshaw, Vicar (Par. Reg). 
1739, Joseph Sims (Willcocks 119). 
1744, Thomas Bagshaw (Wilcocks 194). 
1778, Henry Smith (Thomas 239). 

1818, John Baker (King I. 234). 

1819, James Edward Newell (Par. Reg.). 
1824, Walker King (King II. 7). 

1827, James Edward Newell (Percy 20). 
1855, Arthur Gresley Hellicar. 
1904, Donald Tait. 

the becobds of eochbstbe. 41 

Bromley College. 
This establishment was founded for the poor widows of the clergy 
by Bishop Warner. There is a handsome chapel. The Chalice 
was given by Ann Oare 1784, the Paten by Anne Fawkes 1797, and 
the Alms Dish at the same date by another grateful inhabitant. 
The Flagon is dated 1857-58. 

Thomas Bratrum ejected 1696. 
1696, Thomas Harrington Bagshaw. 
1738, Thomas Bagshaw. 
1788, Andrew Price. 
1800, James Talman. 
1820, George Booth. 

1820, Edward George Ambrose Beckwith. 

1821, Thomas Scott. 
1846, (Eharles Urquhart. 

1846, James Timothy Bainbridge Landon. 
1855, Henry Cadwallder Adams. 

1868, Mark Dyer French. 
1873, John Henry Worsley. 
1884, Walter Octavius Peile. 

1890, Edward Frank Cornwallis Vander Noot. 

1891, James White. 

BiCKLEY St. George's. 

This Church was built in 1864, and is a cruciform structure with 
handsome stained glass windows. There are many modern 
monuments, and a vault for the family of George Wythes, who 
built the Church. There are five Bells. The Flagon, a Chalice, 
and two Patens are of the same date as the Church. There is also 
a Chalice (silver) set with stones, and a Paten also of silver of later 
date. The Baptismal and Marriage Registers commence 1859. 
The Patron is E. J. Wythes, Esq. 

1867, Edward John Selwyn. 
1873, Edward Hayes Plumptre. 
1882, George Warburton Weldon. 
1890, Robert Wood. 
1898, William Alexander Carroll. 

St. Mary's, Plaistow. 

This flint Church was built in 1864, from which time the 
Registers date. The windows are very handsome. The Bell is of 
the same date as the Church. There are two Chalices and two 
Patens, and a glass silver mounted Flagon presented in 1887 by 
W. H. Bosanquet. The Patron is the Bishop. 

1864, Reuben Graham. 

1869, Sir Peter L. Hesketh Fleetwood. 

1870, Alfred Joshua Myers. 


1873, William Hodgson. 

1898, John Bond. 

1904, Edward Lotherington Colebrooke. 

St. John the Evangelist, Bromley. 
This modern Church was built in 1880. The Bell is of the same 
date. The Flagon, two Chalices, and Patens were given by Sir 
Edward Scott at that time. There are some handsome stained 
glass windows. The Baptismal Register dates from 1880, and 
the Marriage Registers from 1881. Patron the Vicar of Bromley. 

1881, Peter Barker. 

St. Luke's, Bromley. 

This Church was erected in 1886 ; there is a Bell of the same 
date, also a Flagon, Cup and Paten of silver of the same date, 
which have been gilded over to match a second set given more 
recently. The Baptismal Register commences Sept., 1887; the 
Marriage Register July, 1889 ; and the Burial Register 1894. The 
Patron is the Bishop. 

1887, Reginald Illingworth Woodhouse. 

1895, Edward Lotherington Colebrooke. 

1905, Charles Carteret Gosselin. 

Holy Trinity, Bromley. 

The Church was built in 1843, from which time the Bell dates. 
There are two Chalices and two Patens of that same date, also a 
silver gilt Spoon and a plated Flagon. The Registers date from 
1843. The Bishop of Worcester was the Patron, but it became in 
1905 vested in the Crown. The parish was separated in 1863. 

1843, Arthur Rawson. 

1882, Frederick William Haines. 

1904, Clement Rene Sharpe. 

1905, John Theodore Chippindall. 
1907, Mark Richard Swabey. 

St. Blaise's, Bromley. 

There was an ancient chapelry in Bromley Parish dedicated to 
Saint Blasius, of which every trace has been lost, and the mention 
of it in one or two fifteenth century wills is almost the only evidence 
of its existence now remaining. 

Bromley Union. 

There is a Chapel connected with this Union. There are an 
ornamental Chalice and a Paten and Alms Dish. The Chaplain is 
specially appointed, but the Clerk says he has no record of their 
names till 1872. 

1872, Thomas Hanley Ball. 

1876, Philip Henry Percy. 

1899, Ebenezer Joseph Welch. 



St. Mark's, Bromley. 

This Church was erected in 1895, and consecrated October 22nd, 
1898. It is not separated from the Parish Church. The 
Communion Plate consists of a Flagon, three Patens, two Chalices, 
and a Flagon plated and a brass Alms Dish. 

St. Mary's, Durham. Bureham. 

There was a Church here at the time of the taking of the 
Domesday record, according to Textus Roffensis, it paid 9 den 
chrism to the See of Rochester. It was in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry and Deanery of Rochester till 1846, when it formed 
one of the parishes of the new Rural Deanery of Cobham. There 
are three Bells. The old Chalice has the date 1795, but the old 
Paten Cover has been lost. A new Church was opened in 1881, 
and since then the old Church has been only used as a Mortuary 
Chapel. A new Cup, Paten, and Flagon were given at that date 
by Mrs. Jane Catharine Peters. The old Church has one Norman 
window and some other traces of Norman work, there are also 
signs of early English work, but the greater part is decorated. 
The Registers date from 1625, they have been badly kept, and are 
in a. most disorderly state. There is a solitary helmet in the 
Church and also a brass, but beyond these there is little of interest. 
The Advowson was granted by the Bishop to the Knights 
Hospitallers, and held by them till purchased in 1509 by Thomas 
Doucra, the last Master of their Preceptory at West Peckham ; 
after his death it reverted to the Crown 32nd of Henry VIII, with 
which it continued till about 1670, since which it has been in 
private hands. The Bishop is, however, now Patron. 

John de Carewe. 
1322, William de Waltham (Hamo 60). 
1325, Jordan de Chesshalle (Hamo 76). 
1329, John de Balderbury (Hamo 131). 
1333, John Littleborough. (Hamo 134). 
1335, Nicholas Hales (Hamo 198). 

1347, Andrew Clement (Hamo 237). 

1348, John de la Garderobe (Hamo 241). 
Walter de Wyrtlebury. 

1356, Simon de Feryndon, named Cherde (Sheppey 280). 

1359, Richard Wycombe (Sheppey 298). 

1362, William Stroode (Whittlesey 315). 

1362, John Fikerys. 

1362, William Richmond (Whittlesey 316). 

1365, Henry Walterus (Newcome). 

1366, William Edmund de Leryngsete (Langham 102). 

1367, Robert Luckes de Walcote (Langham 103). 
1398, John Bryddesdale (W. Bottlesham 198). 
1400, Robert Frodsham (W. Bottlesham 199). 

Richard Marton. 


1426, John Buston (Langdon 73), 

1434, Thomas Carpenter (Chichele I. 205). 

1438, John Clark (Wellys 135). 

1439, Richard Kenreth (Wellys 143). 

1444, Richard Leinster (Act. Cur. Consist. 1444-1468). 
1446, Robert Frodesham (Lowe 204). 
1453, Simon Knight (Lowe 224). 
1457, William Ledys (Lowe 229). 

1465, Robert Spalding (Lowe 246). 

1466, WiUiam (Lowe 247). 
1474, Hugh Hudson. 

1496, John Wettyll or Whitehill (Act. Cur. Consist. 320). 

1513, John Hyson (Fisher 70). 

1518, George Taylor (Fisher 77). 

1533, John Pierson (Fisher 177). 

1533, Gregory Keton (Fisher 178). 

1545, Henry Charus (Denne MSS). 

1552, Richard Lyster (Ridley 53). 

1554, Martin Haggard (Rym. Foedera xv. 344). 

1556, Richard Horsefall (Griffith 81). 

1562, Thomas Shaftesbrooke (Gheast 94). 

1575, James CoUyngs (Freake 140). 

1609, Robert Harrison (Neale 204). 

1629, Francis Twysden (Curie 205). 

1630, Thomas Harvey (MSS. Twysden). 
1647, Robert Ellis (Par. Reg.). 

1675, Thomas Stapley (Par. Reg.). 

1689, Thomas Fidge (Par. Reg.). 

1700, Richard CoUins (Muniments 13). 

1708, Thomas Pickering (Muniments 27). 

1740, Peter Innes (Par. Reg.). 

1768, Joseph Butler (Pearse 213). 

1785, Robert Parsons (Thomas 239). 

1819, James Hawley (King 328). 

1828, John Wilson Atkinson (Murray 23). 

1837, Lambert Blackwell Larking (Murray 67). 

1868, William Alexander Keith. 

1888, Alfred Ernest Bourne. 

1908, Gilbert Watling. 

St. Thomas a Beckett Chapel. 

This Church being dedicated to St. Thomas eL Beckett shows 
that it was built in later times than Textus Roffensis. The Church 
was in the Diocese of Rochester, Archdeaconry of Rochester, and 
Deanery of Mailing till 1846. It was in that year joined to 
Canterbury and placed in the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge and 
Deanery of South Mailing, later on it became part of the Deanery 
of Tonbridge. In 1905 it was restored to Rochester and placed in 


the Archdeaconry and Deanery of Tonbridge. The ChaHce with 
Paten Cover is of the date 1565-1566. There is one Bell. The 
Font with most of the Church is Early English. The tower, which 
is Perpendicular, is from renovations of late years the only solid 
remnant of the old Church. The altar rails are marked Michael 
Davis 1682. The Church was in the Patronage of the Knights of 
St. John till the Reformation, when it passed by grant to the Fanes, 
to whom it belonged till 1762, when it passed into the family of 
le Despencer. In 1597 it was united to form one parish with 
Tudely. Lord Falmouth is Patron of both wings. 

1447, John Wode (Ex. Test" John Walter). 

1455, William Cok (Act. Cur. Consist, (1443-1468) fol. 540). 

1470, Thomas Starkey (Thorpe's Reg. Roff.). 

1501, John Colton (Denne MSS). 

1504, James Helford (Act. Vis. Archid. Vol. I.). 

1528, Richard Jones (Act. Vis. Archid. Vol. I.). 

1564, Henry Matthews (Act. Vis. Archid. Vol. I.). 

1596, Nicholas Pownall (Act. Vis. Archid. Vol. II.). 

St. Mary's, Chalk. Celca. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times. According to 
Textus Roffensis it paid 9 den chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
It was always in the See and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and till 
1846 also in the Deanery of Rochester, at which date it became 
part of the new Deanery of Gravesend. The presentation was 
given in 1327 by Bishop Hamo de Heth to Norwich. In 1391 it 
was exchanged for Marthan in Norfolk with Cobham College, who 
held it till the Reformation, when it was granted to Lord Cobham, 
who in 32° Henry VIII. conveyed it to the Crown, with which it 
has remained except from 1° Queen Elizabeth till the end of 
Charles I. reign. There is a decorated porch with window and 
holy water stoup ; above the doorway is a curious figure of a 
sitting monk with an upturned jug on his knees, his gaze is 
directed towards the figure of the Virgin, which once stood in the 
niche higher up. On each side of the entrance are archways that 
on the south are blocked ; these together with a higher arch support 
the tower. The south wall shows arches which have been blocked, 
but pierced to admit decorated windows. There are a decorated 
Piscina and Sedilia. There are three Bells, one thought by 
Stalschmidt to be as .early as 1348. There is an old undated Paten 
Cover and Chalice and a Sheffield Plate Dish. The Registers are 
lost down to 1768 owing to the Church being broken into and their 
being stolen : what remain are very imperfect till some 40 years ago . 

1294, Hugh de Cressingham (Prynne's Record 597). 

1316, John de Cockermouth (Hamo 65). 

1326, Peter Vernon (Hamo 13). 

1331, Thomas de Potyngton (Hamo 145). 

1349, John Jeffrey (Hamo 256), 


1357, Bisshope de Ashe (Sheppey 290). 
1368, Stephen Edrick (Trilleck 334). 

1370, John de Kukermuth (Registr. Eccl. Roffen. in Bibl. Cotton 
Faustina V. 29), 

Thomas Cox. 
1391, John Long (Bottlesham 12). 
1405, John Moys (Yonge 188). 

William Frethby. 
1416, John Baker (Chichele I. 76). 

John Grigg. 
1437, Thomas Dalby (Browne 125). 
1446, William Pepyr (Lowe 209). 
1468, Ralph Rayner (Lowe 230). 
1498, Thomas Boswyns (Fitzjames 22). 
1506, John Hawkyns (Fisher 43). 
1506, Thomas Wele (Fisher 44). 
1510, William Taland (Fisher 54). 

1512, William Galant (Act. Cur. Consist. (1511-13) fol. 37. 
1512, Dionysius Pitts (Ex. Test" William Mayne). 
1516, Roger Gamestone (Fisher 74). 
1518, John Joyner (Fisher 76). 
1533, William Graunger (Cranmer 134). 
1543, Richard Naylor (Cranmer 391. Holbeach 28). 
1546, Richard Walton (Holbeach 43). 
1548, William Callay (Ridley 51). 
1553, William Graunger (Cranmer 434. Griffith 58). 
1557, John Smyth (Ex. Test" Rich Stockwood). 
1562, — Baker (Act. Vis. Archid. 2). 
1567, John Atkinson (Gheast 104). 
1574, Richard Brotherton (Freake 140). 
1578, Jacobus Beecher (Archid. Vis.). 
1581, Laurence Daykin (Autograph in Archid. Archiv.). 
1603, Thomas Bell (Autograph in Archid. Archiv.). 
1606, Henry Roy (Ex. Archid. Archives Ex. Mon" Su°). 
1647, John Walpole (Parliamentary Surveys) . 
1650, Matthew Derby (Parliamentary Surveys). 
1661, John Buck (Warner 252). 
1669, George Wren (Dolben 119). 
1680, John Hughes. 
1687, William Brasyer (Muniments 2). 
1699, Thomas Shewell (Muniments 12). 
1704, Robert Sandiland (Muniments 18). 

1706, John Gordon (Muniments 25). 

1707, Arthur Robinson (Muniments 26). 
1712, John Wren (Muniments 53). 
1724, John Colson (Bradford 56). 
1740, John Price (Wilcocks 124). 

1752, Thomas Blomefield (Wilcocks 170). 
1771, John Dolman (Pierce 217), 


1774, William Crackelt (Par. Reg.). 
1813, John Thomas Wilgress (King 305). 
1837, Richard Symonds Joynes (Par. Reg.). 
1841, Thomas Wilgress. 
1850, George John Wyatt. 
1856, William Joynes. 
1895, Laban White. 

St. Luke's, Charlton. Cerlunta. 

There is a Church mentioned here in Textus Roffensis as paying 
9 denarii to the See of Rochester. It was in the Deanery of 
Dartford, Archdeaconry and See of Rochester, when it became 
part of the Diocese of London, and formed part of the Deanery of 
Greenwich. In 1867 it was transferred back again to Rochester, 
and formed part of the Archdeaconry of Rochester and St. Alban's 
and Deanery of Greenwich ; it soon after became part of the new 
Deanery of Woolwich. In 1905 it became part of the new Diocese 
of South wark, and was placed in the Archdeaconry of Lewisham 
and Deanery of Woolwich. The Church was rebuilt 1630. It 
had certain later additions. There are four Bells, two dated 1685 
and one 1713. The burial Registers date from 1867 ; all previous 
ones have been rendered illegible. The Flagon was the gift of 
Mrs. Craggs in 1711. Two Patens were given by Sir Richard 
Raynes in 1710. The Chalice is the gift of the Parish, and has a 
Paten Cover. There is another Chalice the gift of Mrs. Groves. 
Amongst other monuments is one to Spencer Percival, who was 
murdered iil the lobby of the House of Commons. The Patronage 
was in the hands of the Abbey of Bermondsey till the Reformation, 
when it reverted to the Crown, with which it continued till the 
Restoration, when it became vested in the Lords of the Manor. 
Sir S. P. Maryon Wilson is the present Patron. 

1273, William de Orpyngton (Peckham 54). 

1291, Simon de St. Alban's (Peckham 71). 
William Sely. 

1370, William de Rothwell (Whittlesey 83). 
John Lorkyn. 

1391, Robert Hutton (W. Bottlesham 23). 
John Combe. 

1400, Richard Lude (Arundel I. 267). 

1401, John Beof or Beef (J. de Bottlesham 106). 
1404, Thomas Morton (Arundel I. 299). 

1410, John Ram (Newcourt). 

1420, Edmund Langford (Chichele I. 111). 

1422, William Wetewange (Langdon 20). 

John Sydale. 
1424, Thomas Hornsy (Langdon 77). 
1430, Nicholas (Wellys 128). 

1443, William Myrfin (Act. Cur, Consist, 1436-43). 
1459, » • » 


1495, William Kyde (Act. Vis. Archid. 15). 
1521, Geoffrey Pepyr (Ex Test" John Nurse). 

1527, John Swething (Ex. Test" Lewis Harvey). 

1528, WiUiam Clyfton (Fisher 143). 

1529, Thomas Houghton (Fisher 150). 
1544, John Synger (Holbeach 20). 

1554, Robert Willie (Rhym. Fosder. XV. 347). 

1561, Edward Elyott (Gheast 94). 

1562, Thomas Nicholson (Gheast 113). 
1570, William Thorne (Gheast 116). 
1591, William Correy (Yonge 199). 

1625, Miles Scottow (Buckeridge 210). 

1626, John Pemberton (Buckeridge 210). 

1635, David Cunningham (Bowie 219). 

1636, July 16th, John Dennison (Rhym. Feed. XL. 37). 
1636, Dec. 8th, John Hume (Bowie 219). 

1657, John Wheler (Parliamentary Surveys). 
1676, Jonathan Jenner (Par. Reg.). 
1687, Thomas Beardraore (Par. Reg.). 
1702, Thomas Oborne (Bishop's Certificate). 

1704, Robert Warren (Muniments 317). 
1736, Langhorne Warren (Wilcocks 106). 

1752, Thomas Chamberlayne, Senr. (Wilcocks 172). 

1781, Thomas Chamberlayne, Junr. (Thomas 232). 

1789, Henry Roper (Thomas 249). 

1799, Edward Linzie (Horsley 267). 

1806, Thomas Chamberlayne (Min. Dampier 283). 

1825, Henry Percival (King II. 8). 

1826, Arthur Drummond (King II. 13). 
1862, Francis Cameron. 

1874, Charles Swainson. 

1907, John Henry Bridgewater. 

MoRDEN Chapel, Blackheath. 

Morden College was erected by Sir Joseph Morden in 1695 for 
the support of decayed Levant merchants. The Chapel has an 
oak altar piece and cornices thought to have been the work of 
Grinling Gibbons. The Communion Plate of silver gilt consists of 
a Tankard, two Chalices, and a Paten and Alms Dish, with the 
Alms of the Founder. Another Chalice, presented by Joseph Hall, 
a member of the College 1893. There is also a Spoon. There is 
a Register of Admission of Pensioners from 1700, and of Baptisms, 
Burials, and Marriages from 1702-1754. 

1701, Robert Warren (end of Muniments, Vol. II.). 

1702, Thomas Davies (end of Muniments, Vol. II.). 

1705, Thomas Bowers (end of Muniments, Vol. II.). 
1707, Samuel Asplin (end of Muniments, Vol. II.). 
1711, John WiUiEvms (end of Muniments, Vol. II.), 


1713, John Meredith (Reg. of Chapel). 

1714, John Plymley (Atterbury 13). 
1759, Samuel Sandys (Pearce 91). 
1763, Moses Browne. 

1787, George Patrick. 

1790, John Watson. 

1819, William Marsh, Senr. (Murray 66). 

1842, William Marsh, Junr. (Ex. Men" Su"). 

1862, William CoUett. 

1865, Hon. John Harbord. 
1892, Henry Lansdell. 

St. Michael and All Angels', Blackheath Hill. 

This Church has a spire 172 feet high known as the ' ' Kentish 
Needle." The parish was formed in 1886, but the Church was 
built and the Register dates from 1874. The patronage belongs to 
the Cator family. There are a Flagon and two Chalices, and 
Paten of silver very handsome. The drawings of the elevation of 
the Church were brought from Italy eighty years ago. The present 
Patron is J. Cator, Esq. There are two Bells. 

1874, Joseph Fenn. 

1878, Baring Baring-Gould. 

1888, Arthur Evelyn Barnes Lawrence. 

St. Paul's, Charlton. 

This Church was founded in 1866. The district was separated 
in 1862, but it was again joined to St. Luke's in 1907. There is 
one Bell. There are a Flagon, two Chalices, and two Patens of 
silver and a brass Alms Dish. They are inscribed " Given in 
memoriam, R. Carter-Smith." The Baptismal Register dates from 
1862 : Marriage from 1867. Sir S. P. Maryon-Wilson is the 

1866, William Henry Pritchett. 
1885, Cornelius Witherby. 

1898, Hamilton Anne Douglas-Hamilton. 
1902, William Herbert Booth. 
1907, John Henry Bridgewater. 

St. Thomas', Charlton. 

This Church was built in 1846 and a district • assigned to it. 
There is one Bell. There are a. Flagon, two Chalices, and two 
Patens uninscribed. The Registers for Baptisms, Marriages, 
and Burials date from 1850. Sir S. P. Maryon-Wilson is Patron, 

1846, Abraham De La Mere. 

1877, Ambrose Morris. 

1892, William James Knapton. 

1895, James Shepherd. 

1905, Herbert Hamilton Lucas, 

50 the bbcords of eochesteb. 

Holy Trinity, New Charlton. 

This Church was consecrated in 1894 permanently, but there is 
a Baptismal Register that dates from 1886. The IViarriage Register 
commences 1894. There is one Bell. There is a Flagon, Chalice, 
and Paten, with a brass Alms Dish, uninscribed. The Patron is 
Sir S. P. Maryon-Wilson, Bart. 

1893, Ernest Charles Evans. 

St. Mary's Chatham. Caetham. 
The Church of Chatham is mentioned in the Domesday record, 
and it paid 9 den., according to Textus Roffensis, to the See of 
Rochester. It has always been in the Diocese, Archdeaconry and 
Deanery of Rochester. The Church was served from Leed's 
Abbey till the Reformation, and the Vicar was called the Clerk of 
Chatham. A stone Church was built here by Bishop Thomas de 
Woldham, 1316-1356 ; this was burnt down in 1786, when an ugly 
Georgian structure was erected, which was replaced by a new one 
in 1903. There is no vestige of the Saxon Church, but Roman 
bricks, and foundations point to the early fabric. The Norman 
Church stood to the east of the present one. When the old porch 
was removed, Norman pavements, Norman water pipe, and the 
portion of a Norman Piscina were found. The south-west door, 
originally Norman, was removed here. In the nave are the old 
stair case, two side arches and the central arch. Of the Bells, two 
are ancient. One Flagon was given by Revd. J. Pyham, in 1636. 
There are also another Flagon and two Chalices, the former 
bought at the charge of the Parish in 1736. There is a. second 
Flagon inscribed, 1752. Two silver Patens were also given by Mr. 
Pyham, and another of silver added in 1864. There is a large 
silver Alms Dish given by B. Ruffhead, Esq., in 1694, and there is 
a second given 1824. The Registers date from 1552. After the 
Reformation the Dean and Chapter of Rochester became Patrons. 
There are numerous monuments. 

1285, Robert de Luda (Autograph penes D & C. Roff 2). 

1286, William de Bordenne (Autograph penes D cit C. Roff 38). 
1289, Henry de Opecherche (Autograph penes D & C. Roff 32). 
Between 1295, Nicholas de Chartham li-.. . 

1319, Henry Apuldrefelde pisher, 88. 
1319, Roger de Newenton (Hamo 141). 
1332, Roger de Wy (Hamo 153). 

1338, Thomas Randulph (Hamo 154). 

1339, John Attewelle (Hamo 175). 
1349, Henry Danyngton (Hamo 251). 

1361, Peter de Farleghe (Islip 25). 

1362, John de Graveney (Autograph penes D & C. Roff 92). 
1370, John de Farleigh (Trilleck 348). 

1393, Henry de London (W. Bottlesham 42). 

1395, Stephen Gray (W. Bottlesham 71). 

1396, John Marchant (W. Bottlesham 90). 


1423, John Wystreham (Langdon 64). 

1444, Thomas Vincent (Lowe 202). 

1454, John Maghefielde (Lowe 225). 

1471, William UUing (Newcourt). 

1474, John Brencheslee (Ex. Test" Will Wodgrove). 

1485, Richard Godfredhurst (Act. Cur. Consist, 1471-1503, 209). 

1502, John Launselyn (Ex. Test" Thomas Smythe). 

1504, Robert Aunger (Ex. Test" Robert Lowe). 

1514, Henry Merston (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1531, Thomas Langley (Fisher 161). 

1534, Launcelot HoUingbourne (Fisher 182). 

1544, Launcelot Gylhawke (Holbeach 36). 

1549, Richard Longhorn (Ex. Test" John Hawley). 

1553, William Peynter (Ex. Test" Marg. Friday). 

1562, John Riddesdale (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1568, John Kynge (Ex. Test" Richard Smythe). 

1587, Robert Holland (Yonge 154). 

1588, William Wheeler (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1595, Edward Miller (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1596, Henry Ellis (Act. Vis. Archid). 
1596, John Deeke (Act. Vis. Archid). 
1599, William White (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1601, William Bradshaw (Neale Hist. Pari. II., 212). 

1603, John Phillips (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1608, John Pyham (Neale 110). 

1635, Thomas Vaughan (Bowie 115). 

1649, Walter Rosewell (Parliamentary Returns). 

1661, Elkanah Downes (Red Book Vol. I., 66). 

1662, Thomas Carter (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1662, John Loton (Red Book I., 69, Par. Reg.). 
1722, Francis Broomfield (Hasted Par. Reg.). 
1722, John Robinson (Par. Reg.). 

1722, George Pratt (Atterbury 52). 

1747, Walter Frank (Par. Reg.). 

1784, John Law (Thomas 237). 

1827, Matthew Irving (Act II,. King 18). 

1857, Samuel Arnott. 

1865, Alexander Rind Webster. 

1868, Henry Bingham Stevens. 

1883, George Edward Jelf. 

1889, George Bowyer Vaux. 

1895, John Tetley Rowe. 

1907, Edmund Godfrey Burr. 

Holy Trinity, Old Brompton. 

This parish was formed out of Chatham and Gillingham in 1847, 
and a Church built. There is one Bell. There are a silver Flagon, 
two Chalices, and a Paten. The Registers date from 1847. On 


the gallery are the Royal Arms. The Patrons are Hyndman's 

1847, Daniel Cooke. 

1901, Archibald Harry Wood. 

1907, Herbert John Martin. 

St. John's, Chatham. 

This Church was erected in 1821. There are two Bells. The 
Plate consists of a Flagon, two Chalices, and two Patens of silver, 
and a large and small Alms Dish of brass. The Rector of Chatham 
is the Patron. The Registers date from 1853. 

1821, George Harker. 

1853, Henry Downton. 

1858, John Llewelyn Roberts. 

1862, Alexander Joseph. 

1877, Henry James Boys. 

1886, Thomas Everard Cartwright. 

1899, Charles James Digues La Touche. 

St. Paul's, Chatham. 

This Church was consecrated in 1854. It has one Bell. The 
Church Plate consists of a modern Flagon, two Chalices and two 
Patens. The Registers date from 1855. The Bishop of Rochester 
is the Patron. 

1855, George Venables. 
1858, Allen Thomas Edwards. 

1863, Sir John Caesar Hawkins. 

1864, John Edward White. 
1880, Arthur Simmonds. 
1889, Christopher John Ord. 

Christ Church, Luton, Chatham. 

A Church was erected in 1814. The Bell is of the date 1842. A 
new Church was erected in 1883-4, a little distance from the old 
one. The Register dates from 1852. The Communion Plate 
consists of a Flagon, Chalice, and Paten, and a large and small 
brass Alms Dish. The Rector of Chatham is Patron. 

1845, William Bliss Turner. 

1847, Alexander Bradley Burton. 

1851, Joseph Henry Fairbanks.. 

1875, Edmund Augustus Claydon. 
James Henry Skinner, 


St. Mark's, New Brompton, Chatham. 

A Church was opened here in 1866. There is one Bell. The 
Plate consists of a Chalice, two Patens and a Flagon. The 
Register dates from 1866. The Parish is formed from Chatham 
and Gillingham and was made in 1863. The Vicar of Gillingham 
is Patron. 

1866, Alfred Willis. 
1872, Richard Morris. 

Medway and Chatham Union. 

The Plate consists of a glass Flagon with a silver top, and silver 
Cup and Paten. There is a Chapel connected with the Union. 
1839, John Graham. 
1860, Henry Frederick Rivers. 
1869, Thomas Arthur. 
1896, Geroge Stewart Hitchcock. 
1898, John Langley. 

The Garrison Chapel, Chatham. 

The Register dates from 1847. There are a small silver Cup and 
Paten dated 1890 and 1893. There have been Senior and Junior 
Chaplains from 1856, since which time a record has been kept : 
Seniors. Juniors. 

1856, Thomas Molesworth. 

1859, Charles Green. 

1860, Henry Edward Maskew. 

1862, Henry Hare. 

1862, Laurence John Parsons. 

1863, John Cox Edghill. John Cox Edghill. 
1863, C. A. Wetherall. 

1866, Wilham Sykes. George Campbell Williams. 

1867, George Mead. 

1867, Thomas Coney. 

1868, Thomas Carter Stanley. 

1872, John Arden Bayley. 

1875, John King Lethbridge. 

1876, Charles Hort. . 

1877, Dudley Somerville. David Nickerson. 

1878, William John Lough. 

1880, Thomas Molesworth. 

1881, Charles Josiah Hort. 

1883, Francis Forbes Savage. 

1884, Fredk, Bethune Norman-Lee. 
1885', Wm. Henry Edgar Bullock. J. G. Finder. 

1888, W. H. Leeds. 

54 the becobds of bochbstbe. 

Seniors. Juniors. 

1890, Thomas Felton Falkner. William Francis Sorsbie. 

1892, William John Ward. 

1893, Willoughby Chase Parr. 

1895, John Alexander Hatton. 

1896! Wm. Foster Ray Buckle. 

1898, Jacob Blackbourne. 

1899, Owen Alfred Wedekind 


1900, James T. Hales. 

1901, Maurice Jones. 
1903, James T. Hales. 

1906, William Sydney Randall. 

1907, James T. Hales. 

Chatham Dockyard. 

The Chaplains of Chatham Dockyard from the seventeenth 
century are as follows : — 

1626, Griffin Spencer. 

1635, Thomas Grayne. 

1649, William Adderley. 

1651, Laurence Wise. 

1662, — Bradley. 

1667, — Loton. 

1709, Richard Collins. 

1714, Edward MuUins. 

1732, Nicholas Tindal. 

1738, John Wigmore. 

1774, Nicholas Brown. 

1806, Alexander Brown. 
, 1832, Robert Whitehead. 
' 1844, Edward Pettman. 

1851, Allen Fielding. 

1866, Thomas Edward Meredith. 

1867, John Stuart Robson. 
1871, Thomas Ashe. 

1875, John William Lewis Bampfield. 

1877, Robert Picton. 

1880, WUliam Edmund Smith. 

1882, Wilham Dearden. 

1885, William Law. 

1889, John Booth Budds. 

1891, Stephen Swetenham Browne. 

1892, Frederick Jeremiah Matthews. 
1897, William Oxland. 

1902, James Henry Moriarty. 
1906, William Chadwick Bourchier. 

1908, Arthur Graham Kealy. 


St. Martin's, Chelsfield. Celesfield. 

This Church has been sadly restored with all kinds of material, 
but there are traces of Norman work in a window, and in the lance 
light windows of the North Chapel, and in the doorway from the 
present Vestry, which was formerly the north door. There is a 
squint from the Vestry showing there was a Chapel, which with 
the Chapel on the other side of the aisle proves the Church was 
originally cruciform, which is still marked by the position of the 
tower, which is square with a shingle spire. There are five Bells 
dated 1672. There is a Cup and Paten Cover of the date of 1639. 
There is also a Paten given by the Revd. J. E. Tarleton in 1835, 
and also a silver Dish, the gift of Brass Crosby, Esq., 1787. There 
are several monuments, of which the Robroke one is noticeable. 
The Patrons were at first the Lords of the Manor, then Private 
Patrons till, in 1874, All Souls' College, Oxford, became Patrons. 
The Register dates from 1538. The Church is mentioned in 
Domesday and Textus Roffensis. It was in the Dartford Deanery, 
Archdeaconry and See of Rochester till 1846, when it became part 
of the West Dartford Deanery, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and 
See of Canterbury ; in 1905 it was restored to the See and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester and Deanery of West Dartford. It has 
now become part of the new Deanery of Bromley. 

Thomas Grandison. 
1317, Richard de Watton (Reynolds 22). 
1322, Richard de Clehungre (Hamo 57). 
1334, John de Rokesle (Hamo 153). 
1348, Alfred Wakyn (Hamo 240). 
1361, John de Bentley (Vac. Sed. 306). 

Robert Briney. 
1400, William Wryght (J. de Bottlesham 154). 
1400, Robert de Brun (J. de Bottlesham 158). 
1417, William Robroke (Yonge 2). 

1420, John Kynge (Langdon 95), instituted 1427 but this date 
given by another Authority. 

1432, Martin Osborne, instituted by this Authority, but this date 

given by another Authority. 

1433, William Mortonne (Langdon 98) on resignation of Kynge. 
1442, John Pennant (Wellys 181). 

1445, William Findon (Lowe 203). 

Henry Middleham. 
1452, Robert Colynson (Lowe 222). 
1463, Richard Bonnivento (Ex. Test. Henry Danne). 
1493, Peter Greves (Savage 8). 
1493, John WilUams (Savage 8). 
1532, Thomas Bacon (Fisher 172). 
1558, WiUiam Gybbings (Vac. Sed. Cantuar 560). 
1576, George Smith I.™"» (Piers 15). 
1626, George Smith 11.'^™ (Buckeridge 210). 


1646, George Smith 111."'= (Par. Reg.). 

1650, Robert Miller, put in by Parliament (Par. Reg.), 

1692, Michael Pretty (Muniments 9). 

1751, Charles Meetkirke (Wilcocks 168). 

1774, John Sandford (Thomas 221). 

1781, John Long (Thomas 233). 

1797, Peter Coryton (Horsley 265). 

1817, Edward Williams. 

1833, Spencer Rodney. 

1834, John Edward Tarleton (Murray 56). 
1849, FoUiott Baugh. 

1889, John William Nutt. 
1892, Henry Broughton Barnes. 
1898, Joseph Jeremiah Baddeley. 

St. Botolph, Chevening. 

The Church is of the Early English style and more modern ones, 
and there is no record of there being a Church here before the 
' ' Taxatio Papaa Nicolai IV, ' ' taken in 1291, in which it is mentioned. 
The Church has a south Aisle and Chancel ; there are two Piscinae 
and credence shelves. There are two old Bells. The Chalice is 
inscribed 1660 ; the Paten is dated 1724. There are also a Paten 
presented by the Countess of Stanhope and a Flagon by the Earl 
of Stanhope in 1873. The Church was in the Diocese of Rochester 
and the Archdeaconry of Rochester and the Deanery of Shoreham 
till 1846, when it was transferred to the Archbishopric of 
Canterbury and the Archdeaconry of Maidstone. In 1905 it was 
re-transferred to the Bishopric of Rochester and placed in the 
Archdeaconry of Tonbridge and Deanery of Shoreham. It is now 
in the Deanery of Sevenoaks. The Patronage has always been in 
the hands of the Archbishop. The Register commences 1561. 
The monuments are most interesting, especially the one in white 
marble (by Chantry) to Lady Hester Stanhope. 

1262, Reginald, Arch. Cant. xvj. 

1271, William de Wintreshull, Pat. Roll. Henry HI. 

1272, Godfrey de St. Dunstan, Arch. Cant. xvj. 
1301, Hugh de Forsham (Winchelsey 284). 
1310, Peter Brisk (Winchelsey 47). 

1320, Panucius Bonoditi de Controne (Reynolds 26). 

1321, William de Bycterle (Reynold 29). 
Peter de Geldeford. 

1363-4, Richard de Everdon (Islep 304). 
1366-7, Alan de Sudbury (Langham 67). 
1370, Stephen Randulph (Langham 80). 
1373, Apr., William Milmete (Langham 94). 
1373, June, John CruU (Langham 94). 
1378, William Dapar (Sudbury 123). 
1378-9, Thomas Alborne (Sudbury 123). 
1380, James Gillott (Sudbury 132). 


1429, Richard Belgrave (Chichele I. 188). 
1430-31, John Penley (Chichele I. 188) 
1441, Richard Wilhams (Chichele I. 229). 

John Mason. 
1446, John Wode (Stafford 88). 
1464, John Potter (Morton 154). 
1493, Robert Dockett (Morton 154). 
1522, Thomas Baschurche (Warham 376). 
1533, Richard Astall (Cranmer 341). 
1546, John Thorp (Cranmer 401). 
1558, Peter Lucas (Pole Tl). 
1561, Griffin Lloyd (Parker 351). 
1596, Henry Parry (Whitgift II., 339). 
1615, . » » 

1620, Francis Sydney (Abbott ). 
1633, Thomas Buckener (Abbott III. 201). 
1645, Edward Clarke, put in by Parliament (Juxon II. 2). 
1681, Henry Maurice (Bancroft 393). 

1685, William Needham (Bancroft 408). 
1685-6, John Gaskarth (Bancroft 413). 

1686, Thomas Skinner (Bancroft 415). 
1706-7, Edward Gee (Tennison 183). 
1729, William Geekie (Wake II. 225). 
1732, Edmund Bateman (Wake II. 269). 
1751, Thomas Herring (Herring 288). 
1774, Samuel Preston (Cornwallis 428). 
1803, Arthur Onslow (Par. Reg.). 
1813, John Austen (Sutton II. 35). 
1851, Thomas Bartlett. 

1854, Thomas Sikes. 
1889, AUeyne Hall Hall. 

St. Mary's, Chiddingstone. Cidingstuna. 

This Church is mentioned as paying 9 den. chrism fee to the See 
of Rochester, with which it remained, being in the Archdeaconry 
of Rochester and Deanery of Bhoreham as a peculiar of the 
Archbishop till 1846, when it was annexed to the See of Canterbury, 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Rural Deanery of South Mailing. 
It was afterwards transferred to the Rural Deanery of Tonbridge, 
and in 1905 it became again part of the Diocese of Rochester 
being in the Archdeaconry and Deanery of Tonbridge. It has 
been always in the gift of the Archbishop. It was burnt by fire 
and was reconsecrated on being rebuilt in 1629. The whole of the 
Church is filled with monuments to the Btreatfields, some of Sussex 
iron. There are eight Bells. There are a Chalice with Paten 
Cover dated 1633-4, the gift of Sir Bernard Hyde, also a Flagon 
and Alms Dish presented by Bernard Hyde in 1669 and 1675. The 
Registers date from 1562 but though fairly kept during the great 
rebellion there are some omissions. 


1267, William (Persona Ecclesise de Chiddingstone) . 
1278, Bartholomew de Ferentino (from a list in Church). 

1283, Anselm de Estria (from a list in Church). 

1284, William de Sardinia (Peckham 55). 
1288, Ralph de Cheney (Peckham 88). 
1310, Nicholas Wardedieu (Winchelsey 55). 

1334, Thomas de Button (from a list in the Church). 

1335, Thomas Constable (from a list in the Church). 
1356, John Colepepper (Islep I. 272). 

1361, July, Simon de Leghton (Islep I. 287). 

1361-2, John de Okeborn (Islep I. 293). 

1384, Richard Leyntwardine (Courteneye 254). 

1390, Richard Brown (Courteneye 276). 

1394, Thomas Wynchecombe (Courteneye 277). 

1403, John Charleton (Chichele I. 83). 

1416, Thomas Waller (Chichele I. 83). 

1418, Thomas Drury (Chichele I. 98). 

1429, Simon Morley (Chichele I. 177). 

John Mason. 
1446, John Wode or Woode (Stafford 86). 
1487, Thomas Lyndley (Bourgchier 131). 

1497, Dec, Richard Code (Morton 136). 

1498, Sept., Richard Gardiner (Morton 165). 

Chantry Priests. 
1518, Edward Roper (from list 1517, John Loft (Warham306). 
in Church). 

1522, Richard Astall (War- 
ham 375). 
1528, William Bolon (Warham 1525, Francis Ratcliff (War- 

396). ham 390). 

1534, Thomas Tybbold (Cranmer 1534, Cuthbert Robertson 

345). (Cranmer 345). 

1539, Richard Yngworth, Suffragan Bishop of Dover (Cranmer 

1545, John Joseph (Cranmer 394). 

1561, John Hill (Parker 354). 

1562, Andrew Pearson (Parker 355). 

1563, John Hill again (Parker 360). 

1585, Laurence Dyos (Whitgift 461) — see Dewste. 

1618, John Warner (Abbott I. 436). 

1619, Richard Astley (Abbott II. 318). 
1622, Andrew Maurice (Abbott II, 331). 
1636, Lewis Morgan (from list in Church). 
1648, Edward Powell (Parliamentary Surveys). 
1650, Thomas Selyiard (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1662, Thomas Potter (Juxon 138). 

1667, Richard Nurse (Sheldon 383). 
1705, Edward Tennison (Tennison 223). 
1727, Thomas Tennison (Wake II. 243). 


1742, John Potter (Potter 279). 
1747, Walter Walker Ward (Potter 289). 
1755, Sackville Spencer Bale (Herring 305). 
1783, Sackville Stephens Bale (Par. Reg.). 
1836, Antony Charles Payler Ex. Mon° Su°). 
1852, William Edward Hoskins (Ex. IVIon" Su"). 
1875, Edward Henry Lee. 
1893, John Thomas Pearse. 
1908, George Alfred Lewis. 

St. Luke's, Chiddingstone. 

A Church was erected in 1898 and a district assigned to it in 
1906 ; this was done through the instrumentality and liberality of 
F. C. Hills, Esq. There is one Bell. The Marriage and Baptismal 
Ragisters date from 1906. There is a silvert gilt Chalice and Paten 
and glass mounted Flagon. The Patronage is in the Hills family. 
The present Patron is A. F. Hills, Esq. 

1906, Thomas Reid Davies. 

St. Nicholas, Chislehurst. Ciselherste. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and at the time of 
Textus Roffensis it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
It was in the Bishopric and Archdeaconry of Rochester and 
Deanery of Dartford till 1846, when it was transferred to the Arch- 
bishopric of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery 
of West Dartford. In 1905 it was placed in the Bishopric of 
Rochester and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and Deanery of West 
Dartford. Till 1846 it was in the presentation of the Bishopric 
of Rochester. It is now held in the Deanery of Bromley. It was in 
1846 given to the Bishop of Worcester, but in 1905, the Bishop of 
Rochester again became Patron. The Chancel was rebuilt in 1849. 
The North Aisle, Tower and Chancel Screen, and Benitum in the 
south Porch are ancient. The twelfth century Font stands on five 
pillars, the centre of which is ancient. There are eight Bells dated 
1858. In 1776 a Cup with Cover and Flagon and two small Patens 
of silver, double gilt, were procured to replace the old Plate which 
had been stolen. There are also a silver Alms Dish embossed 
with gold, presented by Canon Murray in 1888, a silver gilt 
jewelled Chalice, two silver gilt Patens, two metal ornamented 
Flagons, a. smaller silver gilt jewelled Chalice, and two silver 
gilt Patens, also a silver Chalice Paten and small Cruets and Pyx 
for the Communion of the Sick, two small glass Cruets with 
electro silver tops, and two silver mounted glass Flagons. The 
Register dates from 1558. The monuments, especially those of 
the Walsinghams, are noticeable. 



1267, William (Pat. Roll, Henry III. 51). 
1300, Stephen (227 Reg. Roff.)' 
1316, Jolm de Wilminton (Hamo 164). 
1320, Richard Sharp (Reg. Roff. 353). 
1320, Adam de Bromlegh (Reg. Roff. 353). 
1324, Wilham de Hoyngton (Hamo 154). 
1335, Edmund de Dygge (Hamo 168). 
1337, Wilham de Eastwell (Hamo 170). 
1339, Thomas de Alkham (Hamo 174). 
1345, Thomas de Scheldone (Hamo 235). 
1347, Wilham de Walmore (Hamo 237). 

1361, July, John Verier (Islip 225). 
1361-2, Feb., Robert Gary (Whittlesey 315). 

1362, Richard Uttoxeter (Whittlesey 318). 

1370, John de Wilmington (Thorpe's Reg. Roff. 352). 
1372, John Hamond (Archbishop Whittlesey 92). 

William Gulyett. 
1421, John Trafford (Chichele I, 130). 
1426, Adam Raceton (Langdon 77). 

James ad Kysington. 
1438, John Vagolf (Wellys 130). 
1441, Richard IWanning (Wellys 151). 
1445, Oct., Thomas Fesey (Lowe 208). 
1445, Dec, Alan Porter (Lowe 208). 
1482, John Wodroff, or Wodroffe (Ex. Test" Stephen Porter). 

1508, William Tofte (Fisher 51). 

1509, Alfred Dolier (Fisher 52). 

1513, Hugh Taillour (Dennes MSS. 11819). 

1514, Edward Higgins, or Huggyns (Fisher 73). 
1518, George Dawnes (Fisher 78). 

1520, Richard Sharpe (Fisher 105). 

1522, John Wildbore (Thorpe's MSS.). 

1552, Robert Garrett (Cranmer 134). 

1567, Thomas Dilworth (Guest 115). 

1571, James Sayer (Parker II, 90). 

1579, Samuel Atherton (Yonge 152). 

1583, Thomas KendaU (Comp. for first fruits, 25 Elizabetli). 

1604, Richard Harvey or Harvie (Barlow 199). 

1616, Richard Chase (Par. Reg.) (Denne iVlSS). 

1641, William Hussey (ParHamentary Surveys). 

1550, John Pearce (Parliamentary Surveys). 

1559, Richard Edwards (Warner 120). 

1559, David Barton (Dolben 120). 

1583, George Wilson (Par. Reg.). 

1719, Thomas IMoore (Ex. Mon° Su°). 

1769, Francis WoUaston (Pearse 213). 

1816, Francis Dawson (King 317). 

1846, Francis Henry iMurray. 

1902, James Edward Le Strange Dawson. 

the records of rochester. 61 

Christchurch, Chislehurst. 

This Church was built in 1872, and the Register dates from the 
same year. There is one Bell. There are a Flagon, four Chalices, 
and two Patens, and a large Plate of silver and a brass Alms Dish. 
The living is in the gift of Trustees. 

1872, Willliam Fleming. 

1900, William Edward Burroughs. 

1902, George Henry Pole. 

Church of the Annunciation, Chislehurst. 

The Church was built in 1870. The Register dates from 1875, 
when the Parish was separated. There is one Bell. The Lych 
Gate though modern is worthy of notice : the mosaic painting of 
the Last Judgment is said to have been brought from Italy. There 
is a very handsome chapel for daily worship. There are two silver 
Chalices and Patens and a silver mounted glass Flagon. The 
Patronage belongs to Keble College. 

1875, Henry Lloyd Russell. 

St. John's, Sidcup. 

The Church was built in 1844, from which year the Register 
dates. The Parish was formed partly from Chislehurst and partly 
from Foot's Cray, and in 1845 when these parishes were 
transferred to. Canterbury this parish was placed in the Deanery of 
East Dartford, in which it remained when it was replaced in 
Rochester in 1905. There are six Bells. The plate consists of two 
Chalices, two Patens, a large and small Alms Dish of silver. A 
small Paten was given by the Rev. C. E. Shirley Woolmer, and on 
the bottom of a Chalice is an inscription stating it to have been 
given in memory of him. The Church was mainly built by the 
Berens family, who are Patrons. Mrs. Ellinor Berens is the 
Patron at present. It is now in the Deanery of Bromley. 

1844, Samuel Holmes. 

1850, Charles Henry Christie. 

1861, Charles Pinhorn Farrer. 

1877, Randolph Humphrey Berens. 

1882, Thomas Curling Lewis. 

1889, Charles Edward Shirley Woolmer. 

1903, Edgar Basil Spurgin. 

Christchurch, Sidcup. 

This Church was erected in 1887. The Registers commence 
1900. There is one Bell. The Plate consists of a Chalice, two 
Cups and two Patens. The Patron is F. A. Bevan, Esq. 

1888, Bartlett William Chancellor, 

62 the ebcoeds of rochestbb. 

St. Helen's, Clyffe. Clive. 

The antiquity of this Church has been pointed out by the learned 
Fuller, who claims that the Council of Cloveshoo, in 742, was held 
here. The Church is certainly mentioned in Domesday, and we 
find in Textus Roffensis it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester. The Church has always been in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester, but was as a peculiar of the Archbishop 
in the Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, when it was reckoned to the 
Deanery of Gravesend. It now forms part of the new Deanery of 
Cliffe. There are eight Bells. There are two ancient tombstones 
with Flemish inscriptions. The old Norman window into the 
tower is worthy of notice. The Sedilia are extremely handsome. 
There is the ancient ironwork on the pulpit for the hour glass, but 
the glass is modern. Part of the old screen still remains. There is 
an old gilt Paten with an enamel of the Trinity, date about 1525. 
There is a Cup dated 1669, also two Patens and a Flagon of the 
date 1735, besides a modern Chalice and Paten. The Registers 
date from 1558. In them mention is made of the Spanish Armada 
and much interesting local information is given. The living has 
always been in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

1229, Richard de Wallingford (Christchurch Cant. Registers). 

1254, Hugh de Mortimer (Christchurch Registers). 

1277, Richard de Stratford (Christchurch Registers). 

1283, Philip de Wyleby (Christchurch Registers). 

1288, John de Bestance (Peckham 38). 

1305, James de Cobham (Winchelsey 287). 

1317, John de Brayton (Reynolds 22). 

1318, Adam de Muremuth (Reynolds 24). 

1323, Guiliemus, probably de Occa (Arch. Cant.). 
1357, Laurence Falstoff (Islep 145). 

1357, William de Islip alias Jocelyn (Islep 279). 

1358, Adam de Houton (Islep 281) . 

1359, William de Whittlesey (Islep 282). 
1363, John de Bishopston (Islep 300). 

1366, John de Kepiston (Langham 95). 

1367, Robert de Walton (Langham 102). 
1376, Oct. 21, Roger de Sutton (Sudbury 119). 
1376, Oct. 23, Thomas Thebaud (Sudbury 119). 
1378, Thomas de Lynton (Arch. Cant.). 

1387, Adam de Mottram (Courteneye 268). 

1390, John de Godwyck (Courteneye 279). 

1397, Richard Rouhale (Arch. Cant.). 

1403, Nicholas Rysheton (Arundel I. 275) Ex. Test" Su°. 

1413, John Prentys (Arch. Cant.). 

1445, William Biconnyl (Stafford 86). 

1448, William Cleve (Stafford 98). 

1471, William Ullyng (Bourgchier 103). 

1481, Oliver Kyng (Bourgchier 127). 

1509, Walter Green (Warham 335). 


1535, Nicholas Heath (Cranmer 354). 

1549, Edmund Cranmer (Cranmer 406). 

1554, Hugh Weston (Arch. Cant.). 

1556, Edmund Allen (Pole 16). 

1559, Edmund Gheast (Parker 340). 

1572, John Calverley (Arch. Cant.). 

1576, George Rowe (Grindal 513). 

1578, William Wilson (Grindal 524). 

1615, Gervase Knidd (Abbot I. 271). 

1629, Griffith Higgs (Abbott III. 188). 

1645, Samuel Annesley (put in by Parliament). 

1652, Henry Holcroft (Calamy's Life of Baxter). " 

1662, Nathaniel Wylye (Par. Reg.). 

1663, George Stradling (Juxon 149). 
1681, George Greene (Sancroft 423). 

1739, William Nicholas Blomber (Potter 272). 

1750, George Jebb, Gibb, or Jubb (Herring 286). 

1751, Edmund, also given as Edward, Darrell (Herring 298). 
1755, James Harwood (Herring 380). 

1778, John Simpkinson (Cornwallis443). 
1815, Charles Burney (Sutton II. 38). 
1818, James Croft (Sutton II. 46). 
1869, Henry Robert Lloyd. 
1880, Stanley Leathes. 
1889, William Henry Grove. 
1899, Herbert Buchanan Boyd. 

St. Mary Magdalen, Cobham. Cobbeham. 

There was a. Church here at the time of the taking of the 
Domesday record, and it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester, according to Textus Roffensis. It has always been in 
the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and was in the 
Deanery of Rochester till 1846, when it became part of the newly- 
formed Deanery of Cobham. The Patronage was, for some time, 
in the hands of the Abbey of Bermondsey, but it after appears to 
have been in the nomination of Cobham College, and, generally, the 
Master held it from 1390 till 1504. After the Reformation it was 
held by various Patrons, and now is in the hands of the Earl of 
Darnley. The Registers commence 1634. There is a Cup and 
Paten Cover of the date 1634-5. Another Chalice was given by Sir 
Joseph Williamson, also another Paten Cover and a Flagon. There 
are five Bells. The Church, which is chiefly Early English and 
Decorated, is renowned for the great number of splendid Brasses 
which are in excellent preservation. 

Stephen de Hoo. 
1319, Hamo de Norton (Reynolds 22). 

1333, John Stanwygge (Hamo 158). 

1334, Henry de Hope (Hamo 162). 



John Werry. 
1345, Walter de Farnboro (Hamo 220). 
1349, John atte Fen Aylsham (Hamo 243 — See atte Fen). 
1349, June, Henry Warshope (Hamo 243). 
1356, Richard de Wycombe (Sheppey 284). 
1358, Simon de Feringdon (Sheppey 298). 

Richard Rail. 
1368, Edmund de Cranlake Chaplain, called Vicar 1370 on 

resignation of William de Newton (Whittlesea 318). 
William Chuldham. 
1390, William Tanner, after this the Master of the College and 

the •Vicar as well, as these two are the same till (W. 

Bottlesham 10). 
1504, John Hawkeng (Act. Vis. Archid 10). 
1523, William Brawker (Act. Vis. Archid 10). 
1528, Richard Horsfall (Act. Vis. Archid 38). 

1538, Thomas Webster (Ex. Test" Su°). 

1539, Robert Wilcox (Ex. Test" Alice Power). 

1542, John Brittyn (Heath 8). 

1543, Peter Harriss (Heath 8). 

1562, Richard Langhorne (Act. Vis. Archid 3). 
1565, John Eastropp (Act. Vis. Archid 8). 
1587, John Jayne (Act. Vis. Archid 8). 
1589, William Beane (Act. Vis. Archid 24). 
1593, Henry Browne (Act. Vis. Archid 30). 
1603, Thomas Mudd (Act. Vis. Archid). 
1619, David Lloyd (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1630, Matthew Rutton (Laud 306). 

1631, Richard Balam (Bowie 34). 
1660, William Comber (Warner 111). 
1668, Charles Bowles (Dolben 119). 

1671, William Clerke (M.S. penes Episcop Roffen). 

1677, John Priest (Newcourt). 

1710, Richard Spencer (Muniments 39). ' 

1719, Wilham Pemble (Atterbury 42). 

1729, William Painter (Bradford 78). 

1733, Richard Chapman (Wilcocks 97). 

1762, Thomas Derisley (Pearse 199). 

1766, William Porter (Pearse 206). 

1793, James Jones (Horsley 255). Became Vicar as are his 

1814, John Stokes. 
1850, Oliver Matthew Ridley. 
1876, Arthur Hastings Berger. 

Apuldrefield in Cobham. 

There was a. Chapel of this name mentioned in several wills. 
The Chapel was granted in 1391 to the Hospital at Strood, and was 


probably served from there. The following Chaplains, however, 
are found in the episcopal registers. 

1330, John Tydlyngton (Hamo 133). 

1348, Robert Haut de Seymenberg (Hamo 241). 


The Prebends from this had some special revenues from here 
and a governing position in the monastic body of Rochester, and 
afterwards in the Cathedral body. The following have been 
recorded in the episcopal registers. 

John Cad. 
1343, Benedict de Folkestone (Hamo 209). 

1346, Richard, son of Simon of Sutton (Sheppey 230). 

* * * 

1397, James Bere (W. de Bottlesham 101). 

* ♦ * 

1477, Alexander Lye (Tanner MSS. Norwich 1272). 

1491, Richard Nikke (Newcourt). 
1494, John Clerk (Fitzjames 14). 

1501, John Hatten (Fitzjames 14). 

1502, "William Horsley (Fitzjames 39). ' 
Bartholomew Bowsfell (deprived 1556 Griffith 56). 

1556, Richard Forth (Griifith 58) . 

CoBHAM College. 

John de Cobham endowed a College for five Priests, one of 
whom should preside over them. The Churches of Chalk, Horton 
Kirby and Rolvenden, in Kent, and that of East Tilbury, in Essex, 
were in its gift. The Masters appear to have become Vicars of 
Cobham . there are Brasses to many of them in Cobham Church. 

1363, Walter Chuldhum or Shuldham (M.S. penes Dec. & Cap.). 

1390, William Tanner (W. Bottlesham 10). 

1419, John Byrkhede (Chichele I. 100). 

1420, John Gladwyn (Bering MSS.). 
1447, John Gery (Ex. Mon" Su°). 
1458, WilUam Bochier (Lowe 230). 
1458, William Hobson (Lowe 230). 

1473, John Holt, or Hott— see Hott (Ex. Mon° Su"). 
1486, Edward Underwode (Act. Book of Bishop's Court). 

1492, John Sprottle, or Sprotte (Dering MSS. 153). 
1498, John Alan (Fitzjames 23). 

1502, John Baker, perhaps also Barker (Dering MSS.). 
1512, George Crowmer (Newcourt). 

1532, Robert Johnson (Arch. Cant.). , 

1533, John Wildbore (Newcourt). 

1534, John Bayly (Rhym Foed xiv). 


St. James', Cooling. Cuilinga. 

The Church has always been in the Diocese and Archdeaconry 
of Rochester, but from 1846 it has been reckoned to the then 
created Deanery of Gravesend, instead of the old Deanery of 
Rochester. It now forms part of the new Deanery of Clyffe. The 
Church is mentioned in Textus Roffensis as paying 9 denarii to the 
See of Rochester. The Patronage has always been in private 
hands. The Church was nearly wholly rebuilt in the decorated 
period, perhaps at the time of the fortifying of the Castle. There 
are two Squints, and three Sedilia inside and five outside the rails on 
each side. On the north side there seems to be an ancient Norman 
door built up. The decorated Font stands on a centre pedestal 
and four pillars ; it has places for the salt and the candle ; on the 
eastward side it has I.H.S. ; on the others there are panels. There 
is a Piscina with two drain basons, highly ornamented. There 
are two Bells of the seventeeth century. There are some ancient 
Brasses. Outside the Church a group of family bodystones is 
described by Dickens in his " Great Expectations." The Communion 
Plate consists of Chalice and Paten, both dated 1684. The 
Registers commence 1707. Mrs. Shilcock is the present Patron. 

Gervasius (Reg. Roff. 258). 
1307, Richard frater ad Pincerne (Hamo 45). 
1314, James de Cobham (Reynolds 3). 
1317, Reginald de Cobham (Reynolds 21 Hamo 73). 
1321, Adam de Lyndstede (Hamo 81). 
1325, John de Flete (Hamo 128). 
1332, John de Astways (Hamo 153). 
1334, John Scheddon (Hamo 162). 
1361, Reginald de Cobham (Sed. Vac. 304). 
1379, Richard Postel (Sudbury 127). 

1422, John (Langdon 15). 

1427, William Wendystow (Langdon 79). 

1438, William Winchestone (Act. Cur. Consist 1436-1445). 

1445, John Corbygge (Act. Cur. Consist 1445-1463). 

1447, Henry Sudbury (Lowe 26). 

1465, Henry Blowe (Lowe 242). 

1487, John Gainsborow (Newcourt). 

1494, Thomas Marriott (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503). 

1504, Edmund Mugham (Fitzjames 41) . 

1510, William Dobson (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1513, Richard Hewster (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1532, John Byrde (Fisher 164). 

1548, Edward Heydon (Ridley 9). 

1552, Stephen George (Cranmer 134). 

1565, WilUam Darrell (Gheast 95). 

1579, William. Woodward (Yonge 193). 

1589, Thomas Mudd (Twysden MSS.). 

Nathaniel Sparkes, Senr. (Ex. Mop° Su"° Ux'»), 


1642, Nathaniel Sparkes, Junr. (Warner 96). 
1660, William Lord (Warner 103). 
1669, John Lord (Dolben 120). 

1673, Thomas Greenhalgh (Ex. Mandat. Induct.). 

1674, David Griffith (Ex. Mandat. Induct.). 
1674, Richard Slater Ex. Mandat. Induct.). 
1688, Thomas Truelove (Muniments 9). 
1706, Robert Pickering (Muniments 22). 
1733, Edward Robinson (Wilcocks 96). 
1760, Thomas Asherst (Pearse 195). 

1768, Peter Wade (Pearse 212). 

1783, Matthias Rutton (Thomas 236). 

1818, John Simpson Sergrove (King 325). 

1857, No Rector till 1863. 

1863, Thomas Aylesbury Hooper. 

1875, Edward Windsor Sandys-Reed. 

1881, Joseph Monk. 

1888, William Henry Acorne Leaver. 

1898, William Alfred Shilcock. 

St. Mary Magdalene, Cowden. Cudena. 

The earliest mention of a Church here is in the Textus Roffensis 
as to its paying 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It 
was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and Deanery 
of Mailing till 1846, when ,it was transferred to the Diocese of 
Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Deanery of South 
Mailing. It afterwards became part of the Rural Deanery of 
Tonbridge, and in 1905 formed part of that Deanery, and Arch- 
deaconry and the See of Rochester. There is no apparent Norman 
work ; perhaps the early decorated penetrates the old wall and the 
inner arch of the west window. The cusped lancelets and a 
circular window date from about 1300. The Church was greatly 
enlarged in 1837 ; the rood screen was unhappily removed in 1885. 
There are two Piscinse in the north and south walls at the entrance 
to the chancel, and point to two altars having stood there against 
the rood screen. The pulpit is of the date 1623, on it is a stand 
for an hour glass of Sussex iron. The Chalice, with Paten Cover, 
are marked Cowden, in Kent. Another Chalice is inscribed as the 
gift of Richard Knight. The Registers date from 1566. There are 
five Bells, two of which belong to the sixteenth, and two to the 
seventeenth century, the fifth to the eighteenth. The Patronage 
was in the hands of the Staffords till the attainder of the last Duke 
of Buckingham. Afterwards it passed into the hands of the 
Sydneys, and then to various owners. Miss Nunn is the present 
Patron. There is an ancient Brass. 

1322, Henry Bonzi (Pat. Rolls. Edward II. 15). 

1322, Nicholas Colepepper (Hamo 56, 57, 99). 
Hugh Farningham. 

1324, William de Tenham (Hamo 66). 


1328, John de Hetherington (Hamo 127). 

1330, Roger de Keynes (Hamo 133). 

1331, William de Retford (Hamo 145). 

1333, Nov., John de Keylmarsh (Hamo 151). 

1334, Peter Colsweyne (Hamo 161). 

1336, July, Nicholas de Hoghton (Hamo 166). 

1336, Dec., Simon de Keilmarsh (Hamo 168). 

1349, John de Ashbawe (Hamo 249). 

1359, Stephen Randulf (Sheppey 299). 
* * * 

Robert Gennowe (obijt. 1427). 
1427, John Woderton (Langdon 80). 
1439, John Cowper (Wellys 147). 
1448, John Turvey (Lowe 217). 
1456, Robert Draper (Lowe 228). 
1461, Thomas Kelbye (Lowe 235). 

1487, Thomas Bamberry (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503). 
1504, Nicholas Symson (Act. Vis. Archid 7). 
1511, Nicholas Bushawe, or Brussall (Act. Cur. Consist 1511- 

1515, Richard Chapman (Fisher 73). 
1542, John Grene (Heath 213). 
1549, Edward Sayer (Ridley 51). 
1556, Thomas Mounselowe (Archid Vis.). 
1566, Philip Harrison (Gheast 103). 
1598, William Dixon (Yonge 184). . 
1601, Thomas Jackson (Act. Vis. Archid 137). 
1626, John Vale (Buckeridge 210). 
1633, Thomas Aynscombe (Bowie 219). 
1668, Thomas Cockman (Dolben 119). 
1719, William Egerton (Atterbury). 
1732, Edward Harby (Par. Reg.). 
1761, William Lloyd (Par. Reg.). 
1778, John Francis (Par. Reg.). 
1785, Thomas Harvey Senr. (Par. Reg.). 
1835, Thomas Harvey, Junr. (Par. Reg.) 
1878, * 

1880, Richard Abbey Tindall. 
1890, Frederick Martin Burton. 
1896, Charles Edward Graham-Jones. 
1907, Charles Robert Shaw-Stewart. 

Holy Trinity, Cowden, or Markbeech. 

This Church was built through the instrumentality of the Honble. 
John Chetwynd Talbot. It was opened in 1852. There is one 
Bell. The Registers commence in 1852. The Communion Plate 
was given by the Rev. T. Bowdler, and the Alms Dish by Colonel 
the Honble, Sir W. P. Talbot, The other ornaments of the 


Church and the Stained Glass Windows by the Talbot family and 
their friends, who are the Patrons. 

1852, Robert Shapland Hunt. 
1904, William Starey. 

St. Paulinus, Crayford, or Earde. 

There was a Church here in the time of Domesday which paid 
9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It was in the Arch- 
deaconry and Bishopric of Rochester, and, as a peculiar of the 
Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, 
when it was transferred to the' Archbishopric of Canterbury, the 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and the Deanery of East Dartford ; 
in 1905 it became part of the Bishopric and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of East Dartford. It now belongs to the 
Dartford Deanery. The outer walls, north and south, show the 
Norman Church, The Nave is about 1150. The Tower is of the 
decorated period, as are also the Piscina and triple Sedilia. The 
nave is divided by an arcade running down the centre and termin- 
ating at the point of the chancel arch. There is a doorway in the 
outer wall of the north aisle. There are eight Bells, hung in 1876 
in lieu of five older ones. The Chalice is dated 1634-5 ; the 
Flagon 1637-8. Two Patens are inscribed as the gifts of Madam 
Shorte, 1740. There are handsome monuments to Mrs. Marlar, 
William Draper and his wife, Robert Mansell, and one to Dame 
Elizabeth Shovel, wife of the famous Admiral, also in the church- 
yard is a witty one to Peter Izod, the Parish Clerk. The Registers 
commence at the beginning of Queen Elizabeth's reign, and the 
early ones are written in Latin. Entries of important persons are 
very profuse. The Patronage has always been in private hands. 
The Bishop is now Patron. 

1291, Edmund de Boningas (Peckham 41). 
1318, John de HaverhuUe (Reynolds 23). 
1323, Thomas de Dertford (Reynolds 152). 

John de Borleye. 
1354, John de fBisco (Islep 267). 
1357, John de Wynchecombe (Islep 280). 

1360, William Wynne (Islep 285). 

1361, Peter de Mundeford (Islep 288). 
1382, Andrew Yonge (Courteneye 248). 
1387, Nicholas Haddely (Courteneye 268). 

1390, May, Walter de Donewich (Courteneye 275). 
1390, Nov., Michael Slade de Walden (Courteneye 277). 
1392, Robert Levycoke (Courteneye addit 207). 

John Walden. 
1395, William Bolton (Courteneye addit 223). 
1409, John de CUderowe (Arundel II. 56). 
1430, Henry Penwortham (Chichele I. 185). 

John Lindefield. 


1440, John Knight (Chichele I. 226). 
1444, Richard Selby (Stafford 79). 
1447, Thomas Eschdale (Stafford 96). 
1450, Edward Poyninges (Stafford 108). 

William Fitzherbert. 
1514, Thomas Welles (Warham 354). 
1524, Richard Parkherst (Warham 382). 

Roger Harman. 
1551, William Barker (Cranmer 418). 
1579, John Pratt (Grindal 267). 
1582, John Woodfall (Grindal 289). 
1590, Triamor Goodharde (Whitgift I. 437). 
1599, Thomas Blayne (Whitgift III. 255). 
1611, James Parker (Abbot 391). 
1627, Robert Newman (Ex Test° Su°). 
1527, Thomas Vane (Par. Reg.) Kentish Petition. 
1643, Edward Maye (Par. Reg.). 

1648, Thomas Thorowgoode (Parliamentary Surveys). 
1650, David Clarkson (Parliamentary Surveys). 
1656, Thomas Depoy (Parliamentary Surveys). 
1660, John Yotes (Juxon.). 
1702, Gilbert Crockatt (Tennison 213). 
1708, Richard Collins (Tennison II. 206). 
1738, Philip Twysden (Potter 267). 
1744, John Fermor (Potter 290). 
1753, James Pipe (Herring 297J. 
1758, Philip Walter (Seeker 296). 
1806, John Austen (Sutton II. 9). 
1813, Arthur Onslow (Sutton II. 35). 
1851, Henry Moreland Austen. 
1874, Benjamin Frederick Smith. 
1888, John Price Alcock. 
1908, Gustavus John Jones. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Cudham. Codeham, 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, which, according 
to Textus Roffensis, paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester. It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, 
and the Deanery of Dartford till 1846, when it was transferred to 
the See of Canterbury, the Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Rural 
Deanery of West Dartford. In 1905 it returned to the Diocese 
and Archdeaconry of Rochester, but remained in the same Deanery, 
and now forms part of the new Deanery of Beckenham. The 
Church was rebuilt in 1893, and outside little that is old remains 
except one window low down. Inside there are the remains of a 
squint, a piscina, and certain windows, and an ancient altar tomb 
on the south side. There are two ancient bells. The Registers 
commence 1654. The Patronage was in the hands of the Convent 


of Kilburn till the Reformation, when it passed into the hands of 
various private individuals. The present Patron is S. Copestake, 

1327, William de Olney (Hamo 78). 
1329, Ralph atte Donne (Hamo 153). 

1333. Johnson, son of Simon de Brihtric (Hamo 154). 
1349, Adam de Wome (Hamo 179). 
1349, William de Norborough (Hamo 248). 
1356, Richard de Wycombe (Sheppey 284). 
1359, Simon de Feryndon (Sheppey 298). 
1361, John Aleyn (Whittlesey 315). 
1364, Ralph de Alesby (Trilleck 321). 
1371, Robert Bernewell (Trilleck 350). 

Henry Midhurst. 
1390, William Ayleston (W. Bottlesham 2). 
1396, Hugh Meyherst (W. Bottlesham 85). 
1398, John Bette (W. Bottlesham 133). 
1406, July, Thomas Clarke (J. Bottlesham 191). 
1406, Oct., William Quenynburgh (J. Bottlesham 191). 

Walter NichoU. 

1418, John Dalby (Yonge 5). 

1419, Thomas Rattford (Chichele 136). 
1422, Robert WilHams (Langdon 16). 
1422, William Newman. 

1422, John Wellys (Langdon 26). 
1433, John Salmon (Langdon 97). 
1447, Thomas Hewe (Lowe 212). 
1451, William Coo or Combe (Lowe 221). 
1453, William Swanwyck (Lowe 225). 
1458, Ralph Wade (Lowe 231). 

1462, William Pante (Lowe 237). 

1463, Richard Upton (Lowe 238). 

1498, Arnold Baxter (Ex. Test" Su° and Ex. Test" Rob Causter). 
1525, Christopher Thompson (Fisher 132). 

1562, Edward Leighton (Act. Vis. Archid. 9). 

1563, George Hervie (Gheast 102). 
1569, John Marlowe (Act. Vis. Archid.). 
.1589, David Lloyd (Whitgift I. 250). 

1617, James Allen (Ex. Westerham Register). 

1627, Hugh Maurice (Newcourt). 

1654, Robert Casingherst (MS. penes Roff. Episcop.). 

1665, Gregory Wheelock (MS. penes Roff. Episcop). 

1709, Thomas Walwyn (Muniments 38). 

1746, Charles Whitehead (Wilcocks 52). 

1780, John Ward Allen (Thomas 231). 

1802, John Pratt (Dampier 271). 

1803, Samuel Ayscough (Dampier 278). 

1804, Thomas Maurice (Dampier 280). 


1824, James Milner (King II. 3). 
1830, Henry Sampson (Murray 36). 
1875, Henry Liftwick Freer). 
1894. Nigel James Freer. 
1898, Harold Augustus Curteis. 

St. Michael's, Cuxton, or Cocklestane. Cuclestona. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 9 
denarii to the See of Rochester. It has always been in the 
Bishopric, Archdeaconry, and Deanery of Rochester, and in the 
gift of its Bishop. There is much old Norman work left in the 
Church. There is an ancient chest in the vestry. The Church is 
not built quite straight, and this, or the fact that the high altar was 
done away with, and the one in St. Mary's Chapel, which was 
round a corner, being used, gave rise to the saying ; 

He that would go to a Church miswent, 
Let him go to Cuxton in Kent. 

There are five modern Bells, which replace two ancient ones. 
The Cup and Paten Cover are of the date 1618. A silver Paten in 
memory of Charles Colson, 1901 ; a plated Flagon, dated 1895. 
with a pewter Paten and Flagon form the rest of the Church Plate, 
The Registers date from 1700. The monuments to the Marshams, 
Lady Harley, and John Bodill are noticeable. 

1185, Thomas (Hamo 8). 
1267, Walter (Hamo 22). 
1295, Wilham de Hadlo (Hamo 9). 

William de Twidale. 
1324, Hugh de Fernham (Hamo 62). 
1327, Robert Digge (Hamo 65). 
1333, Robert Secheforde (Hamo 154). 
1341, Robert Windisseh (Hamo 196). 
1349, Thomas Eadman (Hamo 241). 
1349, Robert Wrondyscher (Hamo 241). 

John Barelock. 
1363, John Reynard (Whittlesey). 
1385, William Cranewell (De Brinton 75). 
1392, John Erpingham (W. de Bottlesham 17). 
1399, Richard Hannasch (W. de Bottlesham 131). 
1404, Walter Aylesford (Arundel 298). 

Walter George. 
1422, Nicholas Baron (Langdon 22). 
1425, Thomas Towe (Doc penes D. and C. Roff.). 

1425, John Wyborough or Worghope (Chichele 11. 157), 

(Langdon 70). 

1426, Thomas Richard Selby (Langdon 74). 

1427, Thomas Barry (Langdon 76). 
Alfred Upte. 


1448, Richard Seye (Lowe 203). 

1449, John Arnold (Lowe 220). 
1453, John Whitmore (Lowe 223). 

1471, Edward Palter (Act. Cur. Consist. 1471-1503). 

1479, WilHam Carpenter (Act. Cur. Consist. 1471-1503). 

1483, Gilbert Croke (Savage 2). 

1493, Henry Farley (Savage 3). 

1495, William Barker (Savage 6). 

1522, John Bodyll or Buttyll (Fisher 108). 

1568, John Buttle (Parker II. 84). 

1576, Richard Carter (Piers 154). 

1589, Walter Hayte, Halt, or Heath (Yonge 184— See Halt). 

1610, William Laud (Neale 209). 

1611, Magister Cecille (Act. Vis. Archid. 1611-1620). 
1614, Richard Tillesley (Vis. Episcop. 14). 

1624. EUzeus Burgess (Thorpe MSS., Twisden MSS.). 

1640, John Robinson (Warner 25). 

1651, William Pett (Par. Reg.). 

1660, John Robinson again (Warner 102). 

1674, John Cooke (Par. Reg.). 

1677, Jacobus Lees (Par. Reg.) (e libro penes R. de Cuxton). 

1579, Robert Bay ley (Par. Reg.). 

1688, Tobias Swindon (Muniments 3). 

1719, Caleb Perfect (Atterbury 43). 

1770, Charles Moore (Pearse 215). 

1811, Richard Henry Chapman (King 301). 

1831, Robert William Shaw. 

1874, Charles Colson. 

1901, John Toone. 

St. Margaret's, Darenth. Derent. 

There was a Church here in the Domesday time, and it paid 9 
denarii to the See of Rochester. It was in the Bishopric and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Shoreham as a peculiar 
of the Archbishop till 1846, when it became part of the Rural 
Deanery of Gravesend. There appears to have been a Saxon 
Church with Chancel and Nave. There is some Saxon work, as 
the double splayed window with semi-circular arch of Roman 
tiles testify, and the remains of a door. To the Saxon Church 
was added a Norman one, with an extended Chancel, a south 
Chapel, Nave, and south Aisle. The Norman Font, which has some 
grotesque figures, is very interesting. The Church was greatly 
altered in the 15th century. There are three Bells. There is a 
Flagon, the gift of Edward Davenport, 1682, and also an Alms 
Dish by the same donor, besides the Chalice and Paten. The 
Register dates from 1678. The Patronage was with the Priory of 
Rochester, till at the Reformation it passed to the Chapter. 

1197. Nicholas (Reg. Roff. 272). 


1292, Elyas (Reg. Roff. 272). 

William atte Halle. 
1354, John de Riparia (Islep 267). 
1355-6, February, Roger de Shardelowe (Islep 268). 
1356, June, Hugh Rodlond (Islep 272). 
1358, John Longon (Islep 280). 
1360, Richard Bokeley (Islep 284). 

1404, Thomas Forster (Arundel I. 301). 

1405, John Humfrey (Arundel I. 304). 
1407, John Langford (Arundel I. 318). 

David Sparke. 
1419, John Snetman (Chichele I. 92). 

1424, Allen LoUes (Chichele I. 152). 

1425, John Fitzjohn (Chichele I. 158). 
1428, William Upton (Chichele I. 174). 
1433, William atte Wells (Chichele I. 201). 

William Claneburgh. 
1454, John Strobogge (Bourgchier 59). 
1470, John Smyth (Bourgchier 103). 

1472. Roger Wyllymys (Bourgchier 106). 

1473, Ralph ffisher (Bourgchier 108). 
1475, Thomas Donald (Bourgchier 110). 
1507, Gerarde Matthewe (Warham 330). 
1511, Richard Stable, or Staple (Warham 335). 
1526, Oliver Rudde (Warham 345). 

1540, John Carre (Cranmer 376). 
1557, John Calverley, or Coverley (Pole 75). 
1561, Richard Fanne (Parker I, 351). 
1573, Alexander Ready (Parker II. 90). 
1584, William Wythers (Grindal 563). 
1595, William Baker (Whitgift 331). 
1605, Richard Buckley (Bancroft 272). 
1608, John Bassingthwaite (Bancroft 285). 
1627, Robert Warburton (Abbott II. 351). 
1643, John Larkin (put in by Parliament). 
1645. John Cacott (put in by Parliament). 
1661, John Davis (Par. Reg.). 
1669, John Chadwick (Sheldon 320). 
1685, Richard Taylor (Sancroft 412). 
1712, Robert Hodges (Tennison 217). 
1714, John Taylor (Par. Reg.). 

1758, Thomas Thompson (Seeker 292). 

1759, Thomas Frank (Seeker 295). 
1767, Samuel Denne (Seeker 331). 
1799, Henry Thomas Jones (Moore 557). 

1801, May 3. William Bagshaw Harrison (Moore 561). 
1801, Nov. 1, John Willis (Moore 562). 
1813, Edward Winthrop (Sutton II. 33). 
1823, John Eveleigh (Sutton II. 63). 


1863, Robert Patch Coates. 
1883, Henry Bingham Stevens. 

Dartford Priory. 

The. Priory was founded by Edward III., and was dedicated to 
St. Mary and St. Margaret for nuns of the Order of St. Augustine. 

The Priory was dissolved 1539. 
The Prioresses we have found are mentioned below. 

1371, Maud or Matilda (Cart. Edward III. 1371). 

Joanna Scrope (Weever 385). 
1446, Margaret de Beaumonte (Lowe 208). 
1465, Alicia Brundescheat (Lowe 235). 
1487, Elizabeth Ashpenar. called Cressmer, 49 years Prioress, 

Pap. Henry VIII (Act. Cur. Consist. 1529-1535). 
1536, Johanna Fane (Willis Mitred Abbots). 

Holy Trinity, Dartford. Derteforde. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, which paid 9 
denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The Church was in 
the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of 
Dartford, and also in the presentation of the Bishop of Rochester 
till 1846, when it was transferred to the Archbishopric of 
Canterbury and the Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Deanery of 
East Dartford. In 1905 it was restored to the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester, as was also the Patronage to the 
Bishop, though during the period from 1845-1905 it had been with 
the Bishop of Worcester. It now has again become the head of a 
Dartford Deanery. The Tower of this Church in its lower stages 
is Norman, another stage was added in the fifteenth century. The 
north Chancel seems to have been erected in the Early English 
period, and the Chapel of St. Thomas a Becket being here seems 
to go to prove this. The south Aisle was finished in the beginning 
of the fourteenth century ; in it there is a fresco of St. George 
killing the dragon. There is a room overlooking the Darenth 
above the porch which had a window from which the ford could 
be seen, and here it is supposed the Chaplain of Stampet Chantry 
stood and prayed for the safe passage of travellers. There are 
eight Bells, six of which were hung in 1702, a seventh in 1773, and 
the other in 1882. There are two Flagons of the seventeenth 
century, one of them dated. Two Chalices presented in 1734, and 
enlarged in 1750, pursuant to the will of the late Vicar, Revd. Chas. 
Chambers. Two small Patens of the same date and a silver Alms 
Dish, the gift of Jos. Allen, 1749. The Registers commence 1559 
and 1565 ; in them the plague is often mentioned. A curious entry 
is "A mare of John Shrivell was buried the 25th of June, 1642," 
perhaps a ribald jest at the Church ; there are some curious Latin 
entries, one where John Powle, the same name as the Vicar, is 
called faber murarius (was he an architect or a bricklayer ?). 


1200, Adam (Reg. Roff. 506). 
1213, Peter de Rupibus (Hasted). 

Thomas Chewre Reg. Temp. Episcop. Roff. 77). 
1249, Lawrence de St. Martin (Hasted). 
1274, Ralph de Wingham (Arch. Cant. XVIII., 393). 
1278, Roger, nephew of Walter Merton (Reg. Roff. 2). 
1293, Robert (Arch. Cant. XVIII., 393). 
1299, Walter (Autograph penes D. et C. Roffen). 
1308, Robert Leve (Autograph penes D. et C. Roffen). 
1315, Walter (Reg. Spiritual Ep. RofBn). 
1324, Thomas atte Stampette or Stonepette (Hamo 61). 

1348, John Stone (Hamo 241). 

1349, Thomas Hammergold de Secheford (Hamo 243). 
1361, Ralph Terryl (Sed. Vac. 304). 

1385, William Page. 

1390, Robert Grape (W. Bottlesham 4). 

1400, William Dunstable (Ex. Test" Su°). 

1404, Thomas Havercroft (Arundel 299). 

1426, John Worghope, or Wyborough (Newcourt). 

1428, Andrew Sonders (Langdon 83). 

1430, John Smyth (Langdon 91). 

1431, John Warrene (Langdon 93). 

1438, John Creeke (Wellys 163). 

1439, Richard Wall (Newcourt). 
1442, John Hornley (Wellys 164). 

1477, John Harries, alias Gurnes (Savage Reg.). 

1501, Edward Barnarde (Fitzjames 27). 

1515, John Rogers (Fisher 73). 

1527, Thomas Wadelaff or Wadesuff (Lib. Tax. 73). 

1533, John Bruer (Arch. Cant. XVIII, 395). 

1534, John Bartlett (Fisher 136). 
1536, William Mote (Lib. Tax. 112). 
1543, Ralph (Ex. Test° Sissily Frende). 
1545, May, John Johnson (Holbeach 26). 

1545, Feb., John Pyzaunt (Holbeach 33). 

1546, Jan., James Goldwell (Holbeach 43). 

1547, Richard Turner (Griffith 58). 

1556, Edmund Browne (Vac. Sed. Cantuar 55). 

1559, Nicholas Aspinall (Vac. Sed. Cantuar 56). 

1559, Richard Turner, reinstated (Gheast 83). 

1565, John Appelbie (Gheast 103). 

1575, Richard Jackson (Freake 139). 

1575, John Browne (Custum Roff, p. 38). 

1602-3, Richard Wallis (Vis. Episcop. 1611-1620). 

1632, Robert Mercer (Bowie 206). 

1634, John Denne — White's Scandalous Ministers (Bowie 215). 

1644, Vavasour Powell (Neale's History). 

1546, Simon Rumney (Parliamentary Letters). 

1650, Roger Charnock (put in by Parliament). 


1655, Robert Powell (put in by Parliament). 

1657, John Powle — made the Declaration (Par. Reg.). 

1689, Thomas Price (Par. Reg.). 

1718, Charles Chambers (Atterbury 37). 

1746, John Lewis (Wilcocks 146). 

1755, James Harwood (Herring 308). 

1778, John Currey (Thomas 229). 

1825, Walker King (Act. II., King 6). 

1826, George Heberden (Act. II., King 11). 
1830, Edward Murray. 

1830, Francis Bazett Grant. 
1845, Clotworthy Gilmore. 
1857, George John Blomfield. 
1868, Henry Bond Bowlby 
1875, Frederick Spencer Dale. 
1887, Alan Hunter Watts. 
1893, Percy Edward Smith. 

Chantry of St. Mary, Stampett. 

The position of this Chantry we have mentioned. It was founded 
by Thomas, Vicar of Dartford, in honour of the Blessed Virgin 
Mary, Mother of God, 1338, on the Festival of St. George the 
Martyr, and may account for the fresco in the Church. 

1338, Ralph de Felthorp (Hamo 173). 

1348, Thomas, Master de East Barham (Hamo 248). 

1349, May, Thomas Gurnay (Hamo 249). 
1349, July, Henry Primologia; (Hamo 249). 
1359, William Danbourn (Sheppey 297). 

1367, Roger Golden (Langham 103) (Trilleck 302). 

John Staunden. 
1396, William Cowper (W. Bottlesham 89). 
1400, John Drewe (j. Bottlesham 150). 
1403, Thomas Gybbes (J. Bottlesham 184), 
1421, John Arneye (Mandat. Offic. Episcop.). 

1424, Thomas Markant (Chichele I., 153) (Langdon 28). 

1425, John Burford (Langdon 69). 
1433, John Blore (Langdon 97). 
1442, John Martin (Langdon 211). 
1448, John Sherborne (Lowe 216). 

r458, John Elmesall (Ex. TesfRic. Hogge). 
John Newman. 

1493, Thomas Vernon (Savage 6). 
John Cokke. 

1494, Simon Aleyn (Savage 15). 

1497, Thomas Worsley (Ex. Test" Ric. Clements). 

1499, William Gawyne (Fitzjames 23). 

1504, William Cook or Cok (Ex. Test" William Ladd). 


1512, Thomas Peltone (Fisher 61). 
1517, Robert Johnson (Fisher 81). 
1535, William Halle (Fisher 184). 
1537, John Stace (Hilsey 195). 
1540, Robert Bacon (Hilsey 202). 

St. Alban's, Dartford. 

This Church was enlarged and Consecrated in 1902. There are 
d. Chalice and Paten of silver, given in memory of William, Emily, 
and Ada Miskin ; a silver Paten in memory of Hilda Stanley, also 
a silver mounted Flagon and Cruet. The flegisters date from 1903. 
The Vicar of Dartford is Patron. 

1903, John Brand. 

1907, Frederick Winning Hassard-Short. 

Christ Church, Dartford. 
This Church was built in 1909. There are a Chalice and Paten of 
silver. Registers date from 1910. The Vicar of Dartford is Patron. 
1910, Frank Vidler Baker. 

Chapel of St. Edmund, King and Martyr, Dartford. 

This Chapel stood in a burial ground on a hill to the east of the 
town. It was probably built in the thirteenth century, as it is not 
mentioned in Textus Roffensis, but its Chaplains begin in 1326. It 
would appear from wills that it was falling into decay about 1520- 
1530 ; it is not mentioned in Valor Ecclesiasticus, and was said to be in 
ruins 1496. It was in the gift of the Abbess and Convent of Dartford. 

1326, Ralph Feldthorp (Hamo73). 

1332, John Squier (Hamo 136). 

1338, Ralph de Feldthorp again (Hamo 150). 

1348, John de Stone (Hamo 241). 

1349, Ehas Stapleton (Hamo 244). 

1358, John Pistor de Hadleigh (Sheppey 291). 

1361, Ralph Gentil (Sheppey 304). 

1361, Ralph Kytele (Sheppey 304). 

1371, Richard Wylme (Trilleck 349). 

1399, John Symonds (W. de Bottleshara 142). 

1422, John Blere (Langdon 28). 

1432, John Derby (Langdon 95). 

1444, Henry Lessingham (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1448). 

1446, Wilham Raeson (Lowe 205). 

1446, William Crowland. 

1446, Thomas Worship (Lowe 208). 

1456, Thomas Yngledew (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1463, John Wellys (Lowe 238). 

1475, Laurence Wallans (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503) 

1504, William Cooke (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1513, Nicholas Hall (Act. Cur. Consist 1513-1518) 

1523, William Wiggen (Lib. Tax. 1523). 

1524, William Smyth (Lib, Tax. 49). 


1527, Robert Johnson (Lib. Tax. 34). 
1533, Robert Burt (Lib. Tax. 102-112). 

Medieval Rural Deans of Dartford. 
1242, Osbertus (Hamo 27). 
1274, William (Hamo 21). 
1348, John de Stone (Hamo 277). 
1391, John Offewell (W. Bottlesham 25). 
1401, Robert Brunne (J. Bottlesham 160). 

1401, John Bette (J. Bottlesham 160). 

1402, Nicholas Adam (J. Bottlesham 168). 

1403, Wilham Howet (J. Bottlesham 182). 

1404, John Mason (J. Bottlesham 186). 

1404, Thomas Talbot (J. Bottlesham 186). 

1405, Robert Warreys (J. Bottlesham 189). 
1427, John Craddock (Langdon 85). 

1436, Nicholas Styward (Wellys 148). 
1438, John Manning (Wellys 157). 

1444, John Salmon (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 
1448, John Ewer (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 
1450, John Brenau (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1458). 
1454, JohnSone (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1456, John Marshall (Ex. Test° John Maykin). 

1457, Wilham Malham (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468)— see Danyell 
1460, Hugh Percy (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1460, Alan Porter (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1461, Henry Werkeworth (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1464, Richard Upton (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1465, John Goldsmith (Act. Cur. Consist. 1444-1468). 
1467, Robert Heyward (Act. Cur. Consist. 1444-1468). 

1471, William Whiteley (Act. Cur. Consist., Lib. IV., Test" 38). 
1499, William Wilhamson (Act. Cur. Consist. 1471-1503). 
1512, Ralph Smaller (Act, Cur. Consist. 1503-1513). 

St. Mary's, Denton. Denituna. 
There was a Church here at the time of Domesday, which 
according to Textus Roffensis paid 9 denarii to the See of Rochester. 
It was about a mile from Milton-next-Gravesend. Hasted mentions 
a Chancel and Bell Tower, but there was long only two walls 
standing, till the late Mr. Arnold rebuilt it about 1900. It was in 
the gift of the Bishop. 

William Wendystow. 
1427, John Cooling (Denne MSS.). 

1437, John Grigg (Act. Cur. Consist. 1436-1444). 
1452, Thomas Kynge (Ex. Test" Thomas Spicer). 

1487, Thomas Danet (Denne MSS., Ex. Test" Thomas Bayling). 
1512, Thomas Nusame (Act. Vis. Archid, Roch. 56). 
. 1523, John Wylbor (Act. Vis. Archid. 71). 
1533, George Richardson (Lib. Tax. 101). 
1536, John Staee (Act, Cur, Const.). 


St. Nicholas, Deptford, formerly called West Grenewich, 

The Church is mentioned as paying 9 denarii chrism to the See 
of Rochester, The Parish was in the Diocese of Rochester and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Dartford till 1846 ; it 
became part of the Diocese of London at that time, but in 1867 it 
went back to Rochester. In 1877 it was placed in the Archdeaconry 
of Southwark, and in 1905 it became part of the Deanery of 
Greenwich, Archdeaconry of Lewisham, and Bishopric of Southwark. 
The Church has no old work about it except the Tower, but the 
curious skulls at the entrance of the Churchyard deserve notice. 
At the back of the Altar rises a high oak Reredos, in the centre of 
which are the ten commandments, and on one side of them a large 
figure of Moses, and on the other one of Aaron ; on the top are two 
wooden candlesticks and the Royal Arms ; there is also a carved 
oak Pulpit ; much of the carved work is ascribed to Grinling 
Gibbons. The living was in the gift of thp Abbey of Beyham. At 
the dissolution of that Abbey it was given by Henry VIII. to 
Cardinal Wolsey for his new college, but on his attainder it reverted 
to the Crown, with which it continued till the time of George I., 
when it came into the hands of the Wickhams and Drakes. The 
Bells are eight modern ones. There are a modern plated Flagon, 
Chalice, and Paten to replace the old ones which were stolen, also 
an Alms Dish, and besides there is a silver Font bequeathed to the 
Parish by Mr. Thos. Commins in 1847. The Registers date from 
1553, and are fairly well kept. Amongst other entries two deserve 
notice, the first is: "William Hawkins, Esqre., was buried the 
ninth of October, 1589," against this is written " he was Captain of 
a ship against the Armada." The second is a.d. 1598 : " Christopher 
Marlowe slaine by Francis Frazer ye 1 of June." This is the 
record of the death of the playwriter Marlowe, who was killed 
in a brawl in the street of Deptford, The present Patron is 
T. T. Drake, Esq. 

Roger de Fairstead. 
1321, Guido de Ewar (Hamo 54). 
1339, John Willard (Hamo 174). 
1348, Robert Bokking (Hamo 214). 

1355, Simon de Tonebregge (28 Edward III., 10 10 Fines). 
1358, Thomas Drapier (Sheppey 298). 
1350, Thomas de la Chambre (Sheppey 302). 

Adam Calmar. 
1361, Patricius de Exetre (Sheppey 305). 
1353, Robert Snypstone (Whittlesey 311). 
1389, John Leute (Courtenay 359). 

1391, May Stephen Cartwrighte (W. Bottlesham 13). 
1391-2, Mar., John Offewell (W. Bottlesham 25). 

1392, John Malefors (W. Bottlesham 30). 
1395, Thomas Wyche (W. Bottlesham 49). 
1422, Thomas Wellys (Langdon 20). 


1423. Richard Wyche (Langdon 66). 

1437, John Gryce (Act. Cur. Consist. 1436-1443). 

1438, Thomas Nunton (Wellys 159). 

1444, WilHam Rees (Act. Cur. Consist. 1443-1468). 

1445, Prater John Hawkeston (Lowe 204). 
1454, Thomas Hylton (Lowe 222). 

1462, John May (Act. Cur. Consist. 1443-1468). 
1500, Richard Power (Ex. Testis Variis). 
1500, John Alan or Allen (Newcourt). 
1500, Hugh Saunders (Pitzjames 33). 
1503, Richard Goldesboro (Pitzjames 39). 
1516, John Turner (Pisher 75). 
1523, George Brinley (Pisher 110). 
1532, Christopher Nelson (Pisher 164). 
1547, Robert Thompson (Ridley 47). 
1554, John Angell (Griffith 57). 

1560, Robert Thompson, re-instituted (Gheast). 

1561, Robert Poster (Rym. Feed. XV., 168). 

1562, Nicholas Crane (Gheast 102). 

1566, Thomas Walker (Lansdowne MSS. 43, 149). 

1570, Thomas Macander (Lansdowne MSS. 43, 172). 

1596-7, Samuel Page (Thorpe MSB.). 

1630, Robert Mercer (Rym. Peed. XIX,, 260). 

1630, Henry Valentine (Rym. Peed. XIX., 264). 

1643, Thomas Mallory (Warner 97). 

1660, Robert Littler (Lee 250). 

1662, Robert Breton (Ex. Autograph in Archivis Archid). 

1672, Richard Holden (Newcourt). 

1702, George Stanhope (Muniments 13). 

1728, William Norton (Bradford 73). 

1731, John Coxed (Wilcocks (84). 

1735, Isaac Coleman (Wilcocks 84), 

1738, Thomas Anguish (Wilcocks 107). 

1763, William Worcester Wilson (Pearce 25). 

1792, John Drake (Thomas 253). 

1826, George Tyrwhitt Drake (Act. II., King 13). 

1836, John Drake (Murray 75). 

1837, Alexander Everingham Sketchley (Murray 77). 
1875, John Robert Gregg. 

1882, Joseph Marychurch Vaughan. 
1906, Arthur Hart. 

St. Mark's, New Cross. 

This Church was opened in 1883. The Bell is of the same date 
as the Church. There is a plated Plagou, Chalice and Paten. 
The Registers date from 1883. The Patron was the Bishop of 
Rochester, and now is the Bishop of Southwark, 

1883. William Stone. 

82 the becoeds of eochestbe. 

St. Peter's, Brockley. 

The foundation stone of this Church was laid in 1856, and it was 
opened in 1867, hut the tower was built 1891. There are four 
Bells. The Baptismal Register dates from 1867, and the Marriage 
one from 1872. A silver Communion Service of a Flagon, two 
Chalices, and three Patens, was given by Mr. Vezey. The Bishop 
of Rochester was the Patron but now the Bishop of Southwark. 

1867, Joseph McCormick. 
1875, John Cordeux Wetherell. 
1885, Jonathan Holt Titcomb. 
1887, Charles Henry Grundy. 

All Saints', Hatcham Park. 

This Church was built in 1872. It has a modern Bell. The 
Registers date from 1872. There are two Patens (one in memory 
of Matilda Rose, 1899), two Chalices, and a Flagon, all of silver, 
and a brass Alms Dish. The Patrons are Trustees and the 
Haberdashers Company alternately. 

1872, Edward Wynne. 
1885, William Launcelot Holland. 
1891, John Bowstead Mylius. 
1894, Ernest Scott Fardell. 
1896, Douglas Alner Townend. 

St. James', Hatcham. 

The Church was built in 1851. It has a modern Bell. There 
are five silver Chalices, three silver Patens (one given by Francis 
Thomas Talbot, in memory of his daughter Clara, 1903), and a 
Flagon of silver, brass Alms Dish, and six brass Alms Plates, and 
an oak one. The Baptismal Register commences 1845. The 
Marriage one, 1854. The Patrons are Trustees. 

1851, Augustus Kerr Bozzi-Granville. 

1858, Arthur Tooth. 

1879, Henry Aston Walker. 

1885, Sydney Augustus Selwyn. 

1891, William Henry Stone. 

1896, Edmund John Kennedy. 

1901, George Arthur Sowter. 

St. Catharine's, Hatcham. 

This Church was built in 1894, from which time the Register 
dates. There is a silver Communion Service of Chalice, Paten, 
Flagon, and Credence Paten. There are also an Alms Dish of 
brass and copper presented by Francis Henry Roberts in memory 
of his wife " Lizzie . " Another silver Chalice set with three light 


and three dark Cairngorm crystals, with a figure of our Lord on 
the Cross, which is breaking out into leaves, branches, tendrils, 
and fruits. There are smaller Cairngorms round the base, also 
a Paten, both these are hand-worked. There are also a brass 
Font Ewer given by the Revd. Howard J. H. Truscott, and a 
processional brass Cross presented by Mr. and Mrs. Freeman, in 
memory of their son and daughter. The Patrons are the 
Haberdashers Company. 

1894, Howard John Henry Truscott. 

St. Paul's, Deptford. 

The Church was built as it would appear by some pupil of Sir 
Christopher Wren, or after his design, and consecrated in 1730, but 
not made a separate parish till 1731. At the end of each gallery is a 
room, four altogether. There is a fine old Chair, probably taken 
from some Abbey and presented to the Church. The fine oak 
carving, especially that of the pulpit, is noticeable. There are 
three Bells, the oldest 1772 the others 1823 and 1825. The Church 
was repaired and decorated 1883. The Patronage of the living was 
originally in the hands of the Crown, but in 1775 John Thornton 
became Patron, and from him it passed to the Drake family, 
and thence to the Bishop. The Communion Plate consists of a 
large Flagon, two Chalices, and two Patens, and embossed Alms 
Dish (given to replace the plate that was stolen in 1857), from the 
subscriptions of friends. There are also six silver Plates, and a 
silver Mace with a figure of St. Paul, dated 1764. and inscribed with 
the names of various Rectors and Churchwardens. The Registers 
date from 1730. The present Patron is the Bishop. 

1730, William Norton (e Par. Reg.). 

1731, James Bate (Wake II., 213). 
1775, Richard Conyers (Thomas 224). 
1786, John Eaton (Thomas 224). 

1807, John Drake (Dampier 285). 

1808, Richar Farrer (Dampier 288). 

1809, Henry Furrier (King 290). 
1811, Charles Burney (King 299). 
1819, May, Ceorge Cookson (King 325). 

1819, Aug., Thomas William McGuire (King 328). 

1834, Benjamin Sanderson ffinch (Murray 54). 

1874, Frank Owen. 

1881, Henry George Cundy. 

1896, John Hodson. 

1906, Gerald Ximenes Harcourt. 

1909, Richard Polgreen Roseveare. 

St. John's, Lewisham Road, Deptford. 
This Church was built in 1855. The Bells are a Peal made in 
1874. The Registers date from 1855. There are a silver Flagon, 
presented by Mrs. Alien Price, with two Chalices and a Paten ; 


also a Chalice presented in 1865 by the Congregation ; also a 
Paten presented by Mr. and Mrs. Eves, 1865, and a Chalice 
presented by Mr. Funzel, 1904. It has always been in private 
Patronage. The present Patron is the Rev. F. G. Wlaidborne. 

1855, Charles Forbes Septimus Money. 
1883, John Astbury Aston. 
1885, Evelyn Joseph Hone. 
1895, Robert William Atkinson. 
1907, William Frederick Jepson. 

Christchurch, Deptford. 

This Church was built in 1864. It has a modern Bell. The 
Registers date from 1871. The Church was built mainly through 
the means of Rev. J. P. Courtenay. There are four Chalices, two 
Patens and a Flagon of plate, and no Alms Dish. The Patrons 
are Trustees. 

1865, John Polkingham Courtenay. 

1883, Robert Pratt. 

St. Lukes's, Deptford. 

The Church was built in 1872. It has eight Bells. The Registers 
date from 1870. The Church Plate consists of two Chalices and 
Patens, both plated, and an Alms Dish. The Patrons are Trustees. 

1870, James Malcolmson. 

1895, Frederick Arthur Pring. 

1902, Arthur Hart. 

1906, Edward Salisbury Butler Whitfield. 

St. Peter's, Ditton, or Dictuna. 

The Church, which is dedicated to St. Peter, ad vincula, is 
mentioned in Domesday, and paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See 
of Rochester. It was in the Deanery and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it was transferred 
to the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and 
Deanery of North Mailing ; in 1905 it was restored to the Bishopric 
of Rochester, and placed in the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge and 
Deanery of Mailing. The Patronage was in the gift of the Convent 
of Leeds till the Reformation, when it was in the hands of the 
King till James I. granted it to R. Shakerley, Esq., when it soon 
reverted again to the Crown, with which it continued till George I. 
granted it to the Earls of Aylesford. The Church contains good 
specimens of Norman work in tufa quoins and herringbone masonry. 
The Tower is Perpendicular. The Church was restored in 1869. 
There axe two ancient Bells. The Chalice was the gift of Mary 
Brewer in 1689. The Paten, that of Rev. Thomas Tilson, 1755. 
The Registers commence 1663, In the beginning is an entry dated 


1711 : " That Every Acre of Woodland in the Parish of Ditton by 
immemorial custom pays tithe to the Rector." There is in it an 
inventory of Church articles, dated 1759, amongst them " Large 
Surplice of Holland, no Hood, Cope, or Vestment." The present 
patrons are the 

William de Sheppey (Temp. Edward I., Ex. Sententia 
Curiffi Banci Regis). 
1317, Adam dictus ad aquam Maydenstone (Reynolds 20). 
1323, Thomas Tydeman de Drylonde (Hamo 61). 
1326, John Walter de Rochester (Hamo 76). 

Bartholomew de Ditton (Ex. autograph penes Dec et Cap 

John Walter. 
1347, Henry de Higham (Hamo 235). 

Robert de Kilwardeby. 
1356, John Roe (Sheppey 218). 
1371, Henry Shibbard (Whittlesey 89). 
1385, John King. 

1402, John Sapnethorne (J. Bottlesham 170). 

1403, Richard Engayno (J. Bottlesham 189). 

1422, Thomas Wilson (Langdon 8). 

1423, Robert Blackstowe (Langdon 28). 
1439, John Florence (Langdon 91). 
1442, William Howday (Wellys). 
1444, William Sampson (Lowe). 

1444, Thomas Thorpe (Lowe). 

1449, John Solom (Lowe). 

1450, Jether Thorpe (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1496, Hugh Hudson (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1480) Ex.Test°Su°. 

1501, Laurence Skoye (Fitzjames 27). 

1510, Thomas Greeme (Fisher 55). 

1527, John Beechynge Fisher 136). 

1533, William Kemp (Fisher 177). 

1546, Nicholas Archbolde (Holbeach 43). 

1553, William Clough (Rym. Feed, xv., 348). 

1554, George Attke (Grif&th 59). 
1565, Thomas Bayard (Gheast 103). 
1577, Hugh Williams (Piers 153). 
1579, Edmund Godyn (Yonge 162). 

1608, William Prewe (Bancroft 248) (Neale 203). 
1638, John Smith (Warner 225). 

Theophilus Jackson. 
1663, Wilham Jole (Warner 253). 

1678, Joseph Smith (e libro Subscrip.). 

1679, Thomas Tilson, Senr. (Sancroft 77). 
1702, Thomas Tilson, Junr. (Muniments 16). 
1750, John Oare (Wilcocks 162). 

1757, Charles Bowles (Pearse 185). 
1769, Joseph Butler (Pearse 211). 


1784, Robert Roberts (Thomas 238). 
1786, Samuel Bishop (Thomas 241). 
1796, Richard Warde (Horsley 258). 

1840, William Hamilton Burroughs. 
1856, John Young Stratton. 

1905, Howard Ay 1 win. 

1909, Frederick Deighton Stammers. 

St. Mary's, Downe. 

The Church was in the Archdeaconry and Bishopric of Rochester 
till 1846, and in the Deanery of Shoreham as a peculiar of the 
Archbishop. At that date it was transferred to the Archbishopric 
of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of West 
Dartford. In 1905 it was restored to the Bishopric of Rochester 
and the Archdeaconry of Rochester, and now belongs to the 
Deanery of Beckenham. There is no mention of the Church in 
Domesday or Textus Roffensis, but portions of the Church, which 
has now been rebuilt, are of the thirteenth century ; there are 
some stained glass windows of the date of 1636. There are three 
Bells. The Registers date from 1538. The Church is in private 
Patronage. The present Patron is J. W. Brodie Innes, Esq. 

Oliver Bagthwaite, obijt 1585 (Par. Reg.). 
1589, Nicholas Pearson (Par. Reg.). 
1646, Thomas Emmerson (Par. Reg.). 
1650, Arnold King (Par. Reg.). 
1654, George Bradshaw (Par. Reg.). 

Thomas Crundall (Par. Reg.). 
1672, Philip Jones (Par. Reg). 
1687, Nicholas Crundall (Par. Reg.). 
1687, James Fayrer (Par. Reg.). 
1689, John Dinham (Par. Reg.). 
1693, Robert Davidson (Par. Reg,). 
1696, Christopher Clarke (Par. Reg.). 
1718, Thomas Walwyn. 
1747, Walter Walker Ward. 
1753, Charles Whitehead. 
1764, William Farquhar. 
1774, Francis Fawkes. 
1778, Thomas Browne. 

All the above were Curates, the following are the independent 
Incumbents of Downe ; — 

1788, Henry Fly. 
1819, John Pieters. 
1828, James Drummond. 

1841, John Willott. 
1846, John Brodie Innes. 
1869, Henry Powell. 

1871, George Sketchley ffinden. 


Dartford Union Chapel. 

There is a Chapel attached to this Union, but the Registers have 
been kept at the Parish Church. There is a ChaUce and Paten. 
1835, Francis Bazett Grant. 
1845, Clotworthy Gilmore. 
1857, George John BlomHeld. 
1868, Tobias Edward Gardiner. 

1874, Henry Bond Bowlby. 

1875, Frederick Spencer Dale. 
1887, Alan Hunter Watts. 
1889, Oscar Hewitt. 

1903, Percy Edward Smith. 

South Darent. Sudarente. 

In Textus Roffensis we have mention of a Church which paid 
9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. Harris speaks of this 
parish, and Thorpe says the Church stood near the mill on the 
right of a lane leading from Darenth to Deans Bottom, which, in 
his days had become a dwelling house. There is no mention made 
of any ministers. 

St. Margaret's at Helles. 

This ancient Church, of which the remains were to be seen in the 
days of Thorpe, stood between Eynsford and Darenth ; it was 
held to be in the Parish of Darenth. From Archbishop Warham's 
Register in 1522 we learn that the Vicar of Darenth was to 
celebrate Mass there on every second Sunday in the month (unless 
that fell on a high festival), or get some other Priest to do so, and 
likewise on the Feast of St. Margaret. The dead belonging to 
this Precinct are to be buried in Darenth Church and the marriages 
must be solemnized there ; the sick are to receive Holy Communion 
and Extreme Unction from the Vicar of Darenth, but children 
may be christened in the Chapel. There is no mention made of 
any separate clergyman. Wills from 1473-1533 speak of repairing 
the Chapel. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Edenbridge. Edelmsbrigge. 

This Church is mentioned in Textus Roffensis as paying 9 denarii 
to the See of Rochester. Till 1866 it was reckoned as a Chapel of 
Westerham. It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester 
and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it was transferred to the 
Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery 
of South Mailing. It afterwards became part of the Deanery of 


Tonbridge, in the Archdeaconry of which it was placed when 
restored to Rochester in 1905. There is an Early Norman Window 
in the north wall of the Nave. There is an Early English Lancet 
Window in the south wall of the Aisle, showing, with the Nave, 
Arcade and part of the Tower and certain windows in the Chapel, 
that there was much alteration in the thirteenth century. Numerous 
windows were inserted in the north and south Aisles, the East 
Window of the Chapel was rebuilt, as also the Chancel, the Tower, 
Arch, and the Nave, in the decorated period, to the early part of 
which belongs the Font. There is an Ancient Tomb in the Belfry, 
with an almost obliterated Norman-French inscription, and a 
beautiful epitaph to a girl of the Jemmet family, and a curious 
recess in the Tower like an Easter Tomb. The Registers date 
' from 1568, but there are gaps. There are a Chalice and Paten of 
the date 1671 ; the Cup was the gift of Michael Spatcherst. There 
are also some old Pewter Communion Vessels. We notice too a 
modern Chalice and Paten. Since its separation, the Church has 
been in the gift of private Patrons. There are six Bells of the date 

1860, Charles Frederick Gore. 
1903, Walter John Nesbit. 
1906, Hugo Richard Hubard. 
1908, Henry Lawrence Somers Cocks. 

There may have been an ancient Chapel on the Bridge, as we 
find 'John Glowere mentioned as Chaplain in 1341, and William 
Tanner, Master of Cobham College, 1390, of the Chapel of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary, supra pontem. At the time of the Common- 
wealth Edenbridge was separated from Westerham, and had one 
John Head as " painfull minister" here and Vicar of Edenbridge. 

St. John the Baptist, Eltham. Aelthesham. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times and it paid 9 denarii 
chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It was in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, 
when it became part of the Diocese of London, but in 1867 it went 
back to Rochester. In 1877 it was placed in the Archdeaconry of 
Southwark, and in 1905 it became part of the Diocese of Southwark, 
Archdeaconry of Lewisham, and Deanery of Woolwich. The 
Church was rebuilt in the seventeenth century, but this Church 
was taken down and a new Church erected in 1877, when the 
wooden tower and shingle spire were alone left standing. The 
Church Plate, which is silver gilt, consists of two Flagons, two 
Patens, two Chalices, one Spoon, three Alms Dishes, one presented 
by the Rev. K. Shaw Brooke. The Bells are six in number, five 
dated 1790, and the sixth 1794. The Patronage was with the Abbey 
of Keynsham till the Reformation, when it went to the Crown. 
Henry VIII. granted it to Sir John Hendley, after which it 
remained in private Patronage. The present Patron is C. Polhill 


Turner, Esq. When the Church was restored most of the old 
Memorials appear to have been lost, but there are a number of 
Tablets placed in the Church and its porches. The Registers date 
from 1564, and contain many curious entries, especially those of 
John Fourde, Vicar, 1623-1628. One records the Burial of the 
Right Rev. George Home, D.D., Lord Bishop of Norwich, Jan. 
17th, 1794. 

1176, Richard (Hamo 22). 

1242, Robert de London (Hamo 27). 

1328, Robert Bonham {Hamo 127). 

1338, John de Beaulieu (Hamo 128). 

John Vassur. 
1348, John Hugh de Brampton (Hamo 239). 

John le Hwyte. 
1359, Richard Notebroux (Sheppey 297). 
1362, Thomas Noble (Whittlesea 315). 
1365, Henry Wassehele (Trilleck 323). 
1393, JohnByrston (W. Bottlesham 44). 
1399, William Tyrrell (W. Bottlesham 127). 
1403, John Aleyn (W. Bottlesham 135). 
1405), John Bussett (Yonge 188). 

Thomas Brounshale. 
1423, John Palmer (Langdon 62). 
1430, Richard Briggs (Langdon 98). 
1434, John Burman or Brenan (Langdon 98). 
1457, Robert Purcell (Lowe 229). 

1463, Thomas Gary (Lowe 242). 

1464, David Kingston (Lowe 244). 

1465, David Howell (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 
1472, John Wayre (e Test" Salman). 

1493, Thurston Anderton (Wareham 238). 

1504, Thomas Baker (Act. Vis. Archid 1). 

1505, Thomas Turnour (Wareham 238). 

1506, Robert Makerell (Fisher 43). 
1513, Robert Robson (Fisher 69). 
1521, Philip Carrok (Fisher 108). 
1529, Roger Greenwood (Fisher 138). 
1540, John Plomer (Heath 176). 

1548, Henry Underwood (Ex. Test" Su" 1552). 

1556, Thomas Hugley or Huxley (Ex. Test" Su"). 

1557, William Hamon (Letters of Administration). 
1558-9, John Canacke (Pole 56). 

1576, Thomas Thirlwynde (Par. Reg.). 
1584-5, Feb., Richard Tylor (Yonge 167). 
1585, June, James Twiste (Yonge 167). 
1598, John Fourde (Yonge 189). 
1628, Robert Forward (Alumni Oxonienses). 
1635, Edward Witherston (Denne MSS.). 


1635-6, Feb., Richard Owen (Denne MSS.). 

1653, William Overton (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 

1658, Clement Hobson (Ex. Mon" Su°). 

1726, Richard Peters (Bradford 62). 

1749, Peter Pennell (Wilcocks 160). 

1783, John Kenward Shaw Brooke (Thomas 239). 

1841, Charles Gulliver Fryer (Murray 79). 

1869, Walter James Sowerby. 

1895, Elphinstone Rivers). 

There was a Chapel Royal in the Old Palace here for a Dean, 
a Master of the Children, Gospeller, Epistler, Verger, and Yeomen 
of the Vestry, and ten Children of the Chapel, in Plantagenet times. 
The list I have from the kindness of Rev. Elphinstone Rivers. 
The Chaplains were : — 

1345, Peter de Eltham. 
1370, Thomas Odyham. 
1377, John Monk. 
1444, John Sweteman. 
1446-54, William Rees. 
1462, John Amyas. 
1485, Henry Brocas. 

Oliver Langton. 
1506, Thomas Turnaunt. 
1510, William Wright. 
1513, Henry Rowb. 
1525, Richard Storr. 
1528, Robert Brusti. 
1553, John Gates. 

St. Luke's, Well Hall, Eltham. 

The foundation was laid in 1905, and the Church opened in 1907. 
There are a plain Chalice and Paten. The Registers commence 
1907. There is a brass Alms Dish. There is one modern Bell. It 
has not yet been separated from Eltham. 

1907, Walter Poutney Rowley. 

Holy Trinity, Eltham. 

The Church was erected in 1869. There are two Patens, two 
Chalices and a Flagon and a brass Alms Dish. The Registers date 
from 1869. There is one Bell. The Patron was the Bishop of 
Rochester, but in 1905, on the transfer to the See of Southwark, 
that Bishop became Patron. 

1869, Thomas Norman Rowsell. 

1902, Francis Christian Bainbridge-Bell. 

the ebcohds of boghestbe. 91 

All Saints, New Eltham. 

The Church was opened in 1898. There are a Flagon, Chalice 
and Paten, all plated. There are two small Bells. The Parish 
Church has the Registers. The Church is administered only by- 
Curates in Charge. It is not separated from Holy Trinity. 

St. Peter's, Eltham Road. 

This Church was built in 1867, and opened in 1868, mainly 
through the work of the Rev. ]. L. Macdonald. The Patronage is 
in private hands. The Bell is dated 1871. The Registers commence 
1871. There are a silver Flagon, two silver Chalices, and Patens, 
and silver mounted glass Cruets. There are Choir Stalls in 
memory of J. White, Esq., and a Lady Chapel and an alabaster 
Font in memory of Mrs. White. The present Patron is H. G. 
Williams, Esq. 

1858, James Leonard Macdonald. 
1877, Arthur Frederick Forde. 
1886, Robert James Simpson. 
1890, Richard George Handcock. 
1892, James Campbell. 
1898, Richard Startin Owen. 
1906, John Frank Buxton. 

St. Andrew's, Mottingham, Eltham. 

This Church was consecrated in 1880. It has one Bell. The 
Bishop of Rochester was Patron, but on change of Dioceses the 
Bishop of Southwark became Patron. The Registers date from 
1881. There are two Flagons, two Chalices, and two Patens of 
silver, and a copper gilt Alms Dish, once in the Bishop of 
Rochester's private Chapel, and marked G. Roffen. 

1881, George Barber Peregrine Viner. 
1909, Edward Rhys Jones. 

Cheistchorch, Shooter's Hill, Eltham. 

The Church was erected in 1855. It has a modern Bell. The 
Quinn family are the Patrons. The Communion Plate consists of 
a Flagon, two Chalices, two Patens, and a silver Alms Dish, the 
gift of Mrs. Mary Lilybird, also a small Paten. The parish is 
taken from Eltham, Plnmstead and Woolwich. The Church was 
built through the eiTorts of Revs. T. J. Dallin and J. S. Masters. 
There is a window to the first, and the Choir Stalls are a Memorial 
to the other. There is also a Lectern in memory of Mr. Woolfield- 
Hardinge, Churchwarden 1884-1890. The Registers date from 

1855, Thomas James Dallin. 
1865, John Smallman Masters. 
1897, Thomas Benjamin Willson. 

92 the eecobds op bochesteb. 

St. John the Baptist, Erith, or Lesness. Earhethe. 

This Church was in the Bishopric and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, when it was reckoned 
to the See of Canterbury and the Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and 
Deanery of East Dartford. It is now in the Deanery of Dartford. 
The Church is recorded as paying 9 denarii chrism fee to the See 
of Rochester. The round arches in the north wall of the high 
Chancel are declared Saxon. There was discovered (in 1877 when 
the Church was restored) a Norman Window in the Chancel. The 
south Aisle was added about 1200 a.d, and the Tower is early 
thirteenth century work. There are masons' marks on the jamb of 
the south door, which was a custom in the fourteenth century. The 
Sundial is inscribed " Redibo tu nunquam." There are eight Bells, 
of which two are dated 1703, and two 1763. The Flagon was given 
by John Wheatley, 1736, the Chalice and Paten are dated 1803. 
The Lord's Table, after the fire, is said to have been made from 
one of the oak piles from Dover Harbour, and the lower part and 
two Sanctuary Chairs from the beams of the old roof of the 
Church. The Church was in the Patronage of the Brethren of 
the Holy Trinity, London, till the Reformation ; it was afterwards 
given to the Walsinghams, and has continued in private Patronage. 
In 1905 the Church was restored to the Bishopric and Archdeaconry 
of Rochester, and placed in the Deanery of East Dartford. The 
Registers commence 1625, but were destroyed by fire, so that the 
Baptismal Registers are only wholly preserved from 1625-1752, and 
partly from 1830-1878 ; the Marriage Registers wholly preserved 
from 1625-1753, and partly from 1813-1858, and the Burials from 
1625-1640, and partly from 1813-1837, and from 1837-1876. Lord 
Wynford is the present Patron. The antiquary Weever was once 
Lay Rector. 

Nicholas de Sprotton (Hamo 144). 

1331, Jordan de Bexle (Hamo 144). 

1332, John dictus Lucas (Hamo 150). 
1332, John Ros (Hamo 153). 

1332, William Payne (Hamo 154). 

1333, Wilham de Talworth (Hamo 160). 

1360, Stephen de Bolton (Sheppey 303). 

1361, John Bantinge (Sheppey 304). 

1362, Ralph de Wysingham (Wliittlesea 316). 
John Coppeshalle. 

1368, John de Folkingham (Trilleck 322). 

1399, Benedict de Sansun (W. Bottlesham 133). 

1400, William Cowper (J. Bottlesham 153). 

1402, May, William Houlet (J. Bottlesham 170). 
1402-3, Feb., John Lofthawe (J. Bottesham 182). 

1403, William Stoke (J. Bottlesham 189). 

1404, Robert Warreys (J. Bottlesham 189). 
1426, Adam Gay (Langdon 75). 

John Craddock. 


1427, William George (Langdon 85). 

1430, Roger de Wode (Langdon 91). 

1431, William Savage (Langdon 92). 
1436, John Browne (Wellys 121). 
1439, William Hanme (Wellys 148). 
1444, Richard Bragge (Lowe 201). 
1454, John Brown (Lowe 225). 
1460, John Herbert (Lowe 234). 
1464, Robert Berton (Lowe 235). 
1464, Reginald Thomas (Lowe 244). 

John Stone, obiit 1475 (Ex. Mon" Su°). 
1475, Richard Daddy (Newcourt). 
1506, JohnNutone (Fisher 43). 
1521, Richard Blagg (Fisher 107). 
1542, John Grene (Heath 214). 
1549, * * * 
1554, John Jacob Pyers (Newcourt). 
1562, William Ashytf (Act. Vis. Archid 10). 
1586, John Morgan (Yonge 173). 
1625, William Lyncett (Bnckeridge 210). 

1661, George Carter (Warner 252). 

1662, Thomas Collyer (Lee 253). 
1673, Charles Bagnold (Par. Reg.). 

1693, Nathaniel Hammond (Muniments 10). 
1705, John Hall (Muniments 22). 
1714, Edward Harwood (Atterbury 14). 
1734, John White (Wilcocks 200). 
1767, James White (Pearse 203). 
1802, Richard Davies (Dampier 280). 
1849, John James Wilkinson. 
1852, Charles John Smith. 

1873, Robert Long. 

1874, Thomas Valpy French. 

1875, Thomas William Hardy. 

1894, George Adolphus Samuel Adams. 

Christchuech, Erith. 

This Church was erected in 1874. The Church has a modern 
Bell. The Registers commence 1872. The Plate is silver, Chalice, 
Paten and Flagon and an Alms Dish. The Patron was the Arch- 
bishop, and now is the Bishop of Rochester. 

1874, Robert Wood. 

1881, Frank Barrow Gribbell. 

1891, Alfred William Boulden. 

All Saints, Belvedere. 

This Church was originally built for a dissenting Chapel, but 
was consecrated for a Church in 1857, at the wish of the builder. 
Sir Culling Eardley, in the gift of whose Trustees it continues. 


The Bell is of the same date as the Church. The Register dates 
from 1861. The Communion Plate consists of two silver Flagons, 
a Paten and Chalice and Alms Dish. 

1857, John Henry Bernau. 

1881, Hector McNeile. 

1887, Samuel Bickersteth. 

1891, Frederick Nugent Eden. 

1904, Alfred Hawken. 

1909, Richard William Hartwright. 

St. Paul's, Northumberland Heath. 

The Church was opened in 1905. There is one Bell. There 
is a plated Chalice and Paten. The Register dates from 1905. 
The Patrons are Trustees. 

1906, Henry Wilmot "Watson. 

Lesness Abbey. Lesna. 

The Abbey of Lesness was founded by Sir Richard de Luci in 
honour of Thomas a Becket and the Blessed Virgin, in the year 
1178. There are considerable remains in a farm house near what 
is called Abbey Wood, and certain excavations and researches, 
made mainly under the direction of Mr. R. T. Vincent, who has 
kindly allowed me to correct the list of Abbots, have brought to 
light much that is interesting of the old Abbey (a.d. 1909 and 
1910). The Abbey was founded for Canons of the Augustine 
order, and on its suppression by Henry VIII. its revenues were 
received by Cardinal Wolsey to endow Christchurch, Oxford. De 
Luci's third son was Archdeacon of Richmond and Bishop of 
Winchester ; he was a great benefactor to the Abbey, and willed 
to be buried here. Weever records his epitaph and his father's, 
who is also buried here. The Patronage of the Abbey consisted of 
Newington-next-Sittingbourne and Harden in Kent, and Aveley, 
Elmendon and Rainhara, Essex. 

1179, * * * 

1197, Fulc (Thorpe's Reg. Roff. 641, and Pedes Finum, Richard 
I., 138). 
C1225. Mark (Muniments Cant. Cath. 80). 
C1235, William (Campbell Charters XIV., 23 Brit. Mus.). 

1267, Richard (Temp. Episcop. Roff. 221). 

1268, John de St. Edmund (Newcourt). 

Elyas — Name on a tombstone discovered lately : the tomb 
belongs to the fourteenth century. 
1319, Adam de Hanifield or Halifield (Hamo 49). 
1321, Roger de Derteford (Hamo 52). 
1327, John de Hodesdone or Hoddesdon (Hamo 78). 
1341. Thomas (Thorpe Reg. Roff. 329). 
1344, Robert de Clyve (Pat. Rolls Edward III.). 
1346, Richard de Gayton (Hamo 226), 


1362, William de Hethe (Whittlesea 30). 

John Haunsard. 
1386, Henry Holcote or Heliere (Pat. Rolls Richard II.). 
1403. William Samson or Sampson (J. Bottlesham 38) (Pat. Rolls 

Henry IV.). 
1405, John Brockholl (J. Bottlesham 189) (Arundel I., 134). 
1423, John Elmendon (Langdon 54). 
1426, Thomas Plympton (Langdon 75). 

Adam Say (Rent Rolls 357). 
1460, John Colman (Ex. Test'' Sawkyn and Kolom). 
1474, William (Pat Rolls, Edward IV.). 
1474 and 1482, Thomas Benet (Ex. Test" Kolom and Pat Rolls, 

Edward IV.). 
1496, William Bright (Morton 160). 

1502, Robert Marten (Fitzjames 32). 

1503, Henry Blakemore or Blakamore (Fitzjames 33). 

1513, William Tysehurst (Ticeliurst) (Fisher 1^9) surrendered the 
Abbey) . 

St. Martin's, Eynesford. Aenesford. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times and it paid 9 denarii 
chrism fee to the See of Rochester, according to Textus Roffensis. 
Till 1846 it was in the Bishopric and Archdeaconry of Rochester 
and Rural Deanery of Shoreham as a peculiar of the Archbishop 
of Canterbury. The Rectory was in his gift, when that was done 
away with the Vicarage remained in his Grace's gift, and the 
sinecure Rectory on the first vacancy died out at the death of 
Canon Moore in 1865. The Church was in 1846 tranf erred to the 
Archbishopric of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and 
Rural Deanery of East Dartford ; in 1905 it returned to the 
Bishopric of Rochester and its Archdeaconry. The Church has a 
Tower with a fine Norman door, the apse has fragments of Norman 
mouldings, but appears to have been altered in the thirteenth 
century. On the south side of the Chancel are fourteenth century 
windows, but on the north side they are Perpendicular. The 
clerestory windows and porch are 13th century. The columns that 
carry the arches that separate the Nave from the Aisle are fifteenth 
century. The Church is curious as being apsidal and cruciform. 
There are squints to the central Altar, which have been blocked. 
The Font is highly ornamented. There are curious faces on the 
Nave roof -rests. There are six Bells, four of the seventeenth and 
two of the eighteenth century. The Registers date from 1538. 
The Plate is modern. 


1165, Laurence (Decern Script. 
Coll. 711). 

1225, Henry (Reg. Aed. Christ 


Rectors. Vicars. 

1233, Peter deMuntgummery (Pat 

Rolls, Henry III., 17, 8). 
1233, Nicholas nepos domini papas 

Pat RollsHenrylll. 17, 9). 
1233, William de Plasset or de 

Kilkenny (Winchelsey282) . 

1350, John Hanewall (Islep 255). 

1351, Thomas de Watton (Islep John Shardelowe. 


1352, Thomas de Eyton (Islep 262). 
1354, John Freeman alias Vaghan John Irving (Islep 269). 

(Islep 103). 
1367, John Leitch (Langham 103). 
1369, John Dautry (Whittlesey 77). 

1387, Philip Rogers (Courteneye 


1388, Philip Roggeres (Courteneye John Man. 


1389, Roger More(Courteneye 274). 

1390, June, Richard Lentwardyne Robert atte Mere (Courteneye 

(Courteneye 276). 279). 

John Pratt. 
1390-1, Jan., Gilbert NichoU (Courten- 
eye 279). 

1391, John Lynton (Addenda 200) . JohnPerott (Courteneye282). 

1392, Robert Thomas (Addenda 

Robert Triver. 

1399, Roger Conyngham (272 William Burton (Arundel I., 

Arundel I.). 25). 

1400, John Forster (Arundel I., 

1409, John Cresswell (Arundel II., John Brotherton (Arundel II., 

66). 66). 

1409, Robert Whitmore (Arundel 

II., 66). 
1415, Henry Merston(ChicheleI., 

1415, Henry Auncette(ChicheleI., 


1416, JohnLowthorpe(ChicheleI., 


1417, JohnAshwell (Chichelel. 88). 
1420, Robert Whitmore again 

1423, Walter Stevyngs (Chichele 
I., 147). 

(Chichele I., 121). 

the keooeds of bochbsteb. 97 

Rectors. Vicars. 

1441, ■ William Matthewe (Chichele 

I., 230). 
1441, Richard Ripley (Chichele I., 

1445, William Morton (Stafford Richard Maydegood (Stafford 

86). 88). 

1449, John Cowper (Stafford 101). 

John Reyner. 
1465, John Bannby (Bourgchier William Bennet (Bourgchier 

91). 91). 

1470, William Hill (Bourgchier 

1475, John Burton (Bourgchier Sept., John Watson (Bourg- 

112). chier 112). 

1475-6, Thomas Rowe (Bourgchier 

1480, William Elyott (Bourgchier 

1482, John Hane (Bourgchier 131). 
1488, Robert Beke. 

John Ratz. 
1490, Robert Brownebaker (Morton 

1494, Hugh Peynthryn (Morton 

1496, Richard Trappe (Morton 
Thomas Camberton. 
1506, Thomas Welles (Warham 

William Waynewright. 
1508, John Stodarde (Warham 333). 

1514, Richard Parkherst (Cranmer) . 
1524, John Aleyn (Warham 382), 

John Sympking (Newcourt). 
1546, John Hollands (Cranmer 402). 

1559, Thomas Mayfelde(Sed. Vac. 
Cant. 15). 

Richard Limberowe. 
1579, Mark Burr (Par. Reg.). 

Thomas Berisford. 
1614, John Bowie (Abbot I., 406). 
1629, John Gifford (Par. Reg.). 
1631 Richard Harriott (Abbot III., 

1651^ John Bedle, put in by Parlia- 

ment (Par. Reg.). 
1562, James Parker (Juxon 139). 













Francis Porter (Sancroft 8). 
Paul Columesius (Sancroft 

Peter de Fascher (Tillotson 



Nicholas Felton (Sheldon 

Edward Tilson, Senr. (Shel- 
don 342). 

John Lynch (Wake II . , 264) . 

George Seeker (Seeker 29i 
John Towel (Seeker 310). 

Robert Moore (Moore 574). 

Edward Tilson, Junr. (Wake 
II., 233). 

Henry Herring (Herring 280) . 
Benjamin Longley (Herring 

Thomas Verier Atkins (Moore 

James Andrew (Moore 503). 
Henry Montagu Davis (Moore 


George Parry Marriott 

(Sutton II., 14). 
Richard Nevill Cornwall. 
Robert Browne. 
Robert Haymau Whitmay. 
Abraham Steers Hutchinson. 
Charles Hare Simpkinson. 
Maurice Curteis Elphinstone. 

All Souls, Crocken Hill. 

This Church was built about 1842, but the Register dates from 
1852. There are a Paten, Chalice, Flagon, and Spoon of silver 
given by Isabella Percival, of Crofton Hall. There are a modern 
Bell and some fine stained glass Windows. The Presentation was 
in the hands of the Archbishop, but since 1905 it has been given to 
the Bishop of Rochester. 

1852, William Gardner. 
1866, Charles Hope Robertson. 
1868, Charles John Collier. 
1880, Frederick Newton Style. 
1893, Thomas Dunning Lovelace. 
1898, John Gilbert Dixon, 

the eecobds op eochestbe. 99 

St. Paul's, Swanley. 

The Church was built in 1860 mainly through the efforts of 
Revd. M.S. Edgell. There are three Bells. The Communion 
Service, all of silver, consists of a Flagon, Chalice, Alms Dish, and 
two Patens, given by Anna Mitchell, of Camberwell, The 
Registers date from 1860. It is in private Patronage. The Patron 
is at present W. S. Eastwood, Esq. 

1860, Michael Seymour Edgell. 
1892, Charles John Monson Shaw. 
1902, Leonard Savill. 

St. Mary's, Swanley. 

The Church was consecrated in 1901. The Registers commence 
in 1902. There are Chalice, Paten, Credence Paten, and Alms 
Dish. There is a modern Bell. It is in private Patronage. The 
present Patron is W. Plimpton, Esq. 

1902, Augustus William Frederic Theodore De Spailier. 

East Fearnlega, East Farleigh. St. Mary? 
OR St. Helen ? 

This Church was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester, but being a peculiar of the Archbishop it was reckoned 
to the Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, when it became part of the 
Diocese of Canterbury and Archdeaconry of Maidstone and 
Deanery of North Mailing ; in 1905 it became part of the Arch- 
deaconry of Tonbridge in the Bishopric of Rochester and in the 
Deanery of Mailing. As East Fernlega it is mentioned in Textus 
Roifensis as paying 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
The advowson first belonged to the Crown ; it was afterwards 
granted to the hospital for poor travellers in Maidstone, founded 
by Archbishop Boniface, and on its dissolution it went back to the 
Crown, which has held it ever since. Some think it was dedicated to 
St. Mary, but St. Helen has long held a place round East Farleigh, 
and the N.E. position of the Church points to a Saints' Day when 
the sun is north of the line, as is the case on May 3rd (Inventio 
Crucis). There are three seventeenth century Bells. The Registers 
commence 1580. There is a quoin or two of tufa, which give 
evidence to a Norman Church : the Nave was entirely rebuilt a few 
years ago, and the architecture of the rest of the Church is 
thirteenth or fourteenth century. There are a silver Flagon of 
curious shape, a Chalice and two Patens, all given to the Church 
by the will of E. P. Douespe, and a brass Alms Dish. 

1279, John de Bexhill (Peckham 32). 

1281, John de Wixley (Peckham 52). 

1297, Alexander de Murestocke (Prynne's Records 174). 

1331, Bartholomew (from a list in possession of Rev. M. Trotter), 


1350, Adam de Holyngbourne (Islep 254). 

1351, Thomas Bromlegh (Islep 258). 

1354, John de Holeborne (Islep 267). 

1355, John de Holyngbourne (Islep 269). 
1362, William Richemont (Islep 300). 
1364, William de Bonsergeant (Islep 306) . 
1371, Henry de Compton (Whittlesey 86). 

1375, John de Cambres (from a list in possession of Rev. M. 

1375, William de Bryggestock (Sudbury 111). 

1416, WiUiam Repynghale (Chichele I. 178). 

1417, William Estryngton (Chichele I. 178). 
1425, Thomas Colyere (Reg. Roff. 571). 
1427, Thomas Westhorp (Chichele I. 169). 
1455, William Maire (Bourgchier 60). 
1466, William Hildyche (Bourgchier 93) . 
1492, Robert Warde (Morton 154). 

Richard Symson. 
1511, Ethelstan Astley or John Adelston (Warham 343). 
1513, John Colfe or Golde (Warham 352). 
1523, Roger Johns (Warham 379) (Valor Ecclesiasticus) . 
1534, Richard Taylor or Tayller (signs Renunciation Papal 

Authority) . 
1550, Edward Slane (Cranmer 412). 
1557, William Baker (Pole 71). 
1560, John Warton (Parker 348). 
1568, Thomas Tymme (Parker 386). 
1571, John Holmiste or Holmes (Parker 407). 
1580, William Holland (Grindal 539). 
1589, Thomas Busden (Whitgift 484). 
1638, Robert Boteler (Rym. Feed xx). 
1661, Francis Greene (Par. Reg.). 
1685, Arthur Harris (Sancroft 410). 
1727, John Hedges (Wake II., 241). 
1752, Ezekiel Paul de la Douespe (Herring 292). 
1795, Henry Friend (Moore 54). 

1811, John Surtees (Sutton II., 14). 

1812, Hugh Moises (Sutton II., 34). 
1823, Edward Banks (Sutton II., 66). 
1832, Robert Isaac Wilberforce. 
1840, Charles William Lutwidge. 
1843, Henry William Wilberforce. 
1850, Thomas Watson. 

1880, Richard Elwyn. 

1886, Francis Edwin Allen. 

1888, William Maunder Hitchcock. 

1893, Mowbray Trotter. 

1904, Arthur Bernard Littlewood, 


All Saints', West Farleigh. 

This Church is mentioned in the Domesday record. It was 
originally, till 1846, in the Bishopric of Rochester and its Arch- 
deaconry, and the Deanery of Mailing ; it was then placed in the 
Archbishopric of Canterbury, in the Archdeaconry of Maidstone, 
and the Deanery of North Mailing ; in 1905 it was placed in the 
Deanery of Mailing, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and in the 
Bishopric of Rochester. The first stone Church appears to have 
been opened in 1119. The Steeple was still being built in 1523, as 
we learn from the will of William Coveney. There are three old 
Bells. The Flagon, Chalice, Paten, and Alms Dish were all given 
by John Brewer, Esq., in 1719. The Patronage was in the hands of 
Leeds Abbey till the Reformation, when it came into the hands of 
the Dean and Chapter of Rochester. 

1315, Thomas (Ex. Autograph penes Dec. et Cap. Roff.). 

1324, Robert of Farleigh (Hamo 53). 

1325, Hugh Price. 

1325, Walter dictus Better (Reynolds 237). 
1348, Robert Giffard (Hamo 241). 
1351, Thomas atte Ford (Sheppey 261). 
1364, Richard Marshall (Trilleck 322) . 

William Samburgh. 
1398, John Paynton (W. de Bottlesham 117). 

1400, John Sanders (J. Bottlesham 155). 

1401, William Cranbourne (J. Bottlesham 159). 

1403, John Martyn (J. Bottlesham 167). 

1404, Henry Medhurst (Reg. Arundel 300). 

1405, Roger Upton (J. Bottlesham 190). 
1405, Robert Parkyn (J. Bottlesham 190). 

Thomas Stowe. 
1422, William Burton (Langdon 53). 
1426, William Letheney (Langdon 76). 
1426, Richard Brauncepath (Langdon 76). 

Thomas Litill. 

1431, Stephen Gandey (Langdon 92). 

1432, John Whitebue (Langdon 96). 
Robert Bradley. 

1435, William lUory (Browne 116). 

1438, John Gray (Wellys 135), 

1457, Robert Middleton (Lowe 228). 

1465, John Peart (Ex. Test" Thomas Blacke). 

1492, Richard Crosse (Ex. Test" Su°). 

1501, Henry Hothton (Ex. Test" Alcocke). 

1502, William Ashurst (Act. Archid. Vis.). 
1505, John Hollands (Fisher 42). 

1510, Nicholas Harrison (Fisher 54). 
1515, John Archer (Fisher 84). 
1521, Richard Crofte (Fisher 107). 


1527, Thomas Emere (Fisher 138). 

1548, John Eston (Ridley 51). 

1554, Richard Golden (Griffith 57), 

1560, John Eston again (Vis. Archid. I). 

1582, John Bridgman (Yonge 36). 

1589, Robert Byston (Whitgift I. 255). 

1596, WiUiam Allen (Ex. Archivis. Archid.). 

1602, Robert Field (Yonge 191). 

1633, John Reeve (Barlow 213) (Laud 84). 

1660, Edmund Hills (Warner 94). 

1663, Oliver North, Senr. (Warner 253). 

1675, Oliver North, Junr. (T. C). 

1726, John Davies (Bradford 64). 

1776, Robert Fountain (Thomas 226). 

1778, Francis Taynton (Thomas 229). 

1794, Thomas Weeks Dalby (Horsley 256). 

1816, William Beaumont Busby (King 319). 

1820, Robert Stevens (King 335). 

1870, William Eycott Martin. 

1896, Thomas Walter Embleton Thomas. 

1909, Richard Griffiths. 

St. Giles', Farnborough. 

Farnborough paid 6 denarii chrism fee only to the See of 
Rochester as a Chapel, according to Textus Roffensis. It was 
served from Chelsfield in the time of Bishop Langdon (1430), and 
in the Parliamentary returns we learn it had become a Chapel of 
Ease to Chelsfield. It had only one acre of land and an old house 
belonging to the Parsonage, being worth at most thirty pounds per 
annum, one Master John Montague being the Minister. The Bells 
are two in number. The Paten was the gift of Rev. J. E. Tarleton 
to the Chapel of Farnborough, 1836. A Chalice and small Paten 
are inscribed Farnborough Chapel. The Flagon has the date 1848. 
The Alms Dish was given by Mrs. Mary Crossby, 1787. The 
Registers commence 1558. The Church has been rebuilt, but on 
the north side Mediaeval Windows are left. 

1385, John de Dountone (Courteneye 350). 

1650, John Montague (Parliamentary Returns). 

1876. George William Durrock Kingston. 

1885, Frederick Jessop Kelly. 

1898, Graves Lombard. 

1904, Ebenezer Joseph Welch. 

Farnborough was separated from Chelsfield in 1876, and became 
an independent Vicariate, but it has always followed that Church 
in its position in Deanery, Archdeaconry, and Bishopric. 

S.S. Peter and Paul, Farningham. Faerningeham. 

This Church was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, 
but being a peculiar of the Archbishop was held to belong to the 


Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, when it was transferred to the 
Diocese of Canterbury and Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Deanery 
of East Dartford. In 1905 it was transferred again to the Diocese 
and Archdeaconry of Rochester, but continued in the same Deanery. 
It now forms part of the Deanery of Dartford. This was perhaps 
one of the two Churches mentioned as belonging to Eynesford in 
Domesday : according to Textus Roffensis this paid 9 denarii chrism 
to the See of Rochester. The living was in the presentation of the 
monlfs of Christchurch, Canterbury, till the Reformation, when it 
passed into the hands of the Archbishop. There are remnants of 
the old Church in two Norman Windows, one in the northern the 
other in the southern Nave : the latter looks into the organ chamber. 
The Font is most curious, being carved with the Seven Sacraments, 
according to Roman use, in as many panels — (1) Baptism. (2) 
Confirmation by the Bishop. (3) Ordination by the Archbishop. 
(4) IWatrimony. (5) Holy Communion. (6) Penance. (7) Extreme 
Unction. A Rood Screen, of which the staircase leading to the loft 
still exists, is traceable at the north east angle of the Nave. Of 
five Bells, three are dated 1656, the other two are eighteenth 
century. There are amongst other monuments five Brasses : and a 
costly Mausoleum to the Nash family. The Registers date from 
1589. The Paten Cover is ancient ; the Cup is of the date 1678 ; 
and there is also a Paten given by T. Polhill, Esq., 1706. 

1283, Roger (Peckham 34). 

1283, John atte Godwin (Peckham 35). 

1290, William de Kyngston (Peckham 41). 

Thomas de Huntinton. 
1355, William de Richeman (Islep 270). 
1358-9, John Freda (Islep 281). 
1358-9, WilUam Baren (Islep 281). 
1370, Richard de Banneby (Whittlesey 79). 
1390, Robert Owyk (Courteneye 297). 

John Wodecote. 

1399, John Stevens (Arundel I. 262). 

1400, William Burton (Arundel I. 275). 

1401, Thomas Nelme (Arundel I. 278). 
1403, Peter Boys (Arundel I. 292). 
1406, John Spicer (Arundel I., 308). 
1408, Richard Smyth (Arundel I., 322). 
1410, Nicholas Greene (Arundel II., 59). 
1427, Robert Saiferay (Chichele I., 169). 

William Gylborne, obijt 1751 (Ex. Mon° Su"). 

David Ewyan. 
1464, Thomas Perys (Bourgchier 88). 
1471, Richard Bowdell (Bourgchier 104). 
1491, Nicholas Spencer (Morton 59). 
1493, William Dalton (Morton 156). 
1498, Gilbert Carleton (Morton 166). 
1500, John ffayrchild. 


1511, John Hartilpole (Warham 345). 
1514, John Wrexham (Warham 356). 
1553, John Mottrham (Cranmer 343). 

Christopher Dewe. 
1558, John James (Pole 78) . 
1561, John Holland (Parker I., 351). 

1575, Roger Sorrett (Parker II., 107). 

1576, Ralph Lee (Grindall 511). 

1577, William Correy (Grindall 517). 
1594, Henry Fairbrace (Whitgift I., 259). 
1601, William Pernebye (Whitgift III., 268). 
1636, Thomas Whitfielde (Laud I., 317). 
1660, Thomas Browne (J uxon 51). 

1678, Robert Crayford (Sancroft 375). 

1683, John Pendleberry (Sancroft 402). 

1720, William Fuller (Wake 323). 

1738, John Andrew (Potter 267). 

1754, John Pery (Herring 300). 

1768, John Saunders (Seeker 235). 

1807, William Van Mildert (Sutton II., 12). 

1816, Benjamin Sandford (Sutton II., 45). 

1848, Andrew William Burnside. 

1863, John Melville Martine. 

1866, William John Brewer. 

1891, Joseph Williamson. 

1905, Leonard Alfred Williams. 

St. Mary's, Fawkham. Falkenham. 

A Church is mentioned here in Domesday, which paid, according 
to Textus Roffensis, 9 denarii to the See of Rochester, in which 
Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery it was, till 1846, when it 
became part of the new Deanery of Cobham. A window on the 
south side of the Church has istram fenestram (other words gone) 
what may be the Virgin and Child, an oak leaf, stars, and the 
Plantaganet leopards. There are remnants of the old Church in 
Norman Windows in the Chancel and the Nave : one on the south 
side and the other on the north. There is an Early English double 
Piscina. There are a north and south Porch, a canopied recess to 
the south in the Nave, and another to the north in the Chancel. 
There are several Brasses and two handsome Monuments, one to 
Bennet Warde, and the other to John Walter. There is one Bell, 
dated 1634. The Chalice is dated 1862, the Paten 1797-8. The 
Flagon was the gift of H. Hohler, Esq., 1887. The living has 
always been in private Presentation. The Registers commence 
1558. There was a Chantry here dedicated to St. Katharine, 
founded by William de Faukeham, 1274, of which John Bishop 
was the first priest. It was probably in the Church. We trace 
the other Chantry Clerks in the Registers of Rochester, 1319-1404, 
and give them in a parallel column with the Rectors. The 



Representatives of T. C. A. Adams and S. B. B. Bouverie Pusey 
alternately are Patrons. 











Warin de Houlden 

Roff. 113), 
Waryn (Cotton Faustina, V. 

John de Secheford (Hamo 


May, John Diggs (Hamo 

August, Richard Grene 

(Hamo 250). 
Roger de Henbarowe (Tril- 

leck 325). 

Chantry Priests. 

Waryn (Reg. Roff. 113). 

Thomas de Guerdestone 

(Hamo 156). 
William Skidemore (Islep 

Henry de Hutton (Hamo 250) . 

Christian Schymbelwyd. 
William Thomas (Court- 

eneye 358). 
William de Hanham (W. 

Bottlesham 8). 

Robert Fylle (W. Bottle- 
sham 31). 

William Claypoll (W.Bottle- 
sham 76). 

Adam Flamming (Trilleck 

William Thomas. 

John Heed (W. Bottlesham 

Robert Fylle. 

William Claypoll. 

Henry Medhurst (Arundel I., 

John Martyn. 
Roger Upton (J. Bottlesham 


John Busbewith (Act. Vis. Archid. IX. 10). 

Thomas Norton, alias Brewster (Wellys 137) or de Norton. 

Thomas Clement atte Mortymer (Wellys 147). 

Edward Tewkysbury (Wellys 164). 

Thomas Westhill (Act. Cur. Consist. 1444-1460). 

John Smythe (Lowe 233). 

Thomas Warde. 

George de la Haye (Lowe 239). 

Walter Man (Lowe 246) . 

Thomas Tylson (Act. Cur. Consist.). 

John Kyrfote (Fisher 34). 

John Robinson (Fisher 46). 


1515, John Girthe (Fisher 73). 

1517, William Strokket (Fisher 75). 

1519, Ralph Wolfe (Fisher 101). 

1525, Thomas Saunderson (Fisher 135). 

1527, Richard Edmondson (Fisher 137). 

1542, William Hearde (Ex. Test, variis). 

1568, Thomas Jones (Gheast 109). 

1608, William Baker (IWSS. Twisden). 

1642, Thomas Foster (Warner 96). 

1650, Edward Archbold (Par. Reg.). 

1666, William Hopkins (Ex. Mandat. Episcop.). 

1671, James Wallace (Dolben 122), 

1712, Edmund Barrell (Muniments 42). 

1720, Thomas Knipe (Atterbury 47), 

1723, John Taylor (Bradford 63). 

1758,' Edmund Marshall (Pearse 189). 

1797, Samuel Hemmings (Horsley 264). 

1829, Richard Salwey (Murray 39). 

1873, George Cuff. 

1887, Thomas Blackall. 

All Saints', Foot's Cray. Fotescraie. 

This Church paid 9 denarii to the See of Rochester for chrism 
fee according to Textus Roffensis. It was in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, 
when it was included in the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry 
of Maidstone, and Rural Deanery of East Dartford ; in 1905 it 
remained in the same Deanery, but was transferred to the Diocese 
and Archdeaconry of Rochester. It is now held in the Deanery 
of Dartford. The Patronage belonged to the Convent of St. Mary 
Overy till the Reformation, when it lapsed to the Crown, which 
has presented ever since. The Church has been so added to every 
way that the original Church only forms a kernel. There is a fine 
old font of Purbeck marble. There are three modern Bells. A 
Flagon and Paten, the gift of Henry Spurlow, are dated 1704. 
There is also a Chalice without marks that appears Jacobean. The 
Paten is about 1712-13, and besides there are a Flagon, with 
Chalice, Paten, and Alms Basin, also a large Paten, and another 
dated 1844. The Registers commence 1559. 

1332, John Holden (Hamo 140). 

1334, John Bounde (Hamo 143). 

1336, William de Tetchingbury (Hamo 166). 

1340, Thomas Schafer (Hamo 196). 

1349, Walter Pride (Hamo 250). 

1357, R. de Warden (Sheppey 289). 

1358, Hugh de Hamilton (Sheppey 293). 
1361, John Browode (Vas. Sed. 306). 
1367, John Godard (Trilleck 331). 

John Danyat. 


1392, Robert Granow or Granch fW. Bottlesham 30). 

1393, John Sandys (W. Bottlesham 31). 
John Smyth. 

1437, John Goldsmyth (Wellys 121). 

WilUam Gysborne (obijt 1451). 
1465, John Goldsmith (Act. Cur. Consist. 1443-1468). 

Thomas Myton (obijt 1489) (Ex. Mon" Su"). 
1489, Thomas Harwode (Newcourt). 

1499, Alexander Bukley (Fitzjames 23). 

1500, John Archer. 

1501, Thomas Letham (Fitzjames 28). 
1504, Hugh Yerdley (Warham 233). 
1508, Hugh Taylor (Fisher 51). 
1533, Herbert Baker (Lib. Tax. 103). 

1535, John Yardley (Ex. Test" Hugh Taylor). 

1549, Nicholas Chapman (Ex. Test" Thomas Martyn). 

1557, John Smyth (Griffith 88). 

1561, Nicholas Packman (Gheast 91). 

1604, John Blaukes (Yonge 195). 

1608, George Holt (Par. Reg.) (MSB. Twisden). 

1633, Adam Wilson (Rym. Feed xix., 53). 

1634, Edward Foliatt (Rym. Feed xix., 64). 

1634, John Rowland (e libro Subscrip. penes Episcop. Roffen). 

1680, Peter Metcalfe (Denne MSS.). 

1687, Isaac Hunt (Muniments 2). 

1691, John Hancocks (Muniments 7). 

1700, John Whittell (Muniments 13). 

1726, Richard Lucas (Bradford 64). 

1747, William Smith (Wilcocks 154). 

1766, William Gwyn (Pearse 206). 

1768, Thomas Moore (Pearse 212). 

1823, Enoch Hodgkinson Warriner (King 342). 

1861, Charles Birch. 

St. Andrew's, Freckenham, Suffolk. 

This Parish was granted by King Alfred to Buhric, Bishop of 
Rochester, in 895. William I. granted it to Lanfranc, who handed 
it, with the advowson of the Church, to Gundolf, Bishop of 
Rochester. It continued a peculiar of Rochester till 1846, and 
was in the gift of the Bishop till 1760, when St. Peter's College, 
Cambridge, obtained the Patronage. The Church consists of a 
Tower, two Aisles and a Chancel. At the end of the north Aisle is 
a Chapel, with Piscina, probably the ancient Chantry. The 
Church is mentioned in Domesday. The present building is 
Perpendicular. The parish is situated in the Deanery of Fordham, 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, and Diocese of Ely, but the Deanery of 
Fordham was, previous to 1846, a, peculiar of Rochester. A 
curious carving in alabaster was discovered in 1776, while repairing 
the Church, showing a Bishop or Mitred Abbot holding in his 


right hand the leg of a horse, recently torn off, and striking the 
hoof with a hammer. Near him stands a horse on three legs, with 
the shoulder bleeding whence the fourth leg has been torn. The 
horse is held by a person, whose legs appear under the horse, 
having peaked shoes on the feet ; in the background is a furnace, 
and round it horse shoes and tools of a smith. Some said it was 
St. Anthony of Padua, who was a farrier, who cut a horse's hoof 
off while paring it, which he immediately made whole, for which 
reason he was held to be a protector of horses and beasts shod 
with iron. Others said it was St. Ehgius, known as St. Eloys, or 
St. Loys, Bishop of Noyou, who is related to have pulled off the 
leg of the horse when he put on the shoe, and with the sign of the 
Cross restored it to its original place. He did this because he had 
once been kicked while shoeing a horse. Others think while the 
Church belonged to the Archbishops it was placed here to com- 
memorate St. Dunstan. A bronze Seal was found here twelve 
years ago of thirteenth century work, with David playing on a 
Harp and the words "Memento Domine David." There are five 
Bells, of which the second and third are dated 1623. The Cup is 
pronounced Elizabethian. The first Paten is dated 1723, the 
second is dated 1890, and the Flagon is dated 1854. The Rev. W. 
S. Parish says he had the Cup repaired, and also the second Paten 
made of the same size as the first, and for this and the Restoration 
paid £'\ 3s., deducting the value of a small silver Paten which he 
sold, which was a priceless relic of former ages. Freckenham had 
both a Rector and Vicar, so we give them in parallel lines ; at the 
end of which the list of Chantry Priests follows. The Chantry 
was in the Church. 

Rectors. Vicars. 

Thurstan, Curate in time of 
Lanfranc (Reg. Roff.). 
1229, Robert (Incipio Reg. Roff.). Richard (Incipio Reg. Roff.). 
1251 and 1274 Edmund de Chippenham 

(between) (Hamo 37). 

Thomas (Hamo 37). 
1320, William de Sydingbourne 

(Hamo 54). 

1323, Thomas de Woldham (Hamo 


1324, John atte Capelle (Hamo 

1324, John Noble (Hamo 151). 
1324, John Foderingeye (Reynolds 

1327, John de Castre (Hamo 118). 

1337, Walter de Euston (Hamo 

1347, Richard de Middleton John Aylburn (Hamo 224). 

(Hamo 225). 


Rectors. Vicars. 

1348, Richard de Sholden (Hamo Stephen Alkham de Pyria 
237). (Hamo 239). 

1348, Oct., Thomas Noble (Hamo 

1364, John de Aldington (Whittle- 

sey 334). 

1365, Thomas Waryn (Whittlesey 

1370, Henry de Pencombe (Tril- 

leck 344) . 
Richard de Greufalle. 
1393, John Aleyn (W. Bottlesham William Wyberd (W. Bottle- 

43). sham 43). 

1398, William Rolfe (W. Bottle- 
sham 124). 
1400, Alan Boys (W. Bottlesham 

Robert Scumfield. 
1406, Nicholas, Son of Clement 

Haddon de Honiton 

(Arundel I., 311). 
James Hertegray. 
1425, Richard Whyte (Langdon 

1434, John Steward (Langdon 98). 

William Newport. 
1434, William Warden (Langdon 


1439, Robert Clerk (Wellys 147) . John Chayne. 

1440, William Cotton (Wellys John Pery (Wellys 160). 

1442, Nicholas Whyntell (Wellys 

1454, William Warden. 

1452, James Eton (Lowe 239). 

1464, John Mortimer (Lowe 240) . 

1508, Ehzeus Burgess (Fisher 49). 

1509, John Chambers (Fisher 53). 
Robert Knight. 

1514, Henry White (Fisher 72). 
1520, William Thompson (Fisher 

Christopher Brown. 
Henry Morteyn (Fisher 195). 
1536, Oct., Maurice Griffith (New- 
court) . 
1543, John Symkin (Heath 3). 

I544I John Church (Holbeach 25). 


















William Elys (Reg. Vac. 

Cantuar 55). 
George Acworth (Alumni 

3, William Stocke (Parker 

John Grundye (Grindall 




Chapman (Neale 

John Marette (Par. Reg). 

John Alders (Par. Reg.). 

William Withers (Warner 

F. Tucker (Par. Reg.). 

Benjamin Castell (Muni- 
ments 11). 

Rowland Wood (Muniments 

Rowland Wood (Atterbury 

Stephen Isaacson (Bradford 

Michael Smith (Pearse 193). 

Henry Bates (Pearse 219). 

John Holme (King 321). 

Samuel Tillbrook (Par. 

George Barber Paley (Mur- 
ray 62). 

William Samuel Parish. 

George Edwin Pattenden. 

Henry Henman. 

John Leech (Par. Reg.). 
William Chapman (Par. 

Chantry Priests. 
1312, John(Hamo 41). 
1321, John de Lastre (Hamo 51). 
1324, Thomas de Daywicke (Hamo 63). 
1328, William de Hega. 

Willam Godard de Shepreth. 
1331, Gilbert Millom. 
1346, Martin Read. 
1349, Thomas Waryn. 
1393, Oct., William Wyberd. 
1393-4, Thomas Lyster, 


Chantry Priests. 
1397, John Holdeyn. 
1401, Reginald Scott. 
1459, John Perot. 
1461, Alexander Lyle. 

1508, RoUand Baxter. 

1509, Henry White (Fisher 53). 
1514, Benedicte Curwyne (Fisher 72). 

All Saints', Frindsbury, Freandesburi. 

This Church has always been in the Diocese, Archdeaconry, and 
Deanery of Rochester, but lately has been placed in the new Dean- 
ery of Clyffe. It paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
At the time of its reparation, 1883, the Church showed three 
Windows in the east wall, and three more in each side wall, and 
that these windows were blocked in the fifteenth century and larger 
windows inserted. In the north Window on the west side is a 
figure thought to be St. Leonard, in the east is a figure of St. 
Edmund (the name is above him), evidently Edmund, Archbishop 
of Canterijury, sainted in 1247. The south Light had a Bishop, 
perhaps Laurence de St. Martin, opposite is the figure of a woman. 
On the jamb of the north Light is St. Lawrence, and on the south 
Light on the north side is what may be Mary Magdalene ; on the 
south a Palmer (perhaps William of Perth). The plain Norman 
Arch that opens into the Chancel remains. The Chancel has low 
side windows of the Perpendicular period at the west end of its 
north and south walls. On the south side outwards there is a 
Priest's Door, and west of it an hagioscope. The Font has eight 
panels, four with the letters I.R.N.R., and four with a coat of 
arms, one panel having I., another the arms, the third R., the 
fourth a coat of arms, etc. There is a very curious tomb, with an 
opening in it as if to show the interior. There are six Bells, most 
of them ancient. The monuments to Watson, Needier and Butler 
are worthy of notice. There are a Flagon, a Chalice, two Patens, 
and an Alms Dish. The Alms Dish is inscribed as the gift of 
William Gibbs, 1811, the rest was purchased 1818. The Registers 
date from 1734. The Bishop of Rochester has always been Patron. 

Ralf (Reg. Roff. 686). 
1189 and 1198, William (Hamo 7 and 8) (Combers Vindication of 

Tythes I. 233). 
1289, William (Hamo 160). 
1328, Roger (Hamo 110). 

1330, Nicholas North de Hampton Meysey (Hamo 134). 
1333, William de Ameney (Hamo 143). 
1333, Richard de Berham (Hamo 160). 
1337, Robert de Waldene (Hamo 177). 
1346, Robert Carey (Hamo 222). 
1346, Richard Herring (Hamo 222). 


1346, Richard Rogers (Hamo 223). 

1348, Thomas Gosselyn (Hamo 240). 
1348-9, Feb., Walter Mellere (Hamo 240). 
1348-9, Mar., Thomas Hammergold (Hamo 241). 

1349, John de Riparia or Ripa juxta Dover (Hamo 246). 
1354, WiUiam atte Hall (Sheppey 262). 

1361, John Mitchell (Islep 225). 
1369, John Totesale (Trilleck 341). 

John Sandys. 
1393, Robert Granch (W. de Bottlesham 31). 
1403, Robert Selyman (J. Bottlesham 41). 
1424, Aug., John Paynton (Langdon 26). 
1425-6, Jany., Thomas CoUyer (Langdon 57). 
1439, William Saunders (Langdon 88). 
1452, July, William Boteler (Lowe 221). 
1452, Sept., Robert Person (Lowe 221). 
1457, John Northye (Act. Cur. Consist. 1448-68). 
1471, Richard Smyth (Ex. Test variis). 
1477, John Veer (Bourgchier 115). 
1486, John Caroue (Ex. Test variis). 
1494, Oct., Robert Sedgeford (Savage 14). 
1494-5, Jany., Richard Smyth (Savage 14). 

1497, Peter Trott (Savage 20). 

1498, Peter Sygewyke (Fitzjames 22). 

1502, Richard Browderell or Braudrip (Fitzjames 39). 
1524, Thomas Perone (Fisher 114), 
1532, Christopher Browne (Fisher 174). 
1534, Henry Morthing (Fisher 195). 

1540, John Tysane (Heath 202). 

1541, John Symking (Heath 250). 

1548, Bartholomew Bodocke (Holbeach 18). 

1549, Richard Orgar (Griffith 55). 
1554, Charles Brandon (Griifith 55). 
1568, John Home (Gheast 105). 
1587, William Gell (Yonge 177). 

1616, Henry Bearblocke (Buckeridge 201). 
1520, Walter Holmes (Buckeridge 210). 
1660, Thomas Johnson (Warner 112). 
1665, John Thompson (e libr Subscrip). 
1667, John Wyvill (Dolben 119). 
1690, Samuel Gibson (Muniments 16). 
1724, Thomas Harriss (Bradford 58). 
1726, Richard Chapman (Bradford 65). 
1762, Thomas Axton (Pearse 197). 
1764, Francis Taynton (Pearse 204). 
1778, Robert Fountain (Thomas 230). 
1788, William Philip Menzies (Thomas 246). 
1819, Thomas Winstanley (E. Par. Reg.). 
1822, Walker King (Act King I. 349). 


1826, James Formby. 

1881, William Hanson Jackson. 

1905, Francis Samuel Forster. 

St. Philip and St. James, Upnor. 

This Church was erected in 1878, from which time the Registers 
date. It has a modern Bell. The Bishop of Rochester is Patron. 
There are a plated Flagon, Chalice and Paten, of the same date as 
the Church, also a Chalice and two Patens of silver, presented by 
the parishioners in 1905. 

1878, Joseph Greenoak Bailey. 

1905, Gerald Ximenes Harcourt. 

1906, John Hodson. 

St. Mary's, Gillingham. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 9 
denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester, to which Diocese and 
Archdeaconry the parish has always belonged, but till 1846 was 
reckoned to the Deanery of Shoreham ; at that date it was 
transferred to the Deanery of Rochester. There are eight Bells, 
six of which are eighteenth century, and the two others are dated 
1811. There are traces of the old Norman Church at places in the 
walls. The fine Tower is of the decorated period. Some of the 
pillars are square, some octagonal. The three fine Sedilia on the 
south side point to the time probably when the Archbishop was 
Visitor. Gillingham was one of his peculiars. An opening near the 
bottom of the Chancel outside was probably a squint. The figure 
of the Virgin was noted as our Lady of Gillingham, to which 
pilgrimages were made ; it stood over the west door. The 
Patronage was once in the hands of the Convent of Ticehurst, 
Sussex, but was early transferred to the Convent of Minster in 
Sheppey. At the Reformation it escheated to the Crown, but was 
granted by Queen Elizabeth to Edward Hobbys, of Queenborough. 
Afterwards it came into the hands of S. Radcliffe, Principal of 
Brasenose, Oxford, who left the presentation to the college, who 
kept it for fifty years, after that they presented alternately with the 
Governors of the Free School, Middleton : after 1729 Brasenose 
presented alone till 1822, when John Page presented himself, and 
since then it has been altogether in private patronage. The 
Registers date from 1558 ; in them is recorded the christening of 
James Adams, the discoverer of Japan. The Communion vessels 
consist of a silver Chalice, dated 1571-2 ; another Chalice inscribed 
1787 ; a third inscribed 1753 ; a silver Flagon, the gift of John and 
Mary Luck, of Woodland, 1862 ; a Paten of silver, bought by the 
parishioners, 1752 ; a second Paten inscribed 1819, and two 
Victorian Patens, all of silver ; also two silver Alms Dishes 
inscribed 1753, and a pewter plate inscribed 1710. The present 
Patrons ar« the Executors of the late W. Rumney, Esq. 


1281, Hamo de Gillingham (Peckham 22). 

1284, Nicholas de Craneford (Registrum Roffense). 

GJoft'y de Castro [ (Coadjutors Registrum Roffense). 
1315, William de Frittenden (Reynolds 15). 
1321, Walter de Radnor (Reynolds 29). 
1350, John Williams de Yaneworth (Islep 255). 
1363, John Letch (Langham 43). 
1367, John Freeman (Langham 103). 
1390, John Moryce (Courteneye (280). 
1405, Thomas de Hedyrsete (Thorpe MSS). 

John Lytecock. 
1416, John atte Brigge (Chichele I. 81). 
1425, Alan Skyrme (Chichele I. 167). 
1440, Walter Baldray (Chichele I. 227). 

William Mapylton. 
1445, .Alexander Altham (Stafford 89). 
1449, Richard Maydegood (Stafford 101). 

John fflorence. 
1460, John Rafe or Roff (Bourgchier 78). 
1481, John Lawe (Bourgchier 127). 
1488, John Aston (Morton 134). 
1510, John Peter (Warham 341). 
1530, William Longforth (Warham 402). 
1536, William Byng (Cranmer 360). 
1540, Thomas Wythers (Cranmer 378). 
1559, Wilham Granger (Par. Reg.). 
1572, Jeffrey Downes (Parker II. 94). 
1591, Thomas Dickenson (Whitgift 496). 
1616, James Dyer (Abbot I. 421). 

1628, Gabriel Richardson (Abbot II. 357). 

1629, Edmund Leigh (Abbot III. 183), 

1630, Philip Cappur (Abbot III. 198). 
1645, Edward Carter (put in by Parliament). 
1649, John Trafford (Lambeth Surveys xix.). 
1660, Ralph Twisse (Juxon 18). 

1676, Moses Pengry (Sheldon 367). 

1678-9, Mar., William Yates (Sancroft 377). 

1679, May, Francis Philips (Sancroft 378). 

1679-80, Mar., William Hamond (Sancroft 382). 

1691, Humfrey Drake (Tillotson 154). 

1698, William Harrison (Tennison 200). 

1720, William Pemble (Wake I. 313). 

1729, Francis Pigott (Wake II. 255). 

1753, John Jenkinson (Herring 293). 

1780, Houston RadcUffe (CornwalUs 449). 

1822, John Page (Sutton II, 58)'. 

1867, John Henry Leach. 

1871, Robert Francis Molesworth, 


1873, Frederick Fitzgerald. 
1876, Charles Tamberlane Astley. 
1878, William Henry Robins. 

Upberry is frequently mentioned with Gillingham, and was a 
parish temp. Henry I. and Edward I. Between 1380 and 1385 
John Phillipot erected a chapel at Grange, to which the Rector of 
Gillingham was also appointed, and this was valued at the 
dissolution at £(>, and in Hasted days it was used as a barn. 
Lydsing was another chapelry which was united to Gillingham. 
It is mentioned as being in existence in Textus Roffensis, and 
paying 6 denarii as a chapel to the See of Rochester. It was 
dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, and was given to the Abbey of 
Minster in Sheppey with Gillingham by Henry I. In 1642, in 
Parliamentary Proceedings in Kent, Richard Tracy, Vicar of St. 
Mary's, Hoo, is said to be parson of it. The Chapel stood in a 
wood some distance from Gillingham. It was re-built in the last 
century, but there being only a farm house in the parish when 
Bredhurst Church was re-built it was allowed to fall into decay, 
and in 1886 it was taken down altogether. 

St. Barnabas, Gillingham. 

This parish was formed in 1890. The Church was built and the 
Registers commence in 1890. There are two Chalices and Patens 
and an Alms Dish. The Patron is the Bishop. From 1886 to 1888 
Frederick Archer Adams was Curate. He was succeeded from 
1888 to 1890 by Francis Robert Burrows as Curate ; he was after- 
wards Incumbent, 1890. 

1891, William Henry Bowers. 
1899, Cyrus Steel. 
1901, Henry Colborn. 

St. Luke's, Gillingam. 

This Church was erected in 1909. The Ground was bought 
by Bishop Thorold, and the Freemasons largely helped the work. 
There is one Bell. The Baptismal and Marriage Registers date 
from 1909. The Cup and Paten of gold, with amethysts, were 
given by the Misses Pink. The Flagon of silver was given by the 
Rev. C. Archer. There is also a gilt Alms Dish given by the 
Misses Pink. The Patron is the Bishop. 

1909, William Henry Tozer. 

St. James', Grain. Grean or Grayne. 

This Church was in the Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, when it 
was placed in the Deanery of Rochester. It has always belonged 
to the Diocese and Arcdeaconry of Rochester ; it is now in the 
Deanery of Cliffe. There was a Church here in Domesday times, 
and it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It was a 


peculiar of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Patronage was in 
the hands of the Abbess and Convent of Minster, in Sheppey, till 
the Reformation, since which time it has been in private hands. 
Its one Bell was recast when the Church was restored. The 
thickness of the walls and the setting of stones show relics of the 
Norman Church. Over the Porch is written: "This Porch was 
built and the Church repaired in the year of our Lord, 1815, 
John Smith, Churchwarden." Probably at this time the north and 
south Aisles were taken down, as the brick butresses that support 
the present walls show, and an interior wall now removed was 
built to make a Belfry. There are two Aumbries and two Piscina. 
There is a curious niche in the east wall, near the Altar, the use of 
which is unknown ; it may have been used for an Easter Sepulchre 
or Credence Shelf, we hardly think to bake bread, as suggested. 
The chased zig-zag pillars supporting the lofty Chancel Arch are 
noticeable. The way to the Roodloft is in the north wall. The 
two arched recesses on the north and south of the Chancel Arch 
perhaps were intended to lead to future Chapels or Chancels. 
There are two frescoes of Bishops, perhaps Hamo de Heth and 
John de Sheppey to the south of the these. There are a Cup, gilt 
inside, and a Paten Cover of the date 1569, there is a Paten 
also of base metal, given by Rev. G. Davis, and a modern silver 
Paten and Spoon. The Registers date from 1664. The Church 
has just been restored and a Tower built, and amongst the 
contributors are Edward VII. and the Emperor of Germany. The 
Patron is the Rev. H. Macpherson. 

1350, Adam Gerard (Islep 255). 

1351, Gilberts de Hardeshull (Islep 257). 
1356, William Clere de Upcherche (Islep 272). 
1369, John Rogger (Whittlesey 73), 

1374, John Lytecock (Whittlesey 94). 

Adam Colfe (obijt 1401). 
1402, John de Sancto Neotto de Nettylham (Arundel I., 285). 
1407, Thomas Forster (Arundel I., 318). 
1410, Robert Page (Arundel II., 56). 

Alan Skyrme. 
1425, John Kardiff or Cardyff (Chichele I., 157). 
1453, Peter Dyngley (Kemp 326). 
1455, John Esyngwold (Bourgchier 61). 
1457, Thomas Knyght (Bourgchier 67). 
1460, John Lambe (Bourgchier 69). 
1470, John Blake (Bourgchier 103). 
1474, James Thomlynson (Bourgchier 111). 
1478, William Gierke (Bourgchier 118). 

Thomas Ely. 
1488, May, John Raby (Morton 134). 
1488, Nov., Andrew Crage (Morton 136). 

Thomas Burgh. 
1514, John Grigge (Warham 355), 


1523, Robert PopuU or.Pople (Warham 378). 
1528, William Longforth (Warham 397). 
1530, William Smyth (Warham 402). 

Oliver Garnette. 
1560, William Painter (Parker I. 345). 
1563, Sept., Richard Hartfield (Parker I. 362). 
1563-4, Mar., Richard Lenthall (Parker I. 363). 
1573, Richard Tuttyon (Parker II. 93). 
1576, Robert Draper (Grindal 511). 
1596, William Pulley (Whitgift II. 335). 
1598, George Gierke (Whitgift III. 252). 
1619, Nathaniel Sparke (Abbot II. 318). 
1628, Thomas Sparke (Abbot II. 359). ; 

Ralph Mabbe, buried Aug. 28th, 1649 (E. Reg. AUington). 
1650, Edward Sparke (Lambeth Surveys xix.). 
1661, Gregory Hobart (Juxon 128). 
1669, James Nairn (Sheldon 337). 
1677, Bartholomew May (Sheldon 374). 
1688, Paul Baristowe (Sancroft 426). 
1716, Edward Turner (Wake 296). 
1753, Charles Sone (Herring 296). 
1755, Thomas Ireland (Herring 308). 
1771, John Dolman (Cornwallis 413). 
1774, Luke Phillips (Cornwallis 429). 
1813, George Davies (Sutton II. 33). 

1862, Whiston Timothy Bristowe. 

1874, George Heaton. 

1893, Henry Christopher Ricketts Macpherson. 

St. Mary's, Gravesend. 

This Church stood on the site of, if it was not the one mentioned 
here in Domesday Book, and in Textus Roffensis we find paid 9 
denarii to the See of Rochester, but it has long ago disappeared. 
It was the Parish Church of Gravesend till 1510, aftewards it was 
held as such till 1581, when it was deserted and fell into decay. It 
was in the Patronage of St. Mary Grace's. 

Adam, temp King John (Reg. Roff. 526). 
1269, Walter de Rudmerl (Pat. Rolls 53 Henry III). 

1331, Wilham de BellSgrave (Hamo 145). 

1332, Adam de Scakelthorpe (Hamo 147). 
1338, James de Derteforde (Hamo 164). 
1341, James Waryn (Hamo 194). 

1343, Wilham de London (Hamo 207). 

1344, Adam de Hauboys (Hamo 211). 

1345, Richard de Olney (Hamo 219). 

1349, John Jancock (Hamo 229). 

1350, John de Clapchyn (Hamo 235). 
1357, Robert de Mildenhale (Sheppey 289). 


1361, John de Banebury (Sheppey 295). 
1364, Robert Chane de Wyke (Trilleck 321). 

1390, Simon Stoke (W. Bottlesham 10). 

1391, Thomas de Barbour (W. Bottlesham 24). 
1399, Andrew Senders (W. Bottlesham 37). 

1428, John Worghope or Wyborough (Langdon 83). 

1446, John Elys (Lowe 207). 

1455, Thomas Thorpe (Ex. variis test'"). 

1461, Thomas Dannett (Act. Cur. Conist. 1439-1460). 

1464, John Thorpe (Ex. Test" W. Acton). 

Robert Holte. 
1497, Henry Redinge (Fitzjames 20). 
1530, Roger Wylde (Fisher 160). 
1535, John Wyatt (Lib. Tax, 101). 
1541, John CoUyngs (Heath 207). 
1546, William CoUyngs (Holbeach 37). 
1549, Peter Lymiter (Reg. Ridley) (deprived Griffith 58). 
1554, Nicholas Greenhay (Griffiths 58). 
1560, Peter Lymiter again (Gheast 83). 
1581, Robert Holland (Yonge 154). 

St. George's, Gravesend, 

This Church was originally consecrated in honour of St. George 
on April 3rd, 1510, by Bishop Fisher, as a chapel to the Parish 
Church, but it was not to be used to the detriment of the latter, so 
it would be unlawful to bury the dead or baptize infants there or 
aliquod sacrum alium in eadem capellS. ministrare prater quam 
consecrationem corporis domini. This Church was destroyed by 
fire, as was also the Churchyard in 1727. The Church was rebuilt 
in 1731, when ;^5000 was given by Act of Parliament and /1, 000 by 
George II. towards the rebuilding. It has always been in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and was in the Deanery 
till 1846, after which it became part of the new Deanery of 
Gravesend. The Burial Register dates from 1547, the Baptisms 
from 1651, and the Marriages from 1653. The Communion Plate 
consists of two Chalices, two Patens and Flagon, of modern silver, 
and a brass Alms Dish. The eight Bells were given originally in 
1736, but several have been recast. The patronage was in the 
hands of the Wyatts, from whom it came to the Brookes of 
Cobham, with whom it continued till the 1st of James I., it then 
escheated to the Crown, which held it till 1886, when it was passed 
to the Bishops of Rochester. 

1497, Henry Redinge, Rector of St. Goorge's and St. Mary's 
(Fisher 54). 

1530, Roger Wylde, Rector of St. George's and St. Mary's 
(Fisher 160). 

1533, John Wyatt, Rector of St. Mary's, 1535 (Lib. Tax. 101). 

1541, John CoUyngs, Rector of St. George's and St. Mary's 
(Heath 207). 


1546, William Collings, Rector of St. George's and St. Mary's 

(Holbeach 37). 

1547, Peter Lymiter, Rector of St. George's and St. Mary's (Reg. 

Ridley) deprived (Griffith 58). 
1554, Nicholas Greenhay Rector of St. George's and St. Mary's 

(Griffith 58). 
T560, Peter Lymiter, restored Rector of St. George's and St. 

Mary's (Gheast 83). 
1581, Robert Holland, last Rector of St. George's and St. 

Mary's (Yonge 154). 
1587, William Browne (Yonge 163). 

1609, John Buries (Ex. Autograph in Archivis, Archid. Roff.). 
1617, Nicholas Frankwell (MSS. Twysden). 
1632, Kenelm Manwaring (Bowie 209). 
1650, Simon Dyer (Pari. Surveys xix.). 
1650, — Sharp (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1653, Thomas Plume (Shindler 83). 
1661, William Lyster (Warner 52). 
1687, John Hughes (Mandat Indue. Dec. 10, 1867). 
1699, Thomas Shewell (Muniments 12). 
1704, William Savage (Muniments 19). 

1721, Samuel Dunster (Atterbury 50). 

1722, William Ayerst (Atterbury 51). 
1726, Thomas Harris (Bradford 66). 
1762, William Crawley (Pearse 200). 
1782, John Tucker (Thomas 234). 
1811, Samuel Watson (Par. Reg.). 

1837, Richard Symonds Joynes (Murray 68). 

1846, Robert Joynes. 

1892, John Horsley Haslam. 

1899, Edward Lionel Gedge. 

St. James', Gravesend. 

This Church was built in 1852, from which time the Registers 
date. The Communion Plate, consisting of a Flagon, two Chalices 
and a Paten, silver gilt, was given July 25th, 1878. It has only one 
Bell. The Patron is the Rector of Gravesend. 

1852, John Joynes. 
1883, Augustine Briggs. 

1900, Ernest Mort. 

1907, Samuel Joseph Poole. 

St. Luke's, Gravesend. 

This Church was built in 1890. The Communion Plate consists 
of an electro plate Flagon and a silver Chalice and Paten. There is 
a modern Bell. The Registers are kept at the Parish Church, as it 
is not yet separated from it. 


Gravesend and Milton Union, 
There is no Chapel here and the Dining Hall is used for Divine 

Service, and there are no Communion Vessels. The first Chaplain 

vi'as formally appointed in 1896. 
1896, John Horsley Haslam. 
1899, Edward Lionel Gedge. 

St. Andrew's Waterside Mission. 
A modern Church which was consecrated in 1871, from which 
time the Registers date. The Flagon, Chalice and Paten are 
beautifully embossed gold plate. There is also a brass Alms Dish. 
The Church has always been annexed to Holy Trinity, Milton. 

St. Alphege's* Greenwich. Grenewic. 

The Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester, 
according to Textus Roifensis. The Presentation belonged to the 
Abbey of Ghent till Act Henry V., 2, suppressed all Rights of 
Presentation of Alien Priories ; it was then given to the Abbey of 
Shene, where it remained till 23rd, Henry VIII., when the King 
obtained it by change ; it has since remained with the Crown. It 
was in the Diocese of Rochester, Archdeaconry of Rochester, 
and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, when it was placed in the 
Diocese of London. In 1867 the Parish was restored to the 
Rochester Diocese, and gave its name to a new Rural Deanery, 
which was in the Archdeaconry of Rochester. In 1905 it and its 
daughter Churches were transferred to the Bishopric of Southwark, 
Rural Deanery of Greenwich, and Archdeaconry of Lewisham. 
The old Church was first built here in memory of St. Alphege, 
Bishop of Canterbury, who was slain near-by by the Danes in 1012. 
It was burnt to the ground in 1614. In 1617 the Steeple was 
rebuilt and the Church ; the latter was rebuilt again in 1710, when 
the remains of the old Church were worked into the new. The 
Steeple was again rebuilt in 1710. The carving of the Church is 
by Grinling Gibbons. The Churchwardens sold the picture of 
Queen Elizabeth's Tomb at Westminster with the portraits of 
Charles I., Queen Anne and George I. belonging to the Church for 
a few pounds. The Registers date only from 1615, those previous 
to this date were burnt, evidently in the fire, as the earliest existing 
are partly scorched and burnt. There are one gilt Cup, the gift of 
John Wardall in 1631, and two Patens bearing his arms, and also a 
second gilt Cup dated 1657, two Flagons the gift of Mary Squib, 
1671, an Alms Dish, presented by Mrs. Ann Adam, 1684, a Basin, 
given by Mrs. Dorothy Brewer, 1707, for Baptisms, a Spoon dated 
1708, and a Paten, the gift of P. Watton, 1711. There is a window 
to General Wolfe with a figure of him, and as a monument a 
replica of his coiBn lid. 

Jordan temp Henry II. (Reg. Roff. 649). 

1189-98, Richard (Hamo 6). 

1218-39, Nicholas (Reg. Roff. 471). 

1293, Ranulph (Placit Jur et Ass 21 Edward I.). 


Nicholas de Herlawe. 
1317, John de Fresenfield (Reynolds 22). 

1321, Nicholas Castello (Hamo 52). 

1322, John de Brampton (Hamo 246). 
1349, John Jewcock or Jencock (Hamo 247). 
1371, John Baron (Trilleck 352). 

John Wynter. 
1391, John Burwell (W. Bottlesham 12). 
1396, John Hals (Pat. Roll. Richard II., 19, p. 2). 
1396, Walter Multon (W. Bottlesham 63). 

John Hills. 
1398, Richard Cosyn (Chichele 14) (W. Bottlesham 126). 
1410, Robert Popinjay (Arundel II., 58). 

John Louvin. 

John Bradley (Chapter Ho. Co., Ba;gs L 1-5, 25). 

1422, John Prata (Langdon 11). 

1423, William Swan (Chichele I., 149). 
Edmund Pirre, died 1440. 

1440, Richard Rysshton (Wellys 156). 

1444, John Morton (Stafford 77). 

1454, John Here (Lowe 255). 

1458-9, William Skypwyth (Lowe 331). 

1474, John Welles (Ex. Test" J. Stratford). 

1483, John Spinkes (Ex. Test" W. Gough). 

1486, Edmond Russell (Ex. Test" Su"). 

1489, Robert Hoghton (Ex. Test" John Stamer). 

1499, William Wyott (Ex, Test" John Herst). 

1500, John Kynde (Act Archid 46). 
Richard Huttone, died 1509). 

1509, William Derlyngtone (Fitzjames 52). 

1526, Thomas Hall (Fisher 136). 

1535, John Cowde (Fisher 184). 

1543, Henry Hall, deprived 1554 (Holbeach 28) (Griffith 59). 

1556, Robert Thompson (Ex. Test° Bromfield). 

1561, Richard Birde (Gheast 94). 

1566, John Regate or Rygate (Lansdowne MSS. 443, f. 286).— 

see Rygate. 
1590, John Kinde (Yonge 180). 
1616, John Cotton (Hundred of Blackheath). 
1625, John Creighton (Walker's Suffering Clergy). 

1650, John Sterne (Parliamentary Returns). 

1651, Faithful Teate (Parliamentary Returns). 

1652-3, Nicholas Fultringham (Journal House Committee). 

1658, Thomas Plume (Hundred of Blackheath). 

1704. John Turner (Muniments 18). 

1720, Ralph Skerrett (Atterbury 47). 

1751, Samuel Squire (Wilcocks 167). 

1766. John Hinchcliffe (Pearse 205). 

1770, Andrew Barnaby (Pearse 214). 


1812, George Mathew (King 302). 

1833, William Aldwyn Soames (Murray. 53). 

1866,8jolin Gale Miller. 

1880, Brooke Lambert. 

1901, Samuel Martyn Bardsley. 

St. Mary's, Greenwich. 

The foundation stone of this Church was laid by the Princess 
Sophia, 1823. It was consecrated by the Bishop of Oxford. It 
has never been separated from the Parish Church and has no 
Registers. It has one Bell. There are a Flagon and two Chalices 
and Patens of silver. 

Holy Trinity, Blackheath Hill. 

This Church was built in 1839, but the parish was not separated 
altogether till 1868. The Registers date from 1872. The Vicar of 
Greenwich is Patron. There are a large Flagon and Paten for the 
Credence Table, besides two small Chalices and Patens of silver 
gilt and a decorated Flagon. There is a modern Bell. 

1840, Thomas Garden (Murray 78). 

1845, Jacob Hugo North (Murray 82). 

1851, Isaac William North. 

1881, Charles Hare Simpkinson. 
1887, Samuel Fry Hooper. 
1898, Ronald Bayne. 

1909, William Woodward Fearon. 

Christchurch, Greenwich. 

This Church was built in 1846. It has one Bell. The Registers 
date from February, 1868. The Holy Communion Vessels consist 
of two silver Chalices and Patens, given by William and John 
Baker, 1849 ; there are also an electro plate Flagon, and an Alms 
Dish of silver, the gift of C.B., in memory of E.F.E., 1849. 
There is a stained glass Window in memory of Rev. W. A. Soames, 
Vicar of Greenwich, 1833 to 1866. The Vicar of Greenwich is the 

1849, John Young Hughes. 

1869, Samuel Christopher Morgan. 

1873, Charles Henry Banning. 

1874, David Reith. 

1892, Arthur Hamilton Baynes. 

1893, George Sale Reaney. 

1901, George Frederick Cecil de Carteret. 

St. John's, Greenwich, Blackheath. 

This Church was built in 1852. The Bell is inscribed 1859. 
There is a record in the Church that coins of 1852 are deposited in 
the buttress. The Communion Vessels consist of two silver 


■ Chalices and Patens, a small Paten on foot, a, glass silver-mounted 
Flagon, and a gilt Spoon. This became a separate parish in 1868, 
from which time the Register dates. W. Angerstein, Esq., is the 

1852, Robert George Lewis. 

1868, Ernest Cowan. 

1875, Joseph William Marshall. 

St. Paul's, Greenwich. 

This Church was built in 1864, from which time the Register 
dates. The Patrons are Trustees. There is one Bell. The 
Communion Plate consists of one Flagon, two Cups, two Patens, 
and a silver Spoon. 

1864, Thomas Daniel Halstead. 
1870, James Wareing Bardsley. 
1878, Alfred Love. 
1907, Percy Gaster. 

St. Peter's, Greenwich. 

This Church was built in 1867, and the Patrons are Trustees. 
The Registers date from 1866. There is one Bell. There are two 
Cups, two Patens and a Flagon of silver. 

1867, James Wareing Bardsley. 
1870, Francis Storer Clark. 
1909, William Taylor Money. 

St. Andrew and St. Michael's, Greenwich Marsh. 

This Church was built by the proceeds of the sale of St. 
Michael's, Wood, Street, London, in 1902. There is one Bell. The 
Registers commence June, 1902. The ancient Plate, which 
belonged to St. Michael's, was given to this Church, but is kept in 
the Bank. There are a Flagon of glass, mounted in silver, and a 
silver gilt Chalice and Paten, and a brass Alms Dish. A pillar in 

the Church is marked l\l The Patrons are the Lord Chancellor 

and Bishop of London alternately. 

1902, Henry Gardiner. 
1906, Herbert London. 

St. George's, Westcombe Park. 

This Church, erected in 1892, has Registers of Baptisms and 
Marriages from that date. There is one Bell. The Communion 
Plate consists of a Flagon, large Paten, two small Patens, and 
Chalices of silver . One Cup , the gift of James Soames, Esq . , J . P . , was 
used at his Christening in 1808. The other was the gift of William 
Stobart, Esq. The two Patens were given by Mrs. Emily Mary 


Ann Soames, 1891, in memory of her mother, who died September 
18th, 1889. The Patron is the Rev. W. H. K. Soames. 

1892, Werner Henry KoUe Soames. 
1906, Henry Edward Heinekey. 

Greenwich Combe. Comba. 

An ancient Chapel in Greenwich, according to Textus Roffensis ; 
paid 6 denarii clirism fee, as a Claapel, to tlie See of Rochester ; it 
was built of stone, with a lead roof, and stood near the royal 
stables. Edward IV. granted it to Robert Hockland. We find 
no further records of it. 

Greenwich Union. 

This Chapel was built in 1875 at a cost of £2,500. There are an 
electro-plate Paten and Chalice, uninscribed. 

1837, David Jones. 

1865, W. Hill. 

1873, Henry Worsley. . 

1875, Henry Beaufort Grimaldi. 

1877, Edward Fawcett. 

1880, William Gumley. 

1896, William Horan. 

Royal Hospital Chapel, Greenwich. 

In January, 1779, the dome roof and the interior of the Chapel 
were destroyed by fire ; in September, 1851, it was re-opened after 
restoration ; and in 1882 it was completely renovated. There is a 
vestibule with Statues of Faith, Hope, Charity and Meekness, by 
West, and Tablets in Memory of Officers and Men of the 
" Orpheus " and " Dotterel," and of Rear Admiral May ; from this 
a flight of steps lead into the Chapel, over the entrance to which is 
the organ gallery, with an organ constructed by Samuel Green, 
1787, and renovated 1872. Under it are a bust of Sir R. G. Keats, 
G.C.B., sculptured by Chantrey and presented by William IV., 
and Sir T. M. Hardy, G.C.B., Nelson's Captain. Over the lower 
range of windows are eight paintings, on each side, of Gospel 
scenes. Over the Altar is a painting, by West, of the Preservation 
of St. Paul from Shipwreck on Melita ; above are two Angels, one 
bearing the Cross, and the other the emblem of the Eucharist, and 
above all a painting of the Ascension. The Pulpit is supported by 
six columns, handsomely carved, between them six scenes from the 
Acts of the Apostles. The Burial and Baptismal Registers date 
from 1839. There is a Baptismal Bowl of silver gilt, 1818, and a 
massive Communion Service of silver gilt, of which the Chalice is 
inscribed as purchased 1713 by money left by Hans Hendrick, a 
poor pensioner, for pious uses. 


1705, Philip Stubbs, to Sept. 13, 1738. 
1705, Robert Baring, to Nov. 30, 1715. 
1716, Thomas Pocock, to Jan. 13, 1745. 
1738, Nicholas Tindal, to Nov. 9, 1772. 
1745, David Campbell, to Apr. 1, 1773. 

1772, John Cooke, to June 24, 1817. 

1773. John MauU, to Feb. 4, 1816. 

1816, Samuel Cole, to Nov. 25, 1838. 

1817, William Jones, to July 6, 1828. 
1828, David Lloyd, to Sept. 5, 1845. 

1838, John Kellow Goldney, to Nov. 6, 1865. 
1845, Edv?ard Kitson to Nov. 6, 1865. 
1865, William Guise Tucker, to Mar. 17, 1871. 
1871, James Henry Lang, to July 31, 1876. 
1876, John Cawston, to Aug. 31, 1882. 
1882, John Bradley Harbord, to June 27, 

1888, Charles Edward Yorke, to Sept. 30 

1889, William Law to Oct. 1, 1894. 
1894, Samuel Kenah, to Oct. 4, 1899. 
1899, George Goodenough, to Oct. 4, 1904. 
1904, Hugh Singleton Wood. 

St. John the Evangelist and Apostle, Groombridge. 

This parish is now joined on to the adjacent parish of Speldhurst. 
A Chapel was finished here by Joan, relict of Henry de Cobham. 
and dedicated, as above, by William and Hawyse Russell in 1239, 
Of this Chapel we find mention in the Registers of Hamo de Heth 
only. No mention is found anywhere else. 

1239, Robert of Speldhurst (Hamo 141). 

1264, Robert of Sutton (Hamo 142). 

1275, William (Hamo 142). 

1325, John of Sele (Hamo 71). 

King Charles the Martyr, Groombridge. 

A Chapel was erected herein 1525 by John Packer upon theruinsof 
the old Chapel. An inscription over the door says "C.P.D.O.M.S. 
ob felicissimum Caroli Principis ex Hispania reditum sacellum 
hoc. d. d. 1625, J. P." It was afterwards dedicated, like its 
predecessor, to St. John the Evangelist. Here is a tablet to 
William Cotton Oswell who discovered Lake Ngami. It seems to 
have been generally attached for ministration to Speldhurst, and 
these two only separate clergy have transpired. 

1655-91, John Poeton (Ex. Mon" Su°) (Thorpe's Reg. Roff.). 

1718, Nicholas Adams (Atterbury 39) . 

St. Mary's, Hadlow. Audlo. 

There was a Church here in the time of Domesday, and it paid 
9 denarii to the See of Rochester, according to Textus Roffensis, 
and in 1287 the Advowson was given to the Knights of St. John of 


Jerusalem, who held it till the suppression of their Order, in the 
thirty-second year of Henry VIII. Edward VI., in his first year, 
granted it to Sir Ralph Fane, and after passing through various 
private hands in 1797, the Rev. P. Monypenny presented himself 
to the living, and in the hands of his family it has since continued. 
There are eight Bells, one of which is dated 1690, five 1695, and 
two 1775. The Church was held to be in the Diocese and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it 
was referred to the Archbishopric of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of 
Maidstone, and Deanery of North Mailing ; in 1905 it became once 
more part of the Diocese of Rochester, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, 
and Deanery of Mailing. The Church has been often restored in 
modern times, so that much that is ancient has been swept away, 
but there are traces of the Norman Church. The Steeple was 
evidently begun in Norman times and added to later on. There is 
a decorated entrance to the vault of the Rivers family, inside the 
Church ; other monuments are modern. The Registers date from 
1558, but were kept in much confusion ; there are several curious 
entries. In Bishop Lowe's Register there is a curious Admissio 
heretica by one Richard Herbert of this parish. The present 
Patron is C. J. B. Monypenny, Esq. 

1217, Adam de Fontibus (Ex. autograph penes Dean and 

Chapter of Rochester). 
1288, Alfred de Aspaldus (Tanner's Bibhotheca 53). 

1323, John Argent (Hamo 59). 

1324, Richard Dranck (Hamo 65). 

1338, Nicholas Dawe (II. Pat Rolls Edward III). 

Sayerus (Hamo 40) (Denue MSS). 

John Wycestre, 
1392, Thomas Botiller (W. Bottlesham 37). 
1404, Alfred Clegg (J. Bottlesham 191). 
1416, William Bagot. 

1422, William S (Langdon 71). 

1430, James Hope (Langdon 92). 

1444, John London (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468, p, 8). 

1449, Robert Bradley (Lowe 220). 

1453, Edmund Mareshead (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468, p. 270) 

(Denne MSS,). 
1460, JohnPlumpton (Act, Cur. Consist 1444-1468, p. 422). 
1455, David Howell (Lowe 248). 
1475, David Hewe (Ex. variis test'"). 
1496, Thomas Benson (Act. Cur. Consist 1491-1512). 
1504, Ralph Hoghton (Ex. Test° Su°) (Fisher 30). 
1513, John Turner (Fisher 70). 
1517, Thomas Awland (Fisher 75). 
1528, John Crosse (Fisher 146). 
1536, Henry Medow (Fisher 185). 
1540, John Betson (Heath 18). 
1545, William Pattenson (Holbeach 23). 


1546, John Best (Ridley 38). 

1554, Thomas Meer (Scory 58). 

1555, Thomas Snowe (Ex. test'" variis). 

1556, Thomas Wyxe (Griffith 57). 

1560, Thomas Snowe again (Ex. test'" varus E. Bur. Reg.). 
1572, Wilham Stace (Act. Vis. Archid 10). 
1587, Wilham Leder (Yonge 187). 
1595, John Gierke (Barlowe 201). 
1595, John Starkey (Barlowe 201). 
1629, Samuel Grymes (Curie 217). 

1643. George Rambone, a Puritan Minister (Ex. Par. Reg.). 
1661, Robert Dewhurst (Lee 25). 
1666, William Wing (Act. Archid 13). 
1679, Andrew Reyney (Muniments 78). 
1701, Edward Brook (Bishop's Instit. 14). 
1705, George Oliver (Muniments 19) . 
1720, George Richards (Atterbury 30). 
1749, Arthur Spender (Wilcocks 162). 
1753, William Fitzherbert (Wilcocks 174), 
■ 1797, Phillips Monypenny (Horsley 265). 
1840. James Isaac Monypenny (Murray 75). 
1871, Phillips Howard Monypenny, 
1908, Sinclair Howard Monypenny. 

St. John the Baptist, Halling. Hallingas. 

This Church has always been in the Diocese and Archdeaconry 
of Rochester, and also in the Deanery of Rochester till 1846, when 
it was placed in the new Deanery of Cobham. There was a 
Church here in Domesday times and it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to 
the See of Rochester. There are traces of Norman work in the 
Church, though most of it has been added in later times. There 
was an ancient painting over the Chancel Arch of Halling, which 
is variously described as the tale of an unfaithful wife, or an 
emblematic representation of the seven deadly sins. Amongst 
other Memorials are two Brasses, one to John Colard, and the 
other, a very curious one, to Sylvester Lambarde. There are five 
Bells of the date 1675. The Register dates from 1705. The 
Presentation was given to Strood Hospital in 1192, and at the 
Reformation was transferred to the Dean and Chapter of Rochester. 
About a mile from the Church stood the ancient Chapel of St. 
Lawrence, of which some remains are found in a cottage. We 
give those Chaplains we have found, in parallel columns with the 
Vicars. The Bishops of Rochester had a place here, now swept 

Vicars. Chaplains of St. Lawrence. 

Michaelis (T. C. Kilbourne 

1317, HughGirton(M.S.Ecclesi£E 
Cant, Lib.). 
















John Claver (Hamo 45). 
Jolin Argent (Hamo 51). 
John de Folkestone (Hamo 

Thomas Lardner (Hamo 

John de Wileshyr. 
Robert de Dereham (Hamo 

John Champneys (Denne 

John de Riparia (Denne 

Reginald de Holeweye 

(Hamo 244). 
Richard de Tresthorpe 

(Denne MSS.). 
John atte Sole(Sheppey 256) . 

Chaplains of St. Lawrence. 

Michael de Painton. 
William de Kucklestane (Hamo 

June 18 

Walter de Weston (Trilleck 

Robert Thorogood (Trilleck 

John Erpingham. 
Robert Clerk (W. Bottle- 
sham 17). 

Thomas Glanvyle or Glanvill 
(Hamo 244). 

Thomas Jakyn. 

Alexander Wayte (Sheppey 

Richard Plunkett (Sheppey 

Roger de Chesterfield 
Robert de Shardelowe 

(Sheppey 302). 
John deKennyngton (Sheppey 

Richard de Kesteven. 
Richard de Brantyngham 

(Trilleck 321). 
Thomas Walton. 
Walter Dautre (Trilleck 342). 

Thomas de Walton (Trilleck 

John Hothney (Trilleck 343). 
Benjamin de Birmingham. 
Robert Clerk (W. Bottlesham 

Thomas Penysthorp (W. 

Bottlesham 23) , 













Thomas Penysthorp 
Bottlesham 24) . 

Thomas Bekonsfield 
Bottlesham 43). 

Chaplains of St, Lawrence. 


Stephen Porchet. 
Thomas Pende (Chichele I. 

WiUiam Hammond (Wellys 

Thomas Carlton (Lowe 209) . 

William Kirkeby (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1444-1468 192). 

Thomas Merbury (Lowe 219) . 
William Martyn (Lowe 245) . 
Robert Carre (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1471-1503). 
Richard Potter (Fitzjames 

John Cotton (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1511-1513). 
Richard Clarke (Fisher 70). 
Thomas Snydall (Fisher 73) . 

Thomas Bekonsfield (W. 
Bottlesham 43). 

Thomas Hale. 

John Bromynge (W. Bottle- 
sham 208). 

Richard Cordon (Langdon 

Robert Ayscough (Wellys 

William Hammond (Wellys 

William Potter. 
Thomas Ratcliff (Reg. Roff. 

Thomas Carlton (Lowe 209) . 

John Perot (Denne MSS.). 

Robert Sharp (Lib. Tax 1523 

Richard Back. 
Robert Truelove (Fisher 159) . 


1534, Henry Johnson (Fisher 181). 

1545, Richard Longhorne. 

1546, Thomas Bedlowe (Act. Vis.' Archid.). 
1554, Launcelot Gylhawke (Griffith 57). 

1563, Thomas Bedlowe, restored (Act. Vis. Archid.] 

1567, Walter Halt (Guest 104). 

1587, William Ledes (Yonge 178). 

1625, Michael Chapman (Buckeridge 174). 

1638, John Bath (Bowie 225). 

1662, Thomas Yardley (Warner 252). 

1663, John Howgrave (Warner 265). 


1676, John Edwards (Shindler). 
1678, Thomas Wren (Shindler). 

Bailey (Shindler). 
1688, Robert Berisford (Muniments 8). 
1705, "William White (Muniments 19). 
1724, Ralph Bishop (Bradford 58). 
1729, John Price (Bradford 77). 
1750, Ralph Bishop (Wilcocks 170). 
1754, John Pratt (Wilcocks 175). 
1760, Richard Husband (Pearse 193). 
1766, Thomas Dawes (Pearse 207). 
1758, Arnold Carter (Pearse 212). 
1770, Robert Fountaine (Pearse 216). 
1777, John Leach (Thomas 224). 
1791, William Dyer (Thomas 252). 
1818, Samuel Browne (Act King I., 322). 
1824, William Henry Drage (Act. King II., 5). 
1843, George Frederick John Marsham (Murray 48). 
1852, Joshua Nailson. 
1885, Frederick Goldsmith. 
1888, George Plumptre Howes. 
1899, William Roberts. 
1904, Ernest Edward Crawford. 

St. Margaret's, Halstead. Halstede. 

The earliest mention we find of this Church is in the Taxatio 
Papffi Nicolai IV. The Church was in the Diocese and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester, and as a peculiar of the Archbishop in the 
Deanery of Shoreham till 1845 ; it was then reckoned to the 
Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery 
of Shoreham ; it was, in 1905, kept in the Shoreham Deanery, 
but restored to the Diocese of Rochester and Archdeaconry of 
Tonbridge, it has since been made part of the new Deanery of 
Sevenoaks. The Church was restored and enlarged by Sir Thomas 
Watson in 1609, but was most ruthlessly pulled down in 1881, a 
small piece of the west end, which is covered with brambles, and 
a grave or two being all that is left. The Cemetery Chapel, a mile 
away, was turned into the Parish Church, and the Monuments 
were placed in it. It is a disgrace to this country that the relics of 
this ancient Church should have been ruthlessly swept away at 
such a date. There is one Bell. The Flagon, Chalice and Paten, 
all of silver gilt, date from 1869 to 1870. The Registers commence 
1551. The Archbishop is Patron. 

1282, John de Boghurst (Peckham 23). 

1286, Wilham Denne de Triipeton (Peckham 31). 
1314, Nicholas de Dunsley (Reynolds 15). 

Walter de Salmyngton. 
1355, Roger de Sevenoke (Islep 271). 
1357, John de Hasleden (Islep 279). 


1383, William Ledecombe (Courteneye 250). 
1385, John Bette (Courteneye 250). 
1387, John Newetone (Courteneye 265). 

1389, Thomas Bayley (Courteneye 272). 

1390, John Boltenham (Courteneye 342). 
1390, William Trigge (Courteneye 342). 
1392, John Selbrythden (Courteneye 346). 

1402, Thomas Chesterton (Arundel 285) . 

1403, Thomas May (Arundel 290). 

1404, John Kyng (Arundel 296). 

1418, William Bebyngton (Chichele I., 68). 
1420, William Wright (Chichele I., 109). 
1420, John Bates (Chichele I., 119). 
1432, John Brigge (Chichele I., 196). 

Thomas Symson. 
1449, John Parkour (Stafford 101). 
1485, John Mapylton (Ex. Test" Su°). 
1487, Giles Banes (Morton 131). 

Thomas Denys. 
1507, John Colyns (Warham 326) . 
1548, William Gybons (Cranmer 400) . 
1560, Richard Harman (Parker I., 346). 
1570, Ralph Sheyers or Shiers (Parker I., 379). 
1578, Edmund Henderson (Parker II., 95). 

1593, Charles Hutchinson (Whitgift II., 319). 

1594, Henry Fairbrace (Whitgift II., 322). 
1601, Henry Radcliffe (Whitgift III., 268). 
1615, Martin Watson (Abbot I., 365). 
1635, William Axon (Laud 311). 

1645, John Coltyngham (E. Par. Reg.). 
1664, Thomas Browne (Sheldon 235) . 
1678, John Hoadley (Sancroft 375) . 
1725, Walter Foote (Wake II., 227). 
1742, Carswell Winder (Potter 279). 

1770, George Slinton (Cornwallis 410). 

1771, Edward Hardy (Cornwallis 416). 
1797, Henry Dimock (Moore 548). 
1801, John Nesbit (Moore 551). 

1803, John Robinson (Moore 575). 

1806, Charles Barton (Sutton II., 7). 

1807, Denzil Ibbetson (Sutton II., 12). 
1821, John Sampson (Sutton II., 56). 
1837, Edward Heawood. 

1847, Thomas Kyrwood Bowyear. 
1865, Thomas Burr Sikes. 
1878, Mayow Wynell Mayow. 
1881, Robert Wood. 
1887, AUeyne Ward Pearson. 
1891, Henry Altham Cumberlege. 


1900, Frederick Page Roberts. 
1903, Francis Henry Deane. 

All Saints', Hartley. Haeselholte. 

This Church was anciently known as Haeselholte, and as such 
paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The Church 
was in the Bishopric, Archdeaconry and Deanery of Rochester till 
1846, when it was placed in the Cobham Deanery. There are two 
Bells. There are modern Stoup, Chalice, and Paten. A peculiar 
entry in the Churchwardens' accounts is for the possin block 
/I Is. The Registers commence 1712. There are two little 
Norman Windows on the north and south still left, the perforations 
for these in the ancient walls have been boarded on the top by 
ancient chestnut or oak beams long long ago, as also a window in 
the south of the Chancel. There is an eight-sided Font with 
quatre foils in each side, supported upon eight pillars, and a 
centre piece much older than the Font itself. There is a curious 
wooden box under a stained glass window in the south-west part 
of the Chancel. There is a Sedile on the south side of the 
Chancel, and a Squint on the north-west. There is an ancient 
doorway. The Patronage has always been in private hands. The 
present Patron is Sir William Chance, Bart. 

1328, Henry Cotebrooke (Hamo 87). 

1343, John Payneswick (Hamo 194). 

1343, Thomas de Ecton (Hamo 210). 

1346, Richard de Markant (Hamo 225). 

1346, Robert Monte de Lichfield (Hamo 236). 

1353, Robert de Fyshe (Sheppey 260). 

1367, John Reginald (Trilleck 329). 

1372, John de Castria (Trilleck 353). . 
Richard Wyche. 

1394, Michael Acton (W. Bottlesham 48). 

1401, John Heed (Langdon 23 and 52). 

1424, John Vinosa, alias Devengre (Langdon 52). 

1431, Thomas Selby (Langdon 93). 
Thomas Fowey. 

1433, John Ingland (Langdon 96). 

1433, John Barnes (Langdon 97). 

1437, Richard Kay (Wellys (124). 

1441, Simeon Morse (Wellys 161). 

1448, John Bonde (Lowe 104). 

1463, Thomas Dalby (Lowe 223). 

* * * 

1504, Henry Monionagh (Act. Vis. Archid. 10). 
1506, Robert Smalley (Fisher 43). 
1509, John Beyle (Fisher 53). 
1530, William Cokks (Fisher 160). 
1541, William Potter (T. C. Heath), 


1566, James Taylor (Gheast 103). 

1593, Charles Hutchinson (Yonge 228). 

1617, Henry Stacey (Buckeridge 119). 

1642, George Eves (put in by Parliament). 

1667, John Stacey (Dolben 119). 

1680, John Priest (Newcourt). 

1710, Samuel Dunster (Muniments 39). 

1721, Thomas Blomeaeld (Atterbury 50). 

1771, Richard Clarke (Pearse 217). 

1776, Thomas Bradley (Thomas 241). 

1816, Edward Allen (King II. 11). 

1870, William Whitton Allen. 

1902, Charles Gerard Winstanley Bancks. 

There are no ancient monuments in this Church. 

St. Mary the Virgin, Hayes. Hese. 

This Church, though it is mentioned in Domesday, yet is not 
recorded in Textus Roffensis. There are fragments of the Norman 
Church, and Roman tiles built into the walls, which speak of 
ancient times, but the Church has been modernized by the 
Victorian restorer. The Church has always been a peculiar of the 
Archbishop and as such was in the Deanery of Shoreham, but in 
the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and is now placed in 
the Deanery of Beckenham. In 1846 it was transferred to the 
Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery 
of West Dartford, and in 1905 it was replaced in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of West Dartford. There 
are six Bells, of which four are modern ones, of the other two one 
is dated 1670 and the other 1602. There is a pewter set of 
Communion vessels dated 1717, and a silver modern service of 
Chalice, Paten, Spoon, and mounted Flagon. The Registers date 
from 1539. The Patronage was in private hands, but is now in- 
those of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

1286, Adam de Ocolt (Peckham 31). 

1296, Guido de Vichio (Winchelsey 203). 

1311, Adam Murymouth or de Muremuth (Winchelsey 253). 

John de Brickewell. 
1361, Simon Blak (Islep 292). 
1363, John Clerc (Islep 297). 
1367, William Durant (Langham 55). 

1370, Thomas de Traythorpe (Whittlesey 81). 

1371, Michael Hallowes (Whittlesey 82). 
John Cressynham. 

1375, William Chartesie (Sudbury 115). 
Thomas Yonge. 

1404, Thomas Bawtre (Arundel 297) . 

1405, William Prestwich (Arundel 303). 


1405, William Rushole (Arundel 313). 

William Milton. 
1411, Thomas Revell (Arundel II. 59). 
1421, Robert Burgeys (Ex. Test° Su°). 

John Ostler (Ex. epitaphio). 
Richard Andrewe. 
1450, William Walys (Stafford 105). 

Thomas Craas. 
1462, John Andrew (Bourgchier 84). 
1479, Robert Sute (Bourgchier 124). 
1497, Thomas ffyshe (Morton Dean Bourgchier 163), 
1499, Henry Wilson (Morton Dean Bourgchier 168) 
1507, John Heyge or Egge (Warham 326), 
1520, Alexander Archer (Warham 370). 
1529, Henry Gold (Warham 401). 
1534, William Lord (Cranmer 346). 
1536, John Vyall (Cranmer 360) . 

1544, Thomas Rogers (Cranmer 394). 

1545, Christopher Sharpparowe (E. Par. Reg.). 
1549, William Drylande (Cranmer 410). 

1560, Robert Garrett (Ex. Epitaphio). 

1566, John Hoare (Parker 377) (Ex. Epitaphio). 

1585, Samuel Darknell (Whitgift 462). 

1608, John Bonde (Bancroft 288). 

1513, Francis AUott (Abbot I. 399). 

1619, Christopher Monckton (Abbot 11. 315). 

1623, Patrick Young (Abbot II. 332). 

1660, Edward Hudson (Juxon 221). 

1654, Ralph Caldecott (Sheldon 302). 

Thomas Wood. 
1578, Richard Bourne (Bancroft 315). 
1589, George Sclater (Sancroft 421). 
1698, Robert Davidson (Tennison 95). 
1714, Christopher Clarke (Tennison II. 222). 
1733, Thomas Walwyn (Wake II. 270). 
1746, Walter Walker Ward (Potter 298). 
1755, Wilham Farquhar (Herring 324). 
1774, Francis Fawkes (Cornwallis 423). 
1777, John Till (Cornwallis 429). 
1827, Francis Dawson. 
1831, Thomas John Hussey. 
1854, John Varenne Reed. 
1887, George Clowes. 

St. Mary's, Henley on Thames. Oxfordshire. 

In 1287 this Church, with Mixbury, was received by the Bishop 
of Rochester, from Edmund, Count of Cornwall, instead of St. 
Burien in that county. This was formerly in the Bishopric of 
Lincoln, but in 1542, it was placed in the Deanery of Henley, 


Bishopric and Archdeaconry of Oxford. The Bishop of Rochester 
was Patron till 1852, after which the Bishop of Oxford appoints. 
There was a Chantry in the Church, founded by John Elmys, and 
a Chapel in honour of St. Katharine, founded by Thomas Clobber. 
The Tower of this Church is said to have been built by Cardinal 
Wolsey. There was a Chapel of St. Ann near the Bridge, and a 
Chapel of St. John in the Church, and the Chapel of John Elmys, 
founded 1460, and dedicated to St. Leonard. There are eight 
Bells, hung in 1813. The Registers begin 1558, and contain the 
Baptism, July 4th, 1591, of William Lenthall, Speaker of the 
House of Commons ; January 2nd, 1642, Burial of Soldiers killed 
in the Parliamentary Civil War ; also of Francis Blandy, August 
17th, 1751, who was murdered by his daughter Mary, whose 
execution at Oxford, April 6th, 1752, is recorded. There are two 
Chalices and two Patens, also a Cup and Paten of Elizabeth date, 
an Alms Dish of silver, also one of pewter given by Richard 
Jennings, 1711. The early Patron was the King before the Earl of 
Cornwall. The Rectors are from a list supplied by H. M. 
Davenport, Esq., Registrar of Oxford (except where otherwise 
mentioned), or from Burns' " History of Henley." 

1204, Aumericus de Harcourt. 
1224, Stephen de Lucy. 
1244, Philip de Eye. 

1246, Henry de la More. 

1290, Robert de Estre (Prynnes Records 482). 
1290, John de Gayslee. 

John de la Kursue. 
1311, Henry de Plucke. 
1314, Hugh de Ippenwell. 
1327, Thomas de Henle (Hamo 78). 
1330, WilUam Abel. 
1337, Alfred de Alvation. 
1337, Apr. 2, Nicholas North. 
1340, John de Frendsbury. 

1342, Jordan de Bixle (Hamo 209). 

1343, Robert Le Brenon. 

1361, Oct., Roger Beautre (Islep 177), 

1361, Nov., Adam de Olynton (Islep 226). 

1381, Richard Molyns. 

1381, Adam de Elvyngton, 

1404, Edmund Bekyngham (Arundel I. 300). 

1415, Wilham Brightwell. 

1443, John Say. 

1455. Lucas Lancock. 

1456, J. Bothe (Lowe 227). 

1460, Henry Bradford (Lowe 239). 

1483, Peter Vaser. 

1510, Nicholas Metecalf (Fisher 54). 


1521, John Stokesly (Fisher 107). 
■ 1530, Richard Baldwyn (Fisher 159). 

Edward Smythe. 
' 1558, Thomas Morison (Parker 188). 

1553, WilUam Barker. 

1580, Thomas Wagstaffe. 

1586, Abraham Man (Whitgift I., 141). 

1631, Robert Rainsford. 

1649, Wilham Bruce (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 

1661, John Cawley (Juxon 112). 

1709, Charles Aldrich (Muniments II.). 

1737, William Stockwood. 

1784, Edward Townshend. 

1822, George Scobell (King I., 341). 

1825, James King (King II., 11). 

1852, Thomas Baker Marell. 

1863, Charles Warner. 

1868, Greville Philhmore. 

1883, John Frederick Maul. 

St. Peter's, Hever. Heure. 

This Church is recorded in Textus Roffensis as paying 9 denarii 
chrism fee to the Church at Rochester. As there is no mention 
here of a Church at Domesday time, it was most probably first 
built in the end of the eleventh century. It was in the Diocese of 
Rochester and its Archdeaconry, and as a peculiar of the Arch- 
bishop in the Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, when it was reckoned 
in the Diocese of Canterbury and Archdeaconry of Maidstone and 
Deanery of South Mailing. In 1905 it became a portion of the 
Diocese of Rochester once more, and was placed in the new Arch- 
deaconry of Tonbridge, and in the Deanery of Tonbridge, which 
latter it had been previously reckoned to when it was formed a few 
years before. The Church was restored in 1894, and little of the 
Mediaeval Church outside was left ; the rounded pillars inside and 
other work give us traces of Early English work. There are an 
Aumbrey a nd Piscina, and there also remains the Rood loft door, 
near which are parts of an old Fresco ; there is also a fine old oak 
Pulpit. There is a life-sized Brass of Sir Thomas BuUen, the 
father of Queen Anne, and also Brasses to Robert Humfreys, 
Sybbell Greene, William Todde, and John de Cobham. There are 
six Bells, three of which are of the date, 1703. The Cup and 
Paten are of the date 1576, and the Alms Dish, 1585. There are 
also a Paten given in 1702, and a Flagon of 1780. The Registers 
date from 1632. The Patronage of the Living was in the hands 
of Cumbwell Priory, Goudhurst, till the Reformation, when it 
passed into private patronage. The present Patron is the Rev. R. 
C. L. Brown. 

1225, Robert of Bristol (Carta. Arch. Langton). 

1262, Constantine de Mildenhale (Present Papse Boniface). 


1268, Walter de Salford (Present Papje Boniface) (Reg. Christ 

Aed. Cant. 302). 
1356, John de Wenellyngburgh (Islep 272). 
1358, John Hyve de Wenellyngburgh (Islep 280). 
1361, May, Thomas Queyntrel (Islep 287). 
1361, Nov., Thomas Draper (Islep 289). 
1367, John Tilehurst (Langham 99). 
1375, John Stouten (Sudbury 116). 
1377, John Custodele (Sudbury 124) . 

Thomas Marchant. 
1424, John Arneye (Chichele I., 153). 

1427, Roger Kynneveton (Chichele I., 170). 

1428, John Thynnesman (Chichele 1., 171). 
1430, John Dewesbury (Chichele I.. 185). 
1441, William Geddynge (Chichele I., 230). 
1449, Thomas Symson. 

1455, Thomas King (Bourgchier 16). 

1456, Henry Payne (Bourgchier 64). 
1461, Thomas Herte (Bourgchier 82). 
1465, Robert Browne (Bourgchier 93). 
1475, John Brown (Bourgchier 113). 
1478, Jacobus Chaynewe (Bourgchier 119). 

Thomas Carteryde. 
1489, Christopher Prentis (Morton 146). 

William Ashdyne. 
1520, John Shwayne (Warham 372). 
1525, John Barlowe (Warham 385). 
1528, John Walker (Warham 395). 
1531, Nicholas Hethe (Warham 414). 
1533, Clement Eryington (Cranmer 340). 
1540, Robert Cheeseman (Cranmer 376). 
1560, John Stere (Parker 347). 
1602, Edmund Balam (Whitgift III., 272). 
1632. John Petter (E. Par. Reg.). 
1662, George Boraston (E. Par. Reg.), 

1700, Thomas Lancaster (Tennison I., 205). ' 

1714, George Lewis (Tennison II., 20). 
1749, Jonathan Stevens (Herring 281). 
1753, Thomas Hamlin (Herring 296). 
1762, Stafford Newe (Seeker 307). 
1797, Anthony Nott (Moore 550). 
1799, John Claus de Passow (Moore 557), 
1851, William Wilberforce Battye. 
1890, Robert Charles Latham Browne. 

St. Paul's, Four Elms, Hever. 

This Church was erected in 1880. The Patronage was in the 
hands of the Archbishop and is now in those of the Bishop of 


Rochester. There is a modern Bell. There are a Paten and 
Chalice, which are plated. The beautiful Baptistery is noticeable. 

1880, Adolphus Klamborowski. 
1905, Sydney Williams Wheatley. 

HiGHAM Nunnery. 

This Monastery, which was originally known as Lillecherche. 
was founded by King Stephen in 1151 for sixteen nuns of the Order 
of St. Sulpice. In the last years of the thirteenth century the 
Abbey was removed from Lillicherche to Higham, and close to the 
old Church they built a new Nunnery, either using the stones of 
the old Abbey for that purpose or allowing it to fall into decay. 
There is, in St. John's College, Cambridge, a Memorial Service of 
the Abbey, which records the names of the Prioresses down to 
1445, nearly perfect in all probability. All in this list are taken 
from thence, except where otherwise stated. 

1151, Mary. 



Olive I. 





Jon I. 

Alls or Alicia I. 


Jon or Joane II. 
1266, Acelina (Dugdale's Monasticon). 

Amphelicia or Amflise (Willis, Mitred Abbots). 

Joan de Hadloe (obijt 1328 (Wharton 369). 
1328, Maud or Matilda de Colcestre (WilUs, Mitred Abbots). 


Matilda de Grenstede (Denne MSS., 11820). 
1340, Elizabeth, Isabel or Eliza Delham or de Pelham (Denne 

MSS., 11820). 
1361, Cecilia Leyham (Islep 220). 
1377, Olive. 

1391, Joan de Cobham (Willis, Mitred Abbots 14). 
1394, Joan Sone or Soan (Harleian MSS. 7048, p. 174). 
1416, Alice Peckham (Dugdale's Monasticon). 

Cecilia Wade (Act. Cur. Consist 1436-1445). 
1443, Margaret Butler (Lowe 236). 
1443, Isabel Wade (Dugdale's Monasticon). 
1446, Elizabeth Bradforth (Dugdale's Monasticon). 
1462, Margaret (Lowe 238). 

1471, Alice Heron (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503). 
1496, Elizabeth Bradfield (Morton 160). 


1501, Agnes Swayne (Reg. Roff. 414-418) (Fisher 30). 
1503, Margaret Hilderden (Fisher 51). 

1514, Anchoret Underdown, Unglethorpe or Owglethorpe, obijt 
1520 (Fisher 71). 

The Nunnery was dissolved on October 21st, 1523, by the King, 
and the possessions of it, including the Presentation to the Living 
of Higham, was given to St. John's College, Cambridge. At the 
dissolution there were only three Nuns, and the characters of two 
were questionable. 

St. Mary's, Higham, Heaham, Hegham, and Lilecerce. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 9 
denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester, and Lillecherche 5 
denarii as a Chapel. It has always been in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester, and was in the Deanery of Rochester 
till 1846, when it became part of the new Deanery of Gravesend. 
In 1909 it was made part of the new Deanery of Clyffe. There are 
remains of Norman, if not of Saxon work in the old Church, which 
was the southern and northern Aisles and southern Chancel. 
The northern Chancel was built for the nuns. The Font has 
places for the salt, the chrism, and the taper. The northern door 
and a northern window are bricked up. The Screen, though 
handsomely carved below, has even marks of the axe at the top, 
the old oak Pulpit is also handsomely carved. There is an 
aumbrey in the northern Chancel, and a Piscina in the southern 
one. The Altar Slab, which has still the marks on it, is in the 
northern Chancel. There are a curious Brass to Robert Hylton, 
another Brass to Elizabeth Boteler, and a Lombardic inscription to 
Vyllem le Mary, partly illegible, amongst other monuments. 
There is also a very ancient Chest. There was a Crypt perhaps to 
the Church, as William Rolff, 1485 and James Fulk, 1441 Will to 
be buried in the Chapel of St. James, beneath the Parish Church 
of Higham. Here may have been the Chantry, of which we have 
only a record in 1449, when Thomas is mentioned as Chantry 
Clerk of Higham in the Will of Richard Moyse, and in the Valor 
Ecclesiasticus its value is given as £v\ xiij' iiij''. There are two 
Bells dated 1713. The Registers commence 1553. 

1333, John de Bosegate (Hamo 127). 
1347, Edmund de Digge (Hamo 168). 

1349, Edmund Blundell de Middleton Keynes (Hamo 245). 
1353, Henry le Man de Watton (Sheppey 260). 
1361, John Hothe (Sed. Vac. 304). 
1398, Stephanas (W. de Bottlesham 124). 

1400, William Cook (W. de Bottlesham 156). 

1401, John Warde (J. de Bottlesham 172). 
1404, Hugh Foley (J. de Bottlesham 188). 
1423, John Paynton (Langdon 26). 


1424, William Weld (Langdon 28). 

1425, William Wyly (Langdon 79). 
1430, John Fitzjohn (Langdon 96). 
1432, Richard Poleyn (Langdon 96). 
1437, William Laceby (Wellys 122). 
1441, Thomas Benet (Wellys 140). 

1445, Thomas Furston (Lowe 204). 

1446, William Walsh (Lowe 207). 

1460, Thomas London (Act. Cur. Consist. 1443-1468). 

1460, John Bayley (Lowe 233). 

1461, John Abery (LoWe 235). 
John Salle. 

1462, John Byrke or Wyrkyn (Lowe 238). 
1465, John Bycroft (Lowe 241). 

1481, John Peron (Act. Cur. Consist. 1471-1503). 

John Pepir. 
1494, Richard Marshall (Act. Cur. Consist. 1471-1503). 

Ralph Birtwhistle. 
1498, William Taylor (Ex. Test" W. Holt). 
1502, William Merbury (Act. Archid. 10). 
1504, Ralph Spicer (Warham 238). 
1508, Edward Sharp (Fisher 52). 
1513, John Parker (Fisher 61). 
1519, Ralph Worsley (Fisher 101). 
1523, John Kerver (Taxatio Henry VIII). 
1527, John Bruer (Fisher 160). 
1533, William Cobbe (T. C. Lib. Tax. 111). 
1538, Thomas Stanlowe (Hilsey 197). 
1546, John Cowper (Holbeach 42). 

1548, Stephen Tennant (Willis' Mitred Abbots II. 169). 
1550, Henry Woodman (Ridley 51). 

1563, Edmund Barker (Act. Archid. 16). 

1564, WiUiam Bennett (Gheast 102). 

1567, William Hayte (Gheast 194). 

1568, George Joye (Lib. Tax. 44). 
1575, Hamletus Taylor (Freake 140). 
1580, Edward Faucett (Yonge 176). 

1591, WiUiam Pratt (Yonge 180). 

1592, John Dobie (Yonge l-Sl). 
1600, George Buddie (Yonge 183). 
1600, Apr. 5, John Cupper (Yonge 190). 
1604, Henry Bearblocke (Yonge 195). 
1620, Ralph Coates (Buckeridge 207). 

1627, Richard Hinde (Buckeridge 209). 

1628, Edward Sutton (Buckeridge 209). 
Samuel Peacheye. 

1631, Edward Ellis (Curie 218). 
1653, William Inglett (Warner 93). 
1659, Pierce Lewis (Warner 93). 


1666, Richard Pearson (T. C. Mandat Indue.) (St, John's Cam. 

1710, George Smith (Muniments 39). 
1725, Henry Foche (Bradford 8). 
1732, Michael Nickins (Wilcocks 8). 
1738, Major Nourse (Wilcocks 114). 
1757, Edward Beadon (Pearse 191). 
1762, John Image (Pearse 191). 
1767, Michael Driver Mease (Pearse 201). 
1771, John Youde (Pearse 217), 
1797, Richard Hargreaves (Horsley 263). 
1829, Joseph Hindle (Murray 28). 
1875, William Spicer Wood. 
1897, John William Burrow. 

The old Cup and Alms Dish are of the date 1634. The Paten 
was given by Rev. G. Smith, 1725. There is a pewter Flagon. 
There is also a modern Service. 

St. John's, Higham. 

This Church was opened in 1862. The Bells are of the same 
date. The Baptismal Register dates from the same year. It has 
never been separated from the Parish Church. There are a 
modern Stoup, Chalice and Paten. The Churches of Higham 
were always reckoned in the Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery 
of Rochester till 1846, when Higham was reckoned to the new 
Deanery of Gravesend. Higham was in the Patronage of the Nuns 
till the Reformation, when it was bestowed on St. John's 
College, Cambridge. 

St. Margaret's, High Halstow. Halgesto. 

This Church has alwaays been in the Bishopric, Archdeaconry 
and Deanery of Rochester, but now forms part of the new 
Deanery of Clyffe. It would appear to have been originally 
reckoned as a Chapel of St. Mary's, Hoo, but as early as the times 
of Textus Roffensis it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester. The Cup and Paten Cover are dated 1664. The 
Registers commence 1653. There are little or no traces of the 
Norman Church, except the Font. There are two side Aisles, with 
an arcade of rounded pillars and the Church is elongated on both 
sides so that there were evidently side Chancels, in each of which 
we find a Piscina ; the one Chapel is that, perhaps, of St. James, 
and the other the Virgin. There are two curious Corbels in the 
eastern wall. The Patronage has always been in private hands. 
The present Patron is Rev. T. W. Longfield. 

1309, William de Maydenstane (Winchelsey 52). 
1325, Roger Urfelde (Hamo 73). 
' 1326, August Andrew Rosekyn (Hamo 73). 


1337, John de Bristowe (Hamo 160). 

1347, Roger de Newtone (Hamo 235). 

1349, John Ursel (Hamo 250). 

1349, Walter Doublet (Hamo 255). 

13—. "William Groby, obijt 1398 (Ex. Mon° Su°). 

1398, John Rayliff (W. Bottlesham 144). 

1427, WilUam Beaufitz (Act. Archid Lib. iv., Test p. 19, Ex. 

1433, William Rowe (Langdon 97). 
1438, John West, alias Clerk (Wellya 140). 
1451, John Mapylton (Lowe 222). 
1485, Richard Walshe (Ex. Test" Watts). 
1496, James Breche (Act. Archid 10). 
1504, John Body (Fitzjames 38). 

1523, Richard Browderell or Braudripp (Fisher 118). 
1523, Robert Truelove (Fisher 159). 
1557, William Cookman or Yokeman (Ex. Test" Mary Hamon et 

1559, Christopher Jeynes (Vac. Arch. Cant. 56). 
1563, William Paynter (Gheast 102). 
1577, Guido Briscowe (Pearse 161). 
1583, Francis White (Ex. Archivis Archid Roff.). 
1599, William White (Ex. Archivis Archid Roff.). 
1605, Richard Woodger (Abbott I. 506). 
1628, Christopher Dale (Abbott II. 36). 

1639, Benjamin Crompe (E. Lib. Subscrip. penes Episcop. Roff.). 
1663, William Scarlett (Lee 223). 
1669-70, Mar., William Carter (Dolben 120). 
1671, Edward Turner (Dolben 121). 
1718, John Benson (Atterbury 33). 
1753, Richard Fletcher, Senr. (Wilcocks 173). 
1762, Richard Fletcher, Junr. (Pearse 201). 
1786, Robert Burt (Thomas 242). 
1788, Harbottle Grimston (Thomas 245). 
1823, Robert Gascoyne Burt (Act. King I. 342). 
1875, Henry Sampson. 
1885, Charles Longfield. 
1894, Thomas WilHam LongHeld. 

Hoo Union. 

There is no Chapel at the Union Workhouse and no Communion 
Vessels. The Vicar of Hoo has always acted as Chaplain, and all 
registrations are entered at that Church. 

St. Margaret's, Horsemonden. Horsbundenne. 

This Church is first mentioned as paying 9 denarii chrism to the 
See of Rochester. The Church till 1846 was in the Diocese of 
Rochester, Archdeaconry of Rochester, and Deanery of Mailing. 



It was then transferred to the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry 
of Maidstone, and Deanery of South Mailing. In 1905 it was 
placed again in the Diocese of Rochester, Archdeaconry of 
Tonbridge, and Deanery of Tunbridge Wells. There is some fine 
weather boarding over the Porch. The Font, which is octagonal, 
has one plain side, the other seven are filled, one with a St. 
Andrew's Cross, the second has a pomegranate, the third a Latin 
Cross, the fourth a pomegranate, the fifth a, wedge, the sixth a 
flowered Cross, the seventh a blank shield. The north Aisle is 
divided from the centre one by one rounded and one octagonal 
pillar, the end arches have two slender half columns against the 
wall ; the south one is separated by two rounded pillars, but the 
end arches have only two capitals let into the walls. There are six 
Bells, two of which are dated in the eighteenth century. The 
Paten, Alms Dish, Flagon and Chalice are all of silver gilt, given 
by Alexander Courthope, Esq. The Registers date from 1558. 
There was a Chantry here founded by John de Grothurst, as we 
learn from his inscription, of which we give the Chantry Clerks we 
have found. The living was always in private hands. The present 
Patron is the Rev. H. F. S. Marriott. 


Ralph (Plac de jur Assis 
Banc Rot 2). 

John de Grothurst (Hamo 

Robert de Burgham (Hamo 

Richard de Bedingfield 

Sheppey 315). 
John Stretford (Trilleck 


Stephen Lens (J . Bottlesham 

John Benson (Yonge 4). 

John de la More. 

Thomas Thowe or Towe 

(Chichelel. 262). 
Robert de Blakston (Wellys 

Ralph Martel (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1436-1443). 
John Wyche (Wellys 180). 

Chantry Clerks. 

William de Langford (Hamo 

Robert de Burgham. 

John Whyte (Trilleck 340). 

John Ponte de Ackelade 
(Trilleck 342). 

Stephen Lens (J. Bottlesham 

19). William. 
John Benson (Yonge 4). 

William Potter. 

144 the bbcoeds op rochesteb. 

Rectors. Chantry Clerks. 

1445 Thomas Ratcliffe (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1444-1468). 
John Metere. 
1461, John Toryett Bubbe (Ex. 
Testis Variis et Test" Su°) . 
1496 Robert Gare (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1471-1503). 
1500, John Lynley (Act. Vis. Archid. 5 T.C.). 
1509, John Thaywatts (Fisher 52). 
1525, WiUiam Tic(e)herste (Fisher 131). 
1533, William Edwards (Valor. Eccles.). 

1542, Martin Collins (Heath 214). 
1569, John Wickham (Gheast 121). 
1586, Edward Alchin (Yonge 169). 

1616, Jeffrey or Geffrey Amherst (Buckeridge 215). 
1642, Jeffrey Amherst (Alumni Oxonienses). 

1543, John Couch (Walker's Suffering Clergy sequestered 1653). 
1653, Edward Rawson (Warner 252) (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1662, John Couch again (Walker's Suffering Clergy Par. Reg.). 
1672. Stephen Bate (E. Par Reg.). 

1724, William Hassell (Bradford 56). 
1785, James Marriott (Thomas 239). 
1809, Henry Morland (King I., 292). 
1821, John Jenkins (King I., 338). 

1824, John Lilly (King II., 2). 

1825, Sir William Marriott Smith-Marriott (King II., 9). 

1865, John Clarke Harness. 

1866, Hugh Forbes Smith-Marriott. 

St. Mary, Horton Kirby. Hortuna. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and in Textus 
Roffensis we learn that it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester. The Church was in the Diocese of Rochester, Arch- 
deatonry of Rochester and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, when 
it was reckoned in the Diocese of Canterbury and Archdeaconry 
of Maidstone and Deanery of East Dartford. In 1905 it was 
replaced in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, but 
remained in the same Deanery, but now belongs to the new 
Deanery of Dartford. The advowson of the Church belonged to 
Cobham College till the Reformation, when it passed into private 
hands after 1558, having been with the Crown for some forty years. 
Amongst the Monuments are a Brass to a Bathurst and a 
Monument to De Ros. The Church had its Chancel extending 
farther east than at present, but the original east windows were 
rebuilt in their present position. There are north and south Transepts, 
both of which had Piscinas. The north doorway is blocked up, 
the south doorway is fifteenth century. The Chapels have, on the 
north, two recessed pointed arches ; on the south side, three round 


splayed arches ; on the west side, two round arches. The Tower 
and one of the Transepts are partly rebuilt of brick. There is 
some ancient Roman Pavement in the Church. There are three 
Bells. The Flagon is dated 1620, the gift of Henry Bathurst. 
The Chalice is dated 1599. Rev. William Hopkins gave the old 
Paten in 1733. The new one, in memory of Thomas Millhouse, 
was presented October 8th, 1899. The Registers now commence 
1678, but Denne refers to earlier ones. There was a Chantry 
founded in honour of the Virgin in the fifteenth century, of which 
we give the Priests. The present Patron is the Rev. H. B. 

1299, Baldwin de Caundell (Prynne's Records). 
1307, Henry de Grothurst (Hamo 35). 
1320, Thomas (Hamo 45). 
Johannes Gillebon. 
1345, John Codeland (Hamo 217). 

1348, Henry de Grothurst (Hamo 240). 

1349, John de Welles (Hamo 243). 
William de Bradele. 

1354, Nicholas Weston de Laddrede (Hamo 262). 

1361, Richard Hugoman (Sheppey 306). 

1362, Roger Godwin (Sheppey 318). 
1364, Henry Barton (Whittlesey 322) . 

William Cantery. 
1366, William Wenlock (Langham 23). 
1368, William de Hamilton (Trilleck 333). 
1393, John Wymbeldon (Newcourt). 

William Chyld. 
1399, Richard Young (W. Bottlesham 139). 

Odo Bryce. 
1401, Thomas (W. Bottlesham 168). 
1403, John Thwenge (J. Bottlesham 37). 
1407, Walter Holney (Arundel I-, 316). 

John Grenelawe. 
1413, Richard Marchant (Arundel II., 65). 
1416, Robert Aleyne (Chichelel., 78). 

1422, William Walton (Langdon 7) or Waterden (Archid Vis). 
1425, John Gery or Durant (Langdon 69). 
1436, John Elys (Browne 140). 
1444, John Sone (Strafford 75). 
1447, Thomas Ratcliffe (Lowe 209). 

Vicars. Chantry Priests. 

1449, John Claypole (Act. Cur. 

Consist 1444-1468). 
1464, Andrew Brown (Act. Cur. 

1465, John Hopton (Act. Cur. 
Consist 1444-1468). 

Consist 1444-14 

146 the bbcoeds of eochbstbe. 

Vicars. Chantry Priests. 

1467, Thomas Betts (Act. Cur. 

Consist 1444-1468). 
1472, Roger Croke (Act. Cur. 

Consist 1471-1503). 
1474, Thomas Baynton (Act. Cur. 

Consist 1471-1503). 
1494, Richard Lokton (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1471-1503). 
1500, John Bache (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1471-1503) (Fitz- 

james 29). 
1513, William Buckley (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1513-1518). 

1516, William Carter (Fisher 74). 

1517, Robert Downe (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1518-1523). 
1522, John Lee (Act. Cur. Consist. 

1545, Richard Calver (Holbeach 24). 

John Shalcroft. 
1547, Thomas Sowdhe (Newcourt). 
1554, John Shalcroft restored (Reg. Vac. Cant. 55). 
1554, George Whytstone (Griffith 57). 

1557, John Gery (Griffith 58). 

1558, Thomas Sowdlie restored (Par. Reg.). 

1559, William Seymour (Reg. Val. 141). 
1561, John Alchin (Gheast 94). 

1597, John Swarland (Yonge 186). 

1627, John Cornhill or Cornwall, again on Feb. 19, 1634 

(Buckeridge 209) . 
1634, Christopher Dale Feb. 15-19 (Rhym. Foed. xviij. 998). 
1640. Walter Collyng, alias Collins (e libro Subscrip. Warner). 
1670, Henry Berrow (Dolben 121). 

1690, Thomas Graves (Muniments 35). 

1691, John Coheir (Par. Reg.). 
1698, William Hopkins (Par. Reg.). 
1743, Vincent Hotchkys (Wilcocks 184). 
1764, Edmund Faunce (Pearse 202). 
1770, Richard Wilhams (Pearse 214). 
1801, Robert Fountaine (Dampier 271). 
1818, George Rashleigh (King I. 324). 
1874, Henry Burville Rashleigh. 

St. Mary's, Hunton, or Huntinton, or Huntintuna. 

This Church is mentioned as paying 9 denarii chrism fee to the 
See of Rochester. It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester, but being a peculiar of the Archbishop was in the 
Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, when it was placed in the Diocsee 


of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Rural Deanery of 
North Mailing. In 1905 it was placed in the Diocese of Rochester, 
Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and Deanery of Mailing. It has 
always been in the gift of the Archbishop, and the long intervals in 
early times between the Rectors may be accounted for by the 
Archbishops not having presented, but only appointed Curates 
to do the work of what was a small, but valuable parish. The 
Church has been rebuilt on the south side. The porch we learn 
from wills was built between 1513 and 1532. There are six Bells, 
all of the date 1717 ; they were perhaps cast in the Churchyard, as 
bell metal has been found there. There are a Cup and Paten 
Cover, with the arms of Boteler of Teston, dated 1654, presented 
by Lady Anne Fane, of Burston, 1666 ; gilt Cup and Paten for the 
sick, 1714 ; the Flagon and Alms Dish were both presented by 
Thomas Turner. The Registers date from 1585. 

1315, William Honey (Reynolds 84). 

1324, Nicholas de la Mere (Reynolds 290). 

1357, John de Osborne (Islep 276). 

1361, Richard de Betteryng (Islep 296). 

* * * 

1412, William Jakys (Newcourt). 

1434, William Herts (Chichele I. 205). 

* * * 

1457, Matthew Brandrede (Bourgchier 67). 

1458, William Tracy (Bourgchier 73). 

* * * 

1499, Robert Reysfield (Horton 168). 
1509, Thomas Denys (Warham 336). 
1524, May, John Pennington (Warham 381). 
1524, October, Richard Mickylborn or Mascall (Warham 382). 
1529, John Parker (Warham 401). 
1544, John Nicholl (Cranmer 363). 
Mersey (Cranmer 396). 

1545, , on death of Mersey, so entered in Cranmer's 

Register 396. 

1566, John Knocke (Parker 377). 

1567, Alexander Barton. 

1568, Henry Clifford (Parker 387). 
1570, Thomas Pylkyngton (Parker). 

1575, Anthony Wright, alias Paule (Parker). 
1610, Theophilus Higgons (Bancroft 303). 
1641, George Latham (Par. Reg.). 
1662, Thomas Yardley (Muniments). 
1682, James Batley (Sancroft 399). 
1685, James Wilson (Sancroft 410). 
1691, Richard Burton (Sancroft 420). 
1701, George Fage (Tennison 209). 
1728, Herbert Taylor (Wake 297). 


1763, John Fowel (Seeker 309). 
1765, Beilby Porteous (Seeker 324), 
1787, Lord George Murray (Moore 518). 
1802, Robert Moore (Moore 567). 
1865, John Robert Hall. 
1892, Louis Henry Bradford. 

St. Deny's, Ibstock. Leicestershire. 
This Church originally formed part of the Diocese of Lincoln, 
but in 1542 it became one of the parishes of the Diocese of Peter- 
borough, and is in the Archdeaconry of Leicester, and first part of 
the Deanery of Sparkenhoe. The Presentation of this Church, 
together with two Chantries, was given by the Lord Bergavenny to 
the Bishops of Rochester and their successors for ever, in the year 
1531. There would appear to have been a Norman Church, as is 
shown by certain early Rectors being mentioned in 1170, 1219, etc. 
The present Church was built in the 14th century, and consists of 
a Tower and Spire, Nave, north and south Aisles, and large 
Chancel. The Clerestory was added in the fifteenth century. 
Evidently there was a Chantry Chapel at the east end, both of the 
■ north and south Aisles. The Nave was restored forty years ago. 
The Chancel was restored through the efforts of the present 
Rector at the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, for /1, 000. 
Two fine Mediaeval Windows were discovered, then blocked up and 
plastered over ; they had contained rich stained heraldic glass. 
The windows were restored like the old ones. Two leper windows 
were also opened. There are Aumbreys on the north and south 
sides of the east wall, and a Piscina in the south wall ; the head of 
a sunken Panel also on the south wall. There is an aperture, and the 
present Rector thinks there was here a Calvary. The Bells are six 
in number, two of which are dated 1632, perhaps a third of the 
same date or older, and a fourth 1711. The Flagon, Chalice, and 
Paten of silver are all new. The brass Alms Dish is quite modern. 
The Registers date from 1569. We only trace the Rectors since 
the date the Presentation was in the hands of the Bishop of 
Rochester. The Presentation since 1846 has rested with the 
Bishop of Peterborough. 

William Watson (in the Valor Ecclesiasticus) . 
1535, William Reynolds (Longland's Register). 
1571, Richard Foxe, was instituted 21st May, 1571, by the Arch- 
bishop at Lambeth (Cooper's Reg.). 
1598, Ezekiel Couchman (Chederton's Reg.). 
1617, William Laud, signs registers 1618 (Newcourt). 
1626, Richard Bayley (E. Par. Reg.). 
1632, Edward Layfield (E. Par. Reg.). 
1635, John Lufton (E. Par. Reg.). 
1643, Job Grey (E. Par. Reg.). 
1647, William Sheffield (Calamy's Baxter). 
1660, Philip Satterthwaite (Juxon 70) . 


1666, Charles Bridgman (Laney's Register). 
1678, Edmund Lees (Barlow's Register). 
1699, John Laughton (Gardiner's Register). 

1726, Reuben Clarke (Bradford 65). 

1727, Edmund Simpson (Bradford 72). 
1743, James Harwood (Wilcocks 133). 
1755, Edward Darrell (Wilcocks 177). 

1786, Spencer Madan (Thurlow's Register 46) (Ex. Mon° Su°). 
1836, Charles Goddard (Murray 66). 

1848, Richard Greenlaw. 

1849, John Bennett. 
1889, Samuel Flood. 

St. Mary's, Ide Hill. 

There was a Church built here in 1807, by Bishop Porteous, but 
the present Church was consecrated in 1865. It has always been 
in the Deanery of Shoreham, but changed from the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester, in 1846, to the Diocese of Canterbury 
and Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and in 1905 it returned to the 
Diocese of Rochester, and was placed in the Archdeaconry of 
Tonbridge ; it is now placed in the Sevenoaks Deanery. The 
Pulpit is a beautifully carved piece of marble, and there are some 
fine stained glass windows. There are a modern silver Flagon, 
Chalice and Paten, and there is a small Alms Dish dated 1807 ; 
there is also a pewter Alms Dish dated 1726, evidently given from 
some other Church. The Baptismal Registers date from 1852, and 
the Marriage and Burial Registers begin in 1853. The Patron is 
the Rector of Sundridge. 

1807, Matthew Bloxam. 

1845, Augustus William Cole. 

1849, Henry Lindsay. 

1863, Alfred Joseph Woodhouse. 

1880, Walter Allan Raikes. 

St. Margaret's, Ifield, or SHiNGLEVifELLOR Iuelda. 

This Chureh is mentioned as paying 9 denarii chrism fee to the 
See of Rochester, according to Textus Roffensis. The Church was 
rebuilt in 1597, and these is little remaining of the more ancient 
building. The solitary Bell is dated 1851. The Parish Registers 
only commence in 1751. The Flagon of Ifield is modern; the 
Alms Dish was presented by Rev. W. D. Johnston, 1845 ; the 
Chalice and Paten are probably seventeeth century, but the 
marks are not plain. The Patronage has always been in private 
hands. The Church has always been in the Diocese and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester, but as a peculiar of the Archbishop was in 
Shoreham Deanery till 1846, when it became part of the Deanery 
of Cobham. The present Patron is Major-General Edmeades. 
John Compton. 

1317, Adam de Whatcote (Reynold 23). 


1352, John de Westcombe (Islep 262). 

1362, Robert Luckes de Walcote (Islep 297). 

1367, William Edmund de Lerynsete (Langham 102). 

1369, John Burton (Whittlesey 75). 

1375-6, Feb., Robert de Bruton (Sudbury 111). 

1376, William Thornton (Sudbury 117). 

1380, William Cospe (Sudbury 132). 

1402, Richard Toogood (Arundel 284). 

1405, Apr., William Canon (Arundel 302). 

1405, Oct., Thomas Ruston (Arundel 305). 

1406, Dec, Thomas Reynold (Arundel 312). 
Richard Granger. 

1416, Richard Lofthouse (Chichele I., 82). 
1455, Thomas Carpenter (Bourgchier 60). 

Robert Roo. 
1460, Laurence (Bourgchier 78). 
1463. William Pygott (Bourgchier 87). 

William Brown. 
1474, James Rowe (Bourgchier 111). 

Christopher Baxter. 
1505, Andrew Devenyshe (Warham 234). 
1514, Thomas Taylboys (Warham 354). 

Richard Lytyllford. 
1539, John Gierke (Granmer 367). 
1571, William ffelde or ffyelde (Parker 404). 
1578, John Mantell (Grindal 520). 
1596, John Sharowe (Whitgift II. 340). 
1617, Henry Roy, obiit 1647 (Abbot I. 426). 
1647, * • • 
1661, Thomas Burley (Juxon 122). 

1666, John Stacey (Sheldon 326). 

1667, George Kellie (Sheldon 331). 
1693, Nicholas Quinzano (Tillotson 159). 
1704, John Gordon (Tennison 218). 
1707, George Lauder (Tennison 287). 
1720, Humfrey Taylor (Wake I, 315). 
1732, William Cressewell (Wake II. 268). 
1734, Francis Gibson (Wake II. 275). 
1742, James Lavance (Potter (282). 
1744. John Landon (Potter 288). 

1777, William Crackelt (Thomas 277). 

1812, Luke Phillips (Sutton II. 33). 

1828, William Henry Edmeades (Murray 25). 

1848, William Downes Johnston. 

1860, William Nockells. 

1872, Harry John Wilmot Buxton. 

1877, James Randell. 

1884, Newcombe Willis. 

1899, Charles Johnson Gibson. 


St. Peter's, Ightham. Ehtham or Eightham. 

This Church is recorded as paying 9 denarii chrism to the See of 
Rochester, Tradition says this Church was dedicated to St. Peter, 
but the only saint mentioned in connection with it is St. Mary. 
The Registers commence 1559. Two Flagons were bequeathed by 
Lady Howell, and the Alms Dish given by Dorothy Thornycroft. 
The Cup is inscribed 1734, Guilielmus James donavit ecclesiae de 
Ightham. The Chancel is eleventh century work, most of the rest 
of the Church is fifteenth century ; the great oak door was erected 
in Edward VI 's time, the Reredos is formed from the Jacobean 
pulpit. The Bells are five in number, one is seventeenth, the other 
four eighteenth century work. The tomb to Sir Thomas Cawne 
and the memorials to the Selbys are noticeable, most especially that 
to Dame Dorothy Selby, who is said to have revealed the 
Gunpowder Plot. The presentation has always been in private 
hands. The Church was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and in the Deanery of Mailing till 1846 : it was then 
transferred to the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of 
Maidstone and Deanery of Shoreham ; in 1905 it remained in the 
same Deanery, but again was reckoned to the Diocese of Rochester 
and to the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge. Mrs. Macfarlan is now 

1232, Hereb's de Essewell. (Pat. 6. Henry III.). 
1284, Robert de Kemesyng (Peckham 55). 
Thomas de Stowe. 

1323, Robert de Norton (Reynolds 250). 

1324, Robert de Sudbury (Reynolds 252). 

1368, Robert atte Beche (Ex. Test" Thomas Cawne). 

Henry de Keylpsham. 
1384, William de Wyking (Courteneye 241). 

1390, Richard Milton (Courteneye, Bourgchier and Denne 218). 
1396, William Cok or Cokke. 
1421, William Elmys (Chichele I., .127). 

William Clyre. 
1446, John Laysyng (Stafford 89). 
1464, Hamo Veel (Bourgchier 89). 
1482, William Snytale or Snydall (Bourgchier 129). 
1506, William Broke (Warham 329). 
1526, Richard Astall (Warham 390). 
1546, William Herde (Cranmer 401). 
1559, John Hooper (Parker I., 391. 
1574, Henry Fairbrace (Parker II., 107). 

1586, Henry Syliard or Selliard (compounded for first fruits). 
1616, John Grymes (Abbot I., 415). 

1643, Alexander (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 

1644, James Hickford (compounded for first fruits). 
1693, James Hart (Tillotson 160). 

1725, Ralph Leigh or Lee (Wake II.. 226). 


1750, William Halford (Seeker 298). 

1763, Samuel Dawson (Seeker 309). 

1769, Temple Henry Croker (Cornwallis 406). 

1773, Demetrius James (Cornwallis 423). 

1781, Peter James (Cornwallis 452). 

1791, George Bythesea (Moore 529). 

1801, Thomas Cobb (Moore 529). 

1818, Philip le Geyt (Sutton II., 47). 

1827, Samuel Wyatt Cobb (Sutton II., 73). 

1857, Roger Bird. 

1865, John Polehampton. 

1888, Douglas Barry. 

1907, Bertram Thomas Winnifrith. 

St. Andrew's, Isleham or Iselham, with St. Margaret's 
Chantry, Cambridge. 

This parish was in the peculiar of the Deanery of Fordham, 
which was reckoned to the Bishops of Rochester till 1846, and was 
in the gifts of the Bishops of Rochester till that date ; it was then 
transferred, with the rest of Fordham Deanery that is in 
Cambridgeshire, to the Diocese of Ely. The Church is of the late 
Decorated and Perpendicular periods, and has a Chancel, two 
Aisles and Transepts and Nave. The Tower of the Church fell 
down in 1862, but no Bells were broken. The east window of five 
lights is of the Decorated period ; the Piscina on the south side 
and the Sedilia with Miserere Stalls are Perpendicular. The 
Elizabethan rood screen was removed in 1870. There are five 
Bells : two dated 1516, a third 1680, and a fourth 1819, the other 
is inscribed " S'" Gabriel ora p aiabus Johis Bernard milit et elene 
uxis et Thome Peyton Armigi et Margarete uxis sue filie et herd 
pdictor Johis et elene " ; it has also the arms of Bernard and Peyton. 
The Church Plate consists of two Flagons, one large Paten, one 
stnall Paten, and one Chalice. The handsome brass Lectern, 
which has an eagle with three lions (arms of Sir Christopher 
Peyton) is of the fifteenth century. On the roof of the Nave is 
inscribed " Pray for the good prosperitie of Crystofer Peyton and 
Elizabeth hys wyfe, and for the sowles of Thomas Peyton sqwyer 
and Margarete hys wyfe, fader and moder of the sayd Crystofer 
wych dyd mak thys rofe in the yere of owre Lord mcccclxxxxv., 
beyngthe x yeare of Kyng Henry vii." The Registers date from 1566. 
The Church was built on the old foundations by the Bernards and 
Peytons, to whom there are numerous Monuments. There are 
inscriptions on the Flagon and on the Chalices and Patens, stating 
that they were given by Maria Adams in 1686 and 1685. There 
still stands the ancient Chantry of St. Margaret to the west of the 
Church, which was formerly a cell of the Abbey of St. Jacutus de 
insula in Dole in Brittany. The east end is apsidal, and a circular 
arch, supported by narrow arches, formed the entrance to the 
Chancel, and the piers and springs of another arch were at the 



entrance to the Apse ; the windows of the Apse are small and 
narrow ; at the west end is one window of similar character ; there 
are also two circular windows ; the south door is square-headed 
and trefoiled ; the northern door is pointed transitional Norman. 
The Bishop of Ely is Patron. 








Robert parson Richard 

Vicar (Reg. Roff.). 
Jordan de Chishulle (Reg. 
Martin (Reg. Roff.). 

Ralph (Hamo 118). 
John de Changford. 
EliasBerlyngdeSt. Edmund 

Hamo 134). 
Walter de Euston (Hamo 

John Grotrowe (Pat. Roll 

Edward III., 10). 
John Sundrish (Hamo 198). 

1344, John de Brandish (Tanner 
MSS. Norwich). 

1348, Martin dictus Reade (Hamo 


1349, John Seneschal (Hamo 248). 


1362, John Burd (Trilleck 328). 

1365, Richard (Trilleck 328). 


John Brondysh. 
1372, Edentre (Trilleck 334) . 
1372, Robert de Boekyngthorn 
(Trilleck 334). 
John de Grenfell. 
1392, John Aleyn (W. Bottlesham 
Reginald Scott. 

1401, John Holdeyn (W. Bottle- 

sham 162). 

1402, May,ThomasBoss (J. Bottle- 

sham 171). 
1402, Oct., Thomas Andymer (J. 
Bottlesham 179). 

Chantry Priests. 

Nicholas Blount (Hamo 44). 
John Wannford (Hamo 54). 

Elias Berlyng (Hamo 134) . 

Walter de Euston (Hamo 

John de Erpingham (Hamo 

Robert Sokerman (Hamo 

John Wiseman (Sheppey286). 

Thomas Noble de Frecken- 

ham (Trilleck 326). 
Richard Gardiner (Trilleck 


154 the eecoeds of eochestbb. 

Parsons. Chantry Priests. 

1403, Walter Ipolite (J. Bottle- 
sham 183). 
1426, John Weedale (Chichele I., 

John Sutton. 

1430, JohnHenwood (LangdonQl). 

1431, Robert Weyott (Langdon 93). 
1431, Robert Bernard alias Weyer 

(Langdon 95). 
1440, John Banks (Wellys 155). 

1451, John Mortimer (Lowe 222). 
1454, William Warden(Lowe230). 
1479, Edward Peyton (Tanners 

MSS. Norwich). 
1515, WilUam Thorp (Fisher 73). 

1520, William Thompson (Fisher 

1521, John Wylbore (Newcourt). 
1533, Edward Wylkinson (Fisher 

1535, Richard Peyton (Cranmer 

1543, Richard Peyton (Cranmer 391). 

Henry Barrow obijt 1587 (Par. Reg.). 

Wilham Catherall obijt 1611 (Par. Reg.). 
1611, Nathaniel Whitlowe (Par. Reg.). 
1647, Roger Peachie (Par. Reg.). 
1684, John Smith (Par. Reg.). 
1686, Edmund Walthew (Muniments 10). 
1704, John Hewlett (Muniments 87). 
1707, John Drake (Atterbury 25). 
1710, Richard Swann (Atterbury 40). 
1724, John Love (Bradford 54). 
1743, Nicholas Simons (Wilcocks 133). 
1746, John Vade (Wilcocks 140). 
1751, Benjamin Bonner (Wilcocks 169). 
1754, William Blencowe (Wilcocks 170). 
1757, George Steere (Pearse 187). 
1777, Thomas Jones (Par. Reg.). 
1800, John Braham Isaacson (Horsley 268). 
1826, Frederick Winstanley (King II., 12). 
1831, Thomas Scott (Murray 41). 

1847, George Frederick Goddard. 

1848, George Francis Ottley. 
1855, Thomas Arthur Manning. 
1870, James Thomas Browne. 
1872, Samuel Williamson Merry. 
1889, Henry Wilson Robinson. 


CiMiNsiNGA, St. Mary, Kemsing, and SS. Peter and 
Paul, Sele. 

This Church was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester 
and Deanery of MalHng till 1846, when it became part of the 
Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery 
of Shoreham ; in 1905 it was replaced in the Diocese of Rochester 
and reckoned to the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge and Deanery of 
Shoreham. It paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester, 
The Patrons were the Abbot and Convent of St. Saviour's. 
Bermondsey till the Reformation, when it was held by the Crown 
till Queen Elizabeth's days, since which time it has belonged to 
Lay Patrons. There are two Bells. The Kemsing Cup and Paten 
are dated 1564. The Registers commence 1561 and 1562. Though 
the Church has only a shingle top and spire, there is evidence, by 
the buttresses, that provision had been made for building a stone 
Tower. In the south wall appear traces of the Norman Church: 
-there is placed upon an Early English support a Norman Font in 
which is a place for a candle. There is an ancient wooden Porch 
with a fourteenth century door. The north Aisle is quite modern, 
and an ancient Aumbreyhas been replaced by one of modern style. 
There is a very ancient Chest. There are three Consecration 
Crosses. There is some ancient glass in the window and a fresco 
of St. Katharine may be traced ; other frescoes appear in the 
plaster which, being carefully removed, might tell the history of 
the Church. There are two floreated Coffin Lids, one with a 
Chalice and Paten. The Screen has been renewed, and the 
ancient Dooorway to the rood loft remains. All traces of St. 
Edith's Chapel, which once stood in the Churchyard, are gone. 
Sele was separated from Kemsing in 1874. In addition to the 
above-mentioned there is Communion Plate, dated 1875. There 
are notable Tombs to Michael Jermin and Thomas de Hop. Lord 
Sackville is Patron now. 

1265, Richard de Kemesinge (MSS. 8877 Brit. Mus.). 

1294, Jacobus Sinobaldi (Pat. 22, Edward I.). 

1316-17, John de Ditton (Reg. Roff.). 

1326-27, Richard de Theukesbury (Hamo 74) . 
Richard Duraunt. 

1338, Gilbert de Keleshill (Hamo 174). 

1341, Thomas de Hop (Hamo 194) (Ex. Mon" Su"). 

1348, Wilham de Penebregge (Hamo 236). 

1353, John de Shippedham (Sheppey 261). 

1370, Richard Mowys or Meany (Trilleck 345). 

1370, Aug. 30, Thomas Perd (Trilleck 345). 
Richard Hankton. 

1396, Thomas Ridlyngton (W. de Bottlesham 90). 

1399, Adam Usk (Arundel I., 263). 

(The above were Rectors, the remainder were Vicars). 

1402, Rodelandus Kerbroke (J. Bottlesham 180). 


1417, John Jordan (Chichele 92). 

William Mathew. 
1422, Thomas Stowe (Langdon 19). 
1426, Stephen Porchet (Langdon 26). 

William Aldeborough. 
1433, Thomas Well (Langdon 97). 

1437, Richard Litelman (Wellys 121). 

1438, John Gorsych (Wellys 138). 
1445, Henry Esthaw (Lowe 203). 
1546, John Wollaston (Lowe 228). 
1548, Richard Cutler (Lowe 229). 
1460, William English (Lowe 234). 
1464, Richard Cutler again (Lowe 239). 
1477, Robert Snowe (Audley). 

1492, William Yanson (Ex. Test" John Tebold). 

1508, Wilham Lincoln (Fisher 50). 

1509, Nicholas Metcalf (Fisher 52). 
1517, Richard Sharpe (Fisher 75). 
1524, Thomas Tebold (Fisher 125). 

1542, John Sennocke (Henry "VIII. 's loan). 

1548, John Denman (Ex. Test" Joan Blatcher et Su°). 

1550, Thomas Hickling (Newcourt). 

1554, Thomas Tayllour (Griffith 57). 

1558, Thomas Dale (Regist Det C Canterbury 55). 

1561, Gilbert Gennyns or Jenyns (Gheast 94). ' , 

1602, Richard Buckley (Yonge 191). 

1608, Robert Baker (Barlow 203). 

1644, John Baker (Hasted). 

1649, Master Marten (Sele). 

Master Barton Kemsing (Pari Surveys). 
1954, John Stevens or Stephens (Lambeth Lib. MSS. 997). 
1658, May, Thomas Stevens (Dolben 119). 
1668-9, Feb., John Tattersall (Dolben 119). 
1674, Maximilian Buck (Soc. Antique. MS. 170). 
1720, Robert Parran (Atterbury 45) . 
1739, Thomas Curteis (Wilcocks 118). 
1744, Gregory Sharpe (Wilcocks 138). 
1761, Carswell Winder (Pearse 197). 
1770, William Humphrey (Pearse 215). 
1817, Gervase Whitehead (King 321). 
1838, John N. Harward. 
1846, Thomas Offspring Blackall. 

The following have been Vicars of Kemsing alone : 
1874, George Bridges Lewis. 
1889,, Thomas Carlton Skarrett. 
1909, Edward Hamilton Stewart. 


SS. Peter and Paul, Sele. 
The Church has thirteenth century work and it would appear 
there is no mention of it till the end of that century. There is a 
Stoup for Holy Water at the door, a Niche for an Image over the 
porch, and Inner Door and Tower all about the same period. The 
Registers date from 1568. The Communion Cup and Paten 
Cover were the gift of Mr. Buck, Vicar, 1674. A handsome brass 
Chandelier was the gift of his wife. There are six Bells, four of 
which are seventeenth, and the fifth eighteenth century ; one was 
recast, and the sixth presented in 1886. There are a Chalice, 
Paten, and Flagon, given by Captain Randolph, R.E., 1853, and 
two Candlesticks in memory of John Charles, Marquis of Camden, 
who died 1872. The Patron is Lord Sackville. This Church, with 
the following, has been added to the Sevenoaks Deanery. 

1874, Charles Edward Few. , 

St. Lawrence, Sele. 

A Church was erected here in 1867. The Registers commence 
1868. There is one Bell of the same date, and a silver Flagon and 
Chalice of the same date. Horace Wilkinson, Esq., is the Patron. 
On the Foundation Stone we find it was laid October 8th, 1867. 

1857, Benjamin Peile Thompson. 
1908, Arthur Shawe Hill Scott. 

St. Margaret's, Underriver. 

This Church was erected in 1857, but not separated from Sele 
till 1877. There is a, peal of five Bells. The Chalice, Paten and 
Fl^on are of base metal, but there is a second Chalice of silver. 
The Baptismal Register dates from 1878, and the Burial from 1889. 
The Patron is the Bishop. 

1877, George Morley. 

1880, Charles Robert William Hardy. 

1885, John Hardy. 

1886, Francis Hudson. 
1882, Robert Alfred Wood. 
1894, Richard Lea AUnutt. 
1900, Sydney Stapleton Adkins. 

No traces have been given of the Dedication of Keston. The 
Church was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, but, 
as a peculiar of the Archbishop, was 'in the Deanery of Shoreham 
till 1846, when it was transferred to the Diocese of Canterbury, 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Rural Deanery of Dartford West, 
In 1905 it was restored to the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester 
but remained in the same Deanery ; it is now in the Deanery of 
Bromley. The Bell is dated 1624, There is an ancient Cup, the 


Paten is pewter, of the same date. The Church has the pecuhar 
Corbel known as "the grinning monk." The Early English 
Piscina has a credence slielf , and half the stone basin projects from 
the wall. The Communion Table is inlaid, with a Cross at each 
corner, and an elaborately carved Cross BottoneS, in which are the 
words "The Keston mark," and at the bottom "In hoc signo vinces." 
The Bell hangs in a. little square wooden turret. The Burial 
Register commences 1538, the Marriage one 1540, and the 
Baptismal 1542. There are, besides the Communion Vessels 
mentioned above, a Flagon, two Cups and two Patens inscribed 
1847. The Patron is the Archbishop. 

Henry de Baix. 
1207, William, Archdeacon of Taunton (Patent Rolls John 8). 
1285, John de Bidke (Peckham 52). 
1297, Robert de Hegham (Prynne's Records). 
1313 and 1325, William de Trumpeton (Pat. Rolls Edward II., 6) 

(Reynolds 241). 
1327, Stephen de London (Reynolds 265). 

Nicholas Souch. 
1354, Thomas Dits (Islep 268). 
1398, John Malhng or Miller (J. Bottlesham 76). 
1400, Nicholas Balsham (Arundel I., 268). 

David Sparke. 
1410, Roger Bernard (Arundel II., 58). 

John Langford. 
1412, John Newton (Arundel II., 64). 

William Hilton. 

1424, Richard atte Hoo (Chichele I., 152). 

1425, John Ulcombe (Chichele I., 160). 
1429, William ffervour (Chichele I. 178). 
1445, Matthew Brandrethe. 

1445, Robert Ayleward (Stafford 84). 
1447, Philip Delen (Stafford 93. 
Michaelson Heweson. 

1456, Thomas ffisher (Bourgchier 64). 
Thomas Tournour. 

1457, John Harvey (Bourgchier 68). 
1468, Thomas Lamplugh (Bourgchier 99). 

John Brenan. 
1472, John Nywtun (Bourgchier 106). 
1478, Johh Kirkham (Bourgchier 119). 
1481, John Brome (Bourgchier 128). 

John Jordeyn. 
1509, Roger Rowland (Warham 336). 
1512, Walter Michell (Warham 346). 
1517, George Hull (Warham 364). 
1524, William Styrling (Warham 383). 
1545, Robert Garrett (Cranmer 398). 
1584, Nicholas Pearson (Whitgift 461). 


1626, Francis Bradham (Abbot II., 348). 

1637, Thomas Pike (Abbot II., 353). 

1657, Robert Lowe (Par. Reg.). 

1661, Edward Smith (Juxon 121). 

1677, Edward Taylor (Sancroft 378). 

1680, Thomas Chapman (Sancroft 386). 

1704, Christopher Clarke (Tennison 216). 

1742, William Best (Potter 278). 

1761, John Taylor Lamb (Seeker 301). 

1790, WilUam Wilson (Moore 37). 

1800, Joseph WiUiam Martin (Moore 560). 

1858, Joseph Thompson. 

1877, Thomas Scott Huxley. 

1881, Charles Howard Wright. 

1906, George Herbert Johnson. 

St. Blasius, Kitebroc. Chitebroc. 

The Church of Kitebroc is mentioned in Textus Roifensis, and 
also in the Taxatio of Pope Nicholas. It was given to the Prior 
and Canons of St. Mary Overy, Southwark, in 1427, as, it had 
become a sinecure, and Bishop Langdon permitted it to be 
vacated. We learn from Valor Ecclesiasticus that the Bishop 
received for it £ — ij' — . In Hasted's time there was a ruin here. 

1323-4, Richard de Cornewayll (Rolls Pat. 17, Edward II). 

1329, Walter de Dereham (Hamo 131). 

1333, William de Medeburne (Hamo 160). 

1334, John de Chetham (Hamo 161). 

1335, Richard de Stoke (Hamo 163). 

1336, John Arndale (Hamo 168). 
1340, Walter de Yfrome (Hamo 191) . 

1343, Adam de Donne (Hamo 209). 

1344, Richard de Marton (Hamo 214). 
1346, Richard de Wake (Hamo 224). 

1349, Simon de Barlinge (23 Edward I., Vol. I., 364). 
1358, Thomas Chapman de Forewell (Sheppey 291). 
1358, Walter de Compton (Sheppey 292). 

1396, John Thurston (W. Bottlesham 88). 

1397, John Hegham (W. Bottlesham 110). 

1399, Thomas fil John Henryson (W. Bottlesham 141). 
1461, Henry Werkworth (Act. Cur. Consist (1444-1468). 

St. James', Kidbrook. 

This Church was built with a stone Tower with Spire 160ft. high 
and consecrated in July, 1867, almost, if not quite, on the old site. 
The Registers date from 1867. The Bell is dated 1866. There are 
a silver Flagon and two silver Chalices inscribed " St. James', 
Kidbrook, Easter 1878," and two silver Patens similarly inscribed 
1879, and a large silver Paten of the same date, and a silver Alms 
Dish which is inscribed "In memory of J. S. Winch, October, 


1880." There are also a silver Chalice in memory of Henry- 
Boys, 1904, and a gold Spoon, richly carved with a branch with 
grapes and leaves, in memory of Patrick Cumin Scott, January, 
1908. The Patron is N. Absolom, Esq. The Church was in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and the Deanery of 
Woolwich till 1905 ; it is now in the Diocese of Southwark, 
Archdeaconry of Lewisham and Deanery of Woolwich. 

1867, William Henry Woodman. 

1874, John Cox Leeke. 

1902, John William Morris. 

St. German's Chapel, Kidbrook. 

This Chapel was built through the instrumentality of Mrs. 
Graham, who died 1698. The Bell is dated 1769. The Chapel 
has a stucco front. The Communion Plate consists of a silver gilt 
Flagon, Chalice and Paten. The oldest Register commences in 
1865, and except from what is in it, and four entries of Incumbents 
in the Bishop's Registers, we cannot get farther details. It was a 
proprietary chapel, but now is in the gift of the Bishop of 

1822, William Greenlaw (King 31). 

1831, Henry Worley (Murray 41). 

1835, Samuel Prosser (Murray 61). 

1845, Richard Bathurst Greenlaw (Murray 88). 

1865, Henry Battiscombe. 

1871, Henry Martyn Hart. 

1879, Robert Holme. 

1884, Richard Hayes Robinson. 

1893, William Herbert Booth. 

1894, John Harold Greig. 

1896, Walter John Forbes Robberds. 
1898, George Edward Jelf . 
1904, John Francis Kendall. 

St. Edmund the Martyr, Kingsdown. 
The earliest mention we find of this Church is in the Taxation 
of Pope Nicholas IV. The Church was in the Bishopric, Arch- 
deaconry and Deanery of Rochester till 1845, when it became part 
of the new Deanery of Cobham ; it is now in the Archdeaconry of 
Tonbridge and Deanery of Shoreham. The whole Church is 
covered with plaster. There is an ugly Early English Tower to 
the south. The brick porch has been built before the ancient 
Norman door. The Presentation to this Benefice was given to the 
Monks of Rochester by Benedict, the Bishop of Rochester ; up to 
that time it had been held a Chapelry of Sutton-at-Hone. Wood- 
lands was held as a Chapel of this till Cardinal Pole united it to 
Wrotham, according to Hasted. The Bell is dated 1713, and also 
the Cup and Paten ; but new was given, by his old pupils, in 
memory of the Rev. S. Dewe. At the dissolution the Presentation 
was given to the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, The Registers 


now commence 1725, but an entry in the Burial Register, 1814, tells 
us William Phillips the Clerk, in his wisdom, burnt the older ones. 

" The plaster was removed in 1908 and show two early arches on the South 
leading into what seem to have been two Chapels, now taken down. On 
the sides of the recess of an early window are Cain and Abel sacrificing, 
and Cain with uplifted jawbone of an ox killing Abel, whose legs as he lies 
prostrate, alone remain : both are in the twelfth century peasant dress." 

1265, John (Hamo 15). 

1320, Robert de Stamford (Hamo 51). 

1327, Robert, son of Joscelyn de Clive (Hamo 76). 

1342, John de Ditton (Hamo 139). 

John de Claydon. 
1357, Richard Clarke (Sheppey 290). 

Adam de Galymen. 
1362, John de Graftlyng (Whittlesey 311). 
1371, WiUiam Stoke (Newcourt). 
1380, Robert Rodmersham (Sudbury 133). 

John Luffwake. 

1392, Alan Gardiner (W. Bottlesham 27). 

1393, Ralph Hayward (W. Bottlesham 38). 
1403, Peter (J. Bottlesham (181). 

Robert Burgh. 
1405, Sept., Robert Parkinson (J. Bottlesham 190). 
1405-6, Feb., Edward Daubeney (J. Bottlesham 190). 

Thomas Baldewyn. 
1410, John Langton (Arundel 6). 

Philip Goldstone. 
1431, John Page (Langdon 93). 
1436, John Grace (Act. Cur. Consist 1436-1443). 

William Horneby. 
1444, Thomas Westhill (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1448, James Frazer (Act Cur. Consist 1444-1468) (Ex. Test°'Su°). 

1449, JohnTwede (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1458) (Ex. Test'^Variis). 

1450, George Delahey (Lowe 220). 

1457, John Woden (Lowe 229). 

1458, William Home (Lowe 231). 

1459, William Ruddock Rede (Lowe 233). 

1473, Peter Appleton (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503). 

1494, John Body or Bodyn (Ex. Test. Fabyan). 

1503, Edmund Hunt (Fitzjames 39). 

1506, William Kynge (Fisher 45). 

1514, Richard Hockenson (Fisher 73). 

1519, Oliver Rudde (Fisher 89). 

1526, WiUiam Colyn (Fisher 136). 

1530, Anthony Middleton (Fisher 150). 

1533, William Herde or Hyrde (Fisher 180). 

1542, John Fonteyne (Heath 20). 

1544, William Crosse (Holbeach 22). 

1546, John Jeffreyson (Holbeach 43). 

1552, John Yardley (Cranmer 134), 


1561, Hugh Williams (Gheast 100). 

1573, Richard Rogers (Freake 131). 

1577, John Turner (Piers 153). 

1597, WilUam Hixe (Yonge 153). 

1599, Francis Inman (Yonge 170). 

1638, Christopher Dale ("Warner 2). 

1650, Edward Masters (Pari Surveys xix.). 

1662, Edward Archbold (Warner 98). 

1667, John Wyvil (Shindler). 

1690, John Gilman (Muniments 14). 

1710, John Grant (Muniments 40). 

1736, Walter Hodges (Wilcocks 106). 

1757, Erasmus Saunders (Pearse 185). 

1776, John Clarke (Thomas 225). 

1782, Charles Coldcall (Thomas 233). 

1793, Thomas Willis (Horsley 255). 

1801, James Jones (Horsley 269). 

1820, George Strahan (King I., 331). 

1824, Samuel Browne (King 11., 84). 

1831, Daniel Francis Warner (Murray 42). 

1836, Jan. 18, John Wotherstone (Murray 62). 

1836, Jan. 22, Samuel Dewe (Murray 62). 
1885, Samuel Smith. 

1894, Frederick William Warland. 

St. Katherine's, Knockholt. 

This Church is not even mentioned in the Taxation of Pope 
Nicholas IV., but we find there was a Church here in 1406, from 
the will of William Brampton. The Church was held a Chapelry 
of Orpington till 1837, and appears to have been served with 
Downe. Thomas Browne held them both, and was buried here in 
1788 (Par. Reg.), and was succeeded by Henry Fly. The Tower 
was built seventy years ago, and is a hideous compound of brick, 
plaster and flint, perhaps covering up some old work. We find an 
Early English Window inside. A side Aisle was built twenty-five 
years ago, and looks like a modern National School. There are 
two eighteenth century Bells. The Paten and Cup were the gift of 
Henry Meyrick Hoare, Esq., and the Flagon was presented 1883. 
The Living was in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury ; it is 
now in [that of the Bishop of Rochester. Till 1846 it was in the 
Bishopric and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and in the Deanery of 
Shoreham. It has always been in the same Deanery, but it 
changed, at the date mentioned, into the Archbishopric of Canter- 
bury and Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and in 1905 into the See of 
Rochester and Archdeaconry of Tonbridge ; it is now held in the 
Deanery of Sevenoaks. The Registers date from 1548. 

1837, James Sutcliffe. 
1855, Joseph Hall. 

1883. Frederick Havard Jones. 


The Knight Hospitallers. 

These Knights had Preceptories at West Peckham, Strood, and 
Sutton, and held the Churches of Burham, Hadlow, Capel, and 
Shipbourne in the Rochester Diocese. At the dissolution Thomas 
Doucra was the Prior (Pat. Rolls 33 Henry VIII.). 

St. Mary, Lamberhurst. Lamberherste. 

There is no Church mentioned here in Domesday, but in Textus 
Roffensis we find it paying 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester. It was held to be in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it was transferred 
to the See of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Deanery 
of South Mailing ; it is now placed in the Bishopric of Rochester, 
Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and Deanery of Tunbridge Wells. 
The Presentation was in the hands of Leeds Abbey till the 
Restoration ; since then it has belonged to the Dean and Chapter. 
There are six Bells of the date 1779. The Norman Church stood 
more easterly, but there are traces of it. There is a Norman 
pillar sunk in the ground, four feet below, on the south side of the 
Chancel ; its eastern companion is imbedded in the wall. The old 
stem of the Font has been used for an imitation Jacobean Pulpit, 
while, in 1874, the old Basin was carved and put on a Gothic stem. 
There is a Norman Piscina and a Window in the north wall of the 
Church, and a niche in the same wall which, it is suggested, was a 
Piscina. The two Sedilia and south door are Early English. The 
arcading of the Chancel and the Chantry of St. Katharine on the 
south side of the Church are of the Decorated period. The wall 
was thickened in the Perpendicular period to admit a staircase up 
to the rood, which still exists. The Church was much altered in 
1874, and new windows inserted. The Communion Vessels consist 
of a Chalice of the date 1633, a Paten inscribed 1570, a silver 
Flagon of the date 1800, and a Basin of French plate silvered 
over. The Registers date from 1562. 

1241, Nigel or Nicholas (25 Henry III. Plea Roll, and 1250, 
Henry III., 34 Plea Rolls). 

1325, John Durnassal (Hamo 93). 

1331, Thomas De Reyner (Hamo 145). 

1336, William Durnever or Dynevor (Hamo 170). 

1337, Walter Vyniter (Hamo 176). 
1347, John de Colonia (Hamo 245). 

1349, Robert de Lamberhurst (Hamo 250) 

1350, Nicholas Cham (E. Pat. Rolls xxiij Edward III.). 
1352, Thomas Draper de Stotford (Hamo 257). 

1356, Thomas de la Chambre (Sheppey 287). 

1360, Thomas Draper (Sheppey 302). 

1361, William Alweine (Sheppey 306). 

John Selbrythenden or Selbryghterden (T.C.). 


1385, Walter Frismerthe (Courteneye 261). 

1388, John Page (Courteneye 270). 

1389, Ralph Kirby (BottLesham 133). 

1421, William Gere (Denne's MSS.) (Thorpe's MSS.). 

1422, Ralph (Rhym Feeder xxii.). 

1434, John Kene or Kyme (Chichele I., 205). 

1447, Dormitius or Dormley or Okenley (Act. Cur. Consist 1444- 

1468) . 
1447, William Blackborne (Lowe 210). 
1449, John Tuff (Lowe 222). 
1461, John Balle (Lowe 230). 
1467, Henry Werkworth. 
1467, John Hopton (Ex. Test'" Variis). 
1471, James Chaynew (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1524). 
1487, WiUiam Dalton (Audley 5). 

John Cabbell. 
1500, John William Lovell (Fitzjames 24). 
1510, Apr., Robert Dogket (Fisher 54). 
1510, Oct., John Rogers (Fisher 55). 
1515, John Wildbore (Fisher 72). 
1519, Thomas Thornton (Fisher 87). 
1543, Hugo de Mildenhale (Fisher 64). 
1543, John Thornton (Fisher 129). 
1547, Richard Darrell (Ridley 45). 
1549, William Morris (Ridley 46) . 

1554, William Dourey (Griffith 55). 

1555, William Mory or Morris (Griffith 56). 
1561, John Harris (Guest 92). 

1564, Feb., Robert Hilles (E. Vis. Archid). 
1564, Anthony Francis (Ex. Test. Variis). 
1583, Thomas Harris (Barlow 201). 
1623, Robert Stede (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1663, John Worthington (E. Libro Subscrip.). 

1670, Charles Durtnall (Dolben 126). 

1671, Thomas Harris (Bishop's Instit. 42). 
1705, Samuel Pratt (Muniments 84). 
1713, John Grant (Atterbury 4). 

1716, Robert Pickering (Atterbury 20). 
1733, Tobias Swindon (Wilcocks 97). 
1754, Samuel Denne (Wilcocks 176). 
1757, Chardin Musgrave (Pearse 210). 
1768, Benjamin Newcome (Pearse 212). 

1775, John Clarke (Thomas 225). 

1776, Charles Tarrant (Thomas 225). 
1784, Henry Beeke (Thomas 237). 
1784, William Eveleigh (Thomas 238)., 
1831, Edward Hawkins (Murray 37). 
1834, Robert Hawkins. 

1893, John Langhorne. 


St. Margaret's, Lee, or La Lee. 

This Church was rebuiU in 1812, and again in 1841. A portion 
only of the Tower of the old Church remains in the Churchyard 
on the other side of the road. The earliest mention we find of it 
is in the Taxatio Papas Nicolai IV. There are eight modern Bells. 
The Patronage of the Church went with the Manor till Thomas, 
Marquis of Dorset, changed it away with Henry VIII., since 
which date it has remained with the Crown. The Communion 
Plate consists of a. Cup^ the gift of Nicholas Annesley, 1593 ; a 
Flagon, given by Christopher Boone, 1673 ; a Paten and Alms 
Dish, both dated 1704. The Church was, to 1846, part of the 
Diocese of Rochester, and the Archdeaconry of Rochester and 
Deanery of Dartford, but in that year it was transferred to the 
Diocese of London, Archdeaconry of Southwark and Deanery of 
Greenwich. In 1867 it was restored to the Diocese and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester, and formed part of the new Deanery of 
Woolwich. In 1905 it became part of the new Diocese of 
Southwark, and the new Archceaconry and Deanery of Lewisham. 
The Registers commence 1579. 

Jordan (Reg. Roff.). 

William de Welvetham (temp Edward I., Assize Rolls 
Edward I). 

Edmund de Bakewell. 
1320, Richard Joste (Hamo 51). 
1330, William de Arderne (Hamo 134). 
1332, John Moyne (Hamo 154). 
1335, John de Lenne (Hamo 174). 
1349, WiUiam Drayton (Hamo 253). 
1353, John Kynge (Sheppey 259). 
1362, John de Somorby (Whittlesey 317). 
1383, John Godard (J. de Brinton 416). 
1387, Richard Holweye or Gayn (10 de Banco Rich. II). 
1390, May, John Clerk (W. Bottlesham 2). 

1390, Dec, William Glastynbury (W. Bottlesham 10). 

1391, May, Hugo ap David (W. Bottlesham 13). 
1402, July, John Bardenage (J. Bottlesham 17). 

1402, Sept., William Howett (J. Bottlesham 19). 

1403, Thomas Talbot (J. Bottlesham 41). 
1405-6, Jan., John Gyffard (J. Bottlesham 190). 
1406, Apr., William Cowper (J. Bottlesham 190). 

Robert Pejonn. 
1425, John Hoo (Langdon 70). 
1452, Richard Moore (Lowe, 229). 
1459, Thomas Close (Lowe 233). 

1462, John Mallory (Lowe 237). 

1463, Robert Styward (Lowe 238). 

1494, John Perat (Lowe 265). 

1495, John Wahonde (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503). 


1497, Robert Houghton (Fitzjames 20). 

1498, Roger Abraham (Fitzjames 22). 
1501, William Lambe (Fitzjames 28). 
1503, Thomas Robyns (Fitzjames 39). 
1509, Simon Templeman (Fitzjames 52). 
1526, Robert Hales (Fisher 134). 

1567, William Brooke (Gheast 104). 

1572, Hugh Probart (Lansdowne MSS). 

1579, John Stonor (Yonge 163). 

1600, William Tylor (Ex. Autograph in Archiv. Archid). 

1633, Abraham Shearman (Bowles 16). 

1655, William Hiccocks (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 

1662, George Shaw (Ex. Autograph in Archiv. Archid). 

1672, John Jackson (Bishop's Certif.). 

1701, John Ovington (Muniments 15). 

1732, Phihp Mashbourne (Wilcocks 83). 

1740, Richard Atkyns (Wilcocks 120). 

1745, John Lawry (Wilcocks 145). 

1773, Henry Reginald Courtenay (Pearse 220). 

1803, George Loeke (Dampier 276). 

1864, Charles Lawrence. 

1873, Frederick Henry Law. 

1900, Edward Louis Churchill Clapton. 

Christchurch, Lee. 

This Church was built in 1854, from which time the Register 
dates. The Bell is dated 1854. The Plate consists of a silver 
Flagon, two Chalices, and two Patens, The Rector of Lee is 

1854, William Francis Sims. 

1887, Lewis Arthur Smith. 

1893, Walter Percy McDonald. 

Church of the Good Shepherd, Lee. 

This Church was built 1881, and it was separated in 1888. The 
Registers date from 1890. There are a silver Flagon, two Chalices 
and two Patens, and a brass Alms Dish. The Rector of Lee is 

1890, John Arthur Owen. 

St. Augustine's, Grove Park, Lee. 

This Church was built in 1886-1887. The magnificent oak 
Reredos, of which the figures are most handsomely carved, 
deserves special notice. The Registers date from 1891. There is 
one Bell. The Flagon is of glass, silver mounted, both it and the 
silver Chalice and Paten were the gift of the Rev. F. H. Law, 
Vicar of Lee. The Patron is the Bishop of Southwark. 

1891, William Blackmore. 
1902, Samuel Luffman. 


Holy Trinity, Lee. 

This Church is Cruciform, and was built in 1863 ; it has one 
Bell. The Register dates from 1864. The Patrons are Simeon 
Trustees. The Flagon was given by the congregation ; there are 
also two Chalices, a large Paten, and two small ones, all of silver. 

1865, Benjamin Walter Bucke. 

1906, Bradshaw Galway Popham. 

St. Mildred's, Lee. 

This Church was erected in 1879. There are three Bells. The 
Registers of Baptisms and Marriages date from 1881. The Patron 
is the Earl of Northbrook. There are two Chalices of silver, one 
given by Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, Christmas, 1887 ; one Paten has 
R. and M.Y., Easter, 1887 ; another has J.H. and L.W., Xmas, 
1888 ; a silver-mounted Flagon has J.H. and L.M. and L.W., 
Easter, 1888. There is also a brass Alms Dish. 

1881, Francis William Helder. 

St. Mary's, Leigh. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it is mentioned 
as paying 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The 
Church was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and 
Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it was transferred to the See of 
Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of South 
Mailing. In 1905 it was restored to the Diocese of Rochester, and 
became part of the Deanery and Archdeaconry of Tonbridge. 
The Church has been much modernised, but the round pillars 
separating the south Aisle speak of the mediaeval Church, as also 
does the open Belfry with its arch. The north Transept was, 
perhaps, the Chapel of St. Thomas, which we find mention of 
several times in the thirteenth century. There is a fine old Stuart 
Pulpit, with an ancient hour-glass. There is an old ironstone 
pillar, which is embedded in the north wall, and may mark where 
the Norman Church extended to. There are five Bells, re-cast in 
1871. There are a Cup and Paten of the date 1618-1619 ; on the 
foot of the Paten are pricked the initials A.C. The Registers 
commence 1639, but the Burials from 1653-1740 are lost. The 
Church has always been in private Patronage. The present Patron 
is S. H. Morley, Esq. 

1214-26, Richard Canneius (Hamo 17). 

1226, Alan de Ros (Langdon 99). 

1230, John Taund (Hamo 17). 

1230, John Belemeyens (Hamo 17). 

1239, Richard Canucius (Autograph penes, D. and C. Roffen). 

1294, Jordan (Reg. Roff.). 

1320, Henry de Shyngton (Hamo 90). 

1340, Roger de Frindsbury (Hamo 193). 

1349, Edmund de Branketre Hamo 254). 


1353, John Magham (Reg. Roff.)- 

1354, John Eylard de Chileham (Sheppey 263). 

1361, Robert Cornmonger (Vac. Sed. 303). 

1362, Adam atte Brigge (Vac. Sed. 309). 
1362, John Somerby (W. de Whittlesey 317). 

Robert Bryksthaw. 
1389, William Godard (W. Bottlesham 2). 
1400, John Gote alias Briton (Arundel 268). 

Robert Sibthorp. 
1404, John Kirby Muschered (J. de Bottlesham 188). 

Richard Burbage (Ex. Test" Su°). 

1435, Richard Raaffe (Browne 112). 

1436, John Danit (Browne 117). 
1444, William Home (Wellys 159). 
1460, Thomas Piers (Lowe 223). 

1466, John Rome, alias Gierke, alias Baret (Lowe 245). 

1467, Robert Walas (Act. Cur. Consist 1443-1468). 

1493, William Axebridge (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503). 

1494, John Vyerne (Savage 4). 
1494, Richard Stodarde (Savage 40). 
1516, John Bretone or Bretyn (Fisher 74). 
1563, Robert Rowe (Act. Vis. Archid). 
1568, John Godding (Guest 104). 

1596, Josiah Charte (Act. Archid). 

1621, Zacharias Taylor (Buckeridge 212). 

1639, John Sudbury (Warner 93). 

1645, Robert Antrobus (Parliamentary Surveys). 

1653, Thomas Lee (E. Par. Reg.). 

1660, Anthony Radcliffe (Warner 111). 

1662, Joseph Carte (Warner 252). 

1706, James Mashbourne (Muniments 24). 

1710, William Egerton (Muniments 40). 

1712, James Mashbourne (Muniments. 43). 

1740, Philip Mashbourne (Wilcocks 121). 

1758, Richard Dickson (Pearse 183). 

1786, John Southan (Thomas 243). 

1811, Nathaniel May (King 299). 

1830, John Thomas May (Murray 32). 

1876, Hugh Robert CoUum. 

1906, Octavius Frank Walton. 

St. Mary's, Lewisham. Luesham. 

This Church was originally in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, when it was 
transferred to the Diocese of London, Archdeaconry of Southwark, 
and Deanery of Greenwich. In 1867 it was restored to the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and in 1905 it became 
part of the new Diocese of Southwark, and Archdeaconry and 
Deanery of Lewisham. It paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the Diocese 


of Rochester. The Church was altogether rebuilt in 1874. The 
Bishop of Rochester gave the Patronage in the thirteenth century 
to the Convent of Ghent. In the time of Henry V. all foreign 
patronage was done away with, and Lewisham was transferred to 
the Convent of Shene. At the dissolution of the Monasteries the 
Crown obtained the Patronage, which it did not finally part with 
till the time of the Revolution, when it was granted to the 
Ramsays, who passed it to Reginald Graham, Esq., who sold it to 
the Legges, who became ennobled as Earls of Dartmouth, and still 
have possession. The Communion Plate consists of a silver gilt 
Chalice dated 1686, and also a similar Paten and Flagon ; a silver 
Flagon of the same date ; a silver gilt perforated Spoon, the gift 
of Hon. Rev. Henry Legge, 1715 ; a Bread Knife, also his gift, 
both given about 1831 ; a silver gilt Chalice dated 1806 ; a silver 
Bowl, given by Thomas Hawtre, of Deptford, in 1735 ; a silver gilt 
Paten with Sclavonic inscription, dated 1887, "The gift of Honble. 
and Reverend Augustus Legge, Vicar." He also gave, in 1885, a 
silver gilt Alms Dish, there are also besides a Charles II. Spanish 
antique silver Chalice, a silver-mounted glass Cruet, a glass 
Flagon with electro-plate mountings, two silver Staves, dated 1843 
and 1848, two oak Staves with a Ball and Cross, and two brass 
Candlesticks. There are eight Bells, six of the eighteenth 
century. The Registers begin about 1556, but were so damaged 
by a fire in 1830 that little but the names or other portions of 
many entries remain. 

Yconomy (Cotton MSS. Otho XXV. 5). 
1267, Richard (Hamo 24). 

1320, WilUam Ayno (Baudaker London Reg. 613, 614). 

1321, Richard de Olneye (Hamo 65). 
1327, John de Lee (Hamo 78). 
1332, James Browning (Hamo 153). 
1334, Livinns Piscarus (Hamo 163) . 
1338, William Serguds (Hamo 174). 
1345, John Pundrick (Hamo 222). 

1353, Thomas Twenghe (Sheppey 260). 

1354, John de Kendale (Sheppey 261). 
William Cook. 

1396, John Kelymarsh (W. de Bottlesham 80). 

1405, Thomas Okey (Yonge 190). 

1420, Richard Chapman (Chapter House LI., 22). 

1430, William Frome (Langdon 81). 

1441, John Witton (Wellys 163). 

1444, Peter Rychman (Lowe 199). 

1459, John Mallory (Lowe 233). 

1476, William Helywise or Elwys (Ex. Test. Variis). 

1483, Roger Tocket (E. Lib. Tax). 

1530, John Crayfford (Fisher 158). 

1544, John Oliver (Holbeach 20). 

1545, John Glynn (Pat. 38 Henry VIII.). 


1568, John Bungay (Yonge 157). 

1596, Hadrianus de Saravia (Act. Arcliid). 

1610, Abraham Colfe (Arch. Archid Roff). 

1642, John Bacheler (put in by ParUament). 

1660, Edward Trotter (Warner 103). 

1672, Alexander Davison (e libr. subscrip. penes Roff. Episcop.). 

1689, George Stanhope (Muniments 5). 

1728, John Inglis (Bradford 73). 

1739, Wilham Lowth (Wilcocks 119). 

1795, Hugh Jones (Horsley 257). 

1797, Edward Legge (Horsley 263). 

1825, Hugh Jones (Act. King II, 37). 

1831, Honble. Henry Legge (Murray 41). 

1879, Honble. Augustus Legge. 

1891, Samuel Bickersteth. 

1905, William Woodcock Hough. 

Southend Chapel. 

This Chapel was built and endowed by the late John Forster, 
Esq., as a private Chapel, in 1824. The Flagon, Chalice, Paten, 
and Credence Paten are all silver, and were presented by Amy 
Tournay in 1824. There is a brass Alms Dish. There is a modern 
Bell. The Registers date from 1881. H. W. Forster, Esq., M.P., 
is Patron. 

1824, Joseph Fletcher (Murray 27). 

1849, Stewart E. Forster. 

1863, Edward Mortlock. 

1875, Frederick Frost. 

1881, Herbert ElhngtonBicknell. 

1893, Augustus Inman Gibson. 

1900, Richard Robinson. 

1901, Robert Venn Faithful Davies. 

St. Mark's, Lewisham. 

This Church was consecrated in 1870. There is a Bell of the 
same date. The Registers commence 1868. There are a silver 
Flagon presented in 1886, and a plated Flagon, two silver Chalices 
and two Patens presented in 1870, and two brass Alms Dishes. 
The Patron is the Vicar of Lewisham. 

1870, Thomas John West. 
1908, John Charles Morris. 

St. Stephen's, Lewisham. 

This Church was built and endowed at the cost of the Rev. S. 
Russell Davies, in 1865. There is a modern Bell. The Registers 
commence July, 1855. Two silver gilt richly jewelled Chalices 
and two silver gilt Patens are the Plate of the Church, and besides 


there are a silver Chalice, Paten, and Pyx, given in 1898, and a gilt 
mounted Flagon. Patrons, Keeble College. 

1865, Septimus Russell Davies. 
1865, Richard Rhodes Bristow. 
1897, William Arthur Brammeld. 

1904, Henry Baron Dickinson. 

Church of the Transfiguration, Lewisham. 

This Church was built in 1882 ; it is a Chapel of Ease to St. 
Stephen's, Lewisham. It has a modern Bell. There are two 
silver gilt mounted Flagons, two silver Chalices, one gilt and one 
silver Paten, and a brass Alms Dish. 

St. Hilda's, Crofton Park. 

This Church was opened in June, 1908. The Registers 
commence 1905. There is one Bell. There are a. Chalice and 
Paten that are copies of thirteenth century work, in silver, and 
another Chalice and Paten of silver gilt. The Patron is the Vicar 
of Lewisham. 

1905, Charles Thomas Waring. 

Lewisham Union. 

There is a Chapel to the Union, and a plain silver Cup and 
Paten. The succession of Chaplains is : 
1839, William Marsh. 
1842, John Abraham Andras. 
1873, Charles Henry Andras. 
1893, Frank Iliff. 

1906, Henry Armstrong Smyth. 

St. Swithin's, Hither Green. 

This Church was opened in 1888. The Patron is the Vicar of 
Lewisham. There is one Bell. There are two modern silver 
Chalices, with Paten Covers. The Marriage Register dates from 
1893, the Baptismal from 1888. The Altar is very curiously inlaid 
with I.H.S. and T.L., with twelve stones of Mother of Pearl and 
Malachite, and there is a side Chapel with Altar and carved 

1888, Samuel Luffman. 

1902, John Drew Roberts. 

1908, Francis Henry Rice, 

All Saints', Blackheath. 

This Church was erected in 1858 and consecrated 1859. The 
Registers date from that year. There are a silver gilt carbuncled 
Flagon, and a Chalice and Paten dated 1858 : also another Chalice 


and Paten dated 1860, Six brass Alms Plates and a gilt enamelled 
Cross. There is one Bell dated 1858 and another 1887. The Vicar 
of Lewisham is Patron. 

1858, James Sanderson Clarke. 

1864, Charles Abbot Stevens. 
1880, Frederick George Holbrook. 
1883, Edward Foyle Randolph. 
1892, Henry Welsford Snell. 
1907, George Isaac Swinnerton. 

Church of Ascension, Blackheath. 

This Church was consecrated in 1883. It has a Bell of that date. 
The Registers date from 1879. The Flagon of silver is of the date 
1701. The Chalice, also of silver, is dated 1653, There is a Paten 
of silver dated 1717, and a silver Alms Dish dated 1825. The Vicar 
of Lewisham is Patron. It used to be known as Dartmouth Row 

1883, John James Fawcett Neville Rolfe. 

1884, Walter Allen Moberley. 
1892, Alfred Lionel Lambert. 
1903, Richard Polgreen Roseveare. 
1909, Charles Ernest Escreet. 

Brockley St. Cyprian's, Lewisham. 

This Church was erected in 1882. There is a modern Bell. 
The Register of Baptisms is of that date, but the Marriage 
Registers date from 1892. There are four glass Flagons, three 
siver Chalices, three silver and one electro-plated Patens, and two 
brass Alms Dishes. The Church was ministered to from St. Mary's, 
Lewisham, till 1901. The Patrons are the Corporation of London, 
two turns, and the Lord Chancellor, one. 

1901, William Vavasour Mason. 

St. Saviour's, Brockley Hill, 

The Church was built in 1866, and has a Bell of that date. The 
Registers also commence that year. A Flagon, two Chalices, and 
two Patens, all of silver, were presented in 1865, another Paten in 
1882, There is also a brass Alms Dish. The Patron is the Vicar 
of Forest Hill. 

1865, Horatio Langrishe Nicholson. 
1869, William Lewis Rosenthal. 
1886, Alfred Oliver Russell. 

St. Lawrence, Catford. 

This Church was built in 1886. A new Bell was given in 1898. 
The Marriage and Baptism Registers date from 1887. There are 
two glass Flagons, one silver and one electro-plated Chalice, and 


one electro-plated and one silver Paten, all of this date, and one 
brass Alms Dish. The Patron was formerly the Bishop of 
Rochester, now the Bishop of Southwark. 

1888, Edward Cecil Robinson. 

1893, William John Salt. 

1907, Francis Christian Bainbridge Bell. 

In addition to the above Communion Plate there is a large silver 
Chalice, also a silver Paten to match the Chalice presented by 
Mr. and Mrs. F. Harding, and a smaller Chalice plated, and a 
silver Paten presented by the late G. Parker, Esq., J. P. 

St. Andrew's, Catford. 

The Church was opened in 1903, and the Registers are of the 
same date. There is one Bell. On a stone is engraved " f AMDC 
t MCM iij t another ; this chancel is erected in memory of the 
Revd. C. J. Pedley MA f MCM iij f." There are a Flagon, 
Chalice, and Paten of solid silver, and there are besides another set 
plated, and a glass mounted Flagon. The Patron is the Bishop of 

1907, Ernest Cantelo Burt Philpott. 

Christ Church, Forest Hill. 

This Church was built in 1855. The Patron is the Earl of 
Dartmouth. The Bell is dated 1877. There is a Flagon of silver, 
the gift of T. W. Wing, 1854. There is also a silver Chalice, the 
gift of W. Lawson, 1854, and there is a silver Paten inscribed the 
gift of the Revd. N. D. Pearson, 1854, and one brass Alms Dish. 
The Registers date from 1855. 

1855, John Michell Clarke. 
1878, Thomas Daniel Cox Morse. 
1882, Gustavus John Jones. 
1902, Charles Richard Bailey. 

St. Paul's, Forest Hill. 

The Church was built in 1878, from which time the Register 
dates. There are a Flagon, two Chalices, two Patens, and a Spoon 
of silver, and an Alms Dish of brass. The Patrons are the Bishop 
and the Vicar of Forest Hill alternately. 

1878, Frank Jones. 

1894, William Klein. 
1900, John Philip Dalton. 

St. Augustine's, Honor Oak. 
The Church was opened in 1872. The Bell is dated 1873. The 
Tower was completed 1888. The Registers for Baptisms and 
Marriages date from 1872, in which year the silver Flagon, Chalice, 


and Paten were presented, and an Alms Dish of brass. In 1900 
another silver Chalice, Paten, and Alms Dish were given. The 
Patron is W. J. Joicey, Esq. 

1872, John Holdsworth Morgan. 

1888, Percy White CoUard. 

St. George's, Perry Hill. 

The Church was opened in 1880. It has a modern Bell. The 
Registers date from 1880. There are a Plate, mounted glass Flagon, 
and silver Chalice and Paten of 1872, and a brass Alms Dish, a 
silver gilt Chalice, and Paten ; also two Cruets and a Cruet Stand, 
regilded, were presented in 1893. The Patrons are Trustees. 

1877, David Harding. 

1884, Charles Nathaniel Williams. 

1892, Edward Kaye Kendall. 

1894, John Herbert Wesley Kane. 

St. Bartholomew's, Sydenham. 

This district was separated from Lewisham in 1855. The Church 
was built in 1831, and the Register commences 1832. It has a 
modern Bell. The Communion Vessels are a plated Flagon, with 
silver Paten, Chalice, and Alms Dish dated 1832. Another silver 
Chalice, two silver Patens without stands, and a silver Spoon are 
given in the returns of the Rural Dean, 1903. The Earl of 
Dartmouth is the Patron. The daughter Church of St. Matthew 
has eight Bells. 

1831, Thomas Bowdler. 

1843, Charles English. 

1857, Augustus Legge. 

1879, Huyshe Wolcott Yeatman. 

1892,. Walter Allen Moberley. 

1900, William Alexander Dunn. 

1906, William Perowne Holmes. 

Holy Trinity, Sydenham. 

This Church was built in 1865, and consecrated in 1866. The 
Patrons are Simeon Trustees. There is a modern Bell. The 
Flagon, Chalice, and Paten are all plated, and there is a pewter 
Alms Dish. The Registers commence from 1867. 

1866, Henry Stevens. 

1902, William Henry Langhorne. 

St. Philip's, Sydenham. 

This Church was erected in 1864. It has a modern Bell. The 
Patronage is with the Vicar of St. Bartholomew's, Sydenham. 
The Baptismal Register dates from 1867, and the Marriage Register 
from 1869. The Church was opened in 1866, but not consecrated 
till 1867. The Flagon is of glass, mounted in silver gilt, The 


Chalice of silver gilt is set with rubies and topaz, and the Paten is 
of silver gilt ; these are all of the date 1874. There are also silver 
topped Cruets, a jewelled Alms Dish, and an Altar Cross of the 
date 1897. The brass Alms Dish is dated 1897-98. 

1869, George Hillars Philip Barlow. 

1875, John William Deane Hoare. 

1881, Walter Allen Moberley. 

1883, John Garraway Holmes. 

1889, Alfred Edmund King. 

St. Michael and All Angels, Sydenham. 

The district was separated 1879. The Bell is modern. The 
Church was built at a cost of ;^13,000, which was found by Mr. 
Woodgate. The Patronage is in the hands of the Vicar of St, 
Bartholomew's, Sydenham. The Registers date from 1868. 
There are a Flagon of silver, a Chalice of silver, and a Paten of 

1879, Richard Milner. 

1883, Henry Russel Wakefield. 

1888, Charles Henry Bowly. 

1894, Frank Harvey Francis. 

1904, Arthur Ernest Green. 

Christchurch, Sydenham. 

This Church was built about 1750 to carry on the work began by 
Mrs. QuickC (widow of John Quicke, Nonconformist Minister, who 
preached privately during the reign of Charles II., and more 
publicly after the indulgence of James II.), who, at her own 
charge, carried on the Ministry of the Gospel "in the poor 
ignorant village of Sydenham." Mrs. Quicke died in 1708. The 
first Minister was a Mr, Barron, who held it until the lease expired 
in 1794; it was then licensed as a Church by Dr. Horsley, Bishop 
of Rochester. 

1796, Pinkton Arundel (Horsley 258), 

1798, George Fletcher (Horsley 265), 
Pinksburn Arundel French, 

1830 Thomas Palmer took the name of Hutton (Murray 45) — 
see Hutton, 

1847, Forster Rogers, 

1861, Henry Stevens. 

On the resignation of Stevens, in 1866, Christchurch was sold, 
and purchased by Mr. Edward Covell, who leased it to Samuel 
March, a Nonconformist Minister, in 1873, who called it the Free 
Church ; he was ordained, and became Curate to Dr. Legge, then 
Vicar of St. Bartholomew's, who took over the lease ; since then 
it has been a Chapel of St. Michael's. The Registers of early 
times have been lost^ There is one Bell. Two plated glass 
Cruets, a silver Chalice and Paten, the latter presented by H. C, 
Guild, and a brass Alms Dish are the Vessels for Holy Communion. 


SS. Peter and Paul, Leybourne, Leleburna. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 
9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It was in the 
Bishopric and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Mailing 
till 1846, when it was placed in the Archbishopric of Canterbury, 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of North Mailing ; it is 
now in the Bishopric of Rochester, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, 
and Deanery of Mailing. The advowson was in the hands of the 
De Leybournes till the end of the fourteenth century, when it 
passed to the Convent of St. Mary Grace's ; on the suppression of 
the Monasteries it went to the Crown, where it continued till 
Edward Vlth's time, since when it has been in private hands. 
There is much Norman work about the Church, especially on the 
north side. On the Font are the places where the taper was fixed, 
and the salt or chrism deposited. There is here a Heart Shrine, 
said to be that of Sir William de Leybourne, who died 1271. The 
Tower is modern. There are two Bells, one of which is ancient 
and is curiously decorated, the other is modern. The Chalice was 
the gift of Dean UUock. The Paten is modern. The Registers 
commence 1560. The present Patron is H. Hawley, Bart. 

1276, Peter (Reg. Roff.). 

1279, Thomas Bacun (Ex. autograph penes Det. Cap. Roff.). 

1311, Walter de Lecton or Leighton (Arch. Cant.). 

1344, Benjamin de AUesle (Hamo 211). 

1345, Hamo Somy (Hamo 222). 
John Ashkam. 

1391, Thomas Smyth (W. Bottlesham 26). 
1393, Hugh Brymling (W. Bottlesham 38). 

John Clifton. 
1423, John Burchbacke (Langdon 59) (Chichele I. 208). 
1437, John Cowper (W. Wellys). 
1437, John Lee (W. Wellys 126). 

1440, John Fourneys (W. Wellys 140). 

1441, Wilham Midelton (W. Wellys 160). 

1460, John Clifton (Act. Cur. Consist. 1443-1468). 

1454, Thomas Merbury (Bourgchier 98). 

1467, Patrick (Act. Cur. Consist. 1443-1468). 

1490, William Merbury (Ex. Test, variis). 

1493, William Millys (Savage 16). 

1510, Thomas Sewell (Fisher 55). 

1527, John Larke (Fisher 136). 

1543, Hugh Woodward (Holbeach 28). 

1559, Hugh Williams (Vac. Sed. Cant. 56). 

1577, John Moore. 

1579, Cadwallder Lewis (Yonge 20). 

1582, William Mounte (Yonge 165). 

1602, Wilham Drury (Yonge 191). 

1640, John Codde (Warner 94). 


1662, John Lorkyn (Warner 112). 
1667, Nathaniel Hardy (Dolben 119). 
1675, Meric Head (Par. Reg.). 
1687, Wilham Gotier (Muniments 2). 
1690, Henry UUock (Muniments 2). 
1705, Samuel Spateman (Muniments 23). 
1720, Robert Hall (Atterbury 46). 
1723, George Whitworth (Bradford 54). 
1727, Francis Hooper (Bradford 70). 
1738, George Burvill (Pearse 188). 
1797, Charles Cage (Horsley 267). 
1849, Henry Charles Hawley. 
1877, Charles Cusac Hawley. 

There is an outlying district of Leyborne called Compe, in which 
once stood a Chapel, which appears to have been a Chantry of 
Leyborne, but we find no Chantry Priests mentioned in the Bishop's 
Register. Perhaps a certain John, the Chaplain of Sir Roger's 
Chantry, mentioned 1276, may have been Chaplain there. 

St. Laurence, Longsole. 

The Chapel of the Hermitage of Longsole stood about two or 
three hundred yards south east of Barming station. It was 
destroyed by fire in 1900. It was when founded probably in the 
centre of the Hermitage woods. The Hermits mentioned were as 
follows. It was of course suppressed at the Reformation. 

1300, John (Hamo 82). 

Alfred Hert de Debenham. 
1337, John de Bristowe (Hamo 169). 
1337, John Tredelant (Hamo 170). 

1337, Robert de Kilwardeby (Hamo 170). 

1338, Alfred Hert de Debenham (Hamo 172). 

1339, Stephen Fynamour (Hamo 178). 
Richard GuUeborough. 

1343, Thomas Edmer (Hamo 209). 

1356, Richard Thermon (Sheppey 288). 

1357, Droton Walshe (Sheppey 289). 
Richard de Mailing. 

1369, Gilbert Rose (Trilleck 339). 

1371, John Coleshill (Trilleck 351). 

1391, John Gold or Mold, aUas Poison (W. Bottlesham 80). 

1406, John Chesterfield (Arundel 310). 

1422, The Chapel sequestered, and we find no more Hermits till 

(Langdon Reg.). 
1453, Reginald Herbe or Hervey (Lowe 254). 

William Lecke. 
1460, John Acherte (Lowe 283). 
1462, John Rodes (Denne MSS.), 
1491, Richard Blake (Act. Cur. Consist. 1471-1508). 


St, Mary Magdalen, Longfield. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times. It was in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry and Deanery of Rochester from the 
earliest till 1846, when it Ijecame part of the Deanery of Cobham. 
The Church has been renovated, with the exception of one or two 
Mediaeval Windows in the Chancel. The Registers begin 1558. 
There are Latin entries 1596-1706. The Cup is dated 1640 ; the 
Paten Cover is marked 1808 ; the Stoup is inscribed as presented by 
the Communicants, 1899. The Bishop has always been Patron. 


1075, Anschitil held this of the Bishop of Baieux, and perhaps 

was Rector (Hasted). 
1280, Thomas de Basinge (Reg. Roff.). 

Richard GuUeborough. 
1343, Thomas Cadman (Hamo 210). 
1349, John Mounte (Hamo 242). 
1349, Hugh le Mareshall (Hamo 248). 

1354, Richard Hugham de Ode (Sheppey 286). 
1361, William Mace (Sheppey 302). 

Laurence Hyham. 

1395, Thomas Lythefote (W. Bottlesham 68). 
John Gardyner. 

1396, John Eylesford (W. Bottlesham 94). 

1397, Richard Wytheryn (W. Bottlesham 105). 
Thomas Dome. 

1422, John Alayn (Langdon 27). 
1425, Richard White (Langdon 70). 
1425, Richard Middleton (Langdon 70). 
1427-1430, William Taylor (Archid. Vis.). 
Richard Okes. 

1430, John Horton (Langdon 82). 
Thomas Faukys, 

1431, Robert Derby (Langdon 84). 
William Appleby. 

1435, John Dykes (Langdon 92). 

1435, Thomas Brown (Chichele I. 207). 

1436, Thomas Westhill (Browne 117). 
1438, Robert Ayscough (Langdon 138). 

1438, Robert Fishwick (Langdon 138). 

1439, John Laneby (Langdon 150). 
1441, Henry Burton (Wellys 162). 

1441, Wilham Bolton (Wellys 166). 

1442, John Stowte (Wellys 193). 
1442, Thomas Dene (Wellys 201). 
1442, John AUeyne (Wellys 201). 

1444, John Stout (Act Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1445, David ap Kenrick Cavell (Lowe 203). 


1445, William Boteler (Lowe 203). 

1448, John Strobogge (Lowe 220). 

1454, William Claneburgh (Lowe 226) (Bourgchier 59). 

1456, Thomas Fowler (Lowe 227). 

1460, Richard Leggett (Lowe 234). 

1480, Ralph Lee (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503). 

1505, Henry Wombwell (Fislaer 51). 

1508, John Pennant (Fisher 51). 

1522, George Day (Fisher 108). 

1529, Alan Woden (Fisher 150). 

1533, Richard Wilson (Lib. Tax. 101). 

1534, Ewen Charlton (Fisher 181). 
1548, John Fountayn (Ridley 54). 
1570, Wilham Charlton (Gheast 116). 

1585, Christopher Hilles alias Morgan (Yonge 166). 
1596, Thomas Smith (Yonge 200;. 
1636, Thomas Stansell (Barlow 219). 

1670, John Payne (Dolben 121). 

1671, John Chadwick (E. Libro subscrip. penes Episcop. Roffen). 
1706, Thomas Barnett (Muniments 21). 

1731, John Lambe (Wilcocks 87). 
1740, Francis Ireland (Wilcocks 121). 
1774, John Derby (Thomas 222). 
1778, John Currey (Thomas 230). 
1825, James King (King 11. , 8). 
1864. Hector Norton. 
1867, Peter Harnett Jennings. 
1886, William Hare Duke. 
1894, Edward Smith. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Luddesdown. Hludesdune. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and according to 
Textus Roffensis it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester. It was in the Bishopric, Archdeaconry, and Deanery 
of Rochester till 1846, when it became part of the new Deanery of 
Cobham. The present Church, except the Medieval Tower, is 
entirely modern, being rebuilt in 1866. The Communion Plate 
was renewed in 1893. A School Church was built at Ley wood in 
1866, just above the old Church of Dode. There are two ancient 
Bells, and a third which has been recast. The Registers date from 
1681. The Patronage has always been in private hands. The 
present Patron is Mrs. E. T. Wigan. 


1340, Roger, son of John Rohn or Yonge (Hamo 182) — see Rohn. 

1341, William de Riddeswell (Hamo 190). 
1349, Robert Asger (Hamo 251). 

1361, William Godwyn (Vac. Sede 306). 


1366, John Buckonore (Trilleck 328). 

* * ♦ 

1440, John Harper (Act. Cur. Consist 1436-1443). 

1444, John Gladwyn (Stafford 78). 

1450, John Dryver or Drover (Lowe 220). 

1463, WilHam Crosse (Lowe 237). 

1466, Thomas Holywell (Bourgchier 94). 

1470, Thomas Gedney (Bourgchier 102). 

1474, Richard Fawsby (Fisher 30). 

1504, Robert Gibson (Warham 230). 

1531, George Brymley (Fisher 162). 

1543, Robert Cadiste (Hilsey 17). 

1557, William Clough (Ex. Test" Hodges). 

1561, Henry Jackson (Gheast 101). 

1564, Richard Mercer (Gheast 102). 

1569, John Moore (Gheast 109). 

1579, Cadwallder Lewis (Yonge 250). 

1595, Thomas Dytchfield (Yonge 188). 

1628, John Johnson (Curie 207). 

1650, William Dunbane (Parliamentary Surveys). 

1660, George Whittle (Warner 103). 

1679, William Burletson (Newcourt). 

1681, Stephen Thornton (Ex. Mon° Su°). 

1744, Richard Tysoe (Wilcocks 142). 

1746, David Maron (Wilcocks 148). 

1768, Charles Harland (Pearse 205). 

1785, Thomas Manning (Thomas 239). 

1787, Robert Thompson (Thomas 243). 

1809, John Boyle Thompson (King I., 294). 

1840, Edward John Shepherd (Murray 58). 

1856, Alfred Wigan. 

1889, Francis William Wigan. 

1893, William Masfen Roberts. 

St. Botolph's, Lullingtone. Lulungstuna. 

This Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery 
of Dartford till 1846, when it became a Parish in the Diocese of 
Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of East 
Dartford. In 1905 it was once more placed in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Dartford. The 
Church, a very small building, has a Chancel, and a Lady 
Chapel, on the north side of the Chancel, and, originally a Norman 
building was rebuilt in the time of Edward III. There is a Rood 
Screen, partly of the fifteenth century and partly Jacobean. There 
are fine Monuments to members of the families of the Lords of 
Lullingstone. There is one ancient Bell. The Chalice was the 
gift of Nicholas Granway, in 1646 ; the Paten, that of Mrs. Hester 
Palmer, in 1743. The Patronage has always belonged to the 


Lords of LuUingstone, in whose Park it stands, and for whom it 
may be looked upon as a Private Chapel. The present Patron is 
Sir W.Hart Dyke. Vicars. 

1320 (before) Galfridus atte Leye (Ex. Mon° Su°). 

1320, Galfridus atte Wood (Hamo 46). 

1322, Peter Nicole de Geldeford (Hamo S3). 

1334, John de Rokesle (Hamo 104). 

1335, Richard de Chestre (Hamo 165). 
1338, Adam de Brankestre (Hamo 208). 
1349, Wiliam Spackett (Hamo 255). 

1353, Richard Sichemaye alias Sutherneye (Reg. Sheppey). 

1356, John de Sutton (Sheppey 291). 

1361, William Chamberlayne (Sheppey 305). 

1373, Robert Gaynesburgh (Whittlesey 94). 

Roger Baret. 
1391, Robert Hardegray (Whittlesey 123). 
1398, Richard White (Arundel I., 466). 
1418, Thomas Westborne (Yonge 5). 

1425, John Brown (Langdon 74). 

1426, Richard Selby (Langdon 76). 
1433, John Hawkeson (Wellys Reg). 

1439, Thomas Curteyse (Wellys 151). 

1440, Matthew Brandrethe (Wellys 156). 
1445, Robert Aylewarde (Lowe 203). 
1453, Robert Long (Lowe 208). 

1466, John Squery or Snealls (Lowe 213). 

1499, John Hattun (Fitzjames 7). 

1502, John Bischopstree (Fitzjames 32). 

1508, John Bedall (Fisher 55). 

1528, John Deane (Fisher 154). 

1547, John Clavell (Holbeach 45). 

1552, John Laughe. 

1560, John Dawlyn (Guest 25). 

1570, Robert Underwood (Ex. Testis (Variis). 

1575, Thomas Gotte, Gosse, or Goffe (Freake 160). 

1578, Michael Anstey (Yonge 199). 

1630, Richard Harriott (Langdon 67). 

1663, William Gibson (E. Libro Subscrip.). 

1671, Edward Tilson, Senr. (Reg. Roff. 478). 

1726, Edward Tilson, Junr. (Bradford 68). 

1748, Davies Lambe (Wilcocks 158). 

1772, Marmaduke Lewis (Pearse 218). 

1806, John Kemble (Dampier 284). 

1820, John Thompson (King 330). 

1828, Thomas Hart Dyke (Murray 24). 

1866, Robert Browne. 

1871, Hugh Hathorn Wood. 

1877, Alfred Brooke Webb. 

1895, Henry Dalgetty McCheane. 


St. John the Baptist, Lullingstane. Lullingestana, 

This Chapel paid 6 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester,' 
according to Textus Roffensis. LuUingstane was united to 
Lullingstone, as the stipend was so small and there were only two 
families in the parish, by Bishop Yonge, in 1412. The Chapel was 
evidently neglected, for there is no return of it in the Valor 
Ecclesiasticus, nor in Edward VI. 's Commission. The Chapel had 
fallen down, we learn from the Parliamentary return, in 1650, and 
in 1712 it was finally united to Lullingstone. There were ruins in 
Thorpe's days, but since his time these have disappeared, and a 
depression in the ground, with signs of foundations of the north 
and south walls, are now all that remain. It stood near the north 
entrance to the park. 

1324, John Selkedene (Hamo 62). 
1326, William de Knotte (Hamo 67). 
1333, WilUam atte Bour (Hamo 158). 

1348, Walter Waleys (Hamo 241). 

1349, John Proudfot de Berdefield (Hamo 248). 
1349, WilUam Reigate (Hamo 250). 

1353, John Aperdele (Sheppey 257). 

William Dal by. 
1362, Robert Williams (Whittlesey 309). 

Thomas Norton. 
1393, John Farnebergh (W. Bottlesham 43). 
1396, John Thorolby (W. Bottlesham 96). 
1401, Thomas Thorpe (J. Bottlesham 162). 
1405, John Ingram (J. Bottlesham 189). 
1412, Richard White (Yonge 2). 
1418, Thomas Westborne (Yonge 5). 

1425, John Browne (Langdon 74). 

1426, Richard Selby (Langdon 76). 
1433, John Louthe (Lowe 213). 

John Hawkeson. 
1436, Thomas Curteyse, since which time there have been no 
independent Vicars appointed to Lullingstane (Wellys 

Malling Abbey. 

This Abbey was founded by Bishop Gundolph (1077-1107), and 
it must have been finished prior to his death, as he appointed 
Avicia the first Abbess. The Gateway and the Gateway Chapel, 
the Church Tower, partly decayed, with the south wall and 
Transept, and the beautiful Cloister, built into a Stuart dwelling 
house, are now all that exist of the Abbey. We find several 
persons wished to be buried in the Church, and in the burying 
ground, and in the Neese or Nesse. There was a high dignitary 
connected with it in prereformation times, who had a prebendal 
stall, and who was styled Prebendarius magnas missae in monasterio 


de West Mailing, of those who filled this office we have a succes- 
sion in the Bishops' Registers. . The livings of East and West 
Mailing, and the Cell of St, Leonard, were in the gift of the Abbey. 

1207, Walter de Grey (Reg. Roff.). 

1328, Thomas de Alkham (Hamo 127). 

1339, Ralph Roach (Hamo 163). 

1354, Richard Gresham (Vac. Sed. Roff. 304). 

1361, John son of Alfred de Saye (Sheppey 263). 

1366, Peter Curasse (Langham). 

1379, Richard atte Brooke (Trilleck 329). 

1391, John Graunger (W. Bottlesham 72). 

1392, John Watson (W. Bottlesham). 

1395, Colne de Alba Clara (W. Bottlesham). 
1398, Thomas Gerard (W. Bottlesham 103). 
1402, Thomas Wall (J. Bottlesham). 

William Chichele. 
1424, Thomas Wardeyn (Langdon 28). 

1424, Thomas Mabbe (Langdon 30). 
1426, Thomas Gloucester (Langdon 76). 
1444, Thomas Compton (Stafford 77). 
1447, Richard Stone (Lowe 212). 

1457, Daniel Everard (Lowe 229). 
1493, Thomas Cooke (Savage 3). 
1493, John Whitmore (Savage 4). 
1499, Thomas Nevill (Fitzjames). 
1510, William Millys (Fisher 72). 

Richard Adams (Ex. Mon° Su°). 
1522, Robert Dokett (Fisher 108). 
1522, John Bamburgh (Fisher 108). 
1524, Henry Fletcher (Fisher 109). 

The Abbesses of Mailing we have found are as follows ; 

1107, Avicia (Dugdale's Monasticon). 

* + * 

De Badlesmere (Dugdale's Monasticon). 

1322, Agnes de Leybourne (Wharton's Anglia Sacra Lib. I.).- 

1324, Laura de Retling (Hamo 65). 

1344, Esther de Bonaster (Hamo 211). 

1349, Isabelle P'h'm (Parham, Pelham, or Peckham???). In 
this year, that of the Black Death, three Abbesses were 
appointed, but this is the only one whose name is given, 
and that in this abbreviated form (Hamo 220) (William 
de Dene's Life of Hamo de Heth). 

* ♦ * 

1425, Cecilia Batisford (Langdon). 
1440, Joan de Brenchesle (Wellys). 

* ♦ * 

1473, Margaret Pympe (Alcock) (Ex Test" Thomas Pympe 1473). 
1479, Catharine Skefton (Russell) . 


1484, Alice Pympe (Ex. Test" Will Pellycan). 

1493, Joane Moone (Savage 3). 

1496, Elizabeth HouUe (Morton 161) alias Hall (Fisher 111). 

1522, EUza Hill (Fisher 111). 

1523, EUzabeth Daniel (Fisher 112). 

1524, EUzabeth Rede (Fisher 121). 

1538, Margaret Vernon (Dugdale's Monasticon). 

St. Mary's, West Malling. , Meallingetes. 

There was a Church here in the Domesday time, and it paid 9 
denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. Till 1846 it was in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and in the Deanery of 
Mailing, and in that year it was placed in the See of Canterbury, 
Arcjhdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of North Malling. In 
1905 it was once more placed in the Diocese of Rochester and 
Deanery of Mailing, but in the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge. The 
Tower and the Chancel show Norman and Early English work, but 
the Nave was rebuilt in Georgian fashion in 1778, and in 1901 was 
again rebuilt. There was a Chapel of the Virgin on the south side 
of the Church. There are eight Bells. There is a handsome Altar 
Tomb to Sir Robert Brett, and there are Brasses to William Millys 
and William Skott and Dame Fitzjames, and the remains of one to 
Lady Dethick amongst other monuments. There is the Royal Coat 
of Arms of James II., thought to be a Grinling Gibbons, and a 
Picture of the Last Supper. There are two modern Flagons, and 
Chalices and Patens of silver, and there used also to be an ancient 
Stoup of Delft ware, with silver gilt straps hall marked 1581, which 
was disposed of in February, 1903. The Registers commence in 
1700. The patronage has always been in private hands since the 
Reformation, previously it belonged to the Abbey. There was a 
Chantry in the Lady Chapel, of which three Chaplains (which we 
give with the Vicars) were found in the Bishop's Registers. The 
present Patrons are the Trustees of W. Lawson, Esq. 

Vicars. Chantry Priests. 

1337, Adam Herbert. 

1337, John de Dagenham 

John Peche (Hamo 115). 
1339, Robert de' Beulton (Hamo 

1348, Richard Benson (Hamo 190). 

Richard Gresham. 
1363, Ralph Roche (Trilleck322). 
1392, John Watson (W. de 

Bottlesham 40) . 
1395, William Baron (W. de 

Bottlesham 75) . 
1399, Robert de Gaulton (W. de 

Bottlesham 86). 

(Hamo 171). 

the ebcobds of bochestbe. 185 

Vicars. Chantry Priests. 

1399, Thomas Gerard (W. de 

Bottlesham 100)". 
1399, Thomas King (Arundel I. 


1401, John Caldewell (J. de 

Bottlesham 175). 

1402, John Reynolds or Peynton 

(J. de Bottlesham 176). 
1413, Simon Dawes (Arundel II. 

1422, John Belnes (Langdon 10). 
1426, William Rose or Rotse 

(Langdon 78). 
1440, John Pure (Wellys 155). 

1452, John Rose (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1443-1468). 

1453, Daniel Everard (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1443-1468). 
1472, William Talmed Alcock. 

1493, Thomas Chambre (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1471-1503). 
1500, Thomas Nevill (Fitzjames 26). 

Thomas Smyth. 
1515, William Lawson (Fisher 72). 
1517, John Bamborough (Fisher 78). 
1524, Henry Fletcher (Fisher 112). 
1568, Milo Garrett (Gheast 123). 
1574, Thomas Brande (Freake 150). 
1577, Nicholas Grier (Piers 155). 
1584, Thomas Thomson (Yonge 160). 
1616, Christopher Wragg (Bancroft 310). 
1624, Robert Throckmorton (Buckeridge 206). 
1637, William Gibson (Laud II. 306) (Bowie 221). 
1653, John Emerson (Parliamentary Returns). 
1659, Samuel French (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1650, Samuel Elwood (Juxon 120). 
1662, Joshua AUard (Hasted). 
1695, Abraham Lord (Muniments 10). 
1698, Thomas Pyke or Pike (Muniments 11). 
1704, Robert Scudamore (Muniments 17). 
1712, Simon Babb (Atterbury 15). 
1730, Charles Brown (Bradford 78). 
1748, James Webb (Wilcocks 158). 
1759, Robert Style (Pearse 186) . 
1770, Richard Husband (Pearse 212). 
1814, George Feme Bates (King 310). 
1842, John Henry Timins (Murray 68). 
1894, Arthur William Lawson. 


There was a Chapel at St, Leonards which paid 6 denarii chrism 
fee to the See of Rocliester. Elizabeth Grapnell, in 1343, is 
called, in the Bishop's books, Custodian of the Cell of St. 

Rural Deans. 

Mailing was one of the three ancient Deaneries of the Diocese, 
and those who held office are found in the Bishops' Registers. 

1242, Richard (Hamo 21). 

127 -, Gervasius (Hamo 199). 

1347 and 1349, Bartholomew Crowethorne (Hamo 265). 

1365, Elias, Vicar of Brenchley (Trilleck 323). 

1367, James Chaynew, Vicar of Bidborough (Trilleck). 

1400, John Graunger, Rector of Addington (J. Bottlesham 133). 

1401, John Laugher (J. Bottlesham 166). 

1402, John Mailing (J. Bottlesham 176). 

1403, Peter, Vicar of Kingsdown (J. Bottlesham 181). 
1403, Richard Engayne (J. Bottlesham 187). 

1405, Alfred Clegg (Yonge 189). 

1406, Stephen Lens (Yonge 191). 
1408, Ralph Kirby (Yonge). 

1426, Richard Branspeth (Langdon 85). 

1427, John Lofthouse (Langdon 86). 
1436, Robert de Blackston (Wellys 128) . 
1438, John Hervey (Wellys 137). 

1444, Thomas Hornby (Lowe). 
1448, Henry Esthawe (Lowe 203). 
1450, John Newbolt (Lowe). 

1452, William Rowe (Lowe). 

1453, Edmund Mareshead (Lowe). 

1454, William Erlac (Lowe). 

1455, Henry Spencer (Lowe). 
1457, Robert Draper (Lowe). 

1460, Hugh Hende (Lowe). 

1461, John Ball (Lowe). 

1462, Robert Byghall (Lowe). 

1463, Robert Godchill (Lowe). 

1464, Hugh Burton (Lowe). 
1467, John Bubbe (Lowe). 

1471, James Chaynew (Act. Cur. Consist). 
1480, Robert Snowe (Act. Cur. Consist). 
1482, Richard Wodehill (Act. Cur. Consist). 
1494, John Vyerne (Act. Cur. Consist). 
1512, Thomas Sawell (Fisher). 
1519, James Bretyn (Fisher 87). 

Malling Union. 

The foundation stone of this Chapel was laid on May 1st, 1872. 
The Flagon, Cup and two Patens are of silver ; there are also a 


Chalice and Paten and a silver-mounted glass Flagon for the 
Infirmary. The Baptismal Register dates from 1873. 

1838, Robert Earle. 
1873, John Manus. 
1875, John Stuart Robson. 
1880, Henry Frederick Rivers. 
1889, Cecil Henry Fielding. 

St. James's, East Malling, Meallingas. ' 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 9 denarii 
chrism fee to the See of Rochester, according to Textus Roffensis. 
The Patronage of the Church was in the hands of the Abbey till 
the Reformation, it then lapsed to the Crown. It was given by 
Charles II. to the Twisdens, since which time it has been in private 
hands. It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester till 
1846, but being a peculiar of the Archbishop it was in the Deanery 
of Shoreham ; at that date it was reckoned to the Archbishopric of 
Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of North 
Malling ; it is now in the Deanery of Mailing, Archdeaconry of 
Tonbridge, and again in the Diocese of Rochester; The Cup and 
Paten Cover are dated 1609. The Flagon was the gift of Sir T. 
Twisden in 1728, and the Alms Dish of Sir R. Twisden in 1764. 
The Church is a handsome Early English structure. It has six 
Bells, of which five are seventeenth century. Amongst the 
Monuments, of which there are many, is a Memorial Stone to 
Colonel Tomlinson, who conducted Charles I. on his trial, and one 
to Judge Twisden, who tried the regicides. There are some fine 
modern Frescoes. The Registers date from 1570. The present 
Patron is W. L. Wigan, Esq. 

1206, William de Wrotham (Arch. Cant. XX.). 
1311, Sir William Nicholas (Arch. Cant.). 
1323, Thomas de Leghton (Reynolds 252). 

Gilbert Cooke. 
1357, Thomas De Huntingdon (Islep 276). 

Thomas atte Berne. 
1361, John Lorkyn (Islep 282). 
1363, Simon Blake (Langham 48). 

1370, John Kempstan (W. de Whittlesey 80). 

1371, Robert de Gaynesburgh (W. de Whittlesey 88). 
1373, William Chamberlayne (W. de Whittlesey 94). 

John Aston. 
1401, Nicholas Greene (Arundel I. 279). 
1410, Richard Smyth (Arundel II. 59). 
1415, John Wyndesor or Windsor (Chichele I., 67). 
1435, Robert atte Kyrke (Chichele I. 206). 
1437, Thomas Merbury. 
1439, William Codlyng (Stafford). 


1467, William Merbury (Bourgchier 98). 

Richard Adams (Ex. Mon° Su"). 
1522, John Fletcher (Warham 375). 
1541, Roland Rice (Cranmer 378). 
1556, John Wells (Pole 70). 
1571, John Wheler (Parker 404). 
1576, Launcelot Sympson (Grindal 562). 
1628, Robert Whittle (Abbot II. 35). 
1679, John Crosse (Sancroft 380). 
1701, Richard Berrow (Tennison 204). 
1705, Thomas Hill (Tennison 220). 
1718, Thomas Cockman (Wake I. 304). 
1745, William Perfect (Potter 292). 
1757, Richard Jacob (Button 45). 
1762, Daniel Hill (Seeker 305). 
1805, Samuel Francis Godmond (Sutton II. 1). 
1845, Cyril Francis Godmond. 
1847, William Lewis Wigan. 
1876, Septimus Wigan. 
1896, Walter Edward Buckland. 

Holy Trinity, Newhythe. 

There was an ancient Chapel here on the Medway, which 
became a Chapel of East Mailing in 1363. It was suppressed in 
Edward VI. 's time, and has been built into a cottage. About 
half a mile inland a chapel was consecrated in 1854. The Bells, 
the Communion Plate consisting of a Flagon, Chalice, and Paten, 
and also the Regisers, are of the same date as the Church. It has 
never been separated from East Mailing. The succession of 
Curates in Charge has been ; 

1854, Nathaniel Dimock. 

1872, Gordon Woodgate. 

1874, Septimus Wigan. 

1876, Francis Henry Derby Ness. 

1880, William Frederick Woods. 

1888, Octavius Charles Legge- Wilkinson. 

1895, Henry Pritchard. 

1899, Gavin Frank Saxby. 

1901, Alfred George Phillips. 

1907, Charles Edward White. 

Mapiscombe. Mapeldreskampe. 

This Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
It was joined to the parish of Kingsdown in 1638. The Church 
was apsidal in form. The west wall is 30 feet high, and the side 
walls are 14 feet high and there are two Windows left. The size 
of the Church was 21 feet broad and 51 feet high. Its Norman 
architecture can be traced. The ancient Altar was a Sarson stone, 


which perhaps shows that the place was sacred before the Christian 
rehgion was estabhshed in this country. 

1322, WilHam Dame dictus apud Stoke (Hamo 52). 

1323, April 24th, Richard Cheynes (Hamo 58). 
1328, Ralph Gerveys (Hamo 61). 

.1356, William Cranesford (W. de Whittlesey 316). 

1356, Robert Cheyne (W. de Whittlesey 316). 

1362, William Cranesford again (Pat. Roll. Edward III. 35). 

1394, John Wytecombe (W. Bottlesham 64). 

1394, John Wyckham (W. Bottlesham 64). 

1394, Simon Brydham (Arundel I. 258). 

1400, William IVIills (W. Bottlesham 16). 

1400, Peter (W. Bottlesham 16). 

1406, Robert Burgh (Yonge 190). 

1420, John Deane (Langdon 62). 

1427, The Church is reported totally ruined, but no incumbent is 

mentioned (Archid. Vis. I. 8). 
* * * 

Edmund Chadwick. 
1495, August, William Millys (Savage 16). 
1495, November, John Wyatt (Savage 19). 
1501, Thomas Smyth (Fitzjames 27). 

1503, Thomas Henrye (Fitzjames 39), 

1504, Thomas Bence (Act. Vis. Archid. 10). 
1506, Robert Davenport (Fisher 44). 

1518, Walter Clayton (Fisher 77). 

1526, John Loo (Fisher 133). 

1531. Henry Holywood (Fisher 161). 

1533, John Short (Fisher 177). 

1543, John Byrde (Ex. Test. E. Hutchings). 

1545, William Griffith (Holbeach 35). 

1565, Richard Lovelace (Gheast 102). 

1597, John Workwood (Yonge 189). 

1610, Richard Hervey (Neale 204). 

1638, Christopher Dale (Warner 2). 

St. Giles', Marestone, or Merestone. 

This Church was rated as a Chapel in Textus Roffensis, paying 
6 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It was ruined in the 
days of Henry VI. It stood in a line half-way between the old 
parish Churches of Higham and Shorne. Hasted says it was 7 
paces broad and 15 paces long. There are no ruins left now. The 
sinecure Rectory is worth about ;^89, and the Patron is the Lord 
Chancellor. It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry and Deanery 
of Rochester till 1846, when it was placed in the Gravesend Deanery. 

1319, William dictus Waryn (Reynolds 25). 

Robert Bellseye. 
1323, John de Welleford (Hamo 60). 


John Wellyng, 

1348, Robert Rogers (Hamo 229). 

1349, Hugh Symond. 

1349, Henry French (Hamo 248). 

1350, John Titmershe. 

1354, Duncan Grandyn (Sheppey 254). 
John Corte. 

1396, John King (W. Bottlesham 87). 

1402, Thomas de Iselham (J. Bottlesham 180). 
Thomas Dalbrain. 

1422, Algernon Stafford (Langdon 22). 

1455, John Hedon. An enquiry into its value found that it was 
worth 30s. without Manse for the Vicar or Manor for 
the Patron. The Vicar is ordered to celebrate mass on 
St. Giles' Day and keep the Church in repair, but he 
may find a substitute (Lowe 227) . 

1462, Nicholas Farynforde (Lowe 237). 

1465, Robert Gifford (Lowe 242). 
John Walter. 

1518, Walter Clayton (Fisher 73). 

1520, Thomas Nusame (Fisher 106). 

1522, John Glenton (Act. Cur. Consist. 1518-1523). 

1528, Thomas Gurnell (Fisher 139). 

* * * 

1586-7, John Joyce (Yonge 169). 
1595, William Edwards (Yonge 188). 
1610, Thomas Warde (Curie 209). 
1630, Haut Wyatt (Whitgift II. 193). 
1638, Thomas Wall (Bowie 224). 
1642, George Bladworth (Warner 96). 
1658, Thomas Plume (Pari. Surveys). 
1728, Ralph Brookes (Bradford 75). 

1767, John Brett (Pearse 208). 

* * * 

1841, Thomas Wilgress. 
1850, George John Wyatt. 
1856, Bidlake Bray. 
1864, William Joynes. 
1895, Richard Starr Jukes. 
1900, George Walter Mennie. 

St. John the Baptist, Meopham. Meapeham. 
There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 9 
denarii chrism to the See of Rochester. The Church was given 
with Darenth by the Saxon Duke Eardulf to Canterbury, and was 
afterwards rebuilt by Archbishop Simon de Meopham in the 
fourteenth century, and hence there are no traces of a Church 
previous to that date. The Church was in the Diocese of Rpchester 


and Archdeaconry of Rochester, but as a pecuUar of the Archbishop, 
was in the Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, when it was placed in 
the Deanery of Cobham. The Chalice was bought in 1680, also a 
Paten. The Flagon was the gift of George Masters, 1757. The 
Bells are four in number, of the seventeenth century. The Bells, 
we learn, were partly made trom old brasses. The Registers 
commence 1573 and 1575. The Archbishop has always been 
Patron. There are no old monuments except the Brass to the 
Rev. J Fulsham. 

John de Banquett. 
1314, Thomas de Stowe (Reynolds 9). 
1318, John de Sandale (Reynolds 23). 
1325, Ade de Baldock (Reynolds 255). 

John de Brigham. 

1356, Henry de Ingleby (Islep 274). 
* * * 

1408, John Stapelowe (Arundel I. 319). 
1410, Walter Stonyng (Arundel II. 68). 
1414, John Fulsham (Chichele I. 163). 
1452, WiUiam Baron (Kemp). 
1458, Richard Maidegood (Bourgchier 70). 
1461, John Bromfield (Bourgchier 82). 

John Veer. 
1477, Richard Smyth (Bourgchier 115). 

Robert Sedgeford. 
1494, Richard Smyth again (Morton 157). 
1501, Hugh Saunders (Newcourt). 
1504, William Gydding (Warham 321). 
1524, William Marshall (Warham 382). 
1533, John Byrde (Ex, Test° Bogherst et Ex. Test" Adene). 
1550, Edward Burnell Cranmer 412), 

Martin Haggard. 
1567, Hugh Gewas (Parker I. 383). 
1569, James Drewe (Parker I. 392). 
1576, James Daye (Grindal 515). 

George Wreake. 
1593, Robert Hemmings (Whitgift II. 319). 
1594-5, Feb., Martin Fotherby (Whitgift II. 326). 
1594-5, Mar., Ralph Shiers (Whitgift II. 326). 
1609, Thomas Piggott (Bancroft 293). 
1646, William Gibson (Par. Reg. and Juxon 130). 
1670, Christopher Copeland (Sheldon 346). 
1707, Richard Collins (Tennison I. 185). • 
1711, William Gates (Tennison II. 206). 
1713, Laurence Broderick (Atterbury 2). 
1742, Thomas Wright (Par. Reg.). 
1763, Samuel Sandys (Seeker 306). 
1770, John Tatham (Cornwallis 407). 
1786, Apr., Edward Phillips (Moore '512). 


1786, Dec. 20th, Edward Smedley (Moore 515). 

1816, John Thompson (Sutton II. 43). 

1854, John Hooper. 

1875, Lewis Woodward Lewis. 

1900, Arthur Frank Cowley Owen. 

St. Lawrence, Mereworth. Maereworth. 

The present Church was built in 1746, when the Earl of 
Westmoreland pulled down the old one to build his family 
residence, when he removed all the ancient Monuments of his 
family to the new Church, for which purpose he erected the Fane 
Chapel, and put in the windows which traced their decent from 
the Plantaganets. There was a Church that paid 9 denarii chrism 
fee to the See of Rochester. The Church was in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and the Deanery of Mailing till 1846, 
when it was placed in the Archbishopric of Canterbury, the Arch- 
deaconry of Maidstone, and the Deanery of North Mailing ; it is 
now in the Deanery of Mailing, the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, 
and the See of Rochester. The six Bells were hung when the 
Church was built, and are a little older than that date. The Cup 
of Mereworth is 1624-1625. The Alms Dish is inscribed 1680. 
The Paten is dated 1698. There is also another ancient Chalice 
dated 1562-1563, also a silver Paten marked 1893, and a brass Alms 
Dish.' The Patronage has always been in the hands of the Lords 
of the Manor of Mereworth. The Register dates from 1557. The 
present Patron is Lord Falmouth. 

1185 and 1215, Martin (Reg. Roff.). 

1336, Hugh de Herewelle (Hamo 166). 

1347, John de Pecham (Hamo 229). 

1349, John Bearblocke (Hamo 248). 

1361, John Tilehurst (Sheppey 305). 

1363, John Langar, still Rector 1402 (Whittlesey 318). 

1417, Richard Braunspeth or Branspeth (Yonge 2). 

1432, William CoUett (Browne 116). 

Richard Saunders. 
1438, Walter Hale (Wellys 137). 
1447, James Feme (Lowe 212). 
1449, William Manynge (Lowe 217), 
1449, William Tilney (Lowe 217). 
1451, Robert Methune (Lowe 221). 

Hugh Hinde. 
1462, Thomas Hundbache. 
1486, William Smyth (Roff. 76). 
1496, Hugh Walker (Fitzjames 19). 
1502, Hammet Leigh (Fitzjames 44). 
1508, William Derlyngton (Fisher 52). 
1515. Thomas Burnett (Fisher 74). 
1529, Thomas Gurnell (Fisher 79). 


1557, JefferyAprice (Par. Reg.). 

1560, Edward Style (Vis. Archid Vol. I). 

1588, George Brigge (Yonge 178). 

1591, Samuel Cooke (Muniments). 

1638, Thomas Tarney. Terry, or Tarrey (Warner 2). 

1660, William Clement (Warner 102). 

1672, John Yates (Par. Reg.). 

1702, Stephen Lyon (Bishop's Instit. 89). 

1748, John Davies (Wilcocks 156). 

1776, Robert Style (Thomas 226). 

1800, William Forster Piggott (Horsley 268). 

1827. Honble. Miles John Stapleton (Percy 17). 

1830, William Francis Cobb (Murray 34). 

1832, Honble. Sir Francis Jervis Stapleton (Murray 35). 

1874, Eliot Henry Stapleton. 

1892, James Edward Revington-Jones. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Milton. Meletuna. 

There was a Church here at the time of the Domesday survey, 
and it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. , It was 
in the Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery of Rochester till 1846, 
when it became one of the parishes of the new Deanery of 
Gravesend. A Chantry was founded here in the beginning of the 
fourteenth century, by Aymer de Valence, the famous Earl of 
Pembroke, in honour of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and 
the Blessed Apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, and he appropriated 
the Living for its maintenance. In Thorpe's day it had been 
turned into a dwelling house, and the upper part of the building 
had become a lodging r6om. It was purchased by the Crown in 
1780, and, with some neighbouring buildings was pulled down. 
The Bishojp, by an agreement with Sir Henry Wyatt (who willed, 
in 1537, to be buried here), kept one turn of Presentation, while 
Sir Henry had two ; these turns went to the Crown, so now the 
Lord Chancellor has two turns and the Bishop one. The Tower, 
and what was evidently the south Porch, which has a Stoup for 
Holy Water, and a Piscina, and what was perhaps an Aumbrey 
inside, and the inner wall of the Church are all that remain of the late 
thirteenth or fourteenth century work, the rest is modern. There 
are six Bells, five of the seventeenth century. The Registers date 
from 1558, and contain many references to shipping. The Paten 
was the gift of Elizabeth Barker in 1639. The Flagon was bought 
by the parishioners in 1745, two beautifully embossed Chalices 
were procured in 1834, and Rev. W. Crawford gave the Paten in 
1822 ; there is also a Spoon dated 1842. 

1324, John de Hungerford (Hamo 57). 

1325, Roger de Stowe (Hamo 67). 
1333, William Derute (Hamo 154). 
1341, William Greenlef (Hamo 205). 


1348, Michael de Ifield (Hamo 241). 

1349, Simon Sylvester (Hamo 244), 

1354, Edric de Tyleby (Sheppey 261). 

* * * 

1396, John Wynd (W. Bottlesham 99). 
1404, John Crispe (J. Bottlesham 188). 
Lawrence Barry. 

1420, Edmund Longford (Chichele I., 110). 

1421, John Standolf (Chichele I., 129). 
1427, William Tabbard (Langdon 85). 
1438, William Spencer. 

1438, Thomas Morisbury (Wellys 133). 

William Midelton. 
1440, John Sachdunen (Wellys 154). 

William Sprever. 
1460, Thomas Candour (Lowe 234). 
1470, John Makestedde (Ex. Text'" Variis). 
1497, Henry Redinge (Fitzjames 20). 

1504, John Martin (Fisher). 

1505, Edmund Cholderton (Fisher 40). 
1507, Thomas Hall (Fisher 45). 

1521, Joseph Baker (Fisher 107). 

1525, John Wylde (Fisher 129). 

1526, William Broadbent (Fisher). 
1531, Roger Wylde (Fisher 162). 
1545, Thomas Mountain (Holbeach 30). 
1553, William Brantingham (Cranmer 135). 
1558, John Swone (Par. Reg.). 

1560 Thomas Taillour (Gheast93). 
1564, Thomas Dilworth (Gheast). 

1575, Edmund Jackson (Freake 139). 

1576, John Sone (Freake 160). 
1589, James Gibson (E. Vis. Archid). 
1614, Edmund Jackson (Buckeridge) . 
1626, Martin Slower (Buckeridge). 

1631, Francis Merlum (Rym Foed xix.. 396). 

1634, Thomas Smith (Bowie 218). 

1639, George Hume (Warner 93). 

1642, John Lee (Par. Reg.). 

1653, William Lyster (Fly leaf of Atterbury's Register). 

1663, John Lucas (Fly leaf of Atterbury's Register). 

1658, John Crompton (Fly leaf of Atterbury's Register). 

1680, Francis Durant de Breval (Fly leaf of Atterbury's Register). 

1708, William Wall (Fly leaf of Atterbury's Register). 

1727, Thomas Howe (Fly leaf of Atterbury's Register). 

1766, Joseph Pote (Fly leaf of Atterbury's Register). 

1797, William Crawford (Fly Leaf of Atterbury's Register). ■ 

1827, John Stokes (King II., 17). 

1859. William Downes Johnstone. 


1887, Alured Elliot Black. 
1889, Richard Starr Jukes. 
1900, George Walter Mennie. 

Christchurch, Milton. 

This Church was consecrated in 1855, and elongated in 1865. It 
has a modern Bell. The Register dates from 1857. The 
Communion Plate consists of a Flagon, two Chalices and Patens 
with no inscription, also a brass Alms Dish. Patron, Vicar of 
Milton. There is a Tablet and Window to the first Vicar. 

1855, Felix Augustus Marsh. 
1907, Cecil Edward Marsh. 

St. John's, Milton. 

This Church was opened in 1834. It belonged to a number of 
shareholders, but at last it became the property of the Rev. 
William John Blew, who shamelessly sold it to Cardinal Wiseman, 
who converted it into a Papistical Church in 1850. 

1834, George Smalley. 

1838, William Crouch. 

1842, William John Blew. 

Holy Trinity, Milton. 

This Church was built in 1845. There is a Bell of the same date, 
and at that time the Registers commence. The Flagon is silver 
gilt; the silver Chalice was given by the congregation in Sept., 
1864, and also a silver Paten. The Patronage belongs to the Crown 
and Bishop alternately. 

1845, Richard Joynes. 

1861, Charles Edward Ricketts Robinson. 

1871, John Scarth. 

1883, George Barr. 

1897, Francis Clement Naish. 

All Saints', Mixbury. Oxfordshire. 

This parish was in Lincoln Diocese, Archdeaconry of Oxford, 
and Deanery of Burcester, till the formation of the Bishopric of 
Oxford in 1542, when it was attached to the Bishopric of Oxford, 
and was placed in the Archdeaconry of Oxford and Deanery of 
Bicester. The living was conferred on the Bishop of Rochester in 
1287, and remained in his presentation till 1846. There was a. 
wooden Church here in Saxon times. A stone one was built in the 
Norman days, of which the south doorway belongs to the later 
period. In 1842 the Chancel Windows were discovered to be 
Norman. The Nave, north Aisle, west Tower, and Chancel are 
early decorated, the Windows of the Aisle have beautiful tracery. 


To the ancient Bells were added two, inscribed " God save King 
James, 1609." " God save King Charles, 1627." The old Chalice 
and Paten are dated 1681. There are a new Chalice, two Patens 
and a Flagon about fifty years old. The Registers of Baptisms 
begin in 1645, Burials in 1656, and Marriages in 1660. Since 1846 
the Bishop of Oxford has been Patron. 

1221, Wibert (History of Bicester Deanery). 

1227, John de Mixbury (History of Bicester Deanery). 

1263, Richard (History of Bicester Deanery). 

1283, John de Barton (Reg. Roff.). 

1333, William de Munden (Reg. Gynewell). 

1362, Thomas de Brankre (Reg. Bokingham). 

1364, John de Dalton. 

1364, Henry Waryn (Trilleck 328). 

Richard Houlote. 
1389. Robert Somerton (Bokingham). 
1396, Wilham Dogett de Selby (Bottlesham 84). 
1408, John Norton (Repington) but 1425 (Chichele I. 262). 

1445, Richard Compton (Lowe 205). 

1446, Robert Angell (Lowe 210). 
James Job. 

1447, Robert atte Hall (Alnwick) . 
1466, William Ponter (Chedworth). 
1477, David Wilhams (Scott). 

1479, WiUiam Elyott (Scott). 

1480, Robert Catesby (Milling). 
1487, Thomas Edwards (Russell). 
1489, David Persons (Russell). 

1500, Richard Carpenter (Savage 27). 

1501, Hugh Saunders (Newcourt). 
1513, James Gilbert (Smith). 

1521, Ralph Sponsbury, alias Pontisbury or Spoulsburie (Fisher 

1559, Hugh Hanchowe (Vac. Sed. Roff. 40). 

1586, Richard Harvey (Whitgift I. 301). 

1587, William Richards or Riccard (Whitgift I. 301). 
1630, Thomas Walker (Walker's Suffering Clergy). 
1638, Joseph Ford (Warner 94). 

1656, Timothy Hart (Pat. Rolls Commonwealth) (Skinner). 

1666-7, Thomas Russ (Blandford) . 

1686, John Knipe (Parker). 

1708, Michael Evans (End of Muniments II.). 

1710, James Saxte (End of Muniments II.). 

1713, Lawrence Broderick (Atterbury 3). 

1743, James Johnson (Wilcocks 136). 

1759, Just Alt (Hume). 

1802, William Jocelyn Palmer (Randolph). 

1852, George Horsley Palmer (Murray 151). 

1881, James Leslie Randall. 


1886, Henry James Rees Mogg. 
1891, Reginald Rivers Kirby. 
1908, Basil. Arthur Patten. 

St. Mary's. Nettlestead. Netlesteda. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 
9 denarii to the See of Rochester. The Church was reckoned to 
the See and Archdeaconry and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when 
it was transferred to the Archbishopric of Canterbury, Arch- 
deaconry of Maidstone and Deanery of North Mailing ; it is now 
in the See of Rochester, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge and Deanery 
of Mailing. The Church has been much restored, but it is 
principally of the Decorated period. There is some fine ancient 
stained glass. There are four Bells, one of which is dated 1700. 
There is a noticeable Monument to Lady Elizabeth Stafford, and 
another to Katharine Lady Scott. There are an ancient Chalice 
and Paten. The Register dates from 1640. The Patronage has 
always been in private hands. The present Patron is the Rev. W. 
F. Cobb. 

1257-67, Richard Oliver (Arch. Cant. XX., 69, 70). 
1317, Walter de Hegham (Reynolds 21). 
1338, John de Langton (Hamo 153). 

1348, Walter Pympe (Hamo 199). 

1349, Thomas de Bokestan (Hamo 242). 
1349, Alfred Benstydde (Hamo 247). 
1349, Peter de Colston (Hamo 248). 
1351, William Wade (Vac, Sed. 306). 
1368, Henry atte Chamber (Trilleck 265). 

John atte Hill. 
1398, William Pearson (W. Bottlesham 117). 

Bartholomew Attewood. 
1406, William de Reedham (Arundel I., 312). 
1422, John Hervey (Wellys 137). 
1443, Hugh Hextall (Stafford 76). 
1451, William Kene (Lowe 221). 
1486, Thomas Hundbache (Audley 4) . 
1503, Simon Gosforth (Savage 39). 

1522, William Denbly (Fisher 109). 

1523, John Pomell (Fisher 111). 
1548, Edward Ridley (Ridley 50). 
1548, Christopher Hawke (Ridley 51). 
1554, William Smythe (Griffith 57). 

1560, Oct., John Bridgewater (Parker I., 313). 

1560-1, Jan., Nicholas Fluce (Gheast 93). 

1583, Oliver Hunter (Yonge 158). 

1586, Henry Pattenden (Yonge 177). 

1605, William Colomb (Barlow). 

1624, John Pattenden (Buckeridge 211). 


1643, William Jemmett (Warner 96). 
1645, William Deacon (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1662, James Ward (Par. Reg.). 
1700, Samuel Rhodes (Muniments 23). 
. 1706, Thomas Brewer (Muniments 113). 
1714, John Richards (Atterbury 12). 
1736, William Johnson (Wilcocks 105). 
1761, Duncan Menzies (Pearse 198). 
1781, James Ramsay (Thomas 283). 
1789, John Kennedy (Thomas 248). 
1820, Honble. Francis James Noel (King 331). 
1855, William Francis Cobb, Senr. 
1862, William Francis Cobb, Junr. 

St. James', North Cray. Northcraie. 

There was a Church here in the time of Textus Roffensis, which 
paid 9 denarii to the See of Rochester. It was in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester and Rural Deanery of Dartford till 
1846, when it was placed in the Diocese of Canterbury and Arch- 
deaconry of Maidstone and Deanery of East Dartford ; it then 
was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery 
of East Dartford till 1909, when it was placed . in the Deanery of 
Dartford. The Church has been completely rebuilt, but the old 
iine wood carving has been kept for the Reredos ; the subjects are 
"The Flight into Egypt" and "The Adoration of Magi." The 
Choir Stalls represent " The Seven Acts of Mercy," while opposite 
is "The Visit of Elizabeth to Mary." Here is a picture of "The 
Crucifixion," removed from the first Church at Lamorbey. The 
Paten, Flagon, Alms Dish and Chalice were presented by Elizabeth 
D'Aeth in 1709. There is also a Flagon of the date 1656, 
presented in 1844. The Parish Registers commence in 1538. The 
Lords of the Manor have always been Patrons. The Bells are 
modern. The present Patron is Captain R. A. Vansittart. 

1317, John Foucher (Hamo 41). 
1329, John Ketebroke (Hamo 52). 
1336, Richard de Cokefield (Hamo 166). 
1344, Robert de Lornely (Hamo 211) 
1349, John de Lodesdon (Hamo 248). 
1354, John de Tychemarsh (Sheppey 261). 
1361, Richard Gerpeynt de Toft (Bed. Vac. 304). 
1365, Alfred Pye de Pimpernord (Trilleck 325). 
1370, Bartholomew of Attleborough (Trilleck). 
1390, John Toup (Bottlesham 8). 

John Charlton. 
1425, John Laster (Langdon 72). 
1431, Thomas Rippley or Ripple (Langdon 98). 

1446, Edward Poynings (Reg. Roff.). 

1447, William Nytingall (Lowe 210). 


1447, William Spever (Lowe 269). 

1455, Thomas Waynford (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1456, Thomas Nightingale (Lowe). 
1458, John Wylde (Lowe 220). 
1464, Robert Praty (Lowe 240). 

Thomas Bingley. 
1495, Alexander Sheppard (Savage 18). 
1502, Thomas Percy (Fitzjames 36). 
1507, William Pouleyne (Fisher 46). 

1511, Stephen Pell (Fisher 55). 

1512, Thomas Cresswelle (Fisher 59). 
1521, Christopher Martyndale (Fisher 106). 
1541, Christopher Smyth (Heath 207). 
1570, John Berefoote (Grindall 116). 
1577, Edward Harvill, Senr. (Piers 199). 
1608, Edward Harvill, Junr. (Neale 203), 
1628, Philip Ellin (Buckeridge 207). 

1632, Josias Bull (Buckeridge 208). 

1656, Richard Owen (Newcourt). 

1683, Charles Weale (E. Mandat Induct penes Archid. Roff.). 

1701, Jonathan Reade (Spratt). 

1725, Jacob Rice (Bradford 64). 

1728, Hopton Williams (Bradford 74). 

1729, William Ayerst (Bradford 177). 
1765, Thomas Moore (Pearse 204). 

1823, Launcelot Pepys Stephens (King 342). 

1834, Edgell Wyatt Edgell (Murray 56). 

1850, Samuel Holmes. 

1856, Josiah Bateman. 

1864, Hugh WiUiam Johnston. 

St. Botolph's, Northfleet. Nordfleotes. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and according to 
Textus Roffensis it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
It has always been in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, 
but being a peculiar of the Archbishop it was in the Diocese of 
Shoreham till 1846, when it was made one of the parishes of the 
new Deanery of Gravesend. It was a Rectory and Vicarage till 
1546, when the Rectory was impropriated, and the Archbishop 
changed away the presentation of the Vicarage with the Crown. 
Of the six Bells three are eighteenth century. The Registers date 
from 1538. The Plate consists of a silver gilt Chalice and Paten, 
also a Flagon, Chalice, and Paten with foot, all of silver, with the 
date 1720 on them ; also an Alms Dish given by Sir George 
Molesworth, 1769. The Church is principally of the Decorated 
period ; there is, however, a Norman south door blocked. There 
are a Sedilia and a Piscina in the south Aisle ; there is also a Piscina 
with shelf and modern Sedilia in the Chancel. Arcades of octagonal 
pillars divide the north and south Aisles from the Nave ; there are 


clerestory Windows. The arch iinder the Tower has been blocked. 
There are steps up the outside of the Church on the south side, 
which are very unusual, perhaps intended for use in beacon days. 
An inscription tells the Steeple was rebuilt 1717. There are several 
Brasses and two alabaster Monuments, one to Edmund AUanson 
and the other to Edward Browne. 


1199, Letard (Cotton MSS.). 

1199, Samuel Ridel (Cotton MSS.). 

1281, Peter de Medham (Peckham 51). 

1292, Richard de Hecham (Prynnes' Records 47). 

1313, Richard de Clyve (Ex. Christi Cant. Cart. 332). 

1314, John de Winchelsea (Reynolds 9). 
1322, Guilielmus de Occa (Arch. Cant. xiv.). 
1326, Robert de Valoignes (Reynolds 294). 
1350, Ivo de Clinton (Islep 20). 

1356, Peter de Lacy (Islep 272). 
1375, Richard Postel (Sudbury 127). 
1375, Reginald de Cobham (Sudbury 129). 
1389, William Lye (Courteneye I. 345). 

1391, Nicholas Brown. 

1392, Nicholas Stone (Courteneye II. 210). 

1393, Robert Hallum (Courteneye II. 216). 
1434, Robert Safferay (Chichele I. 205). 

Richard Bryne. 
1476, Richard Thomas (Bourgchier 114). 

1478, Robert Williamson (Bourgchier 119). 

1479, John Horspole (Bourgchier 124). 
Robert Blackwall. 

1502, John Hales (Dene 170). 
1546, George Amyse (Cranmer 400). 


1573, Matthew AUyne (Parker II. 94). 
1583, William Horton (Grindal 569). 
1586, William Parker (Whitgift I. 469). 
1596, John Grymstone (Whitgift II. 339). 
1600, John Hewes (Whitgift III. 260). 
1616, Peter Humfreys (Abbot I. 419). 
1634, Henry Cunningham (Abbot III. 196). 
1666, William Scott (Sheldon 330). 
1678, Thomas Haynes (Slieldon 359). 
1704, Thomas Harris (Tennison I., 219). 
1707, Robert Barry (Tennison II., 188). 

1720, John Price (Par. Reg.). 

1721, Marcus Gibbon (Par. Reg.). 

1722, William Ayerst (Wake I., 324). 
1726, Thomas Harris (Wake II., 325). 


1763, St. George Molesworth (Seeker 306). 
1796, Gilbert Buchanan (Moore 546). 
1834, Richard Keats. 
1858, Frederick Southgate. 
1885, William Frederick Torre. 

All Saints', Perry Street, Northfleet. 

This Church was built and consecrated in 1870, and separated 
from Northfleet in 1871, from which time the Registers date. The 
Communion Vessels consist of a Flagon, Chalice and Paten of 
silver. The Bishop is the Patron. It has a modern Bell. 

1871, Augustus Jackson. 

HuGGENs' College, Northfleet. 

This Institution, for forty ladies and gentlemen in reduced 
circumstances, was founded according to the will of the late John 
Huggens, Esq., of Sittingbourne, in 1870. The Chapel was 
consecrated in 1870. The Communion Plate consists of a Flagon, 
Chalice and Paten, 

1870, Matthew Mortimer Ffinch. 

St. Mark's, Rosherville, Northfleet. 

This Church was built in 1853, and has a modern Bell. The 
Communion Plate consists of a Chalice and two Patens of silver. 
The Registers date from 1853. The Patron is the Rev. T. G. 

1853, Frederick Southgate. 

1853, John Charles Gilling. 

1895, Thomas Graham Gilling-Lax. 

1902, Feb., Walter Wragge. 

1902, Aug., Francis Walter Fisher. 

St. Mary's, Norton. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times. It was bestowed 
by Fulco de Nivenham on the Church and Monks of Rochester, 
which was confirmed by Robert de Campania, and agreed to in 
the King's Bench in 1163. In 1247 it was held to belong to the 
Bishop alone ; previously the Bishop and Prior had appointed. In 
1846 it was given to the Bishop of Worcester, why, it is impossible 
to say. The Church stands in the See and Archdeaconry of 
Canterbury and in the Deanery of Ospringe. The Chalice and 
Paten Cover were given by Lady Poultney and others of the 
household of James (afterwards II.) 1672, and the Flagon at the 
same date by Lady Elizabeth Keeling, widow of Sir James Keeling, 
Lord Chief Justice. The Alms Dish, of the same date, by Thomas 
Thynne. Esq., and others of James' houshold, and the Paten of 


silver, also of the same date, by Lady Frances Villers and the 
Duchess of Essex. All these were the fruit of the efforts of the 
Rector, Mr. Edward Lake, who was Chaplain to their household, 
and Tutor to the Princesses Mary and Anne. There are a few 
traces of the Norman Church in tufa coigns and stone settings, but 
the main part of the Church is of the Decorated period. The 
Tower has been sadly patched with bricks, and modern innovations 
have removed the traces of earlier times. An ancient Bowl for the 
Font lies behind the new one. There is one Bell. The Registers 
commence in 1559, and amongst other entries record a Rate for 
gathering the Clerk's wages. 

Temp, Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury (1138-1162) Nicholas 

(Reg. Roff.). 
Temp, Walter de Merton, Bishop of R«)chester (1274-1278) Walter 

de Portsmue (Reg. Roff.). 
1323 and 1324, Robinus de Bergham (Reynolds 229). 
1324, Simon de Syvyngton (Hamo 60). 
1354, Edmund Trevor (Autograph penes Dec. et Cap. Roff). 

Richard de Bubury. 
1358, William de Stodmarshe (Islep 281). 

1363, Valentinus atte Pathe (Islep 301). 

1364, Richard Wykking (Islep 305). 
Warinus de Melborne. 

1370, WilUam de Warham (Whittlesey 78). 

1372, William de Sutton de Colerne (Whittlesey 90). 

1376, Richard Suthwell (Whittlesey 96). 

John Burbache. 
1395, Stephen Quinnerell (W. Bottlesham). 
1409, Lawrence Barry (Arundel II., 56). 

1417, Andrew Manyngton (Arundel I., 86). 

1418, William Rose or Rotse (Arundel I., 96). 
1426, John Belnes (Chichele I. 163). 

1435, John Gorsych (Chichele I. 206). 
1443, William Pygmell Stafford 75). 

1446, Alan Porter (Stafford 88). 

1447, Apr., Richard Kere (Stafford 92). 

1447, June, Richard Bulkeley (Stafford 94). 

1448, John Meledyn (Stafford 97). 
1450, John Ekys (Stafford 104). 
1453, Edward Trevour (Kemp 326). 
1475, William Plown (Bourgchier 112). 
1479, Richard Harper (Bourgchier 120). 
1496, John Cook (Morton 162). 

1518, John Hawkyns (Warham 367). 

1553, Richard Einole (Cranmer 423). 

1556, William Ely (Pole 68). 

1561, John Appuldre (Parker I, 350). 

1581, Nicholas Goldsborough (Grindal 352). 

1610, William Laud (Bancroft 306). 


1617, Edmund Jackson (Abbott 426). 

1652, John Goffe (Juxon 123) (Warner so Parish Register). 

1662, Henry Parkhurst (Juxon 133). 

1669, Edward Lake (Par. Reg.). 

1683, Richard Simpson (Sancroft 400). 

1735, Thomas Robinson (Wake II. 276), 

1761, Thomas Taylor (Pearse 197). 

1765, John Darby (Pearse 206). 

1767, William Strong (Pearse 209). 

1816, Feb., John Sunderland (Sutton II. 41). 

1816, Dec, Thomas Wodehouse (Sutton II. 75). 

1840. James Hawley. 

1870, William Crowther. 

1901, William George Heritage. 

St. Mildred's, Nurstead, or Nutstede. 

This Church is mentioned in the Textus Roffensis as paying 9 
denarii to the See of Rochester. It had always been in the Diocese 
and Archdeaconry and Deanery of Rochester till 1846, when it was 
placed in the Rural Deanery of Cobham. The present Church is 
built of flints, and has a Porch of the same. There is a 
Perpendicular Tower, which has a Belfry with an arch leading 
into the main Church. There is an ancient Piscina and certain 
curious Windows inside the Church , giving light to the Staircase to 
the top of the Tower. A niche near the entrance was most likely 
for holy water. There are numerous slabs to the Edmeades, also 
a monument to Susanna Wentworth. TJie Church Bell is said to 
have been hung in a tree for some years. The Flagon is of the 
date 1863 ; the Chalice and Paten are of the eighteenth century. 
The old Register, we learn from an entry, was injured by damp, 
having been thrown into the Churchyard one wet night when 
thieves broke into the Church and found nothing. The Registers 
date from 1651. The patronage has always been in private hands. 
Major General Edmeades is the Patron. 

John de Carlion. 

1342, John de Hegham (Hamo 207). 

1349, Thomas de Colehurst (Hamo 255). 
Peter de Begham. 

1368, Roger (Hamo 332). 

John Herby. 

1394, William atte Heathe (W. Bottlesham 64). 

1396, Thomas Franch (W. Bottlesham 90) . 

1438, William Hall (Wellys 157). 

1445, John Heydon (Lowe 203). 

1461, John Hett, alias Holt (Lowe 213). 

1462, Andrew Brown (Lowe 237). 
1465, John Wellys (Lowe 244). 

Richard Rogers. 
1493, Robert Gybson (Savage 8). 


1506, Thomas Bere, (Fisher 44). 
1509, Robert Hunt, (Fisher 52). 
1515. John Richman. (Fisher 95). 

1519, Thomas Kent, (Fisher 103). 

1520, Ralph Todd, (Fisher 106). 
1532, Robert Bogg, (Fisher 170). 
1536, Hugh Men, (Hilsey 193). 

Richard ffere. 
1559, John Fountaine (Parker 54), 
1569, John Alchin (Guest 113). 
1590, Nicliolas Cragge (Par. Reg.). 
1605, Andrew Bridges (Barlow 212). 
1631, John Swinnock (Curie 209). 
1637, Michael Rabbitt (Laud 306). 
1660, Thomas Jones (Warner 103). 
1672, William Gent (Muniments 9). 
1704, John Gordon (Muniments 89). 
1707, George Lauder (Muniments II. 25). 
1720, Humfrey Taylor (Atterbury 47). 
1731, William Cresswell (Wilcocks 93). 
1734, Francis Gibson (Wilcocks 101). 
1742, James Lavance (Wilcocks 130). 
1744, John Landon (Wilcocks 138). 
1777, WilUam Crackert'(Thomas 277). 
1812, Luke Phillips (King 304). 
1828, William Henry Edmeades (Murray 25). 
1886, Newcombe Willij. 
1899, Charles Johnson Gibson. 

St. Michael's, Offham. Offeham. 

The Church of Offham is of very ancient date, and contains 
many relics of Norman, and some think even of Saxon, work. 
Arches can be traced which show there was a provision to make a 
southern Aisle. There are two Hagioscopes. There are some 
ancient Shields, and a Figure in old glass. There was a Church 
here in Domesday times and according to Textus Roffensis it paid 
9 denarii to the See of Rochester. It was in the See and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it 
was placed in the See of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone 
and Deanery of North Mailing ; it is now in the See of Rochester, 
Archdeaconry of Tonbridge and Deanery of Mailing. There are 
three Bells, one of the date 1599, the second 1674, and the third 
1633. The Chalice, which is one of the Totness Chalices, of 
which there are only three in England, with the Paten Cover date 
from 1572. The Registers commence 1538. There are Stones to 
the Omers. The Lord Chancellor is the Patron. 

1267, Edmund (Arch. Cant. XX.). 

Robert Randolph. 
1336, Robert Joy (Hamo 154). 


1336, Sept., Robert de la Chambre (Hamo 174). 
1336, Edmund de Harwedon (Hamo 174). 

Bartholomew de Crowethorne. 
1347, Richard de St. Quentin (Reg. Roff.). 
1354, Robert Joye (Sheppey 282). 
1372, Peter de Burton Leonards (Whittlesey 291). 
1372, Nicholas Balsham (Trilleck 324). 

1390, John Carter (W. Bottlesham 2). 

1391, Alan Boys (Pat. Rolls Richard II. 14). 
1400, John Miller or Mayer (Arundel I. 268). 
1402, John Mailing (J. Bottlesham 196). 
1424, Thomas Westhorp (Chichele I. 53). 
1427, July, William Estryngton (Chichele I. 78). 
1427, Dec, Clement Willis (Langdon 85). 
1436, Henry Esthawe (Chichele I. 172). 

1442, John Haslor (Wellys 179). 

1444, John Newbolt (Lowe 210). 

1454, Thomas Brown (Lowe 224). 

1458, William Bele (Thorpe MSS.). 

1493, William Spayne (Savage 3). 

1498. Richard Wantone (Savage 43). 

1512, William Whiteacres (Fisher 61). 

1534, Thomas Dickson (Fisher 195). 

1545, Thomas Burrell (Holbeach 35). 

1554, Richard Kidde (Griffith 55). 

1567, Henry Barnes (Guest 104). 

1569, John Moore (Guest 109). 

1572, John Baxter (Freake 122). 

1587, Robert Holder (Yonge 177). 

1590, John Cooper (Yonge 180). 

1632. Robert Brownell (Bowie 216). 

1647, Edward Masters (Parliamentary Surveys). 

1660, William Polhill (Warner 11). 

1675, Henry Miller (Muniments 37). 

1708, Samuel Bickley (Muniments 77). 

1740, William Miles (Wilcocks 125). 

1746, Bessworth Liptrott (Wilcocks 149). 

1777, John Liptrott (Thomas 227). 

1830, John Cecil Hall (Murray 34). 

1832, Frederick Money. 

1869, Wilham Pellowe Philp. 

1873, William Frederick Chambers Sugden Eraser. 

All Saints', Orpington. Orpintuna. 

This Church is mentioned in Textus Roffensis as paying 9 denarii 
chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The Church was in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Shoreham 
as a peculiar of the Archbishop till 1846, when it was transferred 
to the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and 



Deanery of West Dartford. It is now in the Diocese and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester, and in 1909 was made part of the new 
Deanery of Bromley. The Rectory was in the gift of the Arch- 
bishop, and was a sinecure. The Vicarage was presented to, by 
the Rector, and to it were once annexed the Rectory of Knockholt 
and the Curacy of St. Mary's, Cray. The Vicarage was endowed 
by Richard, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1173, and further by 
Archbishop Courteneye in 1393, and again by Robert Say, Provost 
of Oriel, who was Rector 1660-1696. In 1846 the Rectory was done 
away with, and then the Archbishop became Patron of the Vicarage. 
There is one Bell. The Church was rebuilt in 1810. There is a 
square central Tower, and there is a Norman Door on the north 
and a Window in the tower. There are Roman tiles and some old 
Norman work in the tower, which tell of the ancient Church, but 
the windows are much more modern. At the entrance is a Holy 
Water Stoup, and a fine Tomb partly dismantled. There is one 
Brass, and some Gravestones to the Spencer family. The silver 
Paten was the gift of Mrs. Elizabeth PoUey, 1681-2 ; the silver Cup 
was presented by F. E. Davis, Esq., 1873 : and a silver Bread Box, 
"In Memoriam, H. T. L., December, 1894." There are besides 
an old Cup and Paten Cover, having the date 1634-5. The 
Registers commence 1600. 


1254-70, Hugh de Mortimer (Arch. 
Cant. X. and XIII.). 

1284, Roger de Derteforde (Peck- 
ham 55). 

1288, Reginald de Brandone 
(Peckham 59). 

1322, George de Hakon (Reynolds 

1370, Nicholas (Whittlesey 79). 

1371, John WodehuU (Whittlesey 


1371, Simon de Wacher. 

1372, John Hoyden (Trilleck 254). 

1390, John Prophet (Courteneye 


1394, Thomas Stanley (Courte- 

neye 216). 

1395, John Wirsall (Courteneye 

John Wakeryng. 
1407, Bartholomew Colman 
(Arundel I. 315). 


William de Orpynton (Peck- 
ham 55). 

Robert (Islep 373). 
John Draycote (Whittlesey 

William Armory (Sudbury 

John Adcock (Courteneye 

John Humfrey. 
Edward Barber (Arundel I. 


Rectors. Vicars. 

William Maundeby. 
14H, Henry Merston (Arundel II. John Creye (Arundel II. 62). 

1415, John Lechlade, alias Sprynge 

(Chichele I. 66). 

1415, Thomas WoUaston (Chichele 

I. 66). 

1416, Roger Leke (Chichele I. 82). 
1418, JohnBreche(ChicheleI.97). 

1424, Thomas Gedys (Chichele I. 

1426, Ralph Smyth (Chichele I. 

1428, John Somery (Chichele I. 

1428, Gerard Nalwyk or Nalde- 

wycke (Chichele I. 174). 
1430, James Beck (Chichele I. 184). 

1433, John Bosham (Chichele I. Gerard Naldewycke restored 
199). (Chichele I. 199). 

Thomas Burton (Bourgchier 
1455, Robert Dobbys (Bourgchier 

John Andre we. 
1461, Henry Boswell (Bourgchier 

1465 , Thomas Edmund (Bourgchier 

1476, Thomas Wilkinson (Bourg- 
chier 113) (Et. Ex. Mon° 

Robert Taylour. 
1492, Sept., Thomas Penyngton (Morton 

1492, Nov., Robert Pattynson (Morton 

1511, William Warham (Warham 

1518, John Gover Warham (365 et 

Ex. Mon" Su°). 
1522, John Morton (Warham 375). 

1525, Richard Blagge (Warham) 

1541 Richard Drylande (Cranmer 

1548, Christopher Thompson. 

1548, Richard Drylande (Arch. 


















Maurice Clenshe (Pole 73). 

Henry Dethicke (Parker 379). 
John Matched (Parker 399). 

William Taylor (Whitgift 

William Barlow (Whitgift 

JohnlSancroft (Bancroft 28). 

Henry Robinson (Arch. 

Robert Say (Juxon 4). 

Robert Uvedale (Tillotson 

Joseph Barton (Wake 322). 

Walter Walker Ward (Pot- 
ter 286). 
Henry Hall (Herring 304). 

Charles Plumptre (Corn- 
wallis 85). 

William Clarke (Cornwallis 

John Till (Sutton II. 54). 

Francis Dawson (Sutton II. 


George Burr or Burne (Par- 
ker 342). 

Richard Tyler (Grindal 433) . 
Richard Dean (Grindal 576). 
William Taylor (Whitgift 

William Wood (Whitgift 467). 

Christopher Monckton 
(Abbott II. 324). 

Henry Styche (Hasted). 

Philip Holland (Juxon 46). 
Benjamin Blackstone (Juxon 

Richfurd Bourne (Sheldon 

Thomas Watts (Sancroft 422). 

James Whitehouse (Wake II. 

Francis Fawkes (Herring 

John Till (Cornwallis 426); 
Henry Pratt (CornwaUis 441). 

Stephen Langston (Moore 57) . 

William Townley (Sutton II. 

George Francis Dawson. 
William Falcon. 
William Gar^ner^ i 

the eecobds op bochbstbb. 209 

Rectors. Vicars. 

1876, Edwin Francis Dyke. 

1883, James Newton Heale. 

1892, Herbert Francis Chevenix 

, French. 

1898, Walter Dunstan May. 

St. Andrew's, Orpington. 

This Church was erected in 1893. It has a modern Bell and 
Communion Service and is served from the Parish Church. Tlrere 
was also, in ancient times, a Chapel at Crofton, in Orpington, but 
no Clergy of it, and no particulars can be found. 

St. Bartholomew's, Otford. Otterford. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, which paid 9 
denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The parish was a 
peculiar of the Archbishop, who had his palace here, and thus it 
belonged to the Deanery of Shoreham, and for several hundred 
years was a Chapelry of Shoreham. In early times we find these 
Incumbents : 

1242, Ralph de Neketon (Arch. Cant. XX.). 
1272, Peter (Arch. Cant. XX). 
1338, Peter de Limoges (Winchelsey 12). 
John Parker (Chichele I. 107). 

In 1425, William Lyndesword was presented to Shoreham-cum- 
capella, Otford, on the death of John Parker. In the year 1645 we 
find the Parliamentary Reports say that the Vicar of Shoreham, 
Mr. Emerson, is a good man, but the services of the two parishes 
is too heavy for him, but both livings are too poor to be separated, 
and that an Assistant Curate was paid for Otford by Sir Robert 
Heath's benevolence. The are two Bells, one of the seventeenth 
century and one of the eighteenth, given by Elizabeth Polhill in 
1764. The Polhill family gave the Communion Service in 1656. 
The Tower wall, which is Norman, is four feet six ins. thick In the 
west wall is a hole called the lepers' hole, through which the Holy 
Communion was given to lepers, from a small room now used as a 
Vestry, to the north of the Chancel. The south Aisle is fifteenth 
century work. A Piscina, also placed in the east end of the south- 
west waH, and a Tomb of the same date at the north of the 
Chancel are proofs of building going on here at this date, which is 
further testified to in the will of William Roger in 1745. A Screen 
and wooden Porch were added in 1637. From the year 1825 we 
find Vicars of Otford, according to the Registers, which date from 
1635. The Patrons are the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. 

1825, G. H. Greenall. 

1845, Robert BiscoeTritton. 

1878, John Hunt'. 

1907, William Edward Lutyens. 

210 the ebcoeds op bochestee. 

St. John's, Dunton Green. 

The first stone was laid on 22nd August, 1889, and the Church 
was consecrated in 1890, from which time the Baptismal and 
Marriage Registers date, that for Burial commencing in 1893. 
There is one Bell, The Communion Service consists of a small 
silver Chalice and Paten. The Archbishop is Patron. It is a 
district Church of Otford ; it has lately been placed in the Deanery 
of Sevenoaks. 

1890, James McGibbon Burn Murdock. 
1904, Francis Walter Barton Ford. 
1906, Arthur James Micklethwaite. 

St. Benedict's, Paddlesworth cum Dode. 

The ancient Norman Church of Paddlesworth stands in the 
Pilgrims' Way, near Snodland. This Church is used as a barn, 
being deserted since 1560. In 1367 the ancient Church of Dode, 
consisting of a small Norman Chancel and Nave, was added to the 
Cure of Paddlesworth, being just across the hill ; neither were 
mentioned in Textus Roffensis. This Church has lately been 
roofed in by the owner. We give, in parallel colums, the Vicars, 
as the two places so soon became united into one parish only. 

Paddlesworth. Dode. 

John Rowe. 
1319, Walter de Chesterfield William de Cuclestane (Hamo 
Reynolds 25). 42). 

1327, Roger de Lonekyn (Hamo 


1328, Henry Stuck (Hamo 78). 

1348, Thomas Glanville (Hamo Thomas Glanville (Hamo 

241). 241). 

1349, John de la Warde (Hamo Walter Marscall. 

1355, SewellusdeHalam(Sheppey Sewellus de Halam (Sheppey 

283). 283). 

1357, Thomas Hilderley (Sheppey 


1362, John Fletcher (Vac. Bed. William de Holborowe 

303). (Whittlesey 311). 

1363, William de Holborowe William de Newtone 

Whittlesey 311). (Whittlesey 311). 


1307, William de Newtone (Trilleck 329). 

1398, Sept., WiUiam Tipper (W. Bottlesham 118). 
1398-9, Feb., John Dunce (W. Bottlesham 140). 

1399, Nov., Robert Rothberry (W. Bottlesham 140). 
1401, William Tipper again (Arundel I. 303). 


1405, John Brewster (Arundel I. 304). 
1415, Thomas Jade (Chichele 70). 
1460, Thomas Merbury (Lowe). 
1462, WilUam Belthorp (Lowe 238). 
1464, WilHam Merbury (Lowe 244). 
1467, WilHam Codlyng (Bourgchier 98). 
Patricius Tippen (Thorpe MSS.). 
1506, John Walker (Fisher 43). 
1509, John Parkyn (Fisher 54), 
1533, James Roberts (Fisher 178). 
1540, David Wellyng (Hilsey 202). 
1565, Thomas Longley (Visit Archid Vol. I.). 
1571, Edward Danes (Guest 120). 
1581, Robert Paynter (Guest 163). 
1600, Robert Chambers (Yonge 191). 
1623, Edmund Aldley (MSS. Twisden). 

Pauline's Cray, Powle's Cray, Paul's Cray, or St. Paul's 
Cray, originally Radulfscraie. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and we learn from 
Textus Roffensis it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester. It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester 
and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, when it became part of the 
Deanery of East Dartford, in the Archdeaconry of Maidstone and 
the Diocese of Canterbury ; it is now in the Deaney of Bromley, 
and Archdeaconry and Diocese of Rochester. There are a Norman 
window and mediaeval windows on the north side, and arches 
inserted for a north side Aisle. There is a trace of an Early 
Norman doorway and window in the north Chapel, and of a fine 
Early English east window ; here was probably St. Katerine's 
Chapel. Except this Chapel, the Church outside is quite modern. 
Inside are pillars, one with a monk's head, the rest foliated. On 
the west door is a curious old lock inscribed ; 

John Mock 
Made this lock, 

A foliated coffin lid is built into the wall of the Church. There 
are three Bells, two old, the third recast in 1859. The Chalice was 
the gift of William Scrafton, Esq., 1718 ; the rest of the Plate is 
modern. The Registers commence 1579, but there are none during 
the Commonwealth, 1642-1661, The patronage has always been 
in private hands. There are two Brasses, The present Patron is 
the Hon. R, Marsham Townsend. 

1298, Reginald Pycott (Rot. 35, 62). 
1316, Robert de Lodesdon (Hamo 51). 

1342, Robert de Lameleye (Hamo 210). 
1354, William Salmon (Sheppey 262). 


1365, John Falkenham (Trilleck 323). 

* * * 

William d'Eye. 
1422, John Gorman (Langdon 20). 
1433, John Loscowe (Langdon 133). 

1453, William Hermer (Le Neve's Fasti 379). 

1454, John Sone (Lowe 210). 

1456, Richard Brewster (Act. Cur. Consist. 1443-1468) 

(Bourgchier 52) . 
1458, William Hermer (Newcourt). 
1464, William Whiteley (Lowe 244). 
1504, Robert Praty (Act. Vis. Archid. 8). 
1523, William Royden (Fisher 43). 
1540, John Russell (Heath 199). 
1557, John Seaman (Heath 199). 
1560-1, Mar., Thomas Tarbok (Ex. Test" Su°). 
1561, Roger Frith (Gheast 94). 

1599, John Steere (Ex. Autog. in Archivis. Roff. Archid.). 
1609, John Warner (Neale 208). 
1614, Laurence Snelling (Neale Hist. Puritan Vol. II. 253). 

1661, John Seabrooke (Warner 252). 

1662, John Ashley (Juxon 148), 

1703, William Scrofton (Muniments 17). 

1742, Thomas Kingsman (Wilcocks 124). 

1752, Edward Barnard (Wilocks 171). 

1782, John Symons (Thomas 234). 

1836, Robert Burre Bocerne (Murray 65). 

1853, E. Roberts. 

1855, George Leopold Langdon. 

1894, Elkanah Holroyde. 

St. Michael's, East Peckham. East Pecham. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times which paid 9 denarii 
cnrism fee, according to Textus Roffensis, to the See of Rochester. 
It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery 
of Shoreham as d, peculiar of the Archbishop of Canterbury till 
1846. when it was placed in the Diocese of Canterbury and 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Deanery of North Mailing. It is 
now in the Diocese of Rochester, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and 
Deanery of Mailing. It was in the gift of Christ Church, 
Canterbury, till the Reformation, when it passed into the hands of 
the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury. Before the Reformation 
there were both a Rector and Vicar, the latter nominated by the 
Rector, who was chosen as above stated. There are six Bells, four 
of the eighteenth century. The Registers date from 1583. The 
Tower's several Windows, with the Doorways to the ancient 
Porch on the south side, are Early English. There are many 
remains of the Decorated period. The Church is divided into north 
and south Aisles by an arcade of rounded pillars.. There appear to 



have been Chapels to St. Michael and to the Virgin, as some 
ancient stained glass testifies. There is also a place for her image. 
There are numerous monuments to the Twysdens. There are a 
modern Flagon of silver and Brass Alms Dish. There are a 
Chalice, a large Paten, and a smaller one dated 1794, which 
replaced what had been stolen. We give the Rectors and Vicars in 
parallel lines. 


















Roger de Syssinghurst 
(Peckham 36). 
Richard de Brynchesle 
(Winchelsey 47) . 

July 16, William Martin de 
Brenchesle (Reynolds 265) . 

John Colepepper (Islep 287) . 

4, Feb., Simon de Leghton 

(Islep 295). 
John Cressingham (Court- 

eneye 264). 
William Milton (Arundel I. 

John Parker (Arundel 1. 287) . 
John Wyke (Arundel 1 . 301) . 

John de Leicester (Peckham 

William dictus Alesaunder 
(Reynolds 24). 

Martin de Beauvais (Rey- 
nolds 24). 

William dictus de Walys 
(Reynolds) . 

Richard Nottle (Islep 280). 
Robert Waryn (Islep 290). 

Richard Ecclesley (Arundel 
II. 66) (Ex. Mon'Su"). 

John Smale (Chichele I. 

Thomas Levisham (Stafford 

William ffallion (Bour^chier 


John Carteles. 

Thomas Wylleson (Arundel I. 

William Rounde (Chichele I. 

Laurence Breton (Chichele I. 

Henry Esthawe (Chichele I. 

Clement Wilis (Chichele 1 72) . 
Gerard Spayne (Stafford 105) . 

Walter - 

















William Pykenham (Bour- 

chier 89). 
John Newhone (Bourgchier 

Thomas Downe (Bourgchier 




Spaldyng (Morton 

WiUiam Granger (Warham 

Thomas Bodill (Warham 



Mercer (Cranmer 

Michael Courthope (Bourg- 
chier 80). 
John Durant (Bourgchier 86). 

Nicholas Rewes (Bourgchier 

Edward Stayncliffe (Bourg- 
chier 125). 

Thomas Story (Bourgchier 

Thomas Bote (Morton 133). 

Thomas Kerne. 

John Elyott (Morton 136). 

WiUiam Axbrigge (Morton 

Robert Ratton (Morton 162). 

John Thomson(Warham384). 
John Chambre (Cranmer 355) . 

William Stace (Parker I. 360). 
Nicholas Gayer (Parker II. 93). 
Thomas Brande (Grindal 516). 
WiUiam Wheeler (Whitgift 316). 
Edward Richards (Whitgift 324). 
Francis WarreU (Abbott 124). 
J. Toppin (Par. Reg.). 
William PoUey (Hasted, Par. Reg.). 
Samuel Grymes (Juxon 124). 
Richard Marshe (Par. Reg.). 
Valentine Chad wick (Sancroft 420). 
William Bradshaw (Wake I. 308). 
John Hedges (Wake I. 323). 
Francis Walwyn (Herring 29). 
Henry Hall (Herring 31). 
John Davis (Seeker 313). 
William Tatton (Seeker 329). 
George Berkeley (Corn wallis 432). 


Rectors. Vicars. 

1787, Richard Lucas (Moore 516). 

1789, Thomas Vyner (Moore 523). 

1805, George Moore. 

1846, Thomas Dawson. 

1853, WilHam Middleton Onslow. 

1883, Henry Robert Merewether. 

1900, PhiHp Wood Loosemore. 

Holy Trinity, East Peckham. 

This Church was built in 1842, from which time the Register 
dates. There are two modern Bells. The Plate is a siver Flagon 
and Chalice and Paten. The Living is in the gift of the Vicar of 
East Peckham. 

1843, John Charles Whish. 
1892, James Oakley Coles. 
1894, Frederick Case. 
1898, Henry James Watters. 
1904, Robert Alfred Wood. 

St. Dunstan's, West Peckham. 

The Church has been much altered, but there is still some 
Norman work about the Tower, and the Font is also Norman. 
There was a Church here in Domesday times, and the Church paid 
9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The Church was in 
the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of 
Mailing till 1846, when it was placed in the See of Canterbury, 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of North Mailing. It is 
now again in the See of Rochester, the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, 
and the Deanery of Mailing. The Advowson was granted by 
Edward I to the Prior and Convent of Leeds, with whom it 
remained till the Reformation, when it was given to the Dean and 
Chapter of Rochester. There are three seventeenth century Bells. 
The Chalice was the gift of John Stanley, Esq., 1630, and the 
Flagon and Paten were given by Sir Humphrey Miller, 1699. A 
Chantry was founded early in the fifteenth century in the 
Churchyard, which from the will of John Tutsam it would seem 
was dedicated to St. Anne. There were ruins left in the 
Churchyard in 1724. We give the Chaplains in a second column 
to the Vicars. There are Brasses to Colepepper and Stanley and 
monuments to the Dallisdns. 


1349, John de Folkestone (Hamo 247). 

1361, William Dalby (Sed. Vac. 304). 

1362, John Byrtale (Whittlesey 315). 

1372, William AUeyne (End of Trilleck's Register). 
1372, William Huberd (End of Trilleck's Register). 



1389, Roger Attemere. 

1390, Roger More (W. Bottlesham 10). 
John Humfrey. 

1406, John Foster, prob Thomas (Arundel I. 304). 

1407, John Sancto Neotto de Netylham (Arundel I. 318). 
1413, Walter Ladde (Ex. Test" J" Colepepper). 

1427, Henry Esthawe (Langdon 85). 

1428, Laurence Breton (Chichele I. 163). 
1430, John Pure (Langdon 92). 

1440, Thomas Drebbe (Wellys 155). 

1441, Thomas Hewe (Wellys 162). 
1444, Richard Brewster (Stafford 78). 




Hugh Ball (Lowe 207). 
John Stone (Lowe 210). 

Hugh Ball (Ex. Test" Su°). 

William Horneby (Lowe 23). 
Thomas Cotynham or Colt- 
ingham (Lowe). 



Henry Hartyn (Savage 9). 

William Massey. 
July, Thomas Elcock 
(Warham 338). 
1503-4, Feb., Robert Colynson 
Warham 338). 
John Mershe (Fisher 55). 






Richard Watson (Fisher 74) . 
Daniel Mosse, 

Edward Tuttsham (Fisher 

Chantry Priests. 
John Sone (Lowe 207). 
John Lascough or Loscowe 

(Lowe 210). 
Richard Sannesby. 

William Burton (Act. Cur. 
Consist. 1454-1468). 

Bartholmew Maddock. 
Thomas Nicholson (Act. Cur. 
Consist. 1471-1505). 

Hamet Leigh (Fitzjames 26). 
Hugh Walker (Fitzjames 44). 

William Ripley (Fisher 59). 

John A. Lee (Tanner's Not. 

Richard Deane (Fisher 109). 

Thomas Stephens (Fisher 

Thomas Huetson (Hilsey 193) . 

William Cotton (Hilsey 195). 
Hugh Burnaby (Ex. Test" Su"). 
William Thompson (Guest 93). 
Robert Harris (Vis. Archid.). 
James Clarke (Yonge (183). 


1603, William Orme (Thorpe's (MSS.)- 

1608, James Stacey (Thorpe's MSS.). 

1608, Edward Drayner (Neile 203). 

1624, Edward Drayner (Buckeridge 210). 

1635, James Clarke (Bowles 229). 

1655, Michael Rabbitt (probably a Puritan interloper). 

1667, Francis Angier (Dolben 97). 

1688, Bartholomew May (Muniments II. 4). 

1709, Henry Burville (Muniments II., 38). 

1749, George Richards (Wilcocks 160). 

1783, Peter Wade (Thomas 235). 

1785, Arnold Carter (Thomas 236). 

1795, Richard Bathurst (Horsley 258). 

1801, Henry Thomas Jones (Horsley 251). 

1839, Edward Jones (Murray 73) . 

1880, Richard Swan. 

Peppingberie St. Peter's, Pembury, also St. Peter and 
St. Paul, and St. Peter and St. John the Baptist. 

We find these various dedications in wills of the fifteenth and 
sixteenth centuries. The Church is mentioned in the Textus 
Roffensis as paying 9 denarii to the See of Rochester as chrism 
fee. It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and 
the Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it was placed in the Diocese 
of Canterbury, Afchdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of West 
Mailing ; it is now in the See of Rochester, Archdeaconry of 
Tonbridge, and Deanery of Tunbridge Wells. There was a 
Chantry founded in 1380 in a new Chapel, in honour of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary, in the Churchyard, all traces of which are 
now swept away. The Patronage was given by Simon de Wahull 
to the Abbey of Bayham in 1315, and remained with it till the 
Reformation, since which time it has been in private hands. There 
is an Early English Tower, and a Porch with a niche for the Saint 
above. There are few traces of the Norman Church, but a Lancet 
Window by the Porch. There is an ancient Priests' door, blocked 
up on the inside. There are two modernised Sedilia which, with 
the Font, have replaced the old. The Chancel Arch, and the Arch 
into the Belfry, are Early English. A Piscina in the south wall 
before the Church was probably close to the Altar of St. James, 
mentioned in the will of Alice Lorkyn. Here is an ancient Helmet, 
and Tombs to Elizabeth Rowe and Richard Amherst. The Bells 
are three, of the seventeenth century. There are a siver modern 
Flagon, two Chalices, and a Paten, also a smaller Flagon and two 
brass Alms Dishes. There is a Paten, the gift of Elizabeth 
Whitaker in 1793, and a Pyx dated 1905. The Registers commence 
in 1657. A new Church, which stands on Pembury Green, is 
served from the old Church. The present Patron is R. Clifford 
Smith, Esq. 




1278, Richard Oliver (Thorpe 
Reg. Roff.). 

1328, John Palmere (Hamo 19). 

1329, Richard Heryng (Hamo 79). 
1348, William Pore (Hamo 249). 




1430, Thomas Utill(Langdon 92). 

1431, Thomas Sparrowe (Langdon 



1436, Simon IMorse (Chichele I. 


1437, William Sleigh (Wellys 122). 

1437, William Sampson (Wellys 


1438, John Newman (Wellys 140). 



1447, Thomas Pogmore (Lowe 215). 



1449, William Kirkby or Kyrkeby 

(Lowe 217). 
1451, William Hornesse (Lowe 


1456, William Benyngworth 

(Lowe 227). 

1457, Samuel Hewe (Lowe 228). 
1461, John Pluto. 

John Hammond. 
David Howell (Lowe 242). 
1465, William Faulke (Lowe 242). 

Chantry Priests. 

John Palmere (J. Bottlesham 

Alfred Fayard (J. Bottlesham 

John Selbrythenden (J. 

Bottlesham 153). 
William Bayhall. 
Thomas Sparrowe (Langdon 


Henry Langham (Langdon 

William Heydock (Langdon 

John Mortey (Langdon 97). 
Simon Morse. 

William Sleigh (Wellys 122). 

William Sampson (Wellys 

Richard Wright (Stafford 77). 
John Thetford (Lowe 203). 

Thomas Pogmore (Lowe 215). 
William Kyrkeby or Kirkby 
(Lowe 217). 

William Hornesse(Lowe 219). 

Henry Stone (Thorpe MSS.). 
William Hornely (Act. Cur. 
Consist 1444-1468). 

John Walkeley (Lowe 235). 










John Colynson (Lowe 246) . 
Thomas Wyllus. 

William, Canon of Wing- 
ham (Fitzjames 32). 

Richard Bexley (Fisher 56) . 

Patrick Maudelyn (Fisher 73) . 
Robert Ross (Fisher 78). 
Robert Joysey (Archid. Vis.) . 
William Buckley (Fisher 177) . 

Chantry Priests. 

Henry Eton. 

Thomas Cotynham (Savage 

Thomas Orell (Fisher 41). 
William Braithwaite (Fisher 

Ralph Arnys (Fisher 58). 

George Atkyns (Fisher 178). 

Ralph Haines (Act. Cur. 

Consist. 1525-1529). 
Richard Persone (Fisher 137) . 
Thomas Curwen (Fisher 139). 

Richard Hilles (Fisher 184). 

Richard Rogers (Fisher). 

Henry Page (Gheast 94) . 

Robert Hunter (Gheast 121). 

John Moore (Neale 192). 

Vincent Coventry (Buckeridge 210). 

Thomas Tucker (Abbott I. 260). 

Charles Hutchinson (Buckeridge 212). 

John Whitfield (Bowie 225). 

Robert Antrobus (Warner 93) . 

Francis Walker (obiit. 1656) (Pari. Surveys) 

Rowland Berrisford (Par. Reg.). 

Richard Woodward (Par. Reg.). 

George May (Bradford 79) . 

Thomas Elcock (Wilcocks 116). 

John Whitaker (Wilcocks 171). 

Stephen Woodgate (Dampier 280) . 

George Stephen Woodgate (Murray 64) . 

George Henry Rigby. 

Reginald Stephen Shaw Woodgate. 

John Harford Battersby. 

Henry Sinclair Brooke. 

Christ Church, Penge. 

The Church was opened in 1885. The Patron is Miss Dudin 
Brown, afterwards it will be Trustees. The parish was formerly 
in the Deanery of Streatham, Archdeaconry of Surrey, and Diocese 


of Winchester. In 1877 it was transferred to the Diocese of 
Rochester, Archdeaconry of South wark, and Deanery of Camber- 
well. In 1905 it remained in the Diocese of Rochester, but was 
placed in the Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of West 
Dartford. It now forms part of the new Deanery of Beckenham. 
The Registers date from 1885, The Plate consists of a Chalice, 
Paten, and Flagon of silver, and an Alms Dish of brass. There 
is a modern Bell. 

1886, Samuel Hutchinson. 

1900, Frederick John Gibbings. 
1906, Walter John Abbott. 

Holy Trinity, Penge. 

The foundation of this Church was laid in 1872, and the Church 
was opened in 1873, and the Register dates from 1874. The 
patronage is the same as Christ Church, and it has also followed its 
steps as regards removals from different Dioceses, Archdeaconries, 
and Deaneries. There are a Flagon, Alms Dish, two Chalices, and 
two Patens, all given at Easter, 1897, in commemoration of the 60th 
year of the reign of Queen Victoria. There is a modern Bell. 

1873, Thomas Scard Scott. 

1887, Charles Albert Keightley. 
1895, C. A. Hughes. 

1901, Henry Charles Sturdy. 

St. John the Evangelist, Penge. 

The Church was built and the Registers date from 1849. The 
Patron is Miss Dudin Brown for life, and afterwards the Court of 
Watermen and Lightermen. As regards its ecclesiastical status, it 
has followed the fate of the two previous Churches. The 
Communion Vessels are a Flagon, two Chalices, and two Patens 
of silver and an Alms Dish of brass. There is a modern Bell. 

1851, Joseph Ridgeway. 

1857, David McAnally. 

1888, WilUam Smyly. 

St. Paul's, Penge. 

This Church was opened in 1867. The living is in the gift of 
the Church Patronage Society. It has followed the fate of the 
other Penge Churches. There is a modern Bell. There are a 
Flagon, two Patens, and four Chalices of silver, and a brass Alms 

1867, William Henry Graham. 

1895, Robert Bolton Ransford. 

St. John the Baptist, Penshurst. Penneherste. 

This Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee, according to Textus 
Roffensis, to the See of Rochester. It was in the Deanery of 


Shoreham as a peculiar of the Archbishop, but in the Archdeaconry 
and Diocese of Rochester till 1846, when it was transferred to the 
Deanery of South Mailing, Archdeaconry of Maidstone and See of 
Canterbury ; later on it was placed in the new Deanery of 
Tonbridge, and with the rest of the parishes of that Deanery, in 
the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and the See of Rochester. The 
Living was in the gift of the Archbishop till Parker changed it with 
Queen Elizabeth for Crayford, in her third year, when she granted 
it to Sir Henry Sydney. There are six Bells, one of which is dated 
1701, and the other 1619. The Registers date from 1558. There 
are fine Tombs to the Sydneys, etc. The present Patron is Lord 
De LTsle and Dudley. The entrance to the Churchyard is under 
a house. The present Church has been largely restored, most of 
the old structure only belongs to Decorated times. 

1170, Willemus (from a list in the Church). 
1200, Richardus (from a list in the Church). 

1239, Walter de Frenche (Ex. autograph penes Dec et Cap Roff). 
1274, Walter de Chaumponte (from a list in the Church). 
1288, Robert le Grange (Peckham 38). 
1309. Richard de Brynchesle (Winchelsey 47). 
Richard Terryng. 

1315, Robert de Norton (Reynolds 15). 

1316, William de Bedewynde (Reynolds 16). 
1328, Henry de Fulham (from a list in the Church). 
1354, William Maddele (Sheppey 289). 

1364, Gilbert Oliver (Pat. Rolls Edward III. 322). 

John Osyng. 
1378-9, Mar. 9, William Dapar (Sudbury 125). 
1378-9, Mar. 10, Robert Walsham (Sudbury 125). 
1379, May, Henry Brandon (Sudbury 125). 

1401, John Parker. 

1402, Andrew Corynton or Coryngton (Arundel I. 286). 
1419, Thomas Drury (Chichele I. 102). 

1429, John Acton. 

1435, Robert Toft (Chichele I. 208). 

John Charlton. 
1440, Robert Smyth (Chichele I. 225). 

John Chamberlayne. 
1481, William Sutton (Bourgchier 128). 
1483, Edmund Gilbert (from a list in the Church). 

Robert Gosborn. 
1521, Oliver Godfrey (Warham 372). 
1550, John Mone (Cranmer 412). 
1554, John Amerer. 

1563, William Dartnell or DarkenoU (Parker 360) (Ex. Mon" Su°). 
1596, John Busshe (Whitgift II. 327) (Ex. Mon° Su°). 
1617, Francis Sydney (Abbott I. 426). 
1633, Henry Hammond (Abbot III. 202). 
1643, John Madwell (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 


Walter Woodgate (obiit 1669) (E, Par. Reg.). 
1669, Thomas Lee (Juxon 121). 
1709, William Egerton (Tennison II. 20). 
1738, Samuel Lindsay (Herring 114). 
1742, Hopton Williams (Potter 343) Ex. Mon" Su"). 
1770, Henry Beauclerk (Cornwallis 408). 
1773, Richard Rycroft (Cornwallis 422). 
1787, Matthew Nicholas (Par. Reg.). 
1796, Jonathan Hammond (Moore 547). 
1819, Philip Stanhope Dodd (Ex. Mon° Su°). 
1852, William Green (Ex. Mon° Su"). 
1878, George Maberly Smith. 

Penshurst, St. Peter's, Fordcombe. 

This Church was built in 1870. It has a modern Bell. There 
are a plated Flagon, Cup and Paten. The Registers date from 
1870. There is a brass Alms Dish. The Patron is the Rector of 


1870, George Clowes. 

1887, Francis Harrison Wright. 

1903, Walter St. John Field. 

St. Nicholas, Plumstead. Plumsteda. 

This Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
The Church was given to the monks of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, 
and from them at the Reformation it lapsed to the Crown. Henry 
VIII, however, granted it to E. Broughton, Esq., in his thirtieth 
year, since which time it has been in private hands. The old 
Church stood near the side of the river, and its architecture proved 
it Norman. A Stone, called the Roman Stone, probably a 
Lombardic Stone, is within the Church. The Church had become 
very ruinous, and was repaired by the efforts of the Gossage family, 
temp. Charles II. It was again ruinous and repaired in 1808 ; on 
the last restoration, 1907-8, the thirteenth century Doorways were 
found, and probably the Norman Church, which had been altered 
in the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. There are four Bells. 
The brick Tower is Jacobean, and was built at the expense of John 
Gossage. There are a Flagon, two Chalices, and two small Patens. 
The Registers date from 1865 ; the old Registers commence 1653, 
and are now at St. Margaret's, which at the former date was made 
the Parish Church. This parish was in the Diocese and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester till 1845, and the Deanery of Dartford ; at 
that date it was placed in the Diocese of London, Archdeaconry of 
Southwark, and Deanery of Greenwich. In 1867 it was again 
placed in the Diocese of Rochester and its Archdeaconry, and in the 
Deanery of Woolwich, and now it is in the Diocese of Southwark, 
Archdeaconry of Lewisham, and Deanery of Woolwich. From 
1254-1416 there are no records of incumbents ; perhaps this was 


served from the neighbouring Augustine Convent of Lesness. 
The Vicar of Plumstead is now Patron. 

Adam (Reg. Roif.). 
1254, John Renger (Reg. Roff.). 

Thomas Baron (Thorpe MSS.). 
1416, Wilham Stepham (Thorpe MSS.). 
1498, Thomas Scraggeh (State Papers Henry VII.). 
1516, Wilham Roger (Fisher 102). 
1540, Wilham Mitiman (State Papers Henry VIII.). 
1545, Richard Hackett (Holbeach 31). 
1646, William Houghton (Holbeach 43). 
1359, Christopher Rookes (Vac. Bed. Canterbury 57). 
1572, Thomas Micklethwaite (Freake 131). 
1584, William Wildeman (Yonge 184). 
1592-3, Martin Wade (Yonge 186). 
1602, William Carre (Yonge 191). 
1604, William Boyden (Yonge 215). 

1608, Walter Curie (Newcourt). 

1609, Edward Mantle (Neale 212). 
1614, Robert Wilkinson (Neale 214). 
1619, Felix Tindall (Abbott II. 313). 
1632, Edward Broughton (Bowie 215). 
1635, William Clapham (Laud 231). 

1544, William Morice (Put in by Parliament). 

1645, Mathias Milward (Put in by Parliament). 

1550, Isaac Sanders (Parliamentary Surveys). 

1682, John Turner (Hasted). 

1690, William Rooke (Muniments I. 82). 

1692, George Freeman (Muniments II. 29). 

1592-3, Benjamin Barnett (Muniments II. 32). 

1707,' Charles Jones (Muniments II. 90). 

1741, Egerton Jukes (Wilcocks 120). 

1772, Henry Kipling (Pearse 218). 

1821, Baden Powell (King 37). 

1828, Henry John Shackleton (Murray 28). 

1852, William Askwith. 

1864, James Adair McAllister. 

1895, John McAllister. 

1909, John Hartforth Jaques. 

Plumstead St. Margaret's. 

This Church was consecrated in 1859, and in 1865 was made the 
Parish Church of Plumstead, and has in consequence Registers 
dating back to 1553. There are eight tubular Bells. There are 
two large plated Patens and Chalices, and a plated Flagon, also 
two smaller silver Chalices and one Paten, besides a silver Paten 
given by Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew in memory of Mr. Topless. 
A. W. Irwin, Esq., is the Patron. 


1865, James Adair McAllister. 
1895, Albert Victor Baillie. 
1898, Hugh Lambert Ogle. 
1905, "William Faulkner Bailey. 

St. James', Plumstead. 

This Church was consecrated in 1878. The Patrons are Simeon's 
Trustees. There is one Bell. The Registers commence 1878. 
There are, in silver gilt, a Flagon, two Chalices, and two Patens, 
and an Alms Dish of brass. This was originally a Nonconformist 

1878, Stilton Henning. 

1905, George Askwith. 

St. John the Baptist, Plumstead. 

This Church was consecrated in 1885. The Patrons are Trustees. 
There is one Bell. The Registers date from 1883. The Communion 
Service consists of a Flagon, two Chalices, and two Patens in 
silver, and an Alms Dish of brass. 

1885, Edward John Doherty. 

1907, Lewis Davies Thomas. 

St. Michael and All Angels', Abbey Wood, Plumstead. 

This Church was opened on April 11th, 1908, from which time 
the Register dates. There is one Bell. There are a silver Chalice, 
Flagon and Paten, and an Alms Dish of brass. The Bishop is 

1908, Guy Tudor Charlesworth. 

St. Paul's, Plumstead. 

This Church was consecrated in 1901. The Registers are from 
the same date. There is no Bell. There are plated Communion 
Vessels and Alms Dish. The Patrons are Trustees. 

1901. Henry Lawrence Phillips. 

St. Mark's, Plumstead. 

This Church was consecrated in 1902. The Baptismal Register 
begins in 1895, the Marriage 1902. There are a Flagon, two 
Chalices, and two Patens of silver. There is one Bell. The Bishop 
is Patron. 

1902, John Cox Leeke. 

1905, Derman Christopherson. 

Church of the Ascension, Plumstead. 

The Church was consecrated in 1905. The Patron is the 
Bishop. There is one Bell. The Registers date from 1905. There 
are a plated Flagon, Paten, Chalice and Alms Dish. 

1905, George Nelson Leale. 

the recobds of eoghestee. 225 

Plumstead All Saints', Shooters' Hill. , 

This Church was erected in 1873. The Patrons are Trustees. 
The Register dates from January 2nd, 1876. The Communion 
Plate consists of a silver Chalice, two Cups and Patens. There is a 
brass Alms Dish. There is one Bell. 

1874, William Nesbitt McGuiness. 

1882, Thomas Vincent "Williams. 

1888, Honble. William Talbot Rice. 

1893, John William Morris. 

1902, Stephen Mortimer Warner. 

1910, Herbert William Farrar. 

St. Peter's, Ridley. Redlega. 

There is a Church mentioned here in Domesday, and we learn 
from Textus Roffensis that it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See 
of Rochester. It has been always in the Diocese and Archdeaconry 
of Rochester, but in 1846 it was put in the new Deanery of Cobham 
instead of the Deanery of Rochester ; it is now placed in the new 
Deanery of Shoreham and Archdeaconry of Tonbridge. There is 
little left of the old Church, but a Window to the left of the Porch 
is Norman. There is, in the shingle Tower, one Bell. The 
Chancel appears to have been rebuilt in the Decorated period. The 
Nave has been covered with plaster, but the little Norman Window 
testifies to the antiquity of this part of the Church. The Registers 
commence in 1632. Mrs. William Selby, in 1702, gave a silver 
Paten and Chalice (perhaps the present ones), according to the 
Registers. The Patron is W. G. Lambarde, Esq. 

1327, Thomas de Onlee (Hamo 78). 

1333, Thomas de Hamsted (Hamo 158). 
Thomas de Dilneye. 

1337, William de Mikelburgh (Hamo 171). 
. 1344, Walter de Lodburgh (Hamo 241). 

1346, Walter Anemere (Hamo 224). 

1353, Godfrey de Rainham (Rot. Esch. Edward III. 26). 

1354, John Harewold (Newcourt). 

1362, Thomas de Otteford (Whittlesey 316). 
John Langton. 

1399' 1" R°t)ert Carpenter (W. Bottlesham 85 and 93). 

Henry Pel ton. 
1433, Robert Hereford (Langford 97). 
1445, Richard Gordon (Stafford 87). 
1448, John Stanford (Lowe 223). 
Robert Hobbday. 

1456, William Colyn (Lowe 227). 

1457, John Tangfield (Lowe 229). 
William Okey. 

1495, August, John Huls (Savage 10). 

1495-6, Mar., Thomas Quaryndene (Savage 15). 


1507, Roland Baxter (Fisher 46). 

1518, Thomas Doding (Fisher 79). 

1521, William Wiles (Fisher 108). 

1532, Thomas Slaughter (Fisher 177). 

1544, Henry Denton (Cranmer 392). 

1562, Tholnas Maxfield (Guest 102). 

1604, Henry Stacey (MSS. Twisden Par. Reg.). 

1647, John Stacey (Par. Reg.) (Juxon 196). 

1680, Wilham Holmes (Par. Reg.). 

1680, Robert Gardiner (Par. Reg.). 

1688, John Ratie (Muniments 83). 

1719, John Lambe (Atterbury 42). 

1731, John Lambe reinstituted (Wilcocks 88). 

1740, Davies Lambe (Wilcocks 123). 

1772, John Ward Allen (Pearse 218). 

1802, Thomas Lambarde (Dampier 271). 

1811, Thomas Bowdler (King 22). 

1823, Thomas Lambarde (King 341). 

1840, Thomas Prankerd Phelps (Murray 77). 

1893, Vincent Lascelles Batsou. 

1897, Richard Algernon Kirkham). 

1900, Harold Barclay Hennell. 

Rochester Cathedral. 

To describe the Cathedral and its Plate and Monuments would 
be too great an undertaking for the present work, but it would be 
incomplete without we gave the Priors of St. Andrew's, the Deans 
and Archdeacons, and the Chantry Priests. 

Priors of St. Andrew's. Archdeacons. 

1089 (before), Ordovinus (Roch. 

Arnulph I. (Roch. Cal.). 
1096, Ralph (Roch Cal.). 
1107 Ordovinus re-elected (Roch. 

1115, Herewyse (Roch. Cal.). 

1140, Robert PuUen (Roch. Cal.). 

1144, Letardus (Roch. Cal.). Paris (Roch. Cal.). 

1145, Brian (Roch. Cal.). 
1154, Reginald (Roch. Cal.). 

Arnulf II. (Roch. Cal.). 
William de Borstal (Roch. 
1177, Sylvester (Roch. Cal.). 
1182, Richard (Roch Cal.). 
1185, Alured (Roch. Cal.). 

Osbernde Sheppey (Roch. 



Priors of St. Andrews. 

1188, Mured again (Roch. Cal.). 


1199, Ralph de Ros (Roch. Cal.). 

Helyas (Roch. Cal.). 
1222, William (Roch. Cal.). 
1225, Richard de Derente (Roch. 














William de Hoo (Roch . Cal .) . 
Alexander de Glanville 
(Roch; Cal.). 

Simon deClyve (Roch. Cal.). 
John de Renham (Roch. 

Brienus (Roch. Cal.). 

Thomas de Woldham (Roch. 

John de Renham re-elected 

(Roch. Cal.). 
Thomas de Shelf ord (Roch. 

John de Grenestreet (Roch. 


Hamo de Heth (Roch . Cal . ) . 
John de Westerham (Roch. 

John de Speldhurst (Roch. 

John de Sheppey (Roch. 


William (Roch. Cal.). 

Roger de Wesham (Roch. 

William de Trippolow (Roch. 

William de St. Martin (Roch. 

John de St. Dionysius (Roch. 


Robert de Southfleet (Roch. 

John de Hertley (Roch. 


Roger Lovell (Roch. Cal.). 

William D awe (Roch. Cal.). 

John Peche (Roch. Cal.). 
William Reade (Roch. Cal.). 

1380, JohndeSheppey (Roch. Cal.) 

William de Wenlock (Roch. 



Priors of St. Andrews. 
1419, William deTonbrygg(Roch. 

1445, John Cardone (Rocli. Cal.). 


Richard Peckham (Roch. 
1468, William Wode (Roch. Cal.). 

1479, Thomas Bourne (Roch. Cal.). 

1496, WilliamBishop(Roch.Cal.). 
1509, WilliamFrysell (Roch. Cal.). 

1532, Laurence Dan alias Mere- 
worth (Roch. Cal.). 


1539, Walter Phillips de Boxley 
(Roch. Cal.). 

1541, Walter Phillips (Roch. Cal.). 



1570, Edmund Freake (Roch. 

1574, Thomas Willoughby (Roch. 


1585, John Coldwell (Roch. Cal.). 
1591, Thomas Blaque(Roch. Cal.). 

1611, Richard Milbourne (Roch. 

1615, Robert Scott (Roch. Cal.). 

1621, Godfrey Goodman (Roch. 

1624, Walter Balcanquhall (Roch. 


Roger Denford (Roch. Cal.). 

Richard Brown alias Cordon 

(Roch. Cal.). 
John Hett or Hott (Roch. 


Roger Rotheram (Roch . Cal .) . 

Henry Sharpe (Roch. Cal.). 
Henry Edyall (Roch. Cal.). 

Nicholas Metcalfe (Roch. 

Maurice Griffith (Roch. Cal.) 


John Kennall (Roch. Cal.). 
John Bridgewater (Roch. 

John Calverley (Roch. Cal.). 
Ralph Pickover (Roch. Cal.). 

Thomas Staller (Roch. Cal.). 
Thomas Sanderson (Roch. 

Richard Tillesley (Roch. 

Elizeus Burgess (Roch. Cal,). 

the ebcobds op bochbstee. 229 

Deans. Archdeacons. 

John Richardson (Roch. (Roch. Cal.). 

1639, Henry King (Roch. Cal.). 
1641, ThomasTurner (Roch. Cal). 
1660, Benjamin Laney (Roch. John Lee Warner (Roch. 

Cal.). Cal.). 

1660, Nathaniel Hardy (Roch. 

1670, Peter Mews (Roch. Cal.). 
1672, Thomas Lamplugh (Roch. 

1676, John Castilion (Roch. Cal.). 
1679, Thomas Plume (Roch. Cal.). 

1688, Simon Lowth (Roch. Cal.). 

1689, Henry UUock (Roch. Cal.). 

1704, Thomas Sprat (Roch. Cal.). 

1706, Samuel Pratt (Roch. Cal.). 

1720, Hon. Henry Brydges (Roch. 

1723, Nicholas Claggett (Roch. 

1728, William Bradford (Roch. 

1728, John Denne (Roch. Cal.). 

1731, Thomas Herring (Roch. 


1743, William Barnard (Roch. 


1744, John Newcome(Roch. Cal.). 
1765, William Markham (Roch. 

1767, Benjamin Newcome (Roch. John Law (Roch. Cal.). 

1775, Thomas Thurlow (Roch. 

1779, Richard Cust (Roch. Cal.). 
1782, Thomas Dampier (Roch. 

1802, Samuel Goodenough (Roch. 

1808, William Beaumont Busby 

(Roch. Cal.). 
1820, Robert Stevens (Roch. Cal,). 

1827, Walker King (Roch. Cal.). 

I860, Anthony Grant (Roch. Cal.). 

1870, April, Thomas Dale (Roch. 

1870, July, Robert Scott (Roch. Cal.). 

230 the becords, of eochestee. 

Deans. Archdeacons. 

1882, Samuel Cheetham (Roch. 

1888, Samuel Reynolds Hole 

(Roch. Cal.). 
1905, Ernald Lane (Roch. Cal.). 

1908, John Tetley Rowe (Roch. 


Chantry Priests. 

Robert de Horton (Hamo 290). 
1348, John West Herlyng (Hamo 290). 
1348, John Clayfield de Oakdene (Hamo 241). 
1363, John Saycombe (Whittlesey 322). 
1363, John Miles (Whittlesey 322). 
1359, Roger Waryn (Trilleck 344). 
1411 (before), John Marshall (J. Bottlesham). 
1523, John Drake (Lib. Tax.). 
1523, Roger Jukes (Lib. Tax.). 
1523, Thomas Wells (Fisher). 

St. Nicholas, Rochester. 

This Church was finished in 1421, and the first Vicar appointed 
in 1423. It has always been in the Diocese, Archdeaconry, and 
Deanery of Rochester. On the Font is well carved in ancient 
characters CRISTIAN. The Pulpit is Jacobean. The Church 
was rebuilt in 1624. There are two seventeenth century Bells. 
There is a Cup and Paten Cover, the gift of Edward Harlowe. 
There is another Cup with Paten Cover dated 1602, also a Paten 
and two Flagons similarly inscribed. There are also an Alms Dish, 
given by Francis Brook, Town Clerk of Rochester, and one 
presented by Alderman George Gordon. The Registers date from 
1624, from which time there is a list of Vicars. There are many 
entries of soldiers, sailors, and Dutchmen, which point out the 
history of the town. The Bishop is Patron. 

1423, Thomas Chamberlayne (Langdon 19). 
1448, Edward Rutter (Regist. Prerog. Cantuar). 
1476, Patrick Staines (Russell 40). 

Richard Potter. 
1504, Richard Hewster (Fisher 28). 

Ralph Maulerever. 
1519, John Wildbore (Fisher 78). 

John Adeson. 
1525, Thomas Shaw (Fisher 133). 
1534, William Wildbore (Fisher 181). 
1537, William Harrison (Newcourt). 
1551, John Ellis (Newcourt). 
1570, Robert Stringer (Gheast 121). 


1582, Francis White (Yonge 165). 
1603, William White (Shindler). 
1614. James Dyer (Vis. Archid. I.). 
1618, John Norkyn (Newcourt). 
1624, James Dyer again (Reg. Roff.). 

1628, EHzeus Burgess (Rlym. Foed. XIX.). 

1629, Mr. Sutton (obijt. 1629) (Par. Reg.). 

1630, John Lorkyn again (Par. Reg.). 

1636, Alleyn Askwith (Par. Reg.) (Calamy's Life of Baxter) 

(ParUameutary Surveys XIX) . 
1660, Robert Dixon (Warner 103). 
1688, Richard Slater (Walker's Suffering Clergy). 
1688, Roger Bayley (Muniments 171). 
1702, John Oilman (Muniments II. 14). 
1710, Samuel Doyly (Muniments II. 40). 
1748, John Boyce (Wilcocks 156). 
1751, John Vade (Wilcocks 169). 
1765, Charles Allen (Pearse 204). 
1795, William Wright (Horsley 257). 
1803, Charles Moore (Dampier 277). 
1812, Thomas Winstanley (Par. Reg.). 
1820, Frederick Winstanley (King I. 332). 
1826, George Harker (King II. 13). 
1853, William Conway. 
1864, Claude Bosanquet. 
1873, William Savory Hill. 
1891, Charles Henry Banning. 
1894, Edward Lionel Gedge. 
1899, Augustine Briggs. 

St. Clement's, Rochester. Sanctus Clemens. 

The last traces of this Church, which stood near the Medway, 
were done away with when the Chatham and Dover Railway 
Bridge was built. It paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester, according to Textus Roffensis. St. Nicholas gradually 
took its place and no Clergy were appointed to it (as may be seen 
by the following list) after 1546. 
Thomas de Plomerle. 

1318, Jordan de Chesshalle (Hamo 14). 

1325, William de Waltham (Hamo 70). 

1328, Joseph de Godwynestone (Hamo 83). 

1330, Alfred Trotter (Hamo 89). 

1333, Robert de Henyngham (Hamo 164). 

1338, Alfred de Wrodere de Sandwich (Hamo 188). 

1340, John Stowman (Hamo 194). 

1344, Roger Dacheworth (Hamo 210). 

1347, John de West Herling (Hamo 235). 

1348, John Hubert Estwelle (Hamo 249). 

1349, Thomas Walsoken (Hamo 243) . 


1351, John Tolthorpe de Denforde (Islep 228). 
1368, Roger Tolthorpe (Trilleck 333). 
1368, John Cheyne (Trilleck 335). 
1392, John Gomes (W. Bottlesham 32). 

1392, John Tertion vel Tutior (W. Bottlesham 38). 
John Curteys. 

1394. William Wellys (W. Bottlesham 63). 

1396, Richard Tickhill (W. Bottlesham 103). 

1397, John Rycheman (W. Bottlesham 111). 
1404, Walter Culverton (J. Bottlesham 188). 
1427, Thomas Cosse (Langdon 83). 

1431, Roger Baldewyn (Langdon 89). 

1438, John Snachdunen (Wellys 129). 

1443, William Bowden (Wellys 182). 

1445, John Scone vel Stout (Ex. Test'" Variis). 

1447, Robert Chudleworth (Lowe 212). 

1448, Nicholas Kesteven (Stafford 97). 

1451, Daniel Everard (Lowe 222). 

1452, John Patrick (Lowe 222). 
1452, John Fulsham (Lowe 226). 

1456, Prater John Multon (Lowe 227). 

1457, Patrick Staines (Lowe 229). 
1466, John Jeffrey (Ex. Test. Variis). 
1483, Robert Shaw (Ex. Test, Variis). 

1494, Ranulph, otherwise Ralph Spicer (Savage 12). 

1500, Richard Power (Fitzjames 39). 

1503, John Body (Fitzjames 39). 

1507, James English (Fisher 46). 

1513, Christopher Hedlam (Fisher 69). 

1524, Richard Wildbore (Fisher 114). 

1524, Laurence Burrell (Fisher 127). 

1530, Maurice Aprichard (Fisher 158). 

1531, John Harrope (Fisher 161). 

1538, Richard Wildbore (Heath 8). 
Robert Watson, curate (Heath 8). 

1539, William Balam, curate (Heath 8). 

1540, June. Robert Bacon, curate (Heath 8). 

1540, Dec, Henry Thomson, curate (Heath 8). 

1541, William Don, curate (Ex. Test''' Variis). 

1544, Ludovic Thomlyn, curate (Heath 8) — see Tomlyn. 
1545 and 1546, Stephen, curate {Ex. Test'' Variis). 

Allsoven (Rochester Bridge) Chapel. 

This Chapel, now in ruins, was founded by John de Cobham in 
honour of the Holy Trinity, and for the health of all faithful 
departed, for three Chaplains continually saying Mass after the 
Sarum Use, 1393. 

1393, David White (W. Bottlesham 42). 


I Richard de Surflete ] 
1400, - John Esthawe [ (W. Bottlesham 72). 

( Richard Preston. I 

1 ,1 o 1 f WilUam Ro we ] i^ j \ 
1431, Ri,>,„^ (Langdon) 

(Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 


^'^39. 1 Sn S^c'^^ ^°^ l^^'^'- C'^'-- Consist 1444-1468). 

,AAA f John Betherson, Patrick,) ,,,, „ ^ 
1^^4. I {)^niei Everard |(Wellys). 

/ John Whoot 
1446, \ Richard Cowper 
1 William Pepyr 

[ John Dotham ] 

1448, \ Roger KT.C). 

( PhiHp J 

''''■ I {ohnSr }(^<='- C-. consist 1444-1468). 

1^51. I fohn'pylmore If^'^t- C-- Consist 1444-1468). 
1458, Thomas (Ex. Test" Su°). 

"^1. I wlmlm^Harr^ond 1(^^*' C-. Consist 1444-1468). 

f Richard Grymerby (Ex. Test" prob° Dec. 1463). 
^'*"' \ John Swinfen (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

1464, Andrew Frail (Ex. Test" prob° Oct. 5, 1464). 
1^66.{wiram?fshe7}(T.C. Edward IV.). 

1467, Laurence Stafford (Ex. Test" prob" Oct. 12, 1467). 
1471, WiUiam Pole (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1523). 
1492, John Northcot (Ex. Test" Su°). 
1514, John Rosebury. obijt (Ex. Test" Su°). 

1522, Richard Wever (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1523). 


I Robert Woodcock I 

1523, ] Roger Jonys MLib. Tax.). 
I Launcelot ) 

1525, Robert Sorrell (Act. Cur. Consist 1523-1536). 

( Henry Thynne or Tynney, obijt (Ex. Test" Su" Jan. 28, 

1526, 1525-6). 

[ Simon de Bossue (Ex. Test" Su° prob" Oct. 9, 1526). 


1^28, { Jot^rgl Tmotsonh^'^'- ^^ ^^^^^^ '^^■ 

1^3^. I &as°P:;:neorPerne } (Valor Ecclesiasticus). 

Chapel of Rochester Castle. 
There was a Chapel which was endowed with fifty shillings a 
year by order of Edward I., but there are no Chaplains given in 
the Bishops' Registers, and no other mention is made of it. 

Other Chapels. 
There were Chapels to St. Thomas and St. Katharine, which are 
mentioned in wills, but there are no traces of them left, and the 
names of officiating Clergy are not to be found. 

St, Bartholomew's, Rochester. 

The Church, which is a fine old Norman structure, was connected 
with the Hospital ; founded by Bishop Gundolph for poor folk, 
lazars and lepers, and was completed about 1120 ; it was probably 
served from the Monastery of St. Andrew. Dean Pratt (1706-1728) 
repaired it and Dean Stevens made it fit (1840-1846) for Divine 
Worship. In 1867 it was provided with a Communion Set and 
other accessories of service, since which time there have been 
regular Chaplains. 

1867, Joseph Greenoak Bailey. 

1878, John Bailey. 

St. IVIargaret's, Rochester. Sancta Margarita. 

There was a Church here in the time of Textus Roffensis, which 
paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. Bishop 
Glanville gave the Presentation to the Brethren of the Hospital 
of Newark, in Strood, about the beginning of the thirteenth 
century, with whom it remained till the Reformation, when the 
Presentation was transferred to the Dean and Chapter of Rochester. 
It has always been in the Bishopric, Archdeaconry and Deanery of 
Rochester. A modern Church was built on the site of the ancient 
one, which was pulled down (except the fifteenth century Tower) 
in the early part of the last century. The are six Bells, two of 
which are seventeenth century. The Paten was the gift of Eliza 
Wood in 1700 ; the Flagon, of the same date, was the gift of 
William Bockenham ; and there is also a silver gilt Cup purchased 
in 1754. The Register dates from 1639. There are frequent notices 
of plague. There are handsome Monuments to Sir Francis Head, 
Paul Stigant, Thomas Manley and others. 

1272, William Telefus, alias Telerez (Roff. Tit. 33). 

1320, John de Mallyng dictus de Wilteshyre (Hamo 47). 

1332, John de Folkestone (Hamo 156). 

1348, Laurence de Bekonsfield (Hamo 241). 
William de Welde. 


1358, Richard de Berham (Sheppey 290). 

1358, Roger Waryn (Trilleck 334). 

1401, John Eastgate (J. de Bottlesham 33). 

1424, John Darby (Langdon 29). 

1444, Thomas Karkson or Carleton (Lowe 202). 

1448, Thomas Codd (Lowe 202) (Ex. Mon° Su°). 

1465, Robert Gifford (Lowe 245). 

1488, Edmund Hatfielde (Audley 7). 

1501, James Enghsh (Fitzjames 29). 

1503, Thomas Allen (Fitzjames 39). 

1507, John Ungle (Fisher 48). 

1508, John Wright (Warham 248) (et Ex. Test'" Variis et su° 

probato) . 
1548, * 

Ralph Newton. 
1554, William Thomas (Griffith 55). 
1565, John Symking (Cheast 102). 
1576, John Ready (Piers 160). 
1587, Walter Hayte (Yonge 173) (See Halt). 
1591, William Laws (Yonge 180). 
1600, John Ready (Yonge 191). 
1625, William Franklyn (Par. Reg.). 
1627, Henry Selby (Par. Reg.). 
1647, Mr. Lake buried (Par. Reg.). 
1658, Mr. Swayne buried (Par. Reg.). 

1662, John Codde (Ex. Autograph penes Dec. et Cap. Roff.). 
1672, James Fenn (Par. Reg.). 
1676, William Gierke (Par, Reg.). 
1691, Daniel Hill (Muniments 6). 
1729, John Denne (Bradford 76). 
1731, William Lowth (Wilcocks 85). 
1795, Arnold Carter (Horsley 257). 

1802, Richard Bathurst (Horsley 269). 

1803, John Griffiths (Dampier 274). 
1833, William Henry Drage (Murray 31). 
1869, Spencer William Phillips. 

1878, George Eden Frederick Peake. 

1884, William Henry Nutter. 

1891, James Henry Browne. 

1892, Arthur John Webster Thorndike. 
1902, Joseph Kershaw Wilson. 

St. Peter's, Rochester. 

This Church was erected in 1859. There is one Bell. The 
Registers commence 1860. There are two Chalices and two Patens 
and a Flagon. The Dean and Chapter of Rochester are Patrons. 

1850, Henry Frederick Phillips. 

1885, Herbert Witherby. 
1899, Henry Arthur Hickin. 

236 the ebcobds op eochbsteb. 

St. Matthew's, Borstal, Rochester. 

The Church was built in 1878, but it was not separated till 1901. 
A Porch was added in 1908. There is one Bell. The Communion 
Service consists of a Flagon, two Chalices, and two Patens. The 
Registers date from 1879, the Marriages from 1901. Down to 1901 
the Clergy were only Curates in Charge. There is also a silver 

1878, Ernest Borradaile. 
1881, "William McDonald Bottome. 
1884, Josiah Marling Apperley. 
■ 1886, George Farmer. 

1892, George Phihp Browne. 

1893, Herbert Kingdom Haslam. 
1895, Walter Cole Greenaway. 

1899, Harold Wheatley. 

1900, Arthur Cooper Cooper-Marsden. 
1906, Frederick John Everett. 

Rural Deans of Rochester. 

1274, Walter de Paris (Hamo 40). 

1341, John de Bosegate (Hamo), Vicar of Higham. 

1342. Robert, Vicar of Kingsdown (Hamo 99). 
1400, Peter, Vicar of Maplescombe. 

1402, Richard de Wytheryn, Vicar of Longfield. 

1404, Andrew atte Sonde, Vicar of Gravesend (Yonge 186). 

1405, John Moys, Vicar of Chalk (Yonge 188). 

1427, William Tabbard, Vicar of Milton-next-Gravesend 

(Langdon 85). 
1436, William Rowe, Vicar of High Halstow. 
1438, Thomas de Norton, Rector of Fawkham. 
1444, James Stout, Rector of St. Clement's, Rochester. 
1448, Thomas Chamberlayne, Vicar of St. Nicholas', Rochester. 
1450, Nicholas Kesteven, Vicar of St. Clement's, Rochester. 

1456, Simon Knyght, or Knight, Vicar of Burham. 

1457, Thomas Mapylton, Rector of High Halstow. 
1460, John Hopton, Vicar of All Hallows, Hoo. 

1460, John Hett vel Hott, Rector of Nurstead. 

1461, John Chancellor, Vicar of St. Werburgh, Hoo. 

1462, William Pepyr, Vicar of Shorne. 

1463, John Byrke, Vicar of Higham. 

1464, Ralph Rayner, Vicar of Chalk. 

1465, George Delahey, Rector of Fawkham. 

1468, William Ruddock Rede, Vicar of Kingsdown. 
1494, John Perot, Rector of Snodland. 
1510, John Robynson, Rector of Fawkham. 
1512, Richard Braudrip. 

The above Rural Deans were all copied straight from the Bishops' 
Registers, and we believe there are no omissions. 



Canons of Rochester. 

Henry VIII. founded six Stalls for Prebends or Canons in 
Rochester Cathedral, at the date 1542, on the dissolution of the 
Monastery. For the list of Canons of each Stall I am indebted 
to T. Shindler, Esq., whose valuable Registers of Rochester 
Cathedral he kindly put at my disposal for this part of the work. 

Stall I. 

1542, Hugh Aprice. 
1574, Walter Absolon. 
1586, Thomas Bell. 
1625-26, John Lorkin, Senr. 
1660, John Lorkin, Jun. 
1666-67, Thomas Lorkin. 
1670, Edward Clarke. 

1681, John Wyvil. 

1705, Edmund Barrell. 

1765, James Andrew. 

1775, Peter Pinnell. 

1783, Henry Reginald Courtenay. 

1797, Honble. Jacob Marsham. 

On his death by Acts 3 

and 4 Victoria, c. 113, this Stall was 

suspended in 1840. 

Stall II. 

1542, John Wilbore. 

1710, Richard Blechinden. , 

1552, George Burden. 

1713-14, John Robinson. 

1560-61, Percival Wiborne. 

1754, Hon. James Yorke. 

1606, Henry Wayland. 

1756, Erasmus Saunders. 

1614, Richard Woodyer. 

1776, Charles Tarrant. 

1628, John Balcanquall. 

1791, Thomas Willis. 

1660, John Codd. 

1827, John GrifEth. 

1672-73, Miles Criche. 

1872, Joseph Harriman Hamilton. 

1674-75, Henry Ullock. 

1881, Henry Wilham Burrows. 

1689, John Oilman. 

1892, Herbert Charles Pollock. 

Stall III. 

1542, Robert Johnson. 

1692, John Grant. 

1544, Richard Wyatt. 

1736, Joseph Butler. 

1546, Francis Colepepper. 

1740, John Lawry. 

1547, Rowland Taylor. 

1773, Henry Reginald Courtenay. 

1553-54, John Huntley. 

1774, Robert Pye. 

1554, Martin Collins. 

1788, Thomas Hey. 

1569, Robert Johnson. 

1807, Hon. Frederick Hotham. 

1587, William Wilson. 

1854, Thomas Robinson. 

1615, George Smyth. 

1873, John Cale Miller. 

1660, Robert Dixon. 

1880, George Edward Jelf. 

1688, Thomas Spark. 

1907, Edward Bickersteth Ottley. 


Stall IV, 

1542, John Symkins. 1729, Benjamin Andrews. 

1554, Philip Phrear. 1736-37, John Upton. 
1559, John Symkins (restored). 1760, Charles Coldcall. 

1576, John Maplesden. 1793, William Henry Cooper. 

1613, Henry Barnewell. 1797, John Chappel Woodhouse. 

1617, Robert Cheeke. 1798, Robert Foote. 

1660, Ralph Cooke. 1805, George Straham. 

1684-85, Daniel Hill. 1824, Matthew Irving. 

This Stall was suspended on the death of Mr. Irving in 1857, 
according to Act 3 and 4 Victoria, c. 113. 

Stall V. 

1542, Robert Salsbury. 1612, William Collins. 

1543, Thomas Bull. 1615, Richard Tillesley. 
1546, Maurice Griffith. 1624, Edmund Jackson. 
1558-59, John Riddesdale. 1660, Benjamin Crompe. 
1575-76, John Calverley. 1664, Christopher Shute. 
1576, Edmund Rockrey. 1671, Francis Durant. 
1590, Robert Johnson. 1707-8, John Harris. 
1611, James Fitch. 

By Act 12 Anne, Stat. 2, c. 6, this Canonry was annexed to the 
Provostship of Oriel. 

PovosTS OF Oriel (Canons of Rochester). 

1719, George Carter. 1781, John Eveleigh. 

1727, Walter Hodges, 1815, Edward Copleston. 

1757, Chardin Musgrave. 1828, Edward Hawkins. 
1768, John Clarke. 

By Act 40 and 41 Victoria, c. 48, this Stall was separated from 
the Provostship of Oriel and annexed to the Oriel Professorship of 
the Interpretation of Holy Scripture. 

Oriel Professorship of the Interpretation of Holy 

1883, John Wordsworth. 1908, George Albert Cooke. 

1886, Thomas Kelly Cheyne. 

Stall VI. 

1542, Richard Engest. 1559, John Ellis. 

1544, William Harrison. 1576, John Wolward. 
1551-52, John Ellis. 1585-86, Walter Hayte. 

1554, John Denman. 1610, John Ready. 

1555, John Kennall. 1622, Christopher' Dale. 

This Stall by Letters Patent of 13, Charles I., 6th Dec, 1637, 
was annexed to the Archdeaconry. 



Head Masters of King's School. 

1552, John Heron. 
1579, Edward Webbe. 
1592, Thomas Consante. 
1601, Francis Cacott. 
1608, William Francklyn. 
1627, Henry Selby. 
1631, Michael Chapman. 
1641, Matthias Rutton. 
1660, Thomas Yardley. 
1663, John Edwards. 
1679, Paul Baristow. 
1717, Jeremiah Batley. 

1718, William Dormer. 

1729, John Price. 

1739, Jonathan Soan. 

1757, Thomas Thompson. 

1785, Evan Rice. 

1801, John Griffith. 

1825, Daniel Francis Warner. 

1842, Robert Whiston. 

1877, John Langhorne. 

1893-1900, John Bennett Lancelot 

1901, Thomas Frederick Hobson. 

1910, Richard Frederick Elwyn, 

Minor Canons. 
We have a succession of Minor Canons from 1543 

1543, Richard Argar. 
1543, Robert Wynstanley. 
1543-1544, Thomas Hayward. 
1543-1545, John Pyckton. 
1543-1546, Richard Stonarde. 
1543-1546, David Franklyn. 
1544-1546, Nicholas Shypston. 
1550, Thomas Bucke. 
1553, Richard Pyne. 

1553, Thomas Bedlowe. 

1554, John Porter. 
1572, Walter Hayte. 
1572, Thomas Markham. 
1572, Andree Patinden. 
1575, Thomas Morice. 
1579, Edward Williams. 
1580-1594, Edward Adams. 
1587, John Godden. 

1587, John Ready. 
1587, Francis White. 
1593, Edward Hargrove. 
1596, Roper Blundell. 
1599, John Williams. 
1602, Nicholas Cragge. 
1607, William Gell. 
1607, Martin Watson. 
1614, Thomas Beamont. 
1514, Henry Bearblocke. 
1614-1621, Ralph Ricknor. 
1634, Michael Chapman. 
1634, Richard Cotton. 
1634,- Wright. 

1634-1640, Thomas Kenson. 

1660, HeneryNichollsorMayhoe. 

1661, Thomas Case. 

1661, Richard Hurt. 
1661-1677, John Howgrave. 

1662, Edmund Burges. 
1662-1677, William Rothwell. 
1662, John Tompson. 
1665-1671, John Crompe. 
1667, John Wyvell. 
1667-1717, George Wren. 
1671-1676, Robert Topp. 
1676-1700, Thomas Fidge. 
1676-1677, Isaac Gostling. 
1678, Humphrey Williams. 
1678-1682, Thomas Wren. 
1678-1715, James Axe. 
1679-1681, John Wybarne. 

1681, Richard Johnson. 
1681-1736, Robert Beresford. 

1682, Humphrey Brailsford. 
1686, John Crew. 
1701-1713, Richard Collins. 
1704-1724, WilUam White. 
1707-1715, Robert Pickering. 
1713-1721, John Clough. 
1714-1725, Charles Birkbeck. 
1716-1719, William Dormer. 
1719-1722, George Prat. 
1719-1733, Caleb Parfect. 
1721-1723, Ralph Clegge. 
1722-1746, James Hales. 



1723-1759, Ralph Bishop. 
1725-1728, John White. 
1728-1732, Henry Foche. 
1732-1737, Christopher Beeke. 
1733-1784, Walter Frank. 
1736-1759, Ca;sar Curtis. 
1736-1769, Richard Husband, 

1737-1783, Peter Wade. 
1746-1759, Thomas Austen. 
1759-1769, Thomas Frank. 
1759-1784, Richard Husband, 

1760-1765, Nicholas Brown. 
1765-1767, Samuel Markham. 
1768-1801, Arnold Carter. 
1769-1799, Henry Jones. 
1769-1799, Robert Fountaine. 
1783-1801, John Ward Allen. 
1784-1819, William Philip 

1784-1803, Richard Bathurst. 
1799-1803, Henry Thomas Jones. 
1799-1819, James Jones. 
1801, William Bagshaw Harrison, 
1801-1835, Richard Jordan. 
1802-1832, William Tolbutt 

Staines . 
1803-1814, James Lynn. 
1803-1835, Michael Smith. 
1814-1831, Samuel Browne. 
1819-1837, Edward Mott Allfree. 

St. Denis, Rotherfield. Ritherfeld or Redrefeld, 
Gilbert de Tonbridge gave Rotherfield to the Church of 
Rochester in William II. 's reign ; it would seem soon after to 
have come into the Presentation of the Bishop of Rochester, and 
would appear to have become a peculiar of his ; in 1846 the living 
passed into the hands of Lord Abergavenny. It was reckoned to 
the Deanery of Pevensey, Archdeaconry of Lewes, and Diocese of 
Chichester, in the Valor Ecclesiasticus, and it now forms part of 
the fourth division of the Pevensey Deanery. There is a stone that 
records that the Church was repaired in 1730, at the cost of /1, 680. 
The old Font is on the floor. The Pillars of the south Arcade are 
octagonal ; of the north, rounded. There are traces of frescoes of 
"Our Lord in Glory," and " The Weighing of Souls" over the 
principal Arch, and over the north Chapel " Mary, Queen of 
Heaven, with Stars." There are restored an Aumbrey, Squint, and 
Sedilia. There are a Lady Chapel and fine Arch into the Tower, 

1819-1825, Henry Morgan Say. 
1825-1836, John Witherston. 
1831-1869, William Henry Drage. 
1832-1860, Samuel Dewe. 
1836-1847, John Price Alcock. 
1847-1855, John Tayleur Pigot. 
1848-1859, Samuel Shepherd. 
1855-1856, Harry Lancelot 

1856-1867, Robert Sorsbie. 
1858-1871, William Eycott 

1859-1872, Thomas Thompson 

1867-1873, Henry Robert 

1871-1881, Walter John Weekes. 
1872-1885, WilliamHenry Nutter. 
1873-1876, Henry James Boys. 
1876-1878, George Eden Peake. 
1878-1884, Edward Charles Corfe. 
1881-1882, Ernest Frederick 

1882-1890, Alfred Lloyd Coates. 
1884-1892, Arthur John Webster 

1885-1887, James Hamblin Smith. 
1887-1895, Grevile MairisLivett. 
1889, Edward Jackson Nash. 
1900; Hamilton Smyth Cobb. 
1907, Oscar Hardman. 


The Jacobean Pulpit is worthy of notice. There are traces of 
Norman work, but the Church is really a fine specimen of the 
Decorated period, in which it seems to have been built. There are 
also remains of a fresco of "The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence." 
There are five Bells ; they are, at the latest, seventeenth century. 
The Church Plate consists of a Flagon, Chalice, Paten and Alms 
Dish of the Camden design, and all, except the Chalice, which 
however is the same date and pattern, were the gift of Sir Henry 
Fermor, Bart. The Registers commence in 1539, and are very 
continuous and well kept. 

1173, Herbert (Hennesey). 
1180, Selfrid (Hennesey). 

Giles de Hathfield (Hennesey) . 

Henry de Reydon (Hennesey) . 
1258, John de Chishulle (Hennesey). 
1276, Lord Bogo, son of Richard, Count of Gloucester 

(Hennesey) . 
1282, Beni de Clara, perhaps the same (Ex. Autograph penes 

Dec et Cap. Roff.). 
1294, Thomas Cobham (Ex. Autograph penes Dec et Cap. Roff.). 
1316, William de Shotesham (Ex. Autograph penes Dec et Cap. 

1328, Robert Salesman (Hennesey). 
1346, Thomas de Hethe (Reg. Roff.). 
1359, John de Kenynton (Hennesey). 

1374, William de Wymundham (Harleian IMSS.). 

1375, William Wagham (Hennesey). 
1375, William Durrant (Hennesey). 

1389, Thomas Wysbeche (Hennesey). 

1390, John Shylyngford (Courteneye 277). 

1405, John Cheyne (Arundel I. 302). 

1406, John Bathe (Arundel II. 220). 
1430, William Spruce (Wellys 132). 

John Martyn. 
144-1, Hehas Holcote (Praty 21) (Wellys 161). 
1445, Richmond Chester (Lowe 217). 

John Hill (Lowe 222). 
1452, John Selby (Hennesey). 
1500, John Wippyl (Hennesey). 
1504, Hugh Saunders (Newcourt). 
1523, Richard Baldwene (Fisher 110). 

William CoUyer. 
1556, John Barter (Pole 55). 
1559, William Overton (Parker 200). 

1580, John Wickham (Hennesey) . 

1581, Nicholas Chauntler (Ex. Archiv. Regin. Eliz. 23). 

1582, John Wickham again (obijt 1582-3) (Par. Reg.). 
1592, John Langworth (Hennesey). 

1614, John Collins (Hennesey). 


1643, John Larg (Walker's Suffering Clergy). 

1658, Paul Darrand (Hennesey). 

1659, John Cawley (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1661, John Larg again (Par. Reg). 

1673, George Vinter (Par. Reg.). 
1691, George Warham (Hennesey). 
1712, George Wenham (Par. Reg.). 
1736, Thomas Greene (Par. Reg.). 
1738, Thomas Reeves (Par. Reg.). 
1742, Thomas Tatton (Hennesey). 
1782, Richard Crawley (Hennesey). 
1837, Robert Greame. 
1856, Honble. Edward Vesey Bligh. 
1865, Alfred Child. 
1889, Frederick Wildman Goodwyn, 
1898, Francis Weldon Champneys. 

Holy Trinity, Eridge Green. 

A Church was built in 1852. The living is in the gift of the 
Marquis of Abergavenny. The Registers date from 1856. There 
are an electro-plate Flagon, Chalice and Paten, and an Alms Dish 
of brass. There is a modern Bell. 

1853, John Lloyd. 

1860, Daniel Winham. 

1868, Henry Wilkinson. 

1875, Richard William Vigors. 

1880, John James Barton. 

1891, Andrew Caldecott. 

1898, James Maitland Dudgeon. 

St. Mark's, Mark Cross, Ekidge. 

This was made a Church in 1873, when the Registers commence. 
It has one Bell. There are a modern silver Flagon, Chalice and 
Paten. The Patron is H. Dixon, Esq, 

1873, Hubert Hunter Phelps. 
1875, Reginald Whitfield Curteis. 
1879, James Price. 

St. Michael and All Angels', Jarvis Brook, Rotherfield. 

This Church was built in 1905. There is one Bell. There are a 
silver Chalice, Paten and Alms Dish. It has not been separated 
from Rotherfield. 

Eridge, CROvi'BOROUGH All Saints. 

Sir Henry Fermor built a Church here as a Chapel of Ease to 
Rotherfield in 1732. It was enlarged in 1883, and again in 1887. 


The first Bell is dated 1744 ; there are two other Bells besides. 
The Registers commence 1883. There are an electro-plated Flagon 
and a silver Chalice and Paten. Lord Abergavenny is the Patron. 

1880, Henry Gretton. 

1887, Samuel Fisher Ackroyd. 

St. Botolph, Ruxley, or Rokesley and Rokesle. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times and it paid 
9 denarii to the See of Rochester. It followed the fate of North 
Cray to which it was united, at first in 1557, and finally in 1575, as 
regards change of Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery. It has 
long been an oast house. 

1330, Paul de Kerbroke. 

1330, John Lucas (Hamo 132). 

1332, Jordan de Bixle, see Bexley (Hamo 150). 

1338, Robert de Steryng (Hamo 174). 

1352, Walter Judekyn (Sheppey 258). 
John de Ditton. 

1358, John Glover (Sheppey 294). 

1361, John de Kyrkebye (Vac. Sad. 304). 
John Bidesleye. 

1395, July, Thomas Calcys (W. Bottlesham 76). 

1395, Dec, Thomas Godfrey (W. Bottlesham 78). 

1396, William Hunden (W. Bottlesham 95). 

1399, Edmund Aldersford (W. Bottlesham 136). 

1400, Oct., Adam Cokelet (J. Bottlesham 164). 
1400-1, Feb., John Tissebury (J. Bottlesham 168). 
1402, Robert atte Kyrke (J. Bottlesham 171). 

John Hederesett. 
1421, Aug., John Posyngworth (Chichele I. 127). 

1421, Dec, John Greenhalle (Chichele I. 128). 

1422, Richard ffrenssch, or French (Kempe 20). 
1426, Thomas Dalby (Langdon 73). 

1432, Richard Derby (Langdon 95). 
John Martyn. 

1434, William Merfyn (Langdon 98). 

1435, John Manyng (Browne 42). 
1457, John Sinne (Lowe 134). 

John Stokton. 
1491, John Reynolds (Fitzjames 24). 
1521, Richard Clement (Fisher 107). 
1542, Thomas Jones (Heath). 
1569, John Berefoote (Gheast 146). 

St. Martin's, Ryarsh. Reiesce. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and according to 
Textus Roffensis it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
The presentation was in the hands of Merton Convent from 1237 


to the Reformation, after which it fell to the owners of Addington 
Park. The Church was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it was transferred 
to the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and 
Deanery of North Mailing. It is now again in the Diocese of 
Rochester, in the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and the Deanery of 
Mailing. There is much Norman work in the Church ; the Piscina 
is held worthy of an engraving in Parker's Glossary. The Tower 
is Early English ; the Church was greatly repaired in the Decorated 
period. The Bells are three in number, one of them of the 
seventeenth and another of the eighteenth century. The Registers 
date from 1559. There is a pewter Flagon presented by Henry 
Livett (1617-1632). The present Patron is P. S. Whitburn, Esq. 

1237, Peter de Sausinton (Cotton MSS.). 

1242, Andrew de Wynton (Cotton MSS.). 

1314, Walter (Arch. Cant.). 

1329, Alfred de Denton (Hamo 131). 

1344, Richard Dacheworthe (Hamo 209). 

1344, Aug., John Stoweman (Hamo 210). 

1349, Alfred Aumener (Hamo 250). 

1366, William Conyere de Wintone (Trilleck 326) . 

John Rogers. 
1391, John Humphrey (W. de Bottlesham 19). 

Roger More. 
1397, Thomas Clerk (W. de Bottlesham 105). 

1399, John Gote, alias Briton (W. de Bottlesham 132). 

1400, William Godard (Arundel 268). 
John Thobyn. 

1414, Philip Hone (Chichele I. 60). 
1418, John Fynch (Chichele I. 99). 

1421, Thomas Skene (Chichele I. 124). 

1422, Thomas Esthalle (Langdon 19). 

1425, Richard Tarton (Langdon 66). 

1426, Robert Fynch (Langdon 79). 
William Wixy (Ex. Test" Su"). 

1450, William Snary (Lowe). 

1453, John Sutton (Lowe 220). 

1479, John Cokke. 

1501, Henry Watkin (Fitzjames 29). 

1515, William Walker (Fisher 73). 

1517, Richard Whyte (Fisher 75). 

1535, Robert Coverte (Valor Ecclesiasticus) . 

1538, Henry Singleton (Fisher 198). 

1550, Thomas Bolton (Cranmer 135). 

1563, Milo Garrard (Act. Vis. Archid). 

1565, John Aldwyn (Gheast 102). 

1568, Robert Ellis (Gheast 107). 

1570, Robert Salisbury (Gheast). 

J579, John Blackburne (Yonge 163). 


1589, John Parker (Yonge 180). 

1603, George Shawe (Yonge 193). 

1617, Henry Livett (Buckeridge 215). 

1632, Abiezer Herbert (Bowie 214). 

1642, Herbert Trott (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 

1647, David Sibbald or Kybbald (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 

1653, John Emerson (Warner) (Par. Reg.). 

1660, Robert Godden (Warner 111). 

1661, William Deane (Par. Reg.). 
1676, Robert Worledge (Par. Reg.). 
1702, John Dacie (Muniments 16). 
1730, Henry Burville (Bradford 78). 
1742, Thomas Buttanshaw (Wilcocks 130). 
1768, James Thurston (Pierce 213). 

1802, John Liptrott (Dampier 272). 

1830, Lambert Blackwell Larking. 

1868, Henry Wellsford Snell. 

1877, Edward Henry Roger Mainwaring White. 

1906, Albert William Stockley. 

St. Mary, Cray. Craie. 

This Church was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester 
and Deanery of Dartford till 1846. It was then transferred to the 
See of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of 
West Dartford. It is now in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Dartford. It paid 6 denarii chrism fee, 
as a Chapel, to the See of Rochester, and it was held a Chapel 
of Orpington till 1868. The Registers commence in 1579. There 
are four Bells, two of the date 1583, the other two are dated 1655. 
The Church has a Norman north Door and a Norman Window, 
and there is a Squint ; it has been so altered to insert windows that 
signs of the old Church are much done away. The Paten was 
given by Mrs. Helena HodsoU in 1740 ; the Flagon was presented 
by H. D. Francis, Esq. ; a curious Cup with a handle is dated 
1640 ; another was given by Mrs. Helena Hodsoll in 1720 ; there 
is a Paten Cover dated 1695-6 ; a silver Spoon marked 1812 ; and 
a modern Alms Dish. The Living was in the gift of the Arch- 
bishop, but is now in that of the Bishop of Rochester, There are 
some fine Monuments to the Mannings, and several Brasses. 

1868, Andrew Welch. 
1888, Edmund Ball. 

St. Mary, Hoo. Hou. 

This Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester, 
It has always been in the Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery of 
Rochester, and now forms part of the new Deanery of Clyffe, 
There is little of the old Church left, but there are traces of 
Norman work at the east end, and there is an inner Norman 
Doorway to the Porch. There also are remains of the old Tower. 


There is a Cup with Paten Cover dated 1573-4, and a Paten dated 
1705-6. There is a Brass to Thomas Lukeyn. There is a Bell 
dated 1662. The Registers commence in 1695. The Patronage 
has always been in private hands. The Church possesses a black 
letter copy of the Gospels and the Acts, by Erasmus, and a wooden 
pitch pipe for the leader of the Choir. There is a painting of 
Christ amongst the Doctors, which was given to commemmorate 
the early death of the present Rector's son. The present Patrons 
are the Society for the Maintenance of the Faith. 

1323, Richard de Poynz (Hamo 59). 
1361, Henry Pritchard (Vac. Sed. 306). 
1380, Henry Partrych (Cotton MSS.). 
1389, Henry Bolegg (Courteneye 358). 

John Puttenham. 
1394, John Petting (W. Bottlesham 50). 
1427, John Schyrewode (Archid. Vis.). 
1430, John Rafe or Roff (Reg. Roff.). 
1460, John Florence (Bourgchier 78). 
1462, John Haleway (Lowe 223). 
1476, Richard Fletcher (Reg. Roff.). 
1494, Ralph Sambury (Savage 9). 
1502, Edmund Hatfield (Fisher 28). 
1511, William Bushby (Fisher 55). 
1546, Henry Fletcher (Holbeach 40). 

John Fletcher. 
1558, John Cowper (Griffith 82). 
1565, Richard Weaver (Stoke Registers). 
1587, John Joyce (Yonge 173). 
1595, William Edwards (Yonge 188). 
1611, Thomas Warde (Neile 30). 
1630, Richard Tracy (Curie 209). 
1661, Walter Barling (Warner 111). 
1679, Samuel Collier (Ex. Mon° Su" Par. Reg.). 
1719, Robert Hodges (Atterbury 43). 
1751, Richard Fletcher, Senr, (Wilcocks 166). 
1762, Richard Fletcher, Junr. (Pierce 201). 
1786, Robert Burt (Thomass 242). 
1791, George Gascoyne, alias Chandler (Thomas 258). 
1806, John Deedes (Dampier 283). 
1809, Francis Drake, Senr. (King 292). 
1812, Francis Drake, Junr. (King 303). 
1816, Robert Gascoyne Burt (King 319). 
1875, Charles Ingram Roberts. 
1887, Alfred William Wheeler. 

St. Werburgh's, Hoo. Hou. 
There was a Church here at the time of Domesday survey, and it 
paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester, The Church 


has always been in the Diocese, Archdeaconry, and Deanery of 
Rochester. It now forms part of the new Deanery of Clyffe. St. 
Mary's, All Hallows, and High Halstow appear in very early times 
to have been Chapels of this Church. The Church is Early 
English, with a shingle spire. The Windows belong to the 
Decorated period. The present entry is on the north, but it used 
to be to the south, and that part of the Church appears to be the 
oldest. There are six Bells, one of the sixteenth century, two are 
seventeenth, and two are eighteenth century. The Flagon, Cup, 
Paten Cover and Paten, given by Peter Gunning, Bishop of Ely, in 
1864, were barbarously exchanged by Vicar Benson for modern 
silver. There is some ancient stained glass. The Registers are 
complete from 1587-1599, when they are missing till 1646. The 
living was presented to by the Priory of Rochester till the 
Reformation, since that time it has been in the patronage of the 
Dean and Chapter, John Wodgrene, 1533, left XX' "To the 
reparacon of the organs in Hoo." There are several Brasses. 

1253, William Litchfield (Hamo 29). 

1307, Robert (Proctor in Convocat. Part 35, Edward I.). 

1323, Richard (Hamo 52). 

1334, John Reginald de Chetham (Hamo 158). 

1337, Walter de Farnedale. 

1338,'WilUam de Hagworthyngham (Hamo 173). 

1S45, John de Depeden (Hamo 219). 

1361, John Talbot (Sheppey 305). 

1371, Richard Tanner (Trilleck 352). 

John Champeyne. 
1391, John Browne (W. Bottlesham 15) (Ex. Mon° Su°). 
1406, Richard Bayly (J. Bottlesham 191). 

John Brew vs. 
1421, Thomas Barry (Chichele I. 131). 
1427, William Tykhill (Langdon 81). 

1430, Simon Mosse (Chichele I. 184). 

1431, William Herylode (Langdon 93). 

1442, William Broughton (Act Cur. Consist. 1436-1443). 

1451, John Tubney (Lowe 222). 

1452, Thomas Hooper (Lowe 223). 

1453, John Turnham (Ex. Test" Isabel Herd). 

1454, John Frankhum (Lowe 228). 
1457, John Chauncellor Lowe 238). 
1461, Robert Cade (Bourgchier 83). 

1477, Lawrence Dacworth (Act. Cur. Consist. E. Burg. Reg.). 
1496, John Alan (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503). 
1500, Hugh Saunders (Fitzjames 39). 
1503, William Baxhorp (Act. Vis. Archid). 
1510, Robert Scherstone (Fisher 55). 
1517, Nicholas Metcalf (Fisher 75). 
, 1534, Thomas Shawe. (Valor Ecclesiasticus) . 
1541, John Thurwen (Heath 10). 


1548, Henry Dixon (Ex. Test" John Charles). 
1557, Henry Matthews (Griffiths 57). 
1571, Thomas Simkins (Parker II. 49). 
1587, John Ready (Yonge 55). 
1622, Robert Cheeke (Buckeridge 209). 
1625, Christoper Dale (Buckeridge 261). 
1638, John Matcubie (Bowie 224). 

Baxter (Hasted). 
1671, Louis Howard (E. Par. Reg). 
1674, Ferdinand Booth (Par. Reg. et ex. Mon° Su"). 
1680, George Wren (Reg. Thorpe). 
1717, William Dormer (Atterbury 36). 
1729, Ralph Bishop (Bradford 76). 
1759, Thomas Thompson (Pearse 192). 
1786, Evan Rice (Thomas 241). 
1802, Richard Jordan (Dampier 271). 
1836, Daniel Francis Warner (Murray 62). 
1871, WilUam Boys Johnstone. 
1881, Percy George Benson. 
1900, Robert Marley. 


Rev. Samuel Attwood, Rector of Ash (1735), says an old man of 
82 told him that the walls were five or six feet when he remembered 
them. Thorpe says there were, in August, 1769, the foundations 
still to be seen ; it was in a wood close to Fawkham Station. 

1319, Hugh de Asbergi (Hamo 42). 

1328. William Chernare (Hamo 127). 

1333, Robert de Aldworth (Hamo 151). 

1341, Adam Attewelle de Bixle (Hamo 198). 

Sevenoaks. Seaunenaka. 

There was a Church in Domesday time, here, and it paid 9 denarii 
chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It was held as a peculiar of the 
Archbishop till 1846, and was placed in the Deanery of Shoreham, 
Archdeaconry and Diocese of Rochester ; after that date it became 
one of the Parishes of Shoreham, Archdeaconry of Maidstone and 
Diocese of Canterbury ; it was placed in 1905 in the Diocese of 
Rochester, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge and Deanery of Shoreham, 
but in 1909 was made head of the new Deanery of Sevenoaks. 
There are eight Bells, seven of which are dated 1769, one 1771. 
The Church has little that reminds one of the Norman Church, 
though perhaps some of the stones let into the south porch are 
part of a Norman Window. The Font has eight sides and a leaden 
basin, the first side and the fifth have a shield, one with the 
bearings obliterated, the other with them ; the third is the same as 
the first, the second and eighth have pomegranates, the fourth and 
sixth a rose, and the seventh a garter. There is an open Arch to 
the Belfry. In the south Chapel is a Piscina, this may have been 



St. Mary's Chantry. There is another Piscina and Credence Table 
to the High Altar. There is a carved Pulpit. The Church was 
nearly rebuilt in the Perpendicular and Decorated periods. The 
Lambard family have a Chapel in the north-west part of the 
Church. There are several monuments to the Amherst family. 
The Registers date from 1559. There is a Cup with Paten 
Cover given by George Scott in 1618, Cup and Paten 1633-4, 
Flagon, the gift of F. Crantield, Countess of Dorset in 1638, and 
Paten dated 1680. The Presentation was with the Archbishop till 
Cranmer changed it with the Crown ; it was for a short period 
granted away, but was soon with the Crown again, but was granted 
away again and passed into private hands. A Vicar was appointed 
by the Rector ; there was also a Chantry. We give below those 
that occur. E. J. Preston, Esq., is the Patron. 

Henry de Cambray (Pat. 

Rolls, Henry III. 25). 
Roger de Sevenoke (Prynne's 

Records) . 
Thomas de Capella (Win- 

chelsey 284). 
Thomas de la Doune (Win- 

chelsey 299). 
Johnde Katworth (Reynolds 

John de Kyntone (Reynolds 

Alfred de Hamynstede (Islep 

James Bolon (Islep 275). 
Walter Dautre (Islep 275). 
Simon de Bredon. 
John Verier (Islep 296) . 
Robert (Langham 68). 
Nicholas Haddeley (Courte- 

neye 249). 











1408, William Jakys (Arundel II. 
Thomas Waller. 

John Brenetcolme (Courte- 
neye 249) . 

William Conyngham. 

William Walton (Courte- 
neye) . 

Richard Cosyn (Courteneye 
Add 208). 

John Hills (W. Bottlesham 

Walter Multon (J. Bottlesham 

Richard atte Lyne (J. Bottle- 
sham 126). 



1416, John Charleton (Chichelel. 



1449, John Ekys (Stafford 101). 





1497, Thomas Kyrettes (Morton 










Robert Ayshecome or As- 
combe (Warham 359). 

Wilham Darlyngton (War- 
ham 380). 

Thomas MoUoy (Warham 

John Clayton (Cranmer 378) . 

Henry Gawdy. 

Thomas Haward (Rhym. 

Fred. XV.). 
Milo Bendes (Reg. Vac. 

Cantuar 378). 
Gilbert Jenyns (Parker 403). 

Richard Milbourne. 

John Donne. 
Nicholas Gibbon. 
Thomas Kentish. 


Thomas Barry. 
JohnBrewys (Chichelel. 131). 
John Brigham (Chichele I. 

John Webbe (Chichele 1.161). 

Richard Brewster (Stafford 

John Sone or Soone (Bourg- 
chier 62). 

John Crench (Bourgchier 72). 

Richard Clarke (Bourgchier 

Richard Robertson (Bourg- 
chier 123). 

Th6mas Mugworth (Morton 

Robert Ayshecombe, Ascombe 

or Ay sham. 
Edward Repe (Warham 322). 

John Burges (Valor Eccl.). 
Walter Darkenold (Cranmer 

William Lawson (Parker 341). 

William Taylour. 
John Spratt. 

William Turner. 
Humfrey Trayner. 


Rectors. Vicars. 

1653, Richard Bosse. 

1661, Edward Chamberlain. 

1678, Hugh Owen, Senr. 

1703, Hugh Owen, Senr. 

1706, Hugh Owen, Junr. 

1716, Thomas Curteis, Senr. 

(Wake 29). 
1747, Thomas Curteis, Junr. 

(Potter 300). 
1775, Edward Hardy (Cornwallis 

1779, Thomas Sackville Curteis 

(Cornwallis 440). 
1831, Thomas Curteis. 
1861, Henry Francis Sidebottom. 
1874, Thomas Samuel Curteis. 
1907, John Rooker. 

Chantry Priests. 

1301, Thomas (Winchelsea 284). 

1309, Nicholas de Dynnesleye (Winchelsey 470). 

1314, William de Ores (Reynolds 9). 

1323, Richard de Masham (Reynolds 31). 

1349, John Cherche (Islep 259). 

1377, Richard Stevens (Sudbury 121). 

John Bybury. 
1381, Ralph Leghton (Courteneye 242). 
1386, John Bartletot (Courteneye 264). 
1394, Laurence Bateman (Courteneye 320) (Arundel 11) 
1429, John Dekyser (Chicliele 176). 
1445, Dec. 23, Richard Aylesham (Stafford 86). 
1445, Dec. 24, Richard Lowther (Stafford 88). 
1450, Richard Brewster (Stafford 105). 

Robert Fraunceys. 
1455, Thomas Perys (Bourgchier 61). 
1459, Richard Boseworth (Bourgchier 74). 

John Clerk. 

1504, Thomas Huckyns. 

1505, John Hartylpole. 
1509. John Wrexham. 
1514, Thomas Hall. 

1514, Thomas Kery. 

1515, Robert Ayshecome or Ascombe, 

1523, William Darlyngton. 

1524, Thomas Millyng. 
1531, Robert Clement. 
1537, William Hopkyns. 


St. Mary's, Riverhead, Sevenoaks. 

This Church was built in 1829, but the Parish was not formed 
till 1864. There was a Chancel added in 1883. There is one Bell. 
The Registers commence 1864. The Living is in the gift of the 
Rector of Sevenoaks. The silver Chalice and Paten were the gift 
of Earl Amherst in 1831, and the Flagon by the third Earl Amherst 
in 1892, and a brass Alms Dish. 

1829, Thomas Wilgress. 

1849, J. C. Shapley. 

1851, Cyril Randolph. 

1863, James McGibbon Burn Murdoch. 

1904, Charles Stuart Macdonald Playfair. 

1905, George Fancourt Bell. 

St. John's, Sevenoaks. 

This Church was erected in 1840, but served for many years from 
Sevenoaks Parish Church. There is a Bell dated 1857. The 
Register date* from 1858. There are three Chalices and three 
Patens, and a brass Alms Dish. The Patron is the Rev. T. S. 
Curteis. It was made a Parish Church in 1878. 

1878, John Spencer Bartlett. 
1899, John Palliser David. 

St. John the Baptist, Greatnesse, in Sevenoaks. 

There was a Chapel here which paid 6 denarii chrism fee to the 
See of Rochester. It stood at the bottom of the hill on which 
the Church of St. John's now stands. Its endowment was 
increased by William de Chutwode and Walter de Multon (temp. 
Archbishop Islep) . There are no Chaplains mentioned as appointed 
after 1386, but the value is given as xvj" iij J* in Valor Ecclesiasticus, 
so it was probably served from Sevenoaks. 

1349, Richard de Masham (Reynolds 251). 

1350, Nov., Richard de Chudworth (Islep 255). 
1350-1, Feb., John Cherche (Islep 259). 

1351, Richard Marshall (Islep 259). 

1354, Richard de Burbache (Islep 267). 

1355, Roger Ancred (Islep 259). 

1367, John de Tamworth (Pat. Rolls Edward III. 39). 
1383, Ralph Leghton (Courteneye 251). 
1383, Robert Toller (Courteneye 251). 

Richard Lentwardyne. 
1385, Reginald Brito (Courteneye 259). 
1385, Robert Cockeyne (Courteneye 264). 

St. Mary's, Kippington, Sevenoaks. 

This Church was consecrated in 1880, from which time the 
Register dates. It has one Bell. One Chalice is dated 1862, 


another 1878. Two Patens, and a third with a foot, also a Flagon 
for the Credence Table are all of silver gilt. Rev. H, P. Thompson 
is the present Patron. 

1877, Charles Richard Alford. 

1880, George Edward Tate. 

1895, Henry Percy Thompson. 

St. Luke's, Sevenoaks. 

This Church was consecrated in 1904. It has a modern Bell. 
It has a silver Flagon, Paten and Chalice, also two plated Chalices 
and Patens and a plated Flagon. It has not yet been separated. 

St. George's, Sevenoaks Weald. 

This Church was erected in 1820, but was not separated from 
Sevenoaks till 1860. There is a modern Bell. The Registers date 
from 1861 and 1862. There is a large silver Alms Bowl, given 
in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson in 1875, and a smaller silver 
Alms Bowl and a Flagon, two Chalices, a Paten, and a Server all 
of silver. Patron, the Rector of Sevenoaks. 

Curates in Charge. 
1820, George Randolph. 
1824, Frank Lipscomb. 
1833, William Middleton Onslow. 

1853, George William Corker. 

1854, John Peat. 

1860, Mar., Charles John Hughes D'Aeth. 

1860, Oct., Ernest Hubbert Boardman. 
1863, Henry Benson. 
1877, John Ludford Gardiner. 
1882, Ernest Kennedy Buckley Morgan. 
1899, Arthur Ernest Brown, 
1905, William Mento Roberts. 

Sevenoaks Union. 

A room in the House is used as a Chapel. There is a Chalice 
and Paten of silver dated 1837. The following is a list of Chaplains 
from the Baptismal Register. 

1846, William Presgrave. 

1848, Augustus William Cole. 

1853, Henry Lindsay. 

1856, Charles Wemberley. 

1860, Egerton Douglas Hammond. 

1871, Charles Whittles. 

1873, Francis Leedham. 

1874, Alfred Joseph Woodhouse. 
1880, Walter Allan Raikes. 
1889, Thomas Stevens. 


St. Giles', Shipbourne. Scriburna. 

This Church paid 6 denarii as a Chapel to the Bishop of 
Rochester for chrism fee, according to Textus Roffensis. It was 
held as a Chapel of the Knights of St. John till the Reformation. 
It soon afterwards came into the hands of the Fane or Vane family, 
and in the time of the Commonwealth was rebuilt by Sir Harry 
Vane. In the vaults beneath are stone Coffins, one of which has 
carved on the lid the figure of Sir Harry Vane, the younger, with 
the mark across his neck showing how he was decapitated. The 
Church was again rebuilt in 1722, and again by Mr. Cazalet, of 
Fairlawn, in 1880. There are two modern Bells. It was in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Mailing 
till 1846. It was then transferred to the Archbishopric of Canter- 
bury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of North Mailing. 
When the Tonbridge Deanery was formed it became one of its 
parishes, and has since with the other parishes of that Deanery 
become part of the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge and Diocese of 
Rochester. The Chalice and Paten Cover have the arms of Sir 
Harry Vane, and on the Cup is inscribed, " Ex dono Margaritae 
dominae Cutts." The Parish Register dates from 1625, but the old 
Registers were lost, it is said, by Mr. Towers. The present Patron 
is W. M. Cazalet, Esq. 

1529, Roger Clug (Arcliid. Vis. Vol. I.). 

1530, John Jones (Archid. Vis. Vol. I.). 
1540, John Crosse (Thorpe MSS.). 

William Dunn (obijt. 1560) (Par. Reg.). 
1560, William Thomson (Archid. Vis.). 
1576, Nicholas Hooper (Archid. Vis.). 
1587, James Slater (Thorpe MSS.). 
1627, Bowles (Twysden MSS.). 
1552, William Poore buried (Par. Reg.). 

George Bradshaw (Twysden MSS.). 

1679, Thomas Preston buried (Par. Reg.). 

1680, Scott (Hasted). 

1690, Theophilus Beck (Thorpe MSS.). 

Farrer (Thorpe MSS.). 
1717, William Davis (Par. Reg.) (Thorpe MSS.). 
1747, Henry Austen (Hasted). 
1754, Johnson Towers (Par. Reg.). 
1754, George Austen (Par. Reg.). 
1757, George Richards (Par. Reg.). 
1770, Henry Remington (Par. Reg.). 
1778, Vicesimus Knox (Par. Reg.). 
1808, Thomas Brown (Par. Reg.). 
1854, Henry Gregg. 
1856, Fitzroy John Fitzwygram. 
1860, John William Spiller Watkin. 
1875, Arthur Pattison Wharton. 


1885, Algernon George Kennard Simpson. 

1898, Thomas Luffman. 

1899, Nixon Chetwode Ram. 

1900, Francis Longe Screiber. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Shoreham. Scoreham. 

This Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
It was in the See and Archdeaconry of Rochester, but as a pecuHar 
of the Archbishop was in the Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, when 
it was still held as a parish in the same Deanery, but placed in the 
Archbishopric of Canterbury and Archdeaconry of Maidstone. It 
has once more changed its Diocese and Archdeaconry for those of 
Rochester and Tonbridge. The Church has a Chancel and 
Transept. On the north side of the Chancel is the Vestry. There 
is a south Aisle, with an oaken Porch. There is a low brick Tower. 
The present Church is evidently of the fifteenth century, as is 
shown by the pillars and arches inside. The Perpendicular Rood 
Screen is marked by its fine mouldings of vine and pomegranates. 
There is access to the top of the Screen by a spiral Staircase ; 
there is no Chancel Arch. There is a Monument here to 
Anne Borrett. There are four seventeenth century Bells, and 
one later. The ancient Plate was stolen, but there are a Flagon, 
Chalice, and Paten, presented by Henry Bingham Mildmay, 1877. 
The Registers commence 1558, and on the fly leaf we read : 

Nomina praesertim connubia funera passim 
Hie sunt inserta continet iste liber, 

Toi>s \ovTpw pdTrres TOi>s Getw dea^Ta ^eQ^e 
Kal Toits Koifiojvras to XeOxos ^x^^- 

The Living, till the Reformation, was in the gift of the Abbey, 
since then it has been in that of the Chapter of Westminster. 

1243, Simon de Offeham (Pat. Rolls 28, Henrv III.). 
1293, Hugh (Winchelsey 265). 

William de Cres. 
1331, Edmund de London (Newcourt II., 598). 
1355, Thomas de Bradewelle (Islep 32). 
1383, John Ledecombe (Courteneye 250), 
1390, John Walter (Courteneye 342). 

John Wynchecombe. 
1392, Thomas Wylleson (W. Bottlesham 11). 

John Buxted. 
1392, John Wotton alias Glede (Courteneye 410). 
1396, John Ethenham (Arundel I. 4). 
1400, Dec, John Wyke (Arundel I. 272). 
1400-1, Feb., John Parker (Arundel I. 301). 
1415, William Lyndewood (Chichele I. 107). 


1425, Richard Borden (Chichele I. 156). 

Richard, Bishop of Rochester (Bourgchier 91). 
1455, Thomas Hope (Bourgchier 91). 
1487, Humphey Hawardyn (Morton 133). 
1500, Richard Gardyner (iVtorton 168). 
1518, Rowland Baxter (Warham 366). 

1526, William Warham (Warham 391). 

1527, John Waren (Warham 395). 
1531, Robert Clements (Warham). 

1534, John Horssey (Chapter House Books, Henry VIII.). 
1538, John Warre (Cranmer 365). 
1538, Nicholas Heath (Cranmer 365). 
1547, Richard Bentley (Cranmer 402). 
1557, Richard Hill (Pole 75). 

John Leech, obijt 1591 (Par. Reg.). 
1591, Ludovic Kyffin (Par. Reg.). 
1615, John Emerson (Par. Reg.). 
1645, Thomas Brownall (Par. Reg.). 

Duke (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1661, Edward Oliver (Juxon 3). 
1674, William Wall (Sheldon 362). 
1728, Vincent Peronett (Wake II. 244). 
1778, Charles Wake (Moore 509). 
1796, William Cole (Moore 545). 
1806, John Ireland (Sutton II. 9). 
1816, Robert Price (Sutton II. 41). 
1843, Edward Repton. 
1860, Jonathan Henry Lovett Cameron. 
1888, Robert Asshington BuUen. 
1897, Norman Cyril Wilmot Radcliffe. 
1903, Thomas Karl Sopwith. 
1909, Henry David Madge. 

Rural Deans of Shoreham. 

Shoreham gave its name to one of four Deaneries into which 
the old Diocese of Rochester was divided ; it was scattered all over 
West Kent, and consisted of the parishes of it that were peculiars 
of the Archbishop till 1845 ; after that date it gave its name to a 
more compact Deanery, which included Sevenoaks. In the 
Lambeth Registers we find a. few scattered names of the ancient 
Rural Deans. 

1399, Roger de Kelk (Arundel I. 93). 

1404, John Hoke (Arundel I. 132). 

1406, John Mersham (Arundel I. 139). 

1414, Richard Huggedon (Chichele I. 202). 
John Cliderowe. 

1417, Andrew Coryngton (Chichele I. 278). 

1419. Thomas Barry (Chichele I. 282). 

* * « 

1537, George Wymsley (Cranmer 361). 


SS. Peter and Paul, Shorne. Scorene. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 
9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The Patronage was 
given by Henry I. to the Abbot and Convent of Rochester, with 
which it remained till the Reformation, since then it has remained 
with the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, The Church has always 
been in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and was also 
in the Deanery of Rochester till 1846, when it went to form the 
new Deanery of Cobham. There are some fine Monuments to the 
Pages, and a notable Tomb to Henry de Cobham, known as le 
Uncle, The Chalice is of the date 1597, and the Paten is inscribed 
1733, There is an ancient closed Window — thought by some to be 
Saxon, at any rate Early Norman — but the Church, though there 
is much Norman about it, was much altered and repaired in the 
Decorated period. The Font has eight sides, seven of which are 
engraved as follows : (1) I,H.C. ; (2) St, Michael Weighing Souls ; 
(3) Baptism of the Lord ; (4) The Eucharist ; (5) The Resurrection ; 
(6) St, Peter ; (7) Agnus Dei. The old Rood Screen was replaced 
by Rev. A. L, Coates. There are six Bells of the early part of 
the last century. The Registers date from 1538, but there is a 
gap of 27 years in the Commonwealth time, 

Thomas (temp Henry III,) (Reg, Roff.). 

1274, Nicholas (Reg, Roff.), 

1313, Edmund Nened (Patent Rolls, Edward II. 6). 

1317, John de Wygenor (Reynolds 21). 
John Ustam. 

1328, Michael de Panton (Hamo 57). 
John de Eye, 

1348, John de Kingston (Hamo 240). 

1349, Walter Hemmingford (Hamo 249). 
John Tychmershe. 

1363, John Saycombe de Eton (Whittlesey 318). 

Richard Bremesgrove. 
1390, Robert Cobham (W. Bottlesham 2). 

1395, William ClaypoU (W. Bottlesham 65). 

1396, Robert Fylle (W. Bottlesham 76). 
1398, Elias Popley (W. Bottlesham 116). 
1401, Robert Cotyngham (J. Bottlesham 165). 
1403, William Coupe (J. Bottlesham 182). 

James Read, 

1421, Richard ffrench (Chichele I. 31), 

1422, John Grenhalle (Kemp 20), 

1423, Thomas Markham (Langdon 63). 

1442, Thomas Fenner (Wellys 155). 

1443, John de Trott (Wellys 162). 
1449, Robert Egerton. 

1452, William Pepyr (Lowe 216) (Ex. Mon° Su"). 

John Pheron. 
1493, Thomas Elys (Savage 6). 


1515, Robert Whittingham (Fisher 102). 
1528, John Griffith alias Gitton (Fisher 143). 
1528, Thomas EUys (Fisher 151). 
1536, John Roffe (Hilsey 186). 

1544, Nicholas Shypston (Shindler). 

1545, James Cosyn (Holbeach 32). 
1548, John Morris (Ridley 51). 
1567, John Riddesdale (Guest 104) . 

1575, Walter Hayte or Hait (Freake 149)— see Halt. 
1587, Edward Webbe (Yonge 173). 
1592, George Hammon (Yonge 184). 

Richard Lovett. 
1605, Edmund Ball (Barlow 200). 
1617, William Franklyn (Buckeridge 212). 
1625, Richard Balam (Buckeridge 220). 
1669, Charles Bowles (Dolben 120). 
1671, Thomas Ayeherst (Dolben 121). 
1688, Tobias Swindon (IVluniments 11). 
1719, Tobias Clifton Swindon (Atterbury 43). 
1733, Caleb Perfect (Wilcocks 215). 
1770, John Law (Pearse 215). 
1777, Peter Pinnell (Thomas 227). 
1783, Henry Jones (Thomas 236). 
1799, Robert Foote (Horsley 267). 
1805, William Tolbutt Staines (Dampier 282). 
1832, Edward Mott AUfree (Murray 48). 
1837, Jacob Joseph Marsham (Murray 62). 
1889, Alfred Lloyd Coates. 
1906, Frank Iliff. 

St. Katharine's, Shorne. 

There is an ancient Chapel at the back of a house just opposite 
Pipe's Place, in Shor'ne, but with the exception of the mention of 
it in wills, one of which gives its dedication, there are no records 
we can find of its history. 

All Saints', Snodland. Snodelonde. Esnoiland. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, which paid 
9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It has always been 
in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and, till 1846, was 
in the Deanery of Rochester ; since that date it has belonged to 
the Deaneiy of Cobham. There are still traces of the Norman 
Church, but the greater part that is old is of the Decorated period, 
and when it was restored, some forty or fifty years ago, this work 
was copied, and no doubt much that was older was destroyed. 
The Village Cross was erected in the Churchyard at the same 
period, and the Window to the Marion Martyrs inserted. There 
is some really ancient Glass in the Church. There are one or two 
Monuments to the Tylghmans, but the most noticeable is that to 


Thomas Fletcher Waghorn, who first devised the overland route to 
India. There are five Bells, one of which is sixteenth and the 
other seventeenth century. The Registers commence in 1560. 
The Chalice and Paten are about 1740. The Bishop is the Patron. 

1257, Benedict de Snodland (Reg. Roff.). 
1274, John de Eastwud (Reg. Rofi'.). 
1295, Wynard de Drylande (Hamo 9). 
1319, John de Snodland (Hamo 90). 
1321, William Abel (Hamo 98). 
1330, John Hirlasativer (Hamo 135). 

Thomas de Heche. 
1337, June, Edmund de Digge (Hamo 170). 
1337-8, Mar., John de Denyngton (Hamo 172). 
1341, William de Middletone (Hamo 209). 
1349, Robert Garriwynton (Hamo 249). 
1354, John de Kennington (Sheppey 284). 

Stephen Randulf. 
1359, John Alcham (Sheppey 299). 

1363, William de Higham (Trilleck 322). 

1364, John Ascham (Trilleck 324). 

1365, Henry de Pencombe (Trilleck 333). 
1370, John de Aldington (Trilleck 344). 
1375, Peter de Lacy (Ex. Mon° Su"). 
1388, Bartholomew de Waryn (Newcourt). 

1401, Roger atte Churche (J. Bottlesham 180). 

1402, Richard de Sudbury (J. Bottlesham 189). 
1422, Richard Mountain (Langdon 53). 

1447, John Aston (Langdon 77). 

1453, Thomas Dalby (Lowe 224) (Ex Hon" Su°). 

1464, John Perot (Lowe 241). 

1499, William Barker (Savage 24). 

1526, John Addison (Fisher 131). 

1530, Robert Truelove (Fisher 161). 

1565, William Halle (Par. Reg.). 

1571, William Apsley (Par. Reg). 

1576, John Swone (Thorpe's MSS.). 

1600, Rembron Griffin (Par. Reg.). 

1608, Maurice Edwards (Par. Reg.). 

1613, John Sands, obijt 1613 (Par. Reg.). 

1620, John Gimpton (Buckeridge) . 

1624, William Williams, obijt 1624 (Par. Reg.). 

1624, William Medhurst (Hasted). 

1631, Thomas Garraway (Abbott III. 118). 

1666, Luke Proctor (Par. Reg.). 

1673, John Thomas (Hasted). 

1681, John Walwyn (Hasted). 

1712, Thomas Wacher (Muniments 48). 

1748, Lewis Hughes (Wilcocks 157). 

1793, Henry WoUaston (Par. Reg,). 


1793, Thomas Barnard (Horsley 255). 
1800, George Robson (Horsley 267). 
1804, Henry Dampier Phelps (Dampier 279). 
1865, James Gaspard Le Marchant Carey. 
1874, John George Bingley. 
1895, Gerald Henry Jackson. 
1905, Ernest Dalby Finch-Smith. 
1909, Charles de Rocfort Wall. 

St. Mary's, Holboro'. 

There are no records except of wills which give the dedication of 
this Chapel to St. Mary. We find however in Whittlesey's register 
Henry de Scortnye was appointed to the Chaplaincy of St. Andrew, 
Holboro', 1364. 

St. Nicholas, Southfleet. Sudfleotes. 

There was a Church here in Domesday time, which paid 9 
denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The Church has 
always been in the Archdeaconry and Diocese of Rochester, and 
was in the Deanery of Rochester till 1845, when it was placed in 
the new Deanery of Gravesend. The Bishop is Patron. The 
Church is of the Decorated period, with a Tower, two Aisles, and 
three Sedilia ; there is a fine Archway into the Tower corresponding 
with the Chancel Arch. The decorated font has eight divisions 
engraved as follows : (1) St. Michael Weighing Souls ; (2) I.H.S. ; 
(3) Bishop ; (4) Chalice ; (5) Baptism ; (6) Agnus Dei ; (7) A 
modern filling of a crest ; (8) a blank. There are some fine ancient 
Tiles and three Sedilia. The Porch has been restored but the 
ancient Windows remain. There are some noticeable Monuments 
to the Sedleys. There are two seventeenth and four eighteenth 
century Bells. The Flagon was regilt at the expense of Bishop 
Zachary Pearse ; a Cup with Paten Cover was given by Bishop 
Buckeridge in 1618 ; The Flagon given by Miss Merial Swan is 
dated 1633. The Register dates from 1558. 

1150, John Thorpe (Reg. Roff.). 

1295, Robert dictus le Neve (Hamo 22). 

1323, Thomas dictus de Alkham or Pyrie (Hamo 59). 

1346, Robert Pleshe (Langham 122). 

1368, Robert de Bockingthorn or de Bourne (Trilleck 332). 

1368, John de Ardyngton (Trilleck 334). 

1372, Robert de Bourne (Whittlesey 133). 

1395, John Amory (W. Bottlesham 81). 

1397, John Launce (W. Bottlesham 106). 

1424, William Warde (Langdon 29). 

1428, William Waltham (Langdon 83). 

1453, John Tubney (Lowe 224). 

1456, Thomas Candour (Lowe 229). 

1467, Richard Fryston (Bourgchier 198). 
Henry Booste. 


1501, John Edmonds (Savage 27). 
1531, Nicholas Metcalfe (Fisher 161). 
1537, Maurice Grifl5th, Bishop (Hilsey 183). 
1558, John Woodward (Vac. Sed. Cantuar 50). 
1571, John Wynter (Parker II. 49) (Yonge 189). 
1608, Richard Neile, Bishop (Newcourt). 

1610, John Buckeridge, Bishop (Bancroft 309). 

1611, William Parker (Buckeridge 202). 
1628, Elizeus Burgess (Buckeridge 209). 
1642, Simons (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1652, John Lee (Warner 101). 

1679, Daniel Hill (Par. Reg.). 

1729, William Geekie (Bradford 76). 

1767, John Derby (Pearse 209). 

1778, Thomas Bagshaw (Thomas 230). 

1788, Peter Rashleigh (Thomas 245). 

1836, John Lonsdale (Murray 14). 

1843, George Edward Murray (Murray 82). 

1854, George Frederick Goddard. 

1894, James Henry Hazell. 

1901, Gustavus John Jones. 

1908, John Price Alcock. 

St. John the Baptist, Betsham or Bedsam. 

The only records of this ancient Chapelry we find in wills which 
give this dedication 

St. Mary's, Speldhurst. Speldherste. 

The Church according to Textus Roffensis paid 9 denarii chrism 
fee to the See of Rochester. The Church was reduced to aheap of 
ruins, on October 20th, 1791, by a thunderstorm, and was rebuilt 
1805, but dry rot and decay showing in various parts it was decided 
to pull it down, January, 1870, and the new Church was consecrated 
May 6th, 1871. The present Tower was completed 1879. There 
are eight Bells, one dated 1812, five 1849, one 1885, and the 
other 1887. Two pewter Flagons and an Alms Dish were given by 
Nicholas Read. The Church plate was stolen in 1837 and replaced 
by a silver service in 1838, and to these have been added a Chalice 
and Paten of silver, the gift of Revd. F. and Miss Pott. The 
Baptismal registers commence 1538, the Marriage 1559 and the 
Burial 1558. The Parish was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Mailing, till 1846 when it was transferred 
to the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone and 
Rural Deanery of South Mailing ; it is now held to be in the Diocese 
of Rochester, the Archdeaconry of Tonbridge and the Deanery 
of Tunbridge Wells. The Patronage of Speldhurst was in private 
hands till 1346 when it was given to the College of St. Laurence 
Poulteney, till the Reformation ; the Masters of St. Laurence 
Poulteney were ex-officio Rectors, and for their names I am 


indebted to the present Rector (1346-1448), since which time it has 
been in various private hands. The present Patrons are the 
Misses Saint. 

1259, Robert (Reg. Roff.) 

1324, Thomas de Wartone (Reg. Roff.). 
1336, Thomas de Thorpe, Rector (Hamo 168). 

1346, William de Chetwood, Rector. 

1347, John Pistor Dominus Cook, Vicar (Hamo 232). 
1349, John Swynesford, Vicar (Hamo 250). 

1349, Peter le Huntre, Vicar. 

1357, Talfre de Gaggelye, Vicar (Sheppey 291). 

1359, John de Helpringham, Vicar (Sheppey 295). 

1363, William de Helpringham, Vicar (W. Whittlesey 311). 

1366, Robert Witherdley or Witley, Rector. 

1368, John de Bexley, Vicar (Trilleck 333). 

1389, Walter Katoe, Vicar (Courteneye 359). 

1391, John Taylour, Vicar (W. Bottlesham 18). 

1399, Nicholas Mocking, Rector. 

1418, John Lylye, Vicar (Chichele I. 113). 

1422, William Preston, Vicar (Langdon 19). 

1425, David Mortimer, Vicar (Langdon 66). 

1426, William Thorpe, Rector. 

1433, John Pye, Rector Act Cur Consist (1424-1443). 

1438, John Morley, Vicar (Wellys 150). 

1440, Richard Barker, Vicar (Wellys 155). 

1448, John Thurstan, Rector (Lowe 217). 

1448, Richard Barker, again as Rector (Lowe 217). 

1451, John May, Rector (Lowe 228). 

1459, Henry Sharpe, Rector (Lowe 231). 

1465, Thomas Tylar, Rector (Lowe 244). 

1481, Ralph Hetrcott, Rector. 

1488, Richard Ruston, Rector. 

1509, William Bosower, (Fisher 54). 

1528, John Stevyns, (Pat Rolls Henry VIII). 

1529, Florence Whiting or Williamson, alias Florentius Volusmus 

(Archid. Visit. Vol. I.). 
1532, Richard Robynson (Fisher 177). 
1534, Thomas Portyngton (Fisher 178). 
1534, John Blakden (Fisher 181). 
1536, Thomas Starkey (Fisher 193). 
1538, William Latymer (Newcourt). 
1553, John Denton (Thorpe MSB.). 
1558, George Elliott (Yonge 191). 
1587, John Denton restored (Archid. Vis.). 
1609, Edward Weston (Neale 203). 
1638, John Weston (Warner 24). 
1653, Thomas Draper, (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1660, Nicholas Cordell (Warner 111). 
1677, Robert Boutcher (Par. Reg.). 


1679, William Weston (Par. Reg.). 
1683, John Lulls (Bancroft 236). 
1693, John Cornwall (Muniments II. 22). 
1715, James Kearsley (Atterbury 19). 
1724, Nicholas Adams (Bradford 57). 

1727, John Alton (Bradford 73). 

1728, James Kearsley (Bradford 74). 
1768, Richard Onely (Pearse 212). 

1787, Richard Gunsley Ayerst (Thomas 244). 

1816, William Gordon (Par, Reg.). 

1830, John James Saint (Murray 36). 

1889, Donald Hilaro Dimsdale Ouseley Mackinnon. 

All Saints', Langton Green, Speldhurst. 

This Church was consecrated in 1863, and separated from 
Speldhurst in 1880. It has one Bell. There are a Flagon, two 
Chalices, and two Patens of silver. The Registers commence 1881. 
The Patron is the Rector of Speldhurst. 

1881, Stanley Arthur Vardon. 

St. Paul's, Rusthall, Speldhurst. 

This Church was consecrated in 1850, but was not separated 
from Speldhurst till 1864. The Baptismal and Funeral Registers 
commence 1854, the Marriage ones 1864. T^he Chalice and Paten 
of silver were given by Elizabeth and Arthur Pott in 1850. The 
Rector of Speldhurst is Patron. 

1864, Benjamin Frederick Smith. 
1874, Francis Frederick Walrond. 
1904, Frederick Nugent Eden. 

St. Mary's, Stanstead. Stanstede. 

This Church paid 6 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
The Church appears to have been ministered to by the Rector of 
Wrotham till 1568, but in that year it is said to have been looked 
after by the Vicar of Wrotham, It was in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester, and as part of the Deanery of Shoreham, 
since it was held to belong to the parish of Wrotham, which was a 
peculiar of the Archbishop till 1846, At that date it was made a 
separate parish, and held in the Diocese of Canterbury, Arch- 
deaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of Shoreham, It is now 
reckoned to the See and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery 
of Shoreham, The Church is mainly of the Perpendicular style, and 
the Tower is of the Decorated period. The Registers commence 
1646, There are two ancient Bells and one modern. There are 
no old monuments. The Cup and Paten Cover are of the date 
1694-5. The patronage is in the hands of the Bishop of the Diocese. 


1846, Samuel George Booth White. 
1855, Thomas Nunn. 
1873, William Eastgate Middleton Nunn. 
1898, William Arthur Cronk. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Stoke. Stokes. 

The Church is mentioned in Domesday, which paid 9 denarii 
according to Textus Roffensis. There are traces both of Norman 
and Early English work. The Pillars on the south side are 
Norman, with fluted capitals ; those on the north side are rounded. 
In the Chancel is a Piscina and Priests' Door to the south. One 
Window exhibits Norman and Perpendicular work together. In 
the south Aisle is a Piscina with the figure of a fox's head and lion's 
head carved upon the top of the niche. The south Aisle is thought 
to have been the Malmayns' Chantry. It had a vault beneath, 
which wa.s filled with water at the time of the restoration of the 
Church ; the last arch is in consequence much sunk. The Tower 
was built from about 1470-1550, as would appear from wills. The 
Church was in the Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery of 
Rochester, till in 1909 it was placed in the new Deanery of Clyffe. 
It was in the gift of the Abbey of Boxley till the Reformation, since 
then it has been in private hands. The Registers date from 1666, 
but the Society of Antiquaries possess some older ones of this 
parish. There are three Bells, one of the sixteenth ajid another 
of the seventeenth century. The Communion Plate consists of a 
pewter Flagon and large pewter Chalice. There is a silver Chalice 
dated 1745, a. silver Paten, the gift of M. H. C. Hall, 1893, and 
two electro plate Salvers, 1875. There was a Chantry called 
Malmayns, founded by John Carew in 1390, the Chantry Priests of 
which we give in a parallel column with the Vicars. There are 
Brasses here to Wilkins and Grimestone, daughters of Mr. 
Coppenger. The present Patrons are the family of the late 
J. Foord, Esq. 


1244, Adam de Hakele (Reg. Roff.). 

1323, John Vaudieu (Hamo 59). 

1330, Hamo de Broke (Hamo 121). 

1346, William Symking (Hamo 236). 

1349, May, Richard de Creshamptone (Hamo 244). 

1349, July, Adam de Sevenoke (Hamo 249). 

1367, John Lucas de Plaset (Trilleck 329). 

Vicars. Chantry Priests. 

1390, John Bussett (W. Bottle- 

sham 6). 
John Maister (W. Bottle- 
sham 6). 

1395, John Avery (W.Bottlesham 8). 





1399, Joseph Cranber 




William Tardy (J. Bottle- 
sham 153). 

Chantry Priests. 

John Breton (W. Bottlesham 

William Bod (W. Bottlesham 

Thomas Chesterton. 
Thomas May (W. Bottlesham 














John Selbrythenden (J. 

Bottlesham 174). 
Alfred Fayard (J . Bottlesham 

John Aleyn (Yonge 188). 
John Fynchampstede (Yonge 

William Cardiff, obijt 1415 Robert Brasse. 
(Ex. Mon" Su°). 

John Wypington (Chichele I. 78) . 
John Sunnings (Yonge 2). 
James Fowl. 
William Browne (Chichele Robert Hartford (I^angdon 

I., 168). 

John Byngham (Lowe 202). 


Henry Pelton (Langdon 97). 
Robert Bamburgh. 
Roger North (Wellys 137) . 
Walter Robyns (Wellys 137). 
Edmund Challoner (Wellys 

William Ewyns (Wellys 150). 
John Berston (Wellys 188). 
Philip Tregaldyn (Lowe 220) . 

John Heywode alias Fysher 
(Lowe 228) . 

William Beverley (Lowe 


Richard Man (Bourgchier 

John Maden (Bourgchier 89) , 
Robert Florence (Lowe 245). Thomas Knyght (Lowe 245). 
Walter Manby (Lowe 246) . 
George Delahey (Ex. Test" 

Richard Tress) . 
John Byngham (Ex. Test't 
variis) . 

John Carone (Ex. Test. Hen. 

266 the records of eochbsteb. 

Vicars, Chantry Priests. 

1488, Robert Lindsey (Act. Cur. 

Consist 1471-1503). 

1492, Richard Walsh (Reg. Roff. 

1496, Roger Jukes (Act. Cur. Con- 

sist 1471-1503). 

1505, John Chaloner (Fisher 43). 

1508, Roger Jakes (Fisher 50). Jolin Pepyr (Fisher 51). 

1512, Roger Wilson (Fisher 59). 

1513, Jacobus Person or Pyerson 

(Fisher 69). 
1523, William Houghton (Fisher 

1529, Cuthbert Conyers (Act. Cur. 

Consist 1523). 
1531, Christopher Wen (Fisher 158) . 

1533, Richard Hylls (Fisher 179). 
1541, WiUiam Houghton (Helsey 203). 
1551, Richard Williams (Griffith 58). 

1559, William Hibbert (Reg. Stoke).* 

1560, Robert Cragge (Guest 93). 
1565, Nicholas Bisliope (Guest 103). 

1584, William Hubbard or Hubbert (Yonge 166). 

1623, John Hampton (Reg. Stoke). 

1624, John Spencer (Buckeridge 200). 
1637, Thomas Miller (Pari. Surveys). 

1649, Henry Gwyn (Pari. Surveys and Reg. Stoke). 

1658, Thomas Miller again (Reg. Stoke). 

1660, Francis Jameson (Warner 111). 

1664, Apr., Peter Ormerod (Reg. Stoke). 

1664-65, Feb., Edward Turner (Reg. Stoke). 

1671, Humfrey Williams (Dolben 120). 

1679, Samuel Gibson (Par. Reg. and Strood Reg.). 

1691, John Pratt (Muniments 6). 

1710, Edward Turner (Muniments 39). 

1753, Richard Hancern alias Duppa (Wilcocks 173). 

1765, Thomas Higgins (Pearse 205). 

1778, William Parry (Thomas 229). 

1810, Ralph Carr Rider (King 295). 

1839, James Pearson (Ex. Mon" Su"). 

1856, Alfred Edward Ormonde Harris. 

1893, John Cleave Warne. 

* (Reg. Stoke). This refers to an old copy of the Registers kept by the 
Society of Antiquaries. 

the becoeds op eochestee. 267 

St. Mary's, Stone. Stanes. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 
9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It has always been 
in the Bishopric and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and was in that 
Deanery till 1846, when it was placed in the Deanery of Gravesend. 
It has always been in the gift of the Bishop of Rochester, The 
Church was rebuilt in the second half of the thirteenth century ; 
the Vestry was added in the fourteenth century, and more solid 
pillars were made to support the Belfry. The Wilshyre Chantry 
was erected in the sixteenth century. The beautiful thirteenth 
century mouldings of the north Aisle Door, and the pillars of 
Bethersden, marble topped, with dog tooth and foliage capitals are 
noteworthy. A fire in 1638 damaged the Church. There are, 
amongst other Monuments, Brasses to William Carew and Annie 
Carew, Robert Chapman, Robert Bonfant, William Laken and 
William Banknot, as well as the remains of that of Sir John 
Willshyre. There are a modern silver Chalice and Paten, also a 
second Paten and a silver-mounted glass Flagon. The Registers 
date from 1718, but there is a gap for nearly thirty years at the end 
of that century. 

1284, Daniel Digge (Reg. Roff.). 

1324, John ffoderingeye (Reynold 52). 

1334, William de Shipbourne (Hamo 154). 

1337, Edmund Digge (Hamo 172). 

1346, Edmund Berham (Hamo). 

1361, Nicholas de Aston (Islep 225). 

1387, William Bird (Courteneye 209), 

1408, John Lombard (Ex. Mon" Su°). 

1418, John Stokes. 

1422-3, John Ridere (Langdon 22). 

1431, William Brounstone (Langdon 93). 

1432, John Skypton (Langdon 95). 

1439, John Sorewell (Ex. Mon" Su"). 

1440, John Bertie (Wellys 153). 

1441, William Esprenor (Wellys 163). 
1451, John Tubney (Newcourt). 
1453, Thomas Candour (Lowe 223). 
1456, Robert Siligrove (Ex. Test" Su°). 
1461, John Pegot (Lowe 233). 

1465, John Whitmore (Lowe 241), 

1498, Thomas Cutfield (Savage 20). 

1499, John Davys (Savage 24). 
1521, Richard Sharpe (Fisher 107). 

1525, Robert Johnson (Valor Ecclesiasticus) . 
1559, John Calverly (Gheast 83). 
1576, Thomas Carter (Freake 150) . 
1586, Samuel Atherton (Yonge 196). 
1607, Nathaniel Gifford (Hasted). 
1615, Richard Tillesley (Sede Vac. 56). 


1624, Charles Lemitary (Twisden MSS.)- 

1635, William Hussey (Hasted). 

1641, Richard Chase (Parliamentary Surveys). 

1650, Thomas Masters (Hasted). 

1654, Williatn Pierce (Hasted). 

1657, Henry Price (Walker's Suffering Clergy). 

1657, Richard Bures (Pari. Admission 7380, Oliver Lord Protector) . 

1661, Samuel Goodwin (Warner). 

1702, William Thornton (Muniments 16). 

1707, Thomas Sprat (Muniments 26). 

1720, William Savage (Atterbury 40). 

1736, Robert Talbot (Wilcocks 105). 

1754, Edmund Lewin (Wilcocks 175). 

1772, Thomas Heathcote (Pearse 217). 

1811, Richard Laurence (King 300). 

1822, Walker King. 

1859, Frederick William Murray. 

1906, Roger William Hammond Dalison. 

St, Mary's Home, Stone. 

This Home for fallen girls was originally founded at Tenterden 
in 1860, and was removed to Stone in 1866. The Chapel was built 
in 1869, and there is a modern Communion Service. 

1870, Frederick William Murray. 
1903, Herbert Charles Pollock. 
1906, Richard Rhodes Bristow. 

All Saints', Stourmouth. 

This Church was given by Hamo, son of Vitalis, to Gundolph 
and the monks of St. Andrew at Rochester. In 1392 the monks 
exchanged the alternate presentation for the Church of Boxley, 
since which it was in the gift of the Bishops of Rochester till 1846, 
when it was conferred on the Bishop of Worcester. It is in the 
Deanery of East Bridge and Archdeaconry and Diocese of Canter- 
bury. The pillars that support the south Aisle are alternately 
octagonal and circular, and at the foot of the easternmost is a 
curious massive Stone. There is a Piscina at the east end of the 
south Aisle, and there are remains of curious coloured glass. The 
Norman window in the Chancel is blocked. There is a Norman 
Font, and there is an old Porch to the south Door. There is a 
Brass to Thomas Mareys, and a tablet to Carl Culmer, gent, born 
January 1st, 1735, died January 10th, 1835. There are three 
seventeenth century Bells. There is an original copy of Fox's 
Book of Martyrs on a desk in the Church. There is an ancient 
Chalice with Paten Cover of silver and a large Paten of silver, also 
a Paten and Flagon of electro plate. The Registers date from 
1538. In them is mentioned what are the lawful times of marriage, 
viz., from January 24th to the Saturday before Septuagesima ; 


from the Monday after Low Sunday to the Saturday before 
Rogation Sunday, and from the Monday after Trinity Sunday to 
the Saturday before Advent Sunday. 

1323, Ralph de Mailing (Reynolds 289). 
1354, William de Draycote (Islep 267). 
1365, Edward de MalmeshuU (Islep 307). 

1377, Henry Litlyngton (Sudbury 122). 

1378, John Innocent (Sudbury 126). 
1382, Hugh Woughton (Courteneye 145). 
1384, John Whytecherche (Courteneye 155). 
1390, John Bysshop (Courteneye 178). 

1392, John Beaugraunt (Courteneye 208). 

1393, William Agatt (W. Bottlesham 31). 

1394, Nicholas Julian (Courteneye 219). 
1418, John Heme (Chichele I. 100). 

John Orley, 
1441, John flfourneys (Chichele I. 230). 
1449, WiUiam Ingulton (Stafford 101). 

Thomas Mareys, obijt 1472 (Ex. MonOSu^et. Ex. TesfSu"). 
1472, William Plown (Bourgchier 107). 
1481, William Perys (Bourgchier 128). 

1509, Nicholas Metcalfe (Warham 336). 

1510, Ralph Houghton (Warham 341). 
1513, Thomas Nunne (Warham 351). 
1539, William ffelsted (Cranmer 367). 

1549, Henry Harvie (Cranmer 406). 

1550, Humfrey Chardane (Cranmer 412). 
1557, Walter Jones (Pole 25). 

1580, John Flowers (Grindal 538). 

1599, Sept. 3, William Richards (Whitgift III. 256). 

1599, Sept. 27, William Daunton (Whitgift III. 258). 

1606, Simon Rogers (Bancroft 273). 

1608, John Bancroft (Bancroft 278) . 

1610, George Huntley (Bancroft 299). 

1629, Walter Carter (Abbott III. 184). 

1630, Robert Carter (Abbott III. 190). 

1645, Edward Wardle (Put in by Parliament). 

1654, Richard Bures (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 

1662, Henry Parkhurst (Juxon 142). 

1669, John Powell (Sheldon 342). 

1680, Samuel Grasscombe (Sancroft 389). 

1690, Christopher Harris (Tillotson 47). 

1719, Francis Stannerd (Atterbury 44). 

1726, Apr. 4, Thomas Harris (Bradford 62) (Wake II. 230). 

1726, Oct. 5, William Ayerst (Bradford 66) (Wake II. 234). 

1729, Hopton Williams (Bradford 177). 

1743, Philip Bearcroft (Wilcocks 133) (Potter 285). 

1761, John Nairne (Pierce 198). 

1906, Cooper Williams (Dampier 284), 


1811, Thomas Wodehouse (Sutton II, 45). 
1839, Richard Drake (Murray 74). 
1883, WiUiam John Smallwood. 
1895, Nathaniel George Wilkins. 

St. Nicholas, Strood. Strodes. 

The Church of Strood paid 5 denarii chrism fee, as a Chapel, to 
the See of Rochester. In 1193 Gilbert de Glanville converted it 
into a separate Church and gave it to the Newark Hospital, the 
Masters of which were ex ofScio Incumbents of Strood, until the 
Reformation. The Newark Hospital, besides Strood, also presented 
to St. Margaret's, Rochester, Aylesford with its Chapel of St. 
Blaise, and Hailing, and also a Chapel (now no more) at the Strood 
end of Rochester Bridge. The old Church was pulled down and 
a new one erected in 1812, which, being burnt down, a new one was 
erected in 1902. The Communion Plate consists of a silver Flagon, 
Chalice and Paten dated 1815, a siver Chalice and Paten of the 
date 1870, and a silver Paten of the date 1902, and two modern 
Spoons of silver. The Bells are modern. The Registers are very 
interesting and date from 1565. The Patronage has been with the 
Dean and Chapter of Rochester since the Reformation. Down to 
the Reformation, in this list, we give the Masters of Newark. 
The Church has always been in the See, Archdeaconry and 
Deanery of Rochester. 

1269, Thomas de Mepeham (Ex. Richard de Wendover 75). 
' 1273, Edmund Master (Hamo 6). 
1286, John (Dec. et Cap. Roff. Tit. 19). 
1295, John Hallingbury (Hamo 7). 

1316, John Blundell (Reg. Roff. 113). 

1317, John de Redeswelle (Hamo 7). 

1318, Richard de Novo Castro (Hamo 7). 
1321, John de Bere (Hamo 55). 

1321, WilUam de Langfield. 

1322, Robert de Thorp (Hamo 58). 
1325, Roger de Stowe (Hamo 69). 

Thomas Goldyng (Rot. Curr. Ecc. penes Roff. Dec. et Cap). 
1334, Richard Stanford (Hamo 153). 
1345, Richard Sheafkin (Hamo 215). 

1360, Roger Wygayn (Brief, 34th year Edward III. 63). 

1361, William Basing, obijt 1384 (Pat. Rolls Richard II.) (Islep 

♦ * * 

11391, John Swan (W. Bottlesham 23). 
1397, John Long (W. Bottlesham 99). 

1399, PhiUp Montgomery (W. Bottlesham 130). 

1400, John Cheyne (W. Bottlesham 151). 
1403, William Battisford (J. Bottlesham 155). 
1406, John Geffrey (Add MSB. 38881 Brit. Mus.). 
1410, John Marcham (Yonge 1). 


1425, Apr., William Hebbenge (Langdon 49). 

1425, May, John Gorwell probably same as (Chichele I. 253). 

1434, John Cowell (Harris Hist). 

1437, Thomas Thowe (Langdon 49). 

1445, Richard Brakynburye (Lowe 242). 

1493, William Barker (Savage 5) (Morton 160). 

1506, Robert Aunger (Fisher 44). 

1507, Richard Cotynden (Fisher 48). 
1512, Thomas Hobson (Fisher 60). 
1517, John Wylbore (Fisher 76). 

1564, William Bilton (Ex. Vis, Archid.). 

Robert Stockton, obijt 1575 (E. Burg. Reg.). 
1545, Thomas Morice or Moryes (Shindler). 
1581, Edward Williams (Barlow 176). 
1610, Jehokannan Marsh (Neile 202). 
1615, Robert Chamberlayne (Par. Reg.). 
1639, John Man (Walker's Suffering Clergy). 
1650, Daniel French (Calamy's Life of Bazter). 

1661, Richard Hurt (Shindler). 

1662, Hudson (Par. Reg.). 
1670, Wilham Scott (Par. Reg.). 

Ferdinando Booth (Ex. Mon° Su" Par, Reg.). 

1677, Humphrey Williams (Reg. Roff. Eccl.). 

1678, James Axe (Reg. Roff. Eccl.), 
1716, John Harris (Reff. Roff. Eccl.), 
1719, Caleb Perfect (Reg, Roff, Eccl.). 
1733, Christopher Beake (Reff. Roff. Eccl.). 
1738, Richard Husband (Wilcocks 114). 
1747, Peter Wade (Wilcocks 153). 

1755, Edward Beadon (Wilcocks 177), 
1791, John Ward Allen (Reg. Roff. Eccl.). 
1801, John Grifaths (Reg. Roff. Eccl.). 

1803, William Tolbutt Staines (Reg. Roff. Eccl). 

1804, James Lynn (Reg. Roff. Eccl,), 

1821, Edward Mott Allfree (Reg. Roff, Eccl,), 
1832, Thomas Deacon (Reg. Roff, Eccl,), 

1846, John Price Allcock (Reg, Roff, Eccl.), 

1847, John William Sheringham. 
1864. Frederick Otway Mayne. 
1874, Charles Henry i3anning. 

1891, St. Barbe Sydenham Slade. 

1892, Richard Brudenell Lawson Exton. 
1898, Walter James Tait. 

1903, Alfred Tom Wallis. 

St. Mary's, Strood. 
The Church was erected in 1869, from which time the Register 
dates. There is a modern Bell. The Plate was presented by 


Dr. Griffiths, at the Consecration, and consists of a Flagon, 
Ciborium, two Chahces, two Patens, and an Alms Dish of silver gilt. 
The Patron is the Bishop. 

1869, Josias Henry Drew. 

Strood Union. 

There is no Chapel and the dining hall is used for Divine 
Service, and there are no Communion Vessels. 

1837, Robert Patch Coates. 
1848, John William Sheringham. 
1865, Joseph Greenoak Bailey. 

1867, Frederick Otway Mayne, since which the Vicars have 
always been Chaplains. 

St. Mary's, Sundridge. Sunderesce. 

This Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester, 
according to Textus Roffensis. It was in the Bishopric and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester, but as a peculiar of the Archbishop was 
in the Deanery of Shoreham till 1846, when it was transferred to 
the Archbishopric of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and 
Deanery of Shoreham. In 1905 it was placed in the Deanery of 
Shoreham, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and See of Rochester, but 
now forms part of the new Deanery of Sevenoaks. The Chancel 
was destroyed by fire in 1802. What there is of the old Church is 
Early English, with a Perpendicular Tower. During the thirteenth 
century the north and south Aisles were added, having Chapels at 
the east end, divided from the Chancel by two Arches. At the side 
of the east Window are the remains of an Early English Window. 
There is a double Early English Piscina on the south Wall of the 
Chancel. The Nave is divided into three Arcades, of which the 
north is earlier than the south. In the fifteenth century the Aisles 
were heightened to give access to dormers leading on to the flat 
roof, which is now hidden by gables, which block the Clerestory 
Windows of the Nave : at this time the west Doorway and Rood 
Screen were added. There are five Bells, three of which are 
seventeenth century. The Cup and Paten of silver were the gift of 
John Hyde in 1663. The Sacryng Bell still hangs in a Cote outside 
the Tower. The Registers commence in 1562. The Archbishop is 
Patron. There are some fine Monuments to the Hydes and Isleys. 
A painted Image of the Virgin, lately found, is in the Church. 

1243, Patrick de Karl (Pat. Rolls 27, Henry III.) 
1287, Eliam de Aylesbury (Peckham 37). 
1310, Hugh de Forsham (Winchelsey 47). 

John Walsh. 
1351-2 Robert atte Rye or de Rye (Islep 23). 

The dedication may be found in Archbishop Dene's Registers, 169. 


John de Grantham. 
1379, May, Richard atte Broke (Sudbury 129). 
1379, June, John Crull (Sudbury 129). 
1388, John Spenser (Courteneye 207). 
1408, Richard Senytsham or Snetisham (Arundel I. 320). 
1410, John Draper (Arundel II. 58). 

1414, Thomas Betteryng (Chichele I. 63). 

1415, Stephen Donne (Chichele I, 64). 
1419, John Smale (Chichele I. 101). 
1426, Peter Macey (Chichele I. 163). 
1437, Robert Appulby (Chichele I. 218). 

William Arnewe. 
1476, Robert Coif ox (Bourgchier 113). 
1501, Thomas Grene (Dene 169). 
1507, John Aleyne (Warham 332). 
1528, John Barlowe (Warham 396). 
1534, John Crise (Valor Ecclesiasticus) . 

1557, May, Thomas Butlond (Pole 72). 
1557-8, Mar., William Petworth (Pole 77). 

1558, William Thurbane (Pole 77). 
John Appleby. 

1583, Guido Bristowe (Grindal 567). 

1595, Martin Fotherby (Whitgift II. 327). 

1596, Henry Parry (Whitgift II. 339). 

1615, Gervase Nidd (Abbott I. 271)— see Knidd. 
1629, Richard Hall (Abbott III. 187). 

John Kayes, obijt 1644 (Par. Reg.). 
1645, Samuel Sharpe (Par. Reg.) (Juxon 72). 
1680, James Goodwin (Bancroft 387). 
1685, Benjamin Maldon (Sancroft 410). 
1688, Edward Brown (Sancroft 426). 
1698, Edward Tennison (Tennison 202). 
1725, John Lynch (Wake II. 242). 
1733, Samuel Weller (Wake II. 262). 
1753, John Frankland (Herring 295). 
1777, William Vyse (Cornwallis 441), 
1816, Christopher Wordsworth (Sutton II. 42). 
1820, George D'oyley (Sutton II. 53). 
1830, Henry Lindsay (Ex. Men" Su"). 
1854, Henry Lindsay. 
1859, Egerton Douglas Hammond. 
1890, Edward Archibald Parry. 
1898, Frederick Neville Carus Wilson. 

St. John the Baptist, Sutton-at-Hone. Sudtuna. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and according to 
Textus Roffensis it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
The Church was given by Bishop Laurence to the monks of 
Rochester in 1253, and at the Reformation the Patronage wag 


conferred on the Dean and Chapter of Rochester. It was in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and in the Deanery of 
Dartford till 1846, when it was transferred to the Diocese of 
Canterbury, the Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and the Deanery of 
East Dartford ; it is now in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Dartford. The Church was destroyed 
by fire in the seventeenth century, and much of the previous 
building was ruined, but there are an Early English Piscina, and 
some Windows, and a fifteenth century Tower. There are 
handsome IWonuments to the Hills and Sir Thomas Smyth. There 
are three Bells, two of the eighteenth century. There are a Cup 
and Paten, without foot, of the seventeenth century, and a curious 
old Flagon, and another Paten given by Mrs. Eliz. Leigh, Dec. 25, 
1709. The Registers date from 1607; perhaps earlier ones were 
burnt in the fire which took place in 1515. 

Hugo (Cotton MSS. Nero). 
1253, William de Litchfield (Angl. Sacr. I. 351). 
1278, Gilbert (in autograph in archivis Dec. et Cap. Roff.). 

John (Jur et Assis in Com, Kant Rot. 33-54). 
1321, John de Walworth (Hamo 61). 

1326, John atte Chapele )Hamo 74). 
Alexander de Usher. 

1327, Walter Simon (Hamo 77). 

1338, John de Stone de Dartford (Hasted). 
1338, John Billock (E. Cur. Episcop.). 
1344, Richard AUeyn (Hasted). 
1346-7, Feb., John Walter (Hasted). 

1347, Henry of Higham (Hamo 229). 

1348, John Ganisboro' de Dartford (Hamo 241). 

1348, Apr., John Manyware or Mare (Hasted). 

1349, May, John Neweman (Hamo 242). 
1362, Edmund Cranlake (W. Whittlesey 309). 
1362-3, Feb., Richard Rail (W. Whittlesey 317). 
1389, Henry Mole (Brinton 31). 

1389, John Suffield (Hasted). 
1392, William Curteys (W. Bottlesham 32). 
1395, Philip Muntgamerie (W. Bottlesham 67). 
1398, Henry de Mole (W. Bottlesham 153). 
1400, Robert Warham (Arundel I. 219). 

1402, John Park (J. Bottlesham 175). 

1403, John ffysher (Yonge 185). 
1403, John Gunder (Yonge 185). 
1430, John Florence (Langdon 91). 

1436, John Calverton (Ex. Test" Su" 1445). 

William Boteler. 
1448, John Strobogge (Lowe 220). 
1448, John Ewere (Act Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 
1481, William Moyser (Hasted). 
1508, Roland Baxter (Fisher 46). 


1510, Ralph Smaller (Fisher 54). 
1518, Robert Whitingham (Fisher 77). 
1520, Apr,, Robert Lestwick (Fisher 102). 
1520-1, Robert Johnson (Fisher 106). 
1522, Robert Boune (Fisher 109). 
1528, John Graye (Fisher 143). 
1530, William Statham (Fisher 159). 
1536, Maurice Griffith (Hilsey 189). 
1543, Ralph Styddyl (Hasted). 
1553, Richard Bee (Cranmer 134). 
1557, John Ewer (Reg. Roff.). 
1559, William (fan (Vac. Sed. Cant. 56). 
1566, Nicholas Bennet (Gheast 113). 
1570, Ralph Sheers (Gheast 116). 

1609, William Harris (Bancroft 302) (Neale 204). 

1610, Ralph Hatfield (Neale 204). 

1621, Francis Dee (Buckeridge 210). 

1622, Robert Hazlewood (Buckeridge 212). 
1655, William Hopkins (Warner 121). 
1665, George Stradling (Newcourt). 

1670, Peter Mewe (Dolben 122). 

1685, John Chadwick (Muniments 1). 

1706, Edmund Barrell (Muniments 22). 

1762, Edmund Faunce (Pearse 200). 

1788, Robert Fountaine (Par. Reg.) (Shindler). 

1818, George Strahan (Dampier 271). 

1820, Edward Copleston (King 325). 

1827, Michael Smith. 

1836, John Hallett Hotham. 

1881, Walter John Weekes. 

1908, Alfred Ernest Bourne. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Swanscombe. Swaneskampe. 

There was a. Church here in Domesday times, and in Textus 
Roffensis it is recorded as paying 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of 
Rochester. It has always been in the Diocese and Archdeaconry 
of Rochester and was in the Deanery also till 1845, when it became 
one of the parishes of the new Deanery of Gravesend. The Church 
was much damaged by a fire on Whit Tuesday in 1802, and the 
shingle Tower, together with the roof of the Nave, were totally 
destroyed in a thunderstorm, in the summer of 1902. The Norman 
Font which was split in pieces by the fire, was put together again 
and leaded inside. There is a Saxon Window in the Tower. The 
Stairs up to the Rood Loft remain. There is in the south Chancel 
a Piscina and Aumbrey. These were for use at St. Hildeferthe's 
Altar. This Saint, who was supposed to cure madness, was much 
sought after in medieval times in Kent. The central Aisle, bounded 
by an Arcade of rounded columns on each side, has Clerestory 
Windows, three on the south, and two on the north, Two lofty 


Early English Arches lead to the Nave and the Belfry. There is 
a Norman Door, blocked, also a Chancel Window. The Porch 
was re-built by the Freemasons in 1877. Inside the north Door is 
a Holy Water Stoup, and there is a Piscina to the north Altar. 
There are handsome Monuments to the Weldons and to Stoman. 
There is a fine embossed metal Alms Dish. The Flagon was the 
joint gift of Thomas Blechyndon and Walker Weldon in 1730. 
The gilt Paten at the same date, was given by Thomas Blechyndon. 
The Cup is dated 1623. The Registers date from 1549. It was 
presented to by the Crown till the time of James I. whence it passed 
into private patronage, and in 1737 it was obtained by Sidney 
Sussex College, Cambridge. 

John Lett (Reg. Roff.). 
1320, John Calabar, of Wilsytham, by change (Pat. Rolls, 
Edward II. xiij.). 

William Cres (Reg. Roff.). 
1332, Edmund de London (Newcourt). 
1349, John Melbourne (Hamo 248). 

John Denet de Burton. 
1360, Robert de Crull (Islep 223). 

Edmund Cranlake. 
1363, Richard Rail (Whittlesey 318). 

Robert Strutt. 
1369, Ralph Bolewhye (Trilleck 334), 

John atte Vyne. 

1389. Richard Cotynsham (Courteneye 359). 

1390, John Skeftalyng (W. Bottlesham 8). 

1391-2, February, Thomas Ruggelye (W. Bottlesham 25). 

1392, November, John de Stoke (W. Bottlesham 35). 

1393, John Forster (W. Bottlesham 43). 
1397, John Wynter (W. Bottlesham 108). 

1413 Richard Shelley, obijt 1413 (Ex Test" Su°). 

* * * 

1426, Thomas Banester (Langdon 75). 

John Dittes (Langdon 95). 
1432, Thomas Pikene (Langdon 95). 
1442, James Hamelyn (Wellys 182). 
1446, Robert Blakstow (Lowe 210). 
1452, William CoUett (Lowe 223). 
1462, Reginald Thomas (Lowe 236). 
1493, Peter Greves (Savage 7). 
1514, William Inglande (Fisher 72). 
1516, John Knight (Fisher 74). 
1526, Gilbert Latham (Valor Ecclesiasticus). 
1546, Wilham Saxey (Holbeach 44). 
1567, Thomas Withers or Wedders (Guest 104). 
1569, Peter Henley (Guest 121). 
1576, Thomas Carter (Piers 150). 
1596, Tertullian Pine (Par, Reg.), 


1606, Richard Betts (Par. Reg.). 
1620, James Iken (Buckeridge 215). 
1641, Robert Betts {Warner 97). 
1655, William Hopkins (Par. Reg.). 
1665, John Watts (Dolben 22). 
1670, William Hopkins (Dolben 122). 
1686, John Hope (Muniments 16j. 
1705, Henry Bosse (Muniments 122). 
1737, John Taylor (Wilcocks 110). 
1757, Martin Barnes (Pearse 187). 
1760, John Lawson (Pearse 194). 
1781, Edward Oliver (Thomas 231). 
1818, George Cecil Renouard (King 326). 

1867, James Yates (Par. Reg.). 

1868, Thomas Henry Candy (Ex. Mon° Su°). 
1889, George Hale. 


A Church was built in 1894 and there is a modern Bell ; previously 
there had been an iron Church. The Parish was separated in 1883. 
The Register dates from 1885. The Plate consists of a silver gilt 
Cup and Paten, given by Frederick Anthony White, Esq., in 1901, 
and a Cup and Paten inscribed "From R. Chapman, Minister; 
R. Boardman, Warden; Burton Wood, 1748." The Bishop and 
Messrs. White are alternate Patrons, 

1881, Henry Russell Wakefield. 
1884, James Thomas Christie. 
1901, WiOiam McDonald Bottome. 


John Lucas founded a Chapel here (Edward III. 19), dedicated 
to the Virgin. There are no Chaplains given in the Episcopal 
Registers, but we find it mentioned as suppressed (temp. Edward 
VI.). Thorpe tells us the length of the walls north and south 
were 27ft. 4in., and the breadth east and west was 16ft., and that 
it was built of flints, and had been even then built into a house. 
A new Church was erected here in 1855 and 1856. The Registers 
date from 1857, and the Marriage from 1858. There is one Bell. 
The Patronage is in the hands of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. 
The Communion Plate consists of a silver gilt Flagon and Chalice 
and a Paten, besides a silver Set presented by the Committee of 
H.M.S. Worcester. 

1856, John Fuller Russell. 
1884, John Rhodes Hughes. 
1893, Charles Thomas Whitmell. 



St. Ethelbert, Tannington or Tattington cum 
Brundish, Suffolk. 

This Church has always been united to Brundish. They were in 
the gift of the Bishop of Rochester till 1846, when it passed to the 
Bishop of Norwich. The Communion Plate consists of two 
Patens, a Chalice and a Flagon, inscribed " Presented by the Rev. 
S. Barker, Vicar" (he was only Curate). The Baptismal Registers 
commence at Tannington, October 25th, 1539 ; at Brundish, June 
28th, 1562. The Marriage : Tannington, September 18th, 1539 ; 
Brundish, June 22nd, 1563. The Burials ; Tannington, May 13th, 
1539 ; Brundish, October 26th, 1563. The Church of Tannington 
has a Piscina and Sedilia ; besides the above there is a brass Alms 
Dish. There are five Bells. There is a Norman Doorway on the 
north, on the south a Porch, on which, in 1808, was an inscription. 
The Font is octagonal. There are remains of Stairs leading to the 
Rood Loft. There are also a Piscina and Sedilia at Brundish, the 
former of which is highly decorated. The Holy Water Stoup is 
on a pedestal on the right of the inner door There are two silver 
Patens, and a Chalice with silver handles, and a plated Flagon, in 
memory of F. C. Bond, 1898. There are two Bells. We give the 
Chaplains of Brundish in parallel column with the Vicars. 











Richard de Canefield 

Warinus de Shepreth (Ayre- 

minne II. 87). 
Walter Lyster de Donewich 

(Bateman IV. 92). 
Gervard Ruam (Bateman 

IV. 141). 

Robert Friseby (Islep341). 
Richard Carpenter (Percy 

V. 10). 

Thomas, probably the same 

as (Tanner MSS). 
Thomas Crondale (Tanner 

Robert Martyr (Spencer VI. 


1424, Henry Gardiner (Wakering 

VIII. 9). 

Robert Martin (Tanner MSS) . 
Thomas (Tanner MSS. 985). 

Thomas Crondale (Tanner 

MSS. 985). 
John Mayhew de Thurston 

(Tanner MSS. 985). 
Roger Everard (Tanner MSS. 


William de WoUughby (Tan- 
ner MSS. 985). 




1432, Robert Davy (Alnwick IX. 
William Andlton (Wellys 

1437, Robert Denys (Wellys 137). 

1438, John Dasch (Wellys 143) 

(Brown X, 18). 

1439, James Cobbold (Wellys 152). 
Richard Slybbard (Wellys 


1440, John Martyn (Wellys 156), 
1443, Richard Howard (Lowe 183) 

(Brown X. 51). 
1445, Thomas Dalby (Lowe 223). 
1449, Richard Gould (Le HertXI. 

1455, Alan Croft (Le Hert XI. 84). 

1460, John Dasson (Lowe 235). 

1461, William Parker (Le Hert XI. 

1471, William More (Le HertXI. 

1477, Robert Byrtby (Goldwell 

XII. 56). 

1483, Thomas Peryn. 





John Copyng 

XII. 113). 
Henry Baldre (Nikke XV. 







Greg, Dodd or Doddes 
(ThirlbyXVII. 53). 

John Branfield (Cranmer 115). 
Martin atte Welles (Hopton XVIII. 102). 
John Rutter (Hopton XVIII. 146). 
WiUiam Philpot (Parkehurst XIX. 156). 
Edmund Evans (Jegon XXII. 24). 
Robert Kinge (Brandish Register). 

Robert Parker (Tanner MSS. 

Henry Fenn (Tanner MSS. 

John Jenner (Tanner MSS. 


Richard Shelton (Tanner 

MSS. 985). 
John Hekker (Tanner MSS. 

George Wyndham (Tanner 

MSS. 985). 

John Person (Tanner MSS. 


1635, Edward Evans (Tannington and Brundish Registers). 

1650, Edmund Burgess (Tannington and Brundish Registers). 

1651, Thomas Dade (Tannington Register). 

1656, John Crapnell (Tanners MSS. and Registers). 

1681, Peter Clarke (Instit. Sparrow). 

1711, Thomas Sanderson (End of Muniments Rochester). 

1731, John Alexander (Bradford 79). 

1772, John Eade (Instit. Yonge). 

1811, David Davies (Instit. Bathhurst). 

1813, James Talman (King 307). 

1817, Richard Chapman (King 324). 

1836, Stanley Miller (Murray 67) (Ex. Mon° Su°). 

1878, William Walter Tyler. 

1888, James Amiraux Fletcher. 

1890, George William Jones. 

1908, Sydney Charles Ward. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Teston. Terstane. 

There was a Church here which paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the 
See of Rochester, according to Textus Roffensis. It was in the 
Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Mailing 
till 1846, when it became part of the Deanery of North Mailing, 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Diocese of Canterbury ; it is now 
in the Deanery of Mailing, Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester. 
In the early part of the nineteenth century the Clergyman used to 
have to go outside and go through the Church wall into the Pulpit. 
Little remains of the Old Church as it has been greatly altered by 
so called restorations. There are two Sedilia of the Decorated 
period. There are three modern Bells. The Flagon is of the date 
1696, and one Paten is of the date 1685, and another of the date 
1757. The Registers commence in 1583, but they were destroyed 
from 1784-1810, and during the rest of Mr. Kennedy's incumbency 
were very badly kept. The Patronage was with Leeds Abbey till 
the Reformation, since which time it has been in private hands. 
The Present Patron is Sir T. F. Buxton, Bart. 

1320, John de Thrulee (Hamo 45). 

1320, Roger de Herietsham (Hamo 45). 

1337, John de Acherstone de Litchfield (Hamo 170). 

Henry de Cheltenham. 
1341, John de Frodsham (Hamo 194). 
1346, Robert de Thruleigh (Hamo 223). 
1349, Thomas Gournay (Hamo 230). 
1349, July, Thomas Thong (Hamo 238). 
.1356, John Langar (Sheppey 286). 
1363, John Hoyden de Marden (Whittlesey 318). 
1372, Simon de Wacher (Trilleck 354). 

John Mayer. 
1398, John Mailing (Arundel 268) (Bottlesham 76). 


1399, John Martyn (W; Bottlesham 122). 

1400, John Miller. 

1400, John Moreyve (W. Bottlesham 141), 
1402, John Lynne (J. Bottlesham 172). 

Alan Catalyn. 
1457, William Lyncoln (Lowe 229). 

1462, Robert Byghall (Lowe 237). 

1463, Thomas Scheriff (Act. Cur. Consist 1453-1471). 
1513, Thomas Shelbeck (Fisher 62). 

1518, William Madock (Fisher 78). 

1525, Edward Watton (Fisher 132). 

1564, Robert Cadiste (Griffith 56). 

1580, Thomas Thompson (Yonge 163). 

1603, Edward Woden (Barlow 191). 

1621, Thomas Frost (Buckeridge 212). 

1628, Robert Trott (Par. Reg.). 

1642, Oliver North (Warner 94). 

1654, James Corbet (Dolben 119). 

1671, William Morris (Dolben 131). 

1673, Roger Banks (Par. Reg.). 

1682, Henry Cornwallis (Bishop's Instit. 33). 

1710, Thomss Harper (Bishop's Instit. 39). 

1711, John Richards (Atterbury 12). 
1741, William Johnson (Wilcocks 105). 
1761, Duncan Menzies (Pearse 198). 
1782, James Ramsay (Thomas 233). 
1789, John Kennedy (Thomas 248). 

1820, Honble. Francis James Noel (King 331). 

1854, Charles Harbin. 

1875, Clement Francis Cobb. 

1896, George Everard. 

1899, Francis George Oliphant. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Tonbridge. Tonebregge. 

This Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. 
It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester and Deanery 
of Mailing till 1846, when it was held in the Diocese of Canterbury, 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of South Mailing. It 
now belongs to the Deanery and Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and 
the See of Rochester. The Church belonged to the Knights of 
St. John of Jerusalem, but since the Reformation, it has been in 
private hands. The oldest part of the Church is the twelfth 
century Chancel. The Arch and the Tower as far as the Belfry 
floor, was probably built early in the thirteenth century. The 
north Aisle was added in the fifteenth century, when perhaps the 
Tower was raised to its present height. The Nave and south Aisle 
were rebuilt in 1812 and 1876. There are eight eighteenth century 
Bellss There are some noticeable Monuments, amongst which, 
those to Richard Children, Esq., Sir Anthony Denton, and those 


to Dr. Vicesimus and Dr. Thomas Knox are most remarkable. 
There are a Paten and Alms Dish that are inscribed ' ' The gift of an 
Unknown Parson, Decbr. ye 25 1719 to ye Church of Tonbridge." 
There are also a Chalice dated 1760, and a second Paten dated 
1784, also two old pewter Cups, and a modern silver Flagon and 
two Cups. The Registers date from 1547. The present Patron is 
J. F. W. Deacon, Esq. 


1267, Brother Henry, Master of the Hospital of St. John, at 

1274, William de Ver (Ex autograph penes, Dec. et Cap. Roffen). 
1320, Roger (Turner and Coxe's Calender of Charters). 
1330, Hamo de Lavenham (Hamo 89). 
1340, John de Beyham (Hamo 193). 
1350, Robert de Denington (Sheppey 260). 
1363, John Tilehurst (Whittlesey 10). 
1367, Thomas Draper (Langham 99). 
1383, Hugh Brymlyng (Whittlesey 46). 
1393, Thomas Smyth (W. Bottlesham 38). 
1399, John Erpingham (W. Bottlesham 135). 

John Aston, Senior. 
1424, John Aston, Junior (Langdon 24). 

1432, William More (Langdon 94). 

1433, John West (Langdon 97). 
1438, Wilham Rowe (Wellys 140). 
1454, John Ifield (Lowe 226). 
1463, Alan Braytofte (Lowe 292). 

William Tenge. 

1499, Henry Fenrother (Fitzjames 23). 

1500, William Borowe (Fitzjames 27). 

1529, John Barlow (Archd. Vis. Vol. I.). 

1530, William Dewnett (Fisher 160). 
1532, John Mann (Fisher 181). 

John May. 
1546, Ralph Breyne (Holbeach 40). 
1555, William Charlton (GrifBth 85). 
1585, John Stockwood (Yonge 167). 
1610, William Lea (Neale 214). 

1617, Edward Ashburham (Par. Reg.) (Proceedings in Kent). 
1649, John Stileman (Parliamentary Surveys). 
1685, Richard Higgins (Muniments 1). 
1705, John Tristram (Muniments 83). 
1712, WilUam Davis (Muniments 88). 
1744, John Elton (Par. Reg.). 
1747, John Hemington (Wilcocks 155). 
1756, Henry Harper (Pearse 182). 

1791, John Rawson Papillon (Thomas 251). • 

1804, Philip Papillon (Dampier 275). 


1812, Sir Charles Hardinge (King 291). 

1864, John Thomas Manley. 

1890, Thomas Howard Gill. 

1894, Charles Gardiner Baskerville. 

Priory of St. Mary Magdalen, Tonbridge. 

This Priory was founded by Richard de Clare in 1124, for the 
Monks of the Order of St. Augustine. He gave the Monks live 
and dead wood from the forest, one stag on St. Mary Magdalene's 
day (July 22nd) and pannage for hogs (120). In 1351 the Priory 
was destroyed by fire. It was suppressed before the Valor 
Ecclesiasticus in 1525, The Churches of Leigh, Mereworth, 
Tudely, and Strateshelle, as well as Yalding and its Chapel of 
Brenchley, were in their gift. The last remains of the Priory 
were done away with in 1844, when Tonbridge goods station was 

1191, John (Hamo 141). 

1267, Peter (Hamo 34). 

1273, David (Turner and Coxe's Calendar). 

1278, John (Placit de jure et assiz in Kent, Rot. 55 and 57 

Edward I.). 
1311, Roger (Turner and Coxe's Calendar). 
1316, John (Pat. Roll 16, Richard II. p. 2) (Turner and Coxe's 

Calendar) . 
1337, William de Frindsbury (Pat. Roll 16, Richard II., p. 2). 
1344, William de Mailing (Pat. Roll 16, Richard II., p. 2). 
1349, Nicholas, perhaps de Faversham (Turner and Coxe's 

Calendar) . 
1353, William de Mailing again (as above). 
1361, John de Peckham (Islep 226). 
1377, Robert de Mallynge (Sudbury 57). 
1379, Robert de Maydenstane (Sudbury 57). 
1406, Thomas Lewes (Turner and Coxe's Calendar). 
1444, William Wellys (Lowe). 
1452, Thomas Burton (Stafford 207) (Act. Cur. Consist 1471-1503). 

William Smyth. 
1512, Richard Tomlin (Fisher 103). 
1524, William (Arch. Cant. xjv.). 

St. Stephen's, Tonbridge. 

This Church was built in 1840. It has three Bells. The 
Registers commence in 1852. The Plate consists of two Chalices, 
two Patens, and a Flagon of silver, also a brass Alms Dish, which 
was given by the late Vicar in memory of his wife, in 1891. The 
Patrons are J. F. W. Deacon, Esq., and others, 

1841, Thomas Ward Franklyn (Murray 78). 

1852, Charles Dallas Marston. 

1856, William Owen. 


1862, Richard Lee Allnutt. 
1884, George Noel Storrs. 
1901, David IWacklin Braby Chapman. 

St. Saviour's, Dry Hill, Tonbridge. 

This Church was built in 1876, from which time the Register 
dates. It has a modern Bell. The Baptismal Register dates from 
1,876. There are two Chalices, two Patens, and a Flagon of silver 
and a brass Alms Dish. It is not detached from the Parish Church, 

1877, John Collier Barker. 

1892, Charles Archer. 

1896, Arthur Swinton Weatherhead. 

1900, William Marcus Falloon. 

1905, H. C. McNeill. 

Tonbridge School. 

This School was founded by Sir Andrew Judd, Lord Mayor of 
London, 1550-1, and endowed further by his grandson. Sir Thomas 
Smythe. The first Headmaster was appointed in 1553. They 
have all been Clergymen till the last was appointed. 

1553, John Proctor. 

1559, John Lever. 

1574, John Stockwood. 

1586, Wilham Hatch. 

1615, Michael Jenkins. 

1624, Joel Callis. 

1637, William Newman. 

1640, Thomas Home. 

1649, Nicholas Grey. 

1660, John Goad. 

1662, Christopher Wase. 

1668, Thomas Roots. 

1743, James Cawthorn. 

1761, Johnson Towers. 

1771, Vicesimus Knox. 

1778, Vicesimus Knox, junr. 

1812, Thomas Knox. 

1843, James Ind Welldon. 

1875, Theophilus Barton Rowe. 

1890, Joseph Wood. 

1899, Charles Coverdale Tancock. 

1908, Charles Lowry. 

King Charles the Martyr, Tonbridge Wells. 

This Church was opened in 1684, and was enlarged in 1882. It 
stands on the borders of Kent and Sussex, in the parishes of 
Tonbridge, Speldhurst and Frant. There is a Bell, dated 1825. 


The Register dates from 1723. There are a Flagon, Paten and 
Chalice, dated 1682, There are also a ChaHce and Paten of 
Sheffield plate. The Pulpit is of the same date as the Church. 
The Patrons are Trustees. This, with all the other parishes in 
Tonbridge Wells, now form part of the Deanery of the same name 
as do also those of Southborough. 

1701, Andrew Archer. 
1705, David Waterhouse. 
1715, Andrew Archer (again). 
1723, John Elton. 
1744, William Dowden. 
1768, Thomas Forster. 
1786, Martin Benson. 
1831, Henry Arthur Woodgate. 
1836, William Law Pope. 
1878, Lewen Street Tugwell. 
1897, Archibald Downes Shaw. 
1902, Arthur Best' Oliver. 

Holy Trinity, Tonbridge Wells. 

This Church was consecrated in 1829, from which time the 
Register dates. It has three Bells. There are a silver Flagon, 
four Chalices, and two Patens. It is in private patronage. The 
present Patron is J. F. W. Deacon, Esq. 

1829, Henry Arthur Woodgate, 
1833, John Norman Pearson. 

1854, Edward Hoare. 

1894, David James Stather Hunt. 

Christchurch, Tonbridge Wells. 

This Church was consecrated in 1841, from which time the 
Register dates. There is one Bell. The parish was separated in 
1856. The Patrons are Trustees, There are a silver Flagon, two 
Chalices, Paten, and Alms Dish, dated 1846, 

1855, Thomas Ward Franklyn, 
1857, Joseph Ridgeway, 

1871, Thomas Edward Franklyn, 
1875, Lancelot Charles Walford, 
1897, Charles Edward Storey. 

St. James', Tonbridge Wells. 

This Church was built in 1862, at which time the Register 
commences. The Patrons are Trustees. There is a modern Bell. 
The Communion Plate consists of a silver mounted glass Flagon, 
two jewelled silver Chalices, three Patens of Silver, and one silver 
Alms Dish, in memory of Major William Bartram, 1897, and two 
Alms Dishes of brass. 


1862, Christopher Ridley Pearson. 
1882, Ernest Augustus Eardley Wilmot. 

1886, Avison Terry Scott. 

St. John's, Tonbridge Wells. 

This Church was consecrated in 1858, when the Register begins. 
There is one Bell. The Patrons are Trustees. There is a silver 
Flagon, Chalice and Paten, likewise a plated set used at a Mission 
Church . 

1858, Thomas Woods Western. 

1891, Henry Edwyn Eardley 

St. Peter's, Tonbridge Wells. 

This Church was erected in 1875. There are six Bells. The 
Patrons are the Trustees. The Registers commence 1875. There 
are an electro-plate Flagon, Chalice and Paten, and a brass Alms 

1875, Algernon Howell Smith. 
1885, Joseph Edmund Rogers. 

1892, Robert William Atkinson. 
1895, Charles Courtenay. 

St. Barnabas, Tonbridge Wells. 

This Church was erected in 1881. It has a modern Bell. The 
Register dates from 1882. It is in the gift of Keble College. 
There are a silver gilt Chalice and Paten. 

1881, Henry Shrubb Iredell. 

St. Peter's, Southborough, Tonbridge, with 

This Church was built in 1830, from which time the Register 
commences. It has a Tower and six Bells, which were hung in 
memory of Rev. S. H. Langston. The Baptism and Marriage 
Registers date from 1845 and the Burials from 1847. There are 
one Flagon, two Chalices, two Patens and an Alms Dish of silver. 
The Patrons are Trustees. Christchurch is a Mission Church. 

1830, John Tucker (Murray 34). 

1833, Honble. Musgrave Alured Henry Harris (Murray 50). 

1836, Thomas William Carr (Murray 64). 

1841, Charles Bigsby (Murray 78). 

1847, Stephen Hart Langston. 

1871, James Brook. 

1872, Henry Christopher Elliss. 
1881, William Hay Chapman. 

1887, Henry Woodhouse Dearden. 

1893, Thomas Graham, 

the ebcoeds of eochbstbe. 287 

St. Thomas, Southborough, Tonbridge. 

This Church was built in 1850 at the expense of the late Mrs. 
Pugh, whose Trustees are Patrons. There are two Bells dated 
1904. An Aisle was added in 1879, the Vestry enlarged in 1881, and 
the Roof was raised and the Transept added in 1889. The 
Registers commence in 1861. There are two silver Cups dated 
1861 ; there is a silver plate, presented by Mrs. Blackburn-Maze in 
1871, a silver Flagon and a Brass Alms Dish. 

1850, Henry Julian Bigsby. 

1890, Edward Arthur Bradney Bockett. 
1899, Charles Stuart Parker Darroch. 

St. Matthew's, Southborough, Tonbridge. 

This Church was opened in 1889. The Patrons are Trustees. 
The Pulpit Rail was presented by Beatrice Mabel Venner. The 
Registers date from 1901. There is one Bell. There are a plated 
Flagon, Cup and Paten, and a bronze Alms Dish. 

1889, Thomas William Graham. 

St. John the Baptist, Hildenborough, Tonbridge. 

This Church was erected in 1844 from which time the Registers 
cominence. There are Tubular Chimes for bells. The Vicar of 
Tonbridge is the Patron. There are a Flagon, Paten on Foot, and 
Chalice, and a small Chalice and Paten, and also a brass Alms 

1884, Edward Vinall (Murray 88). 

1891, Markby Janeiro Thorton Boys. 

1894, Robert Leighton George Pidcock, 
1901, James Stone. 

Tonbridge Union. 

There was a Chapel built here in 1870. There are two sets of 
Communion Vessels. 

1836, George Stephen Woodgate. 

1871, George William Dodd. 

1883, Ernest Augustus Eardley Wilmot. 

1885, Joseph Stratton. 

1887, Henry Snook Gardiner. 

1895, Avison Terry Scott. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Trotterscliffe. Trottesliui. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 9 
denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The Church was 
originally in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester, and the 
Deanery of Mailing, till 1846, when it was transferred to the Diocese 
of Canterbury, and Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Deanery of 


North Mailing ; it is now in the Diocese of Rochester and Arch- 
deaconry of Tonbridge, and the Deanery of Mailing. There are 
signs in the building of an erection earlier than Norman. The 
Chancel was built in Early Norman times ; the east and north walls 
of the Chancel give good examples of this Norman work. The 
Tower was built in the thirteenth century, but was repaired about 
1509. A huge Sarson Stone is built into the Church. The Pulpit 
once belonged to Westminster Abbey. There is a decorated 
Piscina. There is also a decorated Window, with coloured glass, 
representing the Trinity. The Bell is dated 1639-40. The Chalice 
is of the date 1576-7 ; the Paten dates from 1699-1700. A silver 
Alms Dish was given by Rev. W. Crawford in 1821, and there is a 
modern Flagon. The Registers commence in 1599. The Living 
was in the gift of the Bishop of Rochester, but early in the last 
century it passed into the hands of the Lord Chancellor until the 
present Rector became his own Patron, his father having obtained 
the Living. There is a Brass here to William Cotton. 

1176, Robert (Reg. Roff.). 

1185 and 1214, John (Reg. Roff.). 

1238, James (Reg. Roff.). 

1250, Nicholas de Rokelunde (Hamo 24). 

Reginald Poynz. 
1327, Edmund Robyns (Hamo). 

Richard de London. 
1332, John de Denyngton (Hamo 153). 
1337, William de Middletone (Hamo 172). 
1341, John de Everying (Hamo 195). 
1347, John Gilbert (Hamo 225). 

John de Bradeway. 
1349, John de Cranbourne (Hamo 253). 

Robert de Vaghne. 
1355, Stephen Randulph (Sheppey 283). 

John Wolfetche. 
1361, June 29, WilUam atte Dene (Islep 225). 
1361, July 5, Robert Fynchecok (Islep 225). 
1361, Aug. 2, John de Hanneye (Islep 225) (Langham 23). 
1369, John de Whytecherche (Trilleck 341). 
1400. John Cheyne (J. Bottlesham ISO). 
1413, John Putteneye (Arundel II. 67). 

Thomas Wale, 
1424-5, Feb., John Mankyn (Langdon 30). 
1425, Nov., Henry Adesham (Langdon 74). 

Andrew Malton. 
1434, Roger Haynes (Langdon 98). 
1439, Marmaduke Skelton (Wellys 147). 
1471-2, Mar., John Bolun (Ex. Test" John Chaunceller). 
1483-4, Richard Bonde (Ex. Test" William Cotton). 
1497, Thomas Cartewrighte (Fitzjames 19). 
1499-1500, Jan., Richard Carpinter (Fitzjames 24). 


1500, Oct., Alexander Bukley (Fitzjames 24). 

1513, Marmaduke Waldeby (Fisher 71). 

1515, Thomas Schawe (Fisher 72). 

1543, Thomas Bull (Heath 5). 

1546, Bartholomew Bowsfell or Bowsfielde (Holbeach 43). 

1554, Robert Salisbury (Griffiths 55). 

1560, Bartholomew Bowsfell or Bowsfielde, restored (Guest 83). 

1578, Thomas Bowsfielde (Yonge 161). 

1589, Thomas Rither (Soc. Antiq. MSS., Thorpe 42). 

1608, Thomas Busfielde or Bowsfielde (Soc. Antiq. MSS. Thorpe 

1621, Edmund Jackson (Lib. Comp.). 

John Clarke (Par. Reg.). 
1652, John Head (Lib. Comp.) (Par. Reg.). 
1658, William Woodward (Par. Reg.). 
1662, Edward Archbold (Warner 98). 

1690, John Cooper (Muniments 5). 

1691, Edward Roman (Muniments 7). 

1692, Thomas Brett (Muniments 9). 
1695, John Warren (Muniments 10). 
1709, Charles Lamb (Muniments 38). 

1723, Bartholomew Hughes (Bradford 52). 

1724, Thomas Cockman (Bradford 56). 
1744, John Elton (Wilcocks 144). 
1747, James Webb (Wilcocks 152). 
1759, Francis Lloyd (Pearce 192). 
1779, Francis Taynton (Thomas 230). 
1794, WilUam Crawford (Horsley 256). 
1827, Edward John Shepherd (Percy 20). 
1875, Charles William Shepherd. 

All Saints', Tudely. Theudelel 

There was a Church here in Domesday times which paid 9 denarii 
chrism fee to the See of Rochester. The Church has a square red 
brick Tower, built perhaps in 1765, as in the Chatham Register we 
learn that the Church was rebuilt at that period, and much of its 
early details have been destroyed, either then or during the last 
restoration. There are three eighteenth century Bells. There is a 
Brass to Thomas Stydolph. The Registers begin in 1560 ; in them 
we read that the parish was so neglected that no alms were given 
at all from 1756 to 1783 ; the Registers have themselves been kept 
most carelessly, and some are lost. The Cup and Paten Cover are 
dated 1569. The Patronage belonged to the Tonbridge Monastery 
till the Reformation, when it was given by Henry VIII. to Wolsey 
for his new College, which, however, enjoyed it only for four years, 
when it was again forfeited to the Crown. Edward VI., in his 
first year, granted the advowson to Sir Walter Hendley, since 
which time it has been in private patronage The present Patron 
is Lord Falmouth, 


1252, John (Hamo 14). 

1328, John (Hamo 60). 

1349, John Englaten de Ossington (Hamo 248). 

Thomas atte Gate. 
1390, John Rycheman (W. Bottlesham 4). 
1397, Richard Tickhill (W. Bottlesham 111). 
1401, William Estcourt (J. Bottlesham 158). 

John Aspewell. 
1418, WilUam Appleby (Chichele I. 65). 

John Sugglesthorne. 

1425, John Filboyne (Langdon 72). 

1426, Robert Horton (Langdon 76). 
John Pery. 

1442, Arthur Webster (Wellys 181). 

1447, John Wode (Lowe 229). 

1462, Robert Godchill or Goldhill or Gadshill (Lowe 236). 

1478, Thomas Brown (Bourgchier 118). 

Richard Person. 
1515, Henry Smith (Fisher 73). 
1529, Edward Keet (Fisher 150). 
1538, Hugh Owen (Hilsey 2). 

1540, Thomas Starkey, Act Cur. Consist (1513-1548). 
1544, John Gaile (Heath 9). 
1570, John Harris (Gheast 116). 
1596, Nicholas Pownall (Archid Visit). 
1598, Robert Newman (Archid Visit). 
1624, Thomas Tharry (Buckeridge 210). 
1638, Edward Wallis (Walkers Suffering Clergy II 399 and 

Proceedings in Kent). 
1660, Samuel Vanderlure (Ex-epitaphio). 
1700, Stephen Lyon (Muniments 64). 
1702, Edward Dering (Muniments 81). 
1715, Wilfred Pyemont (Atterbury 19). 
1726, Stephen Cowper (Wilcocks 56). 
1750, John Hedges (Wilcocks 166). 
1787, John Loop (Thomas 245). 
1801, Joseph Sanderson (Dampier 270). 
1805, James Plenry Stapleton (Dampier 282). 
1805, Joseph Sanderson, again (King I. 314). 
1818, William Salmon (King I. 326). 
1827, Honble. John Miles Stapleton (King II. 17). 
1830, Richard Boys (Murray 35). 
1832, Honble. Sir Francis Stapleton (Murray 45). 
1874, William Edward Hayman. 
1889, Frederick Case. 
1894, George Louis Lachlan, 

the kbcobds of eochbstee. 291 

St. John the Baptist, Wateringbury. "Wotringberia. 
Once spelt Otteringbury, 

This Church was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester 
and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it was transferred to the 
Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery 
of North Mailing ; it is now in the Diocese of Rochester, Arch- 
deaconry of Tonbridge, and Deanery of Mailing. The Church 
paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. There are no 
visible remains of the Norman Church, but the Tower and Font 
and parts of the Church show fourteenth century work. The 
Church was restored in 1824, and in 1885 the Steeple was destroyed 
by fire, and more restoration took place, There are six Bells. 
There is a fine Monumenr to Oliver Style, Esq. , and Gravestones 
to his family. There is, in the Vestry, the curious staff, with a 
spike, called the Borsholder. In the Churchyard is a noteworthy 
Sundial, and a Tomb to Henry Crowe, the inventor of the 
Seaman's Octant. The Register dates from 1706. There is a 
Chalice of the date 1652-3. The Flagon and Paten were given by 
Lady Elizabeth Style at her decease in 1757, and a gilt Cup with 
Cover was given by Mr. and Mrs. Lucas in 1849. The Abbey of 
Leeds held the Patronage till the Reformation ; since that time it 
has belonged to the Dean and Chapter of Rochester. 
Walter (temp Henry II.) (Reg. Roif.). 

1274-8, Walter (Tonitriuus 12) (Reg. Roff.). 

1335, John de Frodsham (Hamo 164). 

1341, Henry de Cheltenham (Hamo 194). 

1349, William Richmont (Hamo 214). 

1363, John de Hollingbourne (Islep 300). 

1363, John Fickays (Whittlesey 288). 

1366, John Bateres (Trilleck 324). 

1369, Henry de Holcombe (Trilleck 341). 

1392, John atte Store (W. Bottlesham 35). 

1393, John de Apuldre (W. Bottlesham 37). 
1403, Simon Bakhouse ((J. Bottlesham 155). 
1402, July, John More (J. Bottlesham 174). 
1402, Dec, Richard Stoke (J. Bottlesham 185). 
1403-4, Feb., John Grayewe (J. Bottlesham 185). 
1403-4, Mar., Hugh Frost (J. Bottleham 185). 
1422, Thomas Wardeyn (Langdon 10). 

1430, Thomas Brygge alias Brigge (Langdon 92). 

1434, William lUory (Chichele I. 205). 

1435, William Stanelly (Langdon 115). 
1441, John Burton (Wellys 166). 

1448, William Kene (Lowe 216). 

1449, Robert Tannaby (date when Kene went to West Barming). 
1451, Richard Whyte (Lowe 221). 

1455, Hugh Burton (Lowe 223). 

1486, Richard Averell (Ex. autograph penes D. and C. Roff.), 


1507, John Kyforte (Fisher 34). 
1527, Thomas Smythson (Fisher 137). 
1541, John Gorell (Heath 26), 
1545, WilUam Furysse (Heath 28). 
1545, William Smytlie (Ridley 45). 

1548, Crosier Hawke (Ridley 47). 

1549, William Wheler (Ridley 173). 
1566, Robert Willis (Vis. Archid, Vol. I.). 
1568, Robert Calverley (Gheast 107). 
1598, Thomas Brande (Yonge 184). 

1619, Francis Warrell (Buckeridge 215). 
1652, Benjamin Cutler (Par. Reg.). 
1695, James Hunter (Muniments 22). 
1729, George Charlton (Bradford 77). 

1735, Walter Hodges (Wilcocks 102). 

1736, John Butler (Wilcocks 106). 
1747, John Upton (Wilcocks 153). 
1750, Richard Husband (Wilcocks 164). 

1769, John Law (Pearse 214). 

1770, Robert Style (Pearse 214). 
1800, Thomas Willis (Horsley 268). 

1827, Honble. Jacob Marsham (Murray 24). 
1840, Henry Stevens (Murray 74). 
1877, Spencer William Phillips. 
1895, Greville Mairis Livett. 

St. Mary's, Westerham. Oistreham. 

The Church is mentioned as paying 9 denarii chrism to the See 
of Rochester, and was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of 
Rochester and Deanery of Mailing till 1846, when it was transferred 
to the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and 
Deanery of Shoreham ; in 1905 it was placed in the Diocese of 
Rochester, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and Deanery of Shoreham. 
In 1909 it became part of the Deanery of Sevenoaks. Nearly the 
whole Church has been rebuilt and was reopened in 1883. There 
are, however, some remains of the early Church, notably a fourteenth 
century Priests' Door on the north and some old masonry near the 
Tower. There are eight Bells. There is a Communion Cup with 
Paten Cover of the date 1586. There is a Flagon given by Nicholas 
Manning, Esq., in 1720 ; also an Alms Dish, presented by Nicholas 
Crisp, Esq., in 1691 ; and a highly Decorated silver gilt Cup, 
probably of Nuremberg work surmounted by a Warrior, perhaps 
St. George ; it is most likely not ecclesiastical, it is sixteenth century 
work ; and two silver Alms Dishes, the gift of Thomas Hardy, in 
1720. The Registers commence in 1559, and are very well kept, 
but they were transcribed by order of Archdeacon Denne ; they 
contain the Baptisms of the notorious Bishop Hoadly, and the 
famous General Wolfe and his brother. There are numerous 
Monuments to the Warde family, and Indian and Crimean heroes, 


but more especially we must call attention to the one to General 
Wolfe. The Registers bear testimony that the principal employ- 
ments of the villagers in days gone by were weaving and hawking. 
The Living, which had attached to it, Edenbridge, till 1860, was 
given by Queen Eleanor, in 1290, to the Prior and Convent of 
Christchurch, Canterbury, with whom it remained till the 
Reformation, when it became the gift of the Crown ; afterwards it 
was granted to Sir Thomas Gresham, in whose family it remained 
for seventy years ; since then it has been in several hands. A 
Font given by Mrs. Bosworth, in memory of her sons, displaced 
the old Font which was given to Tatsfield ; this Font, of the 
Decorated period, which is octagon, on a shaft, has now been 
restored to Westerham. The present Patron is J. Board, Esq. 

1278, Ralph (Reg. Roff.). 

1327, Richard Haute (Hamo 38). 

1327, Robert Hathebrande or Herebrande (Hamo 38). 

1337, George Horton of Nettlestede (Hamo 171). 

Walter Bartholomew. 
1344, John atte Lecha (Hamo 210). 

Thomas de la Poer. 
1396, William Skrekyngton de Sibthorpe (W. Bottlesham 88). 
1404, July, John Golde (Arundel I. 297). 

1404, August, Thomas CoUyer (Arundel I. 227) (Langdon 29). 
1425, John Paynton (Langdon 57). 

John Sunderesshe, obijt 1426 (Levison Gore's Westerham). 
1427, Clement Denslowe (Langdon 82). 
1439, John Fridyll. 

1439, Thomas Smyth (Wellys 149). 

1440, Thomas Kyrkebrid (Wellys 156). 
1448, John Spichen (Lowe 217). 

John Murchon. 
1452, John Betteyn (Lowe 222). 
1455, Thomas Olyff (Lowe 228). 

1460, Thomas Houghton (Lowe 232). 

1461, Thomas Maryndale (Lowe 233). 
1466, Thomas Pen (Lowe 246). 

Bryan Colteherste, Vicar 1499 (Levison Gower's Westerham) 
1504, Robert Pele (Fisher 40). 

1540, William Devenyshe (Levison Gower's Westerham). 
1554 Pauly Frenche (Griffyth 54). 

1560, Thomas Sylvester (Archid Visit I). 

1561, Thomas Dilworth (Guest 93). 
1580, John Studeley (Yonge 164). 
1606, Christopher Dale (Par. Reg.) 

1626, Edward Grevill (Buckeridge 223). 

1627, Charles Braye (Buckeridge 227) . 
1651, George Cooke (Churchwardens Books). 
1655, Thomas Walter (Churchwardens Books). 
1657, William Hollands (Churchwardens Books). 


Grindal Sheaf e (Levison Gower's Westerhara). 
1661, Edward Lorkin (Levison Gowers Westerham). 
1667, Joseph Till (Dolben 119). 
1674, Walter Saltmarsh (Par. Reg.). 
1696, George Sclater (Muniments 31). 
1706, George Lewis, Senr. (Muniments 85). 
1749, George Lewis, Junr. (Wilcocks 159). 
1771, John Bodicoate (Pearse 217). 
1792, Richard Board (Thomas 252). 
1860, Henry Charles Bartlett. 

1900, Sydney le Mesurier. 

Holy Trinity, Crockham Hill, Westerham. 

This Church was built in 1841, and the Registers date from 1842. 
It was erected at the sole expense of Charles Warde, Esq., of 
Squerries. There are two Chalices, two Patens and a Flagon, and 
another Paten on foot, all of silver. There is one Bell. The 
Patronage belongs to the Warde family. Lieut. -Col. Warde is the 

1842, John Williams Clarke (Murray 81). 
1849, Charles Smart Caffin. 

1852, Augustus William Wairde. 

1853, Charles Matthew Robins. 
1859, Richard Vincent. 

1865, John Erskine Campbell Colquhon. 
1870, Richard Alexander Boyle. 
1180, George Herbert Johnson. 
1887, Cameron Churchill. 

1901, Charles Alder Stubbs. 

St. Michael's, East Wickham, Wickham. 

This Chureh was long a Chapelry of Plumstead, with which it 
was held till 1854. It is a small structure of flint and stone, and 
the Chancel is scarcely to be distinguished from the Nave There 
is a decorated Font, and the whole Church appears to belong to 
this period. The early Registers and the Plate were stolen, but 
there are a handsome highly decorated hand beaten Chalice, and 
modern Paten of silver, and a silver plated Alms Dish, presented' 
by Revd. T. E. Wynne in 1883, and a handsome bronze Alms 
Dish. In the Church is the famous iron Treasury Chest presented 
by Sir John Hawkins, Queen Elizabeth's famous admiral. The 
lock covers the whole lid inside and is engraved with fanciful 
designs of mermaids. The Church was in the Diocese and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester, and Deanery of Dartford till 1836, when it 
became part of the Diocese of London, Archdeaconry of Southwark 
and new Rural Deanery of Woolwich, In 1867 it was with the 
rest of Woolwich Deanery restored to the Diocese and Archdeaconry 


of Rochester. It now forms part of the Deanery of Woolwich, 
Archdeaconry of Lewisham and Diocese of Southwark. The 
Patrons now are the Dean and Chapter of Southwark. 

1854, Henry Andrew Paul. 
1883, Thomas Edward Wynne. 
1886, John Middleton Beynon. 
1906, Frederick Charles Cowen. 

St. John the Baptist, West Wickham. Wichham. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 9 
denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester according to Textus 
Roffensis It was in the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Rochester 
and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, when it was transferred to the 
See of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Deanery of 
Croydon. The Registers date from 1358. One Chalice and two 
Patens dated 1790 and a Chalice and Paten dated 1889 are of silver. 
A Flagon, Paten, and Alms Dish are plated, and there is also a 
pewter Chalice. The living has always been in private patronage. 
The Lich Gate is very ancient. There is also a handsome screen. 
The Brass to William de Thorp in 1407 is noticeable. Probably 
Hasted 's date of the Church is too late. The present Church 
(according to Hasted) was built in Henry VII. 's days. The 
Windows of the Lady Chapel are very ancient, and perhaps of 
fifteenth century glass. They represent the Virgin and Child, a. 
kneeling skeleton with the arms of Heydon, St. Christopher bearing 
Christ, St. Anne teaching the Virgin, the Mater Dolorosa, St. 
Dorothea offering a rose to Christ, and St. Catharine of Alexandra. 
There are five Bells, four of which are seventeenth century. The 
present Patron is Sir H. F. Lennard. 

1293, Nicholas Louseby, alias Lingspeye (Placet de Jure Assiz in 

Com. Kent, Temp. Edward II.). 
1324, Peter de St. John (Hamo 65). 
1327, Walter de Cestreford (Hamo 78). 
1344, Richard atte Letche (Hamo 210). 
1349, John Stanisfield (Sheppey 285). 

1361, Robert de Mildenhale (Sheppey 304). 

1362, Richard de Brantingham (Sheppey). 
Stephen Contonte. 

1364, William Minchenlane (Trilleck 321). 

John Bedford. 
1393, June, John Kelymarsh (W. Bottlesham 40). 
1393, Aug., William Stanston (W. Bottlesham 41). 

WiUiam de Thorp, obijt 1407 (Ex. Mon° Su°). 
1407, * » * 
1410, WilUam Malpas (Chichele 140). 
1422, John Smith (Langdon 66) . 

1424, Henry Perbron (Landon 74). 

1425, Clement Denton (Langdon 81). 


1427, Roger Cobbe (Langdon 83). 

1429, John Standolf or Standulph (Langdon 85). 

1431, Robert Berton, alias Waite (Langdon 92). 

John Clerk. 
1437, William de Tabbard (Lowe 212). 

* * * 

John Stockton, obijt 1515 (Ex. Mon" Su"). 
1515, John Deane (Fisher 74). 
1558, William ffan (Griffith 82). 
1572, John Cook (Gheast 116). 

Richard Crowe, obijt 1582 (Ex. Test" Su"). 
1582, John Lang (Act Vis. Archid.). 
1619, Daniel Cockerell (Par. Reg.). 
1630, Charles Bray (Par. Reg.). 
1657, John Bunting, obijt 1680 (Warner 103). 
1680, * * * 
1696, Edward Taylor (Par. Reg.). 
1705, Charles Humfreys (Par. Reg.). 
1720, Christopher Hussey (Atterbury 4). 
1761, Henry Austen (Pearse 197). 

1785, Austen Sackville (Thomas 238). 

1786, Joseph Faulder (Thomas 240). 

1808, Randolph Richard Knipe (Dampier 288). 
1814, Sir Cnarles Francis Farnaby, Bart. (King 312). 
1848, John Thomas Austen. 
1876, Ythil Arthur Barrington. 
1884, Harry Bertie Roberts. 

St. Michael and All Angels', Wilmington. Wilmintuna. 

The Church paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester, 
according to Textus Roffensis. It was in the Diocese and Arch- 
deaconry of Rochester and Deanery of Dartford till 1846, when it 
was placed in the Diocese of Canterbury, Archdeaconry of 
Maidstone, and Deanery of East Dartford, and now it is in the 
Diocese and Archdeanery of Rochester, and Deanery of Dartford. 
In 1253 the advowson was given by Bishop Laurence de St. Martin 
to the Monks of Rochester ; it was then held as a Chapel of 
Sutton-at-Hone, as was also Kingsdown ; it was, however, then 
provided that each parish should have its own Vicar. At the 
Reformation the advowson was given to the Dean and Chapter of 
Rochester. The Bells are three, of the seventeenth century. The 
Tower and wooden Spire are preserved on the west by singular 
facings of cement and cement butresses, all are quite modern 
outside. There is a Norman Font and Piscina and Jacobean Pulpit. 
The Registers date from 1683. The Cup was given by Anna 
Bathurst, also the Paten in 1697. The Registers are very 
dilapidated till the time of Rev. J. Percival. There is a Brass 
Inscription to Oliver Godfrey, but the figure is gone. 

the eecoeds of roche stbb. 297 


1328, John Reginald de Chetham (Hamo 127). 
1347, William Gerveys (Hamo 167). 
1349, Apr., Payne of Walsingham (Hamo 242). 
1349, July, Thomas Gournay (Hamo 249). 
1349, Sept., John de Canefield (Hamo 250). 
1349, Robert de Laundene (Hamo 254). 
1353, Solomon Radenore (Sheppey 259). 
1355, John de Hasleden (Sheppey 284). 
1357, Robert Gerard (Sheppey 289). 

1361, John de Camelton (Sheppey 304). 
James, son of Hugh. 

1362, William Gilbert (Whittlesey 309). 
William Sclater. 

1391, John Mason (W. Bottlesham 23). 

1426, John Hirst (Langdon 74). 

1427, Thomas Boteler (Langdon 82). 
1433, William Strikeland (Langdon 97). 
1447, Thomas Dalby (Lowe 212). 
1456, John Marshall (Lowe 223). 

1463, John Wellys, obijt 1475, Kx. Test" Su° (Lowe). 

1475, • * * 

1508, William Wygen (Fisher 51). 

1526, John Hulett (Fisher 134). 

1540, Robert Bacon (Hilsey 199). 

1543, William Brabibome or Broadbent (Heath 2). 

1552, Robert Bacon (Heath 12). 

1556, Thomas Butler (Griffith 58). 

1557, Robert Bacon (Griffith). 

1558, Richmond Graves (Griffith 82). 

1559, Nicholas Packman (Vac. Sed. Arch. 55). 
1604, William Boyden (Yonge 195), 

1607, Martin Watson (Barlow 198). 

1635, Robert Warburton (Bowie 219). 

1642, Jeremiah Clayton (Warner 97). 

1652, Robert Hartley (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 

1661, Robert Bedle (Par. Reg.). 

1695, John Percival (Muniments 23), 

1725, John White (Bradford 62). 

1767, Samuel Denne (Pearse 208). 

1800, Jacob Marsham (Horsley 267). 

1828, William Frederick Bayley (Murray 24). 

1832, William Henry Drage (Murray 47). 

1833, Henry Stevens (Murray 51). 
1840, Frederick Heberden (Murray 74). 
1876, Robert Jamblin. 

1892, Henry von de Heyde Cowell. 
1904, Walter Cole Greenaway. 

298 the eecoeds op bochestee. 

All Saints', Woldham. 

There is a Church mentioned as being here in Domesday times, 
and, according to Textus Roffensis, it paid 9 denarii chrism fee to 
the See of Rochester. It has always been in the Diocese and 
Archdeaconry of Rochester, and was in its Deanery till 1846, when 
it was placed in the Deanery of Cobham. There appear to have 
been two Chapels in the Church, one was dedicated to Our Lady, 
and the other to St. Blaise. The Church, it would appear, was 
largely rebuilt in Henry VI. 's time. The Font is Norman. There 
are four Bells, dated 1624. There is a curious pewter Basin, and 
Stoup of the same metal. The Chalice is dated 1572, but the 
stand is of Edward VI. 's time. The Paten is dated 1717. The 
Registers commence in 1538. The Bishop was Patron till lately, 
but now the Lord Chancellor presents. In the Churchyard is a 
monument to the Purser'of Nelson's Ship " Victory." 

1283, Walter (Prynne's Record). 

1292, Robert Estre (Prynne's Record). 

1324, Philip de Brenchesle (Hamo 60). 

1334, Thomas de Chilham (Hamo 162). 

1334, John Calabre (Hamo 162). 

1341, John Pepingbury (Hamo 194). 

1343, Thomas Pulled (Hamo 209). 

1345, Thomas Pulney (Hamo 215). 

1349, Robert Gariwynton (Hamo 249). 

1355, Richard de Sutherneye (Sheppey 290). 

1357, John Paul (Sheppey 290). 

1360, WilUam de Heyham (Sheppey 303). 

1389, John Parker (Courteneye 277). 
Henry Hockham. 

1393, John Brede of Estede (W. Bottlesham 41). 

1396, William Yancell (Brinton 94). 

1402, John BrockhoUs (J. Bottlesham 103). 

1403, Richard Rede (J. Bottlesham 184). 
1405, John Appleton (Arundel I. 304). 
1419, John Acton (Chichele I. 101). 
1431, John Bellamy (Langdon). 

1434, Ralph Belt (Chichele I. 201). 
1447, Wilham Petyr (Lowe 226). 

Thomas Dowen. 
1453, John Whitmore (Lowe). 
1464, John Perot (Lowe 241). 
1518, Ralph Mallender (Fisher 79). 
1523, John Adison (Fisher 111). 
1530, William Hodgson, Hoggeson or Hugessen (Fisher 180). 

1538, Maurice Rogers (Hilsey 198). 

1539, Roger Wylde (Soc. Antiq. Thorpe MSS.) 
1545, William Layton (Heath 29). ' 

1548, Edward Ridley (Ridley 51). » 

1554, Walter Philpott (Griffith 57). 


1585, William Cell (Ex. Vis. Archid). 
1596, William Nicholson (Barlow 200). 
1607, Francis Cacott (Barlow 208). 
1656, Thomas Shewell (Par. Reg.). 
1660, John Lorking (Shindler) (Par. Reg.). 
1667, Isaac Gostling (Par. Reg.). 
1682, Humphrey Brailsford (Shindler). 
1684, Thomas Stapeley (Muniments 3). 
1689, Robert Orme (Muniments 5). 
1691, Wilham Ward (Muniments 15). 
1722, Abraham Birch (Atterbury 51). 
1728, Anthony Dennis (Wilcocks 115). 
1775, Peter Rashleigh (Thomas 224). 
1787, John Leach (Thomas 247). 
1791, Samuel Browne (Thomas 251). 
1831, AUeyne Higgs Barker (Murray 40). 
1854, Frederick Boyd. 
1866, Charles Gerard Andrews. 
1892, Robert William Taylor. 
1903, James William ffranck Sheppard. 

St. Mary, Woodlands, or Wodelonde or Watlands. 

There was a Church here according to Textus Roffensis, which 
paid 9 denarii chrism to the See of Rochester. It was originally a 
peculiar of Canterbury. It afterwards became a Chapel of Kings- 
down. Finally Cardinal Pole united it to Wrotham and the Church 
fell into decay, so that the ruins alone were visible in Hasted's day. 
The Vicars of the early Church we have traced as follows. 

1401, Richard Howtyng or Hynton (Arundel I, 276). 

1402, Robert Lythom (Arundel 282). 
1404, John Leeham (Arundel I. 290). 
1304, John Malur (Arundel I. 294). 
1406, Anselm Reynewell (Arundel I. 210). 
1409, May, John Major (Arundel II. 38). 
1409, Dec, John Thomas (Arundel II. 56). 

1414, John Gardyner (Chichele I. 61). 

1415, John Lillye (Chichele I. 70). 

1418, Thomas Portyngton (Chichele I. 113). 

1421, William Porter (Chichele I. 132). 

1422, William Wylls (Chichele I. 135). 
1430, William Playner (Chichele I. 184). 

A new Church was built (mainly through the efforts of Dr. 
Vincent, the Father of the first Incumbent) where the old one 
stood in 1850. It has one Bell. The Registers commence in 1850. 
There are a Flagon, Cup, and Paten of silver, and a brass Alms 
Dish. It was in the Deanery of Shoreham, and the Diocese of 
Canterbury, and Archdeaconry of Maidstone till 1905, when it was 
placed in the Diocese of Rochester and Archdeaconry of Tonbridge. 
The Bishop is Patron. 


1850, Richard Vincent. 

1860, John Harward Jessop Handcock. 

1908, John Waugh Boden. 

St. Mary Magdalene, Woolwich. Wleuwic. 

There was a Church here which paid 9 denarii chrism fee to the 
See of Rochester, according to Textus Roffensis. Gundolph gave 
the disposition of the Vicarage, which was confirmed by Archbishop 
Anselm, to the Monies of Rochester. Henry I. granted the whole 
tithe of Woolwich to the Bishop of Rochester, and the Priory of 
St. Andrew there, for the good of himself and his family. Gilbert 
de Glanville, however, divested the Monks of all rights in the 
Church, except seven shillings annually, out of the profits, and the 
Bishop of the Diocese has since been Patron. The old Church was 
pulled down and an entirely new one built in 1726. There are eight 
Bells. The Registers commence in 1669. Unfortunately, when 
the old Church was pulled down all the ancient Monuments were lost 
or destroyed. There is a silver Flagon, the gift of Richard Hamman 
in 1740. A Paten, 1695, the gift of the Goldsmiths' Company. A 
Chalice, of the same date, given by Thomas ArgoU, also another 
Chalice of the same date, a gilt Spoon and two silver Alms Plates. 
It was in the Archdeaconry and Diocese of Rochester and Deanery 
of Dartford till 1846 ; it then became part of London Diocese, 
Archdeaconry of South wark and Deanery of Woolwich. In was in 
1867 restored to Rochester but in 1905 became part of the new 
Diocese of Southwark and Archdeaconry of Lewisham. 

1182, John (Reg. Roff.). 

1283, Geoffrey de Roffa (Peckham 54). 

John de Chishull. 
1325, John de Perterbugge (Hamo 112). 

William Lapyn. 

1335, Edmund Dygge or de Digge (Hamo 165). 

1336, Thomas de Alkham or Pyrie (Hamo 168). 
1339, Robert de Brundish (Hamo 174). 

1340-1, Symon son John, called Castele de Stratford (Hamo 196). 
1344, Robert de Creton, otherwise Roger Creton (Hamo 211). 

1348, Dec, John Sampford (Hamo 239). 
1348-9, Jan., John Mounte (Hamo 239). 

1349, May, John de Spyrier (Hamo 244). 
John de Lewys. 

1361, Apr., John le White (Islep 224). 
1361, Sept., William de Prene (Islep 225). 

John Bedford. 
1391, William Kenyan (W. Bottlesham 22). 
1394, Robert de Woldyngham (W. Bottlesham 54). 

John Maisond, alias Moisond. 
1400, Nicholas Adam (W. Bottlesham 149). 
1403-4, Feb., John Checkwolde (W. Bottlesham 184). 
1404, William Lytlington (Arundel I. 298). 


1405, Walter Davy (Arundel I. 304). 

1406, Robert de Bury (Arundel I. 310). 
Thomas Nunhows. 

1422-3, Nicholas Estmonde (Langdon 22). 
1435, William Myrfin (Chichele I. 205). 
1446, John More (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 
1460, Hugh Perry (Act. Cur. Consist 1444-1468). 

William Prene, obijt 1463 (Ex. Mon" Su°). 
1489, John Hayes (Ex. Test° Su°). 
1495, John Hattun (Savage 11). 

Robert Broughton. 
1497, John Davies (Fitzjames 21). 
1499, John Edmondes (Fitzjames 24). 
1502, Richard Edmondes (Fitzjames 25). 
1506-7, Jan., Thomas Richardson (Fisher 45). 
1507-8, Feb., John Clarke (Fisher 48). 
1508, July, Richard Glasier (Fisher 50). 
1508, Dec, Wilham Borow (Fisher 51). 
1509-10, Richard Rostone, alias Smythe (Fisher 53). 
1511, John Sv?etyng (Fisher 55). 
1540, Maurice Lloyde (Hilsey 200). 
1553, Robert Edmundson (Cranmer 135). 
1560, John Bnnton (Comp. Lib.) (buried at Bexley). 
1564, Thomas Chambers (Comp. Lib.). 
1569, Richard Deane (Comp. Lib.). 
1586, Thomas Kendall (Comp. Lib,). 
1595, James Charles (Comp. Lib.). 
1603-4, Feb., Thomas Harvey (Larking's Blackheath). 
1630-1, Jan., Robert Rainsford (Larking's Blackheath). 
1631, Richard Rathbone (Larking's Blackheath). 

1645, Thomas Trescott (Larking's Blackheath). 

1646, William Hawkes (Calamy's Life of Baxter). 
1664, John Stileman (MS. penes Archid. Roff.). 
1670, John Corbet (Larking's Blackheath). 
1686, Thomas Lindsay (Larking's Blackheath). 
1694, Philip Stubbs (Larking's Blackheath). 
1599, Thomas Gregory (Larking's Blackheath). 

1706, Thomas Harrington Bagshowe (Larking's Blacheath). 

1739, Joseph Sims (Wilcocks 119). 

1742, Thomas Kingsman (Wilcocks 123). 

1752, Sir Peter Rivers (Wilcocks 178). 

1791, George Andrew Thomas (Moore 528). 

1801, Heneage Horsley (Dampier 273). 

1803, Henry John Todd (Dampier 277). 

1805, Hugh Fraser (Dampier 281). 

1837, WilUam Greenlaw (Murray 69). 

1851, Henry Brown. 

1875, Adelbert John Robert Hanson. 

1883, Samuel Gilbert Scott. 


1891, Charles Ernest Escreet. 

1909, Arthur Milner Pickering. 

St. John the Evangelist, Woolwich. 

The Church was built in 1847, from which time the Register 
dates. However, the parish was not separated till 1S69, all the 
preceding clergy were Curates-in-Charge. There is a Chalice and 
Paten of silver, a Credence Dish of electro plate, and an Alms Dish 
of brass. There is one Bell. The Patron is the Bishop of 
South wark ; it was previously the Bishop of Rochester. 

1847, G. W. Sandys. 

1848, James Watkins Down. 
1857, Francis Cameron. 
1862, George Scaresbrook. 
1859, John Oxenham Bent. 

1892, Samuel Edward Chettoe. 
1897, John Cavis-Brown. 
1899, John Moore Lester. 
1903, George Forrester Watson. 

1910, Stuart Churchill. 

St. Michael's, Woolwich. 

This Church was separated in 1879. There is a modern Bell. 
The Patrons are Keble College. The Registers commence 1879. 
There are two Chalices and two Patens. 

1879, Hugh Ryves Baker. 

1899, Philip Marmaduke Cramer Johnstone. 

1902, William Henry Carey. 

Holy Trinity, Woolwich. 

The Church was separated in 1881. There is a modern Bell. 
The Registers commence 1881 . The Rector of Woolwich is Patron. 
The Church was built in 1834, and the Plate consists of a Flagon, 
Chalice, and Paten of that date. 

1834, Capel Molyneux, 
1850, Duncan Long. 
1852, Thomas Reynolds. 
Stewart Ruddock. 
1855, James White. 
1881, John Jordan. 
1888, John WiUiam Horsley. 
1894, Walter Wragge. 

1903, George James Bayley. 

Woolwich Union Chapel. 

There is a Chapel, and there are also a Flagon, Chalice, and 
Paten of silver, but there has been no regular sucession of the 
Chaplains kept before 1870. 


1870, Henry James Balchion. 
1879, John Kipling Quarterman. 
1884, Charles Henry Andras, 
1893, Joseph James Brownhill. 
1900, Hugh Lambert Ogle. 
1905, William Faulkner Bailey. 

St. George's Garrison Church and Herbert Hospital. 

St. George's Garrison Church and Royal Mititary Chapel was 
built in 1863 ; previously services had been held in the Garrison 
Theatre. The Registers date from 1857. The Communion Plate 
and Altar were presented by brother officers of the Royal Artillery, 
in memory of General Sir Henry Montgomery Laurence. The 
Herbert Hospital was erected in 1865. The present Chapel, 
formerly a Ward, was consecrated in 1880, when the Government 
supplied the Flagon, Chalice, and Paten. There is also an Alms 
Dish. The Altar, Altar Linen, a pair of Cruets, and a brass Altar 
Cross were given in 1889. Mrs. Ransford Hannay presented 
further Altar decorations. The Registers have been kept here since 
1907. There are brass Tablets to the R.A.M.C. Vols, that died in 
South Africa, and to Sister Margaret Rendall, whose mother gave 
the Lectern. The Choir Stalls were given in memory of Sister 
Todd and other Sisters of the Nursing Corps ; and two Pictures, 
"The Light of the World " and " Easter Morn," were presented in 
memory of Sister Rendall. Since the opening of the Chapel the 
Chaplains of the Garrison have been : 

1880, Reginald Heber Bullock. 

1883, Charles Freeman O'Reilly. 

1884, Francis Forbes Savage. 

1885, Walter Hebden Milner. 
1888, William Berkeley Dowding. 
1890, William Sydney Randall. 
1893, Henry Arthur Darnell. 

1895, Charles Freeman O'Reilly. 

1896, Edward Rouverie Day. 

1898, Robert Armitage. 

1899, Joshua Brough. 

1900, James Lawrence Greenfield. 

1901, W. A. Jones. 

1901, Donald Hole. 

1902, Robert Armitage. 

1903, Henry Jones Davies. 

1906, William Drury. 

1907, Douglas Percy Winnifrith. 

1908, Marcus Wellesley Churchward. 

Woolwich Dockyard Chapel. 

The Communion Plate is dated 1812. We could get no further 
information from the Rev. C, A. Berry, who was appointed in 1873, 

304 the eecoeds of rochbsteb. 

St. John the Evangelist, North Woolwich. 

This parish, as part of Woolwich, remained in the Rochester 
Diocese till 1836, it then became part of the London Diocese, in 
1867 it became once more part of the Rochester Diocese. In 1873 
this Church was built and consecrated, being then part of the 
Deanery of Woolwich, Archdeaconry and Diocese of Rochester. 
In 1877, the Bishopric of St. Alban's was created, to which See it 
has since belonged. This parish was the work of the first Public 
School Mission in England, that of Uppingham. The building of 
the Church was due to the efforts of the Rev. H. Boyd, Principal 
of Hertford College, Oxon. The Baptismal Register dates from 
1876. There are five Bells, for chiming only, presented in 1905 
by William Harris, Esq. The Flagon, two Chalices, and two 
Patens of silver were presented by Uppingham School. There is 
a brass Alms Dish. The Marriage Register dated from 1877. The 
Bishop of St. Alban's is Patron. 

1873, William Frederick Witts. 

1877, Charles Bull. 

1883, Arthur Dalzell Pipar. 

1889, Henry Samuel Brooks. 

1904, William Edward Reginald Morrow. 

1910, Watson Hagger. 

St. George's, Wrotham. Wroteham. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 
9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. As a peculiar of the 
Archbishop it was in the Deanery of Shoreham, Archdeaconry and 
Deanery of Rochester till 1846, when it passed into the Deanery of 
Shoreham, Archdeaconry of Maidstone and Diocese of Canterbury; 
it is now in the Deanery of Shoreham, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge 
and Diocese of Rochester. Woodlands was absorbed into this on 
the Church falling into decay in the fifteenth year of Queen 
Elizabeth ; it has since been rebuilt and made a separate parish 
again. Piatt and Plaxtol have also been separated. Wrotham is 
both a Rectory and Vicarage, but long both have been held by the 
same person. The ancient Altar Stone is under the Communion 
Table. The Church is of the Decorated period. The capitals of 
the westernmost piers of the Arcades are fluted. The lofty Tower 
Arch is Perpendicular work, also the Vestry on the north side. 
The Rood Screen is of the same period ; on it are several candle- 
sticks, once thought to be metal, but now known to be wood. 
There is a square-headed Window of the Decorated period in the 
south wall of the south Aisle ; near its eastern end there is a Holy 
Water Stoup, with a rectangular Basin, deeper than usual, inside 
the south door. Through the base of the Tower there is an open 
arched passage for the Churchyard path. There is a Gallery 
formed in the thickness of the wall over the Chancel Arch, with 
loop holes into the Nave and Chancel. There are eight Bells, of 



the date 1754, The Registers date from 1558. The Plate is 
modern. There are numerous Brasses and Monuments, especially 
to Nicholas Miller, the Betensons, the Peckhams, William Gierke, 
Sir John Rayney, and others. 


Anselm (Pat. R. 26 Henry 

1243, Guido de Russuluii (Pat. R. 

27 Henry III.). 
1252, William (Pat. R. 36 Henry 


1271, Peter Alby, alias Peter 
Blancus (Winchelsey 302) 
(Pat. R. 55 Henry III.). 



Gilbert Larking (MSS. VIII. 

John Add (MSS. British Mus.) 


1310, Bernard Pelete (Reynolds 

1314, John de Boreford (Reynolds Nicholas de Bedyngton (Rey- 




1329, Roger deStratton (Pat. Roll. 

Edward III. 12) (Ex. 

Epit° Su°). 
1337, John de Eccleshall (Pat. R. 

Edward III. 20). 
1346, John de Stoke (Pat. R. 

Edward III. 30). 
1360, William de Islep, Senr. 

(Islep 286). 
1366, William de Islep, Junr. 

(Islep 299). 
1379, Robert de ffaryngton (Sud- 
bury 130). 
* * » 

1397, Hugh Wotton (Courteneye 




1426, John Sundresh, obijt (Ex, 
Mon" Su"). 

nolds 8). 

Richard de Steynton (Rey- 
nolds 253). 

John de Lee (Reynolds 265) . 

John de Hasleden. 

James de Peckham (Arundel 

I. 176). 
Ralph Melcheborne (Arundel 

I. 257). 
Richard Dyke (Arundel II, 



Rectors. Vicars. 

1428, John Gorsych(Chichele 176). 

1435, Thomas Ward (Pat. R. 12 John Belness (Chichele 206). 

Henry VI.), 

1436, DavidMichell(Chichele211). 

John Crosseby (Stafford 97). 
1448, July, William Fysshebourne (Staf- 

ford 97). 
1448, Nov., William Hebbenge (Stafford 

1460, Thomas Gawge (Pat. de 
Scaccario Edward IV. et 
Ex. IVron" Su°). 


Thomas Shelton (Bourgchier 
1463, William Beverley (Bourgchier 

1471, John Bourgchier (Bourg- 
chier 103). 
1479, William Pykenham (Bourg- 
chier 120). 
1495, Edward Maryner (Ex. Test" 

1497, Thomas Maddeys (Morton 

1504, Robert Gybson, alias Tayllour 

John Goodewyn) . 

obert Gybson, ali 
(Warham 321). 

Humphrey Hawardyn (War- 
ham 357). 

1515, Thomas Perte (Warham 357). 

1525, John Bayley (Warham 385). 

1527, William Warham (Warham 

1532, Thomas Bodill (Warham 

1537, John Barbour (Cranmer 332). 

1544, John Beste (Cranmer 343). 

1549, John Appulby (Cranmer 418). 

1550, Richard Thorndon (Cranmer 

1554, John Yardley (Pat. R. Mary). 

1557, Thomas Chilham (Pole 76). 

Thomas Pentlonde (Pole 76). 

1557, William Pentwose (Pole 76). 

1558, Henry Cole (Pole 78). William Thurstane (Pole 78). 
1560, Andrew Pearson (Reg. Vac. 

Sed. Arch. 16). 
1563, April, John Marcent (Parker I. 360). 

the eecobds of eochbsteb. 307 

Rectors. Vicars. 

1563, June, William Cancellor (Parker I. 

1568, Henry Becher (Parker I. 405). 

1572, Robert Grafton (Parker II. 

1576, William Stere (Grindal 315). 

1593, Charles Hutchinson (Whit- 

gift II. 331). 

1594, Richard Bancroft (Whitgift 

II. 333). 

1597, Charles Sonibank (Whitgift 
II. 344). 

1637, Edward Layfield (Laud 307). 

1651, William Parker, an inter- 
loping Puritan (Pari. 
Returns) . 

1662, John Williams (J uxon 136). 

1676, Charles Layfield (Sheldon 

1680, Philip Sandford (Par. Reg.). 

1715, Thpmas Curteis, Rector and Vicar (Tennison 223 and 226). 

1747, John Potter (Potter 297). 

1777, Honble. James Cornwallis (Cornwallis 411). 

1781, George Hinton (Hasted). 

1783, Charles Tarrant (Moore 501). 

1791, Richard Lovett (Moore 502). 

1801, George Moore (Moore 561). 

1846, Charles Lane. 

1879, William Frederick Erskine Knollys. 

1899, Leslie Ellis Goodwin. 

1903, Walter Henry Trelawney Ashton-Gwatkin. 

St. Mary's Platt. 

This parish was separated from Wrotham in 1846, and a Church 
built in 1843. The Registers date from 1883, as the earlier ones 
were stolen. There are a Flagon, Chalice, Paten, and Alms Dish 
of silver. There is one Bell. The Patron was the Archbishop, 
and is now the Bishop of Rochester. 

1846, John Mickleburgh. 
1854, Francis Thomas Gregory. 
1898, George Billing. 
1907, John Brand. 


There is no dedication found of the Church. It was built in 
1648. The old building has been hideously added to in true 
Victorian Gothic, so that little of the original structure, except 


the Tower, is visible. It has always followed Wrotham as regards 
Diocese, Archdeaconry and Deanery. There is one Bell, dated 
1709. There are a Cup and Paten, dated 1711, and a second Cup 
is dated 1802, and has the Dallison Alms above. The Registers 
date from 1648, but are much multilated. The Church was 
enlarged at the expense of W. M.. Cazalet, Esq., 1894. The 
Chancel was erected in 1885, in memory of Lieut. Maximilian D. D. 
Dallison, and the Church was previously enlarged by the Revd. R. 
Mayo. The Patron was the Archbishop and is now the Bishop of 
Rochester. The Clergy are from the Registers. 

1648, William Thomas. 

1656, James Crawford. 

At the Restoration, Plaxtol got absorbed in the Rectory of 
Wrotham, and Rev. T. Curteis signs as Rector of Wrotham and 

1727, John Hayward. 
1754, S. Mackreth. 
1758, John Saunders. 
1768, Thomas Dalison, 
1792, John Henry Powell. 
1799, John Williams. 

All these sign themselves Curate, till John Williams, in 1802, 
becomes perpetual Curate, as were also 

1821, John Welshman Wynne. 

1841, Richard Mayo. He became Vicar in 1844, and since then 

there have been the following Vicars. 
1864, Watson King. 
1869, James Tate. 

1891, Frederick Henry Bolingbroke. 
1898, William Dalyrymple Fanshawe. 
1902, Edward Herbert Taylor. 
1910, Wilmot Phillips. 

Church of the Good Shepherd, Bro' Green. 

The foundation stone was laid in 1908. There is a modern Bell. 
The Communion Plate consists of silver Chalice and Paten, and 
two mounted Cruets, and there is a brass Alms Dish. It has not 
been separated from Wrotham. The Baptismal Registers are of 
the same date as the Church. 

SS. Peter and Paul, Yalding. Ealdinga. 

There was a Church here in Domesday times, and it paid 
9 denarii chrism fee to the See of Rochester. It was in the 
Deanery of Mailing and Archdeaconry and Diocese of Rochester 
till 1846, when it was transferred to the Deanery of North Mailing, 
Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and Diocese of Canterbury, and now 


is in the Deanery of Mailing, Archdeaconry of Tonbridge, and 
Diocese of Rochester. The Church was granted, together with 
Brenchley, which was only esteemed a Chapel to it, by. Richard de 
Clare (temp Henry II.) to Tonbridge Priory. At the Reformation 
the advowson remained with the Crown, till the tenth year of 
Queen Elizabeth, since which time it has been in private hands. 
There are six Bells, four of which are seventeenth century. The 
Flagon, Alms Dish and Paten of silver are inscribed " John 
Kenward, 1700-1701." There is also an ancient Cup, dated 1562 ; 
another was added in 1869. The Register commences in 1559, but 
there is a gap during the Commonwealth, and the first Register is 
much mutilated from 1648 to 1698. The Cupola on the corner of 
the Tower strikes every beholder. The Church has north and 
south Aisles, each of which has a separate Arch. There is an 
Altar Tomb with the Brass gone ; there is a Piscina with Credence 
in the south Aisle : perhaps this was a Lady Chapel. The high 
Chancel has a Piscina and Credence. There is an Arcade of 
hevagonal pillars. There is a Priests' Door to the south of the 
Chancel, and a south Porch to the Church. There are notable 
Monuments to John Ousuam, Robert Kenward, Thomas Bliss, and 
the Warde family. 

1184, Laurentius (Hamo 13). 

Peter Fangfosse (Hamo 39). 
1329, Robert Pace (Hamo 39). 

Gilbert Hughes. 
1349, Robert Honebergh (Hamo). 
1349, Alfred de Constyde (Hamo 248): 

Stephen Quinnerell. 
1395, John Burbache (W. Bottlesham 77) (Courteneye 223). 
1404, William Sibthorp (Arundel I. 297). 
1424, John Lofthous (Langdon 66). 

1429, John Smyth (Chichele I. 176). 

1430, Andrew Senders (Langdon 91). 
1452, Robert Blacklowe (Lowe 223). 
1457, William Kyngett (Lowe 223). 

1460, William Wodde (Lowe 234). 

1461, Robert Seburyth (Lowe 235). 
1463, William West (Lowe 239). 
1467, Henry Whytston (Lowe 246). 

Robert Miller. 
1474, Nicholas Dunlagh (Bourgchier 111). 
1493, Nicholas None (Reg. Roff. 490). 

John Fletcher. 
1501, WilHam Assehurst (Fitzjames). 

Martin Moon. 
1507, John Adams (Fisher 45). 
1523, Robert Johnson (Arch. Vis. Vol. I.). 
1541, Thomas Northrey (Heath 2). 
1544, Thomas Colepepper (Holbeach 29). 


Edmund West. 
1552, William Holden (Cranmer 424). 
1558, Robert Tyssing (Griffith 56). 
1578, Hugh Williams (Piers 162). 
1586, George Amherst (Yonge 168). 
1593, William Cockman (Yonge 182). 
1597, Richard Beeston (Barlow 201). 
1628, Thomas Tournay (Abbott II. 306). 
1640, Francis Taylor (last page of Warner's Register). 
1648, George Warde (Par. Reg.). 
1652, John Lingue or Lyng (Warner 111). 
1698, Samuel Rhodes (Muniments 12). 
1706, John Lyng, Junr. (Muniments 87). 
1737, John Fuller (Wilcocks 115). 
1751, Daniel Hill (Wilcocks 169). 
1759, John Warde (Pearse 190). 
1798, Richard Warde (Horsley 266). 
1840, Richard Ramsey Warde (Murray 75). 

1858, George Ambrose Warde. 

1859, Edward Baines. 
1882, David Lamplugh. 
1896, John Rowland Leigh. 

St. Margaret's, Collier Street, Yalding. 

A district Church was built here in 1848, and a district separated 
from Yalding. It has a modern Bell. The Plate consists of a 
Paten, Chalice and Alms Dish of silver, given by William Tomkins, 
Esq., and besides there are a silver Flagon, and Cruet with silver 
top. The Baptismal and Burial Registers date from 1848, and the 
Registers for Marriage from 1850. It was built mainly through the 
endeavours of Rev. Richard Ramsay Warde. The Vicar of Yalding 
is Patron. 

1848, Robert Lewis Koe. 

1852, Thomas Milles. 

1882, Franklin Folger Starbuck. 



-■ I 







Walter John Abbott, Christchurch, Penge, 1906. 

William Abel, Vicar of Cudington, Lincoln ; Snodland, 1321-30 ; 
Henley, 1330-7. 

John Abery, Higham, 1461. 

Roger Abraham, Lee, 1498. 

William Absolon, Prebend, of Rochester, 1574-86 ; Queen's Sub 
Almoner, Master of Savoy, 1575 ; Cranfield, Beds., 1579; Denge, 
Essex, 1580-6 ; obijt 1586. 

Acelina, Abbess of Higham, 1266. 

Richard Acherley, AUington, 1461-5. 

John de Acherstone, Teston, 1337. 

John Acherte, Longsole, 1460-2. 

John Acholt, Aylesford, 1329-36 ; Vicar of Alkham, 1336. 

John Acton, Penshurst, 1429-35 ; obijt, 1435 ; prehaps same as 

John Acton, Woldham, 1419-31. 

Michael Acton, Hartley, 1394-1401. 

George Acworth, Freckenham, 1561-2 ; Preb. Southwell, 1559-61 ; 
Vicar of Aston Flamville, Leicester, 1561 ; Vicar-General to the 
Bishop of Winchester, Rector of Wroughton, Wells, 1576 ; 
Master of Faculties, 1576-7 ; Judge of the Prerogative Courts in 

Adam, Dartford, 1200. 

Adam, St. Mary, Gravesend, Temp. King John. 

Adam, Plumstead, prev. to 1254. 

Nicholas Adam, Rural Dean of Dartford, 1402 ; Rector of Wool- 
wich, 1400-3-4. 

Walter Adam, Beckenham, 1443-5 ; Rector of Cormalette, Bath 
and Wells. 

Edward Adams, All Hallows, Hoo, 1571-7 ; Minor Canon of 
Rochester, 1580 ; obijt 1596. 

Frederick Archer Adams, Gillingham, St. Barnabas, Curate in 
Charge, 1888. 

George Adolphus Samuel Adams, Erith, 1894. 

Henry Cadwallder Adams, Bromley College, Chaplain, 1855-68 ; 
Vicar of Sandford, Bucks., 1857-78 ; Old Shoreham, 1878. 

John Adams, Yalding, 1507-23 ; obijt 1523. 

Nicholas Adams, Groombridge, 1718 ; Speldhurst, 1721-7 ; obijt 

Richard Adams, East Mailing, 1522, at which date there is a brass 
to him ; Prebend, of the High Mass of Mailing Abbey, between 
1510-22. Orate pro aia magistri Ricardi Adams quondam pdarii 
magne misse in monasterio de West Mailing ac Vicarij ppetui 
pochiae de East Mailing qui obijt sexto die mensis Maij a" domini 
mdxxij cuis aie pproet' deus. 


John Add, Vicar of Wrotham, 1282. 

John Adcock, Vicar of Orpington, 1393. 

WiUiam Adderley, Chaplain of Chatham Dockyard, 1649-51. 

John Addison, Snodland, 1526-30 ; Vicar of St. Nicholas, Rochester, 
1525 ; Woldham, 1523-33 ; Bromley, 1530-3, or Adeson. 

Henry Adesham, Trotterscliffe^ Nov. 25, 1434-9 ; Wadhurst, 
Sussex, till Nov., 1425. 

Sydney Stapleton Adkins, 1900 ; Underriver. 

William Agatt, Stourmouth, 1393. 

Thomas Ailborne, Chevening, 1378 ; Rector of Westmill, Herts. 

Samuel Fisher Akroyd, Crowborough, 1887. 

Adam de Akuna, Ash, 1361-86. 

John Alan or Allen, Deptford, 1500 ; St. Werbergh's, Hoo, 1496- 
1500 ; Vicar of Chislett, 1503 ; Aldington, 1510 ; Princes 
Risborough, Leicester, 1511-20 ; South Ockendon, Essex, 1515- 
26 ; Vicar of Albone, 1524 ; Rector of Galtby and Lancestyn, 
Carnarvon, 1525 ; Master of Cobham College, 1498-1502 ; 
Commissary to the Bishop of Rochester, 1499 ; Prebend, of 
Lincoln, 1508 ; Prebend, of Southwell, 1526-8 ; Prebend, of St. 
Paul's, 1527 ; Archbishop of Dublin, 1529. Murdered by 
"Silken Thomas" (as he was called), the Earl of Kildare, in 
revenge for his father being thrown into the Tower, July 28, 1534. 

John Alayn, Longfield, 1422-44. 

Colne de Alba Clara, Prebend, of High Mass of Mailing, 1395-8. 

Roger Alberton, All Hallows. 

Thomas Alborne, Chevening, 1378-80; previously Westmill, Herts., 
after Bolton dio Sarum, 1380. 

Peter Alby, Rector of Wrotham, 1271 ; Vicar of Lyminge (com- 
plained of fornon-residence), 1298 ; alias Peter Blancus. 

John de Alcham, Snodland, 1359-63 ; Rector of Cowden, 1349-59. 

Edward Alchin, Horsemonden, 1586-1616; Buried there Nov. 11, 

John Alchin, Horton Kirby, 1561-90 ; Nurstead, 1569-90 (com- 
plained of as holding two livings and being no preacher). Buried 
at Nurstead, 1514. 

John Price Alcock, Senr., Minor Canon of Rochester, 1836-47; 
Ashford, 1847-87 ; Rural Dean of East Charing, 1848-87 ; Sixth 
Preacher, 1858-91 ; Hon. Canon of Canterbury, 1866-91 ; Vicar 
of Strood, 1846-7 ; Buried at Crayford, 1891. 

John Price Alcock, Junr., Crayford, 1888-1908 ; Vicar of Brookland- 
with-Fairfield, 1869-71; Birchington with Acol, 1871-88; South- 
fleet, 1908. 

William Aldeborough, Kemsing, between 1429 and 1433. 

Daniel Alderne, Aylesford, 1662-6 ; Buried Sept. 1, 1666, at 
Aylesford ; instituted 1663 ; was an Officer in the King's Army, 
but went over to Parliament, and was instrumental in the capture 
of Hereford by the Parliamentarians in 1645. He matriculated 
at the age of 14, in 1638, at Exeter College, Oxford, and was 
admitted to the Middle Temple in 1642. In 1656 his brother 


Thomas left him an annuity of /30 " so long as he shall apply 

himself to the studdie of Divinitie or Lawe, which my desire is 

he would settle about as soon as may be " ; he was therefore not 

then in Holy Orders. 
Edmund Aldesford, Ruxley, 1399-1400; Rector of Bradewell, Oct., 

Jojin Alders, Freckenham, 1652-60 ; Buried as Aldous, at Frecken- 

ham, July 22, 1672 ; put in by Parliament. 
John de Aldington, Freckenham, 1364-5 ; Snodland, 1365-70. 
Edmund Aldley, Paddlesworth, 1623. 
Charles Aldrich, Henley-on-Thames, 1709-37; Chaplain to Frederick, 

Prince of Wales ; Dean of Christchurch, Oxford ; Died 1737 ; 

Buried at Henley, Nov. 10 (Muniments), 
Robert de Aldworth, Chaplain of Scotgrove, 1333. 
John Aldwyn, Ryarsh, 1565-8. 
Hugh Alen, Nurstead, 1536. 
Robert Alen, Ashurst, 1572-87, 

William Dictus Alesaunder, Vicar of East Peckham, 1318. 
Ralph de Alesby, Cudham, 1364-71. 
Alexander, an interloping Puritan, ejected under the 

Bartholomew Act. 
John Alexander, Tattington, 1731-72. 
John Aleyn, All Hallows, 1371. 
John Aleyn, Bidborough, 1405 ; Eltham, 1403-5 ; Chaplain of 

Malmayns, Stoke, 1405. 
John Aleyn, Brastead, 1356 ; Rector of Merstham, Surrey, perliaps 

the same as — 
John Aleyn, Cudham, 1361-4. 
John Aleyn, Eynesford, 1524-45. 

John Aleyn, Rector of Freckenham, 1393-8; Isleham, 1392-3. 
Simon Aleyn, Chaplain of St. Mary Stampett Chantry, Dartford, 

John Aleyne, Sundridge 1507-25. 

Robert Aleyne, Packynge, Vicar of Horton Kirby, 1416-22. 
Charles Richard Alford, P.C. of St. Matthew's, Rugby, 1841-6 ; 

Vicar of Christchurch, Doncaster, 1846-54 ; Principal of the 

Metropolitan Church of England Training College, 1854-64 ; 

Vicar of Holy Trinity, Islington, 1865-7 ; Bisliop of Victoria, 

China, 1867-72 ; Vicar of Christchurch, Claughton, 1874-7 ; 

St. Mary's, Kippington, Sevenoaks, 1877-80. 

Alfred , Aesclingham, 1330. 

Edward Mott AUfree, Shorne, 1832-7; Strood, 1821-32. 

Alls, Nun of Higham, 1260. 

Stephen Alkham de Pyria, Vicar of Freckenham, 1348. 

Thomas de Alkham de Pyria, Chislehurst, 1339-46 ; Chancellor of 

the Diocese, 1327-56 ; Prebend, of High Mass of Mailing Abbey, 

1328-39 ; Rector of Southfieet, 1323-56 ; Rector of Woolwich, 

1336-9 ; obijt 1356. 
Joshua Allard, West Mailing, 1662-95. 


Charles Allen, St. Nicholas, Rochester, 1765-95 ; obijt 1795 ; 

Buried at St. Nicholas. 
Edmund Allen, Clyffe, 1556-9. 
Edward Allen, Hartley, 1860-70. 
Francis Edwin Allen, East Farleigh, 1886-8 ; Headmaster of St. 

Andrew's College, Chardstock, 1860-8 ; Vicar of Knowle St. 

Giles, 1864-71 ; Rector of Chalcombe, 1871-81 ; Burbrooke, 

Leicester, 1881-4 ; Vicar of Romford, 1888. 
James Allen, Cudham, 1617. 
John Ward Allen, Cudham, 1780-1802 ; Ridley, 1702-1802 ; Strood, 

1791-1801 ; Buried in Rochester Cathedral, December 19, 1841 ; 

Minor Canon of Rochester, 1783-1801; Ex Mon"., also the 

Revd. John Ward Allen, who died the 14th of Dec, 1801. 
Thomas Allen, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1503-7 ; All Hallows, 

Hoo, 1507-11. 
William Allen, West Farleigh, 1596-1602. 
William Whitton Allen, Hartley, 1870-1902. 
Benjamin de AUesle, Leybourne, 1344-5. 
Richard AUeyne, Sutton, 1344-6. 

John AUeyne, Longfield, 1442-4 ; Rector of Badistry, Wincanton. 
WiUiam AUeyne, West Peckham, 1372. 
Edward Mott AUfree, Shorne, 1832-1837; P.C. of Strood, 1821-32 ; 

Vicar of St. Andrew and St. Mary, Bredman, Canterbury, 1818- 

37; Rector of Warden, 1808-20; Head Master of Maidstone 

Grammar School, 1808 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1819-37; 

Buried in the Cathedral, 1837. 
Richard Lee AUnutt, St. Stephen's, Tonbridge, 1862-84 ; Damerham, 

Wilts, 1850-62; Monckton, 1884-94; Underriver, 1894-1900. 
Francis Allott, Hayes, 1613-9 ; obijt 1619. 
Just Alt, Mixbury, 1759-1802 ; Buried here, June 21, 1802. 
Alexander Altham, Gillingham, 1445-9. 

Alured, Prior Rochester, 1185 and 1188 ; Prior of Abingdon. 

Alured, Rotherfield, 1180. 

Alfred de Alvation, Henley-on-Thames, 1337. 

William Alweine, Lamberhurst, 1361. 

Matthew Allyne, Northfleet, 1573-83. 

William de Ameney, Frindsbury, 1333. 

John Amerer, Penshurst, 1554-63 ; obijt 1563. 

Jeffrey Amherst, or Geffrey, Rector of Fletching, Sussex, 1609 ; 

Southease, Sussex, 1610-42 ; Horsemonden, 1616-42 ; Buried at 

Southease, December 28, 1642. 
Jeffrey Amherst, Junr., Horsemonden, 1642-60 ; obijt 1660 ; com- 
plained of to Parliament as bowing to the Holy Table, reading 

the service and preaching therefrom. 
George Amhurst, Yalding, 1586-93. 
Amice, Sixth Abbess of Higham. 
Amor, Second Abbess of Higham. 
John Amory, Southfleet, 1395-7. 
Amphelicia, Abbess of Higham, 1293. 


John Amyas, Royal Chaplain, 1462. 

George Amy se, Northfleet, 1563-73. 

Ralph Amys, Pembury, 1506-26. 

Roger Ancred, Chaplain of Greatnesse, 1355-67. 

Henry Robert Anderson, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1867-73. 

Thurstan Anderton, Eltham, 1493-1504. 

William Andlton, Tattingtou-cum-Brundish, between 1432 andl 437. 

Charles Henry Andras, Lewisham Union, 1873-80 ; Chaplain at 

Odessa, 1880-3; Woolwich Union, 1884-93. 
John Abraham Andras, Lewisham Union, 1842-73. 

Andrew, Wateringbury, before 1335. 

James Andrew, Vicar of Eynesford, 1784-91 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 

1765-75 ; P.C. of Nether Winchenden and Ilmer, Bucks., 1746- 

91 ; Ashford, 1765-74 ; Kingston-on-Thames, 1776-8 ; Buried at 

Ashford, Mar. 14, 1791. 
John Andrew, Farningham, 1738-54. 
John Andrew, Hayes, 1462-79 ; Buried here ; part of his epitaph 

John Andrewe, Vicar of Orpington, between 1433 and 1461. 
Richard Andrewe, Hayes, between 1421 and 1450. 
Benjamin Andrews, Prebend, of Rochester, 1729-36 ; Ockham. 

1727-36 ; Chaplain to the King ; obijt Jan. 1736-7. 
Charles Gerard Andrews, Woldham, 1866-92; Ex. Mon" Su° ; 

Charles Gerard Andrews died Jan, 23, 1892, aged 63 years; 

Buried in the Churchyard. 
Thomas Andymer, Isleham, 1402, Oct., 1403; Kingstill, 1402; 

Caldecote, 1403. 
Walter Anemere, Ridley, 1346-53 ; Weresh, Ely Dio, till 1346. 
Robert Angel, Mixbury, 1446. 
John Angell, Deptford, 1554-60. 
Francis Angier, West Peckham, 1667-88. 
Thomas Anguish, Deptford, 1738-63 ; obijt 1763. 
Samuel Annesley, Clyffe, 1645-52 ; put in by Parliament; Preacher 

of St. John's, Friday Street, 1652 ; made by the Oxford 

Commission, L.L.D. ; Pastor and Lecturer of St. Giles' 1658 ; 

so ignorant wa^ he that the loyalists said they would vote for him 

if he would spell the word Pandect. 

Anschitil, Longfield, 1075. 

Anselm, Wrotham, 1242-3. 

Adelbert John Robert Anson, Woolwich, 1875-83 ; Vicar of St 

Michael's, Handsworth, Birmingham, 1867-70 ; Sedgley 1870-5 

Rural Dean of Himley, 1870-5 ; Hon. Canon of Rochester, 1883 

Bishop of Qu'Appele, 1884-92 ; Master of St. John's Hospital, 

Lichfield, 1892-8 ; Rural Dean of Lichfield, 1894-8 ; Canon of 

' Lichfield, 1898. 

Michael Anstey, LuUingstone, 1578-1630 ; Buried at LuUingstone. 

Robert Antrobus, Pembury, 1542; Bromley, 1640-7; Leigh, 1646-53. 

Thomas Anyan, Beckenham, 1613-26; President Corpus Christi 

College, Oxon., 1614-29; Rector of Ashstead, 1613; Prebend, of 


Gloucester, 1612; Prebend, of Canterbury, 1614; Vicar of 

Checkendon, 1625 ; Cranley, 1629 ; Chaplain to the King ; obijt 

John Aperdele, LuUingstane, 1353. 
John Appelbie, Dartford, 1565-75. 
Josiah Marling Apperley, Curate of Borstal, 1884-6 ; Vicar of 

Tonge-next-Sittingbourne, 1886. 
John Appleby, Sundridge, between 1558 and 1583. 
William Appleby, Romney, Tudeley, 1418 ; Longfield, between 

1431 and 1435 ; Kensyngton, 1433. 
John Appleton, Woldham, 1405-19. 
Peter Appleton, Kingsdown, 1473-94. 
John Appulby, Vicar of Wrotham, 1549-50. 
John Appuldre, Norton, 1561-81. 
Robert Appulby, Sundridge, 1437. 
Hugh Aprice, Prebend, of Rochester, 1542-1574 ; a founder of 

Jesus College, Oxon. ; Cranbrook, 1533-55 ; Treasurer of St. 

David's Cathedral, 1541 ; Buried at Brecknock, Aug., 1574. 
Jeffrey Aprice, Mereworth, 1557-9 ; obijt 1559 ; Buried at Mere- 
Maurice Aprichard, St. Clement, 1530-1, Chaplain of Lovelace 

Chantry, Bethersden. 
John de Apuldre, Wateringbury, 1393-1400. 
Henry Apuldrefield,, Chatham, between 1295 and 1319. 
Edward Archbold, Fawkham, 1650-66.- Kingsdown, 1662-7; 

Trotterscliffe, 1662-90. 
Nicholas Archbolde, Ditton, 1546-53, 
Alexander Archer, Hayes, 1520-29. 
Andrew Archer, King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge Wells, 1715- 

23 ; Rector of Solihull ; obijt 1723. 
John Archer, Footscray, 1500-1, obijt 1501. 
John Archer, West Farleigh, 1515-21. 
Wilham de Arderne, Lee, 1330-2. 
John de Ardyngton, Southfleet, 1368-72. 
Richard Argar, Frindsbury, 1549-54 ; deprived 1554 ; Minor Canon 

of Rochester, 1543. 
John Argent, Hailing, 1322 ; Hadlow, 1323-4. 
Philip Armitage, Birling, 1904-8. 
Robert Armitage, Chaplain, Aldershot, 1886 ; Wellington, 1890 ; 

Barbados, 1894; Woolwich, 1896; Good Hope, 1899; Wool- 
wich, 1902. 
William Armory, Vicar of Orpington, 1378-93. 
Alexander Nenon Armstrong, St. Michael's, Beckenham, 1908. 
John Arndale, St. Blasius, Kitebroc, 1336-40 ; St. Mary's, Castello, 

John Arneye, Chaplain of Stampett, Dartford, 1421-24 ; Hever, 

1424-7 ; Stanfield (Norwich Diocese). 
William Arnewe, Sundridge, between 1437 and 1476. 
Philip Arngorm, Aylesford, June 1425-27 ; Pychesley. 


Henry Arnold, Bromley, 1653-60 ; elected Registrar of the Parish ; 
ejected under the Bartholomew Act. 

John Arnold, Cuxton, 1449-53. 

William Arnold, Prior of the Carmelites at Aylesford, 1500. 

Henry Arnott, Beckenham, 1885 ; Bussage, Gloucester, 1881-5 ; 
Rural Dean of West Dartford, 1901 ; Hon. Canon of Rochester, 

Samuel Arnott, Chatham, 1857-65; HoUington, Sussex, 1867-70; 
Turnham Green, 1870. 

Arnulf I., Prior of Rochester, before 1096. 

Arnulf II., Prior of Rochester, between 1154 and U77. 

Thomas Arthur, Chaplain of Medway Union, 1869-96). 

Pinkton Arundel, Christchurch, Sydenham, 1796-8. 

Hugh de Asbergi, Chaplain of Scotgrove-in-Ash, 1319-28. 

John Ascham, Snodland, 1359-68 ; obijt 1368 ; same as Ashbawe 
mentioned below. 

Robert Asger, Luddesdown, 1349-61. 

John de Ashbawe, Cowden, 1349-59 ; same as Ascham mentioned 

Edward Ashburnham, Tonbridge, 1617-42 ; Guestling, Sussex, 
1632 ; Prebendary of Chichester, 1642 ; complained of to 
Parliament as seldom preaching, never in afternoon, nor 
catechising bows to the Altar, and at the name of Jesus ; 
commands to receive Communion at Altar Rails ; stands at his 
door and sees young people at sports and does not rebuke them : 
a frequenter of taverns and a drinker of healths ; refuses Godly 
men to preach ; placed table altarwise and has cherubim over it, 
and a dove over the font. 

William Ashdyne, Hever, between 1489 and 1520. 

Thomas Ashe, Chatham Dockyard Chaplain, 1871-5. 

Thomas Asherst, Cooling, 1760-8 ; obijt 1768. 

John Ashewell, Tudeley, between 1401 and 1408. 

John Ashkam, Leybourne, between 1345 and 1391. 

John Ashley, St. Paul's or Pauline's, Cray, 1662-1703 ; Buried July 
24, 1703 ; Ex, Mon° Su° ; " Here lye the remains of Mr. John 
Ashley, M.A. ; Rector of this parish forty one years, who was a 
faithful and constant preacher ; departed this life July the 18th, 
1703, aged 63 years." 

William Ashurst, East Barming, 1501-4 ; West Farleigh, 1502-5. 

Elizabeth Ashpenar, Abbess of Dartford, 1487-1536. 

Walter Henry Trelawney Ashton-Gwatkin, Wrotham, 1903 ; 
Margate, 1895-1903. 

John Ashwell, Vicar of Eynesford, 1417-20 ; Tudeley, between 
1401 and 1418. 

William Ashyn, Erith, 1562-86. 

Aegeon Askewe, Greenwich, 1600. 

AUeyn Askwith, St. Nicholas, Rochester, 1636-60 ; Wandsworth, 

George Askwith, Plumstead, 1852-64. 


George Askwith, St. James', Plumstead, 1905. 

Alfred de Aspaldus, Hadlow, 1288 ; Great Mere (Lincoln), Staunton, 

Great Alkely, Redenhale. 
Nicholas Aspinall, Dartford, 1559. 

William Aspley, Snodland, 1571-4 ; Buried April 14, 1574. 
Samuel Asplin, Morden Chapel, 1707-11. 
William Assheton, Beckenham, 1677-1711 ; Vicar of Knaresborough, 

1674 ; Prebend, of York ; Rector of St. Anthelm, London, and 

Fyfiel, Hants, 1677 ; Chaplain to the Duke of Ormond, 1673 ; 

Died September 9th, Buried 17th, 1711, in the Chancel. 
William Asshurste, Yalding, 1501 ; perhaps same as William 

Ashurst above mentioned. 
Richard Astall, Chevening, 1533-46 ; Chiddingstone, 1522-25 ; 

Igtham, 1526-46 ; Prebendary of Wingham ; Ex. Mon" Su°, 

Richard Astall, M.A., of Cambridge, late parson of Itame and 

Chevening, and Prebendarie of Wingham. 
Charles Tamberlayne Astley, Margate, 1858-64; Brastead, 1866-76; 

Gillingham, 1876-8. 
Ethelstan Astley, East Farley, 1511-13 ; alias John Adelstan. 
Richard Astley, Chiddingstone, 1619-22. 
John Aston, Senr., Tonbridge, between 1399 and 1424 ; East 

Mailing, between 1373 and 1401 ; Atusdon, 1401. 
John Aston, Junr., Tonbridge, 1424-32 ; Ash, 1426-41 ; Hansworth, 

1426-41 ; Eton Hayling, Sarum, Snodland, 1447-53. 
John Aston, Gillingham, 1488-1500 ; obijt 1500. 
Nicholas de Aston, Stone, 1361. 
John Astbury Aston, St. John's, Deptford, 1883-85. 
John de Astways, Cooling, 1332-4. 

Samuel Atherton, Chislehurst, 1579-83 ; Stone, 1586-1607. 
Henry Atkins, East Wickham, 1587-1619. 
Thomas Verier Atkins, Eynesford, 1783-4 ; previously Vicar of 

Lenham ; obijt January 27th, 1784 ; Buried here. 
John Atkinson, Chalk, 1567-74 ; obijt 1574. 
Robert William Atkinson, St. Peter's, Tunbridge Wells, 1892-5 ; 

St. John's, Deptford, 1895-1907 ; Rector of Hammerwood with 

Holtye, 1907. 
John Wilson Atkinson, Burham, 1828-37. 

George Atkyns, Pembury, 1533-45 ; renounced Papal Authority. 
Richard Atkyns, Lee, 1740-5 ; Buried here, 1745. 
Bartholomew de Attleborough, North Cray, 1370-90 ; Rector of 

Stanniug Lane, London ; obijt 1390. 
Robert atte Beche Igtham 1368. 
Thomas atte Berne, East Mailing, between 1357 and 1361 ; obijt 

William atte Bour, LuUyngstane, 1333-48. 
John atte Brigge, Gillingham, 1416-25 ; Ex. Mon° Su", " Hie jacet 

Johannes Bregge, Vicarius de Gillingham, cuius anime propicietur 

Deus. Amen." 
Richard atte Brigge, Birling, between 1391 and 1396, 


William atte Brigge, Leigh, 1362. 

Richard atte Broke, Prebend, of Mailing, 1379-91 ; Rector of 

Staplehurst, 1373 ; Sundridge, 1379 ; Gt, Mongeham, 1379. 
John atte Capelle, Freckenham, 1324. 
John atte Chapelle, Sutton, 1326. 

Henry atte Chambre, AUington, 1361 ; Nettlestead, 1368. 
Roger atte Church, Bromley, 1402-5 ; Rector of Snodland, 1401-2 ; 

Rector of Hadstock. 
William atte Dene, Trotterscliffe, June 29 — July 5, 1361 ; previously 

Rector of Stodham, Chichester. 
Ralph atte Donne, Cudham, 1329. 
John atte ffelde, Addington, 1361 ; Vicar of Excete, Chichester 

John atte ffen, Cobham, 1349. 
Thomas atte flford. West Farleigh, 1361-4. 
Thomas atte Gate, Tudely, between 1349 and 1390. 
John atte Godwin, Farningham, 1283-90. 
Robert atte Hall, Mixbury, 1447 ; Master of Hall and Chaplain of 

St. Martyn, Oseney. 
William atte Hall, Darenth, before 1354 ; Rector of Little Warley, 

Essex, 1361 ; same as : 
William atte Hall, Frindsbury, 1354-61. 
William atte Heathe, Nurstead, 1394-6 ; Vicar of St. Andrew's, 

John atte Hill, Nettlestead, between 1368 and 1398. 
Richard atte Hoc, Keston, 1424-5 ; Hanewell, London ; Estburgate, 

Chichester, 1425. 
Robert atte Kurke, East Mailing, 1435-7. 
Robert atte Kyrke, Ruxley, 1402 ; Gustos of Chapel of ffryfolke, 

John atte Lecha, Westerham, 1344. 

Thomas atte Letche, West Wickham, 1344-9 ; obijt 1349. 
Galfridus atte Leye, LuUingstone, before 1320 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, 

" Hie jacet dominus Galfridus quondam ; Rector Nujus ecclesie de 

LuUingstone, cuius anime propicietur Deus, Amen." 
Richard atte Lyne, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1404-8. 
Roger atte Mere, West Peckham 1390 ; Vicar of Eynesford, 1389- 

90; Rector of St. Mary in Castro, Chilham, 1389. 
Valentinus atte Pathe, Norton, 1363-4 ; Vicar of Faversham, 1358- 

63 ; Faversham again, 1364. 
John atte Pond, Bexley, 1385-90; P.C. St. Nicholas-ad-Macellam, 

Robert atte Rye, Sundridge, Mar. 1351-2. 
John atte Sole, Bidborough, between 1350 and 1356 ; Hailing, 

Andrew atte Sonde, Gravesend, 1404 ; Rural Dean of Rochester. 
Thomas atte Stonepette, Dartford, 1324-48 ; founded the Stampett 

or Stonepett Chantry, 1338 ; obijt 1348. 
John atte Store, Wateringbury, 1392-3, 


John atte Vyne, Swanscombe, between 1369 and 1389. 

William atte Welde, Bockingfold, 1367 ; previously Vicar of 

Adam atte Welle, Chaplain, Scotgrove, 1431. 
John atte Welle, Chatham, 1339-49. 
Martin atte Welles, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1554-6. 
William atte Wells, Darenth, 1433. 

Bartholomew atte Wood, Nettlestead, between 1398 and 1406. 
Galfridus atte Wood, LuUingstone, 1320-2. 
George Attke, Ditton, 1554-65 ; obijt 1565. 
Samuel Attwood, Senr., Addington, 1698-1701; Ash, 1700-1; 

obijt 1701. 
Samuel Attwood, Ash, 1701-35 ; Buried April 17, 1735 ; gave a 

Paten and an Altar Piece (now gone) to the Church. 
Alfred Aumener, Ryarsh, 1349-66. 
Henry Auncelle, Rector of Eynesford, 1415-23 ; Canon and 

Prebend, of St. Berian's, Exeter. 
Robert Aunger, Chatham, Clerk, 1504 ; Strood, 1506-7; obijt 1507. 
George Austen, Shipbourne, 1754-57. 
Henry Austen, Shipbourne, 1747-54. 

Henry Austen, West Wickham, 1761-85; a pervert to Unitarianism. 
John Austen, Chevening, 1813-49; changedfrom Crayford, 1805-13. 
John Thomas Austen, West Wickham, 1848-76. 
Henry Moreland Austen, Crayford, 1851-74. 
Thomas Austen, All Hallows, 1751-90 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 

1746-59 ; obijt at Rochester, 1759. 
Avicia, Abbess of Mailing, 1106. 
Richard Averell, Wateringbury, 1486-1507. 
John Avery, Stoke Chantry, Chaplain, 1395-7. 
Thomas Awland or Woland, Hadlow, 1517-28. 
James Axe, Strood, 1678-1715 ; Stockbury, 1711-5 ; Buried in 

Cathedral, Sept. 20, 1715. 
William Axbridge, Leigh, 1493-4. 
William Axbrigge, Vicar of East Peckham, 1492-5. 
William Axon, Halstead, 1635-45 ; sequestered. 
Thomas Axton, Frindsbury, 1752-4. 
Thomas Ayeherst, Shorne, 1571-88. 

Richard Gunsley Ayest, Speldhurst, 1787-1816 ; obijt 1815. 
William Ayerst, Gravesend, 1722-6 ; Northfleet, 1722-5 ; Stour- 

mouth, 1726-9 ; Canon of Canterbury, 1724 ; St. George the 

Martyr, Canterbury ; St. Swithin and St. Mary ; Bolhaw, 

London, 1729 ; North Cray and Ruxley, 1729-65 ; obijt 1765. 
John Aylburn, Vicar of Freckenham, 1347-8. 
Eliam de Aylesbury, Sundridge, 1287. 

Walter de Aylesbury, Aylesford, 1348-61 ; Chantry Priest St. Paul's. 
Richard Aylesham, Chaplain of Sevenoaks. 
Walter Aylesford, Cuxton, 1404. 

William Ayleston, Cudham, 1390-6 ; previously Warlingham. 
Robert Ayleward, Keston, 1445-7 ; LuUingstone, 1445-53, 


Howard Aylwin, Ditton, 1905-9 ; St. Luke's, Walthamstow, 1909. 

William Ayno, Lewisham, 1320-1. 

Thomas Aynescombe, Courden, 1633-68. 

Robert Ayscough, Hailing, St. Lawrence, Chaplain, (1439-1442) ; 

Longfield, 1438, 
Samuel Ayscough, Cudham, 1803-4. 
Robert Ayshecombe, Aysham or Ascombe, Rector of Sevenoaks, 

1515-23 ; Chaplain, 1515-23 ; Vicar, between 1499 and 1504. 

Simon Babb, West Mailing, 1712-30 ; Buried October 21, 1730, at 
West Mailing ; suspended for three years for impropriety. 

John Bache, Horton Kirby, 1500-13. 

John Bachelor, Lewisham, 1642-60 ; put in by Parliament, a Puritan 

Richard Back, Chaplain of St. Lawrence, Hailing, between 1518 
and 1531. 

Robert Bacon, Stampet Chantry, Dartford, 1540-9 ; Vicar of 
Wilmington, 1540-52 ; Curate of St. Clement's, Rochester, June 
to Dec, 1540 ; again 1552-6 ; Ex. Test" Su", to be buried in the 
Chancel, 1555. 

Robert Bacon, Junr., Wilmington, deprived 1558. 

Thomas Bacon, Chelsfield, 1532-58 ; Buried January 3rd, 1557-8. 

Thomas Bacun, Leybourne, 1279 ; Rector of Langley. 

Joseph Jeremiah Baddely, Chelsfield, 1898 : Vicar of Meare, 1870-4 ; 
St. Saviour's, Croydon, 1874-82 ; St. Anne's, Eastbourne, 1882-94 ; 
Toppesfield, 1894-8. 

— De Badlesmere, 13 — 1322 ; Abbess of Mailing. 

Charles Bagnold, Erith, 1673-93. 

William Bagot, Hadlow, 1416-22. 

Thomas Bagshaw, Bromley, 1744-78; Southfleet, 1778-88; Chaplain 

of Warner College, 1738-88. 

Thomas Harrington Bagshawe, Bromley, 1698-1739 ; Woolwich, 
1706-39 ; Chaplain of Warner College, 1696-1738 ; Ex. 
Mon° Su" in Bromley Church, "H. P. CoUegu Warnerensis 
40 circiter annos, Hujus parochiae Vicarius, Rector de Wolwich, 
obijt 29 Mail, 1739, Aetat 69, Viro docto humane probe, patri 
pientissimo hanc filius supposiut tabellam." 

Oliver Bagthwaithe, Downe, obijt Sept. 1, 1585. 

Charles Richard Bailey, Christchurch, Forest Hill, 1902. 

Bailey, Hailing, 1678-88. 

John Bailey, All Hallows, 1518-25. 

John Bailey, St. Bartholomew's, Rochester, 1878. 

Joseph Greenoak Bailey, Chaplain Strood Union, 1865-7 ; St. 
Bartholomew's, 1878-1905; Ex. Mon° Su°, "Here lies awaiting 
the Resurrection of the Body, Joseph Greenoak Bailey, M.A., 
L.L.D., first Vicar of this Parish (1878-1905), who died 4th 
April, 1905, 66 years. Jesus said ' Because I live, ye shall live 
also.' — St. John XIV., 18." 

Robert Bailey, St. Nicholas, 1608-1701 ; Died Oct. 8, 1701 ; Buried 


Albert Victor Baillie, 1895-8 ; St. Margaret's, Plumstead, Rector 

of Rugby, 1898. 
Edward Baines, Yalding, 1859-82; Ex. Men" Su°, "Edward Baines, 

A. M. Hujus, Ecclesise Ann XXIII. Vicarius." 
Henry de Baix, Keston, ante 1207. 

Hugh Ryves Baker, St. Michael and All Angels, Woolwich, 1879-99. 
John Baker, Brenchley, ante 1385. 
John Baker, Bromley, 1818-9. 

John Baker, Chalk, 1416, Vicar of Odymere, Sussex, 
John Baker, Cobham College, 1502, ; perhaps same as is called 

John Barker, 1515. 
John Baker, Kemsing, 1644-9. 
Joseph Baker, Milton, 1521-5. 

Richard Baker, between 1368 and 1394, Aylesford. 
Robert Baker, Foots Cray, 1533-5 ; renounced Papal Authority. 
Robert Baker, Kemsing, 1608-44. 
Thomas Baker, Bidborough, 1516. 
Thomas Baker, Eltham, 1504-5. 
William Baker, Ash, 1605-42 ; Fawkham, 1608-42 ; obijt 1642 ; 

perhaps also at Darenth, 1595-1605 ; or this may have been 

another William Baker. 
William Baker, East Farleigh, 1557-60 ; presented by King Philip 

and Queen Mary, though Philip was never acknowledged King 

of England ; Crown Livings are always thus bestowed. 

Baker, Chalk, 1562-7. 

Simon Bakhouse, Wateringbury, 1400-2. 
Edmund De Bakewell, Lee, temp. Edward III. to 1320. 
Edmund Balam, Hever, 1602-32 ; Buried here May 10, 1632. 
Richard Balam, Cobham, 1631-60 ; Shorne, 1660-9 ; Head Master 

of King's School, Rochester, 1617-25. 
William Balam, Curate of St. Clement's, Rochester, 1539-40. 
John Balcanquall, Prebend, of Rochester, 1619-28 ; Tatenhill, 

Staffs, 1671 —46 ; Vicar of Boxley, 1638-40 ; obijt 1646. 
Walter Balcanquhall, Dean of Rochester, 1624 ; Chaplain to the 

King, 1617 ; Master of the Savoy ; Adisham, 1618-45 ; King- 
stone, 1632; Vicar of Boxley, 1624-38; Dean of Durham, 1639; 

expelled 1641 ; obijt 1641. 
Henry James Balchin, Woolwich Union, 1871-9. 
Richard Baldwene, Rotherfield, 1523 ; probably same as Richard 
Baldwyn, Henley, 1530. 
John de Baldersbury, Burham, 1329-33 ; Rector of St. Mary 

Magdalene, London ; Rector of St. Leonard's and St. Vedast's, 

Roger Baldewyn, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1431-8. 
Thomas Baldewyn, Kingsdown, between 1405 and 1410. 
Adede Baldock, Meopham, 1325. 
Walter Baldray, GiUingham, 1440. 
Henry Baldre, Tattington, 1509-39. 
Richard Baldwyn, Henley-on-Thames, 1530 ; Rotherfield, 1523. 


Sackville Spencer Bale, Chiddingstone, 1755-83. 

Sackville Stephens Bale, Chiddingstone, 1783-1836. 

Edmund Ball, St. Mary Cray, 1888. 

Edmund Ball, Shorne, 1605-17. 

Hugh Ball, West Peckham, 1452-62 ; also previously, 1446-7. 

John Ball, Rural Dean of Mailing, 1461-2 ; same as next but one. 

Thomas Hanley Ball, Bromley Union, 1872-6. 

John Balle, Lamberhurst, 1461-7 ; Buried here same as last but one, 

Nicholas Balsham, Offham, 1372-90 ; Keston, 1400. 

John Bamburgh, West Mailing, 1517-24; Prebend, of High Mass, 

Robert Bamburgh, Stoke Chantry, between 1433 and 1438. 
John William Lewis Bampfield, Chatham Dockyard, 1875-7. 
Thomas Bambery, 1487-1504 ; Cowden. 
Charles Gerald Winstanley Bancks, Haxtley, 1902. 
John Bancroft, Orpington, 1605-40 ; Stourmouth, 1608-10 ; Master 

of University College, Oxford ; Bishop of Oxford, 1632-41 ; 

Biddenden, 1610-40 ; Adisham, 1609-33. 
Richard Bancroft, Wrotham, 1594-7; Bishop of London, 1597-1604; 

Archbishop of Canterbury, 1604-10. 
John de Banebury, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1361-4 ; Wideton 

Giles Banes. Halstead, 1487. 
Thomas Banester, Swanscombe, 1426. 
Edward Banks, East Farleigh, 1823-32. 
John Banks, Isleham, Chantry Priest, 1440. 
Roger Banks, Teston, 1673-82. 
John Bannby, Rector of Eynesford, 1465-70. 

Richard de Banneby, Farningham, 1370-9 ; Rural Dean of Shore- 
ham, 1378 ; Stooktulmarsh, Lincoln, 
Charles Henry Banning, Christchurch, Greenwich, 1873-4; Strood, 

1874-90; St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1890-4; Rural Dean of 

Rochester, 1889-94 ; Christchurch, Highbury, 1894-9 ; Vicar of 

Springrove, Isleworth, 1899-1903. 
John de Banquett, Meopham, up to 1314. 
John Bantinge, Erith, 1361-2. 
Edward Barbour, Vicar of Orpington, 1407-11 ; Rector of Little 

Badowe, London. 
John Barbour, Rector of Wrotham, 1537-44 ; Suffragan Bishop of 

Thomas Barbour, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1391-9. 
John Bardinage, Lee, July to September, 1402. 
James Waveing Bardsley, St. Peter's, Greenwich, 1867-70 ; St. 

Paul's, Greenwich, 1870-7 ; Christchurch, Surbiton, 1877-84 ; 

Huddersfield, 1884 ; Rural Dean of Huddersfield, 1887 ; Proctor 

in Convocation, and Hon. Canon of Wakefield. 
Samuel Martin Bardsley, Christchurch, Rotherhithe, 1892-1901 ; 

Greenwich, 1901 ; Rural Dean. 
John Barelock, Cuxton, between 1349 and 1363. 


William Baren, Farningham, 1358-9. 

Roger Baret, LuUingstone, between 1373 and 1391. 

Charles Henry Barham, East Barming, 1834-48. 

Baring Baring Gould, St. Michael and All Angels', Blackheath 

Park, Charlton, 1878-88. 
Robert Baring, Greenwich Hospital, 1705-15. 
Paul Baristowe, Grayne, 1688-1716 ; Headmaster of Rochester 

Grammar School, 1679-1716 ; Buried at Trotterscliffe, Feb. 23, 

1716; left ;f 1,000 to provide a School to teach the children of 

Trotterscliffe reading and the Church catechism ; he also gave 

the Cup to that Parish. 
Alleyne Higgs Barker, Woldham, 1831-54. 
John Collier Barker, St. Saviour's, Tonbridge, 1877. 
Edmund Barker, Higham, 1563-4. 
Peter Barker, St. John's, Bromley, 1881 ; Hon. Canon of Rochester, 

Richard Barker, Speldhurst, 1440-8 ; Rector of Speldhurst, 1448-57. 
Ralph Barker, Brastead, 1693-1708 ; Treasurer of the Church of 

Wells ; published the posthumous works of Archbishop Tillotson ; 

obijt 1708. 
William Barker, Crayford, 1551-77 ; Buried at Crayford, Jan. 27, 

William Barker, Cuxton, 1495-1522 ; Vicar of Tendring, Essex ; 

perhaps the same : 
William Barker, who was Rector of Snodland, 1499-1526, and 

Curate of Strood, 1493-1507. 
William Barker, Henley, 1563-80 ; Buried here, 1580. 
Walter Barling, St. Mary, Hoo, 1661-79 ; Buried here, Feb. 18, 

Simon de Barlynge, Kitebroc, 1349-58 ; Lanfare Parva, 1349-50 ; 

Harmondesworth . 
George Hillars Philip Barlow, St. Philip's, Sydenham, 1869-75 ; 

Chardstock, Devon, 1875. 
William Barlow, Rector of Orpington, 1597-1605. 
John Barlowe, Hever, 1525-8 ; Sundridge, 1528 ; Tonbridge, 

Edward Barnard, Pauline's Craye, 1752-81 ; Vicar of Ospringe, 

1756 ; Canon of Windsor, 1760 ; Provost of Eton ; Died of 

apoplexy at Eton College, Dec. 2, 1781. 
Edward Barnard, Bexley, 1808-25; Rector of Alverstoke, Hants., 

Edward Barnarde, Dartford, 1501-15 ; obijt 1515. 
Thomas Barnard, Snodland, 1793-1800. 
William Barnard, Dean of Rochester, 1743-4 ; Bishop of Raphoe, 

1744-7 ; Derry, 1747-68. 
James Barne, All Hallows, 1511-2; obijt 1512 ; leaves money to 

build Church and Stoke Steeple. 
Henry Barnes, Offham, 1567-9. 
John Barnes, Hartley, 1433-7. 


Martin Barnes, Swanscombe, 1757-60 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " In hope of 

a happy resurrection through Jesus Christ, here lyeth Martin 

Barnes, B.D., Rector of this Parish. He died September 27th, 

1759, aged 59 years." 
Henry Broughton Barnes, Great Ilford, Essex, 1891-2 ; Chelsfield, 

1892-8 ; Topplesfield, Essex, 1892-8. 
Arthur Evelyn Barnes-Lawrence, St. Michael and All Angels', 

Charlton, 1888; St. Lukes', Liverpool, 1883-8; Hon. Canon of 

Southwark, 1905. 
Benjamin Barnett, Plumstead, 1692-1707 ; his epitaph, now lost, 

ran ; " Here lyes Benjamin Barnett, Doctor in Divinity, 

Prebendary of the Church of Gloucester, and Vicar of Plumstead, 

who died August 1st, 1707, in the 57th year of his age ; Buried 

here August 8th, 1707." 
Thomas Barnett, Longfield, 1706-31 ; Buried here, Nov. 3, 1731. 
Henry Barnewell, Aylestord, 1593-1605 ; Barming, 1603-5 ; 

Chaplain to the Archbishop ; Proctor in Convocation, 1613 ; 

Prebendary of Rochester, 1613-7 ; Buried in the Cathedral, 1617. 
John Baron, Greenwich ; 1371. 

Nicholas Baron, Cuxton, 1422-5 ; Harbledown, 1422. 
Thomas Baron, Plumstead, 1416. 
William Baron, West Mailing, 1395-9. 
William Baron, Meopham, 1452-5. 
Edmund Barrell, Fawkham, 1712-20 ; Sutton-at-Hone, 1706-62 ; 

Boxley, 1720; Prebendary of Norwich, 1702; Canon of Rochester, 

1705-65 ; Kingsdown, next Sittingbourne, 1700-12 ; Buried in the 

Cathedral, Mar. 20, 1765. 
Robert Barrell, AUington, 1625-30. 
George Barr, Holy Trinity, Milton, 1883-97; Longhope, Gloucester, 

Ythil Arthur Barrington, West Wickham, 1876-84 ; St. Mary-le- 

Tower, Ipswich, 1890. 
Henry Barrow, Isleham, probably from 1574-87 ; obijt 1587. 
Douglas Barry, Ightham, 1888-1907. 
Laurence Barry, Norton, 1409-17 ; Milton Chantry Priest and 

Vicar up to 1420 ; Rector of Maydewick, 1420. 
Robert Barry, Northfleet, 1707-20. 
Thomas Barry, Vicar of Sevenoaks, between 1416 and 1421 ; 

perhaps the same as was Rector of Cuxton, 1427 ; St. Werburgh, 

1421-7 ; by change, Rural Dean of Shoreham, 1419. 
John Barter, Rotherfield, 1556-9. 

Bartholomew, East Farleigh, 1331. 

Bartholomew, Barming, 1347-59 ; Rector of Offham ; Rural 

Dean of Mailing, 1349 ; known as de Crowethorne. 
Walter Bartholomew, Westerham, between 1337 and 1344. 
Henry Charles Bartlett, Westerham, 1860-1900 ; Buried here. 
John Bartletot, Dartford, 1534-6. 
John Bartlett, Sevenoaks Chantry, 1386-94. 
John Spencer Bartlett, St. John's, Sevenoaks, 1878-99. 


Thomas Bartlett, Chevening, 1851-4. 

Barton, Kemsing, 1649-54 ; a Puritan interloper. 

Alexander Barton, Hunton, 1567-8 ; obijt 1568. 

Charles Barton, Halstead, 1806-7 ; Pluckley, 1807-16. 

David Barton, Curate of Bromley, 1667-9 ; Rector of Chislehurst, 
1669-83 ; obijt 1683 ; Buried at Chislehurst 1683 ; Boughton, 1663. 

Henry Barton, Horton Kirby, 1364 ; Rectory of St. Mary, 

John James Barton, Holy Trinity, Bridge. 

John de Barton, Mixbury, 1284-1332. 

Joseph Barton, Rector of Orpington, with the Chapels of St. 
Mary Cray, Downe, and Knockholt, 1723-42 ; obijt 1742. 

Thomas Baschurche, Chevening, 1522-33 ; Rector of St. Leonard's, 
Eastcheap, 1523-7. 

WiUiam Basing, Strood, 1361-84 ; Master of Newark Hospital ; 
obijt 1384. 

Thomas de Basinge, Longfield, 1280. 

Charles Gardiner Baskerville, Tonbridge, 1894 ; St. Silas Lozell's, 
Birmingham, 1867-91 ; St. Stephen's, Walthamstow, 1891-4. 

John Bassingthwaite, Darenth, 1608-27 ; obijt 1627. 

James Bate, St. Paul's, Deptford, 1731-75 ; Fellow of St. John's, 
Cambridge ; Buried here 1775. 

Stephen Bate, Horsmonden, 1672-1724 ; Buried here, October 20, 

Edmund [Bateman, Chevening, 1732-51 ; Archdeacon of Lewes, 
1736; Prebendary of Lichfield, 1734-41. 

Josiah Bateman, North Cray, 1856-64 ; Vicar of Margate, 1864. 

Lawrence Bateman, Chaplain Sevenoaks Chantry, 1394. 

John Bateres, Wateringbury, 1366-9. 

Henry Bates, Freckenham, 1773-1816 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Near this 
spot are deposited the remains of the Rev. Henry Bates, D.D., 
many years Rector of this parish, who departed this life Jan. 31, 
1816, in the 80th year of his age." 

George Femes Bates, West Mailing, 1814-42 ; Vicar of South 
Mimms, Middlesex ; was complained of to the Bishop for having 
hymns in his Church . He was a great benefactor to the Church 
Schools of the parish. Ex. epitaphio, " The Rev. George Feme 
Bates, son of the above, many years Vicar of this parish, and of 
South Mimms, Middlesex ; departed this life the 18th of Nov., 
1841, aged 66 years." 

John Bates, Halstead, 1420-32. 

John Bath, Hailing, 1638-62; obijt 1662. 

John Bathe, Rotherfield, 1406-30 ; obijt 1430. 

Richard Bathurst, All Hallows, Hoo, 1790-5 ; West Peckham, 
1795-1801 ; St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1801-3 ; sine cure Rector 
of Llangalen, Carmarthenshire ; Buried in the Cathedral Jan. 22, 
1803 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Here lieth the remains of the Reverend 
Richard Bathurst, Rector of Llangeller, in the County of 
Carmarthen, Vicar of the adjoining parish of St. Margaret's, and 


Minor Canon of this Cathedral ; he was the youngest and only 
surviving son of the late Edward Bathurst, Esq., of Finchcocks, 
in this county ; and departed this life on the 16th day of Jan.. 
1803, in the 76th year of his age." 

Cecilia Batisford, Abbess of Mailing, 1425-40. 

Jeremiah Batley, Head Master of Rochester Grammar School, 

Vincent Lascelles Batson, Ridley, 1893-7 ; Brookland with Beaux- 
Held, 1904. 

Affabellus Battell, All Hallows, 1719-24. 

John Harford Battersby, Pembury, 1889-98 ; Vice-Principal of 
Ridley Hall, Cambridge, 1898-1900 ; Head of Clergy College, 
Edgbaston, Birmingham, 1900-02 ; Principal of Ripon College, 

Henry Battiscombe, St. German's, Kidbroke, 1865-71. 

John de Battiscombe, Aylesford, 1394-7 ; Vicar of West Purton, 

William Battisforde, Master of Newark, Strood, 1403-6. 

William Battisforde, Aylesford, June, 1425 ; resigned next day. 

James Battley, Hunton, 1682-5. 

William Wilberforce Battye, Hever, 1851-90 ; Ex. Mon" Su", " In 
loving memory of William Wilberforce Battye, Priest, Rector of 
this parish ; fell asleep Jan. 24th, 1890, aged 67. Jesu mercy." 

FfoUiott Baugh, Chelsfiejd, 1849-89 , last Rector of Chelsfield-cum- 
Farnborough ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " The Rev. FfoUiott Baugh, Rector 
of Chelsfield, died 7th Dec, 1889, aged 80 years." 

Thomas Bawtre, Hayes, 1404-5 ; Rector of Chagely, Chichester ; 
obijt 1405. 

Baxter, St. Werburgh, between 1638 and 1671. 

Arnold Baxter, Cudham, 1498-1525 ; Buried in the Chancel, 1525 ; 
Ex. Test" Su°. 

Christopher Baxter, Ifield, between 1474 and 1505 ; obijt 1505. 

John Baxter, Birling, 1545-67. 

John Baxter, Offham, 1572-87 ; Buried at Offham Nov. 18, 1587. 

Rowland Baxter, Ridley, 1507-18 ; perhaps same as Rector of 
Sutton-at-Hone, 1508-10 ; Vicar of Shoreham, 1518-26 ; Chantry 
Clerk of Freckenham, 1508. 

William Baxhorp (sic), St. Werburgh, 1503-10. 

Thomas Bay, Bromley, Apr. 16, 1362— May 21, 1362. 

Thomas Bayard, Ditton, 1565-77 ; obijt 1577. 

William Bayhall, Chantry Priest of Pembury, 1403-23. 

George James Bayley, Holy Trinity, Woolwich, 1903. 

John Bayley, Vicar of Wrotham, 1525-34. 

John Bayley, Master of Cobham College, 1534 ; renounced Papal 
Supremacy, 1535 ; surrendered the College. 

John Bayley, Higham, 1460-1. 

John Arden Bayley, Junior Chaplain of the forces, 1872-5. 

Richard Bayley, Ibstock, 1626-32. 

Robert Bayley, Cuxton, 1679-87 ; Buried here 1687. 


Roger Bayley, St, Nicholas', Rochester, 1688-1701 ; called Robert 
in the Parish Register ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Here lyeth the the body 
of R*" Bayley, late Minister of the Church, who departed this 
life the 8th of October, 1701." 

Thomas Bayley, Brastead, 1640-2 ; Prebend, of Lichfield ; ejected 
from the Living of Brastead after the Restoration ; Dean of 
Downe, Bishop of Killaloe, 1664. 

Thomas Bayley, Halstead, 1389-90 ; Chantry (of Henry Guildeford, 
in St. Paul's Cathedral) Clerk; Vicar of Shoreham, 1390, 

William Frederick Bayley, Wilmington, 1828-32. 

William Falkner Bayley, St. Margaret's, Plumstead, 1905 ; 
Chaplain of Woolwich Union, 1905. 

Ronald Bayne, Holy Trinity, Blackheath Hill, 1898-1908 ; Rector 
of Orlestone, 1889-94; St. Jude's, Whitechapel, 1894-8; St. 
Jude's, Walworth, 1908 ; St. Edmund's the King, Lombard 
Street, London, 1910. 

Richard Bayly, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1406-12 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, 
" Sum et in carne mea videbo meum salvatorem ; Hie 

jacet dominus Ricardus Bayly, quondam vicarius istius ecclesiae 
qui obijt decimo die mensis Julij anno dni. miltmo cccc. duo 
decimo anime ppicieteur . ." 

Arthur Hamilton Baynes, Christchurch, Greenwich, 1892-3 ; Vicar 
of St. James', Nottingham, and Chaplain of Nottingham 
Infirmary, 1884-8 ; Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 
1888-92 ; Six Preacher of Canterbury, 1891-3 ; Bishop of Natal, 
1893-1900 ; Vicar of St. Mary's, Nottingham, 1900. 

Thomas Baynton, Horton Kirby, 1474-94. 

Edward Beadon, Higham, 1759-60 ; Strood, 1760-2 ; Vicar of 
Stoneham Hampton, 1762 ; Master of Jesus College, Cambridge. 

Christopher Beake, Strood, 1733-7; Stockbury, 1736; Kingsteinton, 
Devon, 1737-29 ; obijt Feb. 16th, 1798. 

Samuel Henry Beamish, Bexley, Lamorbey, 1878-1900 ; under a 
window we read: "To the Glory of God, and in memory of 
Samuel Henry Beamish, B.A., for twenty years Vicar of this 
Parish; who died Jan. 11, 1900. This window is dedicated by 
Parishioners, Relatives and Friends, 1901. — St. Johnxxi, 15-17," 

Thomas Beamont, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1614. 

William Beane, Cobham, 1589-93. 

Henry Bearblocke, Higham, 1604-20 ; Frindsbury, 1616-20 ; said 
by Twysden MSS. to have intruded on this living again in 1630, 
but this perhaps is an error in transcription ; Minor Canon of 
Rochester, 1614. 

John Bearblocke, Mereworth, 1349-61. 

Philip Bearcroft, Stourmouth, 1743-61 ; Vicar of Elham. 

Thomas Beardmore, Charlton, 1687-1702; Ex. epitaphi° : "Here 
lyeth the body of Thomas Beardmore, M.A., eldest son of John 
Beardmore, late rector of Whitwell,' in the county of Derby, 
who was fifteen years rector of this parish, and died the 26th 
day of October, 1702, in the 43rd year of his age," 


Henry Beauclerk, Penshurst, 1770-3 ; Prebend, of Hereford. 

Henry Beaufitz, Ash, 1297-1332. 

William Beaufitz, High Halstow, 1427-1433 ; Buried at GilUngham. 

From his Brass : " Hie jacet Magister, WilUam Beaufitz, qui 

obijt xix° mensis Maij, anno domini, Mccccxxxm., cuius anime 

propicietur Deus. Amen." 
John Beaugraunt, Stourmouth, 1392-3 ; Rector of Chelchythe, 

John de Beaulieu, Eltham, 1338. 
Margaret de Beaumont, Abbess of Dartford ; Buried in the Chapel, 

1465. On her tomb, now gone, was " filia domini de Beaumont, 

Roger Beautre, Henly, Oct. to Nov., 1361. 
Martin de Beauvais, Vicar of East Peckham 1318-25. 
William Bebyngton, Halstead, 1418-20. 
Henry Becher, Vicar of Wrotham-cum-capella, Stanstead-et-cum- 

capella. Woodland, 1568-72 ; Buried here Nov. 4th, 1572. 
James Beck, Vicar of Orpington, 1430-3. 
Theophilus Beck, Birling, 1692-1715 ; Shipbourne, 1690-5 ; Vicar 

of Barming, 1706-15 ; previously Vicar of Reculver ; Buried at 

Birling, Oct. 19th, 1715. 
Edward George Ambrose Beckwith, Chaplain of Bromley College, 

John Bedall, Lullingstone, 1508-28. 
William de Bedewynde, Penshurst, 1326-8. 
John Bedford, West Wickham, between 1364 and 1393 ; Woolwich, 

between 1361 and 1391. 
Richard de Bedingfield, Horsmonden, 1361-9. 
Nicholas de Bedyngton, Wrotham, 1314-24. 
John Bedle, Eynesford, 1651-62. 

Robert Bedle, Wilmington, 1661-95 ; Buried here Apr. 9, 1695. 
Thomas Bedlowe, Hailing, 1546-53 ; deprived 1553 ; restored 1562 ; 

obijt 1567 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1553. 
Richard Bee, Sutton, 1553-7 ; Buried in the Chancel, Ex. Test" 

Su", 1558. 
Jacobus Beecher, Chalk, 1578-81. 
John Beechynge, Ditton, 1527-33, 
John Beef or Beof, Charlton, 1401-4 ; Rector of Alingford : Rector 

of St. Chrysostom's, Exeter. 
Christopher Beeke, Strood, 1733-6 ; Stockbury, 1736 ; Kings- 

teinton, Devon, 1737-98 ; obijt Feb. 16, 1798. 
Henry Beeke, Lamberhurst, 1784. 
Richard Beeston, Yalding, 1597-1628. 
Peter de Begham, Nurstead, 1349-68 ; obijt 1368. 
Robert Beke, Eynesford, 1488. 
Thomas Beke, Ashurst, 1447. 
Laurence deBekonsfield, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1348 ; Boughton- 

under-Blean, 1353-9 ; Chapel of Blessed Virgin Mary infra 

Chilham Castle, 1359. 


Thomas Bekonsfield, Hailing, 1390 ; Chaplain of St. Laurence 

Chantry, Hailing, 1393. 
Edmund Bekyngham, Henley, 1404-15 ; Professor of Sacred 

Theology, Oxon. 
John Belchamp, Beckenham, 1445-6. 
William Bele, Offliam, 1458. 
John Belemeyns, Leigh, 1230-1239. 

Francis Christian Bainbridge Bell, St, Lawrence, Catford, 1907. 
George Fancourt Bell, Riverhead, 1905. 
Thomas Bell, Chalk, 1603-6 ; Limpstield, Surrey, 1573 ; Nutfield, 

1582-1625 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1586-1625. 
Richard Belgrave, Chevening, 1429-30 ; Newenden, 1430-1. 
James Bellamy, Woldham, 1431-4. 

William de Bellegrave, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1331-2. 
Robert Bellseye, Marestone, between 1319 and 1323. 
John Belness, West Mailing, 1422-6 ; Rector of Norton, 1426-35 

Vicar of Wrotham, 1435. 
Ralph Belt, Woldham, 1434-47. 
William Belthorp, Paddlesworth, 1462-4. 
Thomas Bence, Mapiscombe, 1504-6. 
Milo Bendes, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1559. 
John Benet, Allington, 1465-70. 
Thomas Benet, Higham, 1441-5 ; perhaps the same as Abbot of 

Lesnes, 1474-82. 
Richard Benger, Brastead, 1522-9 ; Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, 

1520-2 ; Rector of Alton Bernes, 1520-9 ; obijt 1529. 
John Benman, Horsmonden, 1418. 
John Bennett, Ibstock, 1849-89. 
Nicholas Bennett, Sutton-at-Hone, 1566-70. 
William Bennet, Vicar of Eynesford, 1465-75. 
Wilham Bennet, Higham, 1564-7. 
Henry Benson, Sevenoaks Weald, 1863-77. 
John Benson, Horsmonden, 1418 ; Horsmonden Chantry, 1418. 
John Benson, High Halstow, 1718-53 ; Buried in Rochester 

Cathedral ; E. Bur. Reg. Roff. Cathedr. May 15, 1753 ; The 

Rev. Mr. John Benson, Rector of High Halstow, in the 

Cathedral from St. Nicholas, " Bonus fuit Concionator, Gnarus 

domi Gubernator, in morbo articulari Patientiam, exercuit, 

consenuit, obijt." 
Martin Benson, King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge Wells, 1786- 

Percy George Benson, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1881-1900; previously 

Vicar of New Bolingbroke, Lincoln ; obijt 1900. 
Richard Benson, West Malhng, 1348. 
Thomas Benson, Hadlow, 1496-1504. 
Alfred Benstydde, Nettlestead, 1349. 
John Oxenham Bent, St. John's, Woolwich, 1869-92. 
John de Bentley, Chelsfield, 1361. 
Richard Bentley, Shoreham, 1547-57 ; obijt 1557. 


William Benyngworth, Pembury, 1456-7. 

James Bere, Cobhamberry, Prebend., 1397. 

John de Bere, Master of Newark, Strood, 1321. 

Thomas Bere, Nurstead, 1506-9. 

John Berefoot, North Cray, 1570-7; instituted to Ruxley, 1570, 

when the two livings were joined, and have remained united ever 

Randolph Humphrey Berens, formerly McLaughlin, Sidcup, 

Arthur Hastings Berger, Cobham, 1876. 
Robinus de Bergham, Norton, 1323-4. 
Edmund Berham, Stone, 1346-61. 
Richard de Berham, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1358-68 ; Frinds- 

bury, 1333-7 ; Catmere, Sussex, 1333 ; Aylesford, 1337-40 ; 

Marden, 1340; obijt 1368. 
Robert Beresford, Hailing, 1688-1705; Hartlip, 1704-28 ; Goud- 

hurst, 1728-36 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1681-1736 ; Buried 

at Strood, 1736. 
Thomas Berisford, Vicar of Eynesford, between 1559 and 1614. 
George Berkeley, Rector of East Peckham, 1775-87. 
Elias Berlynge, Iselham Chantry, 1330-1 ; also Rector of Iselham 

with de St. Edmund added. 
Robert Bernard, alias Weyler, Iselham Chantry, 1431-40 ; obijt 

Roger Bernard, 1410 ; Chaplain of the Holy Trinity, St. Peter's, 

Cornhill ; Keston, 1410. 
John Henry Bernau, Belvedere, 1857-81 ; Pulpit is dedicated " To 

the glory of God and in memory of John Henry Bernau," 
Robert Bernewell, Cudham, 1371 ; Vicar of Nette de Alba, London. 
Rowland Berrisford, Pembury, 1663-76 ; Buried here Nov. 8, 1676. 
Henry Berrow, Horton Kirby, 1670-90 ; a Nonjuror. 
Richard Berrow, East Mailing, 1701-5. 
Charles Alfred Berry, Woolwich Dockyard, 1873. 
John Berston, Chaplain of Malmayns', Stoke, 1443-50. 
John Bertie, Stone, 1440-1. 
Robert Berton, alias Wate, West Wickham, 1431 ; P.C. of Alnetha, 

London, by change. 
Robert Berton, Erith, 1464. 

John Best, Hadlow, 1546-54 ; deprived. Bishop of Carlisle, 1561-70. 
William Best, Keston, 1742-61. 

John de Bestance, Clyffe, 1288-1305 ; Archdeacon of Salop, 1287-88. 
John Beste, Vicar of Wrotham, 1544-9. 
John Betherson, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1444-6. 
John Betson, Hadlow, 1540-5 ; obijt 1545. 
John Bette, Cudham, 1398-1406 ; Rector of Ayot Montfechet, 

Lincoln ; Great Thorndon, 1406 ; Rural Dean of Dartford, 

1401-2 ; Halstead, 1385-7. 
Richard de Betteryng, Hunton, 1361. 
Thomas Betteryng, Sundridge, 1414-15, 


John Betteyn, Westerham, 1452-5. 

Richard Betts, Swanscombe, 1606-19 ; Buried here Dec. 23, 1619. 

Robert Betts, Swanscombe, 1641-1665-6; Buried here Feb. 24, 

Thomas Betts, Horton Kirby, 1467-74. 

Robert de Beulton, West Mailing, 1339-48. 

William Beverley, Stoke, 1458-9 ; Bettrisden, 1458 ; Leaveland, 
1459 ; Vicar of Wrotham, 1463. 

John de Bexhill, East Farleigh, 1279-81. 

John de Bexley, Speldhurst, 1368-89 ; deprived for heresy. 

Jordan de Bexley, filius Walter de Bexle, otherwise called de Bixle, 
AUington, 1318-22 ; Tottenham, 1330 ; Erith, 1331-2 ; Ruxley, 
1332-8 ; Newington, Canterbury, 1338 ; Henley-on-Thames. 

Richard Bexley, Abbot of Bayham, 1498-1520 ; Vicar of Pembury, 

John de Beyham, Tonbridge, 1340-50 ; Rector of Chalsworth, 

John Beyle, Hartley, 1509-30. 

John Middleton Beynon, East Wickham, 1886-1906 ; Llanvaches, 
Monmouth, 1872-1886. 

Samuel Bickersteth, Belvedere, 1887-91; Lewisham 1891-1905; 
Leeds, Yorks, 1905. 

Samuel Bickley, Offham, 1708-40; Died Feb. 23, Buried here 27, 
1740. , 

Herbert Ellington Bicknell, Southend, Lewisham, 1881-93 ; 
Chaplain of Lewisham Union, 1881-93 ; Vicar of St. Chrysostom, 
Peckham, London, 1893-8 ; Harwich, 1898. 

William Biconnyl, Clyffe, 1445-8 ; Chancellor of the Rochester 
Diocese, 1448. 

John Bidesley, Ruxley, between 1351 and 1395. 

John de Bidke, Keston, 1285-97. 

Charles Bigsby, St. Peter's, Southborough with Christchurch, 
1841-7 ; Bidborough, 1847-78 ; Buried at Bidborough ; Ex. Mon° 
Su°, " In Affectionate Remembrance of Charles Bigsby, M.A., 
31 years Rector of this parish, who died May 29th, 1878, aged 
73 years. This tablet is erected by his attached parishioners and 
friends ; ' I am the Resurrection ' ; St. John XI., 24." 

Henry Julian Bigsby, St. Thomas', Southborough, 1860-90; Ex. 
Mon° Su", " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from 
henceforth, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their 
labours, and their works do follow them. To the Glory of God 
and in affectionate remembrance of The Rev. Henry Julian 
Bigsby, M.A., for thirty years the first incumbent of St. Thomas' 
Church, Southborough, a Faithful Minister of Jesus Christ, 
beloved by all for his piety, benevolence, humility, and zeal ; 
born Oct. 6, 1833 ; Died July 14th, 1890. He being dead yet 
speaketh. Erected by his parishioners and friends." 

John Bikeston, Rochester Bridge Chapel, 1450-1." 


George Billing, Piatt, 1898-1907 ; Chaplain to the Bishop of 

Calcutta, 1885-8 ; Vicar of Sturrey, 1891-8 ; Ex, Mon" Su", "To 

the glory of God and in affectionate remembrance of George 

Billing, Priest, Vicar of this parish from 1898-1907. This 

Basrelief is erected by the parishioners of St. Mary's, Piatt. Be 

ye followers of God as dear children." 
John Billock, Sutton, 1338-47 ; deprived for fornication, July 7, 

William Bilton, Lamorbey, Bexley, 1840-53 ; gave Chalice, Flagon, 

two Patens and Alms Dish to the Church of Lamorbey. 
Wilham Bilton, Rector of Strood, 1564. 
John George Bingley, St. Leonard's, Colchester, 1864-74; Snod- 

land, 1874-95; Tytherington, Gloucester, 1895. 
Thomas Bingley, North Cray, between 1464 and 1494. 
Abraham Birch, Woldham, 1722-28 ; Buried here, September 26, 

Charles Birch, Foot's Cray, 1861. 
Richard Birde, Greenwich, 1561-6. 

Roger Bird, Ightham, 1857-66 ; Buried here, Oct. 2, 1866. 
Wilham Bird, Stone, 1387. 
Charles Birkbeck, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1716-25 ; Stockbury, 

1722-5 ; Buried in the Cathedral, Mar. 26, 1725. 
Benjamin de Birmingham, Chaplain of St. Lawrence, Hailing, 

Ralph Birtwhistle, Higham, between 1494 and 1498. 
John Bischopstree, LuUingstone, 1502-8 ; Canon of St. Augustine's, 

Ralph Bishop, Hailing, 1724-9 ; St. Werburgh, Hoo, 1729-59 ; 

Buried in the Cathedral, Jan. 20. 1759 ; Minor Canon of 

Rochester, 1723-59. 
Ralph Bishop, Hailing, 1750-3 ; Buried in the Cathedral, Ex. 

epitaphio, " Adolescens fuit temperans, studiosus amicisque 

lugentibus immatura morte praereptus.", Dec. 3, 1753. 
Samuel Bishop, Ditton, 1786-96 ; Head Master of Merchant Taylors' 

School, Rector of St. Martin's, Outwich, London, which he held 

with Ditton. 
William Bishop, Prior of Rochester, 1496-1509. 
Nicholas Bishope, Stoke, 1565-84. 
John Bisshope de Ashe, Chalk, 1357-68. 
John de Bishopston, Clyffe, 1363-66 ; Archdeacon of Nottingham, 

1361 ; attacked by his parishioners in the Church, who were 

punished by the Bishop with having to do penance in his second 

John Biswyle, Brastead, 1373-8 ; Vicar of Waryngton dio Coventry 

and Lichfield. 
Alured Elliott Black, Milton, 1887-9 ; Rector of Oxnead-cum- 

Buxton, Norwich, 1889. 
Thomas Blackall, Fawkham, 1887-1909. 
Thomas Offspring Blackall, Kemsing-cum-Seale, 1846-74. 


William Blackborne, Lamberhurst, 1447-9. 

Jacob Blackbourne, Junior Chaplain, Chatham Garrison, 1898-1900. 

John Blackburne, Ryarsh, 1579-89 ; Buried here Aug. 31, 1589. 

Richard Blackhead, All Hallows, 1564-71. 

Robert Blacklowe, Yalding, 1452-7. 

William Blackmore, Grove Park, Lee, 1891-1902 ; St. Austell, 

Cornwall, 1902. 
Benjamin Blackstone, Vicar of Orpington, 1664-72 ; Buried at 

Chichester, 1672. 
Robert de Blackstone, Horsemonden, 1437-40 ; Rural Dean of 

Mailing, 1436-8. 
Robert Blackstowe, Ditton, 1423-39. 
Robert Blackwall, Northfleet, between 1479 and 1502. 
William Blackwall, Ash, 1504-6. 

Robert Blacus, Aylesford, 1524-39 ; renounced Papal Authority. 
George Bladworth, Marestone, 1642-58. 
Richard Blagge, Erith, 1521-41 ; St. Anne's, Aldersgate, 1511-25 ; 

Vicar of Orpington, 1525-41 ; renounced Papal Authority ; obijt 

Simon Blak, Hayes, 1351-3. 
Henry Blackamore, or Blakemore, Abbot of Lesness, between 

1502 and 1513. 
John Blakeden, Speldhurst, 1534-6. 
John Blake, Grayne, 1470-4. 
Richard Blake, Longsole, 1491 ; hermit there sequestered — seems 

to have been the last hermit. 
Simon Blake, East Mailing, 1363-70 ; Vicar of St. Mary's, 

Bermondsey ; Rural Dean of Shoreham, 1368. 
Robert Blakstow, Swanscombe, 1446-52. 
John Blankes, Foots Cray, 1604-8. 
Thomas Blaque, Dean of Rochester,. 1591-1611 ; Master of Clare 

Hall, Cambridge. 
Thomas Blayne, Crayford, 1599-1611, obijt 1611. 
Richard Blechinden, Prebend, of Rochester, 1710-3 ; Principal of 

Gloucester Hall, and Provost of Worcester College, Oxon. ; 

Kingston Baptist, Berks., 1703-36; Prebend, of Gloucester, 

1713-36 ; Nuneham Courtney, Oxfordshire, 1713-36 ; obijt Oct. 

8, 1736. 
William Blencowe, Iselham, 1754-7. 
John Blere, Chaplain of St. Edmund's Chapel, Dartford, 1422-32; 

obijt 1432. 
Wilham John Blewe, St. John's, Milton, 1842-50 ; sold the living 

to the Romanists. 
Honble. Edward Vesey Bligh, Rotherfield, 1856-65 ; Birling, 

William de Bligbury, Bromley, 1320-3. 

William Nicholas Blomber, Clyffe, 1739-50; Vicar of Fulham. 
George John Blomfield, Dartford, 1857-68 ; Chaplain of Dartford 

Union, 1857-68 ; Rector of Bow, with Broad Nymet, Devon, 


1853-7 ; Aldington, near Hythe, 1868 ; Rural Dean of North 
Lympne, 1878-86. 

Thomas Blomefield, Chalk, 1752-71 ; also Vicar of Hartley, 1721- 
71 ; where he was buried, Jan. 17, 1771. 

John Blore, Chaplain of St. Mary Stampett, Dartford. 

Nicholas Blount, Iselham Chantry, 1320-1. 

Henry Blowe, Cooling, 1465-87. 

Matthew Bloxam, Ide Hill, 1807-46 ; Buried in Ide Hill old 
Chapel, Dec. 18, 1846. 

Edmund Blundell, Higham, 1349-53 ; dictus de Middleton Keynes. 

John Blundell, Strood, 1316-7 ; Executor to the "Will of Bishop 
Thomas de Woldham. 

Roper Blundell, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1596. 

Richard Board, Westerham, 1792-1860 ; Ex. Mon" Su", " In 
Memory of Richard Board, LL.B., for 67 years being Vicar and 
Patron of this living ; he separated Edenbridge from Westerham 
and endowed it with a house for the incumbent. He was a 
descendant of the family of Board, of Pax Hill in the county of 
Sussex. He died December 5th, 1859, aged 95 years ; Buried at 

Ernest Herbert Boardman, Sevenoaks Weald, 1860-3 ; Grazeley, 
Berks., 1863-80. 

William Bochier, Master of Cobham College, 1458. 

Robert de Bockingthorn, alias de Bourne, Southfleet, 1368 ; 
dismissed from there the same year ; probably the same who 
was afterwards given Iselham, in 1372. 

Edward Arthur Bradney Bockett, St. Thomas', Southborough. 
1890-9; South Moreton, Berks., 1887-90; Medstead, Hants.. 

William Bod, Stoke Chantry, Chaplain, 1397. 

John Waugh Boden, Woodlands, 1908. 

John Bodicoate, Westerham, 1771-92 ; Buried at Westerham ; Ex. 
Mon° Su", " Near this marble are deposited the remains of the 
Reverend John Bodicoate, A.M., Patron and Vicar of this 
Church, son of the late John Bodicoate, one of his Majesty's 
Justices of the Peace for the County, and Elizabeth his wife, 
who are also interred in the same vault." 

John Bodill, or Bullyll, Cuxton, according to Henry VHP's loan 
and Valor Ecclesiasticus, Cuxton, 1522-68. On his monument 
partly effaced is read " . the soule of Master John 

Buttyl parson of . . churche and chaplaine to the high 

and noble . . nee Edward which Mr. John decessid the 

. of anno domini MV whose soule Jesu pardon." 

Round the verge runs " Hie jacet Johannes Botyll rector, hujus 
ecclesie qui obijt ultimo die Junij. anno domini 1568 " ; renounced 
Papal Authority ; Chaplain to Edward VI. 

Thomas Bodill, also spelt Bodyll, Rector of Wrotham, 1532-7 ; 
Chaplain of Bockingfold, 1514 ; Rector of East Peckham, 1517-36 ; 
obijt 1537. 


Bartholomew Bodocke, Frindsbury, 1548-9. 

John Body, aUas Bodyn, Kingsdown, 1494-1503; Halstow, 1504-23; 

St. Clement's, Rochester, 1503-1507 ; Rector of Goldesborough. 
Robert Bogg, Nurstead, 1532-6 ; deprived 1536. 
John de Boghurst, Halstead, 1282-6. 
Lord Bogo, Rotherfield, 1276-82. 
Richard Bokeley, Darenth, 1360-1404 ; obijt 1404, 
Thomas de Bokestan, Nettlestead, 1349. 
Robert Bokking, Deptford, 1348-55. 
Frederick Henry Bolingbroke, Plaxtol, 1891-8 ; Vicar of Melch- 

bourne, Beds., 1877-84; Bletsoe, Beds., 1885-91 ; Vicar of St. 

Jude, Gray's Inn Road, 1897-1909 ; Cound, nr. Shrewsbury, 1909. 
Henry Bolegg, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1389 ; All Hallows, 1394. 
Ralph Bolewhye, Swanscombe, 1369. 
James Bolon, Sevenoaks, between 1350 and 1357. 
William Bolon, Chiddingstone, 1528-34. 
John Bolun, Trotterscliffe, Mar., 1471-2. 
Stephen de Bolton, Erith, 1360-1. 
Thomas Bolton, Ryarsh, 1550-63. 
William Bolton, Crayford, 1395-1409. 
William Bolton, Longfield, 1441 ; obijt 1441. 
Esther de Bonaster, Abbess of Mailing, 1344-9. 
John Bond, Bromley ; Plaistow, 1898-1904 ; Vicar of Horsham, 

Richard Bonde, Trotterscliffe, Mar,, 1483-4. 
John Bonde, Hartley, 1448-63. 
John Bonde, Hayes, 1608. 
John Bonham, Eltham, 1328. 
Edmund de Boningas, Crayford, 1291-1318. 
Benjamin Bonner, Isleham, 1751-4. 
Richard Bonnivento or Bounter, Chelsfield, 1463-93 ; obijt 1493 ; 

Ex. Test" Su°, " To be buried in the bodie of the Church before 

the Crucifix." 
Panucius Bonoditi de Controne, Chevening, 1320-1. 
William de Bonsergeant, East Farleigh, 1364-71 ; Vicar of Westyn- 

hanger, 1371. 
Henry Bonzi, Cowden, 1322. 

Henry Booste, Southfleet, between 1467 and 1501. 
Ferdinando Booth, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1674-9 ; Strood, 1674-9 ; 

Ex. Mon° Su", now gone, "Also the body of Mr. Ferdo. Booth, 

late minister of this parish, who died the 4th of February, 1679, 

aged 35 years." 
George Booth, Chaplain of Bromley College, 1820 ; Vicar of 

Findon, Sussex, 1823-59 ; Vice-President of Magdalen College, 

Oxon., 1830. 
William Herbert Booth, St. Paul's, Charlton, 1902-7 ; St. German's 

Kidbrook, 1893-4; St. Nicolas', Alcester with Weethley, 

Warwick, 1907. 
George Boraston, Hever, 1662-1700 ; obijt April, 1699. 


John Boraston, Addington, 1702-41 ; " Here lyeth interred ye 
bodye of ye Revd. Mr. Boraston, Fell" of Univ^ College, Oxford. 
Many y"" ye Minis' of tliis Parish, a man truly learned. Charitable 
and Relig" a Temp' Milde, Chearful, Humane, by which while 
living he was beloved by all that Itnew him, and when he died 
by all lamented. He died ye 7th June, 1741, aged 68 years." 
Presented the Flagon to the parish, perhaps the Paten. 

Richard Borden, Shoreham, 1425. 

William de Bordenne, Custos, ecclesiae de Chatham, 1286-9. 

John de Boreford, Rector of Wrotham, 1314-29. 

John de Borleye, Crayford, between 1323 and 1354. 

John Borow, Ashurst, between 1447 and 1453. 

William Borowe, 'V^oolwich, 1508-9-10 ; Tonbridge, 1500-29 ; Ex. 
Test" Su", " To the Church of Tonbridge, my spones of siluer to 
make a pair of cruetts, two of my best couerlets, the on to hang 
behind the sepulchre and the other afore the higli awter," 

Ernest Borradaile, Borstal, 1878-81 ; J. P. for Yorkshire. 

Thomas de Borestall, Aylesford, 1324-5 ; Chilham, 1325. 

William de Borstal, Prior of Rochester, between 1154 and 1177; 

Claude Bosanquet, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1864-73 ; Christ- 
church, Folkestone, 1873-97; Ex. Epita" "In memory of the 
Revd. Claude Bosanquet, Vicar of Christchurch, Folkestone, who 
died the third of June, 1897, aged 63 years ; formerly for 9 years 
the beloved Vicar of this Parish ; a man after God's own heart. 
This memorial is erected in grateful remembrance of his zeal and 
devotion, and of blessings received during his ministration." 

John de Bosegate, Higham, 1333-7 ; Rural Dean of Rochester. 

Henry Bosewell, Vicar of Orpington, 1461-5. 

Richard Boseworth, Sevenoaks, Chantry Priest, 1459. 

John Bosham, Rector of Orpington, between 1433 and 1455. 

William Bosover, Speldhurst, 1409-25. 

Thomas Boss, Iselham, May-Oct., 1402. 

Henry Bosse, Swanscombe, 1705-37 ; Buried here Apr. 19, 1737. 

Richard Bosse, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1653-77 ; Buried Feb. 4th, 1677-8. 

Simon de Bossue, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge Chantry, 1526. 

Thomas Boswyns, Chalk, 1498-1506 ; Buried here, Ex. Test" Su" : 
" To be buried in Chalke Church, in the chaunsell, before the 
figure of our Lady of Pity. I bequeth to the chapell in the crosse 
a masboke, a chalice, and a peyre of vestments, that the Vicar 
may sing ther when it pleases him on worken days." 

Thomas Bote, East Peckham, May, 1488. 

Robert Boteler, afterwards Butler, East Farleigh, 1638-61 ; was 
chosen Registrar and took the oath to the Commonwealth. He 
probably became a Puritan, and retired under the Bartholomew 

Thomas Boteler, Wilmington, 1427-33 ; obijt 1433. 

William Boteler, Longfield, 1445-8 ; Sutton-at-Hone, 1448-56 ; 
Frindsbury, July-Sept., 1452, 


Bothe, Henley-on-Thames, 1456-60. 

Thomas Botiller, Hadlow, 1392-1404 ; Horndon, Essex, 1392. 

John Botle, West Barming, 1428-41. 

Elizeus Botley, Beckenham, 1532-3. 

John Bottenham, Halstead, 1390. 

Walter dictus Botter, West Farleigh, 1325-48; Lyminge, 1320-5. 

WiUiam McDonald Bottome, Borstal, 1881-4 ; Fawley, Berks, 

1884-7; Over Stowey, Somerset, 1887-90 ; All Saints', Galley 

Hill, Swanscombe, 1901. 
Nathaniel Bounde, Bidborough, 1689-1716 ; Buried here Sept. 11, 

John Bounde, Foot's Cray, 1334-6. 
Robert Boune, Sutton, 1522-8. 
William Chadwick Bourchier, Chaplain of Chatham Dockyard, 

John Bourgchier, Rector of Wrotham, 1471-9. 
Alfred Ernest Bourne, Burham, 1888-1908 ; AH Saints', Battersea, 

1884-8 ; Sutton-at-Hone, 1908. 
Richard Bourne, Hayes, 1678-89 ; Vicar of Orpington, 1672-89 ; 

obijt 1689. 
Robert de Bourne, Southfleet, 1372-95. 
Robert Burr Bourne, St. Paul's Cray, 1836-53. 
Thomas Bourne, Prior of Rochester, 1479-96. 
Robert Boutcher, Speldhurst, 1677-9. 
Richard Bowdell, Farningham, 1471-91. 
William Bowden, St. Clement's Rochester, 1443-5. 
Thomas Bowdler, St. Bartholomew's, Sydenham, 1831-43. 
Thomas Bo wdler, Addington, 1821-34 ; Ash, 1811-22 ; Ridley, 1811-23 
Thomas Bowers, Charlton Morden, 1705-7. 
William Henry Bowers, St. Barnabas', Gillingham, 1891-9. 
Henry Bodd Bowlby, Dartford, 1868-75 ; Chaplain of Dartford 

Union, 1874-5 ; Oldbury, Worcester, 1850-68 ; St. Philip's, 

Birmingham, 1875-93; Bishop of Coventry, 1891-3. 
John Bowie, Rector of Eynesford, 1614-29 ; Bishop of Rochester, 

1630-8 ; obijt 1638. 

Bowles, Shipbourne, 1627-52. 

Charles Bowles, Cobham, 1668-71 ; Shorne 1669-71 ; obijt 1671. 
Charles Bowles, Ditton, 1757-98 ; Buried at West Mailing ; Ex. 

Mon° Su° ; Rev. Charles Bowles, Rector of Ditton, June 3, 1768. 
Samuel Bowles, Bromley, 1695-8. 
Charles Henry Bowley, St. Michaels' and All Angels', Sydenham, 

1888-94 ; St. John the Evangelist, Clapham, 1894-1904 ; Toppes- 

field, Halstead, St. Alban's, 1904. 
Bartholomew Bowsfell, Prebend, of Cobhambury ; deprived 1556. 
Bartholomew Bowsfell, Trottersclyffe, 1546-54 ; deprived 1554 ; 

restored 1569 ; probably the same as the previous ; stayed here 

till 1578. 
Thomas Bowsflelde, Trottersclyffe, 1578-89. 
Thomas Kyrwood Bowyear, Halstead, 1847-65; Harbledown, 1865. 


Edward Boyce, Ashurst, Yltl-n ; obijt 1772. 

John Boyce, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1748-57; obijt 1757, 

Frederick Boyd, Woldham, 1854-56. 

Herbert Buchanan Boyd, Clyffe, 1899 ; Rural Dean of Clyffe, 1909. 

William Boyden, Wilmington, 1604-7 ; Plumstead, 1604-8. 

Richard Alexander Boyle, Crockham Hill, 1870-80 ; Wallington, 
Surrey, 1880-1907. 

Peter de Boyleau, Eltham, 1338 ; represented as a foreigner, holding 
a benefice, 1344. 

Alan Boys, Offham, 1391-1400 ; Beatrechsden, 1391 ; Freckenham, 

Henry James Boys, St. John's, Chatham, 1877-86 ; Layer Marney, 
Essex, 1886 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1873-7. 

Markby Janeiro Thornton Boys, Hildenborough, 1881-3 ; Arch- 
deacon of Bombay, 1859-64; All Saints', Clapham Park, 1865-77. 

Peter Boys, Farningham, 1403-6. 

Richard Boys, Tudeley-cum-Capel, 1830-32. 

Augustus Kerr Bozzi-Granville, St. James's, .Hatcham, 1847-68. 

William de Bradele, Horton Kirby, between 1349 and 1354. 

John de Bradewey, Trotterscliffe, between 1347 and 1349. 

Elizabeth Bradfield, Abbess of Higham, 1496-1501. 

Henry Bradford, Henley, 1460-83. 

Louis Henry Bradford, Hunton, 1892 ; St. Matthew's, Upper 
Clapton, 1886-92. 

William Bradford, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1728 ; Vicar of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1721 ; Buried in Westminster Abbey, 1728. 

Elizabeth Bradforth, Abbess of Higham, 1446-62. 

Francis Bradham, Keston, 1626-37. 

Bradley, Chaplain, Chatham Dockyard, 1662-7. 

John Bradley, Greenwich, between 1410 and 1422. 

Robert Bradley, West Farleigh, between 1432 and 1435 ; obijt 1435. 

Robert Bradley, Addington, 1435-38. 

Robert Bradley, Hadlow, 1449-52. 

Thomas Bradley, Hartley, 1776-1815 ; Buried here, Ex. Mon" Su", 
" In memory of the Rev. Thomas Bradley, nearly 40 years Rector 
of this parish, who was born at Kirby Stephen, in the county of 
Westmoreland, Feb. 1, 1750, and died at Greenhithe, in the 
county of Kent, Dec. 25th, 1825, in the 76th year of his age." 

William de Bradley, Hermit of Bockingfold, 1359. 

George Bradshaw, Downe, 1654 ; perhaps same as at Shipborne, 

William Bradshaw, Chatham, 1601-3. 

William Bradshaw, Vicar of East Peckham, 1719-22. 

Thomas de Bradewell, Shoreham, 1355-83 ; presented to Halstead 
1357, which does not appear to have been accepted ; Ex. Test" 
Su° ; Buried at Otford, which he held with Shoreham. 

Richard Bragge, Erith, 1444-54 ; St. Margaret Pattens, London, 


Humphrey Brailsford, Woldham, 1682-4 ; Minor Canon of 
Rochester, 1682 ; St. Mildred's, Canterbury, 1684-1708. 

William Braithwaite, Pembury Chantry, 1506-9. 

Richard Brakynburye, Strood, 1445-93. 

William Arthur Brameld, Principal of St. Paul's Missionary College, 
Burgh, Line, 1888-90; Prebend, of Lincoln, 1887; Vicar of 
Wortley, Leeds, 1890-97 ; Commissary to the Bishop of Kaffraria, 
1897 ; Chapel AUerton, Leeds, 1904 ; St. Stephen's, Lewisham, 

John de Brampton, Greenwich, 1322-49 ; probably the same as — 

John Hugh de Brampton, Eltham, 1348. 

John Brand, St. Alban's, Dartford, 1903 ; the same as — 

John Brand, St. Mary Piatt, 1907 ; Bridgetown, Western Austra- 
lasia, 1889-1907. 

Thomas Brande, West Mailing, 1574-77 ; Vicar of East Peckham, 

Thomas Brande, Wateringbury, 1598-1620 ; Buried here Jan. 25, 

Charles Brandon, Frindsbury, 1554-68 ; deprived. 

Henry Brandon, Penshurst, 1379-1401 ; Vicar of Little Chart, 1379. 

Reginald de Brandone, Rector of Orpington, 1288 and 1293. 

Andrew Brandram, Beckenham, 1838-50 ; Buried here Jan. 3, 1851. 

Matthew Brandrede, Hunton, 1457-8 ; perhaps same as — 

Matthew Brandrethe, Lullingstone, 1440-5 ; Keston, 1445-7. 

John Branfield, Tattington-cum-Brundish, 1549-54. 

Adam de Brankestre, Lullingstone, 1338-49; might be the same as — 

Edmund de Branketre, Leigh, 1349-53. 

Thomas de Brankre, Mixbury, 1362-4. 

Richard de Brantingham, West Wickham, 1362-4 ; Chaplain of the 
King's Chapel of the Blessed Mary, London. 

William Brantingham, Milton, 1552-8. 

Robert Brass, Stoke Chantry, between 1405 and 1416. 

William Brasyer, Chalk, 1587-99. 

Thomas Bratrum, Bromley College, pretended Chaplain ; ejectus 
Sept. 19, 1696. 

Richard Braunch, Bromley, 1406; previously Canon residentiary ; 
Boreal et Preb. de London. 

Richard Brauncepath, West Farleigh, 1426 ; he was also called 
Braunspeth or Jjranspeth ; Vicar of Mereworth, 1417-26 ; Rural 
Dean of Mailing, 1426-7. 

William Brawker, Cobham, 1523-8. 

Bidlake Bray, Marestone, 1856-64. 

Charles Bray, West Wickham, 1630-57 ; Buried Nov. 15, 1657. 

Charles Braye, Westerham, 1627-40 ; not mentioned after, 

Adam Braytofte, Tonbridge, 1463 ; Vicar of Tarleton. 

John Brayn, Aesclingham, 1462. 

John de Brayton, Treasurer of Wells, 1318 ; Canon of Wingham, 
1320; Rector of Saltwood, 1318 ; Clyffe, 1317-18; Chaplain of 
Edward I. ; Archdeacon of Canterbury ; deprived by the Pope ; 


changed Clyffe With his successor, for Lyminge ; thrust out of 
Lyminge by Cardinal Guilelmus de Occa, the nephew (?) of Pope 
John XXII. This latter held three prebendal stalls with Lyminge, 
Hemmingburgh, Stepney, Hackney, and Pagham ; and from 
1320, Northfleet and HoUingbourne. Deprived of the Arch- 
deaconry of Canterbury by the Pope. 

James Breche, High Halstow, 1495-1504 ; obijt 1504. 

John Breche, Orpington, 1418-33 ; Canon of St, Paul's, London. 

John Brede, Woldham, 1393-6 ; of Estede. 

Simon de Bredon, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1357-62. 

Richard Bremesgrove, Shorne, between 1363 and 1390. 

John Brenan or Burman, Eltham, 1434-57 : Rural Dean of 
Dartford, 1450-4. 

John Brenan, Keston, 1458-62 ; probably same as last. 

Robert le Brenon, Henley, 1343-62. 

Joan de Brenchesle, Abbess of Mailing, 1440. 

John Brencheslee, Chatham, 1474-85. 

Philip de Brencheslee, Woldham, 1324-34. 

John'Brenetcolme, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1383-7; Stodmarsh, 1387. 

John Breton, Chaplain of Malmayns, Stoke, 1397 ; Vicar of 

Laurence Breton, East Peckham, 1427-8 ; West Peckham, 1428-30. 

John Bretone or Bretyn, Leigh, 1516-35 ; renounced Papal 
Authority ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1519. 

Robert Breton, Deptford, 1662-71-2 ; Rector of St. Martin's, 
Ludgate, 1663 ; Prebend, of St. Paul's, 1668 ; Buried here Feb. 
20, 1671-2. 

John Brett, Marestone, 1767. 

Thomas Brett, Trotterscliffe, 1692-5 ; Rector of Ruckinge ; resigned 
his living because he would not take the oath to George I. ; 
Rector of Betshanger and Vicar of Chislett, 1703. 

Reginald Bretyn, All Hallows, Hoo, 1427-42. 

Francis Durant de Breval, Milton, 1680-1707 ; Preacher to Queen 
Henrietta Maria ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1671-1707 ; Prebend, 
of Westminster, 1675-1707 ; Buried in the Abbey, 1707 ; said to 
have been a Capuchian Friar ; took the name of Breval after 
being made Rector. 

Thomas Brewer, Nettlestead, 1706-14 ; Buried here Apr. 10, 1714 ; 
Ex. Mon" Su°, " Here lyeth interred the Body of Rev. Thomas 
Brewer, gent., late Rector of this parish, sone of Thomas 
Brewer, of West Farleigh in the county of Kent, Esq''"., who 
died the 1st of April, in the year of our Lord 1714, aged 33 years." 

William John Brewer, Farningham, 1866-91 ; Ex. Mon° Su"", 
"William John Brewer, M.A., Born 9 April, 1814, Died 26 
October, 1890 ; 24 years Vicar of Farningham." Buried here. 

John Brewster, Paddlesworth, 1405-15. 

Richard Brewster, West Peckham, 1444-7 ; Vicar of Sevenoaks, 
1450-5 ; St. Paul's Cray, 1456-8 ; Chantry Priest of Sevenoaks, 


John Brewys, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, between 1412 and 1421 ; 

Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1421-5. 
Ralph Breyne, Tonbridge, 1546-54 ; Buried here, Sept. 27, 1554. 
Brian, Prior of Rochester, 1145-6 ; obtained from Pope 

Eugenius a confirmation of the Church lands. 
William Brice, Henley, 1469-61 ; a Puritan, ejected under the 

Bartholomew Act. 
John de Brickewell, Hayes ; obijt 1361. 

Richard Bride, Aylesford, 1427-32 ; Rector of Pychesley, 1427. 
Charles Bridgman, Ibstock, 1666-78 ; obijt 1678. 
Andrew Bridges, Nurstead, 1605-31. 
John Bridgewater, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1560-71 ; Chaplain 

to the Earl of Leicester ; Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford ; 

Canon of Rochester; deprived of all his appointments, 1571. 
John Bridgewater, Nettlestead, 1560; West Barming, 1560-61. 
John Henry Bridgewater, St. Luke's, Charlton, 1907 ; St. Paul's, 

Charlton, 1907; Vicar of Pershore, with Abbey Church, Pinrin 

and Bricklehampton, 1899-1907 ; Chaplain to Pershore Union, 

John Bridgman, West Farleigh, 1582-9. 

Brienus, Prior of Rochester, 1276. 

George Brigge, Mereworth, 1588-91. 

John Brigge, Halstead, 1432. 

Thomas Brigge, East Barming, 1434-66 ; Wateringbury, 1430-4 ; 

Will proved, 1466. 
Augustine Briggs, St. James', Gravesend, 1883-1900 ; St. Nicholas', 

Rochester, 1900. 
Richard Briggs, Eltham, 1430-4. 
John Brigham, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1425-6. 
John de Brigham, Meopham, between 1325 and 1356. 
William Bright, Abbot of Lesness, 1496-1502. 
William Brightwell, Henley, 1415-43. 
John Brihtric, Cudham, 1333-49. 
George Brinley, Deptford, 1523-32. 
Robert Briney, Chelsfield, between 1361 and 1400. 
Peter Brisk, Chevening, 1310-20; Bridgham St. Mary, Norfolk, 

1320 ; Welbourne, Lincoln, 1322. 
Guido Briscowe, High Halstow, 1577-83. 
Guido Bristowe, Sundridge, 1583-95. 
John de Bristowe, High Halstow, 1337-47 ; Hermit of Longsole, 

Richard Rhodes Bristowe, Almoner of Christ's Church Hospital, 

1891 ; Hon. Canon of Rochester and Proctor in Convocation for 

the Diocese of Rochester, 1891 ; Canon of the Collegiate Church 

of Southwark, 1897; Rector of St. Olave's, Southwark, 1897; 

Warden of St. Mary's Penitentiary, Stone, 1906; St. Stephen's, 

Lewisham, 1865-97. 
Whiston Timothy Bristowe, Grayne, 1862-74 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, 

" Whiston Timothy Bristowe, twelve years Vicar of this parish. 


He entered into rest 16th October, 1874, aged 48 ; Buried here 
October 22nd, 1874." 

Reginald Brito, Chaplain of Greatnesse in Sevenoaks, 1385-6. 

John Briton, alias Gote, Leigh, 1400 ; Ryarsh, 1399-1400 ; West 
Hoathley, Sussex, 1399. 

John Brittyn, Cobham, 1542-3. 

William Broadbent or Brabiborne, Wilmington, 1543-52 ; to be 
Buried in the Chancel, Milton, 1526-31. 

Henry Brocas, Royal Chaplain, 1485. 

John BrockhoU, Abbot of Lesness, 1405. 

John BrockhoUs, Woldham, 1402-3. 

John Brockman, Bockingfold, 1378-86. 

Laurence Broderick, Meopham, 1713-42 ; Mixbury, 1713-42 ; Pre- 
bend, of Westminster, 1710 ; Firweston, Bucks, which he changed 
for Islip ; Buried. at Mixbury, Nov. 6, 1742. 

John Brodie, Downe, 1846-69. 

Hamo de Broke, Stoke, 1330-46. 

William Broke, Ightham, 1506-26. 

John Brome, Keston, 1481. 

Francis Bromfield, Chatham, 1722. 

John Bromfield, Meopham, 1461. 

Adam de Bromlegh, Chislehurst, 1320 ; probably Chantry Priest. 

Thomas Bromlegh, East Farleigh, 1351-4. 

John Brompton, Birling, 1458-96 ; obijt 1496. 

John Bronynge, Chaplain of St. Lawrence, Hailing, 1397-1422. 

John Brondysh, Iselham, between 1365 and 1372. 

Edward Brook, Hadlow, 1701-5. 

James Brook, St. Peter's, Southborough, 1871-2 ; Buried Mar. 30, 

John Brook, Bidborough, 1789-1830 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Near this 
place, waiting for the glorious second Advent of Christ, is 
deposited the body of the Reverend John Brook, forty years 
Rector of this parish, and sometime Vicar of Great Stukely, 
Huntingdonshire, and Curate of Huntingdon. He departed this 
life, A.D., MDCCCXXX., June 7th, aged 79 years." 

Henry Sinclair Brooke, Pembury, 1898. 

William Brooke, Lee, 1567-72. 

Ralph Brookes, Marestone, 1728-67. 

Henry Samuel Brooks, St. John's, North Woolwich, 1899-1904. 

John Brotherton, Vicar of Eynesford, 1409. 

Richard Brotherton, Chalk, 1574-8. 

Joshua Broughton, Chaplain of the Forces at Woolwich ; Woolwich, 
1899-1900 ; Shorncliffe ; Dublin ; The Cape ; Pembroke. 

Edward Broughton, Plumstead, 1632-5. 

Robert Broughton, Woolwich, between 1495 and 1497. 

William Broughton, St. Werbnrgh's, Hoo, 1452-4 ; gave evidence 
on an enquiry into the Rectory of Ash. 

William Broughton, Plumstead, 1561-72. 

Thomas Brounshale, Eltham, between 1405-1423. 


William Brounstone, Stone, 1431-2. 

Richard Browderell or Braudrip, Frindsbury, 1502-23 ; High 

Halstow, 1523; Buried in the Lady Chaunsell of Frindsbury; 

Ex. Test" Su°. 
Alexander Brown, Addington, 1456-94. 
Alexander Brown, Chatham Dockyard, 1806-32. 
Andrew Brown, Nurstead, 1462-4 ; Chaplain of Horton Kirby 

Chantry, 1464-72. 
Arthur Ernest Brown, Sevenoaks Weald, 1899-1905. 
Christopherson Brown, Freckenham, between 1520 and 1536 ; 

obijt 1536. 
Charles Brown, West Mailing, 1730-48 ; Cheshunt, Herts., 1734- 

48 ; obijt 1748. 
Edward Brown, Sundridge, 1688-98 ; Buried here Oct. 1, 1698. 
Henry Brown, Woolwich, 1851-75 ; Died of angina pectoris, in the 

Vestry during morning prayer. Mar. 2, 1875 ; Hon. Canon of 

John Brown, Erith, 1454-66. 
John Brown, Hever, 1475-8. 

John Brown, LuUingstone, 1425-6 ; LuUingstane, 1425-6. 
Nicholas Brown, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1760-5 ; Sutton 

Valence, 1765-1803. 
Nicholas Brown, Northfleet, 1391-2. 

Nicholas Brown, Chaplain of Chatham Dockyard, 1774-1806. 
Richard Brown, Chiddingstone, 1390-4. 
Richard Brown, alias Cordon, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1452; 

obijt hocanno, 
Thomas Brown, Shipbourne, 1808-54 ; Second Master of Tonbridge 

School, 1816-55. 
Thomas Brown, Longfield, 1435-6; Lymnge, 1435. 
Thomas Brown, Tudely, 1478. 
William Brown Ifield, between 1463 and 1474. 
Thomas Brownall, 1645-61 ; put in by Parliament to Shoreham, 

and ejected under the Bartholomew Act. 
Robert Brownell, OfQiam, 1632-47 ; Buried there May 20, 1647. 
Christopher Browne, Frindsbury, 1532-4 ; renounced Papal 

Authority ; obijt 1534. 
Edmund Browne, Dartford, 1556-9. 
George Philip Browne, Borstal, 1892-3. 
Henry Browne, Cobham, 1593-1603. 
James Henry Browne, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1891-2 ; St. 

Andrew's Stock well, 1892; Vicar of Roehampton, 1906; Hon. 

Canon of Southwark, 1905. 
James Thomas Browne, Iselham, 1870-2. 
John Browne, East Barming, 1848-9. 
John Browne, Dartford, 1575-1602; E. Burg. Reg. : " John Browen, 

Bachelor of Divinite and Preacher of the Word of God, and 

Vicker of Dartford 26 years ; Buried the xv day of February, 



John Browne, Erith, 1436-9 ; Chantry Priest of Lord Ralph in St. 

Paul's, London, 1436; Vicar of Henham, 1439. 
John Browne, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1391-1400 ; Ex, Mon", " Hie 

jacet dn^ John°s Browne quond" vicariu" isti" eccli" cuius ai° 

appici^tur D' Am'^." 
IMoses Brown, Chaplain of Morden College, Charlton, 1773-87 ; 

Vicar of Olney, Bucks. 
Robert Browne, Lullingstone, 1866-71 ; Vicar of Eynesford, 1871-7; 

Rector of St. Clement's, Ipswich, 1877-90 ; Vicar of Hale, 1890. 
Robert Browne, Hever, 1465-75. 
Robert Charles Lathom Browne, Hever, 1890 ; Vicar of North 

Curry, Somerset, 1877-90. 
Samuel Browne, Woldham, 1791-1831 ; Kingsdown with Mapis- 

combe, 1824-31 ; Minor Canon, 1814-31 ; Hailing, 1818-24 ; E. 

Burg. Reg. : " Woldham, Samuel Browne, 40 years Rector of 

this parish. May 19, 1831." 
Stephen Swetenham Browne, Chaplain of Chatham Dockyard, 

Thomas Browne, Downe, 1778-88. 
Thomas Browne, Farningham, 1660-78 ; Halstead, 1664-78 ; obijt 

Thomas Browne, Offham, 1454-8. 
William Browne, St. George's, Gravesend, 1587-1609. 
William Browne, Stoke, 1427-51 ; Rector of Eastchurch, according 

to his will : "Sep' in cimeterrio Petri et Pauli de Stoke exparte 

boreali ante ostium cancelli." Thorpe says he died 1445, and 

was buried in the Chancel, according to his monument, which is 

now, liowever, gone. 
Robert Brownebaker, Vicar of Eynesford, 1490. 
Robert Brownell, Offham, 1632-47. 
Alfred Browneman, Birling, 1330-36. 

Joseph James Brownhill, Chaplain of Woolwich Union, 1893-1900. 
John Browode, Foots Cray, 1361-7. 

James Browning, Lewisham, 1332-4; a Monk of Ghent. 
William Bruce, 1649-61 : put in by Parliament. 
John Bruer, Higham, 1527-33 ; probably same as at Dartford, 

1533-4 ; renounced Papal Authority ; obijt 1534. 
Robert de Brun, Chelsfield, 1400-17 ; Rural Dean of Dartford, 

1401 ; Ex. epitaphio, " Hie jacet Robertus de Brun, quondam 

Rector istius ecclesie qui obijt XXV. die mensis Aprilis anno 

domini Mccccxvii. cuius anime propicietur Deus. Amen." 
Alicia Brundescheat, Abbess of Dartford, 1465 ; " In a Treatise of 

Prickynge of Love, made by Frere Menour Bonaventura, that 

was Cardinell of the course of Rome " ; " This boke belongeth 

to Dame Alys Bruceat the WorshipfuU Prioress of Dartford." 
John de Brandish, Iselham, 1344-8. 

Robert de Brundish, Woolwich, 1339-40; Bishop's Steward, 1345. 
Robert Brusti, Royal Chaplain, 1528 ; appointed to say Mass for 

Henry VIII. and Queen Catherine. 


Roger de Bruton, Ifield, 1375-6; Feb., 1376. 

Odo Bryce, Horton Kirby, between 1399-1401. 

John Bryddesdale, Burham, 1398-1400 ; produces a deceee of 
Thomas de Woldham, Bishop of Rochester, 1292-1319, by 
which he held the emoluments of the living. 

Hon. Henry Brydges, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1720-8 ; Vamer- 
sham, Bucks, 1721-1728; Prebend, of St. Pauls', 1722; 
Adlestrop and Broadwell, Gloucester, 1699-1717 ; Chaplain to 
George I., obijt May 9, 1728. 

Simon Brydham, Maplescombe, 1394-1400 ; Vicar of Selmanstone, 
Chichester, 1394. 

Thomas Brygge, Wateringbury, 1430-4 ; same as Thomas Brigge, 
of East Barraing, whose Will was proved 1465. 

William de Bryggestocke, or Bryghstoke, East Farleigh, 1375- 
1416 ; obijt 1416. 

Robert Bryksthaw, Leigh, between 1362-89. 

George Brymley, Luddesdown, 1531-43 ; Birling, 1507-45 ; 
renounced Papal Authority. 

Hugh Brymling, Tonbridge, 1383-93 ; Leybourne, 1393. 

Richard de Brynchesle, Penshurst, 1309 ; Rector of East Peckham, 
1309-26 ; granted leave of absence in 1322, so long as he may be 
in attendance on the Bishop of London. 

Richard Bryne, Northfleet, between 1434 and 1476. 

John Toryet Bubbe, alias Toty, Horsemonden, 1451-84 ; wills to 
be buried in the Church before the image of St. Margaret, and a 
tomb placed over him ; certain presents he bequeathes to the 
Church; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1461. 

Richard de Bubury, Norton, between 1354 and 1358. 

Gilbert Buchanan, Northfleet, 1796-1834. 

John Buck, Chalk, 1561-59. 

Maximilian Buck, Kemsing-cum-Sele, 1674-1720 ; was most careful 
with the Registers ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Here lyeth the body of Mr. 
Maximilian Buck, Vicar of Kemsing and Seal, 45 years. He 
died April the 18th, anno domini 1720, anno detatis 70. He was 
married to Rebecca, his wife, 40 years, whose mother, Mrs. Ann 
Hallewell, lies buried here. Also he was Chaplain to his grace 
the present Duke of Dorset, and to his father and grandfather. 
Rebecca, his wife dy'd June the 2nd, 1727, aged 86 years." The 
Communion Chalice and Paten Cover are inscribed with his 
name, and the date 1674. Mrs. Buck gave a Bible, Pulpit Cloth 
and Cushion, and a brass Chandelier with fourteen branches, to 
Sele Church. 

Benjamin Walter Bucke, Holy Trinity, Lee, 1865-1905. 

Thomas Bucke, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1550. 

John Buckeridge, Southfleet, 1610-11 ; Bishop of Rochester, 1511- 
28 ; Bishop of Ely, 1528-31 ; enjoined kneeling at the Holy Com- 
munion ; Fellow of St. John's, Oxon., where he was Tutor to 
Archbishop Laud. 


Walter Edward Buckland, East Mailing, 1897 ; Beedon, Newbury, 
1878-91 ; Woodborough, 1891-6. 

William Foster Ray Buckle, Senior Chaplain of Chatham Garrison, 

Richard Buckley, Darenth, 1605-8 ; Kemsing-cum-Sele, 1602-8 ; 
Buried Apr. 7, 1608. 

William Buckley, Horton Kirby, 1513-6; Pembury, 1523-33. 

Henry de Bucklond, Aylesford, 1368. 

Thomas Buckner or Buckener, Chevening, 1633-44 ; E. Bur. Reg. 
Rev. Doctor Buckner, Rector, Died Jan. 21, 1644. 

John Buckonore, Longfield, 1366. 

John Booth Budds, Chaplain of Chatham Dockyard, 1889-91. 

George Buddie, Higham, Mar. 1600 ; obijt 1600. 

Alexander Bukley, Foots Cray, 1499-1500; Trotterscliffe, Oct., 

Richard Bulkeley, Norton, June, 1447-8. 

Charles Bull, St. John the Evangelist, North Woolwich, 1877-83 ; 
Nunhead, 1873-5; St. Silas', Lambeth, 1883-93. 

Josias Bull, North Cray, 1532-56 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Here lieth the 
body of the reverend divine Josias Bull, twenty four years the 
paynefull pastor of this church, dyed October the 22nd, 1656. 
aged 54." 

Michael Bull, Brastead, 1708-63 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Under this 
stone are deposited the remains of the learned, pious, charitable. 
Divine, Mr. Mictf Bull, who died the Rector of this Parish, the 
27th of August, as a. small tribute of Gratitude, by one who 
benefitted by his care in early youth. Mr. Bull was 50 years 
Rector of Brastead. The pious example and friend of his flock. 
He died on the 27th of August, 1763, aged 88. His remains are 
buried in the Chancel. This monument is erected by his great 
nephew, George, Lord Harris, 1820." 

Thomas Bull, Trotterscliffe, 1543-6 ; Prebend, of Rochester ; obijt 

Robert Asshyngton BuUen, Shoreham, 1888-97 ; Stukely, Hunts, 
1898-9; Wisley-cum-Purford, 1901. 

William Buller, Ash, previous to 1426. 

Reginald Heber Bullock, Chaplain of the Forces at Woolwich, 
1880-3 ; Chaplain in Nova Scotia, at Aldershot, York, Bermuda, 
Colchester, Shoeburyness, Dover ; Senior Chaplain of the 
Forces at Malta, 1883-7 ; Aldershot, 1887 ; Hon. Chaplain to 
the Queen, 1889 ; Hon. Chaplain at Halifax. 1904. 

William Henry Eagar Bullock, Senior Military Chaplain at 
Chatham, 1885-90. 

Richard Bunde, AUington, 1350-8, 

John Bungay, Lewisham, 1568-95; Grantchester, 1561-5; Chartham, 
1555 ; Latchingdon, Essex-cum-capella, Lawling, 1555 ; Prebend, 
of Canterbury, 1567 ; Buried at Canterbury, 1596. 

John Bunting, West Wickham, 1657-80 ; Buried here October 7,, 


John Bunton, Woolwich, 1560-4 ; Bexley, 1564-91 ; Buried at 

Bexley July 6, 1591. 
John Burbache Bockingfold, between 1327 and 1354. 
John Burbache, Norton, between 1376 and 1395 ; Yalding, 1395- 

1404 ; Elmley, 1404. 
John Burbache, Leybourne, 1423-37; Rector of South Elms am die 

Norwich, 1437. 
Richard Burbache, Chaplain of Bockingfold, 1354 ; the same as — 
Richard Burbache, Chaplain of Greatnesse-in-Sevenoaks, 1354. 
Richard Burbage, Leigh, between 1404 and 1435 ; Wills to be 

buried in Leigh Church, 1435. 
John Burd, Iselham, 1362-5. 
George Burden, Prebendary of Rochester, 1552-60; Proctor in 

Convocation, 1554. 
Richard Bures, Stone, 1654-61 ; Stourmouth, 1657-61 ; presented 

to both livings by Oliver, Lord Protector, and ejected from both 

under the Bartholomew Act. 
John Surges, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1534 ; renounced Papal Authority. 
John Burford; Stampett Chaplain, 1425-34. 
Edmund Burgess, All Hallows, 1663-6 ; Minor Canon, 1662 ; may 

be the same as — 
Edmund Burgess, Tattington ; perhaps a Puritan interloper 

mentioned in the Registers, 1650. 
Elizeus Burgess, Vicar of Freckenham, 1508-9. 
Elizeus Burgess, Cuxton, 1614-40 ; St. Nicholas', Rochester, 

1628-30; Canewdon, 1628; Canon of Rochester, 1639-60; 

Archdeacon, 1624-60 ; Rector of Southfleet, 1628-52 ; Canon of 

Ely, 1630-52 ; ejected by Parliament ; probably buried at 

Robert Burgeys, Hayes, 1421 ; Ex. Test" Su°, " To be Buried in the 

Chancel of the blessed Virgin Mary at Hese, 1621." 
John Burgh, Ashurst, 1456-66. 
Robert Burgh, Kingsdown, from 1403 to Sept. 1405 ; Mapiscombe, 

Simon de Burgh, Bockingfold, 1356-9. 
Thomas Burgh, Grayne, between 1488 and 1514. 
William Burgh, between 1367 and 1390 ; Bidborough. 
Robert de Burgham, Horsemonden Chantry Priest, 1349-60 ; 

Horsemonden, 1349-61; obijt 1361. 
John Buries, St. George's, Gravesend, 1609-17. 
William Burletson, Luddesdown, 1679-81 ; Rector of Midley and 

Warehorne ; Ex. epitaphio in Wateringbury Church, " Here 

lyeth the body of William Burletson, late Rector of Warehorne 

and Midley, who departed this life the 1st day of October, in the 

year of our Lord 1719, aged 63 years," 
Thomas Burley, Ifield, 1661-6. 
James McGibbon Burn, Murdoch, Riverhead, 1863-1904 ; Dunton 

Green, 1890-1904 ; Rural Dean of Shoreham, 1897-1904 ; obijt 



Andrew Burnaby, Greenwich, 1770-1812 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " Sacred 
to the Memory of Andrew Burnaby, D.D., of Brampton, in the 
county of Huntingdon, and of Bargreave Hall, in the county of 
Leicester, and also of Anna his wife. He was born at Asporley, 
■ in the county of Leicester, of which his ancestors were for 
successive generations, born patrons and incumbents. He 
married Anna, daughter and sole heiress of Bargrave, by whom 
he left issue, four sons and one daughter. His early ministerial 
career was passed in Italy, where he resided five years as Chaplain 
to the British Factory at Leghorn. He was afterwards Vicar of 
this parish forty two years. During the last twenty six years of 
which period he held also the office of Archdeacon, of the 
Archdeaconry of Leicester. Distinguished in his generation for 
literary taste and mental accomplishments, he was not the less 
admired as a Preacher, and confided in as a learned, sound and 
judicious divine. And while his benevolence of heart, and 
unostentatious charity endeared him to the poor amongst his 
flock, the mildness of his disposition and unaffected urbanity of 
manners won for him the respect and esteem of all. He died at 
Blackheath, in his 80th year, on the 9th of March, 1812 ; Anna, 
his wife, died on the 19th of the same month, aged 76 years. 
Their mortal remains were interred together at Hungarton, in 
Leicestershire, and thus, by a merciful dispensation of a kind 
Providence, they, who for more than forty two years had been 
lovely and pleasant in their lives, in their deaths were not 

Hugh Burnaby, West Peckham, 1557 ; " To be buried in the 
Chancel of West Peckham," Ex. Test" Su°, 1557. 

Charles Burney, Clyffe, 1815-7 ; Hernehill, Kent ; Hunton, Parva ; 
St. Paul's, Deptford, 1811-7 ; Prebend, of Lincoln ; Ex. Hon" 
Su° in Clyffe Church, "Charles Burney, D.D., F.R.S., F.A.S., 
Rector of this Parish, and of St. Paul's, Deptford, in this 
county ; Prebendary of Lincoln ; and Chaplain in Ordinary to 
his Majesty. Born 3rd of December, 1757 ; Died 28th of Deer., 
1817. The inhabitants impressed with a feeling of respect for 
their late reverand rector, and unfeigned sorrow for their loss, 
have erected this tablet to his memory." 

Edward Burnell, Meopham, 1550. 

Thomas Burnett, Mereworth, 1515-29. 

Andrew William Burnside, Ex. Mon" Su", "In Memory of the 
Reverend Andrew William Burnside, for seven and twenty years 
Curate, and fifteen Vicar of Farningham, whose earthly remains 
are here interred. This stone is inscribed by Benjamin Winstone, 
formerly Vicar of this Parish, to record his grief for one who, in 
his private life was a beloved friend, and in public relation of 
Vicar and Curate served with him in one mind and heart, in the 
Christian Ministry of their Saviour and their God" ; Farningham, 

George Burr or Burne, Vicar of Orpington, 1560-81 ; obijt 1581. 


Mark Burr, Vicar of Eynesford, 1579-1630 ; Buried here May 25, 

Laurence Burrell, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1524-30. 

Thomas Burrell, Offham, 1545-54 ; deprived. 

William Edward Burroughs, Christchurcli, Chislehurst, 1900-2 ; 
Incumbent of the Mariners' Church, Kingstown, Dublin, 1876-94 ; 
Rural Dean of Monkstown, 1894-5 ; Chaplain to the Lord 
Lieutenant, 1886-95. 

William Hamilton Burroughs, Ditton, 1840-56 ; " Sacred to the 
memory of William Hamilton Burroughs, B.A., second son of 
the Venble. Newburgh Burrows, Archdeacon of Derby, and 16 
years Rector of this parish ; Born 1795, died Oct. 20, 1856." 

John William Burrow, Master and Chaplain of Sedbergh School, 
Yorks, 1878-9; Chaplain of St. Mary's, Dalkeith, 1880-1 ; Head 
Master of Wharfedale School, Ilkley, Leeds, 1882-97 ; Higham, 

Francis Robert Burrows, St. Barnabas, Gillingham, 1888-91. 

Henry William Burrows, Prebend, of Rochester, 1881-92 ; Christ- 
church, Albany Street, London, 1851 — ; Edmonton. 

Francis, Burt, St. Edmund's, Dartford, 1533. 

Robert Burt, High Halstow, 1786-8 ; St. Mary's, Hoo. 1786-91 ; 
Vicar of Twickenham ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Sacred to the memory 
of Robert Burt, L.L.B. ; Chaplain of the Prince of Wales, Rector 
of St. Mary's, Hoo, and Vicar of Twickenham, Middlesex ; Died 
October, 1791, aged 35 years." 

Robert Gascoyne Burt, High Halstow, 1823-75 ; St. Mary's, Hoo, 
1816-75 ; " Also Robert Gascoyne Burt, M.A., a son of the above 
Rector of this parish 59 years, and of High Halstow 51 years : 
Died February 18th, 1875, aged 83." 

Alexander Bradley Burton, Luton, 1847-51 ; West Meon, Hants, 

David Burton, Bromley, 1667-70. 

Frederick Martin Burton, 1890-6 ; Cowden, South Banbury, Oxon., 

Henry Burton, Longfield, 1441. 

Hugh Burton, Wateringbury, 1455-86 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 

John Burton, Vicar of Eynesford, 1475-80. 

John Burton, Ifield, 1369-75. 

John Burton, Wateringbury, 1441-8. 

John James Burton, Eridge, 1880-91 ; Milton Ernest, Beds. , 1891-6 ; 
Inkberrow, Worcester, 1896. 

Peter Burton de Leonards, Offham, 1372 ; Vicar of Beatrichsden. 

Richard Burton, Hunton, 1691-1701. 

Thomas Burton, Orpington, between 1433 and 1455. 

Thomas Burton, Prior of Tonbridge in 1452 and 1472. 

William Burton, Vicar of Eynesford, 1399-1400 ; Wytelle, 1399 ; 
Northalle, 1400. 

William Burton, West Farleigh, 1422-5. 


William Burton, Farningham, 1400-1 ; Willesford, 1400 ; Walling- 

ford, 1401. 
William Burton, Chantry Priest of West Peckham, 1457. 
John Denet de Burton, Swanscombe, between 1349 and 1360, 
George Burvill, Leybourne, 1758-97. 

Henry Burville, West Peckham, 1709-49 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " Henricus 
Burville, M.A., hujus parochiae vicarius qui obijt vicesimo die 
mensis Aprilis anno humanae salutis 1749°, aetatis suae 67° Dei 
misericordiae et Christi mentis confessus spe boni futuri subtus 
requiescit. Quamdiu hoc saxum quam bene vixit postremos dies. 
Vicar of Ryarsh, 1730-42." 
John Burwell, Greenwich, 1391-6; Penderyn, Brecon, 1391. 
Robert de Bury, Woolwich, 1405. 
John Busbewith, Fawkham, 1427-38. 
William Beaumont Busby, Dean of Rochester, 1808-20 ; Vicar of 

West Farleigh, 1816-20. 
Nicholas Bushawe, or Brussall, Cowden, 1511-5. 
William Bushby, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1511-45 ; obijt 1546. 
Thomas Busden, also called Baseden and Basden, East Farleigh, 

1589-1638 ; Buried here Aug. 19, 1638. 
Thomas Busfielde, Trotterscliffe, 1608-21. 

John Bushe, Penshurst, 1596-1617 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " John Bushe, 
God's painfull minister in this place the space of 21 years, with 
the body of Katharine Hales, his grandchild, rest here in hope 
of the resurrection." 

" May favoured salt thus be trod under foot. 
And must a light hid here at length go out. 
No ! but were wee good sainte not dimme of sight, 
Beyond the sunne beames we might see the light. 
'Tis but thine earthen vessel here doth rest. 
And that hopes once of light to be possest, 
'Twas made to honour in thy pilgrimage ; 
It bore the treasure for God's embassage. 
Here may that rest ; thou as thy light did prove, 
Wert a good angel here, now saint above." 
" They that bee wise shall shine as the brightness of the 
firmament, and they that turn mone to the righteousness as the 
stars for ever and ever. — Daniel xij. v. 3 ; Buried here Sept. 5, 
John Busshe, Beckenham, 1314-33. 
William Bushe, Beckenham, 1310-4 ; Proctor in Convocation for 

Rochester, 8° ann° Edward II. 
John Bussett, Chantry Priest, Malmayn's, Stoke, 1395-1405; Eltham, 

Robert Bust, St. Edmund's, Dartford, 1533. 
John Buston, Durham, 1426-34. 
Robert Butcher, Speldhurst, 1577-9 ; Buried here. 
John Butler, Wateringbury, 1735-47 ; Buried here June 19, 1747, 


Joseph Butler, Burham, 1768-84; Ditton, 1769-84; Buried at 
Aylesford under the name of Milner. 

Joseph Butler, Haughton, 1722-5 ; Stanhope, 1725-40 ; Prebend, 
of Rochester, 1736-40 ; Prebend, of SaUsbury, 1721-38 ; Chaplain 
to the Queen, 1736-7; Chaplain to George II., 1746; Bishop of 
Bristol, 1738-50 ; Dean of St. Paul's, 1740-50 ; Bishop of 
Durham, 1750-2 ; Died at Bath, June 16th, 1752 ; Author of the 
Analogy ; Ex. Mon° Su° in Bristol, " H. S. Reverendus admodum 
in Christo Pater, Josephus Butler, L.L.D., Hujusce primo 
Dioceseos deinde Dunelmensis episcopus qualis quantusque 
Vir erat Sua libentiss ime agnovit aetas et si quid praesuli aut 
scriptori ad famam Valent, mens altissima ingenii perspicacis et 
subacti vis. Animus que pius simplex candidus liberalis mortui 
haudfacile evanescit memoria obijt Bathonii Kalend 16 Jului, 
A.D. 1752, anno natus 60." 

Margaret Butler, Abbess of Higham, 1443. 

Thomas Butler, Wilmington, 1557-9. 

Thomas Butlond, Sundridge, May, 1557 — Mar., 1558; obijt 1558. 

Thomas Buttanshaw, Addington, 1741-68 ; Ryarsh, 1741-68 ; 
previously Rector of St. Peter's, Canterbury ; St. Dunstan's, 
Westgate, and St. Stephan's, Hackington ; Buried at Addington, 
Aug. 26, 1768. 

John Buttle, Cuxton, 1568-76 ; obijt 1576. 

Thomas de Button, Chiddingstone, 1334-5. 

John Buxted, Shoreham, 1392. 

John Frank Buxton, St. Peter's, Eltham Road, Lee, 1906 ; Christ- 
church with St. Peter's, Cambridge, 1897-1906. 

Henry John Wilmot Buxton, Ifield, 1872-9 ; Vicar of St. Giles', 
Great Torrington, 1879. 

John Bybury, Sevenoaks Chantry, between 1377 and 1381. 

John Bycroft, Higham, 1465-81 ; prayed for in the Abbey Memorial 

William de Bycterle, Chevening. 1321. 

Robert Byghall, Teston, 1462-3 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1462. 

William Byng, Gillingham, 1536-40; obijt 1540. 

John Byngham, Stoke, 1451-8; Betrisden. 

John Byngham, Stoke, 1481-92. 

John Byrde, Meopham, 1533-42 ; renounced Papal Authority. 

John Byrde, Cooling, 1532-48. 

John Byrde, Mapiscombe, 1543-5. 

John Byrke, Higham, 1462-5 ; Rural Dean of Rochester, 1463. 

John Byrkhede, Master of Cobham College ; styled Prebend, in it ; 
he may have been Prebend, of Cobhambury, 1419-20. 

John Byrston, Eltham, 1393-9 ; St. ^Egidius', Winchelsea, 1399. 

John Byrtale, West Peckham, 1362-72. 

Robert Byrtby, Tattington-cum-Brundish, 1477. 

John Bysshop, Stourmouth, 1390-2 ; Chelchythe, 1392. 

Robert Byston, West Farleigh, 1589-96. 

John Byther, Pembury, 1328-9, 


George Bythesea, Ightham, 1791-1800 ; Ex, Mon° Su°, " Sacred to 
the beloved and respected memory of the Reverend George 
Bythesea, late Rector and Patron of this Church, and only son 
of William Bythesea, of Grooms Hill, Greenwich, Esq. He was 
a cliaracter, at once solid and amiable, a sincere Christian, pure 
in his principles and practice, faithful to his pastoral charge, and 
exemplary in the performance of all the domestic duties ; whilst 
in the Prime of Life it pleased God to call him from the affection 
of the tenderest ties, from the Esteem and Regards of numerous 
friends by a most rapid disease, on the 1st day of December, 1800, 
in the 36th year of his age. He obeyed the awful summons with 
the resignation of a peaceful conscience supported by a fervent 
.faith in the mercies and merits of his Redeemer, and his earthly 
remains awaiting a joyful resurrection are laid in a vault near 
this place." Buried at Ightham, Dec. 22, 1800. 

John Cabbell, Lamberhurst, between 1487 and 1500. 

Francis Cacott, Woldham, 1607-56 ; Head Master King's School, 
Rochester, 1601-8 ; Boughton Monchelsea, 1615. 

John Cacott, Darenth, 1645-61 ; put in by Parliament ; e'jected 
under the Bartholomew Act. 

John Cad, Prebend, of Cobhambury, 1343. 

Robert Cardiste, Luddesdown, 1543-57 ; Teston, 1564-80. 

Robert Cade, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1461-77 ; Rector of Newington, 

Thomas Cadman, Longfield, 1343-9. 

Charles Smart Caffyn, Crockham Hill, 1849-52 ; Broadway, 
Worcester, 1862. 

Charles Cage, Leybourne, 1797-1849 ; Bredgar, 1794 ; Ex. Mon° 
Su°, "To the memory of the Rev. Charles Cage, fifty years 
Rector of Leybourne. ' 1 go to prepare a place for you that 
where I am ye may be also.' Firmly relying on this promise 
our deceased friend slept in peace, a few friends with whom he 
walked in happy companionship on earth, anxious to record the 
rare simplicity of character and the numerous endearing qualities 
which bound their hearts to his, have placed this window over 
his grave ; their love has not ended with life : it survives to cheer 
with soothing remembrance the hours which yet remain till they 
are also called from their labours to be reunited as they humbly 
hope in Jesus to him whom they loved on earth in a new existence 
where there shall never be separation." 

John Calabar, Swanscombe, 1320 ; Wilsy till 1320. 

John Calabre, Woldham, 1334-41. 

William dictus le Calcys, Ash, 1343-4 ; Hinxhill till 1343. 

Thomas Calcys, Ruxley, July-Dec, 1395 ; previously Vicar of 
Bragenham, London, after Vicar of Newenton-next-Hythe. 

Andrew Caldecott, Eridge, 1891-8 ; West Chiltington, 1898. 

Ralph Caldecott, Hayes. 1664. 

John Caldewell, West Mailing, 1401-2 ; Vicar of Gingaygate, 1401. 


William Callay, Chalk, 1548-53. 

Joel Callis, Tonbridge School, 1624-37. 

Adam Calmar, between 1360 and 1361 ; St. Nicholas', Deptford. 

Richard Calver, Horton Kirby, 1545-7. 

John Calverley, Darenth, 1557-61 ; Stone, 1559-76 ; Beckenham, 

1551-76 ; Clyffe, 1572-6 ; Archdeacon of Rochester, 1573-6, and 

Chancellor ; Canon of Rochester, 1576 ; buried at Beckenham, 

July 4th, 1575 ; Fellow of All Souls', Oxford. 
Robert Calverley, Wateringbury, 1568-97 ; Buried there June 11, 

John Calverton, Sutton, 1446-58. 

Thomas Camberton, Rector of Eynesford, between 1496 and 1506. 
Henry de Cambray, Sevenoaks, 1241 ; Dean of Shoreham and 

Archdeacon of Canterbury. 
John de Cambres,' East Farleigh, 1375. 
John de Camelton, Wilmington, 1361. 
Francis Cameron, Charton, 1862-74 ; this Rector's name is given 

on a tablet which says the north-west Aisle was erected in 1873 ; 

St. John the Evangelst, Woolwich, 1857-62. 
Jonathan Henry Lovett Cameron, Shoreham, 1860-88 ; Ex. Mon° 

Su°, " To the glory of God and in loving remembrance of J. H. 

Lovett Cameron, Vicar of this Parish, who entered into rest 

Nov. 21, 1888, aged 81 years. Buried here Nov. 26, 1888." 
David Campbell, Chaplain Greenwich Hospital, 1745-73. 
James Campbell, St. Peter's, Eltham Road, 1892-8. 
John Canacke, Eltham, 1558-9-75 ; Buried here. 
William Canceller, Vicar of Wrotham, 1563-8. 
Thomas Candour, Chaplain of IVIilton Chantry, 1460-70 ; Vicar of 

Milton, 1460 ; Stone, 1453-5 ; Southfleet, 1456-67. 
Thomas Henry Candy, Swanscombe, 1858-89 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " In 

Memory of Thomas Henry Candy, Fellow of Sidney Sussex 

College, and for twenty years Rector of this parish ; born October 

9, 1829 ; at rest December 2, 1888. The pilgrim they laid in an 

upper Chamber, which looked towards the East ; buried here 

December 8th, 1888." 
John de Canefield, Wilmington, Sept. 1349. 
Richard de Canefield, Tattington-cum-Brundish, 1317-27 ; obijt 

Richard Canneius, Leigh, 1214-26. 
William Canon, Ifield, Apr. -Oct., 1405. 
William Cantery, Horsemonden, between 1354-5. 
Richard Canucius, Leigh, 1239. 

Thomas de Capella, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1295-1314. 
James Capper, Ashurst, 1802-35. 
Philip Capper, Gillingham, 1630-45. 
John Caps, Brenchley, 1388 ; Rector of Burwarmersh, Cant., sic 

Courteneye 269 ; Burwash ? Sussex. 
John Cardone, mentioned as Prior of Rochester, 1445-8. 
William Cardiff ; on a Brass we read " Hie jacet Guilemus Cardiff, 


baccalaureus theologiae quondam vicarius de Stoke qui obijt xvij 
Kalendas Novembris anno domini MCCCCXV. cujus anime 
propicietur Deus. Amen." 

John de Carewe, Burham, before 1322. 

James Gaspard le Marchant Cavey, Snodland, 1865-74 ; Boreham, 
Essex, 1874 ; Archdeacon of Colchester. 

Robert Carey, Frindsbury, 1346 ; Pevington, 1346 ; perhaps same 
as — 

Robert Cary, Vicar of Chislehurst, July, 1361, to Feb,, 1362. 

William Henry Carey, St. Michael and All Angels', Woolwich, 

John de Carleon, Nurstead, before 1342 ; obijt 1342. 

Gilbert Carleton, Farningham, 1498-1500 ; he willed " to be buried 
in the Church of Frenyngham in one of two places as can be 
thought most convenyent by my friends, ether before the high 
awter in the chauncell ther, so that my feet may be vnder the 
preest's feet standyng atte mass, or ells vnder the steppe comyng 
att the church dore so that euery creature comyng yn att the 
same dore may trede upon my buriall. Euery preest beyng at 
my buryng to haue in his hand a taper of iij quaterons weight of 
wex. At my monthes minde malt whete and vitall as befe and 
moton. To my lady Pecche my book of Legenda Aurea." 

William Carleton, ^slingham, 1522-3. 

Thomas Carlton, Hailing, 1445-52 ; Chaplain of St. Lawrence, 
Hailing, 1446-53. 

Thomas Carnell, East Wickham, 1619, 

John Carone, Stoke Chantry, 1488 ; probably the same as next, as 
spelling at that time is difficult — 

John Caroue, Frindsbury, 1486-94 ; obijt 1494. 

Richard Carpenter, Tattington, 1355, 

Richard Carpenter, Trotterscliffe, Jan, 1499-1500 to Oct, 1500 ; 
Mixbury, 1500-1, 

Robert Carpenter, Ridley, 1396-9, 

Thomas Carpenter, Burham, 1434-8 ; Vicar of Lindsell, 1429 ; 
Shopland, 1430 ; Shelford, 1431 ; Childerditch, 1431, 

Thomas Carpenter, Ifield, 1455, 

Wiliam Carpenter, Cuxton, 1479-83; Rector of St, Mary Magdalene, 
Canterbury, 1483. 

Edward Henry Carr, Lamorbey, 1867-78, 

Robert Carr or Cair, instituted to the " Parish Church of AUington 
Castle," AUington, 1583-1615 ; Perpetual Curate of Maidstone, 

Thomas William Carr, St. Peter's, Southborough, 1836-40 ; Buried 
here Aug, 2, 1840, 

Thomas William Carr, East Barming, 1865; Rector of Beaudesert, 
Warwick, 1857 ; Loddington, Northants, 1857-65 ; Rural Dean 
of North Mailing, 1892-1902. 

William Carr or Cair, AUington, 1616-25. 

John Carre, Darenth, 1540-57. 

Robert Carre, Hailing, 1496-1500. 


William Carre, Plumstead, 1602-4. 

Philip Carrok, Eltham, 1521-9 ; Buried in the Chancel according 

to his will ; he left vj" viij'^ to amending the Bells. 
William Alexander Carrol, Bickley, 1898 ; has restored and 

beautified the Church, 
Jasper Carrow, Curate of Bromley, 1620-4. 
Joseph Carte, Leigh, 1662-1706. 
Arnold Carter, Hailing, 1768-9 ; West Peckham, 1783-95 ; Chart, 

Sutton, 1770-3 ; Bearsted, 1773-83 ; St. Margaret's, 1795-1801 ; 

Minor Canon of Rochester, 1768-1801 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Rev. 

Arnoldi Carter hujus ecclesiae cathedralis sex amplius lustra 

cononici bene audientis ab omnibus qui vix expleto Aetatis anno 

LXVil, Die ni, Jan. a.d. mdccci, membris subito et vehementer 

resolutis animam efflavit." Buried in the Cathedral Jan. 9, 1801. 
Edward Carter, Gillingham, 1643-9. 
George Carter, Erith, 1661-2 ; obijt 1662. 
George Carter, Provost Oriel College, Oxon., 1708-27; Prebend. 

of Rochester, 1719-27 ; Prebend, of St. Paul's, 1714-27 ; Prebend. 

of Peterborough, 1719-27 ; Lydd, 1719-27 ; obijt. Sept. 30, 1727. 
John Carter, Offham, 1390-1 ; Beatrichsden, 1391. 
Richard Carter, Cuxton, 1576-89. 
Robert Carter, Stourmouth, 1630-45. 
Thomas Carter, Chatham, 1652 ; ejected same year ; friend of 

Bishop Stillingfleet, an excellent scholar ; practised afterwards as 

a physician in London. 
Thomas Carter, Stone, 1576-85 ; Swanscombe, 1576-96. 
Walter Carter, Stourmouth, 1529-30. 
William Carter, High Halstow, 1659-70 ; Buried here October 6, 

William Carter, Horton Kirby, 1516-45 ; obijt 1545 ; renounced 

Papal Authority, 
Thomas Carteryde, Hever, between 1478 and 1489. 
Thomas Cartewrighte, Trotterscliffe, 1497-9 ; obijt 1499. 
Thomas Everard Cartwright, Brockley, 1865 ; Braintree, 1865-79 ; 

Layer Marney, Kelvedon, 1879-86 ; St. John's, Chatham, 

1886-99 ; Whorlton, Durham, 1899. 
Stephen Cartwrighte, Deptford, May, 1391 — March, 1391-2, 

Chaplain in the Church of St. Lawrence, Candelwyk Street, 

London, March 1391-2. 
Frederick Neville Carus-Wilson, Nonnington, 1885-91 ; New Mil- 

verton, 1891-8 ; Sundridge, 1898. 
Robert Gary, Bromley, 1361— Mar. 20, 1361-2 ; Chislehurst, 

1361-2—1362 ; obijt 1362. 
Thomas Gary, Eltham, 1453-4 ; obijt 1464. 
Frederick Case, Tudely-cum-Capel, 1889-94 ; Holy Trinity, East 

Peckham, 1894-5 ; St. Margaret's at Cliffe, 1896-8 ; obijt 1898. 
Thomas Case, Minor Canon of Rochester ; buried in Rochester 

Precincts, Dec. 11, 1651. 
Robert Casingherst, Cudham, 1654-65 ; Buried here Oct. 27, 1665. 


Benjamin Castell, Rector of Freckenham, 1696-1705. 

Nicholas Castello, Greenwich, 1321-2, Horningtoft, Norwich, 1321. 

John Castilion, Dean of Rochester, 1676-88. 

John de Castre, Vicar of Freckenham, 1327-37. 

Geoifrey de Castro, Gillingham, 1284. 

John de Castria, Hartley, 1372. 

Alan Catalyn, Teston, between 1402 and 1457. 

William Catherall, Isleham, 1593-1611 ; died October 3 ; Buried 
here Oct. 4, 1611. 

Charles Cator, Beckenham, 1829-35. 

William Cator, Beckenham, 1873-85; Ex. Mon" Su°, "To the 
glory of God, and in affectionate memory of William Cator, 
B.A., Priest, Rector of this Parish, 1873-85 ; He introduced the 
daily Eucharist, and by His High Christian Character, Rare 
Unselfishness, and simple, loving, teaching of the Catholic Faith, 
drew many souls to Christ, and made the old Parish Church of 
Beckenham a centre of active Church life and blessing to very 
many besides those whose love erected this memorial : entered 
into rest June 6th, 1902. Blessed are the dead which die in the 
Lord, for they rest from their labours and their works do follow 

Robert Catesby, Mixbury, 1480-1487 ; obijt 1487. 

Baldewin de Caundell, Horton Kirby, 1299-1307. 

David ap Kenrick Cavell, Longfield, 1445. 

John Cavis-Brown, St. John the Evangelist, Woolwich, 1897-9 ; 
Chaplain and Secretary of Bishop Otter's Memorial Training 
College, Chichester, 1895-7 ; Vicar of Chichester Cathedral, 
1882-97 ; Chaplain of theWesthampnett Union, 1882 ; Rector of 
St. Martin's with St. Olave's, Chichester, 1882-97 ; Chaplain of 
the Warspite, 1897 ; Vicar of Shifnal, 1899. 

John Cawley, liotherfield, 1659-61 ; son of William Cawley, the 
regicide ; deprived under the Bartholomew Act. 

John Cawley, Henley, 1661-1701 ; licensed to hold Dudcot with 
this, 1664 ; Archdeacon of Lincoln ; obijt 1709 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, 
" John Cawley, D.D., died Aug. 13th, 1709, and was buried near 
this place, to whose memory this monument is offered with 
gratitude and affection by his daughter Susan Kneller." 

John Cawston, Chaplain of the Fleet and of Greenwich Hospital, 
Aug. 1, 1876; to Aug. 31, 1882. 

James Cawthorn, Headmaster of Tonbridge School ; Buried in 
the Parish Church ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " H.S.I. Jacobus Cawthorn, 
Scholae Tonbrigensis magister qui juventute tam Uteris tarn 
moribuf, instituendae operam magno nonsine honore dedit. 
Integer comes et omnibus carus vixit valde desideratus heu citius 
obijt April 15, 1761, aetat suae 40. Opibus quas multis larga 
manu distribuit fruitur et in aeternum fruitur. Soror maesta ex. 
grato animo hoe posuit." 

Magister Cecille, Cuxton, 1611-4. 

Walter de Cestreford, West Wickham, 1327-43 ; obijt 1343. 


Edmund Chadwick, Mapiscombe, between 1427 and 1495. 
John Chadwick, Darenth, 1669-85 ; Buried here Oct. 5, 1685. 
John Chadwick, Longfield, 1671-1706 ; Sutton-at-Hone, 1685-1706 ; 

Buried at Sutton, Sept. 19, 1705. 
Valentine Chadwick, Vicar of East Peckham, 1689-1719 ; Buried 

there Aug. 7, 1719. 
Frederick Skene Courteney Chalmers, Beckenham, 1851-73. 
John Chaloner, Stoke, 1505-8. 
Edmund Challoner, Chaplain of Malmayn's Chantry, Stoke, 1439- 

40 ; obijt 1440. 
Nicholas Cham, Lamberhurst, 1350-2. 
Edward Chamberlain, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1661-1703. 
John Chamberlayne, Penshurst, between 1440 and 1481 ; Snergate, 

1456 ; obijt 1481 ; Brastead, 1449-74. 
Robert Chamberlayne, Strood, 1615-39 ; Buried here June 1, 1639. 
Thomas Chamberlayne, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1423-48; Rural 

Dean of Rochester, 1448 ; previously priest of the altar of St. 

Nicholas', in the Cathedral. 
Thomas Chamberlayne, Charlton, 1752-81 ; Buried here Jan. 28, 

1781 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " M.S. The Rev. Thomas Chamberlayne, 

many years Rector of this parish; obijt 25 January, 1781, Aet 

74 years." 
Thomas Chamberlayne, Charlton, 1781-9 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " Rev. 

Thomas Chamberlayne, son of the above, also formerly Rector 

of this parish, July 31, 1789, Aet 40 years." 
Thomas Chamberlayne, Charlton, 1805-25 ; Rector of Hoathley, 

Sussex, 1825. 
William Chamberlayne, LuUingstone, 1361-73 ; East Mailing, 1373. 
John Chamberleyne, Brasted, 1449-74 ; Woodchurch, 1449 ; 

Bromley, 1457-55 ; Chaplain to Archbishop Stafford. 
Charles Chambers, Dartford, 1718-45 ; left two Chalices to the 

John Chambers, Vicar of Freckenham, 1509. 
Robert Chambers, Paddlesworth, 1500-23. 
Thomas Chambers, Woolwich, 1564-9. 
John Chambre, Vicar of East Peckham, 1534-62. 
Thomas Chambre, West Mailing, 1496-1500. 
Robert de la Chambre, OfCham, Sept., 1336. 
Thomas de la Chambre, Deptford, 1360; Lamberhurst, 1356-50. 
John Champeyne, St. Werburgh, Hoo, between 1371 and 1391. 
Francis WeldonChampneys, Rotherfield, 1898 ; Rottingdean, 1896-8. 
John Champneys, Hailing, 1330-8. 

Bartlett William Chancellor, Christchurch, Sidcup, 1888. 
John Chancellor, All Hallows', Hoo, 1453-9 ; Rural Dean of 

Rochester, 1460. 
Robert de Chane de Wyke, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1364-90. 
James Chanew, Bidborough, 1465. 
Thomas Changely, West Barming, 1451-63. 
John de Changford, Isleham, between 1328 and 1329. 


Alfred, Chaplain, ^sclingham, 1330. 

Robert, Chaplain, jEsclingham, 1350. 

William Marcus Falloon Chaplain, St. Saviour's, Tonbridge, 1900-4 ; 
Nairobi, East Africa, 1904. 

David Macklin Braby Chapman, St. Stephen's, Tonbridge, 1901 ; 
Warmbrook, Dorset, 1882-8 ; St. Mark's, Preston, Lancashire. 

Michael Chapman, Hailing, 1615-38 ; obijt 1638 ; Headmaster of 
Rochester School, 1631 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1634. 

Nicholas Chapman, Footscray, 1549-57 ; but perhaps Packman. 

Richard Chapman, Cobham, 1733-62 ; Frindsbury, 1733-62 ; obijt 

Richard Chapman, Cowden, 1515-42 ; renounced Papal Authority ; 
obijt 1542. 

Richard Chapman, Lewisham, 1420-30. 

Richard Chapman, Tattington, 1817-36; Died at Stockton-on-Tees; 
Buried here Sept. 28, 1836. 

Richard Henry Chapman, Cuxton, 1811-31. 

Thomas Chapman, Keston, 1680-1704 ; Buried here Sept. 12, 1704. 

Thomas Chapman, Kitebroc, 1358 ; dictus de Forewell. 

William Chapman, Rector of Freckehham, 1608 ; Vicar, 1633 ; 
Buried here Nov. 9, 1652. 

William Hay Chapman, St. Peter's, Southborough, 1881-7 : P.C. 
of High Cross, Herts., 1861-4; Vicar of Southwold, 1864-7; 
Deveridge, Stafford, 1867-70 ; Lowestoft, 1870-3 ; Priest of 
Lock Hospital, 1873-6; Rector of All Saints', Marylebone; 1887- 
93 ; Kirby Cane, Suffolk, 1893-7 ; Maresfield, Sussex, 1897. 

William Chappell, Birling, 1396-7 ; Welford, 1396. 

Humphrey Chardane, Stourmouth, 1550-7. 

George Benjamin Charles, Paddock Wood, 1904. 

James Charles, Woolwich, 1595-1603-4; St. Nicholas", Thanet, 1578. 

Guy Tudor Charlesworth, St. Michael and All Angels', Abbey 
Wood, Plumstead, 1908. 

John Charleton, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1416-49 ; Chiddingstone, 

Ewen Charlton, Longfield, 1534-48 ; obijt 1548. 

George Charlton, Wateringbury, 1729-34 ; rebuilt the Vicarage, 
Stables, etc., at the expense of /400 ; and having obtained Sir 
William Langhorne's legacy, and fifteen guineas from the Dean 
and Chapter, he added the residue to make up ;^200, and thereby 
entituled this Vicarage to ;f200 of Queen Anne's Bounty, to 
augment it for ever; He was buried here Dec. 27, 1734; Ex. 
Mon° Su°, "M.S. Georgu Charlton, A.M., moribus, ingenio, 
linguarum peritia, eruditione varia et bonis operibus insignis 
Hujus ecclesiae vicarius, filius erat Georgii et Elizabethae 
Charlton de Boxley natus 15 January : obijt 20 Deer., 1734." 

John Charlton, Penshurst, between 1435 and 1440, perhaps same 
as North Cray between 1425. 

Thomas Charlton, Aylesford, 1451-75. 


William Charlton, Vicar of East Haningfield, 1550; deprived 1554 ; 
Rector of Longfield, 1570-85 ; Vicar of Tonbridge, 1555-85. 

Roger Charnock, Dartford, 1650-5 ; put in by Parliament. 

Josiah Charte, Leigh, 1596-1621. 

William Chartesie, Hayes, 1375 ; Rector of Wykham, London, to 

Nicholas de Chartham, Chatham, between 1295 and 1319. 

Henry Charus, Burham, 1545-52 ; wills to be buried in the Church 
" neighe the chaunsell doore," and leaves his paraphrase of 
Erasmus and the Comunyon Booke with a psalter booke to the 
Church of Burham, 1549. 

Richard Chase, Chislehurst. 1616-41 ; Stone, 1641-50 ; complained 
of as holding the two livings, sowing causeless libels, inhospitable, 
oppressing in Tithes, the Parsonage ruined, etc. ; he was a 
nephew of Bishop Bowles. 

Walter de Chaumponte, Penshurst, 1274-88. 

John Chauncellor, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1457-61 ; Newington, 1461. 

John Chaundler, Brasted, 1414-31 ; Chaplain to Archbishop 
Chichele ; wishes to be buried near the Easter tomb in the 
Chancel, and says " Lego eidem ecclesiae unan casulam de serico 
chekhed cum apparatu pro uno capellano." 

Nicholas Chauntler, Rothertield, 1581-2. 

Thomas Chaworth, Addington, 1438-46 ; Clerk to the King's 
Chantry, and cousin to Elizabeth, wife of Robert Watton, Esq., 
Rector of Long Melford ; dio Ely, also : from his Brass we learn 
" Hie jacet dominus Thomas Chaworth quondam rector ecclesie 
de Addington et Long Melford unus clericus dn' regis in 
cancellaria sua ac cognatus Elizabethae uxoris Robert' Watton 
arm'gr' quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Amen." 

John Chayne, Freckenham, till 1439. 

James Chaynew, Rector of Bidborough, 1367 ; Rural Dean of 
Mailing, 1367. 

James Chaynew, Lamberhurst, 1471-87 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 

James Chaynewe, Hever, 1478. 

John Checkwolde, Woolwich, Feb., 1403-4; Walkerne, Herts, 

Robert Cheeke, St. Werburgh, Hoo, 1622-5 ; Tonstall, 1610-47 ; 
Prebend, of Rochester, 1617-60 ; Buried at Tunstal, July, 1647. 

Robert Cheeseman, Hever, 1540-50. 

Samuel Cheetham, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1882-1908 ; Vice 
Principal of Chichester Theological College, 1861-3 ; Professor 
of Pastoral Theology in King's College, London, 1863 ; Arch- 
deacon of Southwark, 1879-82 ; obijt 1908. 

Henry de Cheltenham, Teston, 1337-41 ; Wateringbury, 1341-9 ; 
Bidborough, 1349. 

Ralph de Cheny, Chiddingstone, 1288-1310. 

John Cherche, Greatnesse-in-Sevenoaks, Feb., 1350-1 — 1351 ; 
previously Chantry Clerk of Sevenoaks. 


Stephen Chariton, All Hallows', Hoo, 1517; on his Brass "Orate 

p aia Stephani Cheriton quondam varij huius ecclie qui obijt xix 

die Septembr ann° dni m^v" xviii cujs aie ppiciet"-' Deus. Amen." 
William Chernare, Scotgrove, 1328-33. 
Jordan deCheshalle.Burham, 1325-9; Bearsted,1318; St. Clement's, 

Rochester, 1318-25 ; Richmond, Chester, Rotherfield 1445. 
William Chester, Ash, between 1386 and 1395 ; obijt 1395. 
John Chesterfield, Longsole, 1405-22. 

Roger de Chesterfield, St. Lawrence, Hailing, 1360 to May. 
Walter de Chesterfield, Paddlesworth, 1319-27. 
Thomas Chesterton, Chaplain of Malmayn's, Stoke, 1399-1402 ; 

Halstead, 1402 ; previously Vicar of Ivielde, Chichester. 
Richard de Chestre, LuUingstone, 1335-8. 

John de Chetham, Abbot of Bayham, 1409-13, perhaps to 1429. 
John de Chetham, Kitebroc, 1334-5. 
John Reginald de Chetham, Wilmington, 1328 ; St. Werburgh, 

Hoo, 1334. 
Richard Chetham, Bockingfold, 1492-1514. 
Samuel Edward Cheltoe, St. John's, Woolwich, 1882-97 ; Chaplain 

of the Warspite ; Rector of Cosington, Peterborough, Dec. 1897. 
William de Chetwode, Rector of Speldhurst, 1345-56 ; Master of 

St. Lawrence, Poultney. 
John Cheyne, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1368-92. 
John Cheyne, Trotterscliffe, 1400-13 ; Master of Strood Hospital, 

1400-3 ; Rector of Rotherfield, Rochester Diocese (so in Bishop's 

Register) 1405-6 ; these posts were probably filled by the same 

Thomas Kelly Cheyne, Fellow of Balliol, 1868-82 ; Rector of 

Tendring, Essex, 1880-5 ; Oriel, Professor of Interpretation of 

Holy Scripture, with Canonry of Rochester, 1886-1908 ; Author 

of Commentaries. 
Richard Cheynes, Mapiscombe, Apr. 1323-8. 
Thomas de Cheynham, Brastead, 1362-70 ; Rector of Highaungue, 

London, 1369. 
Thomas Chewre, Dartford, between 1200 and 1249. 
William Chichele, Prebend, of High Mass of Mailing, between 

1402 and 1424. 
Alfred Child, Rotherfield, 1865-88 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, "Alfred Child, 

Priest, Rector of this parish who died December 11th, 1888, 

aged 65, and is buried at All Saints', Brankstone, Bournemouth. 

He restored with help this Chancel, and inserted the East 

Thomas Chilham, Rector of Wrotham, 1557 ; Suffragan Bishop of 

Sidon ; a creature of Bishop Bonner's. 
Thomas de Chilham, Woldham, 1534. 
John Theodore Chippindall, Holy Trinity, Bromley, 1905-7 ; 

Tutbury, 1887-97 ; St. Peter's, Coventry, 1897-1905. 
Edmund de Chippenham, Freckenham, between 1251 and 1274. 
John de Chishulle, Isleham, 1250 ; Rotherfield, 1258. 


John de ChishuUe, Woolwich, 1325 ; Byfurd, Hereford, 1325. 
Jordan de Chishulie or Chishalle, Burham, 1325-9 : St. Clement's, 

Rochester, 1318-25 ; St. Mary Magdalene, London, 1329 ; after- 
wards at Berghstede (Bearstead) . 
Edmund Cholderton, Milton, 1505-7. 
Charles Henry Christie, Sidcup, 1850-61. 
James Thomas Christie, All Saints', Galley Hill, Swanscombe, 

Martin Christofer, Ashurst, 1518-26. 
Derman Christopherson, St. Mark's, Plumstead, 1905. 
Robert Chudleworth, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1447-8 ; St. 

Nicholas', Thanet, 1448. 
Richard de Chudleworth, Greatnesse, Sevenoaks, Nov., 1350, to 

Feb., 1351. 
William Chuldham, Cobham, between 1368 and 1390 ; Cobham 

College, 1363. 
John Church, Vicar of Freckenham, 1544-58. 
Cameron Churchill, Crockham Hill, 1887-1901 ; Buried here Jan. 

23, 1901 ; " To the glory of God, and in affectionate remembrance 

of the Rev. Cameron Churchill, M.A., for 14 years Vicar of this 

parish, who fell asleep the 20th of January, 1901, aged 51 years : 

By grace ye are saved through faith and that not of yourselves ; 

it is the gift of God. Ephesians II. 8 ; " Ex. Mon° Su", "This 

tablet is erected by friends and parishioners." He was buried in 

the Churchyard. 
Stuart Churchill, Burling, 1890-2 ; Holy Trinity, Kilburn, 1892- 

1906; St. Werburgh's, Ashley Hall, Bristol, 1905; St. John's, 

Woolwich, 1910. 
Marcus Wellesley Churchward, Chaplain of the Forces, Woolwich, 

1907-8 ; Aldershot, Shoeburyness ; St. John's, Woolwich, 1910. 
WiUiam Chyld, Horton Kirby, 1393-1399. 
Robert Chyne, Mapiscombe, 1356-62. 
Richard Cishampton, All Hallows', 1349-61. 
Nicholas Claggett, Dean of Rochester, 1723-31 ; Bishop of St. 

David's, 1732-42 ; Exeter, 1742-7. 
William Claneburgh, Darenth, between 1433 and 1454 ; Longiield, 

John de Clapchin, 1350-7 ; St. Mary's, Gravesend. 
WilUiam Clapham, Plumstead, 1635-44. 
Edward Louis Churchill Clapton, Lee, 1900 ; St. Michael's, 

Battersea, 1891-1900. 
Beni de Clara, Rotherfield, 1282. 
George Clare, Ashurst, 1619-35. 

Thomas de Clare AUington, 1322-6 ; Danbury, 1326 ; Lyston, 1331. 
Francis Storer Clark, St, Peter's, Greenwich, 1870-1908 ; Canon of 

Southwark, 1906. 
John Clark, Burham, 1438-9. 
Christopher Clarke, Hayes, 1714-33 ; Keston, 1704-42 ; Archdeacon 

of Norwich and Prebendary of Ely : died 19th May ; Buried at 


Keston, 25th, 1742 : Ex. epitaphio, " Here lieth the body of the 
Reverend Christopher Clarke, M.A., Archdeacon of Norwich, 
Prebendary of Ely and Rector of this parish : Downe, 1696-1718 ; 
He died 19th May, 1742, aged 73." 

Edward Clarke, Chevening, 1645-81 ; Bures Gifford, 1661-81 ; 
Prebendary of Rochester, 1670-81 ; obijt 1681. 

James Clarke, W. Peckham, 1588-1603 ; also 1635-55. 

James Sanderson Clarke, All Saints', Blackheath, 1858-64 ; 
Goudhurst, 1864. 

John Clarke, Kingsdown, 1776-81 ; Lamberhurst, 1776 ; Wood- 
nesboro, 1768-72 ; Provost of Oriel College, Oxon, 1768-81 ; 
Vicar of St. Mary's, Oxford, 1765-8 ; Preb. of Rochester, 1776-81; 
obijt 1781 ; Buried at Hurstpierpoint. 

John Clarke, Trotterscliffe ; probably put in by Parliament ; 
Buried 1651. 

John Clarke, Woolwich, 1507-8—08. 

John Michell Clarke, Forest Hill, 1855-78; Drayton, Warwick, 1878. 

John WilUams Clarke, Crockham Hill, 1842-9 ; obijt 1855. 

Peter Clarke, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1681-1711. 

Reuben Clarke, Ibstock, 1726-7. 

Richard Clarke, Hailing, 1513-15 ; obijt 1515. 

Richard Clarke, Hartley, 1771-6. 

Richard Clarke, Kingsdown, 1361. 

Thomas Clarke, Cudham, July to October, 1406 ; Great Thorndon, 
to July, 1406 ; St. Michael's, Lewes, Oct. 1406. 

William Clarke, Rector of Orpington, 1781-6. 

David Clarkson, Crayford, 1650-6 ; put in by Parliament. 

John Clavell, Lullingstone, 1547-52. 

John Claver, Hailing, 1320-4. 

Robert Claybroke, Ash, 1466-74. 

Edmund Augustus Claydon, Luton, Chatham, 1875-88 ; Ex. 
epitaphio, " Sacred to the memory of Edmund Augustus Claydon, 
M.A., Rector of this parish, who died May 9th, 1885, aged 61 
years." Also ex. monumento, "To the Glory of God, and in 
memory of the Rev. Edmund Augustus Claydon, M.A., St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge, for nine years Rector of this parish, who died 
May 9th, 1885 ; this tablet is placed here by his widow, Mary 
Claydon. Ever ready to spend and be spent in his Master's 
service he laboured to the last in the erection of this Church, 
since completed by the liberality of his parishioners who 
honoured and lamented him." Mr. Claydon got the parish made 
a rectory, and built a handsome and commodius Church in place 
of the poor one he found there. 

John de Claydon, Kingsdown, 1357-51 ; Vicar of Trelworth, 1357. 

John Clayfield de Oakdene, Chantry Priest of Rochester, 1348. 

John Claypole, Horton Kirby, Chaplain of the Chantry, 1449-64. 

William ClaypoU or Clayputt, Shorne, 1395-6 ; Fawkham, 
1396-1427 ; Rector of Hatfield, Peverill, 1395 ; Chaplain of 
St. Katharine's Chantry, Fawkham, 1396-1403. 


Jeremiah Clayton, Wilmington, .1642-52. 

John Clayton, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1540. 

Walter Clayton, Marestone, 1518-20 ; Mapiscombe, 1518-26. 

Alfred Clegg, Hadlow, 1404-16 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1406. 

Ralph Clegg, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1721-3 ; obijt Aug. 30, 

Richard de Clehungre, Chelsfield, 1322-34. 
Andrew Clement Burham, 1347-8. 

Everard Clement, Ash, 1674-1700 ; Buried here June 20, 1700. 
Richard Clement Ruxley, 1521-42 ; Renounced Papal Authority, 

obijt 1542. 
Robert Clement, Sevenoaks Chantry, 1531-7. 
Thomas Clement, Fawkham, 1439-41 ; dictus atte Mortimer, 

Rector of Harnegyes-at-Hornsey, 1441. 
William Clement, Mereworth, 1660-72 ; Buried here 1672 ; E. Bur. 

Reg., "Mem it on ye 22th of October was William Clement, 

Rector of this parish, buried Anno Supradicto." 
Robert Clements, Shoreham, 1531-4 ; Chantry Priest of Otford 

same year. 
Maurice Clenshe, Rector of Orpington, 1557 ; deprived 1566. 
John Clerc Hayes, 1363-7 ; Rector of Blessed Mary Magdalene, 

London, to 1363. 
William Clere de Upcherche, Grayne, 1356-9. 
John Clerk, Lee, May to Dec, 1390 ; Pevensey, 1390. 
John Clerk, Chaplain of Chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary, Seven- 
oaks, 1499. 
John Clerk, West Wickham, between 1431 and 1447. 
John Clerk, Cobhambury, Prebend., 1494-1501. 
Robert Clerk, Freckenham, 1439-40 ; Rector. 

Robert Clerk, Hailing St. Lawrence, Chaplain, 1391 ; Hailing, 1392. 
Thomas Clerk, Addington, 1411-16 ; previously at St. Michael's, 

Lewes ; Estburgage, Chichester, 1416. 
Thomas Clerk, Ryarsh, 1397-9 ; West Hoathley, Sussex, 1399. 
William Brasyer Clerk, Chalk, 1687-99. 
George Gierke, Grayne, 1598-1619 ; obijt 1619. 
John Gierke, Hadlow, 1595. 
John Gierke, Ifield, 1539-71 ; obijt 1571. 
Richard Gierke, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1465-80. 
Thomas Gierke, Beckenham, 1711-65 ; Buried here May 26, 1765. 
William Gierke, Cobham, 1671-6 ; St. Margaret's, Rochester, 

William Gierke, Grayne, 1478. 
Robert Cleve, Brenchley, to 1431. 
William Cleve, Cliffe, 1448-70 ; Canon of St. Paul's and Vicar of 

St. Nicholas', Cole Abbey, 1469 ; obijt 1470. 
John Clidero, Rural Dean of Shoreham, between 1414 and 1417. 

See Clitherowe. 
Henry Clifford, Hunton, 1568-70. 
John Clifton, Leybourne, between 1393 and 1423. 


John Clifton, Leybourne, 1460-4. 

Ivo de Clinton, Northfleet, 1350-6. 

Roger Clissold, Beckenham, 1661-76 ; Buried here August 19, 1676. 

John de Clitherowe, or Cliderowe, Crayford, 1409-30 ; Bishop of 
Bangor, 1426-35 ; Rural Dean of Shoreham, between 1414 and 
1417 ; willed to be buried in the Church before the image of St. 

Thomas Close, Lee, 1459-62. 

John Clough, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1713-21 ; Stockbury, 
1716-21 ; Ashford, 1721-64 ; Monks Horton, 1728-64 ; Buried at 
Ashford, Nov. 15, 1764. 

William Clough, Ditton, 1553-4 ; Luddesdown, 1557-61 ; obijtl561. 

George Clowes, Fordcombe, 1874-87 ; Hayes, 1887. 

Roger Clue, Shipbourne, 1529-30. 

Richard de Clyve, Northfleet, 1313-14. 

Robert de Clyve, Abbot of Lesness, between 1341 and 1346. 

Robert de Clyve, son of Jocelyn de Clyve, Kingsdown, 1327-42. 

Simon de Clyve, Prior of Rochester, 1252-62. 

William Clyve, Ightham, between 1421 and 1446. 

Alfred Lloyd Coates, Shorne, 1889-1906 ; St. Bartholomew's, 
Dover, 1906 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1882-90. 

Ralph Coates, Higham, 1600-27 ; Rector of Thursington, Essex ; 
obijt 1643. 

Robert Patch Coates, Strood Union. 1837-48 ; Vicar of Darenth, 
1863-83 ; Rural Dean of Gravesend, 1867-71 ; Buried June 13, 
1871 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Also of the Rev. Robert Patch Coates, 
M.A., 20 years Vicar of this parish, who entered into rest June 
the 8th, 1883, anno domini. 

Clement Francis Cobb Teston, 1875-96 ; Principal of the Church 
Missionary College of Benares ; Vicar of St. George's, Barnsley, 
1864-72 ; Rookhope, 1872-3 ; St. Jude's, Mildmay Park, 
Islington, 1873-5 ; obijt Feb. 1896 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " In loving 
memory of Clement Francis Cobb, who was for 21 years Rector 
of this parish, and who died on the 10th of Feb., 1896, aged 69. 

Samuel Wyatt Cobb, Ightham, 1827-66 ; obijt 1866 ; Buried here 
Oct. 2, 1866. 

Thomas Cobb, Ightham, 1801-18 ; Buried Dec. 3, 1818. 

William Francis Cobb, Senr., Mereworth, 1830-32; Nettlestead- 
cum-West Barming, 1855-62; obijt 1862. 

William Francis Cobb, Junr., Nettlestead-cum-West Barming, 1862. 

Roger Cobbe, West Wickham, 1427-31 ; P.C. of Alnetha, London, 

William Cobbe, Higham, 1533-8; obijt 1538. 

James Cobbold, Tanington-cum-Brundish, 1439. 

James de Cobham, Clyffe, 1305-17; Cooling, 1314-17; held both 
livings by dispensation of Clement V. till 1317 ; Chancellor of 
Oxford, 1300-14. 

Joan de Cobham, Abbess of Higham, 1891-4. 

Reginald de Cobham, Cooling, 1317-20. 


Reginald de Cobham, Junr., Cooling, 1361-79; Northfleet, 1379- 
89 ; Canon of Wingham ; Canon of Sarum ; Rector of Chartham, 
1399 ; obijt 1402 ; Buried in Cobham, where there is a Brass to 
him in cope, almuce and surplice, beneath a canopy ; on a stem 
it was inscribed " Orate pro anima Reginaldi de Cobham." 
Ickham. 1390. 

Robert Cobham, Shorne, 1390-5 ; Rector of Hatfield, Peverill, 
1395 ; Vicar of Bechyngchurch, 1390. 

Thomas Cobham, Rotherfield, 1294. 

Richard Cockburn, East Harming, 1827-32 ; Boxley, 1808-32 ; 
Canon of Winchester. 

Daniel Cockerell, West Wickham , 1619-30 ; Buried here Dec. 1630. 

John Cockerell, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1534. 

John de Cockermouth, Chalk, 1316-26. 

Robert Cockeyne, Chaplain of Greatnesse-in-Sevenoaks, 1386. 

Thomas Cockman, Cowden, 1668-1719 ; Buried here July 27, 1719. 

Thomas Cockman, East Mailing, 1718-44 ; Trotterscliffe, 1718-41 ; 
Master of University College, Oxford, 1742-4 ; obijt 1744. 

William Cockman, Yalding, 1593-7. 

Henry Lawrence Somers Cocks, Edenbridge, 1908 ; Staple Fitz 
Paine- with-Bickenhall, 1893-5 ; Street, 1895-1905. 

Thomas Codd, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1448-65 ; a Brass to him 
which is reversible, in coloured clothing, and under the inscription : 

" Codd Thorns diet-sac jacet hie nece victus 
Vicarius gratus huicque ecclesie gratus 
Ecclesie Xpi multoque pro fuit isti 
Et capanili succurrit tempore vili 
Anno millieno quat C denoque quino 
Novebris mense satum nece vere 
Obijt hie T.C. sibi seque Ihu miserere 
O sac Andrea sibi pter ab hoste t°phea 
Pro cunctis meritis illi sic vita perennis." 
John Codde, St. Margaret's, 1662-72 ; Leybourne, 1640-62 ; 
Ulcombe, 1662-3 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1660-72 ; Buried in 
the Cathedral, Oct. 3, 1672. 
John Codeland, Horton Kirby, 1345-8. 
William Codlyng, East Mailing, 1439-67 ; Paddlesworth-cum- 

Dodecirce, 1467. 
William Cok, Chaplain of Capel, 1465-70. 

William Coke or Cokke, Ightham, 1396-1421 ; Vicar of Sudyngton. 
Richard de Cokefield, Nettlestead, 1336-44 ; obijt 1344. 
Adam Cokelet, Ruxley, Oct. 1400— Feb. 1400-1 ; Bradewell, 1400. 
John Cokke, Stampett Chantry Clerk, Dartford, 1493 ; Vicar of 

Ryarsh, 1479-1501. 
William Cokks, Hartley, 1530-41. 
Henry Colborn, St. Barnabas', Gillingham, 1901. 
Maud or Matilda de Colcestre, Abbess of Higham, 1328. 
Charles Coldcall, Aylesford, 1773-92 ; Kingsdown, 1782-93 ; 
Catsfield, 1750-93 ; Ashford, 1765 ; Ashburnham, Bucks, 1773-92 ; 


Prebend, of Rochester, 1780-93 ; Chichester, 1754-93 ; obijt 

1793 Nov at Ashburnham. 
John Coldwell, Dean of Rochester, 1585-91 ; Bishop of SaUsbury, 

Augustus WilUam Cole, Ide Hill, 1846-9 ; Chaplain of Sevenoaks 

Union, 1848. 
Lucas de Coldone, Abbot of Bayham, 1315-52. 
Henry Cole, Rector of Wrotham, 1558 ; Warden of New College ; 

Advocate of Arches Court ; Canon of Westminster ; Provost of 

Eton ; Dean of St. Paul's. 
Samuel Cole, Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital, 1816-38. 
Thomas Cole, Brenchley, 1385-8 ; Mundham, 1385 ; Burwarsh, 

William Cole, Shoreham, 1796-1806 ; obijt 1806. 
Edward Letherington Colebrooke, Plaistow, 1904 ; St. Luke's, 

Bromley, 1895-1905. 
Thomas Colehurst, Nurstead, 1349. 
Francis Colepepper, Prebend, of Rochester, 1546-7. 
John Colepepper, Chiddiugstone, 1356 — July 1361 ; Rector of East 

Peckham, July 1361-3 ; Walesby, 1356. 
Nicholas Colepepper, Cowden, 1322. 
Thomas Colepepper, Yalding, 1544. 
James Oakley Coles, Holy Trinity, East Peckham, 1892-94 ; All 

Saints', Norwood, 1894-1900; Faversham, 1900-4; St. Lawrence, 

Ramsgate, 1904-5; Hon. Canon of Canterbury, 1899; obijt 1905. 
John Coleshill, Longsole, 1371-91. 
Abraham Colfe, Lewisham, 1610-57; held St. Leonard's, Eastcheap, 

with Lewisham ; Ex. Mon" Su", " Here underlyeth the body of 

Abraham Colfe, late minister of this parish of Lewisham, who 

departed this life the fifth day of December, anno domini, 1657. 

He founded the free School here, and also built the Almshouses 

and saved Sydenham Common for the inhabitants of London." 
Adam Colfe, Gillingham, between 1374 and 1402 ; obijt 1402. 
John Colfe, alias Golde, East Farleigh, 1513-23. 
Robert Colfox, Sundridge, 1476-1501 ; obijt 1501, 
Percy White Collard, St. Augustine's, Honor Oak, 1872-88. 
WiUiam Collett, Brenchley, 1457-9. 
William Collett, Mereworth, 1432. 
William Collett, Swanscombe, 1452-62 ; obijt 1452. 
WiUiam Collett, Chaplain of IVIorden College, 1862-5. 
Charles John Collier, Crockenhill, 1868-80. 
Samuel Collier, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1679-1718; Ex. Mon° Su°, 

"Samuel Collier, Rector, obijt Feb. X., 1718. 
John Collins, AUington, 1656-77; also Rector of Bearsted. 
John Collins, Rotherfield, 1614-43; E. Bur. Reg., "Buried Mr. 

John Collins, p 'son of Rotherfield, a very good preacher , May 

the 15th, 1643." 
Martin Collins, Horsmonden, 1542-69; Preb. of Rochester, 1554-69; 

Midley, 1554-69; E. Bur. Reg., "1569, the 15th day of June, 


Martine CoUen, Rector, huius ecclesie et Prebendar Roffen, was 

Richard Collins, Burham, 1700-8 ; the same as was afterwards 

Vicar of Meopham, etc, 
Richard Collins, Chaplain of Chatham Dockyard, 1709-14. 
Richard Collins, Meopham, 1707-11 ; Crayford, 1708-37; Burham, 

1700-8 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1701-13 ; obijt 1737. 
Walter Collins, Ashurst, 1635-43 ; Horton Kirby, 1640-70 ; sub- 
scribed the declaration ; alias CoUyng. 
William CoUyns, East Barming, 1608-15 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 

1612-15 ; obijt 1615. 
William CoUomb, East Barming, 1605-7 ; West Barming, 1605. 
Hugh Robert CoUum, Leigh, 1876-1906. 
Thomas CoUyer, Erith, 1662-73 ; obijt 1673. 
Thomas Collyer, Westerham, 1404-25 ; Frindsbury, 1425-39 ; to 

Haryndale, 1404. 
William Collyer, Rotherfield, between 1530 and 1556 ; deprived 

James Collyngs, Burham, 1575-1609 ; Buried 1609. 
John Collyngs, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1541-46. 
William Collyngs, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1546-9. 
Bartholomew Colman, Rector of Orpington, 1407-U ; Barton 

Togryng, Norfolk, to 1407 ; Doddington, Cambridge, 1411. 
Isaac Colman, or Collman, St. Paul's, Deptford, 1735-8 ; Rector 

of Ickleford, 1732-5. 
John Colman, Abbot of Lesness, 1473. 

William Colomb, West Barming-cum-Nettlestead, 1605-24. 
John de Colonia, Lamberhurst, 1347-9. 
John Erskine Campbell Colquhon, Crockham Hill, 1865-70 ; 

Southwold, 1870-2. 
Charles Colson, Cuxton, 1874-1901 ; P.C. of Huddesdown, 1842 ; 

Great Hormead, 1842-74 ; Rural Dean of Rochester, 1874-9 ; 

Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Rochester, 1887 ; Hon. 

Canon of Rochester, 1874 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " To the dear memory 

of Charles Colson, Rector of this parish ; Died April 25th, 1901 ; 

Buried at Great Hormead." 
John Colson, Chalk, 1724-40. 
Peter de Colston, Nettlestead, 1349-61. 
Peter Colsweyne, Cowden, 1334-6. 
Bryan Colteherste, Westerham, between 1466 and 1504 ; mentioned 

as Vicar, July 3, 1499 ; obijt 1503. 
William Colton, Chaplain of West Peckham Chantry, 1538. 
John Coltyngham, Halstead, 1645-64 ; Buried here Nov. 26, 1664. 
Paul Columesius, Eynesford, 1687-91 ; obijt 1691. 
Thomas Colyere, East Farleigh, 1425-7. 
William Colyn, Kingsdown, 1526-30. 
William Colyn, Ridley, 1456-7. 
John Colyns, Halstead, 1507-48 ; obijt 1548. 
John Colynson, Pembury, 1466-88, 


Robert Colynson, Chelsfield, 1452-63. 

Robert Colynson or Colenson, East Barming, 1510-23 : West 
Peckham, 1503-10 ; obijt 1523. 

John Combe, Birling, 1338-49. 

John Combe, Charlton, between 1391 and 1400. 

William Combe or Coo, Cudham, 1451-3. 

William Comber, Cobham, 1660-8 ; obijt 1668. 

Peter de Comitaygne, Bidborough, 1334-49. 

Henry de Compton, East Farleigh, 1371-5 ; Westynhanger, till 

John Compton, Ifield, till 1317. 

Richard Compton, Mixbury, 1445-6. 

Thomas Compton, Prebend, of the Great Mass of Mailing Abbey, 
1444-7 ; obijt 1447. 

Walter de Compton, Kitebroc, 1358. 

Thomas Coney, Military Junior Chaplain, Chatham, 1867-72. 

Thomas Consante, Head Master of Rochester Grammar School, 

Thomas Constable, Chiddingstone, 1335-56 ; Vicar of Walesby, 

Stephen Constantine, Bromley, 1607. 

Alfred de Constyde, Yalding, 1349. 

Stephen Contonte, West Wickham, between 1362 and 1364. 

Panucius Bonoditi de Controne, Chevening, 1320-1 ; Professor of 
Physic ; Rector of Bridgham St. Mary, Norfolk, 1321. 

William Conway, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1853-64; Rural Dean 
of Rochester, 1864 ; Rector of St. Margaret's, Westminster, 
1864 ; Canon of Westminster, 1864 ; Ex. epitaphio, " This 
Tablet is erected by parishioners and friends in affectionate 
remembrance of the Revd. William Conway, M.A., formerly 
Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge, Curate of this parish 
from the year 1840 to 1852 ; Vicar from 1852 to 1864, and from 
1864 to 1875 ; Canon of Westminster Abbey, and Rector of St. 
Margaret's, Westminster. During the whole course of his 
ministry, he esteemed it his highest privilege to preach Jesus 
Christ and him crucified. By firm faith in that Saviour, and by 
the teaching of the Holy Spirit, and entire consecration to his 
Master's service, by his meekness of wisdom, gentleness of spirit 
and perfect sincerity, he exercised a rare influence over all 
classes. He entered into his rest at St. Margarets's Rectory, 
Dean's Yard, Westminster, March 22nd, 1876, aged 60 years. 
' For if by one man's offence Death reigned by one, much more 
they which receive abundance of grace, and the gift of righteous- 
ness shall reign in life by One, Jesus Christ' (Rom. v. 11). 
' Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, ^to-day, and for ever ' (Heb. 
xiii, 6." 

William Conyere de Wyntone, Ryarsh, 1366. 

Cuthbert Conyers, Chaplain of Malmayn's, Stoke, 1529-31. 

Richard Conyers, St. Paul's, Deptford, 1775-86, 


William Conyngham, Vicar of Sevenoaks, between 1387 and 1392 ; 

Throwley, 1392. 
Roger Conyngham, Rector of Eyrisford, 1399-1409. 
Wymundus Conyngton, Addington, 1349. 
John Pistor dominus Cook, Speldhurst, 1347. 
John Cook, West Wickham, 1572. 
John Cook, Norton, 1496-1518. 
William Cook, Higham, 1400-1. 
William Cook, Lewisham, between 1354 and 1396. 
Daniel Cooke, Holy Trinity, Old Brompton, Chatham, 1847-1901 ; 

P. C. of Goldenhill, Stoke-upon-Trent, 1843-4; Secretary of 

Church Pastoral Aid Society, 1844-47 ; Hon. Canon of Rochester, 

1881 ; obijt 1901. 
George Cooke, Westerham, appointed by Cromwell, 1651. 
George Albert Cooke, Oriel, Professor of Divinity and Canon of 

Rochester, 1908; Fellow of Magdalen, Oxon., 1892-9; Rector 

of Beaconsfleld, Bucks., 1896-9; Vicar of Dalkeith, 1889. 
Gilbert Cooke, East Mailing, between 1323 and 1357. 
John Cooke, Cuxton, 1674-7 ; Mersham, St. George's, Canterbury; 

Six Preacher. 
John Cooke, Chaplain of Royal Hospital, Greenwich, 1772-1816 ; 

Joint Author with John MauU, of " a Historical Account of the 

Royal Hospital for Seamen," 1789. 
Ralph Cooke, Prebend, of Rochester, 1660-84-5 ; Burstow, 1637- 

84-5 ; St. Gabriel, Fenchurch Street ; Buried at Burstow, Jan., 

Robert Cooke, Ashurst, 1370 ; Ifield, Sussex, to 1370. 
Samuel Cooke, Mereworth, 1591-1538 ; West Peckham, 1630-5 ; 

Buried at Mereworth ; his monument was inscribed, " Here 

lyeth the body of Samuel Cook, Rector of the Parish Church 

of Mereworth for the space of forty six years and a half, and 

having accomplished the age of 78 years and upwards, deceased 

the 26th day of August, 1638, in expectation of the second coming 

of his Lord and Saviour." 
Thomas Cooke, Prebend, of the Great Mass of Mailing Abbey, 

1493 ; obijt 1493. 
William Cooke, Chaplain of St. Mary's, Stampett Chantry and St. 

Edmund's Chapel, Dartford, 1504-11 ; obijt 1511. 
William Cookman, Yokeman or Gokeman, High Halstow, 1557-8 ; 

wills to be buried in the chancel of High Halstow, Dec. 25, 1558. 
George Cookson, St. Nicholas', Deptford, May — Aug., 1819; 

Rector of Withlington, Somerset, and Poorstock, Devon, 1818 ; 

obijt 1848. 
Richard Coole, Chiddingstone, Dec. 1497-8 ; obijt 1498. 
John Cooling, Denton, 1427-37. 
John Cooper, Offham, 1590-1632. 
John Cooper, Trotterscliife, 1690-1. 
William Henry Cooper, Prebend, of Rochester, 1793-7. 
John Cope, Allington, 1349-50, 


John Copegrave, Bockingfold, 1293. 

Robert Copehoke, Ashurst, 1494-1507 ; Canon de novo loco juxta; 
Guildford, Surrey ; licensed to the Chapel of Bridewell. 

Christopher Copeland, Meopham, 1670-1707 ; Buried here ; Ex. 
Mon° Su°, " Hie depositae sunt exuviae viri reverendi Christopher! 
Copeland hujus ecclesiae vicarii qui ministro annis xxxvij vitae 
Ixj impletis exteriorem hanc mysteriorem oeconomiaricum visione 
commutavit xij' Calend Jun Anno Christi mdccvii." 

Edward Copleston, Sutton-at-Hone, 1820-7 ; St. Mary's, Oxford, 
1810-20 ; Dean of Chester, 1826-7 ; St. Paul's, 1827-49 ; Bishop 
of Llandaff, 1828-49 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1815-28 ; Provost 
of Oriel, Oxford, 1815-28 ; Buried in Landaff Cathedral, Oct. 4, 

John Coppeshalle, Erith, between 1362 and 1368. 

John Copyng, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1484-1509. 

James Corbet, Teston, 1654-70 ; a Puritan interloper, conformed 
and instituted, 1667. 

John Corbet, Woolwich, 1670-86 ; perhaps same as the last. 

William Corbrand, Bockingfold, 1481-92. 

John Corbygge, Cooling, 1445-7. 

Nicholas Cordell, Speldhurst, 1660-77. 

Richard Cordon, Chaplain of St. Lawrence, Hailing, 1422-39. 

Edward Charles Corfe, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1877-84 ; 
Precentor of Truro, 1908. 

William Corfield, Birling, 1844-50 ; obijt 1850. 

George William Corker, Sevenoaks Weald, 1853-4 ; Vicar of Fenny 
Stratford, Bucks, 1864. 

Richard de Cornewayll, Kitebroc, 1324-9. 

John Cornhill, alias Cornwall, Horton Kirby, 1627-34. 

Robert Cornmonger, Leigh, 1361-2. 

John Cornwall, Speldhurst, 1693-1715 ; "Buried here. Sept-, ye 9, 

Richard Nevill Cornwall, Vicar of Eynesford, 1852-71 ; ex. 
epitaphio, "The Reverend Richard Neville Cornwall, for nearly 
nineteen years Vicar of this Parish, who died 21st January, 1871." 

Henry Cornwallis, Teston, 1682-1710. 

Honble. James Cornwallis, Rector and Vicar of Wrotham, 1777-81 ; 
with the Chapels of Stanstead, Plaxtol and Woodland ; Dean 
of Canterbury, 1781-90 ; Bishop of Litchfield, 1781-1824 ; Dean 
of Windsor, 1791 ; Dean of Durham, 1794 ; Ickham, 1769 ; 
Adisham, 1770 ; Boughton Malherbe, Second Marquis, Fourth 

William Correy, Farningham, 1577-94 ; perhaps the same as — 

William Correy or Corey, Charlton, 1591 ; Buried Oct. 30, 1625. 

John Corte, Marestone or Merston, between 1354 and 1396. 

Andrew Coryngton, Penshurst, 1402-19. 

Peter Coryton, Chelsfield, 1797-1834. 

William Cospe, Ifield-with-Shinglewell, 1380 ; St. Olave, Gretyng, 
Norwich, 1380. 


Thomas Cosse, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1427-31. 

James Cosyn, Shorne, 1545-8. 

Richard Cosyn, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1392-8; Throwley, to 1392; 
Greenwich, 1398-1410 ; Murston-next-Sittingbourne, 1410. 

Robert Cosyn, Beckenham, 1556-61. 

Henry Cotebrooke, Hartley, 1328-43. 

John Cotton, Capel, 1501-4. 

John Cotton, Hailing, 1501-13 ; deprived for adultery. 

John Cotton, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1540-51. 

John Cotton, Greenwich, 1616-25. 

Richard Cotton, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1634. 

William Cotton, Rector of Freckenham, 1440 ; Seneschall to the 

William Cotton, West Peckham Chantry, 1538. 

John Cottyl, Bidborough, 1438-44 ; obijt 1444. 

Richard Cotynden, Strood, 1507-12. 

Thomas Cottingham, Abbott of Bayham, 1454-78 ; West Peckham, 
1465-95 ; Chantry Clerk of Pembury, 1495-1504 ; deprived of 
Abbey, 1478 ; reinstated 1491-4. 

Robert Cotyngham, Shorne, 1401-3 ; South Hanyngford, to 1401 ; 
Gynger Wharf, 1403. 

Richard Cotynsham, Swanscombe, 1389-90 ; Goudhurst, to 1389. 

John Couch, Horsmonden, 1643-72 ; sequestered 1653 ; signed the 
Declaration ; restored 1662 ; Buried here June 26, 1662. 

Ezekiel Couchman, Ibstock, 1598-1617 ; Buried here. 1617. 

William Coup, Shorne, 1403 ; Gynger Wharf to 1403. 

Charles Courtenay, St. Peter's, Tunbridge Wells, 1895 ; Upper 
Armley, Leeds, 1882-7 ; Emmanuel Church, Liverpool, 1882-7 : 
Emmanuel Church, Everton, Liverpool, 1887-95. 

Henry Reginald Courtenay, Vicar of Soperton, Gloucester, and 
Spelsbury, Oxon., 1768-73; Prebend, of Exeter, 1772; Rochester, 
1773-1803 ; Vicar of St. George's, Hanover Square, which he 
held, with Lee, till his death : he remained Prebend, of Exeter, 
1772-94 ; and Bishop of Bristol, 1794-9 ; Lee, 1773-1803 ; obijt 

John Polkingham Courtenay, Christchurch, Deptford, 1865-83. 

Henry Courthope, Brenchley, 1773-1802. 

Michael Courthope, Vicar of East Peckham, 1461-2. 

William Courthope, Brenchley, 1744-72 ; Buried here, Ex. Mon° 
Su°, " Near this place are deposited the remains of William 
Courthope, Clerk, late Vicar of this Parish. He died on the 7th 
of December, 1772, In the 57th year of his age, deservedly 
beloved and lamented by all who had the pleasure of his 

William Courthope, Brenchley, 1802-45. 

Vincent Coventry, Pembury, 1613-15. 

John Coverley or Calverley, Stone, 1559-76 ; Darenth, 1557-61 — 
see John Calverley. 

Robert Coverte, Ryarsh, 1535-8. 


Ernest Cowan, Greenwich ; St. John's, Blackheath, 1868-75. 

John Cowde, Greenwich, 1535-43. 

John Cowell, Strood, 1434-7 ; Gorwell, 1425-34, is probably one 

and the same. 
Henry von de Heyde Cowell, "Wilmington, 1892-1905 ; St. Paul's, 

Paddington, 1873-92. 
Frederick Charles Cowen, East Wickham, 1906. 
John Cowesby, Beckenham, 1418-37 ; obijt 1437. 
Alfred de Cowling, Aylesford, 1325-7 ; Chilham, to 1325. 
John Cowper Cowden, 1439-48 ; Vicar of Eynesford, 1449. 
John Cowper, Higham, 1546-8. 
John Cowper, Leybourne, Nov. 14-23, 1437 ; Southelmsam, 

John Cowper, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1558-65. 
Richard Cowper, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1446. 
Stephen Cowper, Tudely-cum-Capel, 1726-50 ; Buried here, ex. 

epitaphio, " Here lies the body of Stephen Cowper, late Vicar 

of this Parish, the fifth son of Mr. Richard Cowper, of Wakefield, 

in Yorkshire, who died the 15th of July, 1750, aged 48 years." 
William Cowper, Chaplain of St. Mary's, Stampett, Dartford, 

William Cowper, Erith, 1400, to May, 1402. 
William Cowper, Lee, April, 1406. 
Thomas Cox, Chalk, between 1370 and 1391. 
John Coxed, Deptford, 1731-5 ; Chesterton, 1727 ; Warden of New 

College, Oxon, 1729-30 ; Warden of New College, 1740. 
Thomas Craas, Hayes, between 1450-62. 
William Crackelt, Chalk, 1774-1812 ; Ifield, 1777-1812 ; Nurstead, 

1777-1812; Died 24th Aug., 1812 ; BuriedSlst Aug., at Nurstead. 
John Craddock, Erith, 1426-7 ; Rural Dean of Dartford, 1427. 
Andrew Crage, Grayne, Nov., 1488. 
Nicholas Cragge, Nurstead, 1590-1605 ; made the pulpit of the 

Church ; Ex Mon° Su°, " Hie etiam conditur ipse Nicholaus 

Craggus Rector hujus ecclesiae ; " Minor Canon of Rochester. 

1602 : Buried here. 
Robert Cragge, Stoke, 1560-5 ; deprived 1565. 
John Cralle, alias John de Sudbury, Brastead, 1475. 
Joseph Cranber, Stoke, between 1367 and 1400. 
John de Cranbourne, Trotterscliffe, 1349 ; Icliene (Itchin), Hants, 
William Cranbourne, West Farleigh, 1401-3. 
Nicholas Crane, Deptford, 1562-6. 
Nicholas de Craneford, Gillingham, 1284. 
William Cranesford, Mapiscombe, 1356 and 1362-94. 
William Cranewell, Cuxton, 1385-92. 
Edmund Cranlake, Swanscombe, between 1360 and 1363 ; Cobham, 

1363; Sutton-at-Hone, 1362-1362-3. 
Edmund Cranmer, Clyffe, 1549-54 ; Canon of Canterbury ; Rector 

of Ickham, 1547 ; deprived 1554. 
John Crapnell, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1656-80 ; a Puritan 


interloper, afterwards conformed, and was instituted ; Buried 
here October 16, 1680. 

Ernest Edward Crawford, Hailing, 1904. 

James Crawford, Plaxtol, 1656. 

William Crawford, Milton, 1797-1827 ; Trotterscliffe, 1794-1827 
Archdeacon of Carmarthen, 1793-1827 ; obijt April 14th, 1827 
Buried here. On a tablet of late Rectors in the Church we read 
"Wm. Crawford, D.D., Rector of this parish from 1797-1827." 
He held Trotterscliffe by dispensation with this. 

Richard Crawley, Rotherfield, 1782-1836; Buried here Nov. 8, 1836. 

William Crawley, St. George's, Gravesend, 1762-82. 

John Cray, alias Creye, Vicar of Orpington, 1411-15 ; Willesden, to 

John Crayffords Lewisham, 1530-44 ; Stanford Rivers ; Prebend, 
of St. Paul's and St. Asaph, Westminster, and Winchester ; 
Archdeacon of Berks, 1545 ; Master of University College, 
Oxford, 1546 ; Rector of Newton Toney, 1535-47. 

Robert Crayford, Farningham, 1678-83. 

John Creeke, Dartford, 1438-9 ; Rector of Staplehurst. 

John Creighton, Greenwich, 1625-45 ; ejected 1645 ; fled to his 
brother who had a living at Clupton, in the Mendips. The 
parishioners appointed Nicholas Fultringham to lecture every 
Tuesday ; De Croton (Creighton ?) not to interfere. 

John Crenche, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1458-65. 

William Cres, Swanscombe, between 1320 and 1332. 

William de Cres, Shoreham, to 1331. 

Richard de Creshamptone, Stoke, May, 1349. 

Hugh de Cressingham, Chalk, 1294 ; Parson of Doddington. 

John Cressingham, Rector of East Peckham, 1364-1401 ; obijt 1401. 

John Cressingham, Hayes, 1371-5. 

John Cresswell, Eynesford Rectory, 1409-15 ; obijt 1415. 

William Cresswell, Ifield, 1732-4 ; Nurstead, 1372-4 ; obijt 1734. 

Thomas Cresswelle, North Cray, 1512-21. 

Robert de Creton, Woolwich, 1344-8. 

John Crew, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1686 ; Hartlip, 1677-1704 ; 
Buried in the Cathedral, Aug. 31, 1704. 

John Creye, Vicar of Orpington, 141 1-15 ; Vicar of Willesden, to 

Miles Criche, Prebend, of Rochester, 1672-3 to 1674-5 ; St. 
Michael's, Gussage, 1662-75 ; he was, says Walker, an intruder 
there, 1657. 

John Crise, Sundridge, 1534-57. 

John Crispe, AUington, 1404-22. 

John Crispe, Milton and Milton Chantry, 1404. 

Martin Cristofer, Ashurst, 1518-26 ; to be buried in the Church 
Porch of Ayshurst ; He bequeathes to the Church " a couerlyte, 
a surples, a taper before Saynt Marten, on before o' ladye : 
■vj viij to by an image of Saynte Anne to stand at Saynte 
Anne's Awter ; also that the cote w' all such broches and Ryng, 


as be thereon set before the blyss-ed Rode reraayn styll during 
my lyff & after my decease, I will that they be bestowed to moste 
hon' of God & the sayd rode by the dyscression of M' Will™ 
Warden & the wardens of the saide churche for the tyme beying 
and also I bequethe iij tapers before the loo Roode." 

Gilbert Crockatt, Crayford, 1702-8 ; obijt 1708. 

Alan Croft, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1455-60. 

James Croft, Saltwood, near Hythe, 1812-69 ; Canon of Canterbury 
and Archdeacon, 1812-69 ; Clyffe, 1818-69 ; obijt 1869. 

Richard Croft, West Farleigh, 1521-7. 

William Crofte, Ashurst, 1557-72 ; obijt 1572. 

Gilbert Croke, Cuxton, 1493 ; St. Mary Magdalene, Canterbury, to 

Roger Croke, Chaplain of the Chantry, Horton Kirby, 1472-1517. 

Temple Henry Croker, Ightham, 1769-73. 

Benjamin Crompe, High Halstow, 1539-63; Hartlip, 1662-3; Boxley, 
1663 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, in Rochester Cathedral, "MNHMOSYNON, 
D.O.M.S., Depositum venerabilis viri D. Benjamini Crompe, 
Artium Magistri Rectoris de Halstowe et hujus Cathedralis 
canonici per quam fidelis obijt 8 non Martij A.D. 1663, Aetat 
53, Dorothea conjux hoc monumentum pietatis et honoris, ergo 
posuit. Siste viator mortuus loquor. Audi morte meH cecidi 
Christi virtute resurgam ergo tu." Prebend, of Rochester, 
1660-4 ; Buried Mar. 14, 1663-4. 

John Crompe, All Hallows', 1666-72; Minor Canon, 1665-71. 

John Crompton, Milton, 1668-80 ; Buried here July 4, 1680. 

Thomas Crondale, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1355-88 ; Chantry 
Clerk there, 1388-97. 

William Arthur Cronk, Stansted, 1898. 

John Crosse, Hadlow, 1528-35 ; renounced Papal Authority ; 
Shipbourne, 1540. 

John Crosse, East Mailing, 1679-1701 ; obijt 1701. His name is 
given as Grosse on one of the Bells. 

Richard Crosse, West Farleigh, 1492. 

William Crosse, Kingsdown, 1544-6. 

William Crosse, Luddesdown, 1453. 

John Crosseby, Vicar of Wrotham, between 1404 and 1418. 

William Crouch, St. John's, Milton, 1838-42. 

Richard Crowe, West Wickham ; Buried June 10, 1582. 

Bartholoniew de Crowethorne, East Barming, 1347-59 ; Rural 
Dean of Mailing, 1349 ; Offham, before 1347. 

William Crowland, Chaplain of St. Edmund's, Dartford, 1446. 

George Crowmer, Cobham College Master, 1512-32 ; Standford le 
Hope, 1511-14 ; Benenden, 1514-42 ; Archbishop of Armagh, 
1521 ; Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 

William Crowther, Norton, 1870-1901 ; Clanes, Worcester, 1855-70. 

John Crull, Chevening, 1373-8 ; Great Mongeham, 1378-9 ; 
Sundridge, June, 1379-88. 

Robert de Crull, Swanscombe, 1360. 


Nicholas Crundall, Downe, 1687-1732 ; Buried here Sept. 20, 1732. 

Thomas Crundall, Downe, between 1664 and 1672. 

"William de Cuclestane, Dode, 1319 ; perhaps same as Rector of 
Cuxton, 1308-24. 

George Cuff, Fawkham, 1873-87 ; Buried here Nov. 23, 1886; Ex 
Mon° Su", " Sacred to the memory of the Rev. George Cuff, who 
died 17th Nov., 1886, aet 57. The memory of the just is blessed." 

"VValter Culverton, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1404-27 ; Reynham, 
Essex, 1404 ; obijt 1427. 

Harry Altham Cumberlegge, Halstead, 1891-9 ; Marston, 1899- 
1904 ; St. Andrew's, Well Street, London, 1904. 

Henry George Cundy, Professor of Classics in Queen's College, 
Birmingham, 1867-70 ; Miserton, Gloucester, 1870-81 : Beeby, 
Peterborough, 1890 ; St. Paul's, Deptford, 1881-90. 

David Cunningham, Charlton, 1635 — June, 1636 ; Buried here 
June 22. 

Henry Cunningham, Northfleet, 1634-66 ; obijt 1665. 

John Cupper, Higham, April 5, 1600-4. 

Peter Curasse, Prebend, of the Great Mass of Mailing Abbey, 
1366-79 ; Prebend, of Doneyhion ; Vicar of ffelde Dio Arrdenach. 

Walter Curie, Plumstead, 1608-9 ; Dean of Lichfield ; Bishop of 
Rochester, 1628-9 ; Bath and Wells, 1629-32 ; Winchester, 
1632-45 ; deprived by Parliament. 

John Currey, Dartford, 1778-1824 ; Longfield, 1779-1824. He kept 
the Registers most carefully, and regularly signed them ; in them 
we read, "Joannes Currey hujus parochiae per 47 annos vicarius 
ad aeternam requiem migravit et sepultus est in ecclesia de 
Northfleet, Oct. 26, 1825." 

David Curson, Ex Test" Su°, 1556, Bromley — see Curzon. 

John Curteis, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1393. 

Reginald . Whitfield Curteis, Mark Cross, 1875-9; Bobbington, 
Salop, 1884-5 ; Crowhurst, Surrey, 1887-91. 

Thomas Curteis, Senr., Rector of Wrotham, 1715-47 ; Vicar, 
1714-47 ; Rector and Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1715-47 ; Buried at 
Wrotham, Feb. 5, 1746; Ex Mon° Su°, "In conditorio subjecto 
quiescit Esthera uxor carissima reverend! Thomae Curteis hujus 
ecclesiae rectoris et vicarij quae obijt 15° Aprilis anno domini 1'741 
aetatis 58 felicissimi conjugij 47 necnon Guilielmus Curteis M.D. 
annos natus 40 et Esthera Barry infantula Hie etiam idem 
Thomas jam senio confectus exuvias mortales spe feliciter 
resurgendi seponendas constituit." 

Thomas Curteis, Junr., Kemsing, 1739-44 ; Rottingdean, Sussex, 
1744-7 ; Rector of Sevenoaks, 1747-75 ; Vicar, 1750-75 ; Prebend, 
of Canterbury, 1755-75 ; Rector of St. Dionis', Backchurch, 
1756 ; Buried at Sevenoaks, May 5, 1775 ; Ex epitaphio, " Juxta 
hoc monumentum reliquiae sunt Thomae Curteis D.D. qui hujus 
Ecclesiae Rector et Vicarius itemque Cantuariensis Prebendarius 
diem obijt supremum Quint Cal Maij Anno Dom 1775 Aetatis 
Suae 69." 


Thomas Curteis, Sevenoaks, 1831-61 ; Buried here Aug. 9, 1861. 

Thomas Sackville Curteis, Sevenoaks, 1777-1831 ; Buried here 
April IS, 1831 ; Ex Epitaphio, "Ibidem quoque requiescit Anna 
filia ejus in Cemeterio extra hosce parietes, Requiescit quodque 
mortale fuit Thomas Sackville Curteis, L.L.B. Qui hujus 
Ecclesiae Rector et Vicarius Vir Pius Probus et Benevolus de 
hac vita decessit sex non April 1831 ; Aetat 78." 

Thomas Samuel Curteis, Sevenoaks, 1874-1907. 

John Curteler, West Barming, 1404-12 ; Vicar of East Peckham, 
between 1362 and 1404. 

John Curteis, St. Clement's, Rochester, between 1392 and 1394. 

Thomas Curteyse, LuUingstone, 1439-40 ; Lullingstane, 1436-40 ; 
united the two livings. 

William Curteys, Sutton, 1392-5 ; Medylton Brian, Lincoln, 1395. 

Caesar Curtis, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1736-59 ; Hartlip, 1747- 
50 ; Stockbury, 1750-9 ; Buried in the Cathedral, May 25, 1759. 

Harold Augustus Curtis, Cudham, 1898. 

David Curzon or Curson, Bromley, 1556 ; leaves a vestment to 
Bromley Church, obijt 1556. 

Thomas Curwen, Chantry Priest of Pembury, 1528-34 ; renounced 
Papal Authority. 

Benedict Curwyne, Chantry Priest of Freckenham, 1514. 

Richard Cust, Dean of Rochester, 1779-81 ; Dean of Lincoln, 1781. 

John Custodele, Hever, 1377 ; Vicar of Wodmersthon, to 1377. 

Thomas Cutfield, Stone, 1498-9. 

Benjamin Cutler, Wateringbury, 1692-95 ; Buried here May 26, 

Richard Cutler, Kemsing, 1458-60 ; again 1464-77. 

Robert de Cuxton, Addington, 1349-50. 

John Dacie, Ryarsh, 1702-30. 

Laurence Dacworth, St. Werburgh, 1477-88 ; to be Buried in the 

Chancel, by his will, 1488. ■ 
Roger Dacheworthe, Ryarsh, 1344 ; St. Clement's, Rochester, 

Richard Daddy, Erith, 1475-1506 ; Henham, Essex, 1514 ; obijt 

Thomas Dade, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1651-6 ; a Puritan 

Charles John Hughes D'Aeth, Sevenoaks Weald, Mar. to Oct., 

1860; Wickhambreux, 1862-73 ; Cardynham, Cornwall, 1873. 
John de Dagenham, Chaplain of the Chantry of West Mailing, 1337. 
Thomas Dalbrayn, Marestone, between 1402 and 1422. 
John Dalby, Cudham, 1418-9 ; Chaplain of St. Michael's Chantry 

in St. Martin's, Dover, 1419 ; Acton, 1439 ; obijt 1443. 
Thomas Dalby, Chalk, 1437-45 ; Tattington, 1445-9 ; Ruxley, 

1426-32; Wilmington, 1447-56; Snodland, 1453-64; St. Elmham, 

1432 , and perhaps also Vicar of Hartley, 1463 ; Buried at 

Snodland ; Ex Mon° Su°, " Hie jacet Thomas Dalby, quondam 


rector istius ecclesie qui obijt vj" die Octobr anno domini 

mcccclxxij cujus anime propitietur deus. Amen." 
Thomas Weeks Dalby, West Farleigh, 1794-1816 ; Vicar of 

Chippenham, Wilts. 
William Dalby, LuUingstane, between 1353 and 1362 ; West 

Peckham, 1361-2. 
Christopher Dale, Westerham, 1605-26 ; St. Margaret's, Rochester, 

1622-5; St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1625-38; High Halstow, 1625-38; 

Prebend, of Rochester, 1622-39 ; Kingsdown, with Mapiscombe, 

1638-9 ; offered Horton Kirby, but refused it in 1634. 
Frederick Spencer Dale, Vicar of St. Luke's, Birmingham, 1860- 

74 ; Dartford, 1875-87 ; Chaplain of Dartford Union, 1875-87 ; 

Vicar of Lydd, 1887. 
Thomas Dale, Kemsing, 1558-61 ; Great Holland, Essex, 1539-41. 
Thomas Dale, Dean of Rochester, April — July, 1870. 
Roger William Hammond Dalison, Stone, 1906 ; Swyre, Dorset, 

1889-94 ; Pydeltrentpie, 1894-8 ; Powerscourt with West Milton, 

Thomas Dalison, Plaxtol, 1768-91. 
Thomas James Dallin, Christchurch, Shooter's Hill, 1834-65 ; Ex 

Mon° Su°. 
John Philip Dalton, St. Paul's, Forest Hill, 1900 ; Withington 

with Walcot, Salop, 1889-94 ; Aberbury, Shrewsbury, 1894-1900. 
John de Dalton, Mixbury, 1364. 

William Dalton, Lamberhurst, 1487 ; perhaps the same as the next : 
William Dalton, Farningham, 1493-8. 
William Dame or Dane, dictus apud. Stoke, Maplescomb, 1322-3 ; 

Archdeacon of Rochester, 1324. 
Thomas Dampier, Dean of Rochester, 1782-1802 ; Bishop of 

Rochester, 1802-8 ; Ely, 1808-12. 
Laurence Dan, Prior of Rochester Abbey, 1532-9. 
William Danbourn, Stampet Chantry Priest, 1359-67. 
Edward Dangs, Paddlesworth, 1571-81. 
Thomas Danet, Denton, 1487 ; Treasurer of St. Paul's Cathedral, 

Elizabeth Daniel, Abbess of Mailing, 1523-4 ; obijt 1524. 
John Danit, Leigh, 1436-44. 

Thomas Dannett, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1461-4. 
John Danyat, Foot's Cray, to 1392 ; Vicar of Trenth, 1392. 
William Danyell, Beckenham, 1447-58 ; instituted as Malham, 

which is explained by his monument ; Hie jacet Willelmus 

Denyell alias dictus Willelmus Malham quondam rector istius 

ecclesie qui obijt xxiii° die mensis Junij anno domini millesimo 

CCCCLVIII. (The Brass is now gone) . 
Henry Danyngton, Chatham, 1349-61 ; Canon of Ledes. 
William Dapar Chevening, 1378 ; Rector of Great Mongeham, 

Adisham, Mar., 1378-9 ; Vicar of Penshurst, Mar. 9-10, 1378-9 ; 

Westmill, Herts, 1379 ; Rector of Woodchurch, 1382 ; St. Mary 

Moisy, Friday Street, 1386 ; Croydon, till 1402. 


Edward Darby, Allington, 1677-1711. 

John Darby, Norton, 1765-7; Southfleet, 1767-78; Six Preacher in 

Canterbury Cathedral. 
John Darby, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1424-44, 
Richard Darell, Lamberhurst, 1547-9. 
William Darell, Cooling, 1565-79. 
Samuel Darknell, Hayes, 1585-1613; deprived 1613, but John 

Bonde was placed here by the Archbishop, 1608. 
Walter Darkenold, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1535-59. 
William DarkenoU, Penshurst, 1563-96 ; Ex Mon° Su°, 

" Here lyeth William DarkenoU, parson of this place, 
Ending his ministerie this yeere of grace, 1596. 
His father and mother, and wyves two, by name 
John Jone and two Margarets, all lyved in good fame, 
Their severall ages, who lyketh to knowe, 
Over each of their names the figures do showe ; 
The sonnes and daughters now spronge of this man 
Are five score and od, in every place. 
Deceasd July the 12th, anno supradicto. 
As Christ is lyfe to me, 
So death my gaine shall be, Phil. I. 21. 
Blessed are they trulye 
That in the Lordde lye." 
William Darlyngton, Chantry Priest and Rector of Sevenoaks, 

Henry Arthur Darnell, Chaplain of the Forces, Woolwich, 1893-5 ; 
Aldershot, Preston, Bermuda, Manchester, Gibraltar; Rector of 
Leigh, Delamere, 1904. 
Paul Darrand, Rotherfield, 1658-9. 

Edward Darrell, Ibstock, 1755-85 ; Clyffe, 1751-5 ; obijt 1785. 
Charles Stuart Parker Darrock, St. Thomas', Southborough, 
Tonbridge, 1899 ; Hayling Island, 1880-1 ; Medstead, 1881-99. 
John Dasch, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1438-9. 
John Dasson, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1460-1. 
Edmund Daubeney, Kingsdown, Feb., 1405-6. 
Samuel Whitfield Daukes, Holy Trinity, Penge Lane, Beckenham, 
1877-95 ; Ex. Mon° Su", " To the dear Memory of Samuel 
Whitfield Daukes, first Vicar of this Church, who entered into 
rest the twenty fourth of June, 1895, whilst at active work in the 
service of his Saviour. He rests from his labours and his works 
follow him. Thy Suns shall no more go down ; Isaiah LX. 20. 
Erected by his widow, in loving remembrance of her husband." 
A tablet in the Church also records his work. "The wall around 
this Church was built by friends and parishioners of the late 
Revd. S. Whitfield Daukes, M.A., first Vicar of this Parish, as a 
memorial of his faithful work among them for sixteen years, and 
also of their personal esteem. This monument was chosen on 
account of his express wish that the Church should be completed. 
William J. Lavington, Robert Heronden," 


William Daunton, Stourmouth, September, 1599-1606. 

Walter Dautre, St, Lawrence, Hailing, 1369 ; perhaps Rector of 
Sevenoaks, 1357 ; Prebendary of South Mailing, Chichester. 

John Dautry, Rector of Eynesford, 1369-88 ; Vicar of Hames, 
Dio. Chichester, to 1369. 

Robert Davenport, Mapiscombe, 1506-18. 

David, Bockingfold, between 1359 and 1364 ; Canon of 

Londewybrig, Menev dio. 

David, Prior of Tonbridge, 1273-8. 

Hugo ap David, Lee, May, 1391, to July, 1402 ; Rector of Tinterne, 

John Palliser David, St. John's, Sevenoaks, 1899. 

Robert Davidson, Downe, 1693-6; Hayes, 1698-1714 ; Buried here; 
E. Bur. Reg., 1714, "The Revd. Mr. Robert Davidson, late 
Rector of Hayes, was buried May ye 24, and lies on the North 
side of the Communion Table within the Rails." 

Chamberlayne Davies, Ashurst, 1787-1802. 

David Davies, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1811-3. 

George Davies, Grayne, 1813-60. 

Henry Jones Davies, Chaplain of the Forces, Woolwich, 1903-5 ; 
Blomfontein, 1905. 

John Davies West Farleigh, 1726-76 ; Mereworth, 1748-76 ; Ex. 
Mon" Su° in West Farleigh, "H.S.E. Johannes Davies, Mere- 
worthiae. Rector hugusce necnon parochiae per annos 50 suos ut 
familias ejus amavit beneficentia sustiniut ; obijt 1776, aetatis 82 
vidua ejus, maestissima ejus hoc marmor posuit." 

John Davies, Woolwich, 1497-9. 

Peter Davies, Addington, 1660-73 ; Buried in the Chancel, Oct. 22, 

Richard Davies, Bidborough, 1716-30 ; obijt 1730. 

Richard Davies, Brenchley, 1845-54 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Sacred to 
the memory of Richard Davies, Vicar of this Parish and late 
Secretary of the Church Missionary Society, who departed this 
life February 6, 1854, aged 41. To me, to live is Christ and to 
die is gain ; Phil. cl. v. 21. My God shall supply all your need 
according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus ; Phil. cV. 19." 

Richard Davies, Erith, 1802-49 ; Ex. Hon" Su°, " The Revd. 
Richard Davies, 47 Years Vicar of this Parish, departed this life 
25 August, 1849, in the 81st year of his age." 

Robert Venn Faithful Davies, Lewisham, Southend, 1901. 

Septimus Russell Davies, St. Stephen's, Lewisham, 1865. 

Thomas Davies, Chaplain of Morden Chapel, 1702-5. 

Thomas Read Davies, St. Luke's, Chiddingstone, 1906 ; Sand 
Hutton, Yorks, 1898-9. 

Henry Montague Davis, Vicar of Eynesford, 1791-1807 ; Preb. of 
Rochester ; Vicar of Ashford ; obijt 1807. 

John Davis, Darenth, 1661-9 ; obijt 1669. 

John Davis, Vicar of East Peckham, 1763-5 ; Prebend, of 


■William Davis, Shipborne, 1717-47; Tonbridge, 1712-47; Ex. 

Mon° Su°, " Under this Stone lieth the body of the Reverend 

William Davies, Vicar of this Parish, 35 years, who died the 

29th of January, 1747, aged 67 years." 
Alexander Davison, Lewisham, 1672-89 ; Ford, 1676 ; Buried at 

Norham, 1682. 
Robert Davy, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1432. 
Walter Davy, Woolwich, 1405-6. 
John Davys, Stone, 1499-1521 ; obijt 1521. 
Nicholas Dawe, Hadlow, 1338. 
William Dawe, Prior of Rochester, 1324. 
Simon Dawes, West Mailing, 1413-22 ; Rector of St. Mary 

Magdalene, Canterbury. 
Thomas Dawes, Hailing, 1766-8. 
John Dawlyn, LuUingstone, 1560-70. 
George Dawnes, Chislehurst, 1518-20 ; obijt 1520. 
Francis Dawson, Chislehurst, 1816-46 ; Hayes, 1827-31 ; Rector of 

Orpington, 1827-31 ; last sinecure Rector of Orpington. 
James Edward Le Strange Dawson, Chislehurst, 1902 ; Vicar of St. 

Saviour's, Roath, Llandaff, 1893-1902. 
George Francis Dawson, Vicar of Orpington, 1847-51 ; Ex Mon" 

Su°, " Sacred to the memory of the Rev, George Francis Dawson, 

late Vicar of this parish, who died suddenly October 11th, 1850, 

aged 56 years." 
Samuel Dawson, Ightham, 1763-9. 
Thomas Dawson, East Peckham, 1846-53 ; obijt 1853. 
Edward Rouverie Day, Chaplain of the Forces, Woolwich, 1898-9 ; 

Curragh, Capetown, Dover. 
George Day, Longfield, 1522-9. 
John Day, AUington, 1544-71. 
Thomas Day, Bockingfold, 1541. 
James Daye, Meopham, 1576. 
Lawrence Daykin, Chalk, 1581-1603. 

Thomas de Daywicke, Chantry Priest of Freckenham, 1324-8. 
Thomas Deacon, Strood, 1832-46 ; obijt 1846. 
William Deacon, Nettlestead, 1645-61 ; evicted under the 

Bartholomew Act. 
Richard Dean, Vicar of Orpington, 1583. 
Francis Henry Deane, Halstead, 1903 ; Vicar of Potters Bar, 

Middlesex, 1890-1902. 
John Deane, LuUingstone, 1528-47. 
John Deane, Mapiscombe, 1420-7. 

John Deane, West Wickham, 1515-58 ; Buried in the Chancel, 1558. 
Richard Deane, Woolwich, 1569-86. 
William Deane, Ryarsh, 1661-76. 
Henry Woodhouse Dearden, St. Peter's, Southborough, 1887-93 ; 

St. Paul's, Maidstone, 1861-77 ; St. Luke's, Upper Holloway, 

William Dearden, Chaplain of Chatham Dockyard, 1882-5, 


Francis Dee, Sutton, 1621-2. 

John Frederick Cecil De Carteret, Christ Church, Greenwich, 1901 ; 
Vicar of St. Paul's, Southwark, 1897-1901. 

John Deedes, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1806-9. 

John Deeke, Chatham, 1596-9. 

John Dekyser, Chaplain of Sevenoaks Chantry, 1429-45. 

Thomas De la Doune, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1314-5. 

George Delahey, Kingsdown, 1450-7; Stoke, 1480-1. 

Abraham De la Mere St. Thomas', Charlton, 1846-77. 

Nicholas De la Mere, Hunton, 1324-5. 

Henry De la More, Henley, 1246. 

John De la More, Horsmonden, 1418-25. 

Thomas De la Poer, Westerham, till 1396. 

Philip Delen, Keston, 1447. 

Elizabeth, Isabel or Eliza Delham, or De Pelham, Abbess of 
Higham, 1340. 

William Denbly, West Barming and Nettlestead, 1521-3. 

Thomas Dene, Longfield, 1442. 

Roger Denford, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1394. 

Benjamin Denham, East Barming 1657-70 ; obijt 1670. 

John Denman, Kemsing, 1548-50 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1554-5 ; 
Ex. Test" Su°, " My boddye to be buried in the church of Selye, 
and there to be bestowed among prestes and poore people xx' at 
the day of my buriall and x' to bye some necessarie ornamente 
to the maintenance of God's service." 

John Denne, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1728-67 ; Fellow and 
Tutor of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge ; Vicar of St. 
Leonard's, Shoreditch, 1723-67; Norton Davy, Northants, 1721-5; 
St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1729-31 ; Lambeth, 1731-67; Copford, 
1754; Boyle Lecturer, 1725-8; Prolocutor of Convocation; 
Buried in the Cathedral, Aug. 11, 1767 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " Here 
are Interr'd the remains of the Revd. John Denne, Archdeacon 
and Prebendary of Rochester, and Rector of Lambeth, who 
died August 5th, 1767, aged 74 years." 

John Denne, Dartford, 1634-44 ; deprived by Parliament and the 
Living sequestered ; he was buried here, 1545, but there is no 
entry in the Parish Register ; He was described as " an alehouse 
and tavern haunter." 

Samuel Denne, Darenth, 1757-99 ; Lamberhurst, 1754-67 ; Wil- 
mington, 1767-99 ; Buried in the Cathedral, Mar. 31, 1800 ; Ex. 
Mon° Su°, "The Reverend Samuel Denne, Vicar of Wilmington 
and Darenth, in Kent; their younger son was born January 24th, 
1731, and deceased August 3rd, 1799." 

William Denne de Trupeton, Halstead, 1285. 

Anthony Dennis, Woldham, 1728-75 ; Buried here June 22, 1775. 

John Dennison, Charlton, July 16, to Dec. 8, 1636 ; perhaps never 

Clement Denslowe, Westerham, 1427-39. 

Alfred Denton, Ryarsh, 1329-44; obijt 1344, 


Henry Denton, Ridley, 1544-62. 

John Denton, Speldhurst, 1553 ; ejected 1558 ; restored 1587-1609 ; 

obijt 1609. 
Clement Denton, West Wickham, 1425-7. 
John de Denyngton, Trotterscliffe, 1332-7 ; Snodland, March, 

1337-8 to 1341; obijt 1341. 
Robert de Dennyngton, Tonbridge, 1354-67. 
Robert Denys, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1437-8. 
Thomas Denys, Ash, 1465-6; " To be buried beneath the Chancel 

at the head of my predecessor or Richard Galom alias Fayreford." 
ThomEis Dennis, JHalstead, between 1487 and 1507 ; possibly the 

same as — 
Thomas Denys, Hunton, 1509-24 ; obijt 1524. 
John Depedene, St. Werburgh, 1345-61 ; appointed apostolica 

Thomas Depoy, 1656-60 ; an interloping Puritan at Crayford. 
John Derby, Chaplain of St. Edmund's Chapel, Dartford, 1432-44. 
John Derby, otherwise spelt Darby, Longfield, 1774-5 ; Norton, 

1765-7; Southfleet, 1767-78 ; Six Preacher at Canterbury ; Buried 

at Bromley. 
Matthew Derby, Chalk, 1650-61 ; put in by Parliament ; obijt 1661. 
Richard Derby, Ruxley, 1432. 
Robert Derby, Longfield, 1431. 
Robert de Dereham, Hailing, 1329-30. 
Walter de Dereham, Kitebroc, 1329-32. 
Richard de Derente, Rochester Prior, 1225-38. 
Edward Dering, Tudely-cum-Capel, 1702-15 ; Buried Dec. 30, 1715. 

On his monument, now gone, was this inscription, " M. S. 

Edwardi Dering, M.A., filii, Henrici Daring, ecclesiae 

Thornamensis vie in com Cant in hac ecclesia per annos vicarii 

officio functo. Vir fuit eruditione et moribus clerico undequa 

cunque dignissimiss qui coelebs ; obijt 26° die Decembris." 

Maesta E 39 Maria 






Soror D 1715 Dering posuit. 

Also Vicar of Thurnham. 
Thomas Derisley, Cobham, 1762-6. 
William Derlyngton, 1509-25 ; obijt 1525 ; leaves xP to making a 

tabernacle over the sacrament in Greenwich Church. 
William Derlyngton, Mereworth, 1508-15. 
Roger de Dertford, Abbot of Lesness 1328-31. 
James de Derteforde, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1338-41. 
Roger de Derteforde, Rector of Orpington, 1288 to 1293 at least. 
Thomas de Derteforde, Crayford, 1323 and 1326 ; Vicar of Hendon 

to 1323. 
William de Derute, Brother of the Chantry of Gravesend ; admitted 

to the charge and cure of souls in Milton, 1333-41. 
Augustus William Frederic Theodore De Spalier, St. Mary, 

Swanley Junction, 1902. 


Alfred de Despinasse, or Gaspinasse, Bidborough, 1219. 

Henry Dethicke, Orpington, 1556-70. 

Andrew Devenyshe, Ifield, 1505-14. 

William Devenyshe, Westerham, 1540-54 ; deprived 1554. 

Christopher Dewe, Farningham, between 1553 and 1558. 

Samuel Dewe, Chart Sutton, 1833-6; All Hallows', Jan. -June 1836; 

Kingsdown, with Mapiscombe, 1836-85 ; Minor Canon, 1832-60. 
John Dewsbury, Hever, 1430-41 ; Mynstanton, Lincoln, to 1430. 
Robert Dewhurst, Hadlow, 1661-6 ; Buried June 6th, 1666. 
William Dewnett, Tonbridge, 1530-2. 
Lawrence Dewste, alias Dyos, Brastead, 1592-1618; Chiddingstone, 

1585-1618; E. Bur. Reg., " Lawrence Dyos, Rector of Brasted, 

dyed on the 24th day of December, at night, and was buryed the 

27th of December." 
Thomas Dickenson, Gillingham, 1591-1616; E. Bur. Reg., "Anno 

dn' 1616, Mr. Thomas Dickenson, Vicar of this parrish of 

Gillingham, was buried the eight and twentythe day of Septem- 
ber, Anno Dn" 1616, xxiiij years and upwards after his induction 

into this vicarage." 
George Dickyns, 1572 ; in Archbishop Grundal's Register at this 

date we find " George Dickyns was never presented or instituted" ; 

we find no other reference to this man. 
Henry Baron Dickinson, St. Stephen's, Lewisham, 1904 ; St. 

Peter's, Streatham, 1890-1904. 
Richard Dickson, Leigh, 1758-86 ; obijt 1786. 
Daniel Digge, Stone, 1284. 
Edmund de Digge, Chislehurst, 1336-7 ; Woolwich, 1335-6 ; 

Snodland, June, 1337, to Mar. 1337-8 ; Higham, 1347-9 ; Stone, 

1361 ; also called de Dygge. 
Robert Digge, Cuxton, 1327-33 ; Woodchurch, 1333-61. 
John Diggs, Fawkham, May-Aug. 1349. 
William Dighton, Ash, 1345-61 ; Barking, 1362 ; Prebendary of 

Tottenhall in St. Paul's, Chaplain to the King, 1361 ; Prebendary 

of Ringmere, in St. Paul's ; Rector of Shangdon, obijt 1391. 
Thomas de Dilneye, Ridley, between 1333 and 1337. 
Thomas Dilworth, Chislehurst, 1567-71 ; Westerham-cum-Capella, 

Eatonbridge, 1561-76 ; Milton, 1564-75. 
Henry Dimock, Halstead, 1797-1801. 
Nathaniel Dimock, Newhythe, 1854-72 ; Wymynswold, 1872-6 ; 

St. Paul's, Maidstone, 1876-87. 
John Dinham, Downe, 1689-93. 
Frederick James Gillour Harcout Disbrowe, St. Luke's, Matfield 

Green, 1906. 
John Disse, AUington, 1431-51. 

Thomas Dits, Keston, 1354-98 ; Twynall, Lincoln, 1354. 
Bartholomew de Ditton, Ditton, 1326. 
John de Ditton, Kemsing, 1316-7. 
John de Ditton, Kingsdown, between, 1342 and 1357 ; Trilworth, 



John de Ditton, Ruxley, between 1352 and 1358. 

John Dittes, Swanscombe, between 1426 and 1432. 

John Gilbert Dixon, Crocken Hill, 1898 ; P. C. of St. Mary's, 

Spital Square, London, 1856-98 ; Heigham, Norwich, 1868-75 ; 

St. George's, Birmingham, 1875-89 ; St. Andrew the Less, 

Cambridge, 1889-98 ; Select Preacher at Cambridge, 1890-5. 
Henry Dixon, St. Werburgh, Hoo, 1548-57. 
Robert Dixon, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1660-88 ; Prebend, of 

Rochester, 1660-88 ; Rector of Tonstall, 1647 ; ejected by the 

Parliament; obijt May, 1688. 
Thomas Dixon, Offham, 1534-45. 
William Dixon, Cowden, 1598-1601. 
Robert Dobbys, Rector of Orpington, 1455-76. 
John Dobie, Higham, 1592-1600 ; obijt 1600. 
William Dobson, Cooling, 1510-3. 
Gregg Dodd, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1539-49 ; so in Norwich 

Registers, but called in Lambeth Registers George Doddes. 
George William Dodd, Chaplain of Tonbridge Union, 1871-83. 
Philip Stanhope Dodd, Penshurst, 1819-52 ; buried there Mar. 27, 

Thomas Doding, Ridley, 1518-22. 

William Dogett de Selby, or Agell de Selby, Mixbury, 1396-1408. 
Robert Dogket, Lamberhurst, Apr. to Oct. 1510. 
Edward John Doherty, St. John the Baptist, Plumstead, 1885-1907; 

Diss, Norfolk, 1907. 
Alfred Doker, Chislehurst, 1509-13. 
Robert Dokett, Chevening, 1493-1522 ; Prebend, of Mailing, 1522 ; 

obijt 1522. 
John Dolman, Chalk, 1771-4 ; Grayne, 1771-4 ; obijt 1774. 
Thomas Dome, Longfield, between 1397 and 1422 ; Rector of 

Badesly, 1442. 
William Don, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1541-44. 
Thomas Donald, Darenth, 1475-1507. 
Robert de Donam, AUington, 1272-9. 
Walter de Donewich, Crayford, May to Nov., 1390. 
Walter Lyster de Donewich, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1349-52. 
Adam de Donne, Kitebroc, 1343-4 ; Sprowston, Norwich. 
John Donne, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1616-32. 
Stephen Donne, Sundridge, 1415-19 ; St. Christopher, London, to 


Dormitius, or Dormley, or Okenley, Lamberhurst, 1447. 

William Dormer, St. Werburgh, Hoo, 1717-29 ; Head Master of 

King's School, 1718-29 ; Minor Canon, 1716-19 ; Ex. Mon" Su°. 

" Guilielmus Dormer, A.M., de Hoo Vicarius ; obijt June 24, 

1729 ; Aetat 48 ; Buried in the Cathedral, June 28, 1729." 
John Dotham, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1448. 
Walter Doublet, High Halstow, 1349. 

Thomas Doucra, Master of Knights Hospitallers, 1526-40. 
Ezekiel Paul de la Douespe, East Farleigh, 1752-94 ; Buried here 


Dec. 31, 1794. Ex Mon° Su°, "Beneath are deposited the 

remains of the Rev. Ezekiel Paul de la Douespe, Vicar of this 

parish, who during a residence of forty two years discharged the 

duties of his station faithfully and consciencously. Born Sept. 

29th, 1727, died Dec. 24th, 1794." 
Hamilton Anne Douglas-Hamilton, St. Paul's, Charlton, 1898-1902 ; 

East Witton, Yorks., 1878-82; Winslow, Bucks., 1882-9; Chap- 
lain of Winslow Union, 1886-9 ; Latimer, with Fleunden, 1889- 

91 ; Holy Trinity, Halifax, 1891-8 ; Chaplain of Arcadia, 

Pretoria, South Africa, 1905. 
Thomas de la Doune, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1314-15. 
John de Dountone, Farnborough, 1385. 
William Dourey, Lamberhurst, 1554-6. 
William Douthwaite, All Hallows', Hoo, 1796-1828. 
William Berkely Dowding, Chaplain of the Forces at Woolwich, 

1888-90 ; Cork, Dublin, Aldershot, Bermuda, York, Woking, the 

Cape, Gibraltar. 
William Dowden, King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge Wells ; 

denominated Preacher here, 1744-68. 
Thomas Dowen, Woldham, between 1447 and 1453. 
James Watkins Downe, St. John the Evangelist, Woolwich, 1848-57. 
Robert Dowen, Chaplain of the Chantry of Horton Kirby, 1517-22. 
Thomas Downe, Rector of East Peckham, 1472-92. 
Alfred Downes, Bearstead, 1580-92. 
Elkanah Downes, Chatham, Sept. 20, 1661 ; was nominated to the 

Cure ; made Rector of St. John's, Eastcheap, London, same 

year ; subscribed the declaration. 
Jeffrey Downes, Gillingham, 1572-91 ; Buried here with his wife 

on the same day, Nov. 16, 1591. 
Henry Downton, St. John's, Chatham, 1853-8. 
George Doyley, Sundridge, 1820. 
Samuel Doyley, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1710-48; Buried in the 

Cathedral, May 9, 1748. 
William Henry Drage, Hailing, 1824-32 ; Wilmington, 1832-3 ; 

St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1833-69 ; Minor Canon, 1831-69 ; 

Died at Rochester, Feb. 10, 1869. 
Francis Drake, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1809-12. 
Francis Drake, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1812-16. 
George Tyrwhitt Drake, Deptford, 1826-36 ; Upper Portion of 

Malpas, 1836. 
Humfrey Drake, Gillingham, 1691-8. 
John Drake, Chantry Priest Rochester Cathedral, 1523. 
John Drake, Isleham, 1707-10. 
John Drake, Deptford, 1792-1826 ; Amersham, Bucks, at the same 

time ; St. Paul's, Deptford, 1806-7. 
John Drake, Deptford, 1836-7. 
Richard Drake, Stourmouth, 1839-83 ; Ex Mon° Su°, " Richard 

Drake, A.M., 44 years Rector ; died April 7, 1883 ; '/ not buried 



Simon Drake, Allington, 1451-6, Stipendiary in Maidstone College. 

Roger Dranck, Hadlow, 1324-38. 

John Draper, Sundridge, 1410-14. 

Robert Draper, Cowden, 1456-61 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1457. 

Robert Draper, Grayne, 1576-96 ; obijt 1596. 

Thomas Draper, Hever, Nov. 1361-7. 

Thomas Draper, Speldhurst, 1653-60 ; thrust in by Parliament ; 

approved of by a letter from Cromwell, 1653 ; ejected under the 

Bartholomew Act. 
Thomas Draper de Stotford, Lamberhurst, 1352-6. 
Thomas Draper or Drapier, Addington to 1358 ; West Greenwich, 

i.e., Deptford, 1358-60 ; Lamberhurst, 1360-1 ; Hever, 1361-7 ; 

Tonbridge, 1367-83. 
John Draycote, Hanningfield-in-the-flat, Essex, 1400; Vicar of 

Orpington, 1371-8 ; All Hallows', Boo, 1361-71. 
William de Draycote, Stourmouth, 1354-65. 
Edward Drayner, Senr., West Peckham, 1608-24; Buried here 

Nov. 17, 1624. 
Edward Drayner, Junr., Addington, 1611-35 ; West Peckham, 

1624-35 ; Buried at West Peckham, Jan. 15, 1635. 
William Drayton, Lee, 1349-53. 
Thomas Drebbe, West Peckham, 1440-1. 
James Drewe, Meopham, 1569-76. 

John Drewe, Chaplain of Stampet Chantry, Dartford, 1400-3. 
Josias Henry Drewe, St. Mary's, Strood, 1869. 
Arthur Drummond, Charlton, 1826-62; obijt 1862. 
James Drummond, Downe, 1828-41 ; Hon. Canon of Peterborough, 

Rector of Thorpe, Apchurch ; Gaulby. 
Thomas Drury, Chiddingstone, 1418-29 ; Penshurst, 1419-29. 
William Drury, Leybourne ; inducted E. Par. Register, Dec. 5, 

1602, 1602-40 ; Rector of Merstham, Surrey, 1624-40 ; obijt 1640. 
William Drury, Chaplain of the Forces at Woolwich, 1906-7. 
Richard Drylande, Rector of Orpington (so named) ; obijt 1543 ; 

but in Pole's Register we are told that Maurice Clenshe was 

instituted 1557, on the death of Warham, who was appointed in 

1511 ; Orpington, 1541-8. 
William Drylande, Hayes, 1549-60. 
Wynard de Drylande, Snodland, 1295 ; poisoned a Justice of King 

Edward I., who had been dismissed from^the Bench for bribery. 
John Dryver, Luddesdown, 1450-63 ; Wills to be Buried in the 

Chancel, and leaves to the reparation of the Chapell of Saynte 

Kateryn w'yn the seyde Church j qr. of barley, 1462. 
James Maitland Dudgeon, Holy Trinity, Bridge, 1898. 
William Hare Duke, Longfield, 1886-94 ; A tablet tells us that it 

was erected by his widow, children, and neighbours. There is a 

monument at Kensal Green to Mr. Duke : " William Hare Duke, 

M.A., Rector of this parish, formerly Chaplain of H.M.C.P., 

Chatham ; entered into rest Jan. 15, 1894 ; aged 76 ; Rev. xv. 3." 
Duke, Shoreham ; ejected under the Bartholomew Act. 


William Dun, Shipbourne ; Buried here as Minister, 1560, 

William Dunblane, Luddesdown, 1650-60 ; put in by Parliament. 

John Dunce, Paddlesworth, Feb. 1398-9—1401. 

John Dunit, Leigh, 1436-44, 

Nicholas Dunlagh, Yalding, 1474-93 ; St. James', Dover, to 1474. 

William de Dunmore, Bidborough, 1319-34 ; obijt 1334. 

William Alexander Dunn, 1900 ; St. Bartholomew with St. 

Matthew, Sydenham. 
Nicholas de Dunsley, Halstead, 1314. 
William Dunstable, Dartford, 1400-4 ; obijt : Wills to be buried 

before the high altar. 
Samuel Dunster, Hartley, 1710-21 ; St, George's, Gravesend, 1721-2. 
John Durant, Vicar of East Peckham, 1462-78. 
William Durant, Hayes, 1367-70. 
Richard Duraunt, Kemsing-cum-Sele, between 1327 and 1338 ; 

Merstham, Surrey, 1338. 
John Durnassal, Lamberhurst, 1325-31. 
William Durnever, or Dynevor, Lamberhurst, 1336-7. 
William Durrant, Rotherfield, 1375-81. 

Charles Durtnell, Lamberhurst, 1670-1 ; Buried Dec. 4, 1671. 
William Dychebre, Chantry Priest of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in 

Bexley Church, 1545-7. 
James Dyer, Bromley, 1604-7. 
James Dyer, Gillingham, 1616-28 ; obijt 1628 ; St. Nicholas', 

Rochester, 1514-18 and 1624-28. 
Simon Dyer, St. George's, Gravesend, 1650. 
Wilham Dyer, Hailing, 1791-1818. 
Edwin Francis Dyke, Vicar of Orpington, 1876-83 ; All Saints', 

Maidstone, 1883-96 ; Rural Dean of Sutton, 1888-96 ; Mersham, 

near Ashford, Kent, 1896; Hon. Canon of Chanterbury, 1892. 
Richard Dyke, Rector of Wrotham, 1404. 
Thomas Hart Dyke, LuUingstone, 1828-66. 
John Dykes, Longfield, 1435 ; Kensyngton, London, 1435 ; Lymne, 

Thomas Dyne, Addington, 1451-3. 
Peter Dyngley, Grayne, 1453-5. 

Nicholas de Dynnesley, Sevenoaks Chantry Chaplain, 1309-14. 
Thomas Dytchfield, Luddesdown, 1595-1621 ; Buried here 1621. 

John Eade, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1772-1811 ; Rector of 

Cotton ; Buried here April 13, 1811. 
Thomas Eadman, Longfield, 1343-9 ; Cuxton, 1349. 
Ernest Augustus Eardley-Wilmot, St. James', Tunbridge Wells, 

1882-86 ; Chaplain of Tonbridge Union, 1883-86 ; Sherbourne, 

Gloucester, 1874-82 ; Walcott, 1886-92 ; St. Jude's, South 

Kensington, 1892 ; Prebendary of Wilmot. 
Henry Edwyn Eardley, St. John's, Tunbridge Wells, 1891. 
Robert Earle, Chaplain of MalUng Union, 1838; Rector of Minster 

Lovell, Oxon., 1818. 


John Eastgate, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1401. 

John Eastropp, Cobham, 1565-87. 

William de Eastwell, Chislehurst. 1337-9 ; obijt 1339. 

John de Eastwud, Snodland, 1274-95. 

John Eaton, St. Paul's, Deptford, 1786-1807 ; Died at Amersham, 
Bucks., 1807. 

Richard Ecclesey, Rector of East Peckham, 1412-26 ; Ex. Mon° 
Su°, now gone : " Hie jacet dominus Richard Etclesley quondam 
rector istius ecclesie qui obijt xx° die mensis Maij anno domini 
Mccccxxvi. cujus anime propitietur Deus Amen"; Rector of 
East Lovent, to 1412 ; Ex. Test" Su", " Sepeliendus in cancello : 
item predicte ecclesie calicem deauratum ; obijt 1426." 

John de Eccleshall, Rector of Wrotham, 1337-46. 

Thomas de Ecton, Hartley, 1343-6. 

Frederick Nugent Eden, Belvedere, 1891-1904; St. James', West 
Hartlepool! 1885-6 ; Rusthall, 1904. 

Edentre, Isleham, 1372. 

Edgell Wyatt Edgell, North Cray, 1834-50. 

Michael Seymour Edgell, Swanley, 1860-92 ; a Monument is 
inscribed, "To the glory of God and in memory of the late 
Michael Seymour Edgell, first Vicar of this Parish, 1860-92 ; 
who died March 24th, 1902, in the 81st year of his age ; and 
Jane, his wife, daughter of John Eastwood, who died August the 
7th, 1899, in her 77th year. This Church is their best memorial 
in the Church " ; on the Flagon is inscribed, " The Service, of 
which this is a part, is the gift of Anna Mitchell, of Camberwell, 
to Michael Seymour Edgell for the use of his Church, a.d. 1861." 

John Cox Edghill, Senior Chaplain to the Forces at Chatham, 
1853-6 ; Junior Chaplain, 1863 ; Chaplain to the Queen, 1888 ; 
Chaplain of the Tower, 1891. 

William Henry Edmeades, Ifield, 1838-60; Nurstead, 1828-86; 
Buried here June 18, 1886 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " This Stone marks 
the spot upon which the Revd. W. H. Edmeades, Rector of this 
Parish for 58 years suddenly expired on his way to perform 
divine service, Whitsunday, June 13th, 1886." 

Thomas Edmer, Longsole, 1343-56. 

John Edmonds, Southfieet, 1501-31. 

John Edmondes, Woolwich, 1499-1502. 

Richard Edmondes, Woolwich, 1502-5. 

Richard Edmondson, Fawkham, 1527-42 ; renounced Papal 

Edmund, Offham, 1267. 

Thomas Edmund, Vicar of Orpington, 1465. 

Robert Edmundson, Woolwich, 1553-60. 

Stephen Edrick, Chalk, 1368-70. 

Allen Thomas Edwards, St. Paul's, Chatham, 1858-63 ; St. 
Matthias', Bethnal Green, 1849-54 ; St. Philip's, Lambeth, 
1863-86 ; obijt 1904. 


John Edwards, Hailing, 1676-8 ; Head Master of King's School, 
Rochester, 1663-78; Hartlip, 1664-76. 

Maurice Edwards, Snodland, 1608. 

Richard Edwards, Chislehurst, 1659-69 ; Buried here Sept, 16, 1669. 

Thomas Edwards, Bidborough, 1447-9, 

Thomas Edwards, Mixbury, 1487-9 ; obijt 1489. 

"William Edwards, Brenchley, 1532-3 ; Laughton, Essex, 1525 ; 
Horsemonden, 1533-42. 

William Edwards, Marestone, 1595-1610 ; St. Mary's, Hoc, 1595- 
1610 ; Buried at St. Mary's, Hoc, Oct. 18, 1610. 

Henry Edyall, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1494 ; Pluckley, 1476-87. 

Robert Egerton, Shorne, 1449-52. 

William Egerton, Penshurst, 1714-37 ; Leigh, 1710-12 ; Cowden, 
1719-32; Rector of Settrington, Yorks, 1707; All Hallows', 
Lombard Street, 1714 ; Canon of Canterbury, 1724 ; Canon of 
Hereford, 1726 ; Buried here March 3rd, 1737 ; Ex. Mon° Su", 
"William Egerton, L.L.D. He was grandson to John, Earl of 
Bridgwater, but received less honour from his noble descent than 
from his own personal qualifications, for he had a strong memory 
and most excellent parts, both of which were greatly improved 
by a learned education, and as his birth gave him an opportunity 
of being brought up and living in the best company, so he made 
a suitable improvement from it, happily mixing the scholar with 
the politeness of the gentleman ; he had talents peculiarly fitted 
for conversation, for with a great vivacity he had a command 
and influence of words which he well knew how to express to 
such advantage as might make him either entertaining or 
instructive. Thus accomplished it was no wonder he was 
distinguished in his profession, being made Chaplain to two 
succeeding Kings, Rector of Penshurst and All Hallows', 
Lombard Street, Chancellor, and Prebendary of Hereford, and 
Prebendary of Canterbury. He left behind him two daughters 
and one son, by Anne, daughter of Sir Francis Head, Bart., who 
caused this marble to be laid down as a slender testimony of her 
gratitude and affection to the memory of the best of husbands ; 
he died February 26th, 1737, in the 55th year of his age." 

Richard Einole, Norton, 1553-6 ; obijt 1556. 

John Ekys, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1449-50 ; Norton, 1450-3. 

Thomas Elcock, West Peckham, July, 1503, to Feb. 1503-4, 

Thomas Elcock, Pembury, 1738-53 ; Buried here. 

Peter Elers, Addington, 1805-21 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Beneath this 
stone are laid the remains of the Revd. Peter Elers, Rector of 
this parish, who died on the 7th day of November, 1820, aged 

Elias Brenchley, 1365 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1355. 

Philip Ellen, North Cray, 1628-32. 

George Elliott, Speldhurst, 1558-87 ; Buried here, 1609. 

Gilbert Elliott, East Barming, 1832-4; afterwards Dean of Bristol. 

Edward Ellis, Higham, 1631-53. 


Henry Ellis, All Hallows, 1588-92 ; presented concione verbi Dei, 
Bures Gifford, Essex, 1571-85 ; Newenden, Essex, 1600-9. 

Henry Ellis, Chatham, 1596. 

John Ellis, Birling, 1567-70 ; Buried here April 7, 1570. 

John Ellis, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1551-4; Rector of Flykydokes, 
St. Asaph, 1553 ; Dean of Hereford, 1560-76 ; Prebend, of 
Worcester, 1570-76 ; Rochester, 1551-54 ; deprived of this and 
the Prebendal Stall in the Cathedral, 1554 ; restored to the 
latter, 1559 ; which he held till his death, in 1576. 

Robert Ellis, Ryarsh, 1568-70. 

Robert Ellis, Burham, 1647-75. 

Henry Christopher EUiss, Bidborough, 1880-1902 ; St. Saviour's, 
Nottingham, 1865-72 ; St. Peter's, Southborough, 1872-80 ; 
Buried here Aug. 14, 1902 : Ex. Mon" Su'^, " Also of Henry 
Christopher EUiss, son of the above Rector of Bidborough, 22 
years, died August 10th, 1902, aged 73 ; with Christ." 

Edward EUyott, Charlton, 1561-2. 

William EUyott, Mixbury, 1479-80. 

Thomas EUys, Shorne, 1528-36; on a Brass is inscribed, "Pray for 
the soule of Thomas Ellys, late Vicar of Shorne, which decessd 
the xviij day of March in the year of our Lord God mvclxix., 
on whose soule Jhu have mercy. Amen " ; on the Brass is a 
Chalice holding a Wafer with the letters I.H.C. 

John Elmdon or Elmendon, Abbot of Lessness, between 1405 and 

John de Elme, Beckenham, between 1368 and 1378 ; Brastead, 

Gregory de Elmeham, Aylesford, 1285 ; agreed to keep a Chaplain 
to say Mass in Cossington Cbapel. 

John Elmesall, Chaplain of St. Mary Stampett, Dartford, 1458. 

William Elmys, Ightham, 1421 ; Sudyngton, to 1421. 

Maurice Curteis Elphinstone, Vicar of Eynesford, 1906. 

John Eltenham, Shoreham, 1396-1400. 

Peter de Eltham, Royal Chaplain, 1345. 

John Elton, Speldhurst, 1727-8 ; Tonbridge, 1747 ; Tunbridge 
Wells ; King Charles the Martyr, 1723-44; Trotterscliffe, 1744-7; 
obijt 1747. 

Adam de Elvyngton, Henley, 1381-1404 ; named so in Lambeth 
Registers ; another authority gives Adam de Stoughton. 

Samuel Elwood, West Mailing, 1660-95. 

Richard Elwyn, East Farleigh, 1880-5 ; Ramsgate, 1872-80 ; Rural 
Dean of Westbere, 1880 ; Rural Dean of North Mailing, 1883-5 ; 
Master of the Charterhouse, 1885 ; Principal of Queen's College, 
London, 1886. 

Richard Frederick Elwyn, Head Master, King's School, Rochester, 

William Elwys, or Helywise, Lewisham, 1476-83. 

William Ely, Norton, 1556-61. 

Elyas, Abbot of Lessness, about 1300. 


Elyas, Darenth, 1292. 

John Elyott, Vicar of East Peckham, Feb., 1488-9—1492. 

William Elyott, Rector of Eynesford, 1480-2. 

John Elys, also called Gyles, Horton Kirby, 1436-44 ; St. Mary's, 
Gravesend, 1446-55. 

Thomas Elys, Grayne, between 1478 and 1488 ; may be the 
same as — 

Thomas Elys, Shorne, 1493-1515 ; left the Vicarage House to his 
successors for ever ; obijt 1515. 

William Elys, Rector of Freckenham, 1558-62 ; obijt 1562-3. 

Thomas Emere, West Farleigh, 1527-47 ; signed Papal Renuncia- 
tion ; will proved, 1547. 

John Emerson, Ryarsh, 1653-60 ; probably evicted under the 
Bartholomew Act ; also of West Mailing. 

John Emerson, Shoreham, 1615-45 ; in ' Proceedings in Kent' he is 
described as " A godly man but ought to have Otford separate as 
it is too hard for him to work both." 

Emmeline, third Prioress of Higham. 

Richard de Empingham, AUington, 1328-34. 

Thomas Emmerson, Downe, 1546-50. 

Richard Engayno, Ditton, 1403-22 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1403. 

Richard Engest, Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxon, 1537-41 ; 
Prebend, of Rochester, 1542-4 ; Buried in the Cathedral, 1544. 

John Englaten de Ossington, Tudely, 1349. 

Charles English, St. Bartholomew's, Sydenham, 1843-67 ; Ex 
epitaphio, " Sacred to the memory of Charles English, Priest, 
M.A., twenty four years incumbent of Sydenham. He died in 
the Lord on the morrow of Ascension Day, May 31st, 1867, aged 
57 years. This monument has been erected by his flock in 
appreciative remembrance ; by Thy glorious Resurrection, Good 
Lord deliver us." 

James English, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1501-3 ; St. Clement's, 
1507-12 ; he was deprived of this last for neglect. 

William English, Kemsing, 1460-2 ; Probate of his Will granted 
January, 1462-3. 

William Erlac, Rural Dean of Mailing, 1454 ; Chaplain of West 
Mailing, 1455. 

John Erpingham, Isleham Chantry Chaplain, 1343-9. 

John Erpingham, Hailing, between 1369 and 1391 ; Cuxton, 1392-9 ; 
Wodeham, 1399 ; Tonbridge, 1399. 

Clement Eryngton, Hever, 1533-40. 

Thomas Eschdale, Crayford, 1447-50 ; obijt 1450. 

Charles Ernest Escreet, Woolwich, 1892-1909 ; Hon. Canon of 
Rochester, 1900-5 ; Hon. Canon of Southwark, 1905 ; Archdeacon 
of Lewisham, 1906 ; Vicar of St Andrew's, Stockwell, 1882-92 ; 
Church of Ascension, Blackheath, 1909. 

William Esprenor, Stone, 1441-51. 

Hereb's de Essewell, Ightham, 1232. 

John Essex, AUington, 1398-1402. 


William Estcourt, Tudely, 1401 ; Free Chaplain of Hugheley, 
Salop, to 1401. 

Thomas Esthalle, Ryarsh, 1422-5. 

Henry Esthawe, West Peckham, 1427-8 ; East Peckham, 1428-36 ; 
Offliam, 1436-42 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1448 ; Kemsing, 
1445-56 ; Domestic Chaplain to Bishop William Wellys ; Chap- 
lain of Chantry on Rochester Bridge, 1461. 

John Esthawe, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1400. 

Nicholas Estmonde, Woolwich, 1422-3 to 1435 ; Walkstede, now 
Godstone, Surrrey, 1405. 

John Eston, West Farleigh, 1548-54 ; deprived 1554 ; restored 
1560-82 ; obijt 1582. 

Robert de Estre, Henley, to 1290 ; Woldham, 1292 ; Chaplain to 
Edward I. 

Anselm de Estria, Chiddingstone, 1283-4. 

WilHam Estryngton, East Farleigh, 1417-27 ; Offham, July-Dec, 

John Hubert Estwelle, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1348-9. 

John Esyngwold, Grayne, 1455-7. 

John Etthenham, Shoreham, 1396-1400. 

Henry Eton, Chantry Clerk of Pembury, between 1461 and 1495. 

James Eton, Vicar of Freckenham, 1462-1508, obijt 1508. 

John Saycombe de Eton, Shorne, 1363. 

John Euachdunen or Sachdunen, Bromley, 1439-40 ; Melford, 
Norwich Diocese, to 1439. 

Eunice, Ninth Prioress of Higham. 

Eustace, Sixth Prioress of Higham. 

Walter de Euston, Vicar of Freckenham, 1337-47 ; Isleham, 1331-7, 
and Dean of the Peculiar Jurisdiction ; Chaplain of Isleham 
Chantry, 1331-42. 

Edmund Evans, Tanniugton-cum-Brundish, 1609-10. 

Edward Evans, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1635-50. 

Ernest Charles Evans, Holy Trinity Charlton, 1893. 

Michael Evans, Mixbury, 1708-10. 

John Eveleigh, Aylesford, 1781-92 ; Prebend, of Rochester ; 
Provost of Oriel, 1781-1814; inducted Dec, 1782; he paid his 
successor one sixth part of the living from Michaelmas, 1782, to 
Michaelmas, 1783 ; St. Mary's, Oxford, 1778-81 ; Bampton, 
Lecturer, 1792 ; Select Preacher, 1804 ; Buried in St. Mary's, 
Oxford, 1814. 

John Eveleigh, Darenth, 1823-63 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " Sacred to the 
memory of John Eveleigh, M.A., for nearly forty years the 
respected Vicar of this Parish, who died on the 4th of February, 
1863, aged 64 years." 

William Eveleigh, Lamberhurst, 1784-1830; Aylesford, 1793-1830; 
Prebend, of Rochester ; Ex. Mon° Su°, "In the year 1794 were 
buried near this monument, Susannah Rebecca and John 
Eveleigh ; also in 1795, John ; in 1800, James; in 1803, Thomas 
and William George ; in 1805, Susannah ; and in the year 1815, 


when this was made, Charlotte and Georgiana, children of the 
Revd. William and Susannah Eveleigh. In the year 1830 the 
remains of the Revd. William Eveleigh, L.L.B., were deposited 
in the same vault. He departed this life the 29th of October, 
in the 74th year of his age, having been 38 years Vicar of this 
Parish . " 

Daniel Everard, West Mailing, 1453-93 ; Prebend, of the High 
Mass of Malhng Abbey, 1457-93 ; St. Clement's, Rochester, 
1452 ; Chaplain of Rochester Bridge Chantry, 1444-46. 

George Everard, Teston, 1895-9 ; Vicar of Framsden, 1858-68 ; 
St. Mark's, Wolverhampton, 1868-84 ; Christchurch, Dover, 
1884-94 ; St. Andrew's, Southport, 1894-5. 

Roger Everard, Chaplain of Brundish Chantry, 1420-9. 

Richard de Everdon, Chevening, 1363-4 to 1365-7 ; West Horndon, 
to 1363-4; St. Giles', Chalfont, 1366-7. 

Frederick John Everett, Borstall, 1906. 

John de Everyng, Trotterscliffe, 1341-7 ; Tenterden, 1347. 

George Eves, Hartley, 1642-67; a Presbyterian Minister conformed ; 
obijt 1667. 

Guido de Ewar, Deptford, 1321-39. 

John Ewer, Sutton-at-Hone, 1448-81 ; Rural Dean of Dartford, 1448. 

John Ewer, Sutton-at-Hone, 1557, according to Thorpe, but 
contradicted by the Registers at Lambeth ; perhaps some 
mistake for the former one. 

David Ewyan, Farningham, 1451-64. 

William Ewyns, Chaplain of Malmayn's Chantry, Stoke, 1440-3. 

Patricius de Exetre, Deptford, 1361-3. 

Thomas Brudenell Lawson, Exton, Strood, 1892-8 ; Southwick, 
Northants, 1876-7 ; Chaplain of Strood Union, 1892-8. 

John de Eye, Shorne, between 1328 and 1348. 

Philip de Eye, Henley, 1244. 

WiUiam de Eye, St. Paul's Cray, to 1422 ; Roughton, 1422. 

John Eylard de Chileham, Leigh, 1354-61 . 

John Eylesford, Longfield, 1396-7. 

Thomas de Eyton, Vicar of Eynesford, 1352-4 ; Bexley, to 1352. 

George Fage, Hunton, 1701-28 ; Vicar of Marden ; Prebendary of 
Litchfield; Buried at Hunton, Sept. 13, 1728; Ex. Mon" Su", 
" George Fage, late Rector of Hunton and Prebendary of Litch- 
field, died September 8th, 1728, aetatis 53." 

Robert Fage, Grayne, 1410 ; Rector of Northfarmbrigge, London, 
to 1410. 

Joseph Henry Fairbanks, Luton, Chatham, 1851-75. 

Henry Fairbrace, Ightham, 1574-1601; Halstead, 1594-1601; 
Farningham, 1594-1601 ; E. Bur. Reg., " Henricus Fairbrace 
hujus Vicarius Parochiae sepultus est vicesimo primo die mensis 
Februarij, 1601, quidedit pauperibus hujus oppidi libras 
quindecim ad emendum et comprimendum anniversarium sive 
annualem redditum viginti solidos in perpetuum " ; Ex Mon° Su°, 


" Hie jacet sepultus Henricus Fairbrace in artibus magister 

quondam Rector ecclesiae de Itham et Vicarius de Farnyngham 

qui 10 solidos pauperibus utriusque parochiae annuatim in 

perpetuum aequaliter impertiendum ex done testimenti libera 

reliquit mortem obijt 21 Febr.,annodomini, more Anglicano 1601." 
Roger de Fairsted, Deptford, to 1321. 
William Falcon, Vicar of Orpington, 1851-67 ; Buried here April 26, 

William Falke, Pembury, 1465-66. 

John Falkenham, St, Paul's Cray, 1365; Merstham, to 1365. 
Thomas Felton Falkner, Senior Chaplain of Chatham Garrison, 

Williarn Marcus Falloon, St. Saviour's, Tonbridge, 1900-5. 
Laurence Falstoff, Chaplain to the Archbishop ; Prebendary of 

St. Paul's, 1331-49 ; Erected an Oratory in the Rectory, for 

which Archbishop Islip granted a Licence : it was consecrated by 

the Bishop of Llandaff ; Clyffe, 1335-57. 
Johanna Fane, Abbess of Dartford, 1536 ; surrendered the Nunnery 

to the Crown. 
Richard Fanne, Darenth, 1561-73 ; obijt 1573. 
Peter Fangfosse, Yalding, to 1329. 
William Dalyrimple Fanshawe, Chaplain to the Bishop of London, 

1888-96 ; . Vicar of St. Jude's, Gray's Inn Road, 1888-97 ; Plaxtol, 

Ernest Scott Fardell, All Saints', Hatcham, 1894-96; Vicar of 

Wreningham, Norwich, 1896. 
John Fareham, Ashurst, 1513-18. 

John de Farleigh, Canon de Ledes, Chatham, 1370-93. 
Peter de Farleghe, Chatham, 1361-2. 

Henry Farley, Cuxton, 1493-95 ; Fobbing, 1485 ; Tendring, 1495, 
George Farmer, Borstal, 1886-91 ; Hartlip, 1891-1904. 
Charles Francis Farnaby, Baronet, West Wickham, 1814-18 ; Rural 

Dean of West Dartford. 
John Farnebergh, LuUingstone, 1393-6. 
Walter de Farnboro, Cobham, 1345-49. 
Walter de Farnedale, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1337-8. 
Hugh Farningham, Cowden, between 1322 and 1324. 
William Farquhar, Hayes, 1755-74 ; Downe, 1764-74 ; obijt 1774. 
Herbert WiUiam Farrar, All Saints', Shooter's Hill, 1910 ; Chaplain 

of Mission to Seamen on the Tyne, 1882-93 ; Vicar of St. James', 

Carlisle, 1893-8 ; Superintendent of Missions to Seamen, 1898. 
Charles Pinhorn Farrer, Sidcup, 1861-77 
Richard Farrer, St. Paul's, Deptford, 1808-9 ; Ashley with Fawley, 

1819 ; obijt at Ashley, 1852. 

Farrer, Shipbourne, 1695. 

Nicholas Farynforde, Marestone, 1462-5 ; obijt 1465. 

Peter de Fascher, Eynesford, 1691-1731. 

Edward Faucett, Higham, 1580-91 ; bidden purge himself in Divine 

Service from suspicion of disloyalty ; obijt 1591. 


Thomas Faukys, Longfield, between 1430 and 1431. 

Joseph Faulder, West Wickham, 1786-1808. 

Edmund Faunce, Horton Kirby, 1764-70; Sutton-at-Hone, 1762-87; 

recopied the Sutton Register ; Buried there July 23, 1787. 
Robert de Faversham, Bockingfold, between 1367 and 1378. 
Edward Fawcett, Greenwich Union, 1877-80. 
Francis Fawkes, Vicar of Orpington, 1755-74 ; Hayes, 1774-7 ; 

Downe, 1774-7 ; obijt 1777 ; Poet and Translator. 
Richard Fawsby, Luddesdown, 1474-1504 ; obijt 1504. 
Alfred Fayard, Pembury Chantry Priest, 1389-1403 ; Malmayn's, 

Stoke, 1403-5. 
James Fayrer, Downe, 1687-95 ; Fellow of Magdalen College 

Oxford; deprived by order of King James II., Nov. 16, 1686 

restored in 1688; Bursar, 1687; Vice President, 1691-1705 

Lecturer at Carfax, 1695. 
William Woodward Fearon, Holy Trinity, Greenwich, 1909. 
Ralph de Feldthorp, Chaplain of St. Mary Stampett, Dartford, 

1338-48 ; St. Edmund, 1326-32 and 1338-48. 
Henry Fenn, Brandish Chantry Chaplain, 1478-83. 
James Fenn, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1672-6 ; Goudhurst, 1676. 
Joseph Fenn, St. Michael's, Charlton, 1874-8. 
Thomas Fenner, Shorne, 1442-3 ; obijt 1443. 
Henry Fenrother, Tonbridge, 1499-1500. 

Simon de Feryngdon, Cobham, 1358 ; probably the same as — 
Simon de Feryndon, dictus Cherde, Burham, 1356-9 ; Cudham, 

1359-61 ; also called Simon de Ferindon. 
Bartholomew de Ferentiuo, Chiddingstone, 1278-83. 
John Fermor, Crayford, 1744-53. 
James Feme, Mereworth, 1447-9. 
Hugh de Fernham, Cuxton, 1324-7. 
John Ferningham, West Barming, 1412-27. 
John Ferrall, Brenchley, 1561-93 ; Buried there Nov. 19, 1593. 
Thomas Fesey, Chislehurst, Oct. to Dec, 1446. 
John Petting, Ashurst, between 1370 and 1394 ; St. Mary's, Hoc, 

1394; All Hallows', Hoo, 1394-1427. 
Nicholas Fetton, Vicar of Eynesford, 1666-71. 
Charles Edward Few, Seal, 1874. 
William ifallion. Rector of East Peckham, 1454-64. 
William flan. West Wickham, 1558-72 ; deprived 1572. 
William ffan, Sutton, 1559-66. 
Robert de ffarington or ffaryndon, Wrotham, 1379-97 ; Rector of 

St. Dunstan's, near the Tower. 
John ffayrchild, Farningham, 1500-11. 
Wilham ffelde, or ffyelde, Ifield, 1571-8. 
William ffelsted, Stourmouth, 1539-49 ; obijt 1549. 
Richard ffere, between 1535 and 1559. 
William ffervour, Keston, 1429-45 ; Guardian of the Free Chantry 

of Wyke ; Bath and Wells, 1429. 
Matthew Mortimer ffinch, 1870 ; Hon, Canon of Rochester, 1909. 


George Sketchley ffinden, Downe, 1871. 

Robert fEshwick, Longfield, 1438-9. 

James flitch, Prebendary of Rochester, 1611-12 ; Newchurch, 

1607-11 ; EUham, 1608-12 ; obijt July, 1612. 
Ralph ffisher, Darenth, 1474-5. 
Thomas ffisher, Keston, 1456. 

John fflorence, Gillingham, between 1449 and 1460. 
John ffoderingeye. Stone, 1324-34 ; ejected from here and from 

Freckenham, of which he was Vicar, 1324; died Rector here, 1334. 
John ffourneys, Stourmouth, 1441-9. 
Thomas ffyshe, Hayes, 1497-9. 
John ffysher, Sutton, 1403 ; Brinton, to 1403. 
John Fickays, Wateringbury, 1363-6. 
John Fickerys, Burham, 1362 ; obijt 1362. 
Thomas Fidge, All Hallows', Hoo, 1676-1700 ; Burham, 1689-1700 ; 

Minor Canon of Rochester, 1676-1700 ; obijt 1700 ; Buried in 

Rochester Cathedral Cemetery. 
Robert Field, West Farleigh, 1602-32 ; Buried Jan. 16, 1632, also 

his wife. 
Walter St. John Field, Fordcombe, 1903. 
Allan Fielding, Chaplain of Chatham Dockyard, 1851-66. 
Cecil Henry Fielding, Chaplain of Mailing Union, 1889. Compiler 

of this work. 
John Filbourne, Tudely, 1425-6. 
Isaac Finch, Minor Canon, 1725-36 ; Stockbury, 1725-36 ; Goud- 

hurst, 1735-56 ; obijt 1756. 
Ernest Dalby Finch-Smith, Snodland, 1905-8 ; obijt 1908. 
William Findon, Chelsfield, 1445. 
Francis Walter Fisher, Rosherville, 1902 ; St. Jude's, Peckham, 

London, 1896-1902. 
John Fisher, alias Heywode, Chaplain of Malmayn's Chantry, 

Stoke, 1456-64. 
William Fisher, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge Chapel, 1466. 
Frederick Fitzgerald, Gillingham, 1873-6. 
William Fitzherbert, Crayford, between 1450 and 1514. 
William Fitzherbert, Hadlow, 1753-97 ; obijt 1797. 
John Fitzjohn, Darenth, 1425-8 ; perhaps the same as — 
John Fitzjohn, Higham, 1430-2. 
Fitzroy John Fitzwyguam, Shipbourne, 1856-60; St. James', New 

Hampton, Middlesex, 1860. 
Thomas Flate, West Barming, 1463. 
Peter L. Hesketh Fleetwood, St. Mary's, Plaistow ; Bromley, 

Adam Fleming, Chaplain of Fawkham Chantry, 1368. 
William Fleming, Christchurch, Chislehurst, 1872-1900 ; Ex Mon" 

Su°, " To the glory of God and in grateful remembrance of Rev. 

William Fleming, L.L.B., for 28 years Incumbent of this Church, 

having served as an officer in H.M.'s XLV regiment for a period 

of nine years, which time he was engaged in the Kaffir War ; he 


entered the ministry of the Church of England. Devoted from 
his earliest years to the principles of evangelical truth he to the 
last clearly and fearlessly preached them while he illustrated 
them in the consistent walk of a holy life. He died May 20th, 
MDCCCC, aged 71 years. A good soldier of Jesus Christ. 1 
have fought a good fight ; I have finished my course ; I have kept 
the faith. Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a 
crown of life. This tablet is erected by the congregation of 
Christchurch, Chislehurst." Another inscription beneath a 
window runs ; " To the glory of God and in affectionate memory 
of the Rev. William Fleming, L.L.B., who for 28 years was 
Incumbent of this Church ; by his faithful ministry and sterling 
character he won the affection and esteem of all who knew him. 
He died 20th May, 1900. I have fought the good fight, ii 
Timothy iv 7." The window was erected by Josephine C. Ellman. 

Fleshewere, Longfield, between 1349 and 1354. 

George Fletcher, Christchurch, Sydenham, 1798. 

Henry Fletcher, Aylesford, 1521-4 ; Prebend, of High Mass of 
Mailing, from 1524 to the Reformation ; West Mailing, 1524-58 ; 
renounced Papal Authority. 

Henry Fletcher, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1545. 

James Amiraux Fletcher, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1888-90 ; 
Holy Trinity, Bungay, 1890. 

John Fletcher, East Barming, 1499-1501. 

John Fletcher, East Mailing, 1522-40 ; so styled in Lambeth 
Register, but in his own will he signs himself Edmund Flatchere, 
as he also does to the Papal Renunciation. He leaves to the 
mending of the cawsy between the crosse and the churche 
iip iiij'' ; Buried here 1540. 

John Fletcher, Paddlesworth, 1362-3. 

John Fletcher, St. Mary's, Hoo, between 1546 and 1558. 

John Fletcher, Yalding, between 1493 and 1501. 

Joseph Fletcher, Lewisham, Southend, 1824-49. 

Richard Fletcher, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1475-94. 

Richard Fletcher, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1751-62 ; High Halstow, 
1753-62; obijt 1762. 

Richard Fletcher, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1762-86 ; High Halstow, 
1752-86 ; Dedham, Essex, 1785. 

John de Flete, Cooling, 1325-32. 

John de Flisco, Crayford, 1354-7. 

Samuel Flood, Ibstock, 1889 ; Far Cotton, Northants, 1875-6 ; St. 
Luke's, Leicester, 1876-89. 

John Florence, Ditton, 1430-42 ; Gillingham, between 1449 and 
1460 ; St. Mary's, Hoo, 1460-2. 

John Florence, Sutton, 1430-6 ; perhaps the same as the last. 

Robert Florence, Stoke, 1465-80. 

John Flowers, Stourmouth, 1580-99 ; Buried here May 22, 1599. 

Nicholas Fluce, West Barming, 1561-80 ; ordered to avoid the 
Church ; Nettlestead, 1561-80. 


Henry Fly, Downe, and Knockholt, 1788-1819 ; Sub-dean of St. 
Paul's ; Vicar of FuUingham ; St. Augustine's with St. Faith's, 
London; Willesden; Kingsbury; Chaplain to the King ; obijtl833. 

Henry Foche, Higham, 1725-32 ; Buried here Feb. 9, 1731-2, Ex 
IVEon" Su°, "Here lyeth the body of Revd. Mr. Henry Foche, B.D., 
sometime fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Vicar of 
this Parish " ; Died Feb, 6, 1731-2, in the 59th year of his age ; 
Minor Canon, 1728-32. 

John Foderingeye, Freckenham, 1324-27. 

Hugh Foley, Higham, 1404-23. 

Edward Foliatt, Footscray, 1634 ; Ashmere, Peterborough, 1634. 

John de Folkestone, Hailing, 1323-7 ; St. Margaret's, Rochester, 

John de Folkestone, West Peckham, 1349-56. 

Benedict de Folkstone, Prebend, of Cobhambury, 1343-6. 

John de Folkingham, Frith, 1368-99 ; Custos of the Free Chapel 
of Eppinghethe, 1399. 

Adam de Fontibus, Hadlow, 1217. 

John Fonteyne, Kingsdown, 1542-4 ; excommunicated, 1544. 

Robert Foote, Shorne, 1799-1804 ; Linton, 1782-99 ; Boughton 
Malherbe, 1782-1804 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1798-1804 ; 
Prebend, of Lichfield, 1795-8 ; Died at Boughton, Oct. 21, 1804. 

Walter Foote, Halstead, 1725-42 ; obijt 1742. 

Francis Walter Barton Ford, Dunton Green, 1904-6. 

Joseph Ford, Mixbury, 1638-56 ; Buried here. 

Arthur Frederick Forde, St. Peter's, Eltham Road, 1877-86 ; 
Wellesbourne, 1875-7. 

James Formby, Frindsbury. 1826-81 ; Buried here Feb. 19, 1881 ; 
Ex. Mon°Su°, " To the memory of the Rev. James Formby, M.A., 
54 years Vicar of this Parish ; Died 14th February, 1881, aged 
83 years. 

Andrew Frederick Forneret, Addington, 1687-9 ; obijt 1689. 

Hugh de Forsham, Chevening, 1301-10, Sundridge, 1310, 

Francis Samuel Forster, Frindsbury, 1905 ; Chipping Campden, 
Gloucester, 1882-1896 ; St. Mark's, Walworth, 1896-1905. 

John Forster, Vicar of Eynesford, 1400-9 ; Northalle to 1400. 

John Forster, Swanscombe, 1393-7 ; Cokefield, 1393 ; St. Olave's, 

John Forster, West Peckham, 1405-7 ; Grayne, 1407-10. 

Stuart E. Forster, Southend, Lewisham, 1849-63. 

Thomas Forster, King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge Wells, 1758-86. 

Thomas Forster, Darenth, 1404-5 ; he appears to have been the 
same as John Forster, of West Peckham, as he obtained that 
Living by change at the same time ; the Christian name differs 
in the Bishop's and Archbishop's Registers; Gillingham, 1407-10. 

Richard Forth, Prebend, of Cobhambury 1554. 

Robert Forward, Eltham, 1628-41 ; Precentor in St. Patrick's 
Cathedral, Dublin, 1635 ; also in Lismore, 1636 ; Dean of 
Dromore, 1639; Rector of Loughgilly, Armagh, 1639; obijt 1641, 


Frederick La Trobe Foster, Brenchley, 1901 ; Ore, Sussex, 1888-90; 

St. John's, Wakefield, 1890-2; Widcombe, Bath, 1892-1901; 

Chaplain of Hastings Union, 1888-90. 
John Foster, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1523. 
Robert Foster, St. Nicholas', Deptford, 1561-2. 
Thomas Foster, Fawkham, 1642-50. 
Martin Fotherby, Meopham, Feb. -Mar. 1594-5 ; Sundridge, 1595-6. 

He was also at Chislet, 1592-4 ; St. Mary le Bow, 1594 : Chartham, 1596-1618 ; 
Canoi] of Canterbury, 1596-1618 ; Chaplain to James I ; Bishop of Salis- 
bury, 1618-19 ; Buried at All Hallows', I^oudon. 

John Foucher, North Cray, 1317-29. 
John Fountaine, Nurstead, 1559-69. 
Robert Fountaine, Hailing, 1770-6 ; West Farleigh 1776-78 ; 

Frindsbury, 1778-88; Sutton-at-Hone, 1788-1818 ; Horton Kirby, 

1801-18 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1769-99 ; obijt 1818. 
John Fountayne, Longfield, 1548-70 ; obijt 1570. 
John Fourde, Eltham, 1598-1616 ; Died Nov. 19, Buried ye 22nd, 

1627, at Eltham. 
John Fourneys, Leybourne, 1440-1 ; Bury, Gifford, 1440-1. 
John Fowell, Hunton, 1763-5 ; Rector of Eynsford, 1763-1803 ; 

Chartham, 1764; Bishopsbourne and Barham, 1765. 
Thomas Fowey, Hartley, between 1431 and 1433. 
Thomas Fowler, Longfield, 1456-60. 
Richard Foxe, Ibstock, 1571-98. 

William Fraigneau, Beckenham, 1765-78 ; Vicar of Battersea. 
Thomas Franch, Nurstead, 1396-1438. 
Anthony Francis, Lamberhurst, 1564-83. 
John Francis, Cowden, 1778-85. 

Frank Harvey Francis, St. Michael's, Sydenham, 1894-1904. 
John Franckum, All Hallows', 1459-60. 
Thomas Frank, Darenth, 1759-66 ; Stockbury, 1766-94 ; Borden, 

1768-94 ; Minor Canon, 1759-69 ; obijt 1794. 
Walter Frank, Chatham, 1747-84 ; Hartlip, 1729-47 ; Cranfield, 

Beds., 1782; Buried in the Cathedral, April 6, 1784; Minor 

Canon, 1733-84 ; Ex. Mon" Su° in the Cathedral, " Also of the 

above Mr. Walter Frank, who died March 30th, 1784, in the 

82nd Year of his Age." 
John Frankum, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1454-7. 
John Frankland, Sundridge, 1753-77. 
Thomas Franklin, Brastead, 1777-84 ; Professor of Greek at 

Cambridge ; Rector of Ware, Herts. ; Chaplain to the King ; 

Buried in the Chancel. 
David Franklin, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1543-6. 
Thomas Edward Franklyn, Christchurch, Tunbridge Wells, 1871-5; 

St. John the Baptist, Leamington, 1875-82; Kenilworth, 1882-3. 
Thomas Ward Franklyn, St. Stephen's, 1841-52 ; Christchurch, 

Tunbridge Wells, 1855-7. 
William Franklyn, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1625-7; Shorne, 

1617-24 ; Head Master of King's School, 1608-17 and 1624-7. 
Nicholas Frankwell, Bexley, 1609-58 ; Gravesend, 1615-17 ; Buried 


at Bexley ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Here lyeth interred the body of 
Nicholas Frankwell, who was Vicar of this parish 48 years. He 
died the 11th day of October, 1658 ; being aged 80 years." 

Robert Frankysh, ahas Franks, All Hallows', 1525-41 ; renounced 
Papal Authority : obijt 1541. 

Hugh Fraser, Woolwich, 1805-37 ; St. Martin's, Ludgate, 1796. 
His name is inscribed on the sundial. On his monument we 
read "Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Hugh Fraser, M.A., 
32 years the esteemed Rector of this parish, who died on the 14th 
day of April, 1837, aged 73 years. He was endowed with the 
simplicity of a Patriarch and the virtues of a Christian. He 
erected the mansion near the Churqh as a refuge for his old age, 
and for future Rectors of Woolwich, and which he lived to enjoy 
24 years. His active mind, however, could not rest here ; he 
discovered that a legacy had been left 20 years before to the poor 
of this parish. He recovered this legacy, and the poor have for 
sixteen years received a distribution of three hundred loaves per 
week for nine weeks during the severity of the winter. He 
survived all his children, one daughter and four sons ; the eldest 
and last of whom died at Cheltenham at the age of 19. This he 
often declared was the greatest trouble he ever knew. He is 
gone, but has left us an example that all must desire to follow 
tho' few can hope to equal." 

James Fraser, Kingsdown, 1448-9 ; obijt 1449. 

William Frederick Chambers Sugden Fraser, Offham, 1873 ; 
Chaplain of Maidstone Gaol, 1866-73. 

Robert Fraunceis, Chaplain of Sevenoaks Chantry, between 1450 
and 1455. 

Edmund Freake, Dean of Rochester, 1570-4 ; Bishop of Rochester, 
1572-5; Norwich, 1575-84; Worcester, 1584-93; obijt 1593. 

John Freda, Farningham, 1358-9. 

George Freeman, Plumstead, December 7, 1692, to March, 1693, 

John Freeman, Eynesford, 1354-67 ; alias Vaghan, granted leave 
of absence, 1355 ; Gillingham, 1367-90 ; obijt 1390. 

Henry Liftwick Freer, Cudham, 1875-94 ; Church restored in his day. 

Nigel James Freer, Cudham, 1894-8 ; Hadsor with Oddingley, 
Worcester, 1898. 

Daniel French, Strood, 1650-61 ; put in by Parliament ; ejected 
under the Bartholomew Act. 

Henry French, Marestone, 1349-50. 

Mark Dyer French, Chaplain of Bromley College, 1868-73 ; Rector of 
West Allington, Lincoln, 1857-72 ; Appledore, with Ebony, 1874-89 

Pauly French, Westerham, 1554-60. 

Pinketown Arundel French, Christchurch, Sydenham ; here in 
1824 ; Rector of Odcombe, Somerset, 1803 ; Thorne, Falton, till 
his death in 1836. 

Richard French, Shorne, 1421-2 ; Ruxley, 1422-6. 

Samuel French, West Mailing, 1659-61 ; an interloping Puritan ; 
ejected under Bartholomew Act. 


Thomas Valpy French, Erith, 1874-5 ; Bishop of Lahore, 1878-99. 

Walter de Frenche, Penshurst, 1249. 

John de Frendsbury, Henley, 1340-2. 

John de Fresenfield, Greenwich, 1317-21 ; Stonham, Gernegan, 
Suffolk, to 1317 ; Horningtoft, Norfolk, 1321. 

"William Freston, Bromley, 1440-56. 

Richard Freston, Bromley, 1456-7. 

William Frethby, Chalk, between 1405 and 1416. 

John Fridyll, Westerham, 1439. 

Henry Friend, East Farleigh, 1795-1811. 

John de Frindsbury, Bromley, 1316-20 ; one of the Executors of 
Bishop Thomas de Woldham. 

John de Frindsbury, Bromley, 1323-9 : deprived for disobedience. 

Robert de Frindsbury, Bayham Abbott, 1405-9. 

Roger de Frindsbury, Leigh, 1340-9 ; Stradesell, Norwich, to 1340. 

William de Frindsbury, Prior of Tonbridge, 1337-44. 

Robert de Friseby, West Barming, 1346-54 ; Tannington-cum- 
Brundish, 1354-5. 

Roger Frith, St. Paul's Cray, 1561-9 ; Wills to be buried in the 
Chancel ; To poore, xx^ ; repair of Church xviij" ; To a preacher 
at his funeral, vj . . viij. 

Walter Frismerthe, Lamberhurst, 1385-8. 

William de Frittenden, Gillingham, 1315-51 ; Lidiard Tregoze, 1321. 

John de Frodsham, Wateringbury, 1335-41 ; Teston, 1341-6. 

Robert Frodsham, Burham, 1400. 

William Frome, Lewisham, 1430-41 ; Chiddingfold, 1441-8 ; Long 
Ditton, 1448. 

Frederick Frost, Southend, Lewisham, 1875-81. 

Pugh Frost, Wateringbury, 1403-22 ; Rector of Pichesley, to 1403. 

Thomas Frost, Teston, 1621-8. 

Henry Lawrence Fry, Bexley Heath, 1888. 

Charles Gulliver Fryer, Eltham, 1841-69 ; obijt 1869. 

WiUiam Frysell, Prior of Rochester, 1509-32. 

Richard Fryston, Southfleet, 1467 ; Prebend, of Kelsey, North 
Lincoln, Chancellor of Lincoln. 

Fulc, Abbot of Lesness, 1179. 

Henry de Fulham, Penshurst, 1328. 

John Mee Fuller, Bexley, 1874-93 ; Professor of Ecclesiastical 
History in King's College, London ; Rural Dean of Dartford and 
Examining Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury ; Ex. Mon° 
Su°, " The Reverend John Mee Fuller, M.A., son of the Reverend 
Thomas Fuller, Vicar of Eaton Square, London ; was born in 
1835, and educated at Marlborough College and St. John's 
College, Cambridge ; at the latter he gained the Crosse and 
Tyrwhitt scholarship and the University prize, and was elected 
fellow. He was ordained by the Right Reverend Archibald 
Campbell Tait, Lord Bishop of London ; Deacon in 1860, and 
Priest in 1861. He was assistant Curate of Christchurch, Ealing, 
1860-2 ; at Grosvenor Chapel from 1862-4 ; and at St. Peter's, 


Eaton Square, 1864-70, when he became Editorial Secretary to 
the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, which post he 
held until 1874. In 1874 he was presented by Lord Sidney to the 
Vicarage of Bexley ; in 1888 he was appointed Professor of 
Ecclesiastical History at King's College, London ; in 1887 he 
became Rural Dean, and in 1889 Examining Chaplain to the 
Archbishop of Canterbury ; and he held these offices until he 
died, respected and beloved, on 16th August, 1893, R.I. P. His 
chief literary works were his contributions to the Speaker's 
Commentary ; his abridged version of the entire Speaker's 
Commentary, and editing Smith's Dictionary of the Bible." The 
reredos in the Church bears the inscription " Memoriae sacrum 
Johannis Mee Fuller qui in munere pastorali prudens, simplex 
integer multo pro ecclesia conscripsit, obijt MDCCCXCin amici 
moerentes ponendum cur averunt " ; of which the following is a 
translation ; " Sacred to the memory of John Mee Fuller who in 
his pastoral office was wise, sincere, irreproachable ; he wrote 
much on behalf of the Church ; he died in the year 1893 ; 
Sorrowing friends caused this to be erected." He was buried at 
Bexley, Aug. 21, 1893. 

William Fuller, Farningham, 1720-38 ; Buried Feb. 18, 1737, at 

John FuUor, Yalding, 1737-51 ; Linton, 1737-51 ; obijt 1751. 

John Fulsham, Meopham, 1414-52 ; St. Clement's, Rochester, 
1452-5; Greenford, to 1414; Buried at Meopham; Ex. epitaphio, 
" Hie jacet dominus Johannes Fulsham quondam Vicarius de 
Meopham qui obijt tercio decimo die mensis Junij anno domini 
millesimo ccccLV. cuius anime propicietur Deus. Amen." 

John Fultringham, Nonconformist Lecturer at Greenwich, 1652-3. 

Thomas Furstan, Higham, 1445-6. 

William Furysse, Wateringbury, 1545-8. 

Robert Fylle, Fawkham, 1392-6 ; Shorne, 1396-8 ; Chaplain of the 
Free Chapel of St. Martin le Grand, to 1392 ; Rector of Harby, 
1398 ; Chaplain of St. Katharine's Chantry, Fawkham, 1390-5. 

Stephen Fynamour, Hermit of Longsole, 1339. 

John Fynch, Ryarsh, 1418-21 ; Sheldwick, till 1418. 

Robert Fynch, Ryarsh, 1426. 

Robert Fynchecok, Trotterscliffe, July 5 to Aug. 2, 1361. 

John Fynchampstede, Bidborough, between 1399 and 1405 ; 
Chaplain of Malmayn's, Stoke, 1405-16, 

William Fyndon, Chelsfield, 1445 ; Wylingworth, to 1445. 

Robert de Fyshe, Hartley, 1353-67 ; Hedley, 1353. 

William Fysshebourne, Vicar of Wrotham, July-Nov. 1448. 

Talfe de Gaggelye, Vicar of Speldhurst, 1357-9. 

John Gaile, Tudely, 1534-70. 

John Gainsboro' de Dartford, Sutton, 1348. 

John Gainsborow, Cooling, 1487-94 ; Radwater, Essex, 1491. 

Robert Gaynesborough, Lullingstone, 1373 ; East Mailing, 1371-3. 


William Galent, Chalk, resigned July, 1512. 

Richard Galom, Ash 1445-65 ; Ex, Mon° Su", " Orate pro anima 

Richard Galon quondam rectoris istius ecclesie qui obijt xiii" die 

mensis Februarij anno domini mccclxv cuius anime propitietur 

Deus. Amen." Called also Fayreford in his successor's will. 
Adam Galymen, Kingsdown, between 1361 and 1362. 
William Galys, Abbot of Bayham, 1520 ; apparently the last. 
Joshua Hughes Games Birling, 1 893-6 ; St. Matthias' , Birmingham, 

1888-93 ; Birkenhead, 1896-1904 ; obijt 1904. 
Roger Gamestone, Chalk, 1516-18. 
Stepheh Gandey, West Farleigh, 1431-2. 
John de la Garde Robe, Burham, 1348. 
Thomas Garden, Holy Trinity, Greenwich, 1840-5. 
Alan Gardiner, Kingsdown, 1392-3 ; Harbaton, to 1392 ; Ramesden, 

to 1393. 
Henry Gardiner, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1424-32. 
Henry Snook Gardiner, Chaplain of Tonbridge Union, 1887-95 ; 

Vicar of Metfield, Suffolk, 1899-1900 ; Aslacton, Norfolk, 1900. 
John Ludforrd Gardiner, Sevenoaks Weald, 1877-82. 
Richard Gardiner, Chiddingstone, 1498-1518. 
Richard Gardiner, Chantry Priest of Isleham, 1366. 
Robert Gardiner, Ridley, 1680-8 ; Buried at Crayford, according 

to Ridley Parish Register, but I have found no entry there. 
Tobias Edward Gardiner, Chaplain of Dartford Union, 1868-74 ; 

Uxbridge Union, 1874. 
William Gardiner, Crockenhill, 1852-66 ; Vicar of Orpington, 

1867-75 ; Buried at Orpington, Dec. 4, 1875. 
John Gardyner, Longfield, 1395-6. 
John Gardyner, Woodlands, 1414-15. 
Richard Gardyner, Shoreham, 1500-18 ; obijt 1518. 
Robert Gare, Chaplain of Horsemonden Chantry, 1496. 
Oliver Garrett, Gillingham, between 1534 and 1560. 
Milo Garrard, Ryarsh, 1560-5. 

Thomas Garraway, Snodland, 1631-66 ; Buried Feb. 21st, 1666. 
Milo Garrett, West Mailing, 1568-74 ; East Barming, 1554-74 ; 

obijt 1574. 
Robert Garrett, Chislehurst, 1552-66 ; Hayes, 1560-6 ; Ex. 

epitaphio, " Haec cubant in fossa sub pede Robert! Garretti 

presbiteri ossa rectoris olim ecclesiarum de Hayes et Chislehurst 

qui obijt die anno domini mccccclxvi Propicius sit Deus 

anima R -|- G notarij publici." Tey Magna, Essex. 
Robert Garrywinton, Snodland, 1349-54 ; Woldham, 1349 ; Rye, 

John Gaskarth, Chevening, 1685-6 — 1686; All Hallows', Barking, 

George Gascoyne, alias Chandler, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1791-1806; 

High Halstow, 1791-1806. 
Percy Gsister, St. Paul's, Greenwich, 1909. 
John Gates, Royal Chaplain, 1553. 


William Gates, Meopham, 1711-13. 

Robert de Gaulton, West Mailing, 1399. 

Henry Gawdy, Rector of Sevenoaks, between 1540 and 1553. 

Thomas Gawge, Rector of Wrotham, 1460-71 ; Ex. epitaphio, 
"Marmoreo lapide Thomas Gawge subtumulatur qui vero dum 
vixit residens doctor theologie sistebat eciam en cancellarius ille 
prenobilis duxisse fuit pariter Eboraci quem deus erexit nuper ad 
Agalmatha regni Octobris mensis X. bina die que secunda M. 
domini c quater, hijs addito septuagena." This Monument is gone. 

William Gawyne, Chaplain of St. Mary Stampett, 1499-1504. 

Adam Gay, Erith, 1426. 

William Gay, Bidborough, 1830-46 ; Ex. Mon° Su", " In memory 
of William Gay, A.M., who for sixteen years was Rector of this 
Parish, He died at Camberwell, 11 Nov. 1846, in the 54th year 
of his age. Remember them which have the rule over you, who 
have spoken unto you the word of God whose faith follow con- 
sidering the end of their conversation, Jesus Christ, the same 
yesterday, to-day, and for ever." 

Nicholas Gayer, Vicar of East Peckham, 1573-1577. 

Robert Gaynesburgh, LuUingstone, 1373 ; East Mailing, 1371-3 ; 
St. Clement's, Sandwich. 

John de Gayslee, Henley, 1290. 

Richard de Gayton, Abbott of Lessness, 1346-62 ; obijt 1362. 

William Geddynge, Hever, 1441-9. 

Edward Lionel Gedge, St. Nicholas' , Rochester, 1894-9 ; Gravesend, 
1899 ; Chaplain of Gravesend Union, 1899 ; Hon. Canon of 

Thomas Gedney, Luddesdown, 1470-4 ; Chaplain of the Bucking- 
ham Chantry. 

Thomas Gedys, Vicar of Orpington, 1424-6 ; North Shoebury, to 

Edward Gee, Chevening, 1706-7 to 1722 ; St. Margaret's, West- 
minster, which he held with Chevening till he died ; rebuilt 
Chevening Rectory, 1707 ; Rector of St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf, 
London, 1688 ; Chaplain to Queen Mary II. and William III. ; 
E. Par. Reg., " Edwardus Gee, S.T.P., et Cler Reginae and 
Sacris Domesticis inductus fuit in Rectoriam de Chevening, ffeb. 
5th, 1706-1707 " ; Prebend, of Westminster, 1701 ; Dean of 
Peterborough 1721-2 ; Prebend, of Lincoln, 1721-2 ; Dean of 
Lincoln, 1722. 

William Geekie, Chevening, 1729-32 ; Woodchurch, 1729-30 ; 
Southfleet, 1729-67 ; Prebend, of Canterbury, 1727-67 ; Arch- 
deacon of Gloucester, 1738-67 ; Buried at Canterbury. 

Alfred Geefinge, Brenchley, 1542-6. 

John Geffrey, Strood, 1406-10. 

Peter de Geldeford, Chevening, 1363-4. 

William Gell, Frindsbury, 1587-1616; Curate of Cliffe, 1583, 
when he married his predecessor's daughter here ; Vicar of 
Woldham, 1585-96 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1587-1620. 


Gilbert Gennyns, alias Jenyns, Kemsing, 1561-1602 ; Vicar of St. 

Dunstan's in the West ; and Rector of Little Parndon, Essex. 
Robert Gennowe, Cowden ; obijt 1427. 
William Gent, Nurstead, 1672-1704. 
Ralph Gentil, St. Edmund, Dartford, 1361. 
Stephen George, Cooling, 1552-65 ; deprived 1565. 
Walter George, Cuxton, between 1404-22. 
William George, Erith, 1427-30. 
Adam Gerard, Grayne, 1350-1. 

Robert Gerard, Wilmington, 1357-61 ; Doddington Chapel, to 1357. 
Thomas Gerard, West Mailing, 1399 ; Gotting Hope, Essex, to 

1399 ; Prebend, of High Mass of Mailing Abbey, 1398-1402. 
William Gere, Lamberhurst, 1421-2. 
Richard de Gerpeynt, de Toft, North Cray, 1361-5. 
Henry Gerunde, Ashurst, to 1341 : obijt 1341. 

Gervasius, Cooling, to 1307, same as — 

Gervasius, Rural Dean of West Mailing, 1272. 

Ralph Gerveys, Mapiscombe, 1323-56. 

Richard Gerveys, Addington, 1350. 

William Gerveys, Wilmington, 1347-9. 

John Gery, alias Durant, Horton Kirby, 1425-36 ; obijt 1436. 

John Gery, Cobham College, 1447-58. 

John Gery, Horton Kirby, 1557-8. 

Hugh Gewas, Meopham, 1567-9 ; obijt 1569. 

Philip Le Geyt, Ightham, 1818-27. 

Edmund Gheast, Cliffe, 1559-71 ; made Bishop of Rochester and 
Archdeacon of Canterbury the same day ; Bishop of Salisbury, 

Frederick John Gibbings, Christchurch, Penge, 1900-5 ; King's 
Lynn, 1905-7; Snettisham, 1907. 

Marcus Gibbon, Northfleet, 1721-2. 

Nicholas Gibbon, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1631-44 ; complained against 
to Parliament because " he stopped a water pipe which conveyed 
water from his glebe into the town, and so people had to go 
round to fetch the water " 

John Gibbons, Brastead, 1808-43 ; buried here. May, 1843. 

Augustus Inman Gibson, Southend, Lewisham, 1893. 

Charles Johnson Gibson, Ifield, 1899, and Nurstead. 

Francis Gibson, Ifield, 1734-42 ; Nurstead, 1734-42. 

James Gibson, Milton, 1589-1632. 

Robert Gibson, alias Taillour, Luddesdown, 1504-31. 

Samuel Gibson, Frindsbury. 1690-1724; Stoke, 1679-90; Ex. Mon° 
Su", "I.S.E., Samuel Gibson, A.M., Ecclesiae de Frindsbury 
quondam vicarius quam provinciam pia sedulitate et integritate 
vitae per 34 annos ornavit religionem sine fuco et superstitione 
doctrinam sine fame aucupii coluit. Ortu satis felix beneficentiaque 
major utrumque taceri maluit. Gravitatem morum cum suavitate 
composuit pacis'quod vexit semina sparsit, Morien's amplam 
messem recepit (Araorum satur) Septuagenario paulo minor 


animam Deo placide redditus Feb. 10, 1724, Priscilla filia unica 
superstes atque haeres Patri pariter atque matri charissima 
priscilla. In vita simul et in morte conjunctissimi posuit."- 
Buried at Strood, Feb. 16, 1724, where is the above inscription 
to his memory. 

William Gibson, Meopham, 1646 ; again inducted, 1661 ; West 
Mailing, 1637-59 ; LulUngstone, 1663-70 ; buried here Dec, 7, 

Robert Giffard, West Farleigh, 1348-61. 

John Gifford, Rector of Eynsford, 1629-77. 

Nathaniel Gifford, Stone, 1607-15. 

Robert Gifford, Marestone, 1465 ; St. Margaret's, Rochester, 

Gilbert, Sutton, 1278. 

Gilbert, Wrothara, 1274. 

James Gilbert, Mixbury, 1513-21. 

Edmund Gilbert, Penshurst, 1483. 

John Gilbert, Trotterscliffe, 1347 ; previously Vicar of Tenterden. 

William Gilbert, Wilmington, 1362. 

William Giles, Aylesford, 1576-93 ; obijt 1593. 

Thomas Howard Gill, Tonbridge, 1890-4 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " In loving 
memory of Thomas Howard Gill, M.A., Cantab, who fell asleep 
June 5, 1894, aged 57 years. His body rests in Malew Church- 
yard, Isle of Man, waiting for the Resurrection. He being dead 
yet speaketh, Now unto Him that loved us and washed us from 
our sins in His own blood, and hath made us King and Priests 
unto God, His Father. To Him be glory and dominion for ever 
and ever. Amen. Rev. I. 5-6." 

John Gillebon, Horton Kirby, between 1320 and 1345. 

John Charles Gilling, Rosherville, 1853-95. 

Thomas Graham Gilling-Lax, Rosherville, 1895-1902. 

Hamo de Gillingham, Gillingham, 1281-4. 

John Gilman, Kingsdown, 1690-1710; St. Nicholas', Rochester, 
1701-10; Canon of Rochester, 1689-1710; opposed James II. 's 
attempt to thrust in a Papist as the head of Magdalen College, 
Oxford ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " Sub hoc marmore conduntur reliquiae 
Johannis Gilman, A.M., CoUegii Magdalensis Apud Oxon. 
Hujus ecclesiae canonici rectoris de Kingsdowne et St' Nicholai 
infra hane urbem vicarii. Haec omnia vir egregius summa cum 
fide obivit munia difficillimis temporibus ; argumentis consilio 
prudentia coUegii jura constautissime defendit : et cum contra 
vim ulterius defendere non potuit cum iis pulsus cessit coUegio 
cum iis rediit restitutus. Hujus ecclesise rem et statum optime 
perspexit, prudentissime in omnibus of&ciis administravit. 
Utriusque parochiae gregem diligenter curavit Multis virtutibus 
ornatus multis occidit flebilis. Plorarit parentes ejus filium 
observantissimum conjux maritum amantissimum, liberi patrem 
mitissimum amici amicum fidelissimum egeni patronum beneficum 
qui tamen omnes non tanquam sine spe moerent, Sciant enim 


easdem dotes quae secum ipsis desideratissimum, coelis etiam 

maturum reddidisse et dum suo dolent detrimento summam ejus 

felicitatem grato animo prosequuntur. Obijt 17mo Nov. mdccx. 

aetatis suae 50 " ; Buried in the Cathedral, Nov. 22, 1710. 
Clotworthy Gilmore, Dartford Union Chaplain and Vicar of 

Dartford, 1845-57. 
James Gillot, Chevening, 1380 ; Rector of Bolton Dio Sarum till 1380. 
John Gimpton, Snodland, 1620-4. 
John Girthe, Fawkham, 1515-17 ; obijt 1517 ; Ex. Test" Su", "To 

be buried in the chancel in the middle of the choir before the 

highest altar ; leaves xx' to the buying of a new vestment." 
Hugh Girton, Hailing, 1317-20. 
George Gladwell, All Hallows', 1577-88. 
John Gladwyn, Master of Cobham College, 1420-44 ; Rector of 

Luddesdown, 1444 to 1450 ; Buried in Cobham Church : Ex. 

Mon° Su°, " Hie jacet Magister Johannes Gladwyn quondam 

magister istius coUegii cuius anime propicietur Deus. Amen. 

In die judicii libera me domine. Jesu mercy. Lord help on with 

mercy and grace." 
Alexander de Glanville, Prior of Rochester, 1242 ; obijt 1252. 
Thomas Glanville, alias Glanvyle, Dode, 1348-9 ; Paddlesworth, 

1348-9 ; St. Lawrence, Hailing. 
Richard Glasier, Woolwich, July — December, 1508 ; obijt 1508. 
William Glastynbury, Le, December, 1390 — May, 1391; Tinterne, 

Jolin Glenton, Marestone, 1522-8 ; said to be hermit here. 
Thomas Gloucester, Prebend, of the High Mass of Mailing Abbey, 

1426-44 ; obijt 1444. 
John Glover, Ruxley, 1358-61. 

John Glynn, Lewisham, 1545-68 ; Buried in the Chancel, 1568. 
George Glysson, Aylesford, 1575 ; obijt 1576, 
John Goad, Headmaster of Tonbridge School, 1660-2 ; afterwards 

at Merchant Taylors'. 
John Godard, Foot's Cray, 1367. 
John Godard, Lee, 1383-7, 

William Godard, Leigh, 1389-1400 ; Ryarsh, 1400. 
William Godard de Shepreth, Chaplain of Freckenham Chantry 

between 1328 and 1331. 
Robert Godchill, alias Goldhill, alias Gadshill, Tudely, 1462 ; 

Rural Dean of Mailing, 1463. 
Charles Goddard, Ibstock, 1836-48 ; Bexley, 1825-33 ; served as a 

midshipman at the battle of Trafalgar ; Buried here Jan. 31, 1848 ; 

Ex. Mon° Su°, ■' Sacred to the memory of Charles Goddard, 

B.D., Rector of this parish, and for 27 years Archdeacon of 

Lincoln. He died at Ibstock Jan. 21st, 1848, aged 78 years." 
George Frederick Goddard, Southfleet, 1854-93 ; Isleham, 1S47-8 ; 

Hon. Canon of Rochester, 1855-93 ; Buried here Nov. 9, 1893 ; 

Ex. Mon° Su°, "George Frederick Goddard, M.A., 39 years 

Rector of this parish, who died Nov. 3, 1893, aged 76." 


John Godden, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1587. 

Robert Godden, Ryarsh, 1660-1. 

John Godding, Leigh, 1568-96. 

Oliver Godfrey, Penshurst, 1521-50 ; Ex. Test" Su°, 1550, "To be 

buried in the placed which I have prepared in Penshurst Churche 

if it chaunce to leave my lyffe there if in London then in the 

Cathedral Church Paules ner Mr. Doctor Cokks." He left a 

rental of xx" for a sexton or other benefit of the parish ; obijt 

Thomas Godfrey, Ruxley, Dec, 1395-6; Newenton-next-Hithe, 

to 1395. 
Cyril Francis Godmond, East Mailing, 1845-7. 
Samuel Francis Godmond, East Mailing, 1840-5 ; Buried here Oct. 

2, 1845. 
John de Godwyck, or Godewyck, Clyffe, 1390-7 ; obijt 1397. 
Roger Godwyn, Horton Kirby, Capellanus Rect 31 medietatis 

ecclesia B Mariae de Bocklond to 1362. 
William Godwryn, Luddesdown, 1361-6. 
Joseph Godwynestowe, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1328-30. 
Edmund Godyn, Ditton, 1579-1608 ; obijt 1608. 
John Goffe, Norton, 1652-62. 
Richard Gofredhurst, Chatham, 1485-1502. 
John Goheir, Horton Kirby, 1691-8. 
Henry Gold, Hayes, with Chapel of Norwood, 1529-34. 
John Gold, or Mold, alias Poison, Hermit of Longsole, 1391-1406. 
John Golde, Westerham, July — Aug., 1404. 
Richard Golden, West Farleigh, 1554-60 ; a Papist intruded into 

the living in the days of Queen Mary, but ejected for the former 

priest in Elizabeth's time. 
Roger Golden, Chantry Priest of St. Mary Stampett, Dartford, 

1367 ; Bapchild, to 1367. 
Richard Goldesboro atte Potter, Deptford, 1503-16 ; will adminis- 
tered in 1517, in whch he is called Potter. 
James Goldewell, Addington, 1533-49 ; renounced Papal Authority. 
James Goldewell, Bockingfold, 1464-73 ; Legum Doctor. 
James Goldewell, Dartford, Jan. — May, 1546 ; Buried in the Great 

Chancel, 1546. 
John Kellow Goldney, Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital, 1838 to 

Nov. 6, 1865. 
Nicholas Goldsboro, Norton, 1581-1610 ; held Buckland with it ; 

Buried as Goulsburgh, Sept. 26th, 1610. 
Frederick Goldsmith, Hailing, 1885-8 ; Dean of Perth, Western 

Australasia, 1888-1904 ; Bishop of Bunbury, Western Australasia, 

John Goldsmith, Foots Cray, 1465 ; Rural Dean of Dartford, 1465. 
John Goldsmyth, Foots Cray, 1437. 
Philip Goldstone, Kingsdown, between 1430 and 1439. 
Thomas Goldyng, Strood, 1326-34. 
John Gomes, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1392. 


Thomas Goodale, Addington, 1495-1502. 

Robert Goodaye, Addington, 1551-9. 

Samuel Goodenough, Dean of Rochester, 1802-8 ; Boxley, 1804-8 ; 

Bishop of Carlisle, 1808-27 
George Goodenough, Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital and Royal 

Hospital School, 1899 to Oct. 4, 1907. 
Triarmor Goodharde, Crayford, 1590-9 ; obijt 1599. 
Godfrey Goodman, Dean of Rochester, 1621-4 ; Bishop of 

Gloucester, 1624-60. 
James Goodwin, Sundridge, 1680-March, 1584-5 ; Buried here 

March 19, 1684-5. 
Leslie Ellis Goodwin, Wrotham, 1899-1903 ; Chaplain to the 

Bishop of Carlisle, 1882-91 ; Rector of St. Martin's with St. 

Paul's, Canterbury, 1892-4 ; Rural Dean of Canterbury, 1892-4 ; 

Aldington, 1894-8 ; Rural Dean of Shoreham. 
Samuel Goodwin, Stone, 1661. 
Frederick Wildman Goodwyn, Rotherfield, 1889-98 ; St. Andrew, 

Sharrow, ShefBeld, 1879-89 ; Chaplain to Eccleshall Burlow 

Union, 1880-9; Canon of York, 1888; Vicar of Eastbourne, 1898. 
John Gordon, Chalk, 1704-6 ; Ifield, 1704-7 ; Nurstead 1704-7. 
Richard Gordon, Ridley, 1445-8 ; Newchurch, to 1445. 
William Gordon, Speldhurst, 1816-30. 
Charles Frederick Gore, Edenbridge, 1860-1903. 
John Gore, East Barming, 1422-4. 
John Gorell, Wateringbury, 1541-5 ; deprived for neglect of duty, 

John Gorman, Pauline's Cray, 1422-33 ; Roughton, till 1422. 
John Gorsych, Vicar of Wrotham, 1428-35 ; Norton, 1435-43 ; 

Kemsing, 1438-45. 
John Gorwell, Strood, 1425-37 ; Ickleford, to 1425. 
Robert Gosborn, Penshurst, between 1483 and 1521. 
Simon Gosforth, Nettlestead-cum-West Barming, 1503-21. 
Charles Cartaret Gosselin, St. Luke's, Bromley, 1905. 
Thomas Gosselyn, Frindsbury, 1348-Feby., 1348-9 ; obijt 1348-9. 
Isaac Gostling, Woldham, 1667-82 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 

John Gote, alias Briton, Ryarsh, 1399-1400 ; Leigh, 1400. 
William Gotier, Leybourne, 1687-90. 
Thomas Gotte, Lullingstone, 1575-8. 
WiUiam Gouge, Chevening, between 1546 and 1558. 
Richard Gould, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1449-59. 
Thomas Gournay, Teston, 1349 ; previously Vicar of Bocton, 

Monchelsea ; July, 1439 Wilmington. 
John Cover, Orpington, 1518-22 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, "Of your charitie 

pray for the soule of Mr. John Gover, Bachelor of bothe Lawes, 

and Vicar of this Parish, which decessd the vj day of August, 

anno domini mcccccxxij, on whose soule Jhesu have mercie." 
John Grace, Kingsdown, 1436. 
John de Graftlyng, Kingsdown, 1362-71. 


Robert Grafton, Wrotham, 1572-6. 

Charles Edward Graham-Jones, Cowden, 1896-1907 ; Newton-in- 

Moltram, 1873-83 ; South Banbury, 1883-96. 
George Graham, Bexley Heath, 1878-88; Ex. Mon° Su", "In 

loving memory of the Rev. George Graham, Vicar of thisParisli, 

who fell asleep 9th Dec, 1887, aged 43 years; until the day 

dawn " ; Buried here Dec. 14, 1887." 
John Graham, Chaplain of Chatham Union, 1839-55. 
Reuben Graham, Plaistow, 1864-9.' 
Thomas Graham, St. Peter's, Southborough, 1893 ; St. Philip 

and St. Jacob, Bristol, 1871-7 ; St, James', Bristol, 1877-80; St. 

Paul's, Bull's Pond, 1880-5 ; St. Bride's, Liverpool, 1885-93. 
Thomas William Graham, St. Matthew's, Southborough, 1889. 
William Henry Graham, St. Paul's, Penge, 1867-95. 
Strynger de Grahamston, alias William Gorynge, Aylesford, 1397 ; 

West Churtou, 1397. 
Robert Granch, alias Granow, Foots Cray, 1392-3 ; Frindsbury, 

Thomas Grandison, Chelsfield, to 1317. 
Duncan, Grandyn, Marestone, 1354. 
John Grane, Nettlestead, 1623. 
Robert de Grange, Penshurst, 1288-1302. 
Richard Granger, Ifield, between 1406 and 1416. 
William Granger, Rector of East Peckham, 1511-17. 
William Granger, Gillingham, 1559-72 ; deprived 1572. 
Anthony Grant, Aylesford, 1862-78 ; Romford, 1838-62 ; Arch- 
deacon of Rochester and St. Alban's, 1863 ; Canon of Rochester, 

1860-82 ; obijt 1882. 
Cyril Fletcher Grant, Aylesford, 1878-95 ; Hon. Canon of Rochester, 

1890 ; Rural Dean of Cobham, 1892-5 ; Holy Trinity, with St. 

Mary's, Guildford, 1895. 
Francis Bazett Grant, Dartford, 1830-44 ; Chaplain of Dartford 

Union, 1837-44 ; Rector of Shelton, Staffordshire, 1844. 
John Grant, Barming, 1523-4 ; after Rector of St. Bartholomew's 

Exchange, London, where he was sequestered by the rebels ; 

South Benfleet, Essex. 
John Grant, Kingsdown, 1710-36 ; St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, 

1677-1736 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1692 ; obijt 1736. 
John Grant, Lamberhurst, 1713-16 ; perhaps same as last. 
John de Grantham, Sundridge, between 1371 and 1379. 
Robert Grape, Dartford, 1390-1400 ; Brunstede, to 1390. 
Samuel Grasscombe, Stourmouth, 1680-90. 
Stephen Grasscombe, Bromley, 1681-3. 
John Graunger, Prebend, of the High Mass of Mailing Abbey, 

1391-2 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1400 ; Rector of Addington, 

William Graunger, Chalk, 1533-43, 1553-7. 
John de Graveney, Chatham, 1362-70. 
Richmond Graves, Wilmington, 1558-9, 


Thomas Graves, Horton Kirby, 1690-1. 

Dominus Gravesend, Beckenham, 1561; presented but not inducted. 

John Gray, East Farleigh, 1438-57 ; obijt 1457. 

Stephen Gray, Chatham, 1395-6. 

John Graye, Sutton, 1528-30. 

William Graye, Aylesford, 1366-8. 

John Grayewe, Wateringbury, Feb. -Mar., 1403. 

Robert Greame, Rotherfield with Eridge Chapel, 1837-56 ; Buried 
here May 22, 1856. 

Thomas Greeme, Ditton, 1510-27 ; obijt 1527. 

Arthur Ernest Green, St. Michael and All Angels', Sydenham, 1904. 

Charles Green, St. Paul's, Beckenham, 1875-1902. 

Charles Green, Junior Chaplain of Chatham Garrison, 1859. 

William Green, Penshurst, 1852-77 ; Buried at Fordcombe, Oct. 
15, 1877; Ex, Mon" Su", "In memory of William Green, born 
1816, died 1877 ; three years Curate of Fordcombe, and 25 years 
Rector of Penshurst. 

WiUiam Green, Bexley, 1770-1808; Buried here Feb. 13, 1808; 
Ex. Mon° Su°. " Sacred to the memory of the Reverend William 
Green, A.M., thirty eight years Vicar of Bexley ; for many years 
Classical Master of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich ; 
obijt Feb. 10, 1808. Hie vir animo como et miti necnon ad artes 
omnes apto ; humanis literis severam mathematicaeque praestabat 
disciplinam adjunxit ; summa fuit in omnibus officiis industrio 
ingenio tamen meliore quam fortuna usus et domestico in luctu 
hand semel spectatus quod creditit exemplo docet sperandum 
alibi quam in terris felicitatem." 

Francis Greene, East Farleigh, 1661-85 ; complained against ; 
Buried May 12, 1685. 

George Greene, Clyffe, 1681-1739 ; Fellow Emmanuel College, 
Cambridge : Buried at Welby, Suffolk, 1739. 

Joseph Greene, Bromley, 1611-20. 

Thomas Greene, Rotherfield, 1736-8. 

Walter Greene, Clyffe, 1509-35. 

Nicholas Greene, Farningham, 1410-17 ; East Mailing, 1401-10. 

G. H. Greenall, Otford 1825-45. 

James Lawrence Greenfield, Chaplain of the Forces, Woolwich, 

Thomas Greenhalgh, Cooling, 1673-4. 

John Greenhall, Ruxley, December, 1421-2. 

Nicholas Greenhay, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1554-60 ; Leeds, Kent 
also, deprived, 1560. 

Richard Bathurst Greenlaw, St. German's, Kidbrook, 1845. 

Richard Greenlaw, Ibstock, 1848-9. 

William Greenlaw, St. German's, Kidbrook, 1822-31. 

William Greenlaw, Woolwich, 1837-51 ; Buried here Dec. 22, 1850; 
Ex. Mon° Su°. "Inmemory of theRevd. William Greenlaw, M.A., 
thirteen years Rector of this parish ; born 18th May, 1781, died 
22nd December, 1850 ; this tablet has been erected by Public 


Subscription as a memorial of the perseverance, energy and 
Christial zeal with which he ever promoted the spiritual and 
temporal interests of the parishioners. The Church of St. John 
the National Schools, and the Parochial Alms Houses, bear a 
testimony to his faithful exertions in the cause of religion and 
charity. He that winneth souls is wise, Prov. xi, 36 ; They that 
turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever, Dan. 
xn, 5." 

Ernest Frederick Greenstreet, Minor Canon 1881-2 ; obijt 1882. 

Walter Cole Greenaway, Wilmington, 1905 ; Borstal, 1895-9. 

Roger Greenwood, Eltham, 1529-40 ; Renounced Papal Authority ; 
obijt 1547. 

Henry Gregg, Shipbourne, 1854-6. 

John Robert Gregg, Deptford, 1875-82 ; " To the glory of God and 
in loving memory of the Revd. John Robert Gregg, M.A., for 
7 years Vicar of the Parish of Deptford, from April, 1875, to 
June, 1882, During which time the interior of the Church was 
entirely renovated ; Born September 13th, 1831, died June 11th, 
1882. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
which in his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a 
lively hope in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 
I St. Peter, I, 3." 

Gregory, Ash, 1242. 

Francis Thomas Gregory, Piatt, 1854-38 ; Buried here Jany. 17, 
1898 ; under a window a tablet runs : " This window is inscribed 
to the glory of God and in memory of Francis Thomas Gregory, 
Vicar of this Parish." 

Thomas Gregory, Woolwich, 1699-1706. 

John Harold Greig, St. German's, Kidbrook, 1894-5 ; St. Paul's, 
Walworth, 1895. 

John Grene, Cowden, 1542-8 ; Erith, 1542-8 ; leaves vj" viij" to the 
reparacion of the Chancel ; item xx' to the heyway betwex 
Cowden Crosse and Edonbregge. 

Nicholas Grene, East Mailing, 1401-10; Altisdon, to 1401. 

Richard Grene, Fawkham, 1349-65. 

Thomas Grene, Sundridge, 1501-7 ; obijt 1507. 

John Grenelawe, Horton Kirby, between 1407 and 1413. 

John de Grenestreet, Prior of Rochester, 1301-7. 

Richard de Grenfalle, Rector of Freckenham, between 1370 and 1393. 

John de Grenfelle, Isleham, between 1372 and 1392. 

John Grenhalle, Ruxley, 1421-2; Shorne, 1422-3. 

William Grenlef, Milton, 1341-8. 

Matilda de Grenstede, Abbess of Higham, between 1328 and 1340. 

John de Grenstreete, Prior of Rochester, 1301-14 ; obijt 1321. 

Richard Gresham, Prebend, of Mailing Abbey, 1361-5; Vicar of 
West Mailing between 1340 and 1363. 

Henry Gretton, Crowborough, 1880-7. 

Peter Greves, Chelsfield, 1493 ; Swanscombe, 1493-1514. 

Edward Grevill, Westerham, 1626-7, 


Job Grey, Ibstock, 1643-7 ; son of Antony, Earl of Kent. 
Nicholas Grey, 1649-60 ; first at Charterhouse, then of Merchant 

Taylors', then of Eton ; ejected by the Presbyterians, and then 

presented to Tonbridge School. 
Walter de Grey, Prebend, of the High Mass of Mailing Abbey, 1207. 
Frank Barrow Gribbell, Christchurch, Erith, 1881-91 ; Principal of 

the Collegiate School, and Vicar of St. Paul's, Victoria, Van- 
couver Island, Vicar of Ringmere, Lewes, 1891. 
Nicholas Grier, West Mailing, 1577-84. 
Rembron Griffin, Snodland, 1600-8 ; called verbi minister. 
Daniel Griffith, Cooling, 1674. 
George Octavius Fletcher Griffith, St. Agatha and St. Barnabas, 

Beckenham, 1881. 
John Griffith, Aylesford, 1831-2 ; Fellow of Emmanuel College : 

Vicar of Boxley, 1832-52 ; Thornton Curteis, 1832-52 ; Canon of 

Rochester, 1827-72 ; obijt at Cheltenham, May 29, 1879. 
John Griffith, alias Gitton, Shorne, 1528. 
Maurice Griffith, Southfleet, 1537-58 ; Chancellor to Bishop Hilsey, 

1535; Sutton-at-Hone, April, 1536; Rector of Freckenham, Oct., 

1536; Archdeacon of Rochester, 1537; St. Magnus, London 

Bridge, 1537 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1546 ; Bishop of Rochester, 

1554-8 ; obijt 1558. 
Thomas Thompson Griffith, 1859-72 ; Minor Canon of Rochester. 
William Griffith, Mapiscombe, 1545-65. 
John Griffiths, Fellow of Queen's, Oxford ; P.C. Strood, 1801-3 ; 

Hinxhill, 1801-33 ; St. Margaret's, 1803-33 ; Head Master of 

Rochester School. 
Richard Griffiths, West Farleigh, 1910; Chaplain to Missions to 

Seamen on the Medway, 1903-10. 
John Grigg, Chalk, between 1416 and 1437 ; Denton, 1437-52. 
John Grigge, Grayne, 1514-23. 
Henry Beaufort Grimaldi, Chaplain of Greenwich Union, 1875-7 ; 

Government Chaplain at York, Western Australasia ; Vicar of 

Chittlehamholt, Devon, 1882-5. 
Harbottle Grimston, High Halstow, 1788-1823. 
William Groby, High Halstow ; Ex. Mon°Su°, " Hie jacet dominus 

Willelmus Groby quondam rector istius ecclesie qui obijt xiii 

Kalend Februarij anno domini MCCCLXxxxvni cuius anime 

propicietur Deus. Amen." 
Henry de Grothurst, Horton Kirby, 1348-9. 
Henry deGrothurst, Horton Kirby, 1307-20. 
John de Grothurst, Horsemonden, 1341-9. 
John Grotrowe. Isleham, 1338-42 ; obijt 1342. 
William Henry Grove, Clyffe, 1889-99 ; Chaplain of St. George's 

Hospital, 1868-70. 
John Grover, All Hallows', 1541-3. 
William Grovhurst, Brenchley, to 1349. 
Charles Henry Grundy, St. Peter's, Brockley, 1887 ; Organizing 

Secretary of the Rochester Diocesan Society, 1879-87, 


John Grundye, Freckenham, 1583-92. 

John Gryce, Deptford, 1437-8. 

Richard Grygge, AUington, between 1361-6. 

Richard Grymerby, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1463. 

John Grymes, Ightham, 1616-44 ; Rainham, 1609 ; Mr. Grimes, 
Minister of Ightham, in Kent, refusing either himself to take the 
late Vow or Covenant or to tender the same to his parishioners, 
according to the order of both Houses, a party of horse was sent 
to bring him up to Parliament ; whereupon several persons of that 
town and the places adjacent, gathered together with halberts, 
swords and staves, and would have rescued him, which though 
they could not effect yet, thus being up in tumult, many others 
resorted to them, and at the town of Sevenoaks, they increased 
their number almost to 2,000. The Parliament sent down Sir 
Henry Vane, the Elder, to endeavour to appease them, and a 
Declaration if they would only depart to their own houses and 
restore what arms they had taken from others, they should be 
received to favour and protection, and the Parliament would 
redress their greivances. But this being refused, the Houses 
sent down Col. Richard Brown, with two regiments of foot and 
a regiment of dragoons, and some troops of horse, who drove 
them from Sevenoaks to Tonbridge, where a party of them 
having pulled down Hildenbridge, about a quarter of a mile off 
the town, did from the hill beyond it, made a stout opposition 
for some time. He was expelled by Parliament. 

Samuel Grymes, Vicar of East Peckham, 1661-4 ; Hadlow, 1629-43. 

Henry Grymston, Aylesford, 1649-54 ; Buried here Sept. 20, 1654. 

John Grymstone, Northfleet, 1596-1600. 

Thomas de Guerdestone, Chaplain of Fawkham Chantry, 1333-9. 

JuHan Guise, Addington, 1883 ; Lea, Gloucestershire, 1880-83. 

Richard GuUeboro, Hermit of Longsole, and Rector of Longfield, 
previous to 1343. 

William Gulyett, Chislehurst, between 1372 and 1421. 

William Gumley, Chaplain of Greenwich Union, 1880-96 ; Bailie- 
boro Union, 1858-60 ; Vicar of TintinhuU, Bath and Wells, 1895. 

John Gunder, Sutton, 1403-30. 

John Gunn, Milton Chantry, 1459-60. 

Thomas Gunn, Birling, 1652-61 ; a Puritan, ejected under the 
Bartholomew Act. 

Thomas Gurney, Chaplain of St. Mary's Stampett Chantry, May- 
July, 1349. 

Thomas Gurnell, Marestone, 1528 ; Mereworth, 1535-57 ; Pluckley 

Henry Gwyn, Stoke, 1649-58 ; Buried here May 18, 1658. 

William Gwyn, Foot's Cray, 1766-8 ; Rector of CoUington ; 
Principal of Brasenose. 

Thomas Gybbes, Chaplain of St. Mary's Stampett Chantry, 1403-21. 

William Gybbings, Chelsfield-cum-Farnboro, 1558-76; Buried 
Sept. 18, 1576. 


William Gybons, Halstead, 1548-60. 

Robert Gybson, Nurstead, 1493-1506. 

Robert Gybson, Vicar of Wrotham, 1504 ; bound under a penalty 

of £2Si continually and personally to reside, 
William Gydding, Meopham, 1504-24. 
John Gyffard, Lee, Jan. 1405-6 — Apr., 1406 ; Vicar of East 

Bech worth ; appears not to have changed. 
William Gylborne, between 1427 and 1451 ; Ex. epitaphio, " Hie 

jacet dominus Willelmus Gylborne quondam vicarius istius 

ecclesie qui obijt xv° die Julij anno domini MCCCCH cuius anime 

propicietur Deus. Amen." 
Thomas Gyles, Bromley, 1421-4 ; Wilden, Lincoln, by change. 
Launcelot Gylhawke, Chatham, 1544-9 ; Hailing, 1554-60. 
John Gympton, Snodland, 1620. 
William Gysborne, Foot's Cray ; obijt 1451. 

Richard Hackett, Plumstead, 1545-6. 

Nicholas Haddeley, Crayford, 1387-90 ; Westwell, to 1387 ; Rector 

of Sevenoaks, 1383. 
Nicholas, son of Clement Haddon de Honiton, Rector of Frecken- 

ham, 1406 ; previously Rector of Basyngham. 
Thomas Hadley, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1466. 
William de Hadlo, Cuxton, 1295. 
Martin Haggard, Burham, 1554-6; afterwards at Meopham ; obijt 

Walson Hagger, North Woolwich, 1909 ; Head Master Boys' High 

School, Sunderland, 1884-92 ; Vicar of ToUeshunt Major, Essex, 

Hugh de Hagworthyngham, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1338-45 ; 
SHautwesel, till 1338. 
Frederick William Haines, Holy Trinity, Bromley, 1882-1904 ; 

The Lye, Worcester, 1879-82. 
Ralph Haines, Chaplain of Pembury Chantry, 1526-7. 
Walter Halt, or Hayte, Shorne, 1575-87; St. Margaret's, Rochester, 

1587-90; Prebend, of Rochester, 1587; Goudhurst, 1589-92; 

Cuxton, 1597-1610 ; obijt 1610 ; Buried in the Cathedral ; will 

proved June 12, 1610. 
Adam de Hakele, Stoke, 1244. 
George de Hakon, Rector of Orpington, 1322. 
Sewellus de Halam, Dodecirce, 1355-62 ; Paddlesworth, 1355-7. 
George Hale, Swanscombe, 1889 ; Chaplain of His Majesty's 

Prison, Cambridge; 1882-9 ; St. Luke's, Chesterton, 1881-9. 
Thomas Hale, St. Lawrence, Hailing, Chaplain between 1393 and 

James Hales, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1722-46 ; Bearsted, 

1723-33 ; Chart, Sutton, 1733-66 ; obijt 1766. 
Walter Hale, Mereworth, 1438-47 ; suspended 1447. 
John Thomas Hales, Chaplain of Chatham Garrison, June, 1903-7 ; 

Senior Chaplain, 1907. 
John Hales, Northfleet, 1542-6, 


Nicholas Hales, Burham, 1335-47. 

Robert Hales, Lee, 1526-67 ; Canon of Leeds. 

John Haleway, St. Mary's, Hoo, 1462-76. 

William Halford, Ightham, 1750-63. 

Henry Hall, Greenwich, 1543-54. 

Henry Hall, Rector of Orpington, 1755-63 ; Vicar of East Pectham, 

1756-63 ; Treasurer of Wells ; Rector of Harbledown. 
Jacobus Hall, Brenchley, 1431-5 ; Great Ilford, 1431. 
John Hall, Erith, 1705-14. 
Joseph Hall, Knockholt, 1855-82 ; Buried here Dec, 19, 1882 ; Ex. 

Mon" Su°, "In loving memory of Joseph Hall, formerly 27 

years incumbent and rector of this parish, who died December 

12, 1882, aged 63 years." 
John Cecil Hall, Offham, 1830-32. 
John Robert Hall, Hunton, 1865-92 ; St. Mary Magdalen, Oxford, 

1838-44 ; Frodsham, Cheshire, 1844-57 ; Bolden, Durham, 1857- 

60 ; Hon. Canon of Durham, 1857-60 ; Prebendary of Grindal, 

York, 1860-3 ; Coulsdon, Surrey, 1863-5 ; Hon. Canon of 

Canterbury ; Rural Dean of North Mailing. 
Nicholas Hall, Chaplain of St. Edmund's, Dartford, 1513-23. 
Richard Hall, Sundridge, 1629. 

Robert Hall, Leybourne, 1720-3 ; Buried here Dec. 9, 1723. 
Thomas Hall, Bexley, between 1415 and 1456. 
Thomas Hall, Greenwich, 1521-35. 
Thomas Hall, Milton, 1507-21 ; obijt 1521. 

Thomas Hall, Chaplain of Sevenoaks Chantry, between 1514andl515 
William Hall, Nurstead, 1438-45. 
Alleyne Hall-Hall, Cheriton, 1876-89 ; Chevening, 1889 ; Rural 

Dean of Shoreham ; Hon. Canon of Rochester. 
William Halle, Chaplain of Stampett Chantry, 1535-7 ; Snodland, 

1571; E. Bur, Reg., "1571, Sir William Halle, pson of this 

parish was buried June 22nd." 
John Hallingbury, Strood, 1295 ; Rector of Hallingbury, Essex. 
Michael Hallowes, Hayes, 1371-5 ; Ethorslie, 1371. 
John Hals, Greenwich, 1396 ; Colton, Suffolk, 1396. 
Thomas Daniell Halsted, St. Paul's, Greenwich, 1864-70 ; St. 

Thomas', Birmingham, 1870-1888; Little Hereford Rectory, 

Tenbury, 1888. 
Thomas Halsthorp, Bockingfold, between 1435 and 1464. 
Hugh Halstoft, West Barming, 1441-9. 
Robert Hallam, Northfleet, 1393 ; Executor of Archbishop 

Courtenay's Will. 
James Hamelyn, Swanscombe, 1442-6. 

Hugh de Hamilton, Foots Cray, 1358-61 ; Lammas, Bangor, 1358. 
Joseph Harriman Hamilton, Prebend, of Rochester, 1872-81 ; 

Prebend, of St. Paul's, 1859-72 ; St. Michael's, Chester Square, 

1848-77 ; Frant, 1877-81. 
William de Hamilton, Horton Kirby, 1368-93. 
Thomas Hamblin, Hever, 1753-62 ; Buried here July 23, 1762, 


Thomas Hammergold, Frindsbury, 1348-9-49 ; called de Sechford, 
Dartford, 1349. 

George Hammon, Shorne, 1592. 

Egerton Douglas Hammond, Sundridge, 1859-90 ; Chaplain of 
Sevenoaks Union, 1860-71 ; Ex. IWon" Su°, "To the glory of God 
and beloved memory of Egerton Douglas Hammond, Rector of 
this Parish, 1859-90 ; born at St. Alban's Court, Kent, June 24, 
1822 ; Died at Chilton Foliat, March 20. 1889 ; His servants 
shall serve Him and they shall see His face." 

Frederick John Hammond, All Hallow's, Hoo, 1900. 

Henry Hammond, Penshurst, 1633-43; Chaplain to Charles I; 
Canon of Christchurch ; Archdeacon of Chichester ; obijt 1660. 

John Hammond, Pembury, between 1461 and 1465. 

Jonathan Hammond, Penshurst, 1796-1819 ; Buried here Feb. 20, 

Joseph Hammond, St. Paul's, New Beckenham, 1902 ; St. Mary- 
at-Elms, Ipswich, 1868-73; All Saints', Pontefract, 1873-81; 
St. Austell's, Truro, 1881-1902; Canon of Truro, 1892. 

Nathaniel Hammond, Erith, 1693-1705. 

William Hammond, Hailing, 1442-5 ; Chaplain of St. Lawrence, 
Hailing, 1442-5 ; Chaplain of Rochester Bridge Chapel, 1461-3. 

WiUiam Hamon, Eltham, 1557-8. 

John Hamond, Chislehurst, 1372 ; afterwards Rector of Lyminge. 

William Hamond, Gillingham, 1679-91. 

Henry Hamonde, Bromley, 1405-6 : Lulworth, to 1405 ; after- 
wards at St. Peter's, Chepe, London ; obijt 1432. 

Thomas de Hamsted, Ridley, 1333. 

John Hampton Stoke, 1623-4. 

Alfred de Hamynstede, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1350 ; disputed about 
tithes with Vicar of Shoreham. 

Richard Hancern (changed his name to Duppa), Stoke, 1753-65; 
Buried here, for his coffin was found here, but there is no record 
of his burial. 

Hugh Hanchowe, Mixbury, 1559-85 ; E. Par. Reg., " Hansaw (sic) 
mansit ; Rector, annos 25. 

John Hancocks, Foots Cray, 1691-1700 ; buried here Oct. 15, 1700. 

John Harward Jessop Handcock, Woodland, 1860-1907 ; Ex. Mon" 
Su", " In loving memory of the Reverend John Harward Jessop 
Handcock, for 47 years Vicar of this parish, who died 27th 
October, 1907, aged 78 years. Well done thou good and faithful 
servant, enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord ; St. Matthew xxv. 
28 " ; Buried here Oct. 31, 1907. 

Richard George Handcock, P.C. of Huclecote, Gloucester, 1861-8; 
Rector of St. Mark's, Jersey, 1868-73 ; St. Nicholas', Droitwich, 
1873-7; Quinton, Northants, 1877-87; All Saints', Walcote, 
Bath, 1888-90; Dotteridge, Chippenham, 1892; St. Peter's, 
Eltham, 1890-2. 

William Handton, Aylesford, 1424-5. 

John Hane, Rector of Eynesford, 1482-94 ; obijt 1494. 


John Hanewall, Vicar of Eynesford, 1350. 

Adam de Hanifield, or Halifield, Abbot of Lessness, 1319-28. 

William de Hanham, Fawkham, 1390-2; Tyng Mounteney, to 1390. 

Richard de Hankedon, Brastead, 1365-9 ; Nayleston, to 1365 ; 
Highaungue, London, 1368. 

Richard Hankton, Kemsing, between 1370 and 1396. 

Hamle, Henley, 1245. 

William Hanme, Erith, 1439-44 ; Henham, to 1439. 

Richard Hannasch, Cuxton, 1399-1400 ; Wodeham, to 1399. 

John de Hanneye, Trotterscliffe, 1361-9. 

Charles Harbin, Teston, 1854-75 ; Buried here April 14, 1875 ; Ex. 
Mon° Su°, " Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Charles Harbin, 
M.A., formerly Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, and for 
twenty years Rector of this parish ; he departed this life April 
7th, 1875, aged 75 years. The Lord gave and the Lord hath 
taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord." 

Hon. John Harbord, Chaplain of Morden Chapel, 1865-92 ; Rector 
of West Harling, 1846-64; Gunton, Hanworth, Norfolk, 1864-5. 

John Bradley Harbord, Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital and the 
Fleet, 1882-8. 

Edward Harby, Cowden, 1732-61 ; Buried here May 27th, 1761 : 
Ex. Mon° Su°, " Here lyeth the body of the Reverend Mr. 
Edward Harby, L.L.B., late Rector of this parish, in hope of a 
blessed resurrection through the merits of his Saviour Jesus 
Christ : he died the 22ud day of May, 1761, aged 61 years. He 
was son to Francis Harby, Esq., who was buried near this place." 

Aumericus de Harcourt, Henley, 1204. 

Gerald Ximenes Harcourt, All Saints', Battersea, 1889-1905 ; St. 
Paul's, Deptford, 1906-9 ; Upnor 1905-6. 

Robert Hardegray, LuUingstone, 1391-8 ; Wyngford, to 1391 ; 
obijt 1398. 

Gilbert de Hardeshull, Grayne, 1351-6. 

David Harding, Perry Hill, Lewisham. 1877-84 ; Sutton Valence, 

John Harding, Christchurch, Beckenham, 1183-97; Weeley, 
Colchester, 1875-83 ; Cold Harbour, Dorking, Surrey, 1897. 

Thomas Harding, Bexley, 1833-74 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " For God so 
loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that 
whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have ever- 
lasting life. St. John in., 18. To the memory of the Rev. 
Thomas Harding, M.A., Vicar of this parish 41 years, Rural 
Dean and Guardian of the Poor ; Born Jan. 7th, 1805 ; Died 
Nov. 12th, 1874. This tablet the tribute of many revering and 
grateful friends has been erected in remembrance of a Christian 
pastor, a philanthropist, a scholar, and of one whose high 
principle, active labour, unwavering kindness to all, whether rich 
or poor, endeared him to a very large circle of parishioners and 
neighbours. The memory of the just is blessed." Rural Dean 
of Dartford ; Buried Nov. 18, 1874. 


Sir Charles Hardinge, Tonbridge, 1812-64 ; under a window is 
inscribed " This window was erected by his parishioners and 
friends to the memory of Sir Charles Hardinge, Bart., who died 
Feb. 3rd, 1864, aged 84 years ; having been Vicar of this parish 
for more than half a century." 

Charles Robert William Hardy, Underriver, 1880-5 ; Northaw, 
Hants., 1874-80: Offley, Herts., 1885-1900; Canewdon, 1900. 

Edward Hardy, Halstead, 1771-97 ; Headmaster of Sevenoaks Gram- 
mar School ; Rector and Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1775-7 ; obijt 1797. 

John Hardy, Underriver, 1885-6. 

Nathaniel Hardy, Leybourne, 1667-75 ; Dean of Rochester, 1660-70. 

Thomas WilUam Hardy, Erith, 1875-94 ; St. James', Gloucester, 
1872-5; Shudy Camps, 1858-62; St. Staphen's, Exeter, and 
Vice-Principal of Exeter Theological College, 1852-4 ; Stistead, 
Essex, 1894 ; Chaplain at Malaga, 1864-7. 

William Hardyn, Ash, between 1395 and 1397 ; Rector of Neasden, 

Thomas Hardyng, Bexley, 1494 ; Ex. Test" Su°, " To be buried in 
the choir." 

Henry Hare, Chatham, Junior Military Chaplain, 1862. 

John Harewold, Ridley, 1354-62 ; Moreton, Essex, till 1354 ; obijt 

Richard Hargreaves, Higham, 1797-1829 ; Master of the Free 
School, Rivington, Lancashire ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " Richardus 
Hargreaves, A.M., Ecclesiae de Higham per annos xxxi Vicarius 
CoUegii Johannis apud Cantabrigienses quondam socius decessit 
nonis Septerabris, a.d., mdcccxxviii., ^tatis Lxm " ; he 
restored the old Church ; Buried here Sept. 13, 1828. 

Edward Hargrove, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1593. 

George Harker, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1826-62; Buried here 
May 27, 1862 ; Ex. Mon° Su», " In memory of the Revd. George 
Harker, who died at Stock well Crescent, Clapham Common, 
May 20th, 1862, aged 71, and whose remains are interred in the 
cemetery of this Parish. He was ordained to the Curacy of 
Sibergham, Cumberland, in the year 1803. He afterward 
served the united Curacies of Egerton and Boughton, Kent, and 
subsequently for five years that of the Parish of St. John, 
Chatham ; in the year 1819 he was elected Chaplain of this 
County's Prison at Maidstone, which office he resigned in 1821, 
when appointed minister of the newly-erected Church of St. 
John's, Chatham, where he laboured most successfully till 
declining health compelled him to relinquish. He also held the 
Vicarage of this parish from 1826-1853 with peculiar faithfulness, 
energy, and affection. He preached Christ in His person, work, 
and office, and was instrumental in turning many to righteousness, 
who will be his crown of rejoicing in the presence of our Lord, 
Jesus Christ, at his coming. Ye are complete in him. Col. II. 10. 
In affectionate remembrance of his piety, fidelity, and usefulness, 
this monument was erected by some of his attached friends." 


Charles Harland, Luddesdown, 1768-85. 

Richard Harman, Halstead, 1560-70 ; obijt 1570. 

Richard Harman, Crayford, between 1524 and 1550 ; obijt 1550. 

John Clarke Harness, Horsemonden, 1865-6. 

Henry Harper, Tonbridge, 1756-90 ; Buried here Oct. 11, 1790. 

John Harper, Luddesdown, 1440-4. 

Richard Harper, Norton, 1479-96. 

Thomas Harper, Teston, 1710-11 ; Buried at Nettlestead, 1720. 

Richard Harradon, Bexley, between 1390 and 1415. 

John Harries, alias Gurnes, Dartford, 1477-1501 ; obijt 1501. 

Richard Harriott, Vicar of Eynesford, 1631-51 ; LuUingstone with 

LuUingstane, 1631-51; Buried at Eynesford, April 30, 1651; 

summoned by Parliament for deserting his Cure. 
Alfred Edward Ormonde Harris, Stoke, 1856-93 ; Buried here Jan. 

17, 1894. 
Arthur Harris, East Farleigh, 1685-1727 ; Buried here Sept. 28, 
■ 1727 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " Here lies Arthur Harris, Vicar ; died 

September 24th, 1727." 
Christopher Harris, Stourmouth, 1690-1719 ; obijt 1719. 
John Harris, East Barmiug, 1715-17 ; Strood, 1716-19 ; Icklesham, 

Sussex, 1690; St. Thomas', Winchelsea, 1690-1707; St. 

Mildred's, Bread Street, and St. Margaret's Moses, 1708-19 ; 

Prebend, of Rochester, 1708-19 ; Author of a " History of Kent" ; 

Buried at Norton, Kent; obijt Sept. 7, 1719. 
John Harris, Brenchley, 1554-61 ; Lamberhurst, 1561-4. 
John Harris, Tudely-with-Capel ; appears to have first united 

Tudely and Capel under the same Vicar. 
Hon. Musgrave Alured Henry Harris, St. Peter's, Southborough. 
Robert Harris, West Peckham, 1583-8, 
Thomas Harris, East Barming, 1685-1706; Lamberhurst, 1671- 

1706 ; Buried ot Lamberhurst, Aug. 18, 1706. 
Thomas Harris, Lamberhurst, 1583-1623 ; Buried here, 1623. 
Thomas Harris, Northfleet, 1704-7 ; Died Nov. 8 ; Buried here 

Nov. 10, 1707. 
Thomas Harris, Northfleet, 1726-62 ; Frindsbury, 1724-6 ; Graves- 
end, 1726-62 ; Stourmouth, Apr. 4 to Oct. 5, 1726 ; died Dec. 27, 

1762 ; Buried at Northfleet. 
William Harris, Sutton, 1609-10. 
Nicholas Harrison, West Farleigh, 1510-15 ; Thornham-cum- 

Aldington, 1504-06. 
Philip Harrison, Cowden, 1566-98; E. Bur. Reg., "Philippe 

Harrison, the 19 off Aprill, 1598." 
Robert Harrison, Burham 1609-29; Buried here June 7, 1629. 
Wilham Harrison, Gillingham, 1698-1720; Buried here Feb. 22, 1720 
William Bagshaw Harrison, Fellow of Merton ; Minor Cauon of 

Rochester, 1801 ; Darenth, 1801 ; Goudhurst, 1801-49 ; obijt at 

Goudhurst, Jan. 28, 1849. 
William Harrisin, St, Nicholas', Rochester, 1537-51 ; Woldham, 

1523-33; Bromley, 1530-3; Prebend, of Rochester, 1544-51. 


Peter Harriss, Cobham, 1543-51. 

John Harrope, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1531-8 ; renounced Papal 

Nicholas Harryson, East Barming, 1506-10. 

Arthur Hart, St. Luke's, Deptford, 1902-6 ; St. Nicholas', Deptford, 

Henry Martyn Hart, St. German's, Kidbrook, 1871-9 ; Dean of St. 
John's Cathedral, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., 1879. 

James Hart, Ightham, 1693-1725 ; Buried here Dec. 20, 1725. 

Timothy Hart, Mixbury, 1656-66 ; presented by the Lord Preserver 
of the Great Seal ; conformed and was instituted by Robert 
Skinner, Bishop of Oxford: Ex., Mon° Su", "Here lyeth the 
body of Timothy Hart, who was a dutiful son, a loving brother, 
a tender father, a true friend, a kind neighbour, a good master, 
a loyall subject, an orthodox, painful, and true preacher of God's 
Word, and the godly, faithful and vigilant Rector of this Church. 
He died Aug. 21, Anno Domini 1666, and was buried neare two 
of his deare children, viz., John and Philip, Aug, 24, 1666 ; and 
yet speaketh : Be ye followers of me as I was of Christ. 

Timothy Hart, 

To Him Thy art. 

To God who gave thee all thou art 

Give all thou art, 

'Tis now thy part." 

Richard Hartfield, Grayne, Sept., 1563 ; obijt Jan. 1563-4. 

Robert Hartford, Chaplain of Malmayn's, Stoke, 1427-33. 

John Hartilpole, Farningham, 1511-14 ; Chantry Priest of Seven- 
oaks, 1505-9. 

Robert Hartley, Wilmington, 1652-61 ; put in by Parliament ; 
ejected under the Bartholomew Act. 

Robert Hartley, Abbot of Bayham, 1478-88. 

William Richard Hartwright, Belvedere, 1909 ; previously Vicar 
of Pitminster, Taunton, 1900-9. 

Henry Hartyn, West Peckham, 1495-1502. 

Richard Harvey, or Harvie, Chislehurst, 1604-16. 

Richard Harvey, Mixbury, 1586-7. 

Thomas Harvey, Woolwich, Feb., 1603-4 to 1630. 

Thomas Harvey, Cowden, 1785-1835 ; Buried here July 13, 1835. 

Thomas Harvey, Cowden, 1835-78 ; Buried here Feb. 5, 1878. 

John Harvey, Keston, 1457-68. 

Henry Harvie, Stourmouth, 1549-50. 

Thomas Harvy (sic), Burham, 1630-47. 

Edward Harvill, North Cray, 1577-1608 ; E. Par. Reg. ; Buried 
Jan, 24, 1608 ; " Edward Harvill, ye elder Rector of ye parish ; " 
made Deacon and Priest, 1570. 

Edward Harvill, North Cray, 1608-28 ; Buried here June 8, 1628 ; 
Ex. Mon" Su", " Here lyeth the body of Edward Harvill, Rector 
of the parish of North Cray ; deceased ye 6 of June, 1628, aged 
52 years." 


John N. Harward, Kemsing-cum-Sele, 1838-46. 

Edmund de Harwedon, Offliam, 1336. 

Thomas Harwode, Foots Cray, 1489-99 ; Walthamstow. 

John Harwold or Harewold, Ridley, 1354-62; Vicar of Moreton, 

Edward Harwood, Erith, 1714-34. 
James Harwood, Clyffe, 1755-78 ; Dartford, 1755-78 ; Buried at 

Dartford, Feb, 23, 1778 ; perhaps the same James Harwood who 

was at Ibstock, 1743-55. 
John Haselor, Offham, 1442-44. 
Herbert Kingdon Haslam, Borstal, 1893-5 ; Old Northants, 1896 

Wakerley, 1888-93. 
John Horsley Haslam, Gravesend, 1892-9 ; Gravesend Union 

1892-9 ; St. Matthias, Birmingham, 1880-6 ; St. Saviour's 

Denmark Park, 1899-1904 ; obijt 1904. 
John de Hasleden, Wilmington, 1355-7 ; Doddington, 1357 

Halstead, 1357 ; Vicar of Wrotham, 1352-6 ; Frothyngham, 

William Hassall, Horsemonden, 1724-85 ; Buried IVTar. U, 1785. 
William Hatch, Head Master Tonbridge School, 1586-1615. 
Edmund Hatfield, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1488-1501 ; St. 

Mary's, Hoo, 1502-11. 
Ralph Hatfield, Sutton, 1610-21. 

Robert Hathebrande, alias Herebrande, Westerham, 1327-37. 
Thomas Hathersole, Bromley, 1564. 
Giles de Hathfield, Rotherfield, between 1180 and 1258. 
John Alexander Hatton, Junr., Military Chaplain of Chatham, 

John Hatton, Prebendary of Cobhambury, 1501-2 ; Archdeacon of 

John Hattun, Woolwich, 1495 ; perhaps same as — 
John Hattun, Lullingstane, 1495-1502. 
Adam de Hauboys, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1344-5. 
John Haunsand, Abbot of Lessness, between 1362-86. 
Richard Haute, Westerham, 1327 ; Registrar of the Priory of 

Christchurch, Canterbury. 
Thomas Havercroft, Dartford, 1404-26. 
John de HaverhuUe, Crayford, 1318-25. 
Thomas Haward, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1553-9. 
Humphrey Hawardyn, Shoreham, 1487-1500 ; Rector of Wrotham 

till 1515. 
Christopher Hawke, West Barming, 1548-54 ; Nettlestead, 1548-54 ; 

deprived, 1554. 
Crosier Hawke, Wateringbury, 1548-87. 
Alfred Hawken, Belvedere, 1904-9 ; Outwood, Redhill, 1894-1904 ; 

Pitminster, Taunton, 1909. 
John Hawkeng, Cobham, 1504-23. 
William Hawkes, Woolwich, 1646-63 ; Puritan Usurper, ejected 

under the Bartholomew Act. 


John Hawkeson, LuUingstone, 1433-9 ; LuUingstane till 1436. 

John Hawkeston, Deptford, 1445-54. 

Edward Hawkins, Lamberhurst, 1831-4; Provost of Oriel, Oxon., 
1828-82 ; Canon of Rochester, 1828-82 ; Select Preacher, 1820, 
1825, 1829-42, at Oxford ; Vicar of St. Mary's, Oxford, 1823-8 ; 
Whitehall Preacher, 1827-8 ; Hampton Lecturer, 1840 ; Professor 
of Exegesis of Holy Scripture, 1847-61 ; Buried at Rochester, 
1882 ; obijt Nov. 18. 

Sir John Caesar Hawkins, St. Paul's, Chatham, 1863-4. 

Robert Hawkins, Lamberhurst, 1834-93 : Ex. Mon° Su°, " In 
memory of Robert Hawkins, son of the Rev. Edward Hawkins, 
M.A., Rector of Kelston, Somerset, and grandson of Sir Cassar 
Hawkins, Bart. (Serjeant Surgeon to George ii. and George III.) ; 
Born 1805 ; he became Curate of this parish in 1831 and Vicar 
in 1834, and died at the Vicarage on Feb. 9th, 1893, in the 88th 
year of his age. During his long incumbency he rebuilt the 
Vicarage, restored the Parish Church, established the National 
School, and won the esteem and respect of all his parishioners. 
' I have finished my course, ii Timothy, iv 7.' " Buried here 
Feb. 14, 1893. 

John Hawkyns, Chalk, 1506. 

John Hawkyns, Norton, 1518-53 ; obijt 1553. 

Charles Cusac Hawley, Leybourne, 1877 ; Hon. Canon of Rochester, 
1905 ; Rural Dean of North Mailing, 1903. 

Charles Henry Hawley, Leybourne, 1849-77 ; Buried here Feb. 22, 
1877. On the reredos is inscribed, " In memory of the Rev, 
Charles Henry Hawley, by his loving wife, 28 years Rector of 
this parish." He died Feb. 16, 1877. 

James Hawley, Burham, 1819-28 ; Norton, 1840-70 ; Ex.Mon^Su", 
" In memory of the Rev, James Hawley, nearly 30 years Rector 
of Norton ; he died May 26th, 1870, aged 79 years." Buried at 
Tunbridge Wells. 

George de la Haye, Fawkham, 1465-6. 

William Edward Hayman, Tudely-cum-Capel, 1874-89. 

John Haynes, Woolwich ; Ex. Test" Su°, " One -vestment with all 
that longith therevnto the church of Woolwich, the best ; " Vicar, 
1489-95 ; obijt 1495. 

Roger Haynes, Trotterscliffe, 1435-9 ; Woking, to 1435 ; Ex. Test" 
Su°, " Buried in the Chancel, he left 20s. to the Church." 

Thomas Haynes, Northfleet, 1678-1704 ; Died Nov. 17th, buried 
here 22nd, 1704. 

William Hayte, Higham, 1467-8. 

John Hayward, Plaxtol, 1727-54. 

Thomas Hayward, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1543-4. 

Ralph Hayward, Kingsdown, 1393-1403 ; Ramsden, to 1493. 

James Henry Hazell, Southfleet, 1901-8 ; St. Andrew's, Peckham, 
London, 1866-84; St. Peter's, Walworth, 1884-1901. 

Robert Hazlewood, Sutton, 1622-55. 

John Head, Trotterscliffe, 1652-8. 


Meric Head, Leybourne, 1675-87 ; Buried here March 12, 1687 ; 
Ex. Mon° Su° (now gone), "The body of Meric Head, Esq., 
eldest son of Sir Richard Head, baronet, doctor of divinity, 
rector of Leybourne and Ullcombe, lies here interred. He 
marryed Elizabeth, the daughter of the learned and truly pious 
doctor Robert Dixon, prebendary of Rochester, and had issue 
by her: Elizabeth and Sarah. Sarah lyes buried beside him. 
This learned man dyed March 6, 1686, aged 42, and was lamented 
by all, especially the poor whom he cherished and defended." 

James Newton Heale, Addington, 1869-83 ; Swindon, Staffordshire, 
1869 ; Vicar of Orpington, 1883-92 ; Harbledown, 1892-9 ; St. 
Thomas', Bethnal Green, 1899. 

William Hearde, Fawkham, 1542-68; Kingsdown, 1533-42; Buried 
in the Church of Fawkham, Dec. 10, 1568. 

George Heath, Brastead, 1800-8, 

Nicholas Heath, Clyffe, 1535-49 ; Hever, 1531-3 ; Bishopsbourne, 
1535 ; Dean of South Mailing, 1537 ; Rector of Shoreham, 
1538-47 ; Bishop of Rochester, 1540 ; held Shoreham, Bishops- 
bourne, and Clyffe, with the See of Rochester ; Bishop of 
Worcester, 1544 ; resigned these livings, 1549 ; committed to 
the Fleet, 1550 ; deprived 1551 ; made Archbishop of York, 1553 ; 
deprived, 1560 ; lived at Chobham, Surrey, to his death, 1579. 

Thomas Heathcote, Stone, 1772-1811 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, in Stone 
Church, " In memory of the Reverend Thomas Heathcote, 
L.L.B., second son of Sir Thomas Heathcote, Baronet, of 
Hursley Lodge, in the county of Southampton. He was collated 
to the Rectory of Stone by Zachary Pearse, Lord Bishop of 
Rochester, the first day of January, 1772, and died at the 
Parsonage House in this parish, the thirteenth day of July, 1811, 
aged 63 years. Buried in the mausoleum at Hursley." 

George Heaton, Grayne, 1874-93 ; Buried here, May 22, 1893 ; Ex. 
epitaphio, " George Heaton, born 19 August, 1804 ; died 16 May, 

Edward Heawood, Halstead, 1837-47 ; Buried here Feb. 26, 1847. 

Edward Brown Heawood, AUington, 1852-95 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, 
in AUington Church, " To the glory of God and in loving 
memory of Edward Brown Heawood, M.A., Oxon., 43 years 
Rector of this Parish, died March 7th, 1904, aged 83 years." 

William Hebbenge, Strood, April 1425 ; Icklesford, May, 1425 ; 
Wrotham, Nov. 1448. 

Frederick Heberden, Wilmington, 1840-76; Buried here Sept. 11, 
1876 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, "Also of Frederick Heberden, for 36 years 
Vicar of this Parish. Loved and Regretted by all who knew 
him. He was called to rest. Sept' 6th, 1876, aged 65 ; for so he 
giveth his beloved sleep." 

George Heberden, Dartford, 1826-30. 

Richard de Hecham, Northfieet, 1292. 

Thomas de Heche, Snodland, between 1330 and June, 1337. 

Robert Hedcorn, AUington, 1523-30. 


John Hedges, East Farleigh, 1727-52 ; Tudely, 1750-87 ; Buried at 
Tudely, 1787. 

John Hedges, Vicar of East Peckham, 1722-52 ; perhaps same as last. 

John Hedges, Bromley, 1627-8. 

Thomas Hedges, Brastead, 1529-37. 

Christopher Hedlam, St. Clement's, 1513-24. 

John Hedon, Marestone, 1455-62 ; obijt 1462, In his days an enquiry 
was made into this living ; it was valued at 30° but has no manse for 
the Vicar, and no manor for the Patron ; the Vicar is ordered to 
celebrate mass on St. Giles' Day, and keep the Church in 
repair, but he may find a substitute to do his duty. 

John Hederesett, Ruxley, between 1402 and August, 1421. 

Thomas de Hedyrsete, Gillingham, 1405. 

John Heed, Chantry Priest of Fawkham, 1390 ; Hartley, 1401-24 ; 
lost his eyesight, 1422, and given a Coadjutor ; obijt 1424, 

William de Hega, Chantry Priest of Freckenham, 1328. 

John de Hegham, Nurstead, 1342-9. 

John Hegham, Kidbrook, 1397-9 : Pitsea, to 1397. 

Robert de Hegham, Keston, 1297. 

Walter de Hegham, Nettlestead, 1317-38. 

William de Hegham, Woldham, 1360-89. 

Henry Edward Heinecky, St. George's, Westcombe Park, 1906. 

John Hekker, Brundish Chantry, 1515-32. 

Francis WiUiam Holder, St. Mildred's, Lee, 1881-1909 ; obijt 1909. 

James Helford, Capel, 1504-28. 

Arthur Gresley Hellicar, Bromley, 1865-1904; Buried here Sept. 
10, 1904 ; Ex. ]V[on° Su°, " To the glory of God and in loving 
remembrance of Arthur Gressley Hellicar, M.A., who spent 43 
years here as a faithful minister of the Church ; first as a Curate 
and afterwards for 39 years as Vicar of this Parish, until his 
death at the age of 69 years, on the 6th of September, 1904 ; This 
tablet is erected by his parishioners and the congregation." He 
was instrumental in building several Churches in Bromley, and 
his children gave the Alms Dish of Brass to the Church. 

John de Helpringham, Speldhurst, 1359-63. 

William de Helpringham, Speldhurst, 1363-8. 

William Helywise, or Elwys, Lewisham, 1476-83. 

Helyas, Prior of Rochester ; finished leading the Church, 

leaded the east alley and tiled the south alley of the Cloister, and 
made the lavatory and fratry doors, about 1205. 

Walter Hemmingford, Shorne, 1349. 

Robert Hemmings, Meopham, 1593-Feb., 1594. 

Samuel Hemmings, Fawkham, 1797-1829. 

Henry Hemington, Shipbourne, 1770-8. 

John Hemington, Tonbridge, 1747-56. 

Roger de Henbarowe, Fawkham, 1365-70. 

Walter de Henche, Bromley, 1349-60 ; an ancient monument ran, 
" Ici gist IVIestre Water de Henche Qi fut person de Bromleghe, 
1360 ; " it was in Brasted Church. 


Hugh Hende, Mereworth, 1460-83 ; Rural Dean of Rochester, 

Mailing, and Dartford, 1460. 
Edmund Henderson, Halstead, 1578-93 ; obijt 1593. 
Thomas de Henle, Henley, 1327-30. 
Peter Henley, Swanscombe, 1559-76. 
Henry Henman, Rector and Vicar of Freckenham, 1897 ; St. 

Michael's, John Street, St. George's in the East. 
Harold Barclay Hennell, Ridley, 1900, with Ash, 1909 ; Tintern 

Parva, 1892-1900 ; with Chapel Hill, Monmouthshire, 1893-1900. 
Stilton Henning, St. James', Plumstead, 1878-1905; Chaplain of 

Gibraltar Prison, 1872-5 ; Millbank, 1875-8. 

Henry, Rector of Eynsford, 1225-33. 

Henry, Tonbridge, 1267-74 ; Master of the Hospital of St. 

John, at Sutton. 

Henry, Cudham, between 1329 and 1333. 

Henry, Abbot of Lesness, between 1362 and 1403. 

Thomas Henrye, Mapiscombe, 1503-4. 

Thomas FitzjohnHenryson, Kidbrook, 1399 ; Chaplain of Higham, 

Edmund Henshaw, Brenchley, 1633-46 ; Par. Reg. ; Mr. Henshaw 

was turned out by Parliament. 
Edward Henshaw, Brenchley, 1593-1633 ; Frant, 1586-93 ; Buried 

here March 26, 1633. 
Edward Henshawe, Bromley, 1594-1604. 
John Henwood, Isleham Chantry, 1430-1. 
Robert de Henyngtham, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1333-8. 
Reginald Herbe, or Hervey, Longsole, 1453 ; sed rejectus quia 

solebat coufessi presbyteris. 
Abiezer Herbert, Ryarsh, 1632-41 ; Buried at Ryarsh, Aug. 17, 1641. 
John Herbert, Erith, 1460-4. 

Herbert, Rotherfield, 1173. 

John Herby, Nurstead, between 1368 and 1394. 

William Herde, or Hyrde, Kingsdown, 1533-42 ; Ightham, 1546-59 ; 

renounced Papal Authority ; obijt 1559. 
Robert Hereford, Ridley, 1433-45. 
Hugh de Herewelle, Mereworth, 1336-47. 

Herewyse, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1115-25. 

Roger de Herietsham, Teston, 1320-37. 

William George Heritage, Norton, 1901 ; St. Luke's, Birmingham, 

Nicholas de Herlawe, Greenwich, between 1293 and 1317. 
William Hermer, St. Paul's Cray, 1453-4 ; Canon of Windsor ; 

Prebend, of Troll, St. David's, obijt 1472 ; again, 1458-64. 
John Heme, Stourmouth, 1418. 
Alice Heron, Prioress of Higham, 1471-96. 
John Herron, Head Master of Rochester School, 1544 ; Fellow of 

All Souls', Oxon. 
Richard Herring, Frindsbury, 1346 ; Pevington, to 1346. 
Thomas Herring, Chevening, 1751-74 ; also Rector of Coulsdon, 


Surrey ; Prebend, of Southwell ; Precentor of Chichester, 1761- 

74 ; Principal Register of the Prerogative Court of Chancery ; 

obijt 1774. 
Thomas Herring, Dean of Rochester, 1731-43; Bishop of Bangor, 

1737-43; Archbishop of York, 1743-7; Canterbury, 1747-57; 

obijt 1757. 
Alfred Hert de Debenham, Longsole, till 1337 ; and again in 1338. 
William Hert, All Hallows', Hoo, 1441-53. 
William Hert, Hunton, 1434-57 ; previously Lyminge. 
Thomas Herte, Hever, 1461-5. 
James Hertegray, Rector of Freckenham, between 1406 and 1425 ; 

obijt 1425. 
John de Hertley, Prior of Rochester, 1361-80. 

John Hervey, Nettlestead, 1422-43 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1438. 
Richard Hervey, Mapiscombe, 1610-38. 
George Hervie, Cudham, 1553-9. 
William Herylode, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1431-42. 
Richard Heryng, Pembury, 1329. 
Hamo de Heth, Prior of Rochester, 1314-19 ; Bishop of Rochester, 

William de Heth, Abbott of Lessness, 1362. 
Ralph Hethcote, Speldhurst, 1481-8. 
Thomas de Hethe, Rotherfield, 1346-59. 
John Hetherington, Cowden, 1328-30. 
Matthew Heton, Birling, 1585-7. 
John Hett, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1452-72 ; Nurstead, 1461-2 ; 

Rural Dean of Rochester, 1460. 
David Hewe, Hadlow, 1475-96. 
Samuel Hewe, Pembury, 1457-61. 
Thomas Hewe, Cudham, 1447-51. 
Thomas Hewe, West Peckham, 1411-64. 
John Hewes, Northfleet, 1616. 
Michael Hewson, Keston, between 1447 and 1456. 
Oscar Hewitt, Chaplain of Dartford Union, 1889-1903. 
Richard Hewster, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1504-13 ; Cooling, 

1513-32 ; obijt 1532. 
Hugh Hextall, Nettlestead, 1443-51. 

William Heydock, Chantry Priest of Pembury, 1432 ; obijt 1432. 
Edward Heydon, Cooling, 1548-52. 
John Heydon, Nurstead, 1445-61. 
Thomas Hey, Prebend, of Rochester, 1788-1807 ; Wickhambreux, 

1755-1807 ; Eastchurch, 1755-1807 ; Proctor in Convocation ; 

obijt at Wingham, Nov., 1807. 
John Heyge, or Egge, Hayes, 1507-20 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Pray for 

the soule of Sir John Heyge, late parson of this parish, which 

decessd the xix day of December, anno xv°xxill., whose 

soule Jhesu pardon." 
William de Heyham, Wilmington, 1360-89. 
William Heyton de Wykhapn, Allington, 1334-49, 


Robert Heyward, Rural Dean of Dartford, 1467-71. 

John Heywode, alias Fisher, Stoke Chantry, Malmayn's Priest, 

William Hibbert, Stoke, 1559-60. 

William Hiccocks, Lee, 1655-62 ; ejected for Nonconformity. 
James Hickford, Ightham, 1644 ; Nonconformist Usurper, 
Henry Arthur Hickin, St. Peter's, Rochester, 1899. 
Thomas Hicklyng, Bartholomew-the-less, to 1554 ; Kemsing-cum- 

Sele, 1554-8 ; deprived 1558. 
Edward Higgins, or Huggyns, Chislehurst, 1514-18. 
Richard Higgins, Tonbridge, 1685-1705; Buried here Sept. 20, 1705. 
Thomas Higgins, Stoke, 1765-78. 
Griffith Higgs, Clyffe, 1629-45 ; Fellow of Merton College, Oxford ; 

Prebendary of St. David's; Dean of Lichfield, 1638; sequestrated; 

died 1659. 
Theophilus Higgons, Hunton, 1510-41 ; His wife and son are buried 

here in 1645 ; and in 1647, where he is still called Rector ; his 

Puritan ouster could not wean the people from him. 
Henry de Higham, Ditton, 1347 ; Stockbury, till 1347 ; also 

Sutton, 1347 and 1348. 
William de Higham, Snodland, 1363-4. 
Margaret Hilderden, Prioress of Higham, 1503-14. 
Thomas Hilderley, Paddlesworth, 1357-62 ; Canfield Magna, 

London, 1362. 
William Hildyche, East Farleigh, 1455-66. 
Daniel Hill, Addington, 1768-1805 ; East Mailing, 1762-1805 ; 

Yalding, 1751-9 ; Buried at East MaUing, Feby. 26, 1805, in the 

94th year of his age ; Par. Reg. 
Daniel Hill, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1691-1729 ; Southfleet, 

1679-1729 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1684-1729 ; Buried at 

Rochester, i^ the Cathedral, July 2, 1729. 
Eliza Hill, Abbess of Mailing, 1522-3 ; obijt 1523. 
John Hill, Aylesford, 1432-5 ; obijt 1435. 
John Hill, Chiddingstone, 1561-2 and 1563-85. 
John Hill, Rotherfield, between 1445 and 1452. 
Richard Hill, Shoreham, 1557. 

Thomas Hill, East Mailing, 1705-18 ; Buried here Sept. 16, 1718. 
William Hill, Rector of Eynsford, 1470-5. 
W. Hill, Greenwich Union, 1865. 

William Savory Hill, St. Nicholas', Rochester, 1873-91. 
Arthur Shaw Hill-Scott, St. Lawrence, Sele, 1908. 
Christopher Hilles, alias Morgan, Longfield, 1585-95 ; Buried here 

Oct. 28, 1596. 
Richard Hilles, Pembury Chantry, 1534 ; Stoke, 1533-41. 
Robert Hilles, Lamberhurst, Feb. 1564 ; Vicar of Crundale, 1554. 
Edmund Hills, West Farleigh, 1640-63. 
Henry Gardiner Hills, St. Andrew, Greenwich, 1902-6. 
John Hills, Vicar of Sevenoaks, 1398-1408 ; previously at St, 

Alphege, Greenwich. 


William Hilton, Keston, between 1412 and 1424. 

John Hinchcliffe, Chaplain to George III. ; Master of Trinity 
Cambridge, 1768 ; Dean of Durham, 1769 ; Vice Chancellor of 
Cambridge, 1788 ; Bishopof Peterborough, 1769-94 ; Greenwich, 

Hugh Hinde, Mereworth, 1451 and 1462 ; Rural Dean of Mailing 
and Dartford, 1460. 

Richard Hinde, Higham, 1627-8. 

Joseph Hindle, Higham, 1829-74 ; restored the old Church and 
built a new one dedicated to St. John, in Upper Higham ; Ex. 
Mon° Su", " In memory of the Rev. Joseph Hindle, M.A., B.D., 
Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and for forty five years 
Vicar of this parish ; an earnest simple Christian Minister ; he 
passed to his rest on the 23rd of December, 1874, in the 80th 
year of his age." Buried December 30th, 1874. 

George William Durrock Hingston, Farnborough, 1876-85. 

George Hinton, Rector and Vicar of Wrotham, 1781-3 ; All Hal- 
lows' , Barking ; Chancellor of Lincoln ; Prebend, of Peterborough. 

John Hirlasativer, Snodland, 1330. 

John Hirst, dictus Pastorio de Eslingen, Wilmington, 1426-7. 

George Stewart Hitchcock, Chaplain of Chatham Union, 1896-8 .' 
became first a Unitarian minister, then a Jesuit. 

William Maunder Hitchcock, East Farleigh, 1888-93 ; P.C. of 
Bussage, Gloucester, 1859-61 ; Shilden, Durham, 1862-6 ; Rector 
of Whitburn, Durham, 1866-81 ; Rural Dean of Chester-le-Street, 
1872-80; Rural Dean of Wearmouth, 1880-1 ; Vicar of Romford, 

William Hixe, Kingsdown, 1597-9. 

John Hoadly, Halstead, 1678-1725 ; obijt 1725. 

Edward Hoare, Holy Trinity, Tunbridge Wells, 1854-94 ; Christ- 
church, Ramsgate, 1847-53 ; Rural Dean of South Mailing, 
1884-94 : Ex. Mon° Su°, " Erected by the congregation in 
memory of the Rev. Edward Hoare, M.A., Hon. Canon of 
Canterbury Cathedral, and nearly 42 years Vicar of this parish, 
by the grace of God, he zealously preached the gospel of Christ, 
ever setting forth the propitiation through faith in His blood, 
pleading men to be reconciled to God ; loyal in affection to the 
Church of England, he maintained the purity and simplicity of 
her worship, by a holy and happy Christianity he commended 
the gospel to all. A loving Pastor, wise to win souls he sought 
out and comforted his flock ; a zealous advocate of missions he 
enlarged his people's interest in the spread of the Redeemer's 
Kingdom, and directed their hearts into the blessed hope of His 
coming ; having made full proof of his ministry by the will of 
God he fell on sleep July 7, 1894, in the 83rd year, ' whose faith 
follow,' Hebrews xiii, 7." Honorary Canon of Canterbury. 

John Hoare Hayes, 1566-84-5, Ex. Test° Su", "To be buried in the 
chauncell of the Church of Hease. To the poor men's box of 
Hease x'^," Ex. Mon° Su°, 


" Who faine would live he must not feare to dye, death is the waie 
That leades to lief and glorious joies that triumph over claie, 
Come poor bewaile this want come ffriende lament and saie with me 
This man did dye to lyve and lyves though dead his body be, 
ffuU xviij yeares a rector here he was and then John Hoare 
unwedd deceast one thousand yeares ffyve hundred eightie four 
The xj daie of ffebruarie 
When he had lived 60 + a score + three.'' 

John WiUiam Deane Hoare, St. Philip's, Sydenham, 1875-81 ; 
seceded to the Church of Rome, 1881. 

Gregory Hobart, Grayne, 1651-9. 

Robert Hobbday, Ridley, between 1448 and 1456. 

Clement Hobson, Eltham, 1658-1725 ; Put in by Parliament ; 
conformed ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Here lieth the body of the Reverend 
Mr. Clement Hobson, late Vicar of this parish, to which he was 
admitted, Nov. 13, 1658, and continued to the 31st of October, 
1725, on which day he departed this life, in the 91st year of his 
age " ; Buried here Nov. 8, 1725. 

Thomas Hobson, Strood, 1512-17 ; Buried in the Choir of the 
Parish Church, 1528 ; Ex. Test" Su°, " left to Mr. John Wildbore, 
master of Nuworke in Stroide to bye matter as schets and 
coverletts for his almes house for poor people xl° " 

Thomas Frederick Hobson, Head Master of King's School, 
Rochester, 1900-10 ; Warden of St. Edward's School, Oxford ; 
Chaplain of Coopers Hill, 1897 ; Vicar of Leatherhead, Surrey, 

William Hobson, Master of Cobham College, 1458-73 ; Ex. Mon° 
mutilated, " Hie jacet dominus Willelm ... . magister istius 
coUegi] Augusti , . anno domini MCCCC 

Richard Hockenson, Kingsdown, 1514-19. 

Henry Hockham, Woldham, between 1389 and 1393. 

John de Hodesdone, Abbott of Lesness, 1331-44. 

John Hodges, Bromley, 1627-8. 

Robert Hodges, All Hallows', Hoo, 1724-51; St. Mary's, Hoo, 
1719-51 ; Darenth, 1712-14 ; Buried at St. Mary's, May 8, 1751. 

Walter Hodges, Kingsdown, 1736-57 ; Wateringbury, 1735-5 ; 
Prebend, of Rochester, 1727-57 ; Provost of Oriel, 1727-57 ; 
Vice-chancellor of Oxford, 1741 ; obijt Jan. 14, 1757. 

William Hodgson, Plaistow, 1873-98; Swindon, Stafford, 1869-73. 

William Hodgson, Woldham, 1530-8 ; spelt Hoggeson in Thorpe ; 
Hugessen in the Ecclesiasticus Valor, and Hogeson in the list of 
those who renounced Papal Authority, and in the Archidiaconal 
Visitations ; but Syr William Hoggeson, as witness to the will of 
Thomas Yeate, 1530 ; Buried here Mar. 16, 1538. 

John Hodson, Upnor, 1906 ; St. Paul's, Deptford, 1890-1905 ; 
Beeby, 1885-90. 

Nicholas de Hoghton, Cowden, July- Dec, 1336. 

Ralph Hoghton, Hadlow, 1504-13 ; Stourmouth, 1510-13 ; " To be 
bured in the bellfrye of the Churche of Hadlowe ; Sir Raff 


Houghton, Vicar " ; spelt Houghton in the Archbishop's 
Register, as inducted to Stourmouth. 

Robert Hoghton, Greenwich, 1489-99. 

John Hoke, Rural Dean of Shoreham, 1404. 

Simon Hoke, West Barming, 1401-2 ; Snargate to 1401 ; Bromley, 
Essex, 1421. 

Frederick George Holbrook, All Saints', Blackheath, 1880-3 ; 
Portslade, 1859-79 ; Kimpton, Winchester, 1882. 

William Holborowe, Paddlesworth, 1363-7; Dode, 1362-3. 

Henry de Holcombe, Wateringbury, 1369. 

Helias Holcote, Rotherfield, 1441-5 ; presents John Lese to Frant. 

Henry Holcote, or Heliere, Abbot of Lesness, 1386 and 1403. 

Henry Holcroft, Clyffe, 1652-62 ; Patcham, Sussex, 1662-1712 ; put 
in by Parliament ; ejected under the Bartholomew Act. 

John Holden, Foots Cray, 1332-4. 

Richard Holden, Deptford, 1672-1702 ; St. Dunstan's in the East ; 
Buried here 1701-2. 

William Holden, Yalding, 1552-8; deprived 1558. 

Robert Holder, Ofiham, 1587-90. 

John Holdeyn, Isleham, 1401 to May, 1402 ; Chantry Priest of 
Freckenham, 1397-1401. 

Donald Hole, Chaplain of the Forces at Woolwich, 1901-3. 

Samuel Reynolds Hole, Dean of Rochester, 1888-1905 ; Vicar of 
Caunton Notts., 1850-87; Prebend, of Lincoln, 1875-87; Chap- 
lain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1883. 

John de Holeborne, East Farleigh, 1354-5. 

John Holland, Farningham, 1561-75. 

Philip Holland, Orpington, 1663-4; Willey, Warwick, 1639; 

Bough ton under Blean, 1660-3; Caversfield, Bucks, 1661. 

Robert Holland, Chatham, 1587-8 ; Rector of Gravesend, 1581- 1617. 

William Buckton Holland, Brastead, 1854-66; Walmer, 1843-54; 
he built the National Schools and raised money to restore the 
Church; Buried here July 13, 1866; under a window we read, 
"In memoriam, Willhelmi B. Holland, A.M., Hujusce ecclesiae 
Rectoris hoc posuere consanguinei et afifines 1865." 

William Launcelot Holland, All Saints' Hatcham Park, Deptford, 

William Holland, East Farleigh, 1580-9. 

John Hollands, Vicar of Eynesford, 1546. 

John Hollands, West Farleigh, 1505-10 ; obijt 1510. 

William Hollands, Westerham, 1657-9 ; approved by Parliament. 

Elizabeth HoUe, or Hulle, Abbess of Mailing, 1496-1523 ; obijt 

John de HoUingbourne, or Holyngbourne, East Farleigh, 1355-62 ; 
Wateringbury, 1362-3. 

Launcelot HoUingbourne, Chatham, 1534-44 ; Canon of Ledes. 

Edward Holme, Birling, 1756-82 ; Buried here Jany. 12, 1782; Ex. 
epitaphio, " To the memory of the Revd. Edward Holme, late 
Vicar of this Parish and founder of the two free schools at 


Leybourne and East Mailing in this county, who departed this 

life on the 7th day of January, 1782, aged 71 years." 
John Holme, Rector of Freckenham, also Vicar, 1816-29 ; Buried 

here, Mar. 5, 1829. 
Robert Holme, St. German's Chapel, Kidbrook, 1879-84 ; Principal 

of Greenwich Hospital Training School, 1863-70. 
John Garraway Holmes, St. George's, Grahamstown, and Dean of 

Grahamstown, 1889-95 ; Archdeacon of Grahamstown, 1895-9 ; 

Bishop of St. Helena, 1899-1904; obijt 1904; St. Phillips', 

Sydenham, 1883-89. 
Samuel Holmes, Sidcup, 1844-50 ; North Cray, 1850-6. 
Walter Holmes, Frindsbury, 1620-60 ; Southchurch, Essex. 
William Holmes, Ridley, 1680 ; suspended at once for not reading 

the Articles. 
William Perowne Holmes, St. Bartholomew's, Sydenham, 1906 ; 

Minor Canon of Peterborough, 1883-90 ; Longthorpe, Northants, 

1887-90 ; Chaplain of Peterborough Union, 1888-93 ; Paston, 

Northants, 1890-3 ; St. Peter's, Leicester, 1893-1905. 
Walter Holney, Horton Kirby, 1407 ; previously Vicar of Lytill- 

John Holmiste, East Farleigh, 1571-80 ; Hasted calls him Holmes, 

and says he was buried here ; obijt 1580. 
Elkanah Holroyde, St. Paul's Cray, 1894. 

George Holt, Foots Cray, 1508-33 ; Buried here, June 22, 1633 
Robert Holte, Gravesend, between 1454 and 1497. 
Adam de Holyngbourne, East Farleigh, 1350-1. 
Reginald de Holweys, Hailing, 1349. 
Richard Holweye, alias Gayn, Lee, 1387-90. 
Thomas Holywell, Luddesdown, 1456-70 ; obijt 1470. 
Henry Holy wood, Mapiscombe, 1531-3. 
' Evelyn Joseph Hone, St. John's, Deptford, 1885-95 ; West 

Allington, Lincolnshire, 1874-9 ; Burlesdon, Hants, 1879-85 ; 

Rural Dean of Deptford, 1892-5 ; Rector of Esher, 1895. 
Philip Hone, Ryarsh, 1414-8 ; Elmstead, 1414 ; Sheldwich, 1418. 
Robert Honebergh, Yalding, 1349 ; obijt 1349. 
WilUam Honey, Hunton, 1315-24. 

William de Honyngton, Chislehurst, 1334-6 ; obijt 1335. 
John Hoo, Lee, 1425-52. 
Stephen de Hoo, Cobham, before 1319. 
William de Hoo, Prior of Rochester, 1239-42 ; previously Sacristan 

during which time he built the Choir Transept and Presbytery. 
Francis Hooper, Leybourne, 1727-58. 

John Hooper, Ightham, 1559-74 ; Buried here Sept. 20, 1574. 
John Hooper, Meopham, 1854-75 ; previously Vicar of Rolvenden ; 

Buried here, Nov. 11, 1875. 
Nicholas Hooper, Shipbourne, 1575-1518 ; Buried here 1618. 
Samuel Fry Hooper, Holy Trinity, Blackheath Hill, Greenwich, 

1887-98 ; Lydlinch, Sarum, 1898. 
Thomas Hooper, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1452-3, 


Thomas Aylesbury Hooper, Cooling, 1863-75. 

Thomas de Hop, Kemsing, 1341-7 ; Ex. Mon" Su", " Hie jacet 

dominus Thomas Hop ; Will proved January, 1347-8." 
Henry de Hope, Cobham, 1334. 
James Hope, Hadlow, 1422-44 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Hie jacet James 

Hope quondam vicarius ecclesie de Haddelo, cuius anime 

propitietur deus. Amen" ; Thorpe gives Stote as the name on the 

Brass, but it would appear he went under both names. 
John Hope, Swanscombe, 1686-1705 ; buried here Jan. 18, 1705. 
Thomas Hope, Shoreham, 1465-87 ; Ex test" Su° " To be buried at 

Otford," 1487, 
William Hopkins, Fawkham, 1666-70 ; Swanscombe, 1670-86. 
William Hopkins, Swanscombe, 1655-65; Sutton-at-Hone, 1655-65; 

Buried at Sutton, Aug. 18, 1665. 
William Hopkins, Horton Kirby, 1698-1742 ; Buried here Nov. 5, 

1742; Ex. Mon° Su", "Here lyeth the Body of the Reverend 

William Hopkins, late Vicar of this parish, who departed this 

lyfe ye 31st day of October, 1742, aged 68 years " ; gave a Paten to 

the Church. 
William Hopkyns, Chaplain of St. Mary's Chantry, Sevenoaks, 

John Hopton, All Hallows', Hoo, 1460 ; Rural Dean of Rochester, 

1460; Horton Kirby, 1465-7; Lamberhurst, 1467-71. 
William Horan, Chaplain of Greenwich Union, 1496. 
John Hore, Greenwich, 1454-8. 

Laurence Horewood, Ash, 1441-5 ; complained against. 
Thomas Hornby, Brenchley, 1444 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 1444. 
William Horneby, West Peckham, 1462-5 ; Beckenham, 1465. 
John Home, Frindsbury, 1568-87 ; called Hornbie in the Clyffe 

Thomas Home, Head Master of Tonbridge School, 1640-9 ; 

afterwards of Eton. 
William Home, East Barming, 1849-65 ; Limber Magna, till 1849 ; 

buried here Nov. 10, 1865 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " In memory of 

William Home, for sixteen years Rector of this Parish ; ' died 

4th November, 1865, aged 64 years." 
William Home, Kingsdown, 1458-9 ; Leigh, Kent, 1444-59 ; left 

iij'^ iiij to repair the Chapel of St. Thomas, at Leigh, 
William Horneby, Kingsdown, between 1436 and 1444. 
William Hornesse, Chaplain of Pembury Chantry, 1451. 
John Hornley, Dartford, 1442-77 ; President of Magdalen College, 

Oxford ; Ex. epitaphio, " Hie jacet Johannes Hornley, Theologie 

Baccal qui " ; obijt 1477. 

Si flerent artes Hornley tacuisse Johannem 
Non possent ista qui tumulatur humo. 
In septem fuit liberalibus ille magister ; 
Prudens et castus maximus atque fide. 
Doctrine sacre tunc baecalaureus ingens 
Oxonie cuncta semper amatus erat, 


Consilio valuit sermones pandere sacros 
Noverat et doctos semper amare viros. 
Pauperibus largus fuerat quos noverat aptos 
In studiis patiens sobrius atque fuit. 
Moribus insignis cuncta virtule refulgens 
Pro tantis meritis spiritus astra tenet. 

By his will, proved 1477, he desires to be buried here, before the 

highest altar in the highest chancel, and bequeathes x marcs 

towards thr fabric of the tower and vj*^ viij'' to repair the chapel 

of St. Edmund, Dartford. 
William Hornely, Chaplain of Pembury Chantry, 1452-61. 
Thomas Hornsy, Charlton, 1424-30 ; previously at Sumpford 

Magna with Hampstead Chapel. 
Robert Horsecroft, All Hallows', 1473-9. 
Richard Horsefall, Burham, 1555-62 ; " Desires to be buried in 

the Church and leaves ;fxiij vj' viij'' to the buildinge of my 

vicaredge of Burham." 
Richard Horsfall, Cobham, 1528-38. 
Heneage Horsley, Woolwich, 1801-3 ; Careinion, 1804 ; Dean of 

Brechin and Rector of Llanfin Gresford, 1805 ; Chirke, Denbigh 

Died at Dundee, 1847. 
John William Horsley, Chaplain of Clerkenwell Prison, 1876-86 

Secretary to the Church of England Waifs and Strays Society 

1885-8; Holy Trinity, Woolwich, 1888-94 ; St. Peter's, Walworth 

William Horsley, Bromley, 1802-24 ; Prebendary of Cobhambury, 

John Horspole, Northfleet, 1479. 

John Horssey, Shoreham, 1534-8 ; renounces Papal Authority. 
Charles Hort, Senior Chaplain of Chatham, 1876-7. 
Charles Josiah Hort, Junior Chaplain of Chatham, 1881-3. 
George Horton de Nettlestede, Westerham-cum-Capella, Edelm- 

brigge, 1337. 
John Horton, Longfield, 1430 ; previously Rector of Covely, 

Robert Horton, Tudely, 1426-42. 

Robert de Horton, Chantry Priest of St. Nicholas', previous to 1248. 
William Horton, Northfleet, 1583-6. 
William Edward Hoskins, Chiddingstone, 1852-75 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, 

" William Edward Hoskins, Rector of this parish 23 years. At 

rest in Christ. Born May 3rd, 1799 ; fell asleep Feb. 6th, 1875 ; 

I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name, thou art 

mine ; Isaiah xliii, c 1, v 5." 
Frederick Hotham, Prebend, of Rochester, 1807-54 ; Burnham, 

Sutton, 1802-54 ; Dennington, Suffolk, 1808-54 ; Proctor in 

Convocation ; Died at Deddington, Oct. 11, 1854. 
Vincent Hotchkys, Horton Kirby, 1743-64. 
Henry Hotham, West Farleigh, 1501-2. 
John Hallett Hotham, Sutton, 1836-81 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, "To the 


glory of God and in memory of his faithful servant John Hallett 
Hotham, M.A., from 1836 to 1880 Vicar of this parish, during 
which he from his own resources restored the Church and built 
the schools of Sutton-at-Hone, and also contributed largely to 
the erection and endowment of the Church and Parsonage House 
of Swanley ; Born August 11th, 1805 ; Died August 25th, 1881 ; 
' He that hath ears to hear let him hear.' " Buried here. 

John Hothe, Higham, 1351. 

John Hothney, Chaplain of St. Lawrence, Hailing, 1369-89. 

Henry Hothton, West Farleigh, 1501-2. 

John Hott, or Holt, IWaster of Cobham College, 1473-86. 

William Woodcock Hough, Lewisham, 1905 ; Rural Dean of 

John Houghton, Addington, 1505-13 ; obijt 1513. 
Ralph Houghton, Stourmouth, 1510-13. 
Robert Houghton, Addington, 1513-33 ; obijt 1513. 
Robert Houghton, Lee, 1497-8 ; obijt 1498. 
Thomas Houghton, Charlton, 1529-44. 
Thomas Houghton, Westerham, 1460-61 ; perhaps at Boughton- 

under-Blean — if so, changed 1479 for St. Margaret's, Billens. 
William Houghton, Plumstead, 1546-59. 
WilHam Houghton, Stoke, 1523-33. 
William Honghton, Stoke, 1541-51 ; deprived 1551. 
Warin de Houlden, Fawkham, 1316-19. 
William Houlet, Erith, May, 1402-Feb. 1402-3 ; previously Vicar 

of Stulham, Diocese of Norwich; Rector of Playden, 1402-3. 
Elizabeth HouUe, Abbess of Mailing, 1496-1522. 
Richard Houlote, Mixbury, between 1364 and 1389. 
Adam de Houton, Clyffe, 1358-9 ; Croydon, 1359-61 ; Bishop of 

St. David's, 1361-89 ; Lord Chancellor, 1378 ; obijt 1389. 
Lewis Howard, Strood, 1671-4; obijt 1674; St. Werburgh's, 1671-4. 
Richard Howard, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1443-5. 
William Howday, Ditton, 1442-4. 
James Howe, Milton, 1727-65 ; Buried here, Sept. 4, 1765, Ex. 

Mon° Su°, " Here lies the Reverend James Howe, Rector of this 

parish. He died the 30th of August, 1766, aged 74 years." 
William Howe, East Barming, 1523-4 ; Bishop of Orense, in Spain. 
David Howell, Eltham, 1465-72 ; perhaps the same as — 
David Howell, Hadlow, 1465-75; Pembury, before 1465. 
George Plumptre Howes, Hailing, 1888-99 ; Buriedhere, Sept. 11, 

1899 ; Ex. epitaphio, " George Plumptre Howes, Vicar of 

Hailing, 1888-1899; Born May 22, 1842, Died Sep. -9, 1899; 

With Christ which is far better." 
WilUam Howett, Lee, Sept., 1402-3 ; Rural Dean of Dartford, 

John Howgrave, All Hallows', 1662-3; Minor Canon, 1661-77; 

Hailing, 1663-76. 
John Hewlett, Isleham, 1704-7. 
Richard Howtyng, or Hynton, Woodlands, 1401-2. 


John Hoyden, Rector of Orpington, 1372-90; Teston, 1362-72. 

Henry Hubard, Bockingfold, between 1364 and 1367. 

Hugo Richard Hubard, Edenbridge, 1906-8. 

William Hubbard, Stolce, 1584-1623 ; Buried as Mr. Hubbert, 
Vicar of Stoke, Nov. 4, 1623. 

William Hubbert, fuit Vicarius, Stoke, 1559-50. 

William Huberd, West Peckham, 1372-90 ; previously Vicar of 
Westbury, Wilts. 

Thomas Huckyns, Chaplain of Sevenoaks Chantry, 1504-1505. 

Mr. Hudson, mentioned as Minister of Strood, 1670. 

Edward Hudson, Hayes, 1660-4. 

Francis Hudson, Underriver, 1885-92; St. Bartholomew's, Bristol, 

Hugh Hudson, Burham, 1474-96; Ditton, 1496-1501; Buried in 
Ditton Church; Ex. Test° Su°, 1501, leaves " to the reparacion 
of the Church iij" iiij'' to my successor parson next vnto me my 
best portose w' the condicion that he ask no more for delapidacion; 
To the churche a quayer conteyning the story of o'' Lady called 
the Visitacion." 

William Hudson, Bidborough, 1578-93. 

Richard Huggedon, Rural Dean of Shoreham, 1414. 

Hugh, West Barming, 1486 ; Abbott of Stratford, Longthorne. 

Hugh, Shoreham, 1293 ; dismissed as a Pluralist. 

John Hugh, Allington, 1571-83. 

James, son of Hugh, Wilmington, between 1361 and 1362. 

Richard Hugham de Odo, Longfield, 1354-61. 

Bartholomew Hughes, Trotterscliffe, 1723-4 ; afterwards Barnstorn 
and Laver Parva, Essex. 

C. A. Hughes, Holy Trinity, Penge, 1896-1901. 

Gilbert Hughes, Yalding, between 1329 and 1349. 

John Hughes, Chalk, 1680-7; St. George's, Gravesend, 1687-99; 
Buried at Gravesend ; E. Bur Reg. " Johannes Hughes Hujus, 
Parochiae Rector, Parochiae de Chalk Vicarius Nobilissimi Ducis 
St. Alb'ani, etc., Capellanus in quo gravitas sine morositate 
urbanitas sine vanitate felicissime convenere Qui in omni charitate 
vero sumum. Quocum etiam huniani generis prosapiam amplexa 
est erga liberos et uxores iiagrantissimo ardore elucit : erga Pop 
quanta fuit ejus pietas quanta A'ira quam vehementissimaattractio 
omnium testantur ora oculi qui tam largo lachrymaru ilumine 
exundent ut non jam concionatorum quam patronum non 
Rectorem sed patrem amisisse videantur qui post quam officio in 
hac parochia per duodecim fere annos turn vita tum doctrina 
perspicue honeste perfunctus est ad Dei gloriam et multarura 
animarum salutem interna febri correptus Oct die 25 anno 
Aetat — animarum ejus purissimum libentissime expiravit in manu 
Redemptoris ejus et sepultus jacet intra cancellos hujus 
parochialis ecclesiae in spem certam beatae Resurrectionis. 
Monumentum partim re pietatis memoriam injuria temporis 
obfuscaret. Parti ut Filii officiu impleat hoc quod potuit potuit. 


Films ejusdu vixit observantissime et ejus jam defuncti famae 

stud ; John Hughes, Jesu Coll., Cant. 

Ot/ioi rl 5e olixaL dvrjra to. ireTrovda/J.ev 
John Rhodes Hughes, Greenhithe, 1884-93 ; Kempstone, Diocese 

of Southwold, 1893 ; obijt 1908. 
John Young Hughes, Christchurch, Greenwich, 1849-69 ; A window 

is inscribed "To the memory of J. Young Hughes, twenty years 

Lewis Hughes, Snodland, 1748-93. 
Thomas Hugley, or Huxley, Eltham, 1556-7 ; Buried in the Church 

Porch of Eltham, by his bequest 1557. 

Hugo, Sutton, before 1253. 

Richard Hugoman, Horton Kirby, 1361-2. 

John Hulett, Wilmington, 1526-40 ; Signed Papal Renunciation ; 

obijt 1540. 
George Hull, Keston, 1517-24, 
John Huls, Ridley, August, 1495— March, 1495-6. 
George Hume, Milton, 1639-42. 
John Hume, Charlton, Dec. 8, 1636-57 ; privatus jure Parlia- 

mentij (?) flagrante bello civili ; subscribed the declaration. 
John Humphrey, Ryarsh, 1391. 
Wilham Humphrey, Birling, 1782-1816 ; Kemsing-cum-Sele, 1770- 

1816 ; Ex. Mon° Su° in Sele Church, " In memory of the Rev. 

William Humphrey, M.A., 45 years Vicar of this parish and 

Vicar of Birling, who departed this life 18th of July, 1816, aged 

73 years. Faithful in the performance of his ministerial functions 

as a Christian Priest ; Exemplary in the Discharge of all his 

Relative duties and Pious to His God ; He guided others in the 

path to eternal life, and led the way." His burial is not recorded. 
John Humfrey, Vicar of Orpington, between 1393 and 1407 ; Little 

Badowe, Essex, 1407. 
John Humfrey, West Peckham, between 1390 and 1405 ; Darenth, 

1405-7 ; perhaps same as the last. 
Charles Humfreys, West Wickham, 1705-20. 
Peter Humfreys, Northfleet, 1616-34 ; obijt 1634. 
Thomas Hundbache, Mereworth, 1462-86 ; West Barming and 

Nettlestead, 1483-1503. 
Wilham Hundon, Ruxley, 1396-9 ; Aber, Bangor, to 1396 ; 

Hadestock, London, to 1399. 
John de Hungerford, Milton, 1324-5. 
David James Stather Hunt, Ploly Trinity, Tunbridge Wells, 1894 ; 

Sprowston, 1889-91 ; St. Paul's, Stratford, 1891-4. 
Edmund Hunt, Kingsdown, 1503-6. 
Isaac Hunt, Foot's Cray, 1687-91 ; obijt 1691. 
John Hunt, Otford, 1878-1907. 
Robert Hunt, Nurstead, 1509-15 ; obijt 1515. 
Robert Shapland Hunt, Markbeech, 1852-1904 ; Taddington, 1846-8 ; 

Hon. Canon of Canterbury, 1893; Chaplain to the Bishop of 

Rochester, 1895-1905. 


James Hunter, Wateringbury, 1695-1729 ; Buried here ; Died Aug. 
29, 1729. 

Robert Hunter, Pembury, 1571-1602 ; Buried here May 19, 1602. 

Oliver Hunter, Nettlestead-cum-West Barming, 1583-6. 

Peter le Huntre, Speldhurst, between 1349 and 1357. 

Thomas de Huntingdon, East Mailing 1357-61 ; obijt 1361. 

Benjamin Huntington, Bexley, 1565-1705 ; Buried here Jan. 6, 1706. 
He left £30 for the use of the poor of Bexley ; Ex. Epitaphio, 
" Mr. Benjamin Huntington, late Vicar of Bexley, lyes near this 
with his son and daughters, having just finished this altar piece 
at his own cost, and bequeathed the interest of fifty pounds for 
the use of the poor." 

He died January the 1st, 1705, '\ aet 66. 

His wife January the 12th, 1590, 54. 

Eleanor, November the 2nd, 1674, V 8. 

Elizabeth, April the 2nd, 1692. 22. 

John, October the 27th, 1703. j 35. 

Robert Huntington, Bexley, 1707-32 ; erected a. reredos, since 

Thomas de Huntinton, Farningham, up to 1355. 
George Huntley, Stourmouth, 1610-29 ; deprived 1629. 
John Huntley, Prebendary of Rochester, 1553-4 ; obijt Dec. 1554. 
Richard Hurt, Minor Canon, 1651 ; Strood, 1661. 
Richard Husband, Hailing, 1750-6 ; Charlton, Sutton, 1766-70 ; 

West Mailing, 1770-1814 ; Stowting, near Hythe, 1804-14 ; held 

the last with Mailing ; presented to Wateringbury, but exchanged 

for West Mailing, where buried, April 1, 1814 ; Ex. epitaphio, 

"Sacred to the memory of Richard Husband, A.M., who was 

Vicar of this parish 44 years. He died the 25th of March, 1814, 

aged 78 years." 
Richard Husband, Strood, 1738-47 ; Stockbury, 1747-1750 ; New- 

ington-next-Hythe, 1738-69 ; Wateringbury, 1750-69 ; Buried in 

Rochester Cathedral, May 25, 1759. 
Christopher Hussey, West Wickham, 1720-61 ; obijt 1751. 
Thomas John Hussey, Hayes, 1831-54. 
William Hussey, Stone, 1535-41 ; Chislehurst, 1641-50. 
Abraham Steers Hutchinson, Vicar of Eynsford, 1889-94 ; Kilcoln- 

brook, 1864-7 ; Head Master of Clonmell Grammar School, 

Charles Hutchinson, Halstead, 1593-4 ; Hartley, 1593-1517. 
Charles Hutchinson, Pembury, 1621-39. 
Charles Hutchison, Vicar of Wrotham, 1593-4. 
Samuel Hutchinson, Christchurch, Penge, 1886-1900. 
Henry de Hutton, Chantry Priest of Fawkham, 1349-68 ; obijt 

Richard Hutton, Greenwich, between 1500 and 1509; obijt 1509. 
Robert Hutton, Charlton, 1391. 
Thomas Palmer (took the name of Hutton), Christchurch, 

Sydenham, 1830-47. 


Thomas Scott Huxley, Keston, 1877-81. 

John le Hwyte, Eltham, between 1348 and 1359. 

Laurence Hyham, Longfield, between 1361-95. 

Richard Hylls, Stoke, 1533-40 ; Wills " to be buried in the Chancel 

as ye enter in." 
Thomas Hylton, Deptford, 1454-62. 
Hugh de Hylum, Aylesford, 1341-2. 
John Hyson, Burham, 1503-18 ; obijt 1518. 
John Hyve de Wendlynburgh, Hever, 1358-61 ; Staldwell, Lincoln 

Diocese, to 1358. 

Denzil Ibbetson, Halstead, 1807-21 ; Buried here June 19, 1821. 

Thomas, son of Nicholas de Icombe, Ashurst, 1354-61. 

Nicholas de Ifield, Milton, 1348-9. 

John Ifield, Tonbridge, 1454-63 ; Tarleton, 1463. 

James Iken, Swanscombe, 1620-45 ; Buried Mar. 30, 1465. 

Frank Iliff, Chaplain of Lewisham Union, 1893-1906 : Shorne, 1906. 

William lUory, West Farleigh, 1435-8 ; Wateringbury, 1434-5. 

John Image, Higham, 1762-7. 

John Ingland, Hartley, 1433. 

William Inglande, Swanscombe, 1514-16. 

Henry de Ingleby, Meopham, 1356 ; Sibesdou, to 1356. 

William Inglett, 1653-9 ; Buried here, Ex. Mon" Su", " Here 
resteth whatever was mortal of William Inglett, Bachelor in 
Divinity and Fellow of St. ION* College, Cambridge, sum tyme 
Vicar of the Parish of Higham, who departed this lyfe Jany. 14, 
1659 ; Also here resteth with him the body of Henry Inglett his 
Sonne, who departed this lyfe on the 21st of the same moneth of 
January, in the 2 yeare of his age. 

From serving of my master Deare, 
Death Tooke me and hath layd me here. 
Where sweetly resting I repose 
Till sound of trump my eyes unclose." 
John Inglis, Lewisham, 1728-39 ; Buried here Oct. 27, 1739 ; Ex. 

Mon° Su°, " Here lietli interred the body of Rev. Mr. John Inglis, 

11 years and 7 months Vicar of tliis parish, who departed this 

life the 18th October, 1739, aged 40. 
John Ingram, Lullingstane, 1405-12. 

William Ingulton, Stourmouth, 1449 ; Gateshead, to 1449. 
Robert Inkepen, Ashurst, 1593-1618. 
Francis Inman, Kingsdown, 1599-1638. 
John Brodie Innes, Downe, 1846-59. 
Peter Innes, Burham, 1740-68 ; Rector of Kingston, nr. Canterbury ; 

obijt 1768. 
John Innocent, Stourmouth, 1378-82 ; Duelton, Exeter, to 1378 ; 

St. Radegund the Virgin, 'London, 1382. 
Walter Ipolite, Isleham, 1403-26 ; Caldecote, to 1403 ; Clothale, 

Flugh de Ippenwell, Henley, 1314-27. 


Henry Shrubb Iredell, St. Barnabas,' Tunbridge Wells, 1881. 

Francis Ireland, Longfield, 1740-74. 

John Ireland, Shoreham, 1806-16 ; Dean of Westminster, 1816-42 ; 

founded the Ireland Scholarships for Classical Learning, 1825 ; 

obijt 1842. 
Thomas Ireland, Grain, 1755-71. 
John Irving, Vicar of Eynsford, 1354. 
Matthew Irving, Chatham, 1827-57 ; Patching and Tarring, Sussex, 

1819-22 ; Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, 1822-57 ; Canon of 

Rochester, 1824-57 ; Chaplain to Queen Victoria ; Proctor in 

Convocation ; obijt Oct. 6, 1857. 
Stephen Isaacson, Rector of Freckenham, 1723-59; Buried here, 

Oct. 24, 1759. 
John Braham Isaacson, Isleham, 1800-26 ; his name is inscribed on 

the fourth Bell. 
Thomas de Isleham, Marestone, 1402. 
William de Islep, Senr., Rector of Wrotham, 1360-66; Frothyng- 

ham, 1366. 
William de Islep, Junr., Rector of Wrotham, 1366-79 ; Frothyng- 

ham, till 1365 ; St. Dunstan's, near the Tower, London, 1379. 
William de Islip, alias Jocelyn, Clyffe, 1357-58 ; Merstham, 1355 ; 

Prebend, of Lincoln. 
Richard Jacob, East Mailing, 1757-62 ; New Romney, 1757-62 ; 

Buried here, Sept. 9, 1762. 
Augustus Jackson, Perry Street, 1871. 
Edmund Jackson, AUington, 1630-6. 
Edmund Jackson, Milton, 1575-6. 
Edmund Jackson, Norton-1617-51 ; Milton, 1614-15 ; Trotterscliffe, 

1621-51 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1624-51 ; Examining Chaplain 

to the Bishop of Rochester. 
Gerald Henry Jackson, Snodland, 1895-1905 ; Tytherington, 1882- 

95 ; Little Marlow, 1906. 
Henry Jackson, Luddesdown, 1561-4 ; obijt 1554. 
John Jackson, Lee, 1672-1701. 
Joseph Jackson, Aylesford, 1654-51 ; put in by Parliament ; became 

Vicar of Woodnesborough, 1551-7 ; obijt 1667 ; perhaps the 

same as — 
Joseph Jackson, Bromley, 1547-53. 

Richard Jackson, Dartford, 1575 ; never entered on duty. 
Theophilus Jackson, Ditton, between 1638 and 1663. 
Thomas Jackson, Cowden, 1601-26. 
William Hanson Jackson, Frindsbury, 1881-1905 ; Buried here, 

May 19, 1905 ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " In loving memory of Wilham 

Hanson Jackson, for 24 years Vicar of this parish, who died May 

15th, 1905, aged 52 years." 
Thomas Jade, Paddlesworth, 1415-60; Euston, till 1415. 
John Jakes, Bromley, 1390-1. 
Roger Jakes, Stoke, 1508-13. 
Thomas Jakyn, Chaplain of St. Lawrence, Hailing, between 1349-75. 


William Jakys, Hunton, 1412-34 ; Lyminge, 1414-34 ; Saltwood, 

1413-14 ; Sevenoaks, 1408. 
Robert Jamblin, Wilmington, 1876-92 ; St. Paul's, Paddington, 1892. 

James, Trotterscliffe, 1238. 

Demetrius James, Ightham, 1773-81 ; obijt 1781. 

John James, Ash, Jan., 1395-6. 

John James, Farningham, 1558-51 ; obijt 1561. 

Peter James, Ightham, 1781-91 ; obijt 1791. 

Thomas James, Ashurst, 1740-6; Waldron, 1746. 

William James, Ash, 1777-9 ; obijt 1779. 

Francis Jameson, Stoke, 1660-3-4 ; obijt 1663-4. 

John Jancock, St. Mary's, Gravesend, 1349-50. 

John Harforth Jaques, St. Nicholas' , Plumstead, 1909. 

John Jayne, Cobham, 1587-9. 

George Jebb, Gibb, or Jubb, Clyffe, Oct., 1750-1. 

John Jeffrey, Brenchley, 1459-77 ; St. Clement's, London ; obijt 

John Jeffrey, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1466-83. 
John Jeffrey, Chalk, 1349-57. 
John Jeffreyson, Kingsdown, 1546-52. 
George Edward Jelf, Chatham, 1883-9 ; Blackmore, Alton, Hants, 

1868-74 ; Saffron Walden, 1874-82 ; Canon of Rochester, 1880- 

1907 ; Hon. Canon of St. Alban's, 1878-80 ; Rector of Wiggon- 

holt with Greatham, Sussex, 1895-7 ; Incumbent of St. German's, 

Blackheath, 1897-1902 ; Master of the Charterhouse, 1907-8 ; 

obijt 1908. 
William Jemmett, Nettlestead, 1643-5. 
John Jenkins, Horsemonden, 1821-4 ; obijt 1824. 
Michael Jenkins, Head Master of Tonbridge School, 1615-24. 
John Jenkinson, Gillingham, 1753-80. 
Jonathan Jenner, Charlton, 1576-87. 
John Jenner, Brundish Chantry Chaplain, 1483. 
Peter Harnett Jennings, Longfield, 1867-86 ; a replica to Mr. 

Jennings is in the Churchyard, " In loving remembrance of the 

Rev. P. H. Jennings, for nearly twenty years Rector of 

Longfield, Nat., 1st Oct., 1811; obijt 2nd August, 1893; Job 

xxix, ' When the ear heard it blessed me.' " 
Gilbert Jenyns,Kemsing-cum-Sele, 1561-1602; Rector of Sevenoaks, 

1570-91 ; previously Vicar of St. Dunstan's in the West, and 

Little Parndon, Essex. 
William Frederick Jepson, St. John's, Deptford, 1907; Newton 

Solney, 1887-1891 ; Bedminster, near Bristol, 1891-1907. 
John Jewcock, or Jencock, Greenwich, 1349-71 ; obijt 1371. 
Christopher Jeynes, High Halstow, 1559-63 ; Dovercourt, 1558. 
Joan, or Jon, the name given in a memorial service to the seventh, 

tenth and fifteenth Prioresses of Higham, without any surname. 
Joan de Hadloe, thirteenth Prioress of Higham ; Buried 1328, by 

Bishop Hamo de Heth, in the old Church there. 


Joan de Cobham, nineteenth Prioress of Higham ; certain copper 
coins stamped with this name found, in the neighbourhood, may 
have been issued by her, 1391-4. 

Joan Sone, or Son, twentieth Prioress of Higham, 1394-1416. 

James Job, Mixbury, between 1425 and 1445. 

John, Rector of Ashurst, 1422. 

John, Abbot of Beyham, 1257-65. 

John, Abbot of Beyham, 1272-88. 

John, Rector of Cooling, 1422-7. 

John, Vicar of Kingsdown, 1265. 

John, Chantry Priest of Freckenham, 1312. 

John, Chaplain of Longsole, 1300. 

John, Master of Strood Hospital, 1286-93. 

John, Vicar of Sutton, between 1278 and 1321. 

John, Prior of Tonbridge, 1191. 

John, Prior of Tonbridge, 1278. 

John, called de Osprenge, Prior of Tonbridge, 1316-36. 

John, called de Peckham, Prior of Tonbridge, 1361-77. 

John, Rector of Trotterschffe, 1185 and 1214. 

John, Vicar of Tudely, 1253. 

John, Vicar of Tudely, 1328. 

John, Rector of Woolwich, 1182. 

John de Cockermouth, Chalk, 1316-26. 

John de Kukermuth, Chalk, 1370 : one of the Executors of 

Bishop Thomas de Woldham. 

Roger Johns, East Farleigh, 1523-34. 

George Herbert Johnson, Crockham Hill, 1880-6; Sarum Missioner, 
1886-92; Vicar of East and West Hanney, Berks., 1892-5; 
Chaplain at Monaco, 1900 ; Keston, 1906. 

■Henry Johnson, Hailing, 1534-45. 

James Johnson, Mixbury, 1743-59 ; Watford, 1743-59 ; Chaplain 
to George II. ; Canon of St. Paul's ; Bishop of Gloucester, 
1752-59 ; Worcester, 1759-74. 

John Johnson, Dartford, 1536-45. 

John Johnson, Luddesdown, 1628-50. 

Richard Johnson, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1681. 

Robert Johnson, Master of Cobham College, 1532-3 ; Yalding, 
1532-41 ; Prebend, of Rochester, 1542 ; Vicar General of 
Rochester, 1534-40; Prebend, of Worcester, 1541 ; Prebend, of 
Hereford, 1551-8 ; Vicar of Chun, 1553 ; Prebend, of York, 
1556-8 ; Rector of Bolton, Percy, and Prebend, of Southwell, 
1555 ; Rector of Stone, 1525-58 ; obijt 1558 ; signed Papal 

Robert Johnson, Chantry Priest of St. Mary Stampett, 1517-35, 
and St. Edmund, Dartford, 1527-33 ; signed Papal Renunciation ; 
obijt 1535. 

Robert Johnson, Fellow of Clare and Trinity, Cambridge ; Prebend, 
of Rochester, 1569-87 ; Norwich, 1570-5 ; North Luffenham, 
1571-1625 ; Canon of Windsor, 1572-1625 ; Archdeacon of 


Leicester, 1591 ; Founder of Uppingham and Oakham Schools ; 
Buried at North Luffenham, July 25, 1625. 

Robert Johnson, Sutton, IWarch, 1520-1—1522 ; obijt 1522. 

Thomas Johnson, Bromley, 1584-5. 

Thomas Johnson, Frindsbury, 1660-5! 

William Johnson, Nettlestead, 1736-61 ; Teston, 1741-61 ; Buried 
at Teston, Nov., 1761; Ex. Mon° Su°, "Under this stone are 
deposited the remains of the Rev. William Johnson, A.M., 
formerly Vicar of this parish, who departed this life on the 15th 
of November, A.D., 1761, aged 56 years." 

Hugh William Johnston, North Cray, 1864 ; Rural Dean of East 
Dartford, 1895 ; Hon. Canon of Canterbury, 1904. 

William Boys Johnston, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1871-81 ; New 
Bolingbroke, 1881-8; St. Peter's, Coventry, 1888. 

William Downes Johnston, Ifield, 1848-59 ; Milton, 1859-87 ; on a 
tablet in the Church of Milton recording the Rectors from 1797 
we read ; Rev. William Downes Johnston, Rector of this parish 
from 1859-87 ; obijt 1887 ; gave an Alms Dish to Ifield Church. 

Philip Marmaduke Cramer Johnstone, St. Michael and All Angels', 
Woolwich, 1899-1902. 

William Jole, 1663-78 ; Buried here ; E. Bur. Reg., " William Jole, 
Rector of this parish, dyed September 19th ; Buried 21st in ye 
chancel; Ex. Mon° Su°, "Hie jacet Guilielmus Jole in Artibus 
mr hujus ecclesiae rector qui obijt Septembris decimo nono anno 
domini 1678." 

Jon, seventh Prioress of Higham, also tenth, (see Joan). 

Charles Jones, Plumstead, 1707-41 ; obijt 1741. 

David Jones, Greenwich Union, 1837 ; Chaplain to Lord Say and 

Edward Jones, West Peckham, 1839-80 ; Buried here June 29, 1893 ; 
Ex. Mon° Su°, "E. J., died 23rd June, 1893." (sic). 

Frank Jones, St. Paul's, Forest Hill, 1878-94. 

Frederick Havard Jones, Knockholt, 1883. 

George William Jones, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1890-1908 ; 
Buried at Tannington, March 23, 1908. 

Gustavus John Jones, Christchurch, Forest Hill, 1882-96 ; South- 
fleet, 1901-8 ; Crayford, 1908. 

Henry Jones, Shorne, 1783-99 ; Chart, Sutton, 1773-83 ; Bearstead, 
1767-73 ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1769-99 ; Ex. Mon° Su° in 
the Cathedral, " Here lie the remains of the Revd. Henry Jones, 
M.A., Vicar of Shorne ; More than thirty years Minor Canon of 
this Cathedral and Curate of Chatham. He died the 9th of 
September, 1799. Aged 63." 

Henry Thomas Jones, Darenth, 1799-1801 ; West Peckham, 1801- 
39; Tackley, Oxon., 1828-39; obijt June 12, 1839, at Brighton; 
FeHow of St. John's, Oxon. ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 1799- 

Hugh Jones, Lewisham, 1795-7, and again 1825-31 ; Rector of 
Talgarth, 1806; obijt 1831, 


James Jones, Cobham, 1793-1814 ; Hartlip, 1792-4 ; Stockbury, 
1795-1801; Kingsdown, 1801-19; obijt July 4tb, 1819; Minor 
Canon of Rochester, 1799-1819. 

James Edward Revington Jones, Mereworth, 1892 ; Rural Dean of 
Mailing, 1902. 

John Jones, Shipbourne, 1533-40. 

Maurice Jones, Junior Chaplain of Chatham Garrison, 1901-3. 

Philip Jones, Downe, 1672-87; E. Par. Reg., "Philip Jones, 
Minister of Downe, entered thereinto on the feast of St. Michael 
the Archangel, Anno Domini 1672." 

Richard Jones, Capel, 1528-64. 

Thomas Jones, Fawkham, 1568-1608 ; Ruxley, 1542-70 ; obijt 1608. 

Thomas Jones, Isleham, 1777-1800. 

Thomas Jones, Nurstead, 1660-2 ; Buried here March 24, 1672. 

Walter Jones, Stourmouth, 1557-80 ; obijt 1580. 

William Jones, Chaplain to Greenwich Hospital, 1817-28. 

W. A. Jones, Chaplain of the Forces, Woolwich, 1901 ; obijt June 

Roger Jonys, Chaplain of Rochester Bridge, 1523. 

Jordan, Aylesford, 1145. 

Jordan, Abbot of Beyham, 1200. 

Jordan, Greenwich, Temp. Henry II. 

Jordan, Lee, previous to Edward I. 

Jordan, Leigh, 1294 ; Seneschal to Thomas, Bishop of 


John Jordan, Kemsing-cum-Sele, 1417 ; Chaplain of Teynham 
Chantry previously. 

John Jordan, Holy Trinity, Woolwich, 1881-8. 

Richard Jordan, St. Werburgh's, Hoo, 1802-35 ; Ex. Mon" Su° in 
the Church, "To the memory of the Rev. Richard Jordan, Vicar 
of Mountfield, in the county of Sussex ; Chaplain to the Most 
Noble the Marquis of Camden ; Senior Minor Canon of the 
Cathedral Church of Rochester, and thirty four years Vicar of 
this parish. He died at Rochester the 28th August, 1835, and 
was buried in the vault of his father, in the parish church of 
Maidstone, in the 72nd year of his age ; Minor Canon of Rochester, 
1801-35 ; Fellow of Queen's, Cambridge, 1782. 

Thomas Marshall Jordan, East Barming, 1758-86 ; Died Feb. 26, 
1786 ; Buried in Maidstone. 

John Jordeyn, Keston, between 1481 and 1509. 

Alexander Joseph, St. John's, Chatham, 1862-77 ; Rural Dean of 
Rochester ; Hon. Canon of Rochester. 

Richard du Joste, Lee, 1320-30. 

John Joseph, Chiddingstone, 1545-61. 

Robert Joy, Ofiham, 1336. 

George Joye, Higham, 1568-75. 

Robert Joye, Offham, 1354-72. 

John Joyce, Marestone, 1586-7-1594-5 ; St. Mary's, Hoo, 1587-94-5; 
Buried at the same time with his wife, Jany, 22, 1594, 


John Joyner, Chalk, 1518-33. 

John Joynes, St. James', Gravesend, 1852-83. 

Richard Joynes, Holy Trinity, IWilton, 1845-61 ; Great Holland, 

1861-77 ; Rural Dean of St. Osyth : Hon. Canon of Rochester, 

1866-77 ; Hon. Canon of St. Albans, 1877. 
Richard Symonds Joynes, St. George's, Gravesend, 1837-46; Chalk, 

Robert Joynes, St. George's, Gravesend, 1846-92. 
William Joynes, Chalk, 1856-94 ; Itfarestone, 1864-94 ; Buried at 

Chalk, Nov. 8, 1894, Ex. Mon° Su", " In memory of William 

Joynes, IVl.A., for 38 years Vicar of this parish ; Died 4th Nov., 

1894, aged 65 ; R.I. P. : This tablet was erected by parishioners 

and friends"; Ex. epitaphio, "In loving memory of William 

Joynes, M.A., Vicar of this parish for 38 years, who died Nov. 

4th, 1894, aged 65 years ; Come unto me all ye that labour and 

are heavy laden and I will give you rest." 
Robert Joysey, Pembury, 1519-23 ; Ex. Test° Su°, "To be buryed 

in the quyer before Saint Peter." 
Walter Judekyn, Ruxley, 1352. 
Roberte Juggefield, Woolwich, April-May, 1349. 
Egerton Jukes, Plumstead, 1741-72 ; Hasted names him, on what 

authority we do not know, Jacques Egerton, but this is the name 

given in Registers. 
Richard Starr Jukes, Milton, 1889-1900 ; Marestone, 1895-1900 ; 

Buried at Chalk. 
Roger Jukes, Chantry Priest of Hamo de Heth, in Cathedral, 1523. 
Roger Jukes, Chantry Priest of Malmayn's, Stoke ; 1496-1508 ; 

said to be Vicar, but there is no vacancy for him unless he is the 

Roger Jakes, Vicar, 1508-13. 
Nicholas Julian, Stourmouth, 1394-1418. 

George Herbert Wesley Kane, St. George's, Perry Hill, 1894, 
John Kardiff, Grayne, 1425-52 ; Buried in the Chancel, Ex. Mon° 

Su°, " Orate pro anima dmni Johis Cardyff qui fecit istud 

pavimentum et obijt xxiij" die Novembris anno dni mcccclij cuius 

anime ppitietur Deus. Amen." 
Patrick de Karl, Sundridge, 1243. 

Thomas Karkson, St. Margaret's, Rochester, 1444-8 ; Carleton. 
Walter Katoe, Speldhurst, 1389-91 ; Vicar of Hawkerigge, Lincoln 

Diocese, 1391. 
John de Katworth, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1315-21. 
Richard Kay, Hartley, 1437-41 ; Bekeswell, Norwich, to 1437 ; 

Alyngton, Lincoln, 1441. 
John Kayes, Sundridge, between 1629 and 1644 ; died Nov. 10, 

Arthur Graham Kealey, Chaplain of Chatham Dockyard, 1908. 
James Kearsley, Speldhurst, 1715-24. 
James Kearsley, Speldhurst, 1728-68 ; Buried here April 28, 1768. 


Richard Keats, Northfleet, 1834-58; Buried here June 5, 1858; Ex. 

Mon° Su°, " Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Richard Keats, 

M.A., Vicar of tliis parish, who died May 30, 1858, aged 67 years." 
Edmund Keet, Tudely, 1529-38 ; spelt Kyett in the Valor 

Charles Albert Keightley, Holy Trinity, Penge, 1887 ; A window is 

inscribed "To the glory of God and in memory of Charles Albert 

Simon de Keilmarsh, Cowden, 1336-49. 

William Alexander Keith, Burham, 1868-88 ; Buried March 21, 1888. 
,Thomas Kelbye, Cowden, 1461-87. 
Gilbert de Keleshill, Kemsing-cum-Sele, 1338-41. 
Roger Kelk, Rural Dean of Shoreham, 1399-1404. 
George Kellie, or Kelly, Ifield, 1667-93 ; obijt 1693. 
Frederick Jessop Kelly, Farnboro', 1885-98; Buried here 14th 

Sept. 1898; Ex. Mon" Su°, "Faithful unto death; In loving 

memory of the Reverend Frederick Jessop Kelly, 14 years Vicar 

ol; this parish, born January 14, 1846, died September 11, 1898 ; 

So he giveth his beloved sleep." 
John Kelymarsh, June-Aug., 1393 ; West Wickham previous to 

June, 1393 ; Cookham, Berks. ; Gyngrave, London, August, 

1393 ; Lewisham, 1396-1405 ; Garlickhythe with Chaplaincy of 

Gyldcaule, 1405 ; S. Mimm's, Middlesex, 1351 ; Birchanger, 

1351 ; Radwinter, 1355. 
John Kemble, LuUingstone, 1806-20. 
William Kemp, Ditton, 1533-46. 
John Kempstan, East Mailing, 1370-1. 
Robert de Kemesyng, Ightham, 1284. 
Richard de Kemesynge, Kemsing, 1265. 
Samuel Kenah, Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital and the Royal 

Hospital School, 1894-9. 
John de Kendale, Lewisham, 1354 ; Rector of Wodeburgh Sarum, 

to 1354. 
Edward Keye Kendall, St. George's, Perry Hill, 1892-4 ; St. Mark's, 

Netting Hill, 1894, 
John Francis Kendall, St. German's, 1904 ; Little Tew, Oxon., 

1890-5 ; Great Tew, Oxon., 1891-5 ; Hempstead with Lessingham, 

Diocese of Norwich, 1895-1904. 
Thomas Kendall, Chislehurst, 1583-1604; Woolwich, 1586-1595. 
William Kene, Wateringbury, 1448 ; he probably resigned this for 

West Barming, which he held, 1449-51 ; at this latter date he 

became Rector of Nettlestead, Otham, 1441. 
■Edmund John Kennedy, St. James', Hatcham, 1896-1900 ; Lecturer 

of Bow Church, City, and St. Mildred's, in Broad St., London, 

•John Kennall, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1555-9; Archdeacon of 

Oxford, 1561-91 ; Canon of Christchurch, 1559-91 ; Vice- 

Chancellor of Oxford, 1564-6; Radwinter, Essex, 1558; 

Silverton, 1583-91 ; Prebend, of Exeter ; obijt 1591, 


John Kennedy, Nettlestead with West Barming, 1789-1819 ; Veston, 
1789-1819 ; he was the first incumbent of West Barming for 200 
years ; he kept the Registers most miserably ; Buried at Teston, 
Nov. 2, 1819 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " In memory of the Rev. John 
Kennedy, who for thirty years was Vicar of this parish, and 
Rector of Nettlestead ; Died on 24th of October, 1819, aged 81 
years, and was interred near this stone." 

John de Kennington, Snodland, 1354 ; previously Rector of Rye : 
St. Lawrence, Hailing, June 18, 1350. 

Richard Kenreth, Burham, 1439-44. 

Charles Archer Kent, St. Saviour's, Tonbridge, 1892-6 ; Worley, 
Weston-Super-Mare, 1896-1901 ; St. Michael's, Ipswich, 1902. 

Thomas Kent, Beckenham, between 1378 and 1418. 

Thomas Kent, Nurstead, 1519-20. 

Thomas Kentish, Sevenoaks, 1644-53 ; put in by Parliament. 

William Kenyan, Woolwich, 1391-4 ; Hedecorne, 1394. 

John de Kenynton, Rotherfield, 1359-74. 

John de Kepiston, Clyffe, 1366-7 ; appointed and deprived by the 
King ; perhaps for disturbance. 

Paul de Kerbroke, Ruxley, 1330 ; Birling, 1330-1. 

Rodelandus Kerbroke, Sele and Kemsing, 1402-17 ; Chaplain of 
Teynham Chantry, 1417. 

Richard Kere, Norton, April-June, 1447. 

Thomas Kerison, Minor Canon of Rochester, 1634. 

Thomas Kerne, Vicar of East Peckham, 1488. 

John Kerver, Higham, 1523-7 ; obijt 1527. 

Thomas Kery, Chaplain of St. Mary's Chantry, Sevenoaks, 1514. 

Nicholas Kesteven, St. Clement's, Rochester, 1448-52 ; Rural Dean 
of Rochester, 1450 ; St. Nicholas', Thanet, before 1448 ; Hanwell, 
1422; Shallow Bowels, 1453; Twinstead, 1457; Stanstead 
Abbots, 1460. 

Richard de Kesteven, Chaplain of St. Lawrence, Hailing, between 
1360 and 1364. 

John Ketebroke, North Cray, 1329-36. 

Gregory Keton or Kiten, Burham, 1533-45. 

John de Keylmarsh, Cowden, Nov., 1333-4 ; Chaplain of Perpetual 
Chantry at Ockham, Diocese of Lincoln ; Rector of Eston, 
Diocese of Carlisle ; Chepsted, Diocese of Wincanton, Jan. 

Henry de Keylpsham, Ightham, between 1368 and 1384. 

John Keyne, Kene, or Kyme, Lamberhurst, 1434-47 ; complained 
of for intruding into Pembury. 

Roger de Keynes, Cowden, 1330-1 ; Stowe, Diocese of Lincoln, 
previous to 1330. 

Richard Kidde, Offham, 1554-67. 

Robert de Kilwardeby, Longsole, 1337-8 ; Ditton, 1356 ; St. 
Ethelbert's, Bishopsgate, 1356; AUington, 1365 ; obijt 1365. 

John Kinde, Greenwich, 1590-1616. 

Arnold King, Downe, 1650-4. 


Alfred Edmund King, St. Philip's, Sydenham, 1889. 

Henry King, Dean of Rochester, 1639 ; Chaplain to James I and 
Charles I ; Archdeacon of Colchester ; Canon of St. Paul's and 
Christchurch, Oxford ; Bishop of Chichester, 1641-69 ; deprived 
by Parliament, 1657 ; obijt 1669. 

James King, Henley, 1825-52. 

James King, Longfield, 1825-64 ; obijt 1864. 

John King, Ditton, 1385-1402 ; probably he was the same as — 

John King, Marestone, 1396-1402. 

Thomas King, West Mailing, 1399-1401 ; Lynstead-next- Sitting- 
bourne, to 1399. 

Thomas King, Hever, 1455-6. 

Walker King, Archdeacon of Rochester, 1827-59 ; Frindsbury, 
1822-5 ; Bromley, 1824-7 ; Stone, 1822-59 ; Dartford, 1825-6 ; 
Buried at Stone, March 19, 1859; Under a window, "To the 
glory of God, and in affectionate memory of the Venble. Walker 
King, Archdeacon of Rochester and Rector of this parish ; this 
window is erected by his widow and children." 

Watson King, Plaxtol, 1864-9 ; Batley Carr, 1843-51 ; Croxton, 
Lincolnshire, 1869-87 ; Chaplain of Maidstone Gaol, 1851-62. 

Robert Kinge, Tannington-cum-Brundish, 1610-35. 

Thomas Kingsman, St. Paul's Cray, 1742-52 ; Woolwich, 1740-52 ; 
Buried at St. Paul's Cray, July 23, 1752. 

David Kingston, Eltham, 1464-5. 

John de Kingston, Shorne, 1348-9. 

John Kinrott, Birling, 1422-37. 

Henry Kipling, Plumstead, 1772-1820 ; obijt 1820. 

Ralph Kirby, Lamberhurst, 1389-1421 ; Rural Dean of Mailing, 
1408 ; previously Stapleford, Diocese of Lincoln. 

Reginald Rivers Kirby, Mixbury, 1891-1903 ; Hadlow Down, 
Sussex, 1854-71 ; Chapel AUerton, Yorks,, 1871-90. 

Francis Kirke, All Hallows', Hoo, 1660-2. 

John Kirkeby, Bexley, 1467. 

William Kirkeby, Hailing, 1452-64. 

JohnKirkham, Keston, 1478-81. 

Richard Algernon Kirkham, Ridley, 1897-1900 ; Incumbent of 
St. John, Rosslyn with Kaikorai, New Zealand, 1878-89 ; 
St. James', Umtata, South Africa, 1892-7, 

Edward Kitson, Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital, 1845-65. 

Adolphus Klamborowski, Four Elms, 1880-1905 ; Buried here 
Aug. 24, 1905 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " To the glory of God and in 
memory of Reverend Adolphus Klamborowski, first Vicar of this 
parish, 1878-1905 ; this tablet is erected by his friends and 
parishioners : He died August 18, 1905, in his 70th year ; The 
memory of the just is blessed." He was buried at Edenbridge. 

William Klein, St. Paul's, Forest Hill, 1894-1900; Alberbary, 
Shrewsbury, 1900. 

William de Knapeton, Beckenham, 1294, 


William James Knapton, St. Thomas', Charlton, 1892-5 ; Wiveton, 
Norfolk, 1885-8 : St. John the Baptist, Great Marlborough, 
1888-90 ; Wythal, 1890-2 ; St. Peter's, Greeting, 1895-1905 ; 
Badley, 1905. 

Gervase Knidd, spelt Knidd and Nidd, Clyffe, 1615-29 ; Sundridge, 
1615-29 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, " Hie jacet vir vene(ra)biUs d' Garvacius 
Nidd sacre theologie professor . et hujus parochie 

Rector obijt 13° die Novembris anno domini (mdcxxix)." Blanks 
are illegible, but we substitute what is in brackets. Buried at 
Sundridge, Nov. 18, 1629. 

John Knight, Crayford, 1440-4 ; Stoke in Clymmeslonde, Diocese 
of Exon, 1444. 

John Knight, Swanscombe, 1516-26. 

Robert Knight, Freckenham, between 1509 and 1514. 

Simon Knight, Burham, 1453-7 ; Rural Dean of Rochester, 1456. 

John Knipe, Mixbury, 1686-1708. 

Randolph Richard Knipe, West Wickham, 1808-14. 

Richard Knipe, Bexley, 1732-7. 

Thomas Knipe, Fawkham, 1720-3. 

John Knocke, Hunton, 1566-70. 

William Frederick Erskine KnoUys, Wrotham, 1879-99 ; Quedgley, 
1842-61 ; Barkingside and Aldborough, Hatch, 1862-5 ; Holy 
Trinity, Twickenham Common, 1865-9 ; Chaplain to the Bishop 
of London, 1862-9 ; Saltwood, 1869-79 ; Chaplain to the Arch- 
bishop, 1869-82 ; Rural Dean of Elham, 1870-9 ; Rural Dean of 
Shoreham ; obijt 1899. 

Richard Knotte, Ashurst, 1444-6. 

William de Knotte, LuUingstane, 1326-33. 

Thomas Knox, Head Master of Tonbridge School, 1812-43 ; Ex. 
Epitaphi" Su", in Tonbridge Church, "H.S.E. Thomas Knox, 
S.T.P., parochiae hujus per annos xxxi minister Ecclesiae et 
Ramsden Grays in agro Essexiense rector, Scholae Tonbridgensis, 
primum alumnus, dein magister reditus fundatoris ampliores 
proprio opere feliciter recuperavit. lUe hac in sede cum vestes 
sacerdotales indueret divinum officium celebraturus repentina 
morte praereptus est V Kal, Sept. mdcccxliii. Aetatis Lix Vir si 
quis alius desideratissimus auctoritatem mansuetudine ita temper- 
avit ut discipulos miris modis sibi devincat. Concionator, voce 
plena et canora, ardens, eloquens, nervosus, et vere Christianus 
indulgentia, in liberos largitate, in egenos misericordia, in 
calamitosos comitate, in vicinos benevolentia, in omnes com- 
memorabilis in rebus publicis et in suis diligens et utilissimus." He 
died in a fit while in the Vestry, whither he had gone to change 
into a surplice, to celebrate the Holy Communion. 

Vicesimus Knox, Junr., Shipbourne, 1778-1812; Head Master of 
Tonbridge School, 1778-1812 ; Ex. Mon" Su° ; " In memory of 
Vicesimus Knox, D.D., Master of Tonbridge School and Rector 
of Runswell and Ramsden Grays, Essex ; Born December 8, 
1752; Died Sept. 6, 1821; a sound divine; an elegant and 


profound scholar ; a polished and powerful writer ; an eloquent,, 
zealous and persuasive preacher of the gospel; he employed 
his high endowments to the glory of God and the moral and 
intellectual improvement of man ; anxious ever to advance the 
happiness of his fellow creatures upon the purest principles of 
Christian philanthropy with a lofty spirit of independence and 
rare disinterestedness in conduct, he disregarded the ordinary 
objects of worldly ambition and showed himself on all occasions 
the enemy of public abuses, the friend of civil and religious 
liberty, the opponent of oppressive war, the pronioter of peace 
and the advocate of all the claims of humanity ; He being dead 
yet speaketh." A well known Essayist. 

Vicesimus Knox, Senr., Head Master of Tonbridge School, 1771-8. 

Thomas Knyght, Grayne, 1457-60. 

Thomas Knyght, Chaplain of Malmayn's Chantry, Stoke, 1465-88. 

Robert Lewis Koe, St. Margaret's, Collier Street, Yalding, 1848-52.. 

John Kokke, or Cokke, Ryarsh, 1479-1501 ; Chantry Clerk of 
St. Mary's Stampett, Dartford, 1493 ; obijt 1501. 

John de Kukermuth, Chalk, 1370. 

William de Kuklestane, St. Lawrence, Hailing, 1319-44 ; Dodecirce, 

John de la Kursue, Henley, between 1290 and 1311 ; obijt 8th July, 

William Kyde, Charlton, 1495. 

Ludovic KyfJin, Shoreham, 1591-1615. 

John Kynde, Greenwich, 1500. 

John iCyng, Halstead, 1404-18 ; Richelyn previous to 1404 ; 
Northhatch, 1418. 

Oliver Kyng, Clyffe, 1481-1508 ; French Secretary to Edward IV, 
1476-83 ; Canon of Windsor, 1480-96 ; York, 1479-90 ; Prebend, 
of Southwell, 1480 ; Archdeacon of Oxford, 1482 ; Berkshire, 
1487 ; Taunton, 1490 ; Bishop of Exeter, 1493-6 ; Bath and Wells, 
1496-1503 ; Canon of St. Paul's, 1487-93 ; Dean of Hereford, 
1491 obijt 1508. 

John Kynge, Lee, 1353-62 ; Bekesbourne, 1362. 

JohnKynge, Chelsfield, 1427-33. 

William Kynge, Denton, 1452-87. 

William Kynge, Kingsdown, 1506-14 ; obijt 1514. 

William Kyngett, Yalding, 1457-60. 

William de Kyngston, Farningham, 1290. 

Roger Kynneveton, Hever, 1427-8 ; previously Stansfield, Norwich. 

John de Kyntone, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1321-50. 

Thomas Kyrettes, Rector of Sevenoaks, 1497-9. 

John Kyrfote, Fawkham, 1507-9 ; Wateringbury, 1507-27 ; obijt 

Thomas Kyrkebrid, Westerham, 1440-8. 

William Kyrkeby, or Kirkby, Chaplain of Pembury Chantry, 1448-51 ; 
Vicar of Pembury, 1449-51. 

John de Kyrkebye, Ruxley, 1361. 


John Kyrtal, Birling, 1365 ; previously Vicar of St. Andrew's, 

James ad Kysington, Chislehurst, 1426-38. 
Ralph Kytele, Chantry Priest of St. Edmund's, Dartford, 1361-71 ; 

obijt 1371. 

WilHam Laceby, Higham, 1437-41. 

George Louis Lachlan, Tudely, 1894. 

Peter de Lacy, Snodland, 1375 ; Northfleet, 1356-75 ; Prebend, of 
Swerds ; Ex. Mon" Su°, " Peter de Lacy quondam rector istius 
ecclesie et prebendarius prebende de Swerdes in ecclesia 
cathedrali Dublin qui obijt decimo octavo die mensis Octobris 
anno domini millesimo ccc septuagesimo quinto cujus 
via vitae mori." His monument is in Northfleet Church; there 
was also one, Thorpe tells us, in Snodland, which is gone. 

Walter Ladde, Bidborough, 1426-34; West Peckham, 1413-26; 
left x" by Sir John Colepepper. 

Lake, a Dissenting interloper at St. Margaret's, Rochester, 

1647 ; his burial is recorded here, " Buried M.T. Lake, minister, 
the husband of Annie Lake, July 14, 1647." 

Edward Lake, Norton, 1669-83; E. Bur. Reg., "Edward Lake, 
Rector of Norton, 1669-83 ; Chaplain and Tutor to the Princesses 
IVIary and Anne, daughters of James, Duke of York, Archdeacon 
of Exeter, 1575 ; Rector of St. Mary-at-Hill ; obijt 1704 ; Buried 
in the Church of St. Katherine by the Tower. His influence 
with the Princesses and the household of James 11. may have 
been a strong incentive in causing them to remain firm to the 
principles of the Church of England, and thus indirectly led to 
the revolution. 

Charles James Lambarde, Ash, 1894-1909 ; IMorhanger, Beds, 
1864-76 ; Southill, Ely, 1877-94. 

Thomas Lambarde, Ash, 1782-1811; Ridley, 1802-11. 

Thomas Lambarde, Ash, 1822-40 ; Ridley, 1823-40. 

Charles Lamb, Trotterschffe, 1709-23. 

John Taylor Lamb, Keston, 1761-90. 

Davies Lambe, Ridley, 1740-71 ; LuUingstone, 1748-71 ; Buried at 
Ridley, Dec. 30, 1771 ; Ex. Mon" Su" there, " Here lies the body 
of the Rev. Davies Lambe, Rector of Ridley and LuUingstone, 
son of the Rev. Mr. John Lambe, Rector of Ridley and Longfield, 
he departed this life the' 23rd of December, 1771, aged 53 years." 

John Lambe, Ridley, 1719-40 ; Longfield, 1731-40 ; Died April 24, 
1740 ; Buried at Ridley. On a stone three lambs with flags with 
the inscription : " Fuit Johannes Lambe, obijt Aprilis 24, 1740. 
Anno Aetatis Suae 54." 

John Lambe, Grayne, 1460-70 ; obijt 1470. 

William Lambe, Lee, 1501-3. 

Robert de Lamberhurst, Lamberhurst, 1349-50. 

Alfred Lionel Lambert, Church of Ascension, Blackheath, 1892- 


Brooke Lambert, Greenwich, 1880-1901; St. Mark's, Whitechapel, 
1865-70 ; Tamworth, 1872-8. There is a window dedicated " To 
the memory of the Rev. Brooke Lambert, M.A., B.C.L., for 
twenty years Vicar of Greenwich ; born xvii"" Sepr. MDCCCXXXIV., 
Died xxv"" January, MDCCCCI." At the same time the Brooke 
Lambert memorial fund was instituted for the better endowment 
of the living, MCMI ; Homo sum humani nil a alienum puto. 

William Lamblyn, Southfleet, 1534. 

William Lamedon, Abbot of Bayham, 1526, who surrendered the 
Abbey to the Commissioners in that year. 

Robert de Lameleye, St. Paul's Cray, 1302-54, 

David Lamplugh, Yalding, 1882-96; Horningsey, Cambs., 1879-82; 
Rokeby, Ripon, 1896-1906 ; Markham, Norfolk, 1906. 

Thomas Lamplugh, Dean of Rochester, 1672-6 ; Bishop of Exeter, 
1676-88 ; Archbishop of York, 1688-91 ; obijt 1691. 

Thomas Lamplugh, Keston, 1468. 

Thomas Lancaster, Hever, 1700-14 ; obijt 1714. 

John Bennet Lancelot, Head Master of King's School, Rochester, 
1893-1900 ; Principal of Liverpool College. 

James Timothy Bainbridge Landon, Bromley College, 1846-55 ; 
Lidsham, Yorks,1855 ; Canon of York, 1877. 

John Landon, Ifield, 1744-77 ; Nurstead, 1744-77 ; obijt 1777. 

Charles Lane, Wrotham, 1846-79 ; Deal, 1838-46 ; Rural Dean of 
Sandwich till 1846 ; Rural Dean of Shoreham. 

Ernald Lane, Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford, 1860-79 ; 
Albury, 1868-70 ; St. Michael's, Handsworth, Birmingham, 
1870-1 ; Leigh, Stoke, 1871-1905 ; Vice Provost and Fellow of 
the College of St. Michael and St. John, Lichfield ; Prebend, of 
Ufton Cantoris, Lichfield, and Archdeacon of Stoke-on-Trent, 
1880-4 ; Proctor for Diocese of Lichfield, 1884-88 ; Dean of 
Rochester, 1905. 

John Laneby, Longfield, 1439-41 ; obijt 1441. 

Benjamin Laney, Dean of Rochester, 1660 ; Chaplain to King 
Charles I. ; Bishop of Peterborough, 1660-3 ; Lincoln, 1663-7 ; 
Ely, 1667-75. 

James Henry Lang, Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital, March 18, 
1871, to July 31, 1876 ; in his time, Feb. 3rd, 1873, the Royal 
Naval College was opened. 

John Lang, West Wickham, 1582-1619; Ex. Epitaphio, "John 
Lang, born at Richmond in ye county of York, was afterwards 
one of the fellows of St. John's College, in Cambridge, by the 
space of ix years from thence he was lawfully and freely called 
to be Parson of this parish of West Wickham, where he continued 
resident the whole time of xxxvil years and more, and lived 
liere with the good reporte and likinge of those yt did feare God, 
and in an assured hope of a better life than this in ye kingdom. 
This memorial was made of him in 1619 and in the 77th yeare of 
his age." 


John Langar, Teston, 1356-63 ; a religious of Lesness, Mereworth, 
1363, he was still Rector of Mereworth in 1401-2, when he was 
appointed Rural Dean of Mailing, but is hardly likely to have 
continued till 1416, which is the date when we find another 
Rector of Mereworth first named. 

George Leopold Langdon, St. Paul's Cray, 1855-94. 

William de Langfield, Strood, 1321-2. 

Edmund Langford, Charlton, 1420-2 ; previously Gayton, Northants. 

John JLangford, Darenth, 1407 ; Keston, between 1410 and 1412 ; 
Marden, 1412. 

William de Langford, Chaplain of Horsemonden Chantry, 1338-49. 

Henry Langham, Chaplain of Pembury Chantry, 1431-2. 

John Langhorne, Head Master of Rochester School, 1877-93 ; 
Lamberhurst, 1893. 

Richard Langhorne, Cobham, 1562-5. 

William Henry Langhorne, Holy Trinity, Sydenham, 1902 ; 
St. Augustine's, Stepney, 1879-83 ; Over and Nether Worton, 
Diocese of Oxford, 1883-1902. 

John Langley, Chatham Union, 1898. 

Thomas Langley, Chatham, 1531-4; Canon of Ledes ; admit ad 
custodian animarum ; renounced Papal Authority. 

Stephen Langdon, Vicar of Orpington, 1803-16. 

Stephen Hart Langston, St. Peter's, Southborough, 1847-70 ; 
buried here March 30, 1878. 

John Langton, Kingsdown, 1410; previously Bircholt, Ridley, 
before 1396. 

Oliver Langton, Royal Chaplain, between 1485 and 1506. 

John de Langton, Nettlestead, 1333-48. 

John Langworth, Rotherfield, 1592-1614. 

Henry Lansdell, Chaplain of Morden College, Charlton, 1892. 

William Lapyn, Woolwich, between 1325 and 1335. 

Thomas Lardner, Hailing, 1327. 

John Larg, Rotherfield, 1643 ; deprived by Parliament in 1644, 
for a Sabbath breaker, as collecting Titlies on the Lord's Day, 
and breaking a cake over the bride's head, which he defended 
as a local custom ; he was re-instituted in 1661, and buried here 
as Vicar, Feb. 7, 1672-3. 

John Lark, Leybourne, 1527-43 ; renounced Papal Authority ; 
attainted 1543. 

John Larken, Darenth, 1643-5 ; put in by Parliament. 

Lambert Blackwell Larking, Ryarsh, 1830-68 ; Durham, 1837-68 ; 
Founder of the Kent Archaeological ; a most accomplished 
antiquarian ; planted the glebe with many valuable trees ; Buried 
Aug. 11, 1868 ; Ex. Mon° Su°, "In memory of the Rev. Lambert 
Blackwell Larking, M.A., 37 years the beloved Vicar of this 
parish, who died August 2nd, 1868, aged 71 years ; He was the 
son of John Larking, of Clare House, Esq., High Sheriff of this 
county, and Dorothy, daughter of Sir Charles Style, Bart., 
and married Frances, daughter of Sir William Jervise Twysden, 


of Roydon Hall, Bart., who, together with his brother, John 
Wingiield Larking, Esq., dedicated this tablet. Si deus nobiscum 
quis contra nos. To. the glory of God and in memory of the 
Revd. L. B. Larking, this Church was restored." 

John Lascough, or Loscowe, Chaplain of West Peckham Chantry. 

John Laster, North Cray, 1425-31 ; Previously Chaplain of the 
Chantry of the Blessed Mary at the Hill, London ; obijt 1431. 

John de Lastre, Chantry Priest of Freckenham, 1321-7. 

George Latham, Hunton, 1641-62; an interloping Puritan ; married 
at Teston, 1658 ; deprived under the Bartholomew Act ; He finishes 
his ministry here by this entry in the Parish Register, Aug. 17, 
1662 ; "Ultimo die praeditandi ministri moraliter morientis George 
Latham plusquam viginti annos in divinis administrationibus in 
ecclesia hujus Hunton seu Huntyngton, Ss airoBvriaKivm koL lS6i 
^Cifiei' II Cor. VI, 9. It is also asserted Isaiah xxvj, 9, Thy dead 
men shall live." 

Gilbert Latham, Swanscombe, 1526-46 ; obijt 1546. 

Walter Joseph Latham, Holy Trinity, Penge Lane, Beckenham, 
1894; Fishtoft, Lines., 1890-4. 

Charles James Digues La Touche, St. John's, Chatham, 1899 ; 
Worrington, Cornwall, 1887-97 ; Cordynham, Cornwall, 1897-9